05x21 - Don't Leave Me This Way

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Crossing Jordan". Aired: September 2001 to May 2007.

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Follows a crime-solving forensic pathologist employed in the Massachusetts Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.
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05x21 - Don't Leave Me This Way

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Previously on Crossing Jordan...


You wanna tell me why you called?

Look, Pollack, I'm sorry, I...

I messed up.

It wasn't that I didn't care
about you... I did.

I... I just miss you.

Do you remember
three years ago

when I declared
my feelings for you?

I loved you then.

And I haven't stopped.

You're the most amazing
woman I've ever met.

And I want to spend the rest
of my life with you.

Will you marry me?

Three weeks ago, marriage was
the furtherest thing from my mind.

When someone asks you
to marry them,

they deserve an answer and...

Jeffrey asked me, so I said yes.

Lily Lebowsky & Jeffrey Brandau
Please join for a rehearsal dinner party




Come on, time to get up.
You're my maid of honor.


All right, Jordan. I'm coming in.

We've gotta get downstairs by...

Oh, my God.

Jordan, put down the g*n.

Put down the g*n.

What happened?

Take a deep breath.

Hey, Jordan.

What happened?

I... I don't know I...

I don't remember.

I'm just saying, Brandau's mum
sure is a p*stol.

Her cha-cha-cha.

Her paddle-and-roll.

I think I'm gonna be sick.

Who would've thought a woman
who gave birth to that

could be so va-va-va-voom?

Makes me look forward
to meeting your mum.

You girls looked lovely last night.

NIce toast, Bug. Hmm.

Yeah, well, I just felt bad
that Lily's brother don't show up.

I can't believe
she's actually leaving.

I never would've pegged Lily as the kind
of person to quit her job

just 'cause she was getting married.

I think she needs a change.

Won't be the same without her.


I've got his blood all over me.

There was a g*n in my hand.

Whose was it?

It was registered to Mr. Pollack.

Do you know he had a g*n?

The blood...
I want to wash it off.

Do what you have to do fast,
and get the body out of here.

Why would I do this?
Why would I sh**t him?

Don't say anything else, Jordan.

She's in shock.
Whatever she says doesn't count.

I don't remember what happened.
I need to know.

CSU will take trace off her.

I got it covered.

Dr. Macy, I think it's better
for CSU to do it.

You don't want
to go there, Detective.

Test for GSR,
and get her blood alcohol.

Come on.

You don't need to be here.

I need to be here for Jordan.

Where's Jeffrey?

I called him.
Um, there was this,

uh, wedding breakfast thing.

I guess he just hasn't
checked his messages.

At least sit down.

How many drinks did you have?


Well, it was a party,
I wasn't counting.

How'd you get that bruise
on your arm?

Garret, I did this
once before, remember?

Blocked out something bad.

Why would I sh**t him?

We don't know anything yet.

Look, we're with you, Jordan.
We'll figure out what happened.


- Feast your eyes on this, my friend.
- Woody...

I know what you're thinking,

- this is a kid's sandwich...
- Woody, Woody.

Didn't anyone call you?

g*n residue.

Oh, God, I really did do it.


- I want to go with him.
- No, you can't.

Can you stay with her
for a while?

Dr. Macy, what the hell?

Woody, I'm... I'm sorry.

It looks like she sh*t him.


She doesn't know.

But you should not be here.
You had a relationship with her.

- And you have a relationship with me.
- Woody...

- You wanted to see me?
- Yes, um...

Lily, Officer Sanders needs
to take your statement.


Are you okay?

We have to help Jordan.

Who's with her now?

- Woody and Lu.
- Okay.

Well, then we just need
to let them do their jobs.

- But she's...
- I know.

It's a horrible process, but
it just needs to play out.

You know that.

Oh, I'm so sorry I didn't
listen to my voicemail sooner,

I should've been here for you.

Our wedding...

It's all gonna be okay.

- I have to...
- Okay.

You don't remember how
many drinks you had?

I've never drunk myself
into a blackout.

Still, it could explain
what happened.

Most domestic v*olence
involves alcohol.

I know it's all jumbled
in your head right now.

But why don't we go to the top?

When did Pollack
get back into town?


I called him last week.

I was wondering
how he was doing.

I really don't think
he'd show up here.

I'm not snooping.

Looking for aspirin.




Yeah, little bit.


You here on a story?

Sort of.

Not really. I, uh...

I thought maybe, you know, you...

well, you called me.

Yeah, well, I was, uh...

I was thinking about you.

Wondering how you're doing.

I've been thinking about you, too.

There isn't anyhing that
would make Jordan angry enough

to sh**t him down in cold blood.

Intentionally. Maliciously.

- She does have a temper.
- She's not homicidal.

It must've been an accident.

One slug in the headboard,
another in the wall?

I mean, one sh*t could be
accidental, but two?

This is Jordan we're talking about.

There was g*n residue
on her hand and her arm.

I mean, her fingerprints
were on the g*n.

We don't know what happened.

This is Jordan's.
Run a tox screen.

Must've been self-defense.

Look, I never liked this guy, but
we're saying he tried to k*ll her?

Well, what are our choices?

It can only be an accident,

or m*rder.

I know this is hard,

but we want to help you.

What happened next?

Uh, he wanted to
go out for coffee.

But I still had some work
left to do, and, uh...

Then I had to go
to the rehearsal dinner.

You invited him to go with you?

To the party afterwards.

Which was at the bar.

Everyone was drinking?





Just like home.

What? You do that?

Yeah, I used to.
Till my liver started complaining.

Look, the party's great, but, uh...

I was kind of hoping
we might be alone.

I mean, I mean... unless your
maid of honor duties

mean you have to stay
till the bitter end.

Hello, everyone.

I would like to make a toast.

To Lily and, uh...

- Jeffrey.
- Jeffrey.

Who are getting married tomorrow.

What's going on?
Is he drunk?

It'll be fine.

Now, I think everybody
in this room knows Jeffrey.

I know him!

But, uh, for those of you
who do not know Lily,

she is kind, she's sweet.

And she has the biggest,
most caring heart

of anyone I have ever met.


Now, I'm not very good
at making speeches.

And I don't know much
about finding love.

But I imagine...

we are not that much different from
the Harmonia axyridis,

the ladybug who hibernates
all through the winter,

and then ventures out in
the spring with just one goal,

to find his soul mate.

This is a creature that would
rather die than fail the quest.

Eventually, the two meet, they
become one, and they are complete.

And they flourish as never before.

I am so glad that my friend...

has found a way
to flourish with yours.


Jordan's blood alcohol
level is . .

So Jordan wasn't drunk last night.

Is that good for us
or bad for us?

Not gonna help us say
the second sh*t was an accident.

Doesn't mitigate intent.

No impaired judgment.

So what did he do to her?

You don't recall of this?

It's a half hour
before time of death.

The hallway outside the bar.

I feel like I'm losing my mind.

This is good, Jordan.

This tape is good.

He's angry, he's manhandling you.

Maybe he's out of control.

He does something, you fight back.

This goes to self-defense.

Pollack had a lot more
to drink than Jordan.

Maybe that explains the fight.

Aussies love to drink.

His being drunk isn't enough.
How much longer?

Got it now. Hang on.

Good God.

What? What is it?

I think I should talk
to the detectives first.


Oh, my God.

What happened?

This couldn't have been self-defense.

- What is it?
- He was sh*t in the back.

Then it's...


Cavanaugh. Jordan
CJ , Boston Police Dept

Not guilty.

So entered.

Bail, counselor?

The Commonwealth requests
the defendant be denied bail.

Your Honor, I requested
an expedited arraignment

so my client could be free on bail.

She has no priors,
strong ties to the community...

Without bail, she's looking at
nine months in custody awaiting trial.

She's an M.E. with access to all
forensic evidence and morgue personnel.

The state requests remand.

Is Mr. Lasky suggesting that
Dr. Cavanaugh would tamper with evidence?

No, ma'am, I am saying that

no suspect should be allowed
inside an investigation.

Mr. Brandau?

Something you'd like to
share with the class?

Yes, Your Honor.

The District Attorney has
decided not to oppose bail.

Dr. Cavanaugh, I'm granting bail.

But you are to stay away from
the morgue during the investigation.

Your Honor, that's where she works.

It's a bail condition, Counselor.

You will stay away from
the morgue, Doctor.

Violate the order,
your bail will be revoked,

and you'll find yourself
behind bars until your trial.

Here you are, dear.

Your Monique Lhuillier gown.

Designed especially for you.

I don't, uh...


I can't get married today, Elaine.


I know that
the situation is not ideal.

But the guests are here.

People have flown in
from all over the world.

I am so sorry.

That just does not seem important
to me at all right now.

It will, Lily.


I'm not suggesting that
you forget about your friend.

But when you think back
on your wedding day,

do you want it to be
you and Jeffrey

in front of some judge
at City Hall?

Is that what you want?

If you don't get married today,

I'm afraid that's
what it's gonna be.

Everybody's here for you.


Jordan, you okay?

Stupid question.

What are you going to do?

I mean, now.

I don't know.

Anybody staying with you?


I could maybe get
a few days off.

No. Thanks.

Find out what happened.


Huh. Nice digs.

Oh, thanks.

I'm glad you're here.

Me, too.

And maybe we could be
a little late for the party.

I'm sorry...

Maid of honor duties.

Besides, we have all night.

More than that, I hope.

Uh, you could just give me
five minutes to get changed.

It's Pollack's.

Last night it was on
his key chain,

today it was on mine.

Why would he put it on yours?

I don't know.

You okay?

Aside from the indictment?

- Sorry. I just...
- No, it's okay. I know.

I'm not here.


Jordan's out on bail.

Yeah, yeah, I heard.

The judge sets a restriction,

if she shows up in the morgue,
her bail's revoked.

So do her a favor
and make sure she doesn't.

- I would never...
- Of course you would.

You two are thick as thieves,
and she's Jordan.

She won't be able to sit back
and let us do our jobs.

It's for her own good, Nigel.

Okay, okay.

And you might want to get
an extension on your tux rental.

Sounds like Lily's gonna
postpone the wedding.

She's calling off the wedding?

- Are you crazy? Get out!
- I came up the freight elevator.

- Out! Get out.
- No one saw me. Nigel, I'm gone.

As soon as you show me
what's on that flash drive.

Please, Nige.

I can't read it on my laptop.

Mistrustful bloke, wasn't he?

He's encrypted his files.

How long will it take
to decode them?

Uh, just go, go.
I'll call you. I'll call.

What are you hoping to find?

We might've missed something.

It happens.

Okay, then let's
go over it again.

You want to go
back to the hotel?


the evidence says she did it.

She believes she did it.

You're gonna have to find
a way to accept it.

You act like
you don't even know her.

You wanted on this case.
This is what it is.

Then I made a mistake.

'Cause I won't help you
bring her down.


What can I do?

I want to help.

Don't call off your wedding.

What kind of friend
would I be if I didn't?

This day has already
been horrible enough.

Don't make it worse.

You finally found the guy
you want to spend

the rest of your life with.

Don't let me screw that up
for you, please.

Anything else I can do?

Can you remember
what I've forgotten?

Any chance tox could be wrong?

I had a couple of martinis last night.
They were strong.

Ah, that's what
I'm talking about.

- Thanks.
- Thank you.


Ah, yeah, that's not
a girlie drink.

Gin martini.

I'm no girl.

Fine, I'll have
your apple-tini instead.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

Jordan. Photographs.

Pollack had photographs
on his flash drive.

- Of what?
- Autopsy files.

Four of them.

All from our cold case files.

All m*rder.

- Whose?
- No one I know.

Bug and I didn't work on it.
Neither did you.

How did J.D. get them?

Did you go in
the cold csse room yesterday?


Well, your access card was used.
Where do you keep it?

Um, in my desk.

I'm not snooping.

Looking for aspirin.

He stole your card,

used it to get into
the cold case room,

photographed four old autopsy files,

put them on his flash drive,

put his flash drive
on your key ring.

He wanted you to find them.

Or he wanted someone else
not to find them.

Someone who tried to drug him.

I drank Pollack's drink.
There must've been something in it.

It's the last thing I remember.

But the tox screen...

There are thousands of drugs
we don't screen for.

What was he doing?

g*n. Arson death.

Vehicular homicide.

I got the computer
cross-referencing the victims,

jobs, addresses, families...

Four random m*rder.

Different times, different places.

I don't get it.

Hey, we'll figure it out.

First time I meet him,
he's breaking into the morgue,

trying to get information
he shouldn't have.

Taking illegal photos.

He was using me then.

Nothing's changed.

You don't know that.

He's right. You don't.

Well, maybe that's what
we were fighting about.

Computer's found a connect.

Oh, never mind. It's...


All the m*rder happened
in Massachusetts.


Do we really want him
to find us doing this?

Not till we get something solid.


- Hey.
- Everything okay in there?

Uh, no, um...

Jordan's not doing very well.

Oh, well, should I maybe go in...

No, no, no.
That's not such a good idea.

Ah, okay...

Well, look, uh...

I want to give you
all the space you need.

But, um...

The caterer's here.

And he wants to start setting up.

And the photographer's
due in a half hour.

So I just... I need to know what
I shoud be telling everybody.

I'll be ready by : .

I'm not done yet.

You know, you didn't
have to arrest her.

Are you kidding?

I feel as bad as you do,
but this is open-and-shut.

Look at these internal injuries.
Bruising on his lungs.

- And?
- He had a fight with somebody.

A physical fight, punches thrown.
About a week ago.

Are you trying to dredge up
somebody else with motive?

Investigative reporters
make enemies.

Jordan was in the room,

Jordan was covered with his blood,

Jordan had the g*n in her hand.

Dr. Mcay, I know that
this is hard on everybody...

I'll testify about this, and
a good defense attorney can run with it.

This doesn't come anywhere
near reasonable doubt.

But I will look into it.

Thank you.

I got it.

No, really.

All four cases,
solid evidence of m*rder.

You all said that, right?

Okay, what's your point?

All of the accused were acquitted.


Same judge presided
over all four cases.

"Judge Clarence Gordon."

Yeah, Boston Superior Court judge,

recently appointed
to the Federal Bench... in D.C.

Where Pollack spent
the last three months.

Some son of a bitch
drugged that drink,

m*rder J.D., and framed me.

All because of something that
Pollack found out about this judge.

We need to identify
the drug in that drink.

Okay, Bug, you go
back to the morgue,

start a tox marathon
on my blood sample.

Nige, come with me.

Oh, Lily,

go get married.

This isn't how I thought
my wedding day would be.

Me, either.

Do you know in Judaism,
a couple is supposed to say

a cleansing prayer
before they get married

so that they can start their
marriage off on a clean slate?

That sounds good.

I'm supposed to say
that prayer in a few hours,

and I just lied to Jeffrey about
what we were doing in here.

That wasn't exactly a lie.

Jordan's our friend.

I am about to marry Jeffrey.

Why couldn't I trust him?

You should go.

Nothing but soap residue.

What did you expect?

They're washed in -degree water.

Can I put them away now?

Could rinse them a little better.

What're you looking for, anyway?

The party last night.

Anyone behind the bar
who shouldn't have been there?


Oh, you sure?
It was pretty busy back there.

What if somebody wanted to
slip something into a drink?

That's what this is about?

Couldn't happen from back here.

Drinks made for people at the bar
are given right to them.

What if theyre made
for somebody at a table?

They go on a tray.

Servers pick them up.

So someone could do it there.

Too bad the only camera in the place
is pointed directly at the cash register.

Well, that's not the only camera.

There are three hidden ones.

- Where?
- Well, one over the serving area,

one fish-eye up there, and
one in that hallway to the restrooms.

Is there any way we can get
the video from these cameras?

Cops took it all.
Excuse me.

We may not be able to ID the drug,

but we ought to be able to find
the bastard who drugged the drink.

Now, Jordan, the police
have the video.

You really think you can talk Lu
into letting us have it on a hunch?


What are you doing here?

I need that surveillance tape
from the bar last night.

- I don't have it.
- You can get it.

Why do you want it?

Okay, I drank Pollack's drink.
It was drugged.

Jordan, what are you doing?

Okay, he was working on a story.

Reporters do that.

Yeah, about a judge.

Why would somebody drug
his drink because of that?

I don't know yet.
Just work with me here.

Nothing showed up
on your tox screen.

Somebody slipped a knockout
dose of something into his drink.

- I need that video.
- I took myself off the case.

I didn't wanna help them
put you away.

Then get me that tape.

[font color=D EFB ] Det Tallulah Simmons

What are you doing?

My, uh, cell phone.

I'm thinking maybe
that I left it here.

It's on your belt.

- So it is.
- Yeah.

There's no way around
the evidence, Woody,

depending on what you're
doing to it right now.

You think I'd tamper
with this stuff?

I think that you would do
anything for her.

Is that what this is about?

Your jealousy?

Is that's why you're
going after her so hard?

I have bent over backwards
to be fair to her.

Anybody else, I would've
arrested them on the spot.

I never even cuffed her.

What are you doing in my office?

Here's your inventory list.

Go ahead, check everything.

Knock yourself out.

And when you're finished,
you can search me.

We done here?


I mean, are we done?

Just how much trouble
is Woody gonna be in

if we get caught with this video?

Yeah, what about us?


Right there. That's where
I took Pollack's drink.

Back it up.

No, she's not putting
anything in the drink.

Okay, making her
way back to our table...


What is it?


What are you looking at?

Lance. The bartender.

He's staring at us.

Look, there's tons of
people in that place.

Why is he watching us?

There were a lot of people
watching you last night.

Yeah, when you look like
you look, people look.

Go back.

You just saw his hands.

No, it was him. He was the only one
who could've spiked that drink.

- Jordan, don't go crazy, okay?
- I'm not going crazy.

No, no. Don't go off
some half-baked notion...

Are you out of your mind?

Garret, we're onto something here.
I did not sh**t him.

Where did you get that?

The hotel.

Think about changing your answer
to something resembling the truth.

And you get the hell out of here.

- Garret, please...
- Get out.

You can't turn in, Dr. Macy.
They'll revoke her bail.

Now you think of that?

Do you want to know
what we found out?

I'm not surprised at Nigel,

but what the hell
are you thinking about...

What are you gonna do, f*re us?

What difference does it make
where we found the damn thing?

Detective Simmons took all
the security tape from the bar...

- Look, you don't understand.
- She sure as hell

- didn't give it to you.
- We've got something on here!

And she didn't give it to Jordan.

- I am this close to f*ring you...
- WIll you listen to me?

A judge who presided over
a bunch of acquittals?

What's that got to do
with anything?

I knew it was here.

Where did you get it?

I stole it.

I know who stole it.

I want to know how
it got to you.

You'll tell me,
or you'll tell the judge.

Thanks, guys.

Calm down, I'll tell you
whatever you want to know.

Just don't come in here
and thr*at my people, Detective.

COOKE: Lance

# Life is so cruel

# without you here beside me

# Un-break my heart

# Say you'll love me again

Was she here?

That would be a violation
of her bail terms.

So you're telling me

that when I run prints on this,

Jordan's prints won't be on it?

We are all after the same thing,

the truth.

The bruising on Pollack's lungs?

He was in a car accident
last week in D.C.

No one b*at him up.

I'm worried about Jordan.
I don't want to be here.

Well, you know, suck it up,
it's for Lily.

You're lucky you're not groveling
in front of a judge right now.

Lu's gotten a warrant for Jordan.

For violating her bail restrictions.

Then we should go find her.

I went to her apartment,
she wasn't there.

I left half a dozen
messages for her.

Where's Bug?

Mmm. Decided not to come.

Excuse me.

That's not the dress.

I am so sorry.

I can't do this.



It was wrong to push.

The wedding doesn't have
to be today.

We can postpone.

I don't mean that
I can't marry you today.

I'm so sorry.

Excuse me, uh...

I am so sorry.

Jeffrey and I are so grateful
that all of you

came here to be with us on this...

to be with us today.

But... and this is
completely my fault.

Please, please
do not blame him.

He is a wonderful man.

I just...

I... I can't.
The wedding is off. I'm sorry.


You k*lled him.

I didn't do anything.

You drugged his drink.


Then why'd you stop?

You didn't do it,
you would've kept on walking.

I drank that drink.

While I was passed out, someone
came into my room and sh*t him.

Someone who put
that g*n in my hand,

and knew I wouldn't
rememebr a thing.

It wasn't me!
I didn't k*ll him!

Who was it?

Some guy...

Gave me the powder,
he paid me , bucks.

What guy?

No names.

Did he say why?


Judge Gordon. Clarence Gordon.
Ring a bell?


Washington, D.C.?

# I've been loving you

# Too long

# To stop now


Why aren't you at my wedding?

I... couldn't watch you marry him.

Why aren't you at your wedding?

I couldn't marry him.

Why not?

He's not you.

Found this hotel ID
in his wallet.

He's the bartender.

The one Jordan thinks drugged her?

Yeah, that's the guy.

Two g*n wounds to the chest.

From the amount of blood,
I'd say it's a severed aorta.

No witnesses.

Plenty of prints, though.

Run them against Jordan's.

Not your case, Detective.

The victim worked at the same hotel
where Pollack was m*rder,

and Jordan thought
he might've been involved.

You really think
the world's that small?

I think it proves Jordan was right.

Pollack wasn't m*rder
over some lovers' quarrel.

There's something bigger
going on here.

Where is she?

She's now a fugitive.
Do you want to be an accessory?

I have no idea where she is.

Whose prints?



I don't have g*n.

That's not what I heard.

You heard wrong.

Run you .

That is .

That was to see it.

Jordan, Lance Cooke is d*ad,
and your prints are all over him.


I don't need to
tell you how this looks.

Now's not the time
to do anything stupid.

So just... just turn yourself in,
and, you know...

Your friends are here for you.

Wel'll help you through this.

All right, so just call me.
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