05x18 - Money For Nothin

Complete Collection of episode transcripts. Aired: July 1, 2008 to June 3, 2013.
Amy Juergens finds out she's pregnant after a fling at band camp, her whole world changes as she deals with family, friends, school and life.
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05x18 - Money For Nothin

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ADRIAN: Previously on The Secret
Life of the American Teenager...

I can't force him to go to therapy!

He'll go when he's ready to go!

I almost got sh*t!

Every time I close my
eyes, I see that guy's face.

You got two choices, this guy
Chan that your doctor recommended,

or Dr. Fields, who I recommend.

My grandmother was hoping you could kind of

hang out with me at the house
until she gets home tonight.

I told her I was going to be
helping you with your algebra.

- Can you watch John?
- I can't.

You didn't hear? He bought Geoff's.

Geoff's restaurant?

Obviously, I can't go to school
here and leave John with you.

And what does that mean?

The baby daddy called the adoptive couple.

He wants to see the baby.

I did not send Ben to
New York to be with Amy.

I wanted to know.

She's their baby, they're adopting her.

Not if I change my mind.

That guy is a liar.

Tell me why you're here.

I'm too scared to sleep.

Someday soon, Anne is going
to make us move from here.

Anne's not going to make us do anything.

"I'm going to start looking."

Just say it.

I don't want to lose you.

Where are you going?

To the nicest hotel
suite that I can get into.

This is progress, real progress.


I think the problem is that you
don't know what an integer is.

Integers are positive and
negative whole numbers.

So, what are two even consecutive integers

that add up to ?

I have no idea.

Then we'll figure it out.

- And the way we figure it out is...

It's my dad! They're up!

EDWARD: What's wrong?

Well, something was wrong,

but I think Ethan has a handle on it.

Ethan is there at : at night
getting a handle on things?

- What things?
- Grandma is still at the hospital

with her friend who had surgery.

I'm going to let you speak to Ethan.

I don't want to speak to Ethan.

- I've spoken to Ethan enough to last me a...
- Bonjour.

I hope you're enjoying your
visit to the City of Lights.


I'm not in Paris,

I'm in the south of France, in Provence.

Oh. Well,

I just wanted to update you
on what's going on with Kathy

and her situation here.

Why you? Why not Kathy?

And to what situation are you referring?

Well, sir, here's the thing.

Your mom had to go to visit
a sick friend in the hospital.

I heard. And?

And I'm staying here with
Kathy until she gets home.

In an empty house with no supervision.

I said the same thing when she invited me,

but apparently we are trustworthy.

We'll see. Get to the point.

Don, the baby's father...

I know who Don is.

Don called the adoptive family
and asked to see the baby.

He did what?

Well, he said that he wanted to
consider taking the baby himself.

He's not going to do that.

And me, he wanted to take me.

He wanted the two of them,

Kathy and the baby, to
go back to Texas with him,

and he left asking her to think about it.

And how do you come in to this?

Having overheard their conversation,

with Kathy's permission, of course,

I deduced that this

Don guy is only here to try
to get someone to pay him off.

Pay him off for what?

Exactly. I mean, he
didn't say he needed money,

but he did say, however, that he
didn't have the money to go to college,

so he was going to get a job.

So he didn't ask for money?

- No.
- So you just...

deduced this?

- Well, yeah.
- He's street smart!

I don't want you to get
in the middle of this,

and I don't want Don to
jeopardize the adoption.

Me neither. But it's
blackmail, don't you think?

Maybe we should call the police or the FBI.

Or, maybe Kathy should just talk to him

and ask him if he's after money,

or if he really just wants to see the baby

before we turn this into a federal case.

Oh. Well, okay.

If you want me to handle it...

I don't. I want Kathy
to handle it with Don,

and her mother and I will
handle it with Don's parents.

Let me speak to her.


don't go anywhere near her,

especially with her
grandmother out of the house.

We're just studying, sir,

she's helping me with algebra.

And why is that?

Because I stink at algebra.

- So did I.
- Really?

That's awesome.

Here she is.

Good job!

Hi, Dad.

He stinks at algebra!

* Falling in love is
such an easy thing to do

* Birds can do it We can do it

* Let's stop talking
* Let's get to it

* Let's fall in love

- Good morning.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! What are you doing?

You scared me!

I'm sorry. I told you
what time I'd be home.

Did you?

It was just one of the text
messages that you didn't respond to

after I said I sat next
to Amy on the flight.

I turned off my phone after Ben texted me.

(CHUCKLES) I knew he texted you.

Which is why you texted me.

Look, I'm not upset
that you sat next to her,

I'm upset that Ben told me first.

They told us to put away our phones.

Yet Ben took the risk and
texted me and you didn't.

Ben's a rich kid, he can afford to
take a few more risks than I can.

Um, you're rich now.

Oh. Yeah, I am. I keep forgetting.

So, what did you get me?

Something that was so
big, it had to be mailed.

- Jewelry?
- What kind of jewelry has to be mailed?

I don't know. I don't
know what has to be mailed!

Just tell me what it is!

All right.

It's a really nice set of luggage.

Oh. Where are we going?

What would you think
about moving to New York?

I would think that I
hate you for suggesting it

and you've lost your mind if you
think I am going to drop out of school

and follow you across the country

just because we're getting married
and you have a career there!

Okay. Not what I was
anticipating, but, um, you hate me?

I am not moving to New York!

Okay, then, we won't move to New York.

Okay. What does that mean?

I guess it means that we
won't be living in a condo

overlooking Central Park,

I'll just be staying at a hotel

when I travel back and
forth between you and my job.


- Hi. This is Omar.
- Are you really going to be...

(SOFTLY) It's one of the guys I work with.

We are in the middle of a
life-changing conversation

and you're going to take a phone call?

I'm sorry, let me turn down the
television, I just walked in.

I have to take this call.

- Oh. Hi.
- Hi.

How are you doing? How was your night?

I didn't really do anything,

I just enjoyed being alone in my dorm room

with no one else around.

It was nice to have a space to myself,

to think about things and
what I want to do with my life.

Wow. Your dorm was
quiet enough to think in?

The dorm I was in was so loud.

There were so many parties going on,

I had to check into a hotel.

I had to get some sleep.

- Hey, Benjamin.
- Oh, Bebe, baby, how are you doing?

You should have stuck around
last night, we did body shots.

- I'm sorry I missed that.
- Ah, next time.


You could have stayed up all
night and partied, you know.

This is the finance office.

Student loans, dorms,
that kind of thing a thing.

It's not really that
important, not to you anyway.

- Yeah, probably not.
- Probably?

You don't need a loan,

and you're probably not
going to stay in a dorm here

since you couldn't even
stay one night in a dorm.

We'll see about that.

Are you planning on living in a dorm?

Hello, where else would I live?

Uh, some place you could
live with John and Ricky?

Oh, well, I'm sure
something will be worked out.

I mean, I have a family.

You think they're going to be able give you

a large enough space for three people?

You can't milk the teen mother thing here,

I don't think that's a good angle.

Ben, I'm not milking anything,

I have to have a dorm room,

and a dorm room where my family can visit.

"Have to" is a little
strong, don't you think?

- Are you really going to go here?
- That depends.

On whether or not I go here?

That might have something to do with it,

but it's also because it's New York,

and I happen to like New York

and I have uncles and cousins

and family around here, so...

So you have relatives all over the world,

why can't you go somewhere else?

- Amy Juergens?
- That's me.

Come on in.

I hope we're not on the same flight back.

Was that her?

Was that the girl you're in love with?

That's the one.

Or she was the one.
Not really sure anymore.

I just feel like there's
a window of opportunity

and I've got to get in
there and find out for sure.

- You could do better.

Amy doesn't make the best first impression.

She's a little insecure and I
think she overcompensates by...

Being arrogant?


So, Amy, I see you've

decided to major in secondary education,

teach high school?

- Yeah.
- Why?

Um, well, I know how
important high school is?

- Is that a question?
- No, um, sorry.

High school is important.

And I think my experience in high
school makes me uniquely qualified

to teach high school students.

Unique how?

Well, I have a three-year-old.

- All right.
- I had him while in high school.

- All right.
- And yet I finished high school

and I'm graduating on time

and I'm thinking about
going to Hudson University.

Otherwise I wouldn't be here.

And whether or not I get into a
dorm will help me determine that.

- You opted for early acceptance.
- Yes, I did.

If you apply for early acceptance,

then you agree to come if accepted.

You applied, you agreed,
ergo you're coming.

And you were eligible for financial aid,

so you're getting financial aid.

That's nice,

but that's really just
a whopping student loan.

I agree. It's to cover
the whopping tuition.

Okay. Well, I'd really need
to know where I'd be living

before I can really formally accept.

You formally accepted when
you signed the application.

- Not really.
- No, really.

There was a $ , application fee.

It's very high because we want to make sure

that students asking for
early acceptance are serious.

- It's non-refundable.
- Non-refundable?

Okay, I guess I didn't understand that.

A summer course in reading
comprehension might be prudent.

I do want to be here, but

I just don't know if I
can afford to be here.

What are my chances of getting a dorm room?

You can get a dorm room.
Most freshmen share a space.

Did you want a single,
which is more expensive,

or did you want to share a space?

Oh, well, the thing is, I
do have a three-year-old.

Who cannot live in the dorm.

But he can visit, of course.

- Overnight?
- Yeah.

- No.
- My son can't visit me at school?

- What about his father?
- None of our business.

Well, look, it's always been my dream

to be here to go to school in New York.

So, I will figure the
housing situation out.


See you in the fall.

And if I don't figure
out the housing situation

and I can't go to school
here because of that?

The school just made $ ,
processing your application

and some poor student didn't get in here

because you agreed you'd be here

using the money they could have had.

Thank you.

She doesn't seem like she
has much personality to me.

I was standing in line...

next to her yesterday.

And she started telling
me all about New York.

I mean, I went to high school in New York.


I hate these tourists who come in
thinking they know more than we know.

Hey, you're talking to a tourist.

See, that's the attitude you should have.

Amy did live here for a summer.

A whole summer.


Ben Boykewich?

Is it Boy-ke-wich or Boy-ke-vich?

It's however you'd like to pronounce
it, but my dad says, "Boy-ke-vich."

Have a seat. I'm sorry.

I think you were actually here

before that last girl but I screwed up.


Don't worry about it, I screwed
up with that last girl myself.

You're not the father of the baby, are you?

No. I wanted to be, but no.

Do you really want to go to school here

or are you just following the girl?

Yeah, I want to come to school here,

but I'm pretty much following the girl.

Do you plan to go to class,
live on campus, while you're

pursuing her?

- Sure, if I come here.
- "If?"

Did your guidance counselor
not explain this to you?

If you ask for early acceptance,

then you agree to come here
if you get in, and you got in.


- So I'll come here.
- Are you sure?

Pretty sure. I mean,
what are you going to do

if I don't? Arrest me?

Keep the $ , application fee.

I'm sure my dad knew that was a risk,

but even if Amy doesn't come here,

I rather like the place, so...

I think I will come here.

All right! Well,

we do have dorm space available for you,

although I imagine you'll be
taking an apartment as well

because that's what you rich boys do.

If my rich dad will let me, sure.

The girl you screwed up with,

she's going to need a place to live.

Perhaps you could share an apartment.

Are you friends with her and her fiancé?

Oh, yeah. We're all friends.

And that sounds like an excellent idea,

sharing an apartment.

As long as you don't mind
the three-year-old visiting.

It'll give you a chance
to see what you missed.

Hi, Dr. Rodriguez.

Your assistant said I should
just bring this over to you.

I wasn't here yesterday.

I hate to bother you outside your office.

Yeah, I told her to send you over.

I'm going to have a cup of coffee.

I though I'd read your
paper while I'm sitting here.

Are you feeling all right?

I'm fine.

I have a three-year-old.

There was an issue with
his daycare yesterday.

So, I had to take the day off.

It's never happened before, and
it won't happen again. Promise.


I have three children and,
based on my experience,

I think it's going to happen again.

No, see, my, uh, fiancée
and I live together

and John, that's our son,
stays at the church nursery

- and Amy, that's my...
- Fiancée.

She's a senior in high school

and she works at the nursery after school

and it's always worked out before,

but she had to go to New
York and I had John to myself

and, like I said, there
was an issue at daycare.

Who hit whom?

(CHUCKLES) A kid bit him, he bit him back,

they sent them both home.

So you're what, , years old?

- Nineteen.
- And you're getting married?

I think so. We're planning
on it, sometime this summer.

You're awfully young to be getting married.

John is three. I think
it's time we got married.

Well, good for you.

I got pregnant before I got
married, but he took off.

Then, a few years later, I got
married and had a couple more kids.

I love kids.

My husband and I are very happy.

You know, who you'd marry at
is not who you'd marry at

is not who you'd marry at .

Well, thanks for bringing this over.

And, uh, you do know that there's
daycare on campus, don't you?

Uh, for?

For anyone five or under who needs it.

And there's pre-kindergarten

and kindergarten and
after school care as well.

I had no idea.

Check it out. I don't
know if you can use it

as a fallback in an emergency, but maybe.

I really appreciate the information.

I think I'll go check it out right now.

You're doing a good job
in this class, Ricky.

You've got a head for business.


- Hi, Adrian.
- Shut up.


I hope this isn't about Amy sitting
next to Omar on the way to New York.

- Who cares about that?
- I don't.

I don't either.

All right, well, you told me
to shut up so I just figured

that something was wrong and I was
looking for a common denominator.

Omar wants me to move to New York.

- Because of his new job?
- Yeah.

Can you believe that?

He just sprung it on me, like I'd
want to move across the country.

- Are you going to go?
- I don't want to go.

I don't want to go either.

To New York.

I love my life here, and my family
is here and that's important to me.

- And you love Amy and John.
- Yeah.

Well, Amy and John are going
to be in New York, so...

She hasn't decided that yet.

Wake up!

She wouldn't be there right now

if she didn't really want to be there.

She just needed the
freedom to go, to decide.

I'm pretty sure Amy is not going
to leave California to go to school.

I'm sure she is.

All right, you know
what, Ricky? Listen to me,

and I don't say this because
we were all hot for each other

for a few years, okay?

I say this because we're friends.

Don't marry that girl.

- Why not?
- Because she doesn't want to be married.

She doesn't want to have a baby.

She wants to have the
life she would have had

if she hadn't met you.

She's not going to be happy
until she moves to New York,

goes to school there,

graduates, travels the world,

has a job and an apartment on her own.

And experiences other men.

Why would you say that?

Because I'm a girl.

Hey, guys, how are you this morning?

How are you?

I am so much better,
Adrian, thank you so much.

Talking to Dr. Fields was amazing.

I slept hours last night.


- Kind of.
- What does that mean?

It means that I was at my parents'
house and they were nearby.

All right. Well, I'm glad
you're feeling better.

Think about what I said.

She gives good advice.

I don't know how good her
advice is about relationships.

Everything okay?

Are you and Amy still getting married?

You want to weigh in on that, too?

Sure. Yeah. Life is
short. Don't be miserable.

Okay, thanks. That's very helpful. See ya.


Jack! Hey!

Pleasure to meet you.

I recognize you from the newspapers.

Johnny D.

Yeah, my dad was a little
confused on who you are

and why you're trying to reach me.

He said something about
the insurance claims?

Sit down, sit down, let
me buy you a cup of coffee.


Must be t*rture having those casts on.

Yeah. Hopefully, a few
more weeks and that's it.

Not that I'm complaining,
I'm just lucky to be alive.

Couldn't have put it better myself.

What a horrible thing to go through.

Yeah, things are looking up.


Why's that?

The Lord has blessed me
with a lot of good friends.

You know, I'm getting a lot of good
advice from a lot of good people.

Are you getting any financial help?

I don't need any.

The school covered all the medical expenses

and even though I didn't
get hurt during a game,

they've covered my tuition,

and my dorm room is still available
to me as long as I'm working

toward getting back on the team.

Two words. Punitive damages.

The school wants to punish me?

- They want me to pay them?
- Oh, no.

- You want to punish them.
- I do?

Seems to me

the whole thing could have been prevented

with a reasonable amount of security.

And that coach never should
have labeled you as a Christian

just to get publicity.

This is about making this campus

and the dorms safer for everyone.

It's a selfless act for
the protection of others.

And you'll get millions of dollars.

You didn't explain what
"early admissions" means.

I'm pretty sure I did.

I'm pretty sure that you didn't.

I'm going to lose $ ,

if I decide not to go to go to the school.

Yeah, that fee is non-refundable.

You forfeit that if you change your mind.

It's right there on the application.

That you helped me fill out!

Well, you wanted to be
sure you got in, and, well,

you got in.

How's it going, by the way?

It's going great, actually.

The programs are outstanding.

So is the faculty and staff.

Only I can't live in a stupid dorm room

so I can't go here and I want
my money back in case I don't!

Why can't you get a dorm room?

Because John and Ricky can't
stay in it when they come to visit

so I have to live somewhere else.

I guess I assumed that
they'd move there with you

and you guys would get
an apartment together.

I can't afford an apartment.
We can't afford an apartment.

Well, I can't imagine you'll
find something in Manhattan,

but, I mean, the dorm rooms
are to grand a year.

So an apartment couldn't
be that much more, could it?

Twenty thousand dollars a year for this?

That's ridiculous.

Did you read any of the materials
I gave you on Hudson University?


It's expensive to go to school there.

Well, all schools are expensive.

True, but it's a lot cheaper
to go to school in state,

especially since you and
Ricky have a free apartment.

I mean, that's what you said, right?

I'm not gonna go in state just because

Leo Boykewich gave Ricky a free apartment.

Well, then it's a good thing that
you got in to Hudson University,

your dream choice.

So just figure out the housing
situation and there you go.

There I don't go! You have to help me!

I did help you.

I helped you in.

I'm not a realtor.

But we'll talk when you get back.



Hi, there.

I have a car out front and at
the last minute I felt too guilty

to pretend that I didn't know
what flight you were going out on,

so I thought I'd offer you a ride.

I'm not interested. I'll get a taxi.

Better save your money for an apartment.

- You too.
- Oh, I got a dorm room.

Do you know how much these
stupid dorm rooms cost?

Yeah, to grand.

You would pay that much
to live in a shoe box?

Well, I'm getting an apartment too, I hope.

Are you actually going
to come to school here?

And get an apartment and
a dorm room in Manhattan?

Ben, that's ridiculous!

Just stop, like, stop it right now.

You have no interest
in going to school here.

Oh, but I do.

Me? Is that what interests
you in going here? Me?

You and I had a great time here,

I like the city, I like the school,

and, hey, why not?

Because I don't want
you to go to school here!

Oh, grow up Amy. There are
thousands of students at this school

and millions of people in New York.

We probably won't even run
into each other all that often.

Ricky would never be comfortable

with my coming to school
here if you're here.

I can't just hit him up with you

and ask for money at the same time!

If you were really in love with Ricky

and you cared what he thought,

you wouldn't even consider
leaving him to come to school here.

Actually, yeah, I would.

And I am considering that,

which doesn't mean I don't love him!

And he and John can't
stay with me in the dorm

and we can't afford an apartment,

and we can't afford getting
a hotel every time they come.

So, just go ahead, here, take it!

Take my school, take my dream!

Your dream was gone when I met you.

Ben! What?

You knew your life plans were
completely wrecked when you got pregnant.

However, if you'd like
to go to school here,

you can go to school here.
No one is stopping you.

It might just be a little bit
harder than you thought it would be.

But, as always, I'm sure you'll
find a way to get what you want.

Hey, maybe your dad can help you.

My dad can't afford to help me.

He has money, he just bought a restaurant!

(LAUGHS) A restaurant? Are you kidding?

- He just bought Geoff's restaurant.
- My dad?

You haven't talked to him
since you've been here?

No, I have, yeah.

Maybe he wanted to tell you in person.

Here. Come on, we'll
talk about it in the car.

No. I will just get a taxi.

(SIGHS) It's a free ride, take it.

We're going to be sitting next to
each other on the flight anyway.


- How was lunch?
- Boring.

What are you doing there,

actually reading a newspaper?

Looking for an apartment.

I thought you were
going to get a car first?

Nah, I should just do it, get out.

Why are you in such a
hurry all of a sudden?

We're going to have to
move anyway, so, it's time.

That's not it.

I don't want to tell you.

If you tell me, maybe I can help you.

I told Ricky not to marry
Amy and now I feel guilty

living there with Amy's dad in
Amy's mother's house for free.

You should move.

Yeah, I knew that.


Don finally got back with me.

He's coming over after school.

Great. I'll help you talk to him.

Oh, uh, thanks, but my
dad told me to talk to him.

Well, I should be there. Just in case.

I appreciate your being willing to help me,

but I think I should handle this by myself,

like a responsible adult.

And my grandmother is home if I screw it up

and don't handle it
like a responsible adult.

Good, but I should be there too.

Ethan, my dad said...

Your dad loves me.

And we've bonded now,
we're both bad at algebra.

That doesn't mean you should be part

of what is a very important conversation

between two people regarding a child.

Yes, it does.

You believe everything this guy says,

you're not going to get anywhere with him.

Yes, I am.

You never would have even
figured this out without me.

You're right about that. Thank you.

"Thank you," but?

No buts, I mean it. Thank you.

You can't cut me out now.

Come on, Kathy, I'm your boyfriend,

I'm looking out for you.

I can look out for me.

You can, but this guy is
slick, and you know it.

I know,

but deep down inside,

Don is a nice guy

and I don't want to embarrass him.

I just want him to go home
and never bother me again,

and never bother Jonathan and Sonya again.

So, I'm going to be as
nice as I can about this.

You are so naive!

Nice only works on nice people.

He's after money! He's not nice.

He can be.

Look, Don made some regrettable calls

and flew out here and,

I'm sure he regrets doing
this and he's embarrassed.

I'll talk to him and it'll be fine.

I'll see you at my house.


- Hello.
- Hey, Grace.

Jack! It's so good to hear
from you. I've missed you.

Yeah, I've missed you too, Grace.

I heard that you

saw Dr. Fields last night

and then you spent the
night at your parents' house?

- Adrian?
- (CHUCKLES) Of course.

I thought you two weren't friends anymore.

Well, the easiest way to
make friends with someone

is to ask them for their help.

So, I just asked her for some help.

How are you? What are you doing?

I'm just thinking about something

- and wanted your thoughts on it.
- What's that?

Well, I don't want to bother you if
you're in the middle of something.

No. I'm just grabbing a coffee and
then I'm on the way to the airport.

So, ask me.

This lawyer came to see me today

and he said I could sue the
school and make millions of dollars

and they wouldn't have to pay it,

it would be their insurance company.

- What?
- Yeah, millions of dollars.

For what?

They paid for all your hospital bills,

and they let you keep your scholarship

even though you're not playing football,

and your dorm room is
still available to you.

Yeah, because they know
they owe me something

for what I went through.

And I may never be able
to play football again.

You're getting your casts off soon,

you're going to be
working out in a few weeks,

and then starting physical
therapy. You're going to be fine.

You are fine!

Whatever happened to
the miracle of the bones?

Even if I am fine, look at
everything I've been through.

They owe me something for that.

Whatever happened to happy to be alive

and grateful that God saw you
through all this, etcetera, etcetera?

I am happy to be alive
and I'd be really happy

even to get a couple million dollars.

I could even buy my parents a house.

With money you get from
suing the university?

- They have insurance.
- Oh, even so.

It just doesn't strike me
as the right thing to do.

I mean, suppose that the court
does find the school negligent

in protecting you and
people lose their jobs and...

Maybe they'll create more jobs.
Maybe they'll hire more security.

They should hire more security.

I'm actually doing a public service

by forcing them to behave more responsibly.

I don't know, Jack.

It sounds as if you might be
trying to justify taking money

that maybe you shouldn't.

I mean, you're the victim of a crime.

But I don't know if you're
the victim of the school

being negligent in protecting you, are you?

It's millions of dollars.

- I think you should think about it.

Oh, hold on. I have another call.

Um, it's Adrian.

I'm going to be home tomorrow,

so let's talk about it more, then, okay?

- I love you.
- I love you, Grace.

- Hi.
- Hey, are you home?

Not yet. I'm in Denver,

I'm going to be home in a few hours.

I can't wait to see Jack.

Thank you so much for
everything that you did.

- Omar is leaving me!
- What?

(SIGHS) This company he works
for wants him in New York.

He, Ben and Amy are going to New York.

But he's going to take you with him, right?

He asked me to go with him,

but I can't go without totally losing

all the credits for this year and

giving up this condo.

I love this condo.

Well, Adrian, the condo's not really yours.

You only live there because Leo
Boykewich is an incredibly generous man,

but you were always going to leave
that condo behind anyway at some point,

and you'll always have Omar.

I am so crazy.

I forgot this isn't mine.

It isn't mine at all.

Wait. So, that's it?

Amy and Ben are going
to New York to school?

(SIGHS) I don't know.

I think she'll stay in California.

She loves Ricky and she loves John.

And she loves Amy more
than she loves anyone else.

(SIGHS) I don't know,
maybe that's not so bad.

How's it going with you?

- Any of the schools look good?
- Yeah.

I think I just needed to step
away from Jack for a little bit

to see how I really feel about him.

- And?
- And I really do love him.

- But?
- But...

How did we get more interested
in guys than ourselves?


Uh, okay, yeah. Grace, I have to go.

- Hey.
- Hi.

I didn't know you were here.

Yeah, I took a nap,
I'm a little jet lagged.

So, how did you get more
interested in guys than yourselves?

Grace says it was sex.

- And you agree?
- No.

What do you say it was?

Low self-esteem.

You don't really strike me as a woman

who has low self-esteem.

Yeah, having this
attitude didn't come easy.

So what do you want to do?

Stay here and live in a condo
paid for by your ex-husband's dad

or go with me,

your future husband?

What I want to do

is be my own person for once in my life.

What are you going to
do if he doesn't show?

He said he's on his way.

He said that an hour ago.

He'll be here.

Maybe it's good he's late.

Put him on the defensive, start strong.

Just let me handle it, the
way I want to handle it.

I may not want to start strong.


How could you think this is about money?

You had your dad call my parents?!

I didn't really want them
involved. We're adults.

We had a baby.

We don't need our parents to
get involved in our business.

Our parents or your boyfriend.

- I just thought that...
- That I wanted money?

I never asked anyone for any money.

- You said you needed money for college, so...
- So what?

I would risk getting caught
blackmailing someone to pay tuition?

Not just blackmailing someone,
but blackmailing them over a child?

You think I'm stupid all of a sudden?

What happened to you?

Never mind.

I know what happened.

You're hanging out with
that juvenile delinquent

and listening to him.

- Well...
- Well, that's my daughter

and I wanted to see her.

You got to see her when she was born.


I birthed her.

Your part was easy.

And what, you're just curious?

You're going to see her and then,

a few months later or next year,
you're going to be curious again?

And her parents should
just have to live with that?

And when she gets older, she
should have to live with that?

When she gets older,
she may want to know me.

She might. And if she does, I'm
sure her parents will find you.

But she might not.

Again, there's only so much
you contributed to her life.

Your contribution was microscopic.

Couldn't have happened without me.


It couldn't have.

I'm sorry.

That's the first time you've
said that to me, you know that?


I am sorry.

- This is all your fault!
- My fault?

You never should have
accused him of wanting money.

Now he's going to make
her feel guilty about it

and then he's going to walk away

with her wanting to be
friends with him or something.

- I still say he wants money.


I don't buy what he's doing in
there. It's completely insincere.

He's just saying this 'cause he got busted.

We lost the element of
surprise. Her dad blew it.

He should have waited to call his
parents until Kathy got a sh*t at him.

He messed up everything.

- I don't like this Don.
- Me neither.

I am absolutely certain
that I was right about him.

I'm gonna call her dad.

Oh, I don't know if you should do that.

He's probably sleeping.

C'est la vie.


Could I possibly borrow your phone?

I don't have international service.

No wonder you can't sleep,

you need to get up and move around.

You can either go down
to the gym and work out

or help your mother around the house

or help me with some yard work

or maybe

go look for a job.

I don't know what I'd do at the gym.

I'm sure there's something you could do.

One-handed weight lifting?

Yeah, do that.

People don't do that.

It's bad enough the arm in
the cast is going to be a twig,

I don't want to build the other one up.

Okay, well, wax the kitchen floors,

you used to be good at that.

And if I slip and fall?

Then you can sue me.

Or me and your mother.

Grace called.

Now, she's worried about
your suing the school.

I assured her you are not suing the school.

If you want to sue the
guy who did that to you,

sue him.

When they find him. And
eventually they will find him.

But you are not suing your university,

where you have a scholarship

and where the coaches and the athletes

have done nothing but help you out.

It's not personal, it's
their insurance company.

So everyone at the school
would share in the cost?

Students, faculty, everyone?

Well, I don't look at it like that.

Well, look at it like that.

And just what do you need the money for?

It's not that I need it. I
mean, I need it, we all need it,

it's a matter of principle.

Yeah, it is.

And where are your principles?

- Dad.
- Jack.

I wanted to buy you a new house.

I don't need you to buy me a new house.

I like this house.

If we want a new house,
we'll buy a new house.

I don't need anything,

other than for you to recover.

But I have recovered.

I'm just waiting for the casts to come off,

and when they do,

would it be so bad if I went
driving around in a red Porsche?

While the guys who came to visit
you at the hospital every day

carpooled and took the
bus? Are you kidding?

I don't know. It didn't seem that unfair

when the lawyer was explaining it.

Are you going to listen to me

or some lawyer you met today?

Well, you're not offering
me millions of dollars.

That's a lot of money.

Okay, first of all, the
lawyer would take half

and you'd have to pay taxes,
so it's not as much as it seems,

but secondly, it's dirty money.

I mean, how do you go around
proclaiming yourself a Christian

and then consider robbing
an insurance company?

I'm not robbing anyone and
why can't a Christian sue?

I mean, I brought that
up with the attorney,

about me not suing because I'm a Christian.

- And he said...
- "What, are all Christians doormats?"

Dad, I was a really good athlete
with a promising pro career.

Now I'm just an injured
athlete trying to recover

and I'm only an average student in college.

What am I gonna do to earn a living?

How am I ever going to support Grace?

I need that money.

How am I gonna get it?

Well, you're not just gonna
go around suing people.

And I've always told you not to rely

on being a professional athlete

because one day you could get injured.

What's your B plan, Jack?

Uh, choose a major?

Your presence is required at work!

Okay, I'm sorry. I got distracted.

Yesterday you weren't here,
today you're somewhere else.

What the hell is going on?

Amy wants to go to school in New York.

And that relates to sausage how?

It does relate. I'm trying to
figure out how much I have to make

to cover John's daycare
if he stays here with me

and Amy goes to Hudson University.

Uh, you two are getting
married or splitting up?

We're getting married and then
splitting up to go to school, I think.

- If she wants.
- What?

Amy really wants to be married

but she really wants to
go to Hudson University,

that was always her dream.

So, I'm trying to figure out
how to make that work for her.

What do they teach at that New York school

that they don't teach here?

Isn't the purpose of an
education to get an education?

Not to live in another
city and have a good time.

I just want her to have what she wants.

So that you can have what you
want, which is to be married.

I want to feel satisfied
that I have made every effort

to make this relationship work out.

Well, that's pretty much what
someone says when they want

out of a relationship without any guilt.

- No, I, uh...
- You, uh, what?

I'm just trying to do my best for everyone.

For Amy, for John, for myself.

And if I can figure out this financially

and that's what Amy wants to do,

go to school in New
York, then she should go,

(SIGHS) Otherwise, I will feel guilty

for not making it happen for her.

And she'll regret not going

and I'll be blamed the rest of our lives.


If that's really what
you think then, (WHISPERS)

just let it go.

Do not get married.

Put the closing sign in the
door and call it a night!

You don't have to call them. You're right.

I just got emotional.

I think I was just missing you.

I should be the one to call
Jonathan and Sonya and apologize.

I really wasn't after their money.

Yeah, I didn't think you were.

I heard your boyfriend came out

with you and talked to your mom and dad

into letting you come back here.

And Kathy,

I was counting on you to
come back from Houston.

But I hadn't even heard from you.

I didn't want to upset you.

You know, your getting pregnant

and having a baby and...

having the baby adopted.

That didn't just affect you,

it affected me, too.

I've been really depressed and...

angry at myself.

And then, well, I got angry at everyone.

I know I wouldn't make a good father.

Well, not right now, but...

Maybe someday.

I don't know.

I mean,

how could I do something so stupid?


It was a tough situation.

I really prepared to let go of her and...

I guess you didn't get to do that.

No, I... I didn't.

And I am just a little curious
to see what she looks like.

Well, I'm sure they'd
send you a picture, but...

I think it's best to just let go,

for the baby's sake.

You're right, and I'm going to do that.

Thank you, Don.

I better be going.

All right. Mind if I
call you once in a while?

I guess once in a while would be okay.

Bye. Have a safe flight back.

Hi, um,

Kathy, if you don't mind,
I'd like to speak to Don,

apologize for the misunderstanding.



Look, I'm sorry if there
was a misunderstanding.

Yeah, whatever.

I guess I thought that since you said

your dad wouldn't give
you money for college

you were looking to get a little something.

No, I'm not looking for this couple to do

what my dad should do for me.


But frankly,

I thought they should have paid Kathy
something for her trouble, don't you?

I mean, the birth alone
was, let me tell you...

you don't want to give birth.

It's so...

well, unnatural.

And she suffered.

She had to move here,

go to a new school, change her whole life,

and all that time, she was
going to doctors appointments

and birthing classes and...

she just felt so guilty and ashamed.

She has nothing to show for all this.

And, well, as a guy, I have to say,

you have nothing to show for it either,

other than your reputation is sh*t.

Or not.

I just think that Kathy
should have been compensated,

I mean, her dad covered all the expenses.

Why should he have
covered all the expenses?

And why shouldn't she get
something from this couple?

She gave them a baby,
she changed their lives.

She and I changed their lives.

Right, right. So...

you can't ask for money in
exchange for what you did,

but surely they could
have gifted you something.

Gifted? Well that's not
against the law to say,

"Thank you very much, here's grand."

Yeah, that's not against the law.

And it's the right thing to do.

I mean, the lawyer got a fee,

the doctors all got paid,

why not Kathy and me?

Yeah, why not?

I just couldn't figure
out how to go about it.

I was gonna visit the
baby, drop a few hints,

hope they offered.

I knew I couldn't ask them.

Got you.

I knew it was about money.

You tricked me.

Yeah, I did. And you fell for it.

I'm surprised a good speller would be so...

- Stupid?
- I didn't say that.

But I am having a good day in
terms of finding out that people

are no smarter than I am. So, for that,

I thank you.

And I bid you adieu.

Don't let the door hit you in the butt,

and don't be showing your
face around here again.

Or at the adoptive couple's.

I could care less about you

or Kathy or that adoptive couple anyway.

You're a genius.

Integers are positive and
negative whole numbers.

Two even consecutive integers

that equal twenty-six would
be twelve and fourteen.
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