04x08 - Dangerous Secret

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Boy Meets World". Aired: September 1993 to May 2000.
A coming-of-age comedy follows Cory as he juggles school, friends and romance.
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04x08 - Dangerous Secret

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Shawn. Shawn,
it's me, Cory.

Cory, what are you
doing here?

Well, my best friend's sick,
his folks are out of town.

I just thought
I'd drop by
and check on you.

These bags weigh a ton.

But, you know,
I just brought over
a few little sundries

to tide you through.

Cough syrup, aspirin.


What, you didn't
bring me any flowers?

Well, actually, I did.
I just didn't know
if it was appropriate.

It's not.
It's not appropriate.

Now, uh, if you'll
excuse me, I, um...

I got to get
some sleep. (COUGHS)

I'm very contagious.

Oh, say no more.

I'll just plug in
the humidifier
and be on my way.




Cory. Really,
you don't have to go.

Yeah, like, I'm not
embarrassed enough.

Me and my mentholatum.

You know, Shawn,
if you had plans
like this,

you didn't have
to fake a cold.

You could've
just told me.

No, I couldn't have.

Why not?

Look, you're just going
to have to trust me
on this one, okay?

Cory, you won't tell anyone
I was here, will you?


Well, normally
I would've told Shawn,

but he already knows.

Unless he's just
a complete idiot.

You can trust him.
Come on.


Shawn, we've always
told each other everything.

Did I say there
was nothing to tell?

But I...
Did I say there was
nothing to tell?

Yes, but you still...
Then let it go.

Shawn, you and a girl
spent the night together,

without me.

Man, this is not something
you sit around and
talk to a friend about.

Why is that?
Because you've
moved up

to a higher level
of intimacy with women,

and I'm still walking around
with my address in my pocket?

You know, don't be
so hard on yourself
about that one.

That's a tough address. .

No, no. This is about
where you are
and where I'm not.

Cory, don't do anything
because of me, okay?

Shawn, I've been
going out with Topanga

since, like,
the day I was born,

and all we've
ever done is kiss.

I just think
it's time to take it
to the next step, okay?


So what is
the next step?

Hello. May I
take your coat?

Oh, you like my outfit.

What, these old things?

Hello. May I
take your coat?

Ah, you like my outfit.

What, these old things?

Hello. May I
take your coat?

I'm not wearing one.

Ah, you like my outfit.

Cory, are you okay?

What, these old things?


So what'd you want
to do tonight?

Watch TV,
go to a movie?

Uh, yeah.
We could go to a movie
or grab a burger

or go up to my room
and just... You know.

What would we do
in your room?

Uh, have you seen
my new CD changer?

I was with you
when you bought it.

Yes, but you see,
it's set up now,

and we can go see it
in my room.


Oh, okay. Let's go.

All right. Yeah.

Let's go.
Cory, are you coming?

Oh, yeah, me.

What, are you
having a seance?

Why would you say that?

The candles,
I love candles.

The room is always
like this. Honest.

"Love Sonnets
by Shelley"?

Why would you say that?
Poetry, I love poetry,

and Shelley, her use
of romantic imagery is,
dare I say,


Shelley was a guy.


So we going
to play anything
on your CD changer?

Uh, yeah, yeah.

Um, now, in order
to get the best sound,

you really should sit
right about here.

On your bed?

Uh, it has nothing
to do with the bed,
and it has nothing...

It just has to do
with the placement
of the speakers

and the placement
of you on the...


It just happens
to be there.

Um, so, now let our
musical journey begin.


* I can hold up
three fingers

Oh, uh, that happens
to be Morgan's

delightful little
kiddy CD.

* Oops, where's my nose?

I love this!
I used to listen to this
when I was a kid.

Yes, he's charming,
and he's purple,

but he's out the window.

And now for something
a little more,
shall we say,

uh, not that.


That's really pretty.
What is it?

I don't know.
It came with
my mom's Volvo.

Welcome to the safe
and secure world

of Volvo ownership.

Protected by a steel cage
and front and side airbags.

We should get that car.




Yeah, it's me.

What exactly did you think
was going to happen here?

Uh, Topanga,
you're talking to me
like I planned this.

Cory, there's a bowl
of grapes on the bed.

Why would you
say that, "grapes"?

Topanga, come on,
I'm trying so hard here.

To do what?

Well, I just think
we're old enough.

Old enough to do what?

Well, I just think
we're old enough
like Shawn.


What does he
have to do with this?

nothing. Not a thing
in the world. I...

Look, Shawn had a girl
stay over last night,

and he hardly
even knows her.

But you and I,
we've known each other
all our lives,

and you're my girlfriend,
and I love you, and...

I mean, we should
be at, like,
ninth base by now.

Why? So you can keep up
with your buddy?


I just think my buddy
had a good idea this time.

I should
probably go now.

No. You stay. I'll go.

I'm so pathetic.
I'm throwing myself out.


Mr. Feeny.
Miss Lawrence.

Hey, Topanga.


She's obviously
very busy,

what with her classes
and having to go to them.

Yes, I'm sure
it's nothing more
than that.

What, are you blind
in the eyes, man?
She hates me.

Yes, I can see
there's trouble
in paradise.

On a happier note,

this compact disc
sailed into my living room
last night,

and landed on
my walnut credenza.

Sorry about that.
I was aiming
for the moon.


Cory, normally,
I don't get involved
in the personal affairs

of my students,
but you two are just
so cute together.

What can I do?

Nothing, okay?
I'm not gonna
come to her,

and she's not
gonna come to me.

No, no, no, Cory.

Regardless of
hurt feelings,

it's always advisable
to keep the lines
of communication open.

Okay, Mr. Feeny.
You seem to know

So I'll try your little
communication thing.

Uh, Topanga, if what I did
last night was out of line,

I think at the very least,
we should be able
to communicate.

I don't know
what to say to you.

what else you got?

Well, on the upside,
I can make everyone
shake their head.

And I hope you're happy.


I've blown it with Topanga,
and it's on your head.

Wait a minute.
Let me get this straight.


I made a move
on Topanga last night,

and she got all upset,
like we're not supposed
to be doing that,

even though I told her
that you had a girl

spending nights
at your place...

What, you told her
about Claire?

Uh, perhaps.

Cory, you promised
you wouldn't tell anyone.

I thought
I could trust you.

Shawn, we're talking
about Topanga...

No. No, no, no.
We're talking about trust.

But you don't know
what that means, do you?

Cory, it's Friday night.
Aren't you going out
with Topanga?

All right, you know what
this family hasn't done
in a long time?


How about Shawn?

Come on,
we'll do rounds.

* Michael,
row the boat ashore *

Just the mommies.

What happened
between you
and Shawn?

Okay, just the friendless,
dateless lonely boys.

* Michael,
row the boat ashore

* Hallelujah

* Sister, help...

All right, all right.
What's the matter
with him?

Oh, come on.
He's at that age

where it could be
almost anything.

I wouldn't even
know how to guess.

So Shawn's
rounding the bases,

and you're still
chuckin' peanuts
up in the stands.

I ain't even
gettin' peanuts.

Well, maybe you're
moving too fast.

I mean, these things
have gotta happen naturally.

It's naturally, Eric,
for guys like Shawn
and you.

You know what,
you never even told me
about your first time.

Remember Mitchell Davis?

There's an
unexpected surprise.

Why don't you tell me
about your second time?

Just stick with me.
All right, look,

Mitch and I were
always competing
about everything.

Who could
run the fastest,

who could sh**t
the most baskets,

who could catch
the most flies.

Oh, please. Get to it.

One day,
Mitch shows up here.

He's got a brand new bike.

emerald green,

speedometer on the handle.

Wait, you had one
just like that.

Exactly. That's why
Mitch got his.

But see,
to show me up,

his didn't have
any training wheels.

So, okay, I go,
I begged Dad, right?
I'm begging him,

"Please take off
my training wheels."

He tells me
I'm not ready.

Well, apparently
Mitch wasn't either,

'cause one day,
we're racing down
Oakhurst Drive...

Mmm, d*ad Man's Hill.

Mitch falls off
his bike,

slams his head into
some garbage cans,
and that, my friend,

is why Mitchell Davis
repeated the sixth grade

Eric, what does this
possibly have to do

with me and Topanga
moving past kissing?

Cory, sex is like
a bike without
training wheels.

If you try it
before you're ready,

you're gonna fall off
and break your head.

You know, Shawn,
you don't have to
always use the window.

I like it. Danger.

Listen, I'm sorry
I told Topanga
about you and Claire.

You forgive me?

Yeah. Friends for life.
You know that.

Good. Good.
And I want you to know
you can always trust me,

always come to me
for anything.

My parents
are back in town.

Can I bring Claire
here tonight?

Oh, just throw it
in my face.

Cory, it's not like that.

Then what is it, Shawn?

Cory, don't you think
that if I could've
told you something,

I would have?

I think you know
that you can always
trust me with anything.

You swear
you'll never tell?

I swear.

Okay, Claire and I
aren't doing anything.

We never have.

The reason
she's been staying
at my place...

Her dad hits her.

What do you mean
he hits her?

At night sometimes,
he yells a lot
and beats her up.

Wait, Claire's dad?
He's the vice president
of a bank.

Yeah, I know.
Good job, fancy home,
a low-life creep.

But I just can't hide her
at my place anymore.

Well, we should probably
go to the police.

No. Cory, the cops
aren't going to
do anything.

Why not?
Because I'm a kid
from a trailer park,

and he's the vice president
of a bank.

I mean, who do you think
they're gonna listen to?

Well, then at least
let me tell my parents.
I mean...

No! Cory, you just swore
that you wouldn't
tell anyone.

I need to know.
Can I bring Claire
here tonight?

What about her dad?
Won't he be upset
if she's not there?

What about her mom?
Her mom's scared.

She's just pretending
it's not happening,

and Claire's
gotten really good
at sneaking out.

Yeah. I'll call you
when my parents
go to sleep.

It's okay.

Uh, kitchen.
There's a bathroom
in there.

You can sleep
on this couch.

If you want
more blankets,
I'll just...

This is fine.

Don't worry,
I'll be out before
your parents get up.

Oh. No, you don't
have to do that.

Is that your mom and dad?


They look like
nice people.

They are.

They are nice people.

I like your house.

It reminds me
of my aunt's place
in Vermont.

I spent a summer there once.

She had flowers everywhere.

Sounds like
a great place.

You'd wake up
in the morning,

and even before you
opened your eyes,

you could
smell these flowers.

You just knew
that everything
was all right.

So, you want me
to put your coat someplace?

No, it's fine.
Really, it's okay.

I walked into my door.
I'm kind of clumsy.

Oh, yeah.
Yeah, that happens.

That happens to me
all the time.

I must have walked
into my own door
like times.

Shawn told you, huh?

Look, I know
it's not my place

to tell you what
to do or anything...

You know, actually,
could I have a glass
of milk, if that's okay?


You know, I really think
if I could tell my parents,
they'd know what...

To do.

So, um, Claire got out
before your parents
woke up?

Yeah. Your plan
of protecting her
one night at a time worked.

For one night, Shawn.

Good. So, um,
now it's the next night,

and I'm wondering if
you can leave your door
unlocked again.

Cory, she likes
your place.

She said
she feels safe there.
Can't you just do this?

You can't just move
from place to place
because it feels safe.

Come here.

Did you see
what that jerk
did to her arm?

Now, we gotta get Claire,
and we gotta
go to the police.

No. No. Cops just
make things worse.

Oh, you're right, Shawn.
You put a cherry b*mb
in the mailbox.

The cops came
and made things
worse for you.

You stole Turner's bike,
more cops, more worse.

So you see my point then?

Shawn, you're a criminal.

The cops were
doing their job.

Now, we're getting Claire,
and we're going
to the police.

If you do,
I'll just lie.

Claire, you gotta
do something.

Look, you come home
to the people
in that picture,

and you know
they love you.

My dad loves me, too.

He just has
all this stress
at work,

and I get in his way
at the wrong times.


No. He's wrong, okay?
What he's doing to you
is wrong.


Yeah, I'll unlock my door.

SHAWN: Take it easy.
I'm coming.


It's the middle
of the night.

What, didn't
Claire show up?

Yeah, she showed up.

I'm fine. It's really
not as bad as it looks.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.
I should have
been there.

He won't do this
to you again.
I promise.

Shawn, you can't
promise something
like that.

I know you wanna
do the right thing,

but you have been
wrong on this
all the way.

Look, in a year and a half,
I'll be off at college.

Until then, I'll just
stay out of his way.

Claire, you haven't been
doing a real good job
of that so far.

You're against me
now, too?

You don't deserve this.

Nobody does.

You didn't make him
do this, Claire,

but you can't
make him stop
all by yourself.

I didn't
do anything to him.

I didn't do anything.

Why did he have me?

Cor, don't forget those.

Yeah, I know.
It's a good thing

my parents
aren't up yet, huh?

Yeah. Good thing
we're still asleep.

Yeah, we shouldn't
be up for an hour.

Mom, Dad,

it's nice
to see you both.

Yeah, anything
we need to know about
before we wake up?

Well, first off,
it's got nothing
to do with these.


We were taking care
of a friend

who was being
roughed up by her dad.

Claire Ferguson?

You told them?

No. This time, no.

No, he didn't
tell us, Shawn.

She left
her schoolbook here.

She wanted us
to keep it a secret.

We decided
to respect that.

Hey, guys,
if you've got a friend
in serious trouble,

then the only thing
you have to respect

is how to get her
the right kind of help.

Oh, we took care of that.

Did you?

Did you
call the police?

No. We put Claire
on a bus to Vermont.

She's gonna
stay with her aunt
who lives there.

It's a real nice place,
Dad, with flowers,

and it's where
she wants to be.

So we did
the right thing.

Really? What's gonna
stop her dad from
bringing her back?

He's not
gonna do that.

Well, who's gonna stop him?

Are you gonna
stop him, Shawn?

Is her aunt
gonna stop him?

Because the distance
is not gonna be
what stops him.

I'm gonna stop him.


I'm going
to the police.


We'll drive you.

I promised Claire
I'd take care of her.

Well, now you really are.

It looks
really pretty there.

Yeah. Claire says
she's really happy
in Vermont.

I mean,
she's started
a new school.

She's making
new friends.

Her dad's in
a therapy program,

and she says maybe
they'll see each other
again someday.

I hope everything
works out for her.


So, why's your house
so quiet tonight?

Oh, well,
Mom and Dad are
at Morgan's soccer game,

and Eric's at the store.

And here we are again.
Alone in your bedroom.

Yeah, but if you notice,
there are no candles.

What about the grapes?

Well, I just like grapes.

Anyway, listen, Topanga,
this thing with Claire,

I mean, she had
to grow up so fast.

I know.

I just like being ,
here with you.

Just kissing?

Yeah. Kissing's good.

And I want you to know
I would never want to
abuse our relationship.

What was that for?

Hey, just 'cause we're
not going to ninth base

doesn't mean
we can't take a little
lead off of first.

Lead off of first?

Uh, baseball been berry,
berry good to me.


* I can hold up
three fingers

* I can hold up five toes

* I can hold up
eight fingers... *
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