05x13 - One Last Dance

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Degrassi Jr. High". Aired: January 1987 to February 1989.
Episode transcripts for the TV show "Degrassi High". Aired: November 1989 to January 1991.
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Follows the exploits of Canadian youngsters in the late 1980s that doesn't sugarcoat the problems facing formerly taboo topics as alcoholism, interracial relationships, HIV/AIDS, drug abuse and h*m*.
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05x13 - One Last Dance

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The place really has potential.

Its possibilities
are endless.

It's amazing
what we can do
with this place.

I am very excited
about this project.

Yeah, a lot
could be done

With the space up here.

Well, look,
even if you don't win

Campaigning was fun,
wasn't it?

Not particularly,

I really want to be
school president this year.

And you will be.

Don't worry,
I can feel it.


Hey, tabster.

Hey, shorty.

Hey, dwayne.

You heard
the latest?

Yeah, someone
at degrassi has aids.

Can you
believe it?


No one
knows who.

Talk about scary.

Can you imagine
if he touched you

Or something?

They better
get him out of
this school quick.

Yeah, real quick.


A guy like that
could k*ll us all.

I know.

♪ I wake up in the morning ♪

♪ got to shake the feeling ♪

♪ I've got to face
a day of school ♪

♪ what's to be afraid of? ♪

♪ I can ask a question ♪

♪ or maybe even bend the rules ♪

♪ I'm searching for a place
where I'll fit in ♪

♪ there's a way, if I look
then I can win ♪

♪ yeah, I can see
I'm not alone ♪

♪ I can face the unknown ♪

♪ everybody can succeed ♪

♪ in yourself you must believe ♪

♪ give it a try ♪

♪ at degrassi high. ♪

Did you decide on your dress?

No, not yet.

Are you going
to the formal?

I doubt it.

It's mainly
for seniors.

Yeah, but I'd
still like to go.

We'll go next year.

How can you guys
talk about a formal
at a time like this?

It's just a silly
little election.

Mr. Raditch:
Attention, this is
your vice-principal.

Try and be dignified.

I have the election results
for student president.

The winner is... Lucy fernandez.


Congratulations on a hard-fought

And well-deserved victory.

Listen, guys,
lunch is on me, okay?

Here I come.


Thanks, bronco.

You see...

Hi, joey.

Caitlin, hi.

How you doing?

Great about lucy, eh?

Yeah, yeah,
I voted for her, too.



No, you didn't.

You never voted.

So, she doesn't
have to know that.

Do I detect something
starting up with joey again?

Of course not,
don't be silly.

Well, you were pretty
friendly at the talent show.

Maya, stop it, okay?

I don't need a matchmaker.

So... When are you
going to ask her

To the dance?

Give me time,
give me time.

We don't exactly have
oodles of time.

Tomorrow's the last day
of school before exams.

Yeah, I know.

Mr. Raditch, please meet
with the building inspectors

In room 103, please.

Thank you.

Which one do you
think has aids?

I don't know.

I hope they find out soon.

They will.

Can't keep anything
a secret around here.

What will

When they
find out?

I don't know.

Sell the car now,
and we can cut our losses.

But I love it.

Keep the fuzzy dice.

I got math at lunch,
science this afternoon

And english this evening

Which means I probably
won't get any sleep...

Will you relax?

You always do great.

I always study.

Study a little less...

You should
try harder.

I've been
looking for you.

We have to talk.



I'll see you later.

Yeah, sure.

So, what's
the problem?

I guess
you heard the rumor?

at degrassi has aids.

Look, I didn't
tell anyone.

Someone did,
and no one else knows.

Come on, man, you must
have told other people.

No one...
Not even my parents.

Come on...

Come on, man,
I didn't tell anyone.

You got to believe me.

Then who did?

I don't know.

Look, they don't
know it's you, right?


Well, then it's
probably just a rumor.

Or maybe it's someone else.

It's a big school.

I come here every day
and people treat me normal.

It's all I've got.

Look, I didn't tell anyone.

Good afternoon, students.

As you know,
exam time approaches.

Please be sure you have
checked the schedule

For exam times and locations.

For example,
all mathematics exams...

That's all for today, guys.

See you tomorrow.

Hey, guys.

Hey, tabs.

If I find out
who that guy
with aids is

I'll bash
him one.

I know,
how sick--

Going to school
with someone that has aids.

The guy should be
kicked out.

How do you know
it's a guy?

Because, joanne,
it is called the gay plague.

Yeah, really.

Guys, wake up.

It is not just
a gay problem.

And what do you know
about aids, joanna?

A lot-- my mother works
with aids patients.

Ooh, girl,
stay away from me.

Yeah, I was going to kiss you,
joanne, but I guess you'd lose.

No, I win.

And for your

It is pretty tough
to get it from kissing.

You'd have to drink
about six liters of
saliva to get it.

You're gross.

I don't care
what she says.

People with aids
should be locked away.

Get them away from me.

How do you know
it's not one of us?

Oh, yeah, right.

How do you know it's not me?

Come on, dwayne,
you're weird

But you're not
a q*eer, man.

I'm sick and tired
of hearing crap

From dumb jerks
who know nothing.

Shorty, take it easy.

You think you're so safe.

So did I.

Come on, dwayne.

You don't have aids.

Not yet, but I'm h.I.V. Positive

And I got it
from a chick.

How do you like that?

Come on,
this isn't funny.

No kidding.

It's the truth.

Hey, have you bought
your tickets

For the degrassi formal yet?

I know, I know,
too busy studying.

Don't have a date?

Don't have the cash?

Hey, I've heard them all.

Oh, my god, look.

He's the one
with aids.

I can't believe

They allow
him in here.

Hey, tab.


I can't
give it to you

By touching.

Just don't touch me.

Tabi, this is me, shorty.

grade two,

Dwayne, please.

I just can't deal with this.

I don't need this crap.

Miss president.

Why, thank you.

Wait, wait, wait.

Allow me to hold
out your desk.

Guys, enough.

It's not every day
you become president.

Well done,

Thanks, liza.


what I'm
going to be.

Settle down, everyone.

Please take one of these
and pass the rest along.

They're to give
to your parents.

is it?

It's all in the letter.

You can discuss it
with your parents.

Come on,
why can't you tell us?

What's the
big mystery?

Come on, sir,
it's the last class of the year.

I'm afraid it's a notification
that degrassi will close in June

And be closed
throughout the next year.

What about us?

You'll be placed
in various high schools.

But why do we all
have to be split up?

There isn't room
in one school.

I don't want
to start all
over again.

It's typical--
our senior year wrecked.

Please, everyone.

I'm just
as shocked
as you are

But there's
nothing we can do.

And this is our last class.

There's still lots to review.

I'm going to fail everything.

There are serious structural
problems with the building.

The electrical system
needs to be replaced.

Our energy efficiency...

Well, you know.

It's an oven in the summer,
freezing in the winter.

that much is true.

Put that

And you have a building
in desperate need of renovation.

So that's it.

We have no say.

This doesn't
seem fair, sir.

I know.

I'm sorry.

If you knew
this was coming

Why did you hold
the elections?

The decision was
only made this morning.

I don't like it either.

If it's any consolation,
I'm being reassigned, too.

You're right.

I like her.

I want to go
to the formal with her.

We'll end up
in different schools.

I may never see her again.

There she is.




Um... I was wondering if you had
a date for the formal yet.

See you later.

Well, you see, the reason
why I'm asking is...

Well, seeing as
this place is closing down

And it is
the last dance...


Would you go
to the formal with me?


I... I don't really know.


Look, it's no problem.

I understand.

Oh, well...
Wait, I didn't say no

I just said... I don't know.

It's different.



Yeah, I'll go with you.

All right!

My car kind of
bit the biscuit.

Maybe I could
rent a limo.

I could come pick you
up at your place...

No... No.

Well, why not?

I think it's better
if we just meet here.

Okay, well, where do
you want to meet?


Okay, um...

Okay, we're going
to the dance.


Well, I'll see
you here, then.

( laughing ):

Oh, yes, yes!

Well, that's it.

Class dismissed,
and don't forget

To get those letters
home to your parents.

I would like to thank everyone

For making this
the best year...

I can't believe
degrassi's closing.

I don't want
to go to a new school
and start over.



Um, have you seen dwayne?

He was here
this morning.

No, I don't think he's been
to any of his classes today.

I heard about him.


Is it true?

I mean, that he's
really not dangerous?

What if I sat in the same
chair that he just sat in?

Could I catch it or something?

Aids gets transferred
through bodily fluids

Not through chairs.

So unless
you've been
sleeping with him...

You can talk to them.

You can shake their hand.

Hug them.

That's all safe.

I know I sound
like a pamphlet

It's just I get so mad

At how people like you
treat people with aids.

It's a lovely night.

Ah, it's a gorgeous
night, isn't it?

Bronco, come on.

Hi, guys.

Ooh-hoo, lucy,
you look great.

Thank you, darling.

Where's bronco?

The limousine had
a television.

He's watching
the end of the show.

Don't worry
about him.

Let's go in.

Yo, yo, yo,
the rhythm is what it's about

So just keep moving,
party people.

Hi, guys.




♪ you've got a way
of moving me so bad, girl. ♪

Can't believe both our dates
came down with the flu.

This is definitely to die.


Showing up tonight?

That is tacky.

This could wreck
my whole evening.

Poor guy.

Wasn't that
a crazy ride here?

Hey, the place
looks pretty good.


Bye bye, degrassi high.

I don't see her.

Well, this is caitlin
we're talking about.

The chick's always late.

Well, we're going
to go in.

So, see you in there?

Okay, see you in there.

Well, how do I look?

How's my hair?

Yeah, it's fine.

Man, you're nervous.

Well, this night
means a lot to me.

If I mess up, I may
never get another chance.


Everything will be fine.

Trust me.

Don't say that.

Every time you say that,
it's a disaster, man.

I give her
about ten minutes.

You having a good time?

Yeah, I'm having
a really good time.

All right, party people,
we're going to slow it down...

I can't believe this
is our last time here.

I know, I'll really
miss this place.

Do you want
to dance?


What are you
doing later?

I want to go
to a party...

Caitlin's been late before,
but never this late.

I should have
picked her up.

Would you
calm down?

Hi, joey.

Oh, hi.

I'm going to go
check my hair.

Can you hold on
to that for me?



Your hair's fine.

Well, I want to check it.



Washroom's that way.

There's too many
people over there.

I'm going to another one.

See you inside.



Hyper or what?

Hey, you okay?

Are you drunk?

I, uh... Didn't
see you during exams.

I didn't
take them.

What's the point?

I'm only going to die, right?

We're all going to die someday.

Some of us are going
sooner than others.

You never know when
they'll find a cure.

Save it, jeremiah.

Told my parents.

My dad was mad

Just like
I thought.

But mom was decent.

She cried.

At least they know now.

I have never
seen you so slow.

Sorry, I couldn't
decide what to wear.

He's not here.

He probably got tired
of waiting and went home.

No, he knows
I'm always late.

How do I look?

How's my dress?

How's my hair?

Caitlin, you look fine.

Relax, he'll be here.

Well, look, I got
to get out of here.

Are you going to stay
in here all night or what?

I thought
I could handle it.

I see them staring at me,
I see them talking.

This was my school, too.

I wanted to be here tonight.

Like a funeral, you know?

Look, don't let them
do this to you.

I used to like it
when people were afraid of me.

But this is different.

Dwayne, come on.

You've got nothing
to be ashamed of.

They're the jerks.

You've got just
as much right
to be here

As anyone else.

Look, I got
to get out of here.

How do I look?


Sure, given what
you've got to work with.


Oh, yeah.

Keep those feet moving,
party people.

♪ fantastic,
that's the way I feel. ♪

♪ fantastic, you can't
tell me it's not real. ♪

♪ fantastic,
that's the way I feel. ♪

♪ fantastic, you can't
tell me it's not real. ♪

I can't see him.

This is great.

He asked me to the dance

Then he
stands me up.

Maybe he thought
you weren't coming.

I should have just said no.

I though maybe we could
get back together again.

Silly me.

I've never been so
humiliated in my whole life.

I'm going to go home.

No... Wait.

Stay and have some fun.

Fun? Now?

Forget it.

I hate him.




I was, um... Combing my hair.

That's okay.

I was late.

Of course.

You look incredible.

♪ fantastic, you can't
tell me it's not real. ♪

Hello, degrassi.

We've got a lot of music
and dancing ahead of us.

I've got
a special request.

It's kind of a slow
and romantic number.

So why don't you find
that special someone

And let's dance.

♪ as tears go by,
up where your love runs free. ♪

Would you like
to dance?


Oh, wonderful.

♪ my hungry heart beats... ♪

This is great.

I almost thought
you weren't going to show up.

I was getting
really paranoid.

You thought?

You've been late before,
but never this late.

I wasn't that late.

Only half an hour.

♪ to hold you
inside of my arms ♪

♪ just one last time ♪

♪ deep inside my piano. ♪

♪ I can touch you
here tonight... ♪

♪ the twisted night
has not forgotten you ♪

♪ and the pain I feel... ♪

Dwayne, it's good
to see you.


I wanted to be here.


Oh, man, it's dwayne.

Come on, let's
get out of here.



I'm staying.

It's fine,
but it's your funeral.

♪ here with the keys
and the chords ♪

♪ and the memories ♪

♪ I can feel you here tonight ♪

♪ here inside my piano. ♪

Hey, shorty...

Want to dance?

Yeah, I'd love to.

♪ tonight... ♪

Hey, mr. Raditch,
you want to dance?

Sure, why not?
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