03x24 - K.C. Undercover The Final Chapter

Episode transcripts for the TV show "K.C. Undercover". Aired: January 2015 to February 2018.
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A high-school math whiz trains to be an undercover spy.
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03x24 - K.C. Undercover The Final Chapter

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Previously on KC Undercover...

We are taking the Bishops down.

At least let me get Amy out of the house

before you bust Mitch and Danielle.

- Hey!
- Hey!


We thought that we'd go
on a little road trip to...

(Both) New York City!

Where are you keeping
the distribution list

and who is The Mask?

Amy's not our daughter.

Amy is The Mask.

Amy's dangerous. Get
her and get that list.



(KC) There's gotta be some type of sign

of where she went.

It wasn't a sign, but it
was definitely a signal.

(Laser blasts)


Where is she? (Gasps)

Ah! Boo!


It's over, Amy!

Yeah, that's right. Your
parents sold you out.

We know everything.


Huh! Huh! Hah!

(KC) Hah!




(Amy screaming)

(Both straining)

It's over, Amy! We know you're The Mask!

Sorry to disappoint you,

but Mitch and Danielle were
just covering their sorry butts

and pinning it on me.

I'm not The Mask.

Yeah, right!

I don't care whether you believe me.

I'm not The Mask.

The Mask is someone way closer to you

than you could have ever imagined.

- (Gasps)
- Hold on, KC!

Hold on, Amy! And more
importantly, hold on, Ernie!

Look, you're not gonna make it,

so just tell us who The Mask is!

You're right. What do
I care at this point?

The Mask is... Aaah!



Wow! She's a really good swimmer!

If she wasn't an
international arms dealer,

she could be in the Olympics.

Big picture here, Ernie!

Okay? Amy got away,
and so did our chance

at getting that distribution list.

I take that back.

Maybe we did find the list after all.


♪ Oh, when danger comes for you ♪

♪ You know I'll stand beside you ♪

♪ 'Cause ain't nobody
keep their head so cool ♪

♪ I'll always find a way,
a way out of the f*re ♪

♪ Don't tell nobody, tell nobody ♪

♪ I'm not perfect ♪

♪ So many things I wanna tell you ♪

♪ But I, I, I, I
keep it undercover ♪

♪ Livin' my life, on red alert ♪

♪ Doin' my thing,
gonna make it work ♪

♪ Know I'm the realest,
baby, I'm fearless ♪

♪ But I always got your back ♪

♪ Nobody can do it like I can ♪

♪ I gotta find out who I am ♪

♪ Ain't got to worry about me ♪

♪ It's all part of the plan ♪

I keep it undercover.

I keep it undercover.

We got it! We got the distribution list.

The heads of every criminal
organization are right here!

Perfect. Now all we have
to do is take them down

and figure out who The Mask is.

Should I hit rewind?

Bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop.

It's Amy!

Well, shall I hit rewind?


She said it was someone
who was close to us.

Well, until she fell
off that lighthouse,

she was pretty close to us.

Come on, she was protecting her cover.

She was dangling over
the Atlantic, okay?

Why lie when you're
about to become fish food?

My gut is telling me that
she was telling the truth.

What about what my gut says?

We share a bathroom.

I'm sick and tired of hearing
what your gut has to say.

As usual, it's all about you.

You think KC is the sun,

and the rest of us are just
planets revolving around you.

Well, I've got news for you.

I am not Mars. I am not Saturn.

I am not Uranus.

I am a competent spy,

not the scared little
kid I was three years ago.

So dig the wax out of
your big, elephant ears

and listen to me for once!

Okay, but what if she is
telling the truth, okay?

We cannot breathe a word about
this flash drive to anybody.

And by the way? It's my feet, okay?

I have large feet!

My ears are in perfect
proportion to my face!

Especially to your big mouth.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Good news! I got into F.I.T.

(Sing-song) I'm going to college!

Wow. This is amazing! Do
you know how many times

I have dreamed about this exact moment?

Zero. Zero times.

I literally never thought
that this would happen.

Eee hee hee!

Aww, you're even more
excited than Brady was.

Excuse me?

You told Brady before me?

Well, yeah. What's the big deal?

Nothing. Why would it be a big deal?

I mean, It's not like
I've just been helping you

do your homework for the past years.

I mean, it's no big deal!

Right? Why should I
be the first to know?

Wow. You're sounding like my mother.

Which reminds me, I have to
tell her I got into college.

Nah, she'll never believe me anyway.

Hey, why are you so upset about this?

I'm just a little freaked out, you know?

I haven't decided if I'm going
to stay with The Organization

or accept my scholarship to Stanford.

It's okay, relax. Everything
has a way of working itself out.

Look at me. Not only did I into F.I.T.,

but Brady and I got back together.

So you really never know...

I'm sorry, rewind.


Um, you and Brady what, now?

Oh, yeah, yeah, we're
boyfriend and girlfriend now,

but for real this time.

Okay, let me just get this straight.

You are back with the guy

who used you and tried
to take over the world?

I know! Star-crossed lovers, right?

But... but it's okay.

We can trust him now 'cause
he's back with The Organization.

Oh, speaking of which,
what ever happened with Amy?

Okay, Marisa, I'm sorry,

but, um, as long as you're with Brady,

I can't really talk to
you about this stuff.

You may trust him, but I do not.

I can't believe it!

You went all the way to the Jersey Shore

and didn't bring back saltwater taffy?

Well, I guess we should just settle

for the names and contact information

for every enemy agent in the country!

I'm just saying, they
were already there.

They could've done both.

Well, I for one, am very proud of you!

Wait for it.

Wait for what?

You know, the snarky little comment

that comes right after
a very rare compliment.

Go ahead, Judy. Let me have it.

Well, excuse me for trying
to express my emotions

like an actual human would!

You people are such... people!

What crawled up her USB port and died?

We have more important
things to worry about.

Yeah, like who we can actually
trust with this information.

If Amy was telling the truth,

and The Mask is someone close to us,

no one is above suspicion.

Well, as far as I'm concerned,
there's only one person

at The Organization that
we know we can trust.



Psst! Agent Johnson.

It's me, KC.

Why are you disguised as a statue?

Because I need to talk to you,

and I can't run the risk
of anyone finding out.

You never heard of a phone?

I'm Paul Revere. You think
I had a phone in ?

(Old man's voice) Why do we
bother putting out dog poop bags

if they don't put the
dog poop in the bag?

We have top secret intel.

I'm listening, Ernie.

I spent hours on this makeup.

How do you know it was me?

Oh, the disguise is great.

It's the name tag that says
"Ernie Cooper," d*ad giveaway.

Listen carefully, 'cause we're
only gonna say this one time.

Because the intel is so sensitive?

That, and I want to get out of here

before a pigeon decides to poop on me.


You guys did the right thing
keeping this on the down low.

I don't even want to mention
this to Agent Beverly.

Agent Beverly? How could
she could be The Mask?

She just got promoted to
head of The Organization.

And who knows what favors
she promised to get there?

Until I know more, nobody's
gonna find out about this.

But how do we bring in all
those enemy agents on our own?

You and your family will
have to figure that out.

If you pull this off,

we could end this spy
w*r once and for all.

Ernie, did you hear that?

If we pull this off, we
could end the spy w*r.

And if we end the spy w*r, then
I wouldn't need to be a spy,

and I could just go off to Stanford.

This could be my last mission ever.

Okay, if we take them
down one at a time,

word'll spread, and those enemy agents

will scatter like the
cockroaches they are.

Okay, maybe we can get
them all in a room together.


Dad, do you remember what happened

when you had all those
unpaid parking tickets?

Oh, annoying meter maids!

If a man has a mission
in a loading zone,

a man has a mission in a loading zone!

I talking about how they tricked you

into paying the parking tickets.

Oh. They sent me an e-mail

saying I'd won free
tickets to a Nationals game,

and then when I got to the stadium,

they locked me up with other
people until we paid our fines.

I didn't even get my free foam finger.

I think KC's on to something.

The only problem is,

how do we get all those crime bosses

to get parking tickets?


we go to their houses,

wait for them to park their cars,

then when they're asleep,
we paint their curbs red,

and call in an anonymous tip to
the parking enforcement authorities.

Then we wait six months for
them to not pay their tickets,

and then we send them
invitations to the game!

Nailed it!

Okay, Ernie, maybe for the
rest of this planning session,

you could just, um,
write your ideas down.

And then fold them up
and put them in the trash.

Okay, basketball playoffs are coming up.

So why don't we just invite
them all to a VIP celebration?

We can give them free tickets,
first class air, and limo service.

What if they don't like basketball?

Everybody likes basketball.

Every human likes basketball.

Here we go again.

"Judy's not a human, so
she doesn't understand."

Well, guess what?

I understand you all
better than you think.

And what I don't understand is
why you don't understand that.

I don't understand what your problem is,

but you better get with the program.

And, remember, not a word about this

to anybody at The Organization.

(Knock on door)

You're not getting Arbor Day off, Carl.

You want to plant a tree,
you plant it on your own time.

It's not Carl, it's me.

Oh. You're not getting
Arbor Day off, either.

What do you want?

Are you in trouble at school again?!

You know, I am this close
to scrapping you for parts!

Of course I'm in
trouble at school again.

But that's not why I'm here.

We need to talk about the Coopers.

I, uh, cut the sandwiches
into little hearts.

Or if that's too corny, you
just turn them upside-down,

and they're little butts.

Well, I do love butt-wiches.

But you know what? I was just...

I was thinking about
this... this video I saw.

It's called "The Trust Test,"

and I thought maybe we could try it.

Sure. How does it work?

Well, I close my eyes and
I fall back into your arms,

and I just trust that you'll catch me.

Okay. Sure.



Okay, great. Now I catch you.


- Whoa oh! (Groans)
- (Thud)

Are you, or are you not a good guy?!

Of course I'm a good guy! God.

Ow. A good guy who's really regretting
putting his keys in his back pocket.

Look, Brady, I...

I honestly just don't
think I can trust you.

You're a spy, which means
you are an expert liar.

And as long as you're a spy, I...

I don't think I can be with you.

- But, Marisa...
- I'm sorry, Brady.

This... this just isn't gonna work out.




And no jokes, please.

Welcome to the reception, Mr. Chase.

Enjoy yourself.

Cheers, Love. (Clicks tongue)

Okay, the head of The
Alternate has arrived.

That means they're all here.

I can't believe I'm about to say this,

but Operation: KC's
Final Mission is a go.

KC's Final Mission? KC's Final Mission?!

Once again, I guess it's all about you.

Good. Now you're startin' to get it.

(Microphone feedback)

Hello, everyone. Hi!


and it gives me great
pleasure to welcome you to

the last party you'll ever attend.

- Huh?
- Huh?

(Man) What's goin' on?


(Doors slam)

Surprise, suckers!

It's the Coopers! We've been set up!


Cheers, Love.


Go ahead, Judy. Suck it up!

(Vacuum noises)

By the time these guys wake up,

they'll already be in prison.

- (Laughs)
- Yes!

So... wait. That's it?

After all the missions we've been on,

all the danger we have
faced to make this world

a better place, and this is how it ends?

Some balloons drop, and
now the spy w*r is over?

Is that not a fancy enough ending for

(Movie trailer voice)
"KC's Final Mission"?

I'm just saying, it seems a little easy.

Honey, it was easy because it
was a good plan, and it worked.

I mean, what's wrong with that?

Nothing, I guess.


Uh-oh, what? What's wrong?

It's just that one of the side effects

of sucking up all that gas is...



All right, quiet down, everybody.

Agent Beverly would
like to say a few words.

And apparently, her new promotion makes

her incapable of giving a
speech without an introduction.

Thank you, Agent Johnson.

Well, we've done it, people.

Thanks to the Coopers, especially KC,

the spy w*r is over.

(Cheers and applause)

Which means there will be cutbacks.

Unfortunately, half
of you will be fired.

And please don't ask
for recommendations,

because, technically, you don't know me,

and I definitely don't know you.

Enjoy the celebration!

Hey, congratulations, KC.
It's really great work.

Thanks, Brady.

I was wrong about him.

He's a good guy.

We'll see about that.

Any update on what we talked about?

Shh. Not in front of the Coopers.

Hey, what do you guys think
they're talking about over there?

What do you care?

Well, I'm just sayin', you know,

The Mask is still out
there. It could be Beverly.

- Seriously?!
- Yeah, seriously.

Agent Johnson was
questioning her promotion.

Well, why stop there? Maybe it's Judy.

- It could be Judy.
- Ohh!

Or it could be Brady.

I still don't trust him
as far as I can throw him.

And I've thrown him several times.

KC, listen to me.

Honey, you gotta stop
obsessing about this.

Yeah, you're just
using this as an excuse

to avoid deciding about college.

But The Mask...

He's been cut off at the knees.

We have his all w*apon,
we arrested his customers.

Because of you and your
plan, he's powerless.

You know what? You guys are right.

You guys are right.

There's nothing left for me
to be worrying about, right?

So I've made my decision.

I'm going to college.

All right, baby. Yes.


(Distorted voice)
Greetings, Organization.

It's time to introduce myself.

I am The Mask.

(People gasp)

I want to thank you for
eliminating my competition.

Effective immediately, I'm
taking over their operations.

If you think The Other Side
and The Alternate were bad,

you haven't seen anything yet!


Wait a minute. The Mask tricked me.

He wanted me to find that flash drive.

He wanted me to take them down,

and now he's more powerful than ever,

and it's all my fault.

That's great. Now how am I
supposed to go to college now?


- What's wrong?
- Everything.

Everything is wrong, okay?

First The Mask was caught,
now The Mask is back.

First The Mask had no power,

now The Mask has all
the power in the world.

And it's all my fault. Ha.

And on top of that, I'm supposed
to give a valedictorian speech

that inspires the entire
class at graduation.

And how am I supposed to do that when
I don't even know what my future is?

Aw. Well, do you want to borrow the
speech I gave in public speaking class?

It was really inspiring.

I should hope so. You borrowed
Martin Luther King Jr.'s

"I Have A Dream" speech.

Well, at least one of
your dreams came true.

I... I broke up with Brady.

Oh! Finally, some good news!

I mean... I'm so sorry for you.

Look, honestly, you were right.

Why should I waste my time worrying
about some guy I can't trust?

I have so much going
on for me right now.

I'm going to F.I.T. to study fashion.

And then when I graduate, I'm
am starting my own clothing line!

It's gonna be called "Rissa by Marisa."

Anyway, I said to myself,

"Marisa, if you are going
to be a huge success,

you have to keep your eye on the prize,"

which is why I'm focusing on me,

and not some untrustworthy guy.

What? Did I say something wrong?

No. No, you said everything right.

And don't take this the
wrong way, but it's just like,

how is your life so together,

and mine is literally falling apart?

It's like we switched places
or something, you know?

You're me and I'm you.

Well, let me try to give you some advice

you've given me over the years.

"Don't worry, you'll pass the class."

"If you forget your
keys and ring the bell,

your parents will know you stayed
out till : in the morning."

I'm sorry. I'm new at
being you. I don't...

Yes. Yes, I understand, Agent Beverly.

Let me know when it's
time to make the move.




Aha, what?

I caught you red-handed!

Mm-hmm. You were on the phone
talkin' to Agent Beverly, conspiring!

She's The Mask, and you
have been helping her!

I hope you're not too
fond of that finger.

If you are, after I
rip it off your hand,

I'll give it back to
you as a birthday gift.

Hey, what's going on with you two?

Go ahead, Judy.

Tell them what you were
discussing with Agent Beverly.

- I'd rather not.
- Tell them.

It was nothing.

I said, tell them!

Fine! I was talking to Agent Beverly

about the transfer I put in for.

What are you talking
about, Judy? What transfer?

I'm leaving the family.

That's what you were
talking to her about?

Why would you want to leave us?

I just think it's time to go.

You know, assignments are like college.

Three years and you're done.

College takes four years.

Not if you're as smart as I am.

Okay, come on, Judy,
can't we talk about this?

Sure, you guys can talk
about it all you want.

I made my decision.

Boop. Hey.

Brady, what are you doing here?

I told you I can't be with you.

Uh, no, you said you couldn't
be with me if I was a spy.

So I'm quitting.

Are you serious?

Why not? What has being
a spy ever gotten me?

Besides, no one at The
Organization even trusts me.

And neither do you. So, I'm done.

You know, Marisa, I really don't
know what I'm gonna do with my life,

but I do know that I want
you to be a part of it.

You are the best thing
that's ever happened to me.

I've never been the best thing
that's ever happened to anyone.

Including my mother.

Which reminds me, I really have
to tell her I got into college.

I'm on my way to The Organization
right now to turn in my resignation.

Call you later?

I have a boyfriend! A real boyfriend!

A boyfriend who doesn't go
to college, or have a job,

or any specific plans
for the immediate future,

but, hey, no one's perfect!

(Sing-song) I have a boyfriend!

You wanted to see me, Agent Johnson?

Yes. I understand you
went to see Beverly

to ask for a transfer,
and I have some good news.

My request was granted?

Yes. Oh!

I'm going to miss you, Judy.


Hey, what are you...?

(Powering up)

All right, Judy. What's
your new assignment?

To eliminate the Coopers.

That's right.

I have to eliminate any possible thr*at.

So now you work for... The Mask!

No, wait. Keep calling me Agent Johnson.


Come on, come on, come on.

Hey, it's KC. Leave a message.

- (Beeps)
- KC, it's Brady.

You and your family
better watch your back,

because I...

You just what, Brady?

Give it up! It won't be long

before everyone finds out about you.

You'll never get away with this, Mask!


His name is Agent Johnson.


KC, it's Brady.

You and your family better watch
your back, because I just...

KC, can we talk? I made a big mistake.

What'd, you get in
trouble at school again?

Of course I'm in
trouble at school again!

But that's not what
I want to talk about.

I don't want to be reassigned.

You guys are my family.

My job here isn't done.

Aw, Judy, that's so sweet.

Love you.

And I love you... to death.

(TV playing)

(Judy, thinking) All right, time
to start taking out the Coopers.

Which, for KC, will be the first
time she's been taken out in ages.

(Chuckles) You still got it, Judy.

Okay, how can I take care
of them all at one time?

Eh, I'll just do it
the old-fashioned way.

With my bare hands!

(Doorbell rings)

Judy, get the door!

Good news! Brady is in the
hospital, clinging to dear life.

I thought he was on our side.

He's a solid, decent guy.

How is this good news?

Turns out Brady is The Mask.

I knew that no-good, rotten
liar couldn't be trusted!

Well, he is no longer a thr*at.

The Mask is done.

- All right!
- Yeah!

- You guys hear that?
- Mm-hmm.

(KC) It's over.

That means... Stanford, here I come!

All right!

Yes! Let's go!

Aw, it's gonna be kinda lonely
without any kids around the house.

I'm not graduating for another year.

Oh, yeah, right. You'll still be here.

Just because they think
we captured The Mask

doesn't mean your job is done.

You still need to eliminate the Coopers.

With pleasure.

Oh, you got a cap and gown.

Look at you, Marisa.

You're graduating. I'm
really proud of you.

Yeah, this'll look great on
me... after a few alterations.

They'll let me walk in this, right?

I don't think walking will be a problem.

I think it's more of the
sitting that could be an issue.

Well, it looks like both of
us are gonna be moving on,

because I decided I'm going
to leave The Organization

and go to Stanford.

Yay! How did you finally decide?

Well, now that The
Mask has been captured,

there's really nothing
left for me to do.

And by the way, you were
right to break up with Brady.

It turns out he was The Mask.

What?! No, no, no, I don't believe this.

Literally yesterday, he told
me he was quitting being a spy

to be with me in New York.

I'm really sorry, Marisa, but
he was just lying to you again.

No. No, no, this can't be true.

Where is he?

He's in the hospital, unconscious.

What?! I have to talk to him!

Okay, you do know what
unconscious means, right?

Going somewhere?

Yeah. We're gonna pick
up KC's graduation gift.

Well, you might be
able to drive your car,

but thanks to me, you
won't be able to stop it.


Guess them's the brakes!

What's wrong?

I can't find my car keys.

Why don't we try that
new car service app?

Sounds too expensive.

Well, the first ride is free.

And if you set up your
account, so is the ride home.

What are we waiting for?

Who knew that being a
tightwad would save his life?

Well, at least for now.

Brady, I don't know if you can hear me,

but I just want to let you know,

I don't care if people
think you're The Mask.

I know it's not true,

and I promise you, I have your back,

and no matter what,

I will never, ever,
ever leave your side.

(Woman over P.A.) Visiting
hours are now over.

Okay, gotta go.


Brady? Brady! You're awake!

Oh. (Kissing)

- Ow! Ow!
- Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

I'm just... I'm really
excited you're okay.

Mmm mmm!

What? What? Why are
you blinking so much?

Are you trying to tell me something?

No, don't... don't... don't talk.

Your jaw is broken, okay?

I know. I know. You can write it down.


(Moaning loudly)

Ow! Ooh! Aah!

Okay. Sorry! Sorry.

- (Panting)
- Wait, I know.

You can blink,

so you can use a blinking code.

Okay, so just blink once
for A and twice for B,

and then you know the rest.

And, oh, I know.

We could come up with
some shorthand phrases.

So if you... if you blink
once with your left eye,

and twice with your right eye, it means

I... love... you!

So, you know, if you ever
needed to say that to me,

you totally could.


Yeah, yeah, totally. Too soon.

Too soon.

(Clears throat)

All of us graduates are
having mixed feelings.

Some are afraid. Some are excited.

Some are writing terrible speeches!

No, this is great.

I am going to completely die
of embarrassment on that stage.

Actually, you're gonna die of
being repeatedly punched right here!

This is for The Mask!






What... is goin' on?

Why was Judy attacking you?

Yeah, I mean, your speech isn't
great, but it's not that bad.

Guys, I'm serious, she
was trying to eliminate me.

But why would she do that?

I don't know. She said
it was for The Mask.

I'm starting to think that this
Mask thing is far from over.

Okay, so far, we have,
"The real Mask is..."

- Mm-hmm.
- What's the next letter?

Ten blinks. That's... ♪
A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J ♪

J! J! J! J!

- "The real Mask is J!"
- Mm-hmm.

What's next? One, two... .

That's O? O?

- H? H?
- Mm-hmm!


Wait, did you blink because
I sneezed in your face,

or was that a real blink?

Blink once for yes, and twice...

You know what? No, just
never mind. Let's start over.

We have a J.


Okay, now I just have to reboot her,

and she should be back to normal.

But before I hit this button,

are we absolutely
positive that we want to...

You better reboot her before you
get a reboot in your rear end!

(Powering up)

Wait. What's going on?

And why are you all staring at me
like I tried to eliminate someone?

Because you did. Me!

That makes no sense.
I would never do that.

Well, we never thought
that you'd leave us,

so I guess we don't know
what you're capable of.

No. The only reason I
put in a transfer was...

Never mind, it's not important.

Hey, excuse me,

but you just threw me
around like a piñata.

Okay? I think it's pretty important.

Fine. I put in for a transfer because

I started experiencing...

What? What did you start experiencing?

Feelings! Feelings, okay?

So what's wrong with that?

Robots aren't supposed to have feelings.

But I was feeling them.

And they were warm. And they were fuzzy.

And I hated them!

Except I loved them.

Because I love you guys.

Wow. Now I feel really bad
about ripping your head off.

Look. Judy, I know this
must be weird for you,

but we all get it.

You know why?

Because we all loved you
since the day you got here.

Are you trying to make me cry?

Because it's working, darn you!

Aw, look at that. Judy's just
as human as the rest of us.

Yeah, bring it in.

Get a little human stuff.

Okay! Enough of that
lovey-dovey garbage.

We need to figure out
who reprogrammed me.

Guys, stop everything you're doing.

I just left Brady,
and he is not The Mask,

but I know who is.

Okay, well, who is it?

It is John's Son!

John's Son?

Yeah! I don't know who John is,

but it is definitely his son.

John's Son?

Yeah. With one S.

John's Son with one S...

would be Johnson!

Yep, yeah. That makes way more sense.

Guys, it's Johnson.

Wait a minute. How do we know

if Brady is telling the truth?

Well, if Johnson is The Mask,

he's not just gonna sit around
and let Brady get better.

It's been great working with you, Brady.

Unfortunately, I've decided
to terminate your position.


Not today, sucker!

Look what we have here.

KC under covers.

It's over, Johnson.

We can do this the easy way...

(Knuckles crack)

...or the fun way.

Just admit it, Johnson.
We know you're The Mask.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I came here to visit a fallen
colleague, and then you attacked me.

At least that's what I'm
gonna tell Agent Beverly.

Like she gonna believe that.

It'll be my word against yours.

Besides, all she cares about

is being the international
head of The Organization...

a position I should have gotten.

She'll be only too happy to believe me.

You were never getting
that promotion, Johnson.

You know why? Something's
wrong in your head!

Plus, you're not very bright.

You just confessed your crimes.

Well, looks like our
handler has been handled.

You're going to jail, Johnson.

And I'm going back home to
finish my graduation speech.

You guys got him?

Don't worry. We'll take care of him.

Thank you.

Let's get out of here.

I want to make sure my
good shirt is pressed.

Want to look my best when I
show up for KC's graduation.

Four years went by so fast,

but we learned so much.

About history, math.

But most of all, each other.

At this point it really...

Are you crying, Craig?

No! My allergies.

Yeah? What are you allergic to?

The idea that KC's leaving home?

What are you, made of stone, woman?!


I know.

Man, how do I always get
stuck behind the tall people?

Allow me.

Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Stretch, take a hike!

And remember, the future...

is ours for the taking!

- (Applause)
- Thank you.

Thank you.

And now I'd like to welcome
our valedictorian, KC Cooper.

(Cheers and applause)

That's my baby!

(Clears throat)

Fellow graduates, the
dictionary defines success

as a favorable or prosperous
termination of endeavors.

Of course, everyone knows that already,

because we all have dictionary
apps on our phones, too.


Open with a joke? Check!

Are you kidding me?!

Why can't we have one family event

where no one tries to
blow us to smithereens?!

KC Cooper, you took everything from me,

and now you're gonna pay!

(w*apon powering up)

Nobody moves!

Especially you, KC!

Enough is enough with you, Johnson!

You tried to turn me against my family,

and now you're gonna
get a fistful of Judy!



Let me back in!


You take care of them.

KC's mine.

(Audience gasps)

(Feedback squealing)





Now If you'll excuse me,
I got a speech to finish.


(Chuckles) Where was I?

(Clears throat)

Fellow graduates,

the dictionary defines
success as the favorable...

Forget it. Um...

It's not like we can really ignore
what just happened here, right?

Okay, um, here's the deal.

A lot of you are probably wondering

why I never went to parties,
or joined the chess club,

or the Mathletes.

That's because I've been kinda busy,

saving the world.

For the past three years,

I have been leading a double life...

as a teenage spy.

(Audience gasps)

I knew it! I knew something
was up with you, KC!

Cousin Cassandra, my foot!

Can it, Byron! You've bored us
enough with your words today!

Go on, KC.

You guys have no idea what it's like

having to live a lie.

I mean, constantly
having to go undercover

as someone else when

I don't even know who I am yet.

You know, I'm not going to lie.

It's been hard. Really, really hard.

And I've been struggling
with this speech,

because how am I supposed to give
you guys advice about the future

when I haven't even
decided what mine is yet?

Look, I thought I had
to continue being a spy,

because that's what I am... a spy.

But then I was like,

I also worked really hard in school

and I deserve to go to college.

And up until about five minutes ago,

that's what I was gonna do.

But what just happened here
changed my mind... again.

And now, I'm %
sure about my decision.

I'm gonna be a spy.

And I'm gonna go to college.

And I'm gonna do both,

because that's what I've
been doing all along, right?

And it hasn't always been easy,

and it hasn't always been perfect,

but, um, I think if
you believe in yourself,

you can have it all.

Or you know what? You
should at least try to.

So, if you remember anything
from today, remember that.

Try to have it all.

Okay, who am I kidding? You're
definitely not gonna remember that.

In fact, you're not gonna
remember any of this.



Judy? Time for the memory spray.

Would you do the honors?

I can't believe we're both
going for college today.

Yeah. Oh, and I know it took me forever,

but I finally signed your yearbook.

(Sing-song) Better late than never!

Check out what I wrote in your yearbook.

"Dear KC...

...Love, Marisa."

Um, Marisa, I know you're
not a huge fan of writing,

but please tell me you do know how.

But I don't get it.

How could it have taken you two
months to come up with a blank page?

That's where you're wrong, Smarty Pants.

It's not blank, it's
ready to be filled in.

Okay, Marisa, I'm not going to
sign my own yearbook for you.

No. Filled in with our future.

Look, I couldn't figure
out what to write.

It was driving me crazy,

'cause you're my best friend,

and it should be easy, right?

And then I realized if I write
something down on that page,

that means our story is over.

And it is not over.

It is just starting.

And it doesn't matter if we live
right next door to each other,

or across the world,

you'll always be my best friend.

(Horn honks)

- Guess I gotta go.
- Yeah.

Marisa, I'm so proud of you.

Seriously, you are gonna be so
happy with Brady in New York,

and you're gonna do
amazing things at F.I.T.

And maybe you can start
by redesigning my spy suit.

The one I have now rides
up in all the wrong places.


(Both speaking indistinctly)

We'll see each other soon, right?


- (Horn honks)
- I really gotta go.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Let's go.
- Let's go.

(Marisa) Okay.

I can't believe this is really it.

I love you so much.

I love you more.

(Horn honks)

I am coming, Mother!

Don't be so excited to get rid of me!

Okay, we really should
get you to the airport.

Yeah, I don't know why you won't
let us take you to Stanford.

That's what parents are supposed to do.

Make you feel safe.

Dad, I'm a spy, okay?

And I've been to California before.

And it'll be easier this time,

because the plane will actually land.

You know you're always
going to be my little girl.


- (Imitating slow motion) Raah!
- Ohhh!



I promise, Dad.

You know, I remember the
first time I held you.

The doctor put you in
my arms and he said,

"You have a little girl," and I cried.

And here it is, years later,

and I'm still tearing up.

Okay, Mom, stop. You're
going to make me cry.

Okay, okay.

You're made of stone, woman!

All right, but before you go,

let me brief you on your first mission

when you get to college.

- Seriously?
- Yeah.

You promise me that you won't
spend the next four years

with your nose in a book,

and your eye on the next mission,

because you gotta have fun, too, baby.

Okay, I promise.

Judy, take that big bag to the car.

Anything to get this cry fest over with.

Oh, come on, you're not
gonna miss me a little bit?

Nope! Good riddance!

Really? Really? That's all I get?

Relax. She asked me to boost
her cranky levels this morning.

Didn't want to make a
scene in front of you.

You know, little bro,
you're gonna have to step up,

in the field and at home.

Mom and Dad are gonna be a
mess now that I'm leaving.

I know. I stashed tissue boxes
all over the house for Mom,

and I got a pizza and two
orders of wings coming for Dad.

Okay. Look at you, steppin' up already.

I know we've had our differences, KC,

but the truth is, I
really look up to you.

Because I'm feet tall?

No. Because you're an amazing person.

And I'm lucky to have you as my sister.

Thanks, man.

You know, I don't say this enough,

but you're a really great agent,

but you're an even better brother.

Love you.

Love you, too.



Here's to having it all.

(Woman) Rob, your name's on TV!
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