05x13 - Novissima Solis

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Van Helsing". Aired July 2016 - current.
Vanessa Helsing, distant relative of famous vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, is resurrected in a post-apocalyptic world, five years in the future, only to find that vampires have taken over the world. She is humanity's last hope to lead an offensive to take back what has been lost.
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05x13 - Novissima Solis

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Previously on "Van Helsing"...

Olivia, the woman whose body
was taken over,

part of her is still in there.

JACK: And now she's fighting back.

BATHORY: She will never let me go.

Not now.

Not ever.


JACK: The part of her that was in
the amulet just found its way home.

VANESSA: She's back
to her full strength.


VIOLET: What the hell are we
gonna do now?


♪ ♪




♪ ♪

VANESSA: It shouldn't
have ended this way.

AXEL: That'll be the end for all
of us unless we come up

with a better plan.

VIOLET: Bathory was the plan.

Without her we can't use the scroll.

AXEL: I told you we couldn't trust her.

JACK: This wasn't her fault.

VIOLET: Jack, I know you wanted
to believe she could be good.

JACK: She was. Bathory
wouldn't have betrayed us.

AXEL: You saw what she did
with your own eyes.

Maybe she wasn't in control.

There's nothing.

We have to get away from this.

That thing is a connection
for the Dark One.

She can still use it.

Or it's our advantage.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

♪ ♪




Have you come to beg for mercy?

If not for you then for your spawn?

If only you knew the truth
of who they are.

VANESSA: Who you are.


What is... what is happening to me?

VANESSA: Olivia.

Your fate is in your hands.

I can help you.

But I need your help, too.

I don't understand.

What is this?

This place isn't real.

It's just something familiar
to keep you off-balance.

But you can break free just like I did.

No, I have tried to push
my way through but I cannot!

I don't have much time.

The only way back is to fight.

Fight? Fight what?

Who are you?

It's not important who I am.

But you are Olivia and you need
to be Olivia again.

My son, Christoph.

Where is my son?

I will tell you everything.

But first you must regain control.

When I call for you, be ready.






How are you speaking with her?

She will not aid you.


I cannot be vanquished!



I'm o-I'm okay.

I'm okay.

The Dark One.

She knows we're still coming for her.

She's gonna see us coming
from a mile away

unless we cut that branding
out of your arm.


Jack, I can control it.

Trust me.

What about Bathory?

And the scroll?

We can still use the scroll.


When I brought Bathory back from madness

I merged my mind with hers.

You know what she knew.

All her mother taught her.

I remember the words.

But speaking them
made Bathory go insane.

I can resist it.

Lannister and his forces have
used a state of emergency

to cordon off the White House.

We have a four block perimeter
under our control.

And everybody else?

Already under curfew.
The streets are empty.

Should be a straight sh*t
to the treasury building

and that security tunnel.

What about this checkpoint here?

Yeah, capitol police staff the post.

I've been assured
they'll let you through,

form a rear guard.

What do you need from me
and the resistance?

Oh, we've got a special mission for you.

What mission?

We need a new secret service.

My God.

Mr. President?

Good to see you, Eli.

You too.

Should be close to the checkpoint.

Are you sure you don't want
a g*n or a sword?

- Something?
- I don't need them anymore.


You don't have to worry.

We don't know how
this is gonna shake out.

Who's gonna walk away, who's not.

This isn't goodbye, Axel.

This ain't Dmitri we're
going up against.

This isn't an Elder,
this isn't even Sam.

And we both know what
the Dark One is capable of.

What if she's got an ace up her sleeve?

She does.

But I have two.

- Stop there!
- Woah, hey, hey, hey.

Identify yourself.

Axel Miller, party of five.

Sergeant Miller,
we've been expecting you.

The coast is clear. Let me
show you to the tunnel.





What is it?

I'm okay.

I sense you, sweet Vanessa.

You and the others.

I feel your danger.


Mankind was supposed to be mine.

But if I cannot have them
then neither will you.




What the hell was that?

Oh, that was evil.

It went right through me.

They're vampires!




Hey, Eli.

Eli, are you okay?

What's he doing?


[CRIES OUT] Ahhhh!!!!



We gotta get out!

Get out!







Keep watching that door.

I'm gonna find us another way out!




Something tells me that
shockwave turned more

than just these cops.

What if this happened to everyone?

It didn't affect us.

Everyone here is either a Van
Helsing or has been bit by one.

I turned President Park and
his son but not the others.


- Ivory and I will go save the President.
- Axel.

Taking down the Dark One is
for Van Helsings, always was.

Don't worry, this ain't goodbye.


♪ ♪




Are they still out there?

Safe to assume.

Biding their time, trying
to come up with a plan.


Look, if it holds we'll be okay.

I like your optimism, son.

Reminds me of your mother.

She got me through the darkest of times.

Always found the light.

Part of her,

of your sister.

They'll always be with us.

It's why we gotta see this through.



Open that door.


Hold up.

- Hold up!
- We've gotta save the president.

No, no, no. We need to make
a g*dd*mn plan.

There could be , resistance
on the other side of the...

I still have my daywalker immunity.

Just stay behind me.

You don't have to go out
in a blaze of glory.

I've seen your plans.

A blaze of glory?

It's the better choice.



It's this way.

I never thought we'd be back here again.

With g*n.

The most direct route is
through the press gallery.

Her security detail are all
Delta Force vampires now.


An ambush.

Count on it.

You ready?

You lead.

We follow.







Dad, you open that door we're both d*ad.

No, no, quiet!

You're supposed to be
one of us, Weathers.

You don't know what this feels like.


Believe me, we both do.

But you can fight it.


Open that door!

Weathers, this ends badly for you.

Or maybe for us.


Unless you help us.

I believe in you.


I know the good soldier, the good human,

that's still a part of who
you are, even now.


You need to decide.



Come with me.


This ends here and now.

You're with me or you're with her.



Who has she become?

Who she was always meant to be.

Use your darkness as much as you wish.

It will only corrupt you
and strengthen me.

What do we do now?

Where are you taking us, Weathers?

Nice and easy. Nice and easy.

Dad, we can't trust her.
She's one of them.

This could be a trap.



Make it count.

Come on, let's go!

Let's go! Let's go!


- Please, please...
- Shut up!

- Biggs, please.
- [g*n]

This way! Now!

Right now!

- Back up.
- Why?

Trust me.


How did she do that?

I told you, she leveled up.

Oh yeah.

Where does it lead?

Hopefully where we need it to.

Come on, let's jump together!

Wait. The scroll.

I'll read the words so she can't move.

You bite her as soon as you can.

We only have one chance.


You thought you could surprise me.

Say the words, Vanessa.

You wouldn't be the first vampire hunter

that I have rendered speechless.

To hell with this!


You thought I wouldn't deduce
your clever plan?

I, too, was in Bathory's mind.

I understood the link
you formed with her.


How you thought you'd be strong
enough to enchant me

with the scroll.


So much power in an
ancient piece of paper.

What will you do when I turn it to ash?

You promised once that you
would m*rder your children

in service to me.

Perhaps now is the time
to honor your pledge.

♪ ♪


The brand works both ways!

Use it, Mom!






No. No more.

Remember Mom!

I won't let you!

Remember, Mom!






Do it now!

Bite her!

That is not my destiny.

But it's ours!

Jack, bite her!

Put the darkness in this.





Every step you take I am one
ahead and always will be!

We can still do this!


I bite her, there's no way
to trap her darkness!

There is!

I've done it once before!

So have I!

We can't contain it forever!

Either it'll get out or you'll die
trying to keep it inside!

If that's what I have to do,
I'm willing to do it!

No, Jack's right!

This isn't yours to carry.

Yes, it is!

I had a dream about this moment
in the Dark Realm.

There's no other path.

You two are the w*apon.

I am the vessel.

Do it!

Bite her!

You cannot contain me!

I am immortal!


I will corrupt you like a thousand...

Shut up!



Down here!


Woah! Up the stairs. Let's go!

Wait! Wait, wait, wait.


Blaze of glory?

Blaze of glory.


What's happening?

Well, what do you know?

The light at the end of the tunnel.

What's going on?







What ha-happened? Is the Dark One...

Out of you?

You're safe now.




The Dark One?

It's inside me.

But not in control.

We'll find another vessel.

We'll find an amulet.

A relic. Something.

This is the only way now.

You're safe.

It should have been me.

It... had to be me.

Don't go.

I'll always be with you.

Don't be afraid.


♪ ♪

tragedy is finally at an end,

but there is still more work to be done.

We have been reborn as
a nation and as a people.

It is our sacred duty now
to make America

a beacon of light once more.

We shall chase the shadows
from every doorway,

fill our people with a new sense
of hope and purpose.

Evil must never reign again.

And as your president I swear,
with every fibre of my being,

we will rise from this great
tragedy with strength,

with ambition, and with courage.

Because that is our destiny.

Speaking of courage,
there's one more thing.

Sergeant Miller, please step forward.

Come on up here.


Despite all odds, faced with
insurmountable obstacles,

Sergeant Miller stayed true to his duty.

If it was not for his heroism
my son and I would not be here.

Maybe our salvation would
never have been achieved.

And for that...

Congratulations, Sergeant.

And thank you.


If there's anything I can do for you,

anything you need,
anything, you let me know.


Actually, sir, there is one thing.


I don't understand.

We did it.

The Dark One's gone,
the vampires gone with her.

We can start to live again.

We can have a future!

You know that I want that.

I mean, you must know
that that's what I want.

But these visions that I have
in my head, and the voices...

it's something that I never

really fully understood until now.

The Sisterhood.

I mean, I always knew
that there were others.

Michaela travelled the world
spreading her darkness

for hundreds of years.

Even if that were true, they're
no longer under her power.

They're probably back
to being human again.

We don't know that.

I mean, we don't know if all
the vampires turned back.

The spell the Dark One cast
that turned all those humans

into vampires without a bite,
that was undone with her death

but beyond the wall... the others?

They need me.

I'll go with you.

We can fight together.


I gotta go do this alone.

I swore a sacred vow.

Vampire or human, I
have to honor it now.

Then I guess this is goodbye.

You know, when I was rescued
from the darkness

and I stepped into the light,

that's when I found you.

The way that I feel about you,
it's never gonna change.

I don't wanna lose you, too.


I promise I'll return, okay?

I'll be here as long as it takes.


Are you sure about this?

Might still be vampires out there.

Might be.

And even if there aren't,

there were bad people
before the apocalypse.

There'll still be bad people now.

Well, the world doesn't just fix itself

because we took down the Dark One.

Somebody's gotta make it right.

And that someone's you?

For a coyote you've got
a lot of attitude.

Who are you?

My name is Callie.

See you down the road.

It's gonna take some time.

How long-how long has it been?

Hundreds of years.

Hundreds of years.

My Christoph. What of my son?

He was saved when you were
taken over by the Dark One.


What became of him?

Was-was he loved? Did he...

He lived.

I'll show you. Come.


In the book.

This is him.

He lived a full and happy life.

Had children of his own,
started a family legacy.

He was the first of us.

My namesake, Jack Van Helsing.

You mean to say that
my son is your ancestor?


Which means you are, too.

It's the piece the Dark One
never figured out.

All she did back then,
all the suffering she caused,

it all sowed the seeds
for her own downfall.

She created the Van Helsings
and she didn't even know it.

Thank you both.

Thank you for saving me.

Well, I guess I always knew
it'd end up like this.

Sometimes you think
a road is straight, you know?

Turns out it's just winding its
way around in a big old circle.

Right back to the beginning.

Never really knew where this
journey was gonna take me,

but I was always sure of one thing.

Wherever you went, I was going, too.

I didn't give up on you then

and I ain't giving up on you
now, Sleeping Beauty.



Who's there?

It's okay.

Didn't mean to scare you.



What're you doing here?

Waiting for you.

Where are we?

Don't you recognize it?

I know we're in my apartment but...

She's waiting for you, too.


Hi, Mom.


Look at you.

You're so grown up.

This is who I am.

This is what I would have been.

Is this an illusion?

Am I back in the Dark Realm?

What's the Dark Realm?

None of this is real.

You, Susan.

It's as real as you want it to be.

I missed you, Mom.


I missed you.

I missed you so much, baby.

I missed you so much.

Even in darkness there
are stars to guide you.

Never lose hope.

Keep faith in yourself.

May you always find your way,

because you are the light.
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