04x23 - Checkmate, Part 1 04x24 - Checkmate, Part 2

Episode transcripts for the TV show "NCIS: New Orleans". Aired: September 2014 to present.
A spin-off of "NCIS" that is set in the Crescent City.
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04x23 - Checkmate, Part 1 04x24 - Checkmate, Part 2

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Listen, we got a problem.

"Vigilante cop
abuses power"?

Dwayne Pride is dangerous,

and he needs to be
held accountable.

RITA: It's a
coordinated att*ck, Dwayne,

and you're the target.

Suspect's name
is Max Burris,

former intelligence operative
out of Virginia.

I'm gonna find out
who he answers to

and why he's been targeting me.

You help us find this man,

and I will hand you the
biggest story of your career

about a conspiracy
to take me down

that goes all the way
to Washington.

DELL: Since I have
it on good authority

that you've got no evidence
Mr. Burris committed m*rder,

it seems that he's free to go.

That article exposes you

and the DOJ to any number
of civil lawsuits.

Why are you doing this, Karen?

It's not me, Dwayne, or my boss,
not even his boss.

Get yourself a lawyer,
a good one, fast.

(jazz music playing)

♪ Ready, Freddy ♪

♪ Where you goin'? ♪

♪ Goin' to the house,
gonna sleep like a bone... ♪

Yeah! (laughs)

♪ Ready, Freddy,
where you goin'? ♪

♪ Goin' down to the house,
gonna sleep like a bone... ♪

Newman, Newman.
Hey, hey. Hey, you good?

Listen, uh, I'm kind of
in a rush here.

I need to ask you
for a favor.

You kidding? Whatever
you need, Dwayne. I owe you.

And don't worry, I don't
believe none of that crap

about what the media's been
saying about you. It's all crap.

Actually, not-not
all of it,

but that's not the point.
State bar reinstated you,

means you can practice law
again, right?

(scoffs) Ain't nobody
been knocking on my door.

Been a bit of a dry spell

since that corporate firm
railroaded me,

bribed the jury.

- Cheers.
- H-H-Hang on now.

I'm afraid I need
you sober for this.

Long story, but the bottom
line is I'm being set up.

I just turned in
my shield,

then I get a tip
the FBI's coming to arrest me

so that I don't take off before
the grand jury indictment.

What do you mean "indictment"?
On what charges? When?

All the matters is that
I'm being railroaded, too,

and the only way I can
find out who's behind it

is if you make sure
I don't get indicted.

I'm telling you, Fred,

you can do this, I know it.

Listen to me.

This could be the chance
that you've been waiting for.

The one that could
keep me out of jail

and get you back
on your feet.

What do you say?

Last thing I ever want
to do in life is

let you down, Dwayne, but...

H-How much time
do I have to decide?

(door creaks open)

I need you
to decide now.

♪ Boom, boom, boom, boom ♪

♪ Bang, bang, bang, bang ♪

♪ Boom, boom, boom, boom ♪

♪ How, how, how, how ♪

♪ Hey, hey ♪

♪ You gotta come on. ♪

Dwayne's been arrested.

What? When?

Last night at the bar.

They let him have
one phone call this morning

before the grand jury convened.

The grand jury's not
wasting any time

It's not the jury
that's in a rush.

It's whoever's trying to destroy
Pride's good name.

We gotta figure out who's
pulling the strings here.

And what trying to destroy Pride
has to do with all this.

What? But I thought you were
close to getting the guy

responsible for the
media leaks on Pride.

Well, we were,

but apparently
this Max Burris

has friends
in high places.

Friends no doubt
connected to

whoever Pride's enemies are
in D.C.

'cause the Feds released them.

Has Sebastian still got
his eye on Burris?

He just called in.
Said Burris is still

at the law firm
that freed him.

PATTON: Ten bucks says
that law firm is

deep inside
the D.C. baddie's pocket.

No doubt they're trying
to spirit Burris out of town

before we can get our hands
on him again.

GREGORIO: Too bad we
don't have enough evidence

to prove he k*lled
the Navy sailor

after he made her
release the files on Pride.


'Cause if we did,

his federal friends
couldn't protect him from us,

because m*rder is
a state charge.

LASALLE: All right, then, Patton.

You and Sebastian need
to find proof.

LASALLE: Talk to the reporter
Burris leaked it all to.

Get his digital fingerprint
on the funding.

All we need is probable
cause to arrest.

Soon as we relieve Sebastian,

I'll send him to the motel
Burris stayed at,

see if he can find
any trace evidence.

Gregorio, you're with me.

Where are we going?

Well, they gotta
move Burris

sooner than later,

and when they do,
I want to be there,

hopefully with proof
to grab him.

Uh, what about Dwayne?

I still don't understand
how the judge allowed

all that evidence
to be presented.

It made you look like you're
a danger to the community.

Pretty sure that's
their plan.


I-I let you down
in there.

I'm sorry, Dwayne.

I knew I was not ready
to go up against...

It's not your fault, Newman.

The grand jury was gonna
hold me over for trial

no matter who was
defending me.

They'll probably
set bail high.

But maybe if I can petition
to reduce bail at this...

(door opens)

Do you know who I am?

Name's Eric Barlow.

I am the associate
attorney general.

The associate
attorney general?

Long way from D.C.
What brings you here?

You do, Agent Pride.

I've been keeping
an eye on you

for quite some time now.

Is that a fact?

It's not a good fact.

Anybody gets
on my radar,

usually doesn't bode well.

With that said, I'm gonna
offer you a deal.

It's a one-time-only offer,

so I would take it
seriously if I were you.

I'm listening.

It's not just
the media environment

that's not on your
side these days.

Uh, public attitude
against law enforcement

crossing the line...

I didn't cross the line.

Grand jury says otherwise.

So will a trial
jury, trust me.

Convicted on all charges,

Maybe more.

Or... you can quit NCIS.

Retire. Play piano at that
little bar of yours.

Enjoy what's left
of your life.

He keeps his pension?

Sure. Why not?

We accept.
No, we don't.

BARLOW: Like I said,

I'm only offering
this once.

Then I'll only have
to turn it down once.

Either way works for me.

Remand him into custody.

What's this?


Lucky you.

Looks like you just made bail.

PRIDE: You didn't have
to do that, Loretta.

The hell I didn't.

I wasn't gonna let you
rot in jail, Dwayne.

Wasn't gonna rot.

Look, before you get
all judgy on me

and tell me it was
too much money, it wasn't.

Ten percent on a hundred grand.

$ , ?
That's it?

Yeah. I thought I was
gonna have to

mortgage the house,
borrow against my K,

considering everything
they were charging you with.

Well, that doesn't
make sense.

It doesn't make sense
the he didn't seem

to mind my getting out, either.

Who is he?

Associate Attorney
General Barlow.

And if I'm right,
he's the D.C. guy

who's been after me
all year.

He seems familiar.

Just can't quite put
my finger on it, though.

You sure?

What I'm sure of is that
he's sure of himself.

Which means whatever
he's got planned,

he doesn't think
I can stop him.


I gotta go, okay?

- But thank you for bailing me out.
- No, no, no, wait, Dwayne.

Ooh, and do me a favor.

Tell Lasalle
to stand down.

All right?
Tell him that's an order.

I don't want anyone else

getting caught up
in this, too.

Dwayne, wait.
What are you gonna do?

Tell me you're not
going to go rogue again.

(mutters indistinctly)

All right, thanks
for calling.

I promise to keep
an eye on him.

Miss Loretta thinks
King's got something

up his sleeve-- wants
to keep us out of it.

GREGORIO: Fat chance.
LASALLE: Yeah, exactly.

Still, the sooner

we can figure out what
this is all about,

the sooner we can keep King

from making things
worse for himself.

Well, I don't mean to be
a Debbie Downer,

but if AAG's really
behind this,

chances of success aren't good.

But if we can get Burris
to flip on AAG,

we'll have him d*ad to rights.

Only if we can
connect him to the m*rder.

We need leverage first.

Which might be a problem,

because there he is right now--
he's leaving.

I wonder why they're

letting him leave now.

What do we do?

I guess we follow him,

don't let him get away,
and worry about leverage later.

(engine starts)

You see that?

(tires screeching)

Looks like a hit.

(tires screeching,
car horn honks)


Get down! Get down!


Don't sh**t!
Don't sh**t!

Idiot, we're not
gonna sh**t you.

We just saved you.
Get out!

Come on, let's go
before they k*ll us all.

Who hired you to k*ll

Petty Officer Bowers

and to destroy Agent Pride?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Stow it, Burris.
You know we can link you

to the Intel leak against Pride,
we've already proven that.

That's old news.
My attorney already got me off.

Except for now,
more than likely,

his law firm's trying
to off you.

And if so,
they'll try again, too.

You know they will.

GREGORIO: They consider you
loose ends--

ones that need tying up
so you don't tell us

who's behind it all
and why.

Which you need to do

if you want to avoid
the needle.

Oh, wait.

First off, you guys don't have
jack on me for m*rder.

If you did, you would have
arrested me already.

And second,
I didn't k*ll her.

All right, then, who did?

One of the guys that just tried
to k*ll me, actually.

His name's Lonzo.

- "Lonzo" what?
- I don't know.

But I do know
he's gonna come after me again,

which leads me back to
what are you offering?

Well, if it proves out you
didn't pull the trigger,

maybe, uh, accessory to m*rder,
ten to years.


Are you kidding me?
I won't make it a day in prison.

You guys really don't know
who you're dealing with here.

These people, they have
connections everywhere.

Then tell us who they are
so we can protect you.

I won't make it across the
street before they take me out.

Which means, for you

to have a chance to live,

you need to tell us
who you're working for,

and help us stop

whatever they got planned.

Captain Estes, what
are you doing here?

Wondering what the hell's
going on, that's what.

Has anybody heard from Pride
since he got arrested?

Only that Doc Wade
bailed him out.

I can't believe all the crap
they're putting him through.

Is he okay? Where is he?

Apparently, staying
in the room above his bar,

and we don't know how he is,
'cause he's not telling us.

trying to protect us.

What does that mean?

- What is he doing?
- We don't know.

But what we do
know is we need

to figure this out fast
before he tries

to figure it out himself.
- Yeah.

Yeah, that's what worries me.
Yeah, us, too.

But Max Burris did give us
a lead, and it's a good thing

you're here, too, because
we need you to keep him safe

until we see
if his lead pans out.

We need to keep
it quiet, too,

because these guys got reach,
if you know what I'm saying.

They already tried to k*ll
Burris once to shut him up,

so watch your back.

Oh, don't worry about me.

Nobody's gonna
scare me away from doing

everything I can
to help Pride.

All right, we got something.

Need you to deep dive on a
person named Amelia Parsons.

Burris says that's his contact
at the law firm.

He says she's the facilitator,
so whatever's going on

goes through her, so if we can
get something on her...

Might be able to bust
up the conspiracy.

Yeah, or at least
work our way up the food chain,

see who everybody's
answering to.

All right, let's do our thing.

No, we'll work with Patton.

I need you to do surveillance.

Oh. O-Okay,
who am I surveilling?

Someone who's a pro, savvy,
and if you're not careful,

you will be spotted.

All right, I'm down. Who is it?


Dwayne Pride?

Turns out AAG Barlow

is from New Orleans originally.

Started out
at St. Martin's Episcopal,

then, went to boarding school in
D.C., then to Harvard, Oxford.

Hold on.

Is his father Frank Dumet?

Yes, but he took
his mother's maiden name

once Dumet went to prison
for corruption.

Now I know why he seemed
so familiar.

You know Barlow?

Of him.

His father and my father used to
run this city back in the day.

Looks like Dumet was grooming
his son to do the same.


The prodigal son
returning home.

No wonder he wants
me sidelined.

Which is exactly
where you should stay,

as far as I'm concerned.

That's both my professional
and my personal opinion.

Going up against Barlow is like
David going up against Goliath.

Didn't David win?

My point is that...

I know what your
point is, Newman.

My point is,

if I don't stop him, who will?

But you don't even know what
you're trying to stop him from.

Well, that's what
my team's for.

Your team? But I thought
you said you weren't willing

to risk putting your agents...

Not that team, my other team.

You got to be pretty desperate
if you called me, Dwayne.


But your buddy Kane, here,
filled us in.

It's Crane.

It's Oliver Crane.

After printing
all that bull about Pride,

you're lucky
it's not Oliver Twist.

I don't even know
what that even means.

It means you're lucky you're
not breathing out of a tube.

You started this mess.

I was used.

You were played.

You're an idiot.

I like her.

Where'd you find her?

Triple Frontier.

- Long story.
- Whoa.

Elvis Bertrand.

Sydney Halliday, Oliver Crane.

This is Fred Newman,
he's my attorney.

Sorry, but I'm a
little confused.

How exactly are they gonna
help us with Barlow?

By hook or by crook.

Take a load off,
let's get started.

Do they have any idea
how dangerous he is?

Yeah, well,
Barlow is very dangerous.

If I'm right,
he's already had people k*lled,

which means you need to know

that he will not hesitate

to k*ll again if he has to.

Doesn't matter.

He used me to burn you.

I'm here to return the favor.

ELVIS: This sounds like
one of those deep state

conspiracy deals,
which is great,

because that's what I live for.

SYDNEY: And I guess
I've sort of made

a habit lately

of saving Pride's butt,

ever since he saved mine.

ELVIS: Is that like
one of those

Native American life debt deals?

Guess you've still got friends
in this town after all.

WADE: Don't
forget about me.

Thank you for calling.

Thought you could use
some moral support.

Hold on, here. Loretta...

Ah, ah, ah,
don't even try, Dwayne.

After all, I've got
a financial stake

in your well-being,


It's my bail money.


where do we set up?

♪ I've been waiting in vain ♪

♪ For this station... ♪

PRIDE: Been using
the upstairs for storage

since I bought the bar.

All right, we can just push
everything to the sides.

We got, uh, plenty of tables,
lots of chairs.

The bathroom door's right back
there, against that wall.

It's kind of stuffy, you mind
if I open the balcony door?

No, no, go ahead.

They just haven't
been opened in years, though.

So what's the plan?
Plan is,

we know that all roads
lead to Barlow

and the law firm,

so we learn everything
we can about both,

figure out why they want me
out of the way so bad.

I'm gonna hack
into their central server,

and get all information I can
on you and the NCIS leak.

CRANE: And the
offshore accounts

that they used to pay Burris
to set up the bots.

key that in, too.


These guys got bots?

Man, they mean business.

NEWMAN: Still,
whatever you do,

you can't leave
any digital trace.

If the U.S. attorney's office
finds out

that Dwayne is behind it,
revoking bail

will be the least
of his problems.

SYDNEY: Might have
to breach that law firm

physically, instead.

Can you pull up
any blueprints, schematics?

Ask, and you shall receive.


- Yeah.
- I need you to deep-dive Barlow.

I mean, he's awfully cocky,

but I can't believe
he doesn't have a weakness.

- Okay. Yeah, let's get to work, man.
- All right.

I don't like it either,

Just stay put, and holler at me
if they make a move.

Pride's working with Elvis?

Not only Elvis, but also

his lawyer
and that Oliver Crane dude,

Sydney, and Miss Loretta's
even helping King.

- Helping him with what?
- Getting into a whole bunch of trouble

if we don't
figure this out first.

- Got anything on Amelia Parsons?
- Yeah.

I cross-checked every alphabet
database-- Interpol, too.

She's like
the female Jason Bourne,

complete with m-multiple IDs
and passports.

More than that, she's been
a person of interest

in several high-profile FBI
cases over the last few years.

She's like Teflon,
nothing sticks.

Got friends in high places
like Burris had?

Ha. Way up, all the way up
to Associate Attorney General

Eric Barlow.

Small world, too.
Barlow's father

was a founding partner at--
wait for it--

Connor and Hughes.

Even has an office
there still.

Means Amelia could lead us
to Barlow

if we can get some incriminating
evidence against her.

Yeah, then, hopefully,
we can bust

the conspiracy and clear King.

Hey, any chance you can hack
into her computer at the firm?

I've been trying.

I've been working on
breaking through her firewalls

using proxy sites
and passive att*cks.

This girl knows
how to protect herself.

But every program has
a backdoor,

and Crack-a-Hack
is about to kick it in.

(alarm sounding)
Whoa, hold up.

I'm not the only one trying.

What do you mean?

- What's going on?
- What's going on

is someone hijacked my idea.

- And they're blocking me.
- How?

What are you talking about?

Narrow bandwidth,

there's only room for one of us.

And the only other person
I know who knows how to do this

is Elvis.


Wait, but if he's

helping Pride...
- That means Pride

is probably about
to make his move.

(jazz music playing)

Hold on.

what are you doing here?

Probably about
to make you really mad.

Where are you guys going?

None of your business.
Let's go.

Well, actually,
I'm under strict orders

to not let you leave.

Sebastian, listen to me.

LASALLE: Sorry, King.
You need to get...

But he listens to me now.

Not my choice. HQ says.

what is going on?

We can't let you do whatever
it is you're about to do.

Otherwise, we're gonna
have to arrest you.

What she said.

You were surveilling me?

Now, just hold on,
before you go and get

all upset.
He already is, look at him.

I thought I made it
perfectly clear.

I didn't want you...

Involved, we know.

Doc told us, but too bad.

We care, so get over it.

ELVIS: Whoa, I forgot
how spunky you were.

Do you guys know each other?
WADE: Look, in the interest of time,

which, I'm gathering,
we don't have much of,

can we just dispense
with the bravado back and forth,

and, perhaps, combine forces?

- Loretta.
- No, Dwayne, no.

I know you don't want anybody
else to get in trouble,

but I'm watching you waste your
precious time trying to convince

these people not to help.


...let them.

Do I have a choice?


All right, sit down.

I'll tell you
what we know so far,

or at least, what we suspect.

Associate Attorney
General Barlow...

Is probably the D.C. powerbroker
that's been g*n for you.

How do you know that?
LASALLE: Because the facilitator

of the whole deal
does his dirty work for him.

Amelia Parsons.

Wait, you know about Amelia?

He knows about her;
he's been trying to block me

from getting
her server the whole time.

ELVIS: That was
you, Patton?

Oh, my gosh, great work

h-hacking into that puppy.

NEWMAN: But I thought
you said you couldn't

get past her last firewall?

I couldn't, I've never seen
anything like it, either.

Which is why we were about to go
break into her office instead.

Well, yeah,
I hope you guys are prepared

to break into an air gap room.

An air gap, what-- you mean,
like, a Faraday cage?

Whatever it's called,
it's apparently the reason

why you guys couldn't break

into Amelia's computer.

PATTON: At least from
the outside, anyway.

She has all the content
digitally protected.

The only way to access it

is to disable the air gap

inside, first.

Must be some pretty juicy stuff

in there, Dwayne,
to go to this extreme.

Could be the whole conspiracy.

We could take down
the whole house of cards.

And maybe Barlow, too.

Might be the only way
to exonerate you, Dwayne.

Look, all I care about
is finding out

why he's gone through
all of this

and stopping
whatever he's planned.

Sounds like breaking
into the law firm

might be the only way to do it.

Not gonna be easy, though.

No doubt that building

is covered in armed guards
and security cameras.

Means you can't do it alone.

Yeah, she means without us.

Let's figure out a way
to kick some ass.

- Yes!
- Come on!


Who's with me?

Everything looks pretty normal,
at least on the outside.

The law firm is
on the top floor,

so pretty sure their guards

keep a low profile
unless they're needed.

You got that right.

Now, all the security cameras

are running through
a high-tech command center,

just like in a casino.

I can override them
to an extent,

but g*n'll come flying out
if anything looks hinky,

believe me.

Look, let's just hope
that they get in,

get what Amelia's got
and get out

before setting off alarms.

What are the chances of that?

We're about to find out.

Here come Pride and Newman.

Crane just texted.

Said he found more
dirt on Barlow.

Says you're not
gonna like it.

What more is there
not to like?

Looks like Barlow is
the one that spearheaded

that shipyard the Navy
nearly built last year,

until you stopped it.

Explains why he's got it
out for me.

Wonder what he's
gonna do this time.

Hey, relax.

All we're doing is going
there to talk to him.

Still, what if
he gets suspicious?

What if he figures out
we're just trying to keep him

away from Amelia's office?

I can take
the meeting alone.

No. No, you're right.

I need to do
this for me, too.

Yeah. Come on.

Ah, very kind.

Hurry. You've got
flights to climb.

ELVIS: Right. How about
you climb the stairs

and we take the elevator?

Come on, let's go.

Connor and Hughes,
how may I direct your call?

Please hold.

May I help you?

Uh, Dwayne Pride and Fred Newman
to see Mr. Barlow, please.

I'm sorry. Is Mr. Barlow
expecting you?

No. Just tell him
it's Dwayne Pride.

He'll definitely
want to see us.

Excuse me.

I'm here
for the paralegal position.

Uh, up the stairs to the left.

Thank you.

Ooh. I'm late.


Easy for you to say.



- I'm having a fricki'ng heart att*ck.
- Go, go, go.

I thought I made it clear the
deal was a one-time-only offer.

You want us to leave?

NEWMAN: What Agent
Pride means is that

we'd like
to discuss your proposal

in more detail, Mr. Barlow.

Here we go.

Miss Loretta's in.

We're on the clock, Lasalle.

Excuse me, is this Recruiting?


I'm sorry. I seem to be lost.
I'm here for the paralegal job.

You're in the wrong place.
Recruiting's upstairs.

- It is?
- Mm-hmm.

Oh, my. I swore the nice lady
said downstairs.

I'm sorry.
I'm a bit turned around.

Um... would you mind

showing me where it is?

I, um, I just don't want
to be late.


This way.

Thank you so much.

And we're in, Patton.

Don't let Amelia come back
until we're done.

Bingo. Guard the door.

I got to disable
the Faraday cage.


(Elvis muttering softly)

Cool. I'm in.
I'm downloading files.

I'll have this in no time.

You better,

because we got two minutes tops
before all hell breaks loose.

You got to hurry up,
'cause Amelia's leaving Wade

and heading back down to you.

Lasalle, text Pride.

(cell phone buzzes)

I'm sorry. I-I don't understand
what you're saying.

Do you want the deal
or don't you?

- Well...
- Actually, more I think about it,

the less I think I need it now.

I think we're done.

Done? What do you mean?

What the hell is going on?

Wow. You really think
you're something, don't you?

The great Dwayne Pride,

New Orleans' favorite son,

talk of the town.

Although not in a
good way anymore, hmm?

Excuse us.

What do you want, Barlow?

I want to know why
you really came here,

because it wasn't
to make a deal.

Excuse us.

Get out of there.
She's on her way.

ELVIS: The files
are still transferring.

Just pull it out.

I can't. It'll
corrupt the files.

Well, it's better
than getting k*lled.

I thought you said
you could do this.

It's not an exact science.

Oh, cool. I got it.

Let's jam.


Dare I say that went
rather well.

(alarm blaring)

Elvis and Sydney
make it out yet?

There. There they are.

Let's get out of here.

My God.
Quick. Come on.

Keep going. Go, go.
Come on, just go!

Go, go!

Come on, Patton. Start the van.

Let's go. Go, go, go.


This is bad.
This is really bad.

They weren't suppose to see us.


just relax. Okay?

Is it okay?


- Yeah.
- Hey. Hey

I need you to figure out

what's on Amelia's files fast.


They're probably encrypted.

- Oh, they're definitely encrypted.
- Yeah.

I'm counting on you Elvis.
Alright, go. Go.

I'll cordinate with Patton.

In a minute,
Barlow will turn over

the security camera footage
to the authorities,

which means that
in less than a minute,

the FBI will be here
to arrest you again.

Can't he say he was just having
a meeting with Barlow?

No. Won't take them long to
attach me to what everybody did.

Breaking and entering,
contempt of court...

Retaliation against
an officer of the court,

obstruction of justice.

Barlow will throw away the key.

Why Patton's working on erasing
the footage as we speak.

Well, what if he can't?

Dwayne, listen to me.

This is serious.

They are coming for you

and there's nothing
I can do to stop them.

You can stall them, can't you?

- Sorry?
- Wow them with legalese.

Be the lawyer
you used to be,

the one you still can be.

This is your chance.

Just buy us enough time
to get Barlow's plan.

It still won't
hold up in court.

It was stolen.

Fruit of the poison tree.

Newman, it doesn't have
to hold up in court to stop him.

We just need to get them into
the court of public opinion

and let the media do the rest.

It worked against me, didn't it?

- Eh.
- As soon as Elvis

decrypts the files,

we'll send them to Crane
to publish.

Shouldn't take the authorities
long to investigate.

Sydney, stay with Newman.

Help him out.

I'm gonna go help Elvis.


This is crazy.

Every single time I get past
one of their firewalls...

Another one
pops up, I know.

I can't hold an image
long enough to erase anything.

Intrusion detection system?

Got to be,
but mutating firewalls?

That's about as
sophisticated as it gets.

Yeah, well, Barlow obviously
has a lot to protect,

and they got to know
what we're trying to do.

Got to do it, too,
'cause otherwise,

Pride is dust and Lasalle
is in charge permanently.

Oh, man, now you're
really scaring me.

- What's going on?
- Uh, no-- I'm joking.

Joking about what?

Never mind, you guys
erase the footage yet?

- Still trying.
- Well, we're running out of time.

Just got an earful
from the Deputy Director,

who got an earful
from the AAG.

Barlow's filed a complaint
against Pride.

Guys, FBI's on their way
to Pride's bar to arrest him.

Thanks, Chris.

That's why I didn't want you
guys getting directly involved.

The FBI can't pin
anything on you,

so don't give them a reason to,

no matter what happens
to me, understood?

FBI's on their way.
Any luck?

I wish I had better news
for you, pal, but I don't.

Can't say as I'm surprised

based on who we're going up
against here.

It's gonna take some time
to decrypt these files.

He doesn't have time.

They're here,
and Amelia's with them.

Whatev... forget it
and get out of here.

- No way.
- I mean it, Elvis.

They're not gonna stop with me
and you know it.

If they have me on tape,
they got you, too.

Damn it, Dwayne,
I'm not gonna run, okay?

Not from this,
not from what

Barlow's trying to do you,

so let me finish my work.


(clears throat)

Time to nut up, Newman.

Assistant U.S.
Attorney Jackson,

and I have an arrest warrant
for Dwayne Pride. Where is he?

I'd like to see the
warrant first, please.

And you are?

Fred Newman, Esquire.

I'm Mr. Pride's
personal attorney.

And he's part of the break-in,
too. We've got him on tape.

I was merely accompanying
my client to a meeting

with the Associate
Attorney General.

Then how come you're with her?

She broke into my office
and stole sensitive files.

The warrant, please?

You and me have got
some unfinished business.

Looking forward to it.

Got it.

(phone buzzing)

Mm. Felony warrant's
not signed,

makes it invalid.

(clears throat)

Let me see.

That's a minor

The warrant's based
on irrefutable evidence.

Yeah? Let's see it.

I don't understand.
What happened?

You saw it, we had it.

They must've erased it somehow.

Whoa! Talk about
conspiracy theories.

What I mean
to say is,

prove it.


(sighs, chuckles)

Pride's still free.

That's okay.

Still, he's got the files.
It's only a matter of time

before he pieces
it all together.

I'm aware.

So what do we do?

Eliminate some of the pieces.

(jazz music playing)

Hey, Pride!


Nothing. It's just...

despite it all,
you seem so... calm.

Well, been through worse.


I'm not so sure.

Dwayne, you amaze me.

You're still trying
to save the city

even though they turned
the city against you.

Guess I'm just a glutton
for punishment.

I don't know, Loretta.

It's not like I'm trying
to prove anything to anybody.

I'm just...
trying to do what's right.


Even though it bites me
in the ass sometimes.

It's who I am.

Besides, born and raised here,
what else am I gonna do?

I... I love this city.

Feel like I owe it.


ELVIS: Hey, Dwayne,
I got something.

What is it?

Still working on
decrypting the rest,

but this looks
like a list.

I got names and profiles
and itineraries.

Yeah, surveillance
and route maps.

Looks like they're being cased.

Is it a hit list?

- Can you get me any names?
- Yeah, let's see, here.

Well, you're on it, natch.

I can't-- Can you make out
that name? It's funky.

Mayor Taylor's on it.

That's Max Burris.

Captain Estes.

Hey, that's dated tonight.

(phone ringing)

Should've known

you'd find a way to dodge

that arrest warrant, Dwayne.

Carl, where are you?

Me? Just getting in my car
to head home.

Okay, listen, Carl.

What's the problem?

Listen to me, it's important.

You're in danger.

You got to get back inside.
They're after you.

Carl? Carl, are you there? C...

Can you...

Can you hear me, Carl?

(indistinct radio chatter)

Can't believe
he's gone, King.

We're gonna get the people
who did this, Christopher,

I promise.

No doubt.

Hold up. How'd you know?
Who called you?

Nobody called. I knew.

Elvis found a hit list
in Amelia's files.

Carl was on it.


Does his wife know?

Not yet.

I was just about to...

go over to the house, and, uh...

I don't want her to hear
about it from anyone else.

Thank you.

Chris, you know
Deputy Chief Gossett.

Yeah, 'course.
Sorry for your loss, Chief.

I appreciate that.

I'm almost afraid to ask this.

This have anything
to do with NCIS?

I'm afraid so.

But, honestly, Cedric,

the less you know, the better.

What're you talking about?

If you know who k*lled Carl...

I don't, not for sure.

But if I'm right,
he's as powerful as they get

and I don't want something

like this to happen to you.

I'm not just gonna
let this go, Dwayne.

- I'm gonna find the bastard who did this...
- Oh-- I-- Okay, I-I get it.

Okay, I just want you
to be careful.

Last thing Carl...

The last thing
that Carl would want

would be if anything
would happen to you.

I'd better go tell June.

Barlow's gonna pay
for this, Chris.

Yeah, still, I don't know
what k*lling Estes

has anything
to do with...

Yeah, well,
I don't either,

but we better find out
before anybody else gets k*lled,

starting with
Mayor Taylor.

Wait, the mayor
was on the list?

I-It's okay. I got NOPD
doubling up on protection.

Well, who else?

Elvis was still working on
decrypting other names.

I got to tell him
and the others

to get away from here
till it's over.

It's not s...
It's just too dangerous.

Max Burris was
on the list, too.

That means we got to,
we got to move him...

Wait a second.

to a safe house.
- King, you didn't hear?


Officer found Max Burris
in his cell,

hanging from a sheet.

Pride, should you be here?

Doesn't matter,
all bets are off now.

Elvis, what're you doing here?

Needed help decrypting
the rest of the files,

and we're making
great progress, too.

Meaning what?
PATTON: Meaning we just hit

the mother lode,
that's what.

We done unlocked
the whole kit and caboodle.

Well, not all of it.

But enough to know what it
looks like Barlow's targeting.


You're not gonna
believe this.


- The Navy?
- Yeah, not just our navy.

Apparently, he's
targeting the British

and Canadian navies, too.

All right,
but how and why?

I don't know how,
don't know why, just where.

All those ships, they're coming
up the Mississippi tomorrow

for Fleet Week.

To celebrate
the city's tricentennial,

the biggest event
of the year.

♪ ♪

You know, I've moved a lot of
hardware for a lot of folks.

But these? I'm just not trying
to get jammed up with anything.

That's what the money's for.

FITZPATRICK: This cargo's
been making me nervous

ever since I loaded it.

Yeah. We good.

The keys?

To the truck?


How am I supposed
to get out of here?

You're not.

Grab the keys, move the body.

[font color=# FF ]♪ NCIS:New Orleans x ♪[/font]
[font color=# FFFF]Checkmate, Part [/font]
Original Air Date on May ,

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♪ You gotta come on. ♪

Dropped Newman off at
his cousin's in Mississippi.

Should be safe
until this blows over.

Finally convinced Elvis
to get off the grid, too.

Figured, since Estes was k*lled,
he'd be a little more motivated;

I had to personally
thr*at him

with federal arrest
to get him to leave.

Crane's in D.C., still running
background on Barlow,

generally out of harm's way.
That leaves Sydney.

I haven't been able
to reach her. Anyone else?

PATTON: We've been
going through the data

from Amelia's hard drive.

Yeah, classified documents
covering every detail

of the Tricentennial Fleet Week.

Thousands of sailors,
hundreds of VIPs,

dozens of major events.

I'm decrypting files.

And we're no closer
to figuring out

who or what Barlow's targeting.

Eric Barlow's from
one of the most

powerful families
in New Orleans.

He's the number
three man at Justice.

If he's after the Navy,
you got to know

there's a huge
upside for him.

How does he benefit
from an att*ck?

Still working on that answer.


What's all this?

Oh, personal items.

I'm banned from NCIS.

Not sure when
I'll be back.

Well, I mean, we just broke into
Connor and Hughes

to steal all this data,
I don't think you have to worry

about the fine print
of your suspension...

I broke into Connor and Hughes.

Four of you had
nothing to do with it.

All evidence to the contrary.

That's my point.

All these files, they're
not admissible as evidence.

Which means you can never
explain how you got them.

Use them to figure out
Barlow's next move.

Figure out another way
to take him down.

After we warn

the Navy about the thr*at.

You can't alert them.

I already lost my badge.

I need the team intact,

working this case

Hey, well, someone's
got to alert the Navy.

Yep, me.

Hold on, you just said that...

I got nothing to lose.
I'm indicted.

I'm facing years in prison.

And I'm the lucky one.

Estes was m*rder in cold blood

for far less
than we've done already.

Find out where this att*ck

is taking place, and stop it.

(Gregorio sighs)

All right, well,
you heard the man.

Keep digging
into that data,

and see if we can
narrow down the target.

Pride's right, we need
a clean case on Barlow.

He lasted this long without
getting his hands dirty.

Can't say the same
for Amelia.

She's got her fingers
in every move he makes.

She's still at it.

Sydney just sent me this.

Who's he?

She said he's some kind
of g*n.

Sydney said Amelia sh*t him
at the Carville Salvage yard,

took his truck--
she's following him.

Well, tell her to stop.

I'm on it.

Okay, new plan.

we got a crime scene.

Patton, Gregorio,

find out where the hell
Amelia and Sydney are.

Let's roll.

Mayor Taylor, we've got street
closures along the riverfront.

extra officers

from multiple jurisdictions
for added crowd control.

Coast Guard patrols will
run on an extended schedule

through the week. And our
force protection protocols are in effect.

We can all agree that safety
is of the utmost concern,

but let's not forget,
this is a celebration.

New Orleans is years old.

We need
to honor that.

Mayor Taylor!

I need to
speak to you.

Dwayne, what are you doing?

Please, it's important.

Let him go, let him go.

Listen, we... we have
reason to believe

that there's
gonna be an att*ck.

It's imminent.

What can you tell us?

Not much, just that it's gonna
happen here at Fleet Week.

You have
actionable evidence?

Eh, it's complicated.

You either have the
evidence, or you don't.

It couldn't be
less complicated.

All I can say is

that the suspects accessed
classified documents:

ship blueprints,

thr*at assessments,

your whole playbook.

You're Dwayne Pride, right?

That NCIS agent
I keep reading about?

I know I don't seem like the
most reliable source these days,

but I'm telling you the truth.

You're not telling
us anything.

Not where, not what,

not even how
you came to this conclusion.

What can you say, Dwayne?

Who's responsible?

He's gonna tell you
that it's me.

Or did I spoil your punch line?

The associate attorney general
of the United States

staging a t*rror1st att*ck?

- Listen to...
- Not just me.

It's-it's a conspiracy,

I mean, I set you up.

Opened an investigation
into viable claims

of abuse of power,
held you accountable.

Am I missing anything?

You also had Carl Estes k*lled.


are a paranoid
and desperate man.

And if you don't
leave immediately,

I'm gonna have you arrested.


The rest of us have
a meeting to get to.

What the hell, Dwayne?

You need to take this
seriously, Zahra.

You need to get
out of here, now.

I'm telling you.

Come on.

(phone ringing)


How'd it go, King?

Well, I'm not in cuffs,
that's a win.

Barlow's here.

Made me out as a lunatic.

We're gonna need hard evidence
if we're gonna

convince anyone
that he's responsible.

Well, we might have something.

Body of g*n
named John Fitzpatrick.

Yeah, operated out of El Paso.

Supplied hard to come by
merchandise to local gangs.

Yeah, think he was doing
likewise here, King.

What kind of merchandise?

Don't know, but Amelia
and her man Lonzo

took possession of it,

k*lled Fitzpatrick
for his trouble.

How do you know that?

Uh, Sydney witnessed it.

She took photos,
sent them back to NCIS.

She's, uh,

she's tailing Amelia right now.

What is she doing?

Sydney's supposed to be gone.

Well, we'd remind her of that,

but she has
switched off her phone.

Find her, Christopher,
and Amelia.

If this m*rder
is connected to Barlow's plan,

we have a chance to stop him.

(phone ringing)
(whispering): Crap.

Who the hell is this?

Gregorio. You want to tell me
what the hell is going on?

My phone was off,
how'd you even get...

Patton hacked it
and turned it on.

Wow, you people
really are intrusive.

We're not the ones playing
cowboys and Indians

with Barlow's button woman;
this isn't your fight.

Hell it's not.

Plus, if I wasn't
keeping an eye on Amelia,

you wouldn't know where she is.

We tracked your GPS,
we know exactly where she is.

The London Lodge Motel.

You can go home now,
let the pros handle this.

It's time. Move, I'll
be right behind you.

I got to go.

They're on the move.

I'll get Amelia to talk.

Just hold tight,
I'll be there in a few minutes.

(dial tone)


Damn it.

(siren wailing)


You really are annoying.

And you really are gonna put
those hard drives on the ground.

Doesn't matter, you're too late.

Can't stop
what's about to happen.

Just put the hard drives down.

Of course.


(siren wailing)



You okay?

Yeah, better than her.



How's this one, Doc?

This one

is doing great.
- Well, if by "great,"

you mean two cracked ribs,
a dislocated shoulder

and a hairline skull fracture,
then, yeah, she's great.

I'm healthier than most
of the patients you see.

Yeah, mouthier, too.

You should be at a hospital.

No, I just need an aspirin.

Then I need to get back
out and get those suspects.

Not going anywhere, Halliday.

I just spent a half an hour
convincing the NOPD

not to arrest you
for aggravated as*ault.

If it wasn't for me,
you wouldn't have Amelia.

If it wasn't for you, she'd
be able to answer our questions.

Instead, she's at
the Mercy Hospital

in an induced coma.

She did try to k*ll me.
Because you attempted

to take her down alone.

- Still don't know why.
- Dwayne Pride stood by me

when everyone, including you,
had written me off

as a traitor
and a k*ller.

I owe him, simple as that.

I'm touched, really.

But we're a team here.

We work together,
or else we don't work at all,

simple as that.

I could've handled
it better.

But you have the
evidence from the motel.

That's got to
mean something.

Sebastian pulled
some tire marks

and the hard drive
Amelia tried to destroy.

It was damaged,
but he's doing what he can.

At least we know Lonzo's in the
city with some kind of w*apon.

Yeah, but that means

the att*ck's gonna happen soon.
- We don't even know

what the target is or why
Barlow planned all this

in the first place.

We got to keep plugging
away until we do.

All right, track the van down,
find more evidence,

and stop the att*ck.
All right.

And, look, no more
grand gestures, okay?

Everything we do is
by the book from now on.


Special Agent Lasalle,
someone's here for you.

I'm Lasalle.

Special Agent Silvera, IRS.
We need to talk.

If this is about
a joint case with NCIS...

This is about
a major tax fraud

perpetrated by
your family's oil company.

That's got to be Barlow
trying to distract us again.

I don't know what that means,
but I've contacted

NCIS Headquarters. They're
aware you're coming with me

and it's not
up for debate.

This is the part when we leave.


It's okay, all right?
I'll sort this out.

You're in charge.
Find those suspects.

We can't just sit back and
keep letting Barlow do...

There's no "we" here, Sydney.
You're riding the bench.

She's right.

Barlow keeps chipping away
at the team. You need Dwayne.

He got away with warning
the Navy about the att*ck.

How are we gonna get him
back in the game?

I may have an idea.

The place gets amazing light.

It's kind of perfect
for presenting evidence,

even though I have
absolutely no idea

why Doc Wade is having me do it

in a room above a bar,
or who it's for.

Yeah, Loretta didn't
tell you either, huh?

No. Hey, do you think
I got time to pee?

Public speaking kind of
makes me nervous.

I'm the same way, Sebastian.

And considering my full schedule
of events, I don't know

if I should be relieved that
I've been summoned,

or put out.

Loretta called you, too?
And despite the fact

that I shouldn't be
within yards of you,

Dwayne, we came.
Want to say why?

Guessin' she wants us to talk.

We're taking your warning
as seriously as we can

considering there
are no specifics.

There's more
to share now.

Loretta, you told me

I had to come. That it
was life and death.

- It is.
- And that Dwayne wouldn't be here.

Okay, well, that part was a lie.

But, uh, look,

More interested
in evidence

proving that Barlow
is a criminal mastermind.

We don't have anything
admissible yet.

But we can start
filling in the blanks

on the suspects that
are working for him.

Amelia Parsons--
she's employed

by Connor and Hughes
as a consultant,

which in this instance
translates to hired g*n.

This is the woman who
your Green Beret friend

put in the hospital?

Well, technically,
ex-Green Beret, and she...

totally wasn't supposed
to kick her ass that bad,

but that was...

She did help us
track down this man,

Lonzo Cortez, another hired g*n.

PRIDE: He and
Amelia were part

of an arms deal this morning
that left the dealer d*ad

and the w*apon missing.

What kind of w*apon?

Well, suspects
have four duffel bags.

We don't know
what's inside them,

but I did find traces
of aluminum paste

and ammonium nitrate
at both crime scenes.

Now that's a-a mixture commonly
used for the propulsion

of rocket-propelled grenades.

These guys have rockets?

Any idea where
they're using them?

SEBASTIAN: No, they're driving
around in a van with no plates.

Uh, we did retrieve

some damaged hard drives here.
We-we couldn't pull much data,

apart from some forged
document templates.

Boat slip permits,
TWIC cards.

att*ck's coming
from the river, soon.

Unless we work together
to stop it.

Patton is searching
a citywide grid

of surveillance cameras
for the van,

but, man, it's a lot
of ground to cover.

GOSSETT: I'll put BOLOs out
for the van and Lonzo Cortez.

And I will personally coordinate
a search of the river.

Anything you need
to stop these men.

What I need is
to be out there, too.

Navy and DOJ made it clear
you're persona non grata.

Because Eric Barlow bent over
backwards to set him up.

PRIDE: There's a reason
he doesn't want me

on the street.

Still don't know what it is,
but it cost Carl Estes his life.

And that's
reason enough

for me to want
to get back out there.

He's right.

We need him on this one.

You'll ride
with me, Pride.

It'll be an honor.

LASALLE: I honestly don't know
what the problem is.

Have a seat
and I'll tell you.

Look, I really
don't have time.

Feels like we already had
this conversation.

You say you
need to leave,

I say you need to stay,
rinse, repeat.

Just sit.


I've been overseeing my father's
company for six months.

Didn't get a letter
or a phone call

about any tax issues.

This isn't a "send a letter,
make a call" kind of situation.

This is a "ten agents
working 'round the clock"

kind of situation.

And so...

your chair.

You look me in the eye
and tell me Eric Barlow

isn't pulling the strings
on this whole deal.

I honestly have no idea
who Eric Barlow is.

Now, sit down...


Thinkin' your definition
of that word "please"

is different than mine.

Thank you.

Let's start from the beginning.

These are your
company's tax returns

from the years
to .

Still no answer from Lasalle?

No. And with Pride helping NOPD
search for the suspects,

we're all that's left
to hold down the fort.

Dynamic duo, back at it.
What's she doing?

She is making
herself useful.

Yeah, Patton and I are
still going through

city traffic cams
trying to find the van.

That means there's no one
left to go through the rest

of the files that we took
from Connor and Hughes.

So you put a civilian on
an official NCIS computer

to examine highly
sensitive data?

I've still got my
top secret clearance.

Oh, in that case,

I guess we're good.

Barlow set Pride up
to take the fall.

He's doing the same
to Lasalle.

Yeah, well, we have

an active terror
thr*at in the city.

There's absolutely no one
that can get Lasalle released?

I've called anyone I can think
of who might have pull enough

to get him released--
NCIS Headquarters,

Isler, Rita.
No one can help.

- It's crazy.
CRANE: When the IRS wants you got,

you're got-- that's why I only
deal in crypto-currency.

Aren't you supposed to be
in D.C. right now

with Rita digging up dirt
on Barlow?

Oh, I've been.
We've dug. I'm back.

You're not safe here.

Well, I'm an
investigative reporter,

so danger is
my baseline.

You run a glorified gossip site.

We're all supposed to be on
the same side now, remember?

Don't be hurtful.

Plus, I come bearing gifts.

Everything Eric Barlow doesn't
want you to know about him.

Gonna have to wait.
I found the van.

But we got a big problem.

I was able to track the van to
a security cam near the river.

SEBASTIAN: That's the Patterson
Street Mooring Station.

That's a few miles
upriver from Fleet Week.

Got there about an hour ago.

You get an image
of who's inside?

Yeah. That's where
we got a problem.

Oh, my God.

Talked to my Harbor Patrol guy.
He can be trusted,

but the less he knows about you,
the better.

For his own protection.

I'll let you know when
you need to board.


(phone rings)

What's up, New York?

Hey, uh, we need you alone
for what we have to say.

Go ahead.

SEBASTIAN: We just got
security footage of the van.

I just texted you
a screenshot of the suspect.

You're not gonna like it.

He's not just setting you up
for police misconduct.

He's setting me up to take
the fall for this att*ck.

Hang on.

Time stamp shows this image
was taken an hour ago.

I was nowhere near the river.

PATTON: Barlow's people were able to
hack into the security cam

and doctor the footage.

Yeah, it's called Deepfake.

It uses artificial intelligence

to replace one person's face
with another.

It's almost impossible to detect
anything's been manipulated.

You're gonna have to try.
PATTON: I'm working on

reverse-engineering it,
but it'll take a while.

Until then, we need
you back at NCIS.

Well, I'm not gonna hide
while the real suspect's

on the water
with those RPGs.

Pride, we're the only ones

who have this footage right now,
if any other agency gets it,

it's just...
- Yeah, the target on my back gets bigger.

I understand the stakes.

It's not stopping you,
though, is it?

Keep working. Learn more.

Keep my head down best as I can.

Everything okay?

Yeah, just my team.

Suspect's already on the river.

Then let's go find him.

(engine starts)

I don't like it one bit.

- Pride's a sitting duck out there.
- I don't like it either, Sebastian.

But Pride's gonna do Pride,
but we need more evidence

to shut Barlow down.
Then I'm the guy

that's gonna make
your dreams come true,

'cause I got Barlow
in my crosshairs.

I have something so salacious,
it's gonna take him right to his knees.

- Enough with the sales pitch, Crane. Spill.
- Okay.

So, St. Claude's Academy,

Manchester, New Hampshire.

One of the oldest boarding
schools in the country.

And it was
almost taken down

by a massive
cheating scandal.

Cheating high school students?
That's what you got?

Well, not just high
school students.

Sons of some of the most
prominent families.

Four of the top five
highest achieving seniors

in Barlow's class were
expelled for turning in

plagiarized term papers and
cheating on final exams.

That's not salacious;
that's not even, like, naughty.

Yeah, except the scandal
was a setup.

Those boys were framed,
just like Pride.

Why would Barlow do that?
Because he was the fifth

highest achieving student

until all of his
competition was removed.

It's like the fireman
who sets the f*re

to heroically put out
the flames, take the credit.

Yeah, and it's not
the only time it's happened.

He made Law Review, he clerked
for the Supreme Court.

He was appointed number
three spot at Justice,

all on the backs
of his rivals.

Barlow's setting up
the att*ck on Fleet Week

because he wants to be
the one to help stop it.

Yeah, he's gonna get
national exposure--

any opportunity he wants,
like, oh, I don't know,

for instance,
governor of Louisiana.

It's a good theory
but we still don't know

where this att*ck
is gonna be.

Actually, I might.

I've been sorting through the
data Amelia had on Fleet Week

and realized
it's a waste of time.

Or it's called police work.

I started thinking

If the suspects are gonna
risk attacking Fleet Week,

they want the most
bang for their buck.

Yeah, something high-profile,
chock-full of VIPs.

There's a reception today
on the deck

of the USS Kearsarge.

Official commemoration of
the New Orleans Tricentennial.

Hottest ticket in town.

Admirals, generals, politicians,
foreign dignitaries,

it's a turkey sh**t.

Wade's gonna
be there, too.

She's gonna be with Mayor Taylor

when she presents
the key to the city

to the Navy
and the Marine Corps.

When's this reception start?

minutes ago.

This is all a setup.

Here we go again.
Eric Barlow

is trying to distract
every member of my team.

Because of some
massive conspiracy.

Yes, you've said.

Multiple times.

Look into it.

This case was referred to you.

Maybe not by Eric Barlow

but someone at Justice

put these wheels in motion.

You want facts?

I was told to pursue
Lasalle Enterprises. Fact.

And there was something
to pursue.

Another fact?

You have to take it

(phone chimes)

And that means not checking your
cell phone every five minutes.

Look, I am taking it seriously.

And I've heard you out.

Now I need to go.
My team needs me.

This is not a problem
that goes away.

No matter what crisis
you're rushing to,

if you don't pay attention

to the one
that's right in front of you,

your family business goes down.

And you go down with it.

Got a report
from the Coast Guard.

Unidentified speedboat
a few miles downriver

moving in the direction
of the Kearsarge.

That could be Lonzo.

We should check
it out, yeah?

Let's say we do not intercept
this boat.

The Navy and the Coast Guard
are prepared for this scenario.

They have a security zone.
Any vessel that gets inside

will be detained or just simply
blown out of the water.

The RPGs he's carrying
have long-range warheads.

Even if he fired one
from outside the zone,

it could cause
massive damage.

And if we do find him first,

he could use
those rockets on us.

I'd say it's a
strong possibility.

♪ ♪

Hey, Lasalle!

Finally convinced that
IRS agent to release you?

I don't think
she sees it that way.

Get yourself in more trouble?

Well, that doesn't matter.
We got to warn the Navy

that Kearsarge
is the target.

Won't be easy

after Pride confronted them
this morning.

All right, you need to look for
Captain Deckard. He's in charge.

I'll look for Mayor Taylor.

You got it.

I know I'm not on the
guest list, but this is urgent.

I'm looking for Mayor Taylor.
Sure, let me check that for you.

Mayor isn't here yet.

Guest of honor, after all,
has to make an entrance,

but she should be here soon.

Gives us a chance to chat.

I'd like to pick
your brain.

You're Dwayne
Pride's man, right?

He already warned
us of the thr*at.

I've got new information.
This ship is the target.

The Kearsarge
is the most secure spot

in the Southern United States
right now.

It doesn't change the fact
that there's at least

one suspect out there
with long-range rockets

heading this way.

We did get a report from NOPD

of an unauthorized boat
in the area.

LASALLE: Yeah, the thr*at
is very real.

All right? We need to act now.

(phone rings)

then you're gonna need
to be more open with me

than your boss was.

How the hell do
you know all this?

Security alert from NOPD.

Suspect van was flagged
gaining access

to the river two hours ago.

We got photos.

I need to explain
what you're about to see.

This photo speaks for itself,
Special Agent Lasalle.

That's Dwayne Pride.

Photo's doctored.

I know it, Dwayne.

Problem is, no
one else will.

Every law
enforcement agency

has instructions to take
you down, d*ad or alive.

Considering they think I'm about
to blow a hole in a Navy ship.

My guy got word that
the speedboat we're looking for

is heading straight
for the Kearsarge.

We're on our way.

We'll clear your name.

Doesn't make sense, Cedric.

Barlow put a lot of effort
into framing me.

How do I take the fall

if I'm on a Harbor Patrol boat?

Well, maybe he figures

in the confusion
of the att*ck...

No, no, he wouldn't leave it
to chance.

For his plan to work, I got
to be found with those RPGs.

He could've anticipated
you'd be with me.

We're heading straight
for the Kearsarge,

right at the moment the att*ck's
supposed to take place.

Like you said,
the only way to stop it.

There is no speedboat, is there?



The RPGs?

They're in the cabinet
behind you.



GOSSETT: Estes always
said you were too clever.

Doesn't matter now.

(phone ringing)

Don't try to answer your phone,

And don't even think about
reaching for your w*apon.

We still need you alive...

for at least
a little bit longer.

Gonna keep this real simple.

You get on your knees.

We get closer to
the riverbank...

I'll end this.

Why the hell are you doing this?

You've served the city
of New Orleans

for years.

And I'll keep serving,

doing what's right for the city,

including this,
no matter the cost.

k*lling your own? That's
what's right for the city?

You want to make a difference
in New Orleans?

You want to bring her back
to where she was?

You need strong, dedicated men

making the hard decisions.
Eric Barlow?

His family's run this city
one way or the other

for a hundred years.

By bribing, k*lling,

This is a w*r.

And there are sides.

You picked yours.

And I picked mine.


PRIDE: To win this w*r,
you're gonna f*re a rocket

at a Navy ship?
GOSSETT: No, Dwayne.

You're gonna f*re a rocket.

I'm gonna stop you.

Here's his w*apon.

What's the plan here?

I'm still being held
on a Harbor Patrol boat.

This works...

because you just took
my boat hostage

and sh*t me.



Damn it, that freaking hurts.

All right, get ready.
We won't have much time.

This is insanity.

Mayday, Mayday.

This is NOPD
Deputy Chief Gossett.

My Harbor Patrol boat, D - ,
has been hijacked

by Dwayne Pride.
He's got rockets

and he's heading straight
for the Kearsarge.

We need to get all non-military
personnel below deck.

- Immediately. Do it fast. But quietly.
- Aye, sir.

I got two MSST units
geared and ready,

plus a helo with a sn*per team
lifting off in seconds.

Look, this is a frame job.
Let's take a moment here.

Damn it, Agent, there
are no more moments.

We have photos of your boss

literally driving a van
full of RPGs to the river.

And my team can prove
that they are doctored.

Yeah, and the distress call.
That doctored, too?

Gossett must be part
of the conspiracy.

He's a decorated NOPD commander.

And Dwayne Pride
is the only person

who's been trying to stop
this att*ck from the beginning.

He's saved the city, the mayor,
multiple times.

It has to earn
some good faith.

Despite your belief
in Dwayne Pride,

I have to assume this is
exactly what it seems.

Got to cover that
patrol boat fast.

Take it out, take it down

the minute it's in range.
I'm on it, Captain.

Let's roll.
Aye, sir.

MAN: All passengers,
please clear the flight deck.

Say what you want

about the military,

they certainly know
how to keep their heads

during dire situations.

Say the same about you,

but you know exactly
what's about to happen.

You impress me,
Special Agent Gregorio.

Smart, ambitious...

You know you're going
down tonight, right?

Ballsy, too.

If there's
any criticism at all,

it's of your choice of mentors.

That dry drunk Isler.

And Dwayne Pride,

the perpetual martyr.
What does that make you?

The winner.

This city, the state,
they're mine.

And that's just the beginning.
(phone ringing)

I have to take this call.

Good luck to you though.

(phone rings)

something's not right.

Oh, you can single out
just one thing?

'Cause where we're sitting,

it's all hitting the fan.

in on the conspiracy, okay?

He's claiming that Pride
just took him hostage.

Which means the frame job
is almost complete.

That's what's bothering me.

Barlow's standing feet
from me

at what's supposed to be
the ground zero of the att*ck.

He wouldn't allow himself
to be put in harm's way.

What are we missing?

att*ck's supposed to fail.

Yeah, but there's got to be
some kind of meaningful damage.

Otherwise, Barlow's not making
the national news.

All right.
Mayor Taylor hasn't arrived yet.

I need to get her
on the phone now.

You doing this for money,

I'm in this for New Orleans.

You think you're the only one
who cares about this city?

Last person who said
those exact words

was Hamilton.

You see what happened to him?

He couldn't get the job done.

But you can?

Story's gonna be what?

"Dangerous ex-federal agent

"with an axe to grind
hijacks your boat?

Makes a statement
by blowing up a Navy ship"?

Except, I'm gonna stop you
before too much damage is done.

And then what?

Chief of police?


I'm aiming much higher.

I'm gonna replace Mayor Taylor.

Replace her?

(phone chimes)

Motorcade's being stopped,
it's time!

(engine whirring)

What's going on?

Security alert
on the Kearsarge, ma'am.

What kind of security alert?

Not sure yet,
but we've been told

to hold here until it's clear.

(phone ringing)


What is happening?

You and Mayor Taylor
are in danger.

We know about the alert,
we're not on the Kearsarge.

The Kearsarge isn't the target,
Mayor Taylor is.

Get out of there now.

GOSSETT: All right.
This is it, Dwayne.

Gonna need you on the...


Now, Lonzo!

(car alarm ringing)

Stay down, don't move.

Your man just opened f*re
on the mayor.

She's safe, but he's done.

Look, it's not Pride, all right?
It's Deputy Chief Gossett.

- I'm telling you.
- Whoever it is better surrender,

or they're gonna get lit up.

MSST is seconds out.

(phone chimes)

Captain, wait!

Wait, I got proof
Pride is innocent.

Look, you're gonna
want to see it.

(siren wailing)

HINDLEY: This is the United States Coast
Guard, and you are surrounded.

You will lie prone
on the ground,

or we will f*re.
It's over.

Screw you, Dwayne!

You have ten seconds to comply.

You will lie prone
on the ground, now!

Move slowly, show your hands.

PRIDE: No, don't do it.
Don't do it!

I'm Dwayne Pride!

Both suspects are down.

I'm complying
with your instructions.

Hey, Pride, it's okay!

Mayor Taylor?

Mayor Taylor?

She's safe.

Nobody's hurt.

Special Agent

sends his regards.

All right,
let's check for victims.

Set up a triage area.

Let's make sure
these people are safe.

Yes, sir.
Hey, somebody find the mayor.

The mayor's safe, along with
everyone who was with her.

Ride's a little
messed up, though.

That's a relief.

Plan failed, Barlow.

Your men are d*ad,
Pride's alive.

He's telling the Coast Guard
right now, everything.

He has his version.

I will have mine.

Let's see whose microphone
is bigger.

You think you're walking away?

Like I told you,
Special Agent Gregorio,

I'm a winner.

Waste of time,
shredding those documents.

Already got what we need.

Halliday, right?

Pushing your luck,

breaking into my building twice.

I think you're looking for this.


Pride sent you here to k*ll me.

Nobody sends me anywhere.

And I'm not a m*rder.

That's your thing.

But I do
owe Pride my life.

And I'm repaying
that debt tonight.

Then you're gonna
force a confession?

I can tell you, with great
authority, it won't hold up.

You're acting like you've still
got moves left to play.

I'm here to let you know
the game is over.

You lose.


An Internet article?

An exposé.

On you.

Complete with a link
to Amelia's hard drive.

Dropped minutes ago,
thanks to Oliver Crane,

and already , clicks.

You think a smear campaign
will save Pride?

The moment Justice
realizes he's the source...

But he's not the source.

I am.

And no one will
ever talk to me,

'cause I'm disappearing
into thin air.

This is not the end.


It's the beginning.

Every nasty detail of every
dirty deal you've ever brokered.

And it'll keep leaking.

Drip, drip, drip.

You'll never recover.

We can make a deal.

This is your new reality.

Unless you take charge.

Make a bold choice.

And disappear yourself.

It's up to you.


(jazz music playing)

Give it up for Trombone Sam!

Hey, I told you he'd make it!

All right.

Hey, man,
Sebastian gave even odds

that your bail
would be revoked.

Hold on, now, that wasn't
because of a lack of faith.

That was just
my general, uh, neuroses.

All right, well, let me, uh,
soothe your soul here,

Sebastian, I'm a free man.

Oh, not just free.


All charges dropped,
badge reinstated.

And a special commendation
from the City of New Orleans.

Oh, I don't need
any commendations.

Anything I did,
my team did, as well.

Just glad to
have them all.

So is the city.

Wish I could stay, but I do have
a ballroom full of VIPs

expecting some TLC, ASAP.


Good night, y'all.
Hey, Zahra.

Thank you.

No. Thank you, Pride.


All right.

- Hey, thank you, let's have a toast.
- To what?

Friendship, victory,
surviving another case?

Uh-uh, how about to Pride,

moving back to NCIS
where he belongs.

PRIDE: Hang on,
I don't know about that, P.

I'm glad to have my badge back,

but I'm kind of digging
the new venue upstairs.

Thinking maybe with
a little effort,

it could become a proper home.

Then, let's drink to that.
All right.

Yeah, well, we
can all drink

to whatever y'all want to

as soon as I change
out of these clothes.

Come on, hurry up.
I will.

I will.
We're thirsty.

And sober.

Oh, I already started.

Hey. Where you been?

Dealing with a crap storm.

What crap storm,
haven't you heard?

Everything is right
with the world again.

Maybe in New Orleans, Triple P,
but not so much in Alabama.

What, is this about the IRS?

Yeah, Barlow told them to
investigate my family business.

But what Silvera found
was very real.

Company could be
in deep trouble.

Oh, Christopher.

I'll be on the road

first thing in the morning.

Wanted to see Pride before I go.

Don't know how long
I'll be gone.

Hey, stick around,
he'll be back.

Yeah, and you know, whatever
happens, we got your back.

♪ Out tonight ♪

♪ Somewhere, to marry me ♪

♪ But you can be on your way ♪

♪ And I can be on mine ♪

♪ Just give me back my cardiac ♪

♪ And go on being a... ♪

(music continues in distance)



There we go.

♪ Where it at? Where it at? ♪

♪ I just want my heart back ♪

♪ Where it at? Where it at? ♪

♪ Give me my heart back,
baby... ♪


(knocking on door)

I know, I know, everyone's
waiting, I'm on my way.

Just enjoying the view.

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