07x10 - The Wedding

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Good Witch". Aired: February 2015 to present.
Cassandra Nightingale moves into an old, abandoned house which is reputed to be haunted by its original owner, "The Grey Lady". Through the course of the story, seemingly magical things happen, and the community attributes these occurrences to her. Everyone begins to wonder if she is really a witch.
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07x10 - The Wedding

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Previously on Good Witch...

You're going to Paris!

Six months in Paris is not
gonna change how I feel.

- Martha doesn't know.
- Don't you think she should?

I'm having heart surgery.
I didn't wanna worry you.

You're not alone anymore.

(ABIGAIL): "beware the zenith
of the red-haloed moon."

We have less than a week
'til it reaches its zenith.

We gotta find that second amulet.

The latch on the hope chest...

- It's the mould for the amulet.
- You ok?

- (GEORGE): Cassie?!


This is fun, right?

- Mind if I wait with you?
- Pull up some exam table.

Really? You two are
gonna leave me hanging?

Pull up some exam table.


It's a long wait to find out
what we already know.

Only one thing's gonna cure us.

- And it's not modern medicine.
- I'm really scared.

What's the worst that could happen?

We lose our magic.

I don't know how to be anything
other than a Merriwick.


Well... This'll make it easy
to give you all the results.

- You're fine.
- We're fine.

Medically, there's
nothing wrong with you.

But I am gonna prescribe something.

Go home and make that amulet.

Patience's amulet was gold,
and fortune's was silver.

- I don't think it matters.
- Well, everything matters.


Well, the wind seems to agree with you.

We need to recreate
the process exactly like you saw

it in your dream.

I never saw how Meredith made it.

I just saw
her taking it out of the mould.

And you're just telling us this now?

Well, we weren't trying
to make an amulet until now.

We have to stay focused,

and you have to have that dream again.

No, she has to have
the earlier part of that dream.

I can't control what I dream about.

It just happens.



Mugwort. Kava.

- Calamus.
- A tincture?

A tea.

It'll point your dream
in the right direction.


Iignum vitae is always
the base of the f*re.

Cocobolo is placed next,

and kingwood completes the Trinity.



Once the medium turns molten,
it will be ready to pour.

Why do we need to know this?

It's not you two I'm teaching.

But we're the only ones here.

For now.



Did it work?

I think

Meredith knew I'd be watching.

And she showed you how
to make the amulet.

I know exactly what we need to do.

One almond milk latte
with a double sh*t,

one caramel macchiato
with a sprinkle of cinnamon,

and one double chocolate
milkshake, hold the whip.



Check... Mate.

I don't think your heart is
really in this, padre.

Mm. Well, my heart just got

on a plane to Paris.

Do you want any mac with that cheese?

- Ouch.
- Just yanking your chain, kid.

Oh... It's gonna be a long six months.

I just can't stop seeing her face.

I get it. As a matter of fact,

I can see it too,
and it don't look happy.

It was too windy.

They cancelled my flight.

- Darn?

It has its upside.

I get to spend one more day with you.


Do you mind spending a couple

of hours behind the counter first?

- Cassie needs me.
- Good thing the winds

blew me back to Middleton, huh?

They say love is like the wind.

You can't see it, but you can feel it.

Would you like some mac
with that cheese?



Iignum vitae is Latin for tree of life.

According to Google, lignum vitae is

the heaviest and hardest of all woods.

The forever tree.


- I guess we got that one right.
- Says here cocobolo is used

to make musical instruments:
Flutes, guitars, bagpipes.

How do you keep googling faster than me?

I was a blue-ribbon
speed typer in junior high.

It's also used to make chess pieces.

- Padre's chess set.
- From the Middleton exchange.

- Check and mate.
- Now we just need kingwood.


Calm down, blue ribbon.

I already know it's used
to make furniture.

It was almost exclusively
used to make inlays

in very fine furniture
in the th century.

You're not the only one who can Google.

Heh! I'll go and grab the chess pieces.

I'm gonna get a branch
from the forever tree.

I'll go to the bell, book
& candle and find some kingwood.

Looks like I'm going to the hospital.

Wait. Where do I go?

Uh, to lunch with your dad, and Zoey.

Oh, my gosh. I completely
forgot. I feel bad not helping.

You'll feel worse if you stand them up.

We've got this covered.


Did she tell you
how she got her head stuck

in the bannister on her fourth birthday?

- No, she did not!
- We tried butter.

We tried soap.
We tried icing from her cake.

We finally had to call
the f*re department.

Oh, so this is, like, a pattern for you.

What? Twice in years
is not a pattern!

- Mm...

- What?
- I'm happy you're happy.

- So she told you she's happy?
- Oh, no.

- I didn't tell him anything.
- So you're not happy?

- Can you help me out here?
- I'm gonna help myself

- to this Turkey melt.

Hey. Where'd you go?

I just feel bad. I...

We're here, having fun,

and my family's out there
dealing with the amulet.

- Can we help?
- You look familiar.

Charlotte! Hey.

What, uh...

What are you doing in Middleton?

I'm meeting with a client.

Sorry. This is my father, Philip,

and... This is Zoey.

Well, I didn't mean to interrupt.

But, um... Look, I'm only in town

for one day, and I would

- love to catch up.
- Oh, um,

I'm just not really sure if I can.

Ok. Well, no pressure.

Nice to meet you both.

- So that was Charlotte.

That was.

I think...

You two should definitely catch up.

- (BOTH): I've been thinking...
- You first.

You go.

- No, you go.
- Being at the forever tree

reminded me how perfect...
Cassie and Sam's wedding was.

And I was thinking that maybe
we should get married there.

Actually, I was...

Gonna say that with everything
you've got going on right now,

maybe it's not the best time to elope.

Are you sure this is about me?

I'm worried about you.

Even if tonight doesn't go

like we hope, and tomorrow...

I can't tell that the phone's
gonna ring before it rings,

it's not gonna change my mind
about wanting to be

married to you.

I was hoping you'd say that.




We leave the day after tomorrow.

I arranged for a minister to marry us.


- I love you.
- You better.

I'd better get this branch inside.

- Do you want me to stay?
- No, you've helped enough.

Go run your city.


I love you too.

- Hey, Tom.
- You don't look like Monica.

- Lucky for her. Thanks.

Monica got called down
to the er. I'm just here

to finish up the pre-op instructions.

Do you have any questions
about the surgery?

Just one.

Do I actually have
to go through with it?

Um, yeah.

(SAM CHUCKLES) any other questions?

I thought I would...

But I'm pretty at peace with the
whole thing.

And no matter what happens, I've lived
the life I wanted to.

Listen, Tom. I know
what you're thinking.

And yes, anything can happen.

But mitral valve repair has
a % success rate.

If, for some reason,
I'm in that other %...

...At least I know I've been
the best husband and father

I could be.

I always put my family first.

Ah. Well, that's, um...

That's something you should be proud of.

I appreciate you saying that,

Sam, but you're the same way.


- ok.

- Let's hope this is kingwood.
- We're betting a lot on hope.

We're betting a lot on us.

I got a queen, a rook and a pawn

- all ready to catch f*re.
- All right.

I'll light the lignum vitae.



- I can't do it.
- Maybe we should

- all try together.
- Ok.


- We're more off than I thought.
- All right. Stand down, kiddos.

Sometimes... You just have to do things

the old-fashioned way.

And cocobolo is placed next.


Kingwood completes the Trinity.

No purple flame.

I'll get it out of there.

- (f*re CRACKLING)

The orb of intent.

- What about it?
- It's on a wooden base.

I bet you dollars to donuts

Laurel knew we'd figure this out.


- oh!


"Shake the family tree."

- What does that mean?
- It means throw the wood

on the f*re. We don't
have time to figure it out.




- Let's make an amulet.

- oh!

Don't think the moon agrees
with that plan.

Thomas Tinsdale,
if I don't hear back from you

in the next five minutes,
I'm sending out a search party!

How about five seconds?
You can call off the dogs.

- I was about to put out an atb.
- You mean an apb?

No. I mean an atb, an all Tom bulletin.

By my calculations,
your pre-op appointment

should've ended exactly... (GASPS)

... minutes ago! Where have you been?


A basket of strawberries?

A basket of Myers strawberries.

Is this your way of telling me
that your pre-op appointment

didn't go well?

Everything went fine.

I'm first up Friday morning.

You've always been my rock, Tom.

It's ok to be worried.

I can't imagine not being here for you.

Well, then...

Don't imagine it.

If something happens to me...

...I wanna know you're gonna be ok.

I want to tell you I would be.

I know that that would comfort you.

But my life would never be
the same without you.


- The calm before the storm.
- It matches.

All these years wondering what was

on the last page, and it says
"shake the family tree"?

I wonder what Elizabeth meant by that.

I wonder what we'll discover.

I think it's ready.

You should do it.

No pressure, though.


It worked! (CHUCKLING)



- For about two seconds.
- I don't get it! We did

- everything I saw in my dream.
- We need to do it again.

We need to try something different.

Thought you ladies might like
a cup of tea.


Fortune's amulet was silver.

I can't believe we're doing this.

- It's a big commitment.
- Ha, you think?

- Means we'll be together forever.
- You got a problem with that?

I do.

- It's not long enough.

We did just get back together.

When you know it's right, why wait?

Couldn't agree more.


let's go toss a coin
in that wishing well.

- Let's do it.


The hospital?

Mr. Yakamoto's going
into emergency surgery.

- He's asking for me.
- To be continued.

- I'll be back in an hour.
- I'm not going anywhere.

Only to Paris for six months.


Mr. Yakamoto's waiting.


I... I completely forgot about Cancun.

You forgot about dancing
all night at the Congo club?

Yeah. It doesn't ring a bell.

Please. Dancing was our thing.

Yeah, well...

We might've had our moments.

I got you those earrings
for your th birthday.

- You always had good taste.
- Surprised you still wear them.

Well, I didn't for a long time.

What changed?

Well, none of my relationships
over the last five years

really, um... Worked out.

Is that because you're
still a workaholic?

It's because none of them were you.

I heard that you were living here.

That's why I took on
Dotty Davenport as a client.

So I guess you've forgiven me.

I'm the one who needs forgiving.

- I neglected you.
- Thank you for saying that.

Look, I want us to be able
to say anything to each other.

Starting with...

I want you back.


- Hey.
- Hey.

I didn't even hear you come in.

It's not like you have
a lot on your mind.

I thought you had
that meeting with the board.

Rescheduled it.

- Mm. I'm glad you did.

- Hey.
- I would've called,

but I figured you always know
when I'm coming anyway.

Not this time.

Hey. You in town to see Michael?

Yeah. A client of mine gave me box seats

to a cubs playoff game.

Michael'll like that.


Ok. Something's going on.



- Hey!
- Hey.

I thought you were having
coffee with Charlotte.

- I was.
- How'd it go?


- And?
- And we caught up.

Really? That's all you got?

Well, we talked about work
and salsa dancing

and... She wants to get back together.

- Talk about burying the lede.
- Heh. Yeah.

I should've told you
about the salsa dancing.

- What was your answer?
- Well, I'm gonna tell her no.

If you were gonna tell her no...

You would've done it already.

You're right. I should have.

But you didn't.


I didn't know what to say.

Then you've got a decision to make.




Strike two.

- We're running out of time
- and we're out of elements.

You need to go back into the dream.

Do you want me to drink the tea again?

No. That'll take too long. Um, sit down.

Close your eyes.


Now, take a deep breath.


And imagine yourself

back in the secret room.

What do you see?

(JOY): Meredith, Patience
and Fortune putting

the three woods in the cauldron.

(CASSIE): Where is the crucible?

- (JOY): It's on the table.
- (CASSIE): What's in it?

(JOY): I don't know. I can't see.

- (CASSIE): Well, look.
- (JOY): I'm trying,

but I never saw what was in it.



The purple satchels were right there.

The dirt is the element.





You know, wind chimes are
meant to be in the wind.

Yeah, not this kind of wind.

You know, grace made these
in the third grade.


- I know you miss her.
- I also miss seeing you.

Well, that might change soon.

I had a feeling you weren't
just here for a baseball game.

I thought you weren't
feeling things right now.

Doesn't mean that I don't know
when something's going on with you.

There's a house

two streets over, on mockingbird Lane...

...I'm considering making an offer on.

Wow. That's a long way from the Marina.

Well, I'm gonna need a place
more permanent than the boat

if I'm gonna become a foster dad.

Have you really thought about this?

Becoming a foster dad? Of course.

No, about how much time

you'll have to spend
commuting to Middleton.

I just want you to be sure
it's the right decision.

Take seconds before you take a leap.

That's good advice.

It's your advice.

You told me that when I was nine.

Oh... You wanted to punch

Billy snyder for taking
your baseball glove.

Yeah. And it's a good thing I didn't

'cause it was actually
Polly pardue who took it.


Everything you've got going on

and you're still always here for me.

Tell me what I could do to help you.

You just did.

My money's on you.

I appreciate that, but you
might lose a buck or two.

- Want my advice?
- Please.

Pick something she loves.

- She... Loves to salsa dance.
- Ah!

- Then take her salsa dancing.
- I think that ship has sailed.

So pull it back to the dock!

Even if I did, I have...
What's worse than two left feet?

Nothing is worse than two left feet.


You need a coach.

- Let me guess.
- Let me stop you.

Heh. You couldn't handle all of this.

Lucky for you,

there's a salsa aficionado
on staff here.

Do you think they would teach me?

- Hey.
- I think you should ask him.

- Sam?
- Zoey?


You wouldn't happen to know
how to salsa dance?

I told you that in confidence.

Um... Cassie and I...

Might've taken a couple of lessons.

- Could you teach me?
- Uh...



I... Suppose

I could show you a move or two.



Hey! How's Mr. Yakamoto?

The surgery went well,

but he... Asked if I could stay

until his daughter gets here
from Chicago.

Looks like the wishing well
will have to wait.

Better idea.

I pick you up tomorrow morning



And then we could stop
by the wishing well

on the way to the airport.

Sounds perfect.

But my flight got bumped up,
and I have to be at the airport

- at A.M.
- Um...

Then I can pick you up
at A.M. To take you there.

I'll be the one barely awake.

I love you.

I love you too.






We did it.


- Now what do we do with it?
- I don't feel so good.

- I was hoping it was just me.
- No, it's not.

Before you do anything...
You should put the amulet

- around your neck.
- Where's the setting?

Oh, we were so concerned
with making the tree of life...

We didn't think
about the rest of the amulet.

Isn't the tree of life
the important part?

We're about to find out.

- We can use this.
- Thanks.

- Here, let me.
- Thanks.

minutes 'til midnight.

Or until we turn into pumpkins.





It's not working!

It's not getting any worse either!

Looks like we're at a standoff.

- Grace?

Take seconds before you take a leap.


Would you still call this a standoff?

Well, we're still standing, aren't we?

Guys, look!




It's pieces of Patience's amulet!

- Fortune must have buried it!
- Check it out!

The setting's still in one piece!


let's finish this.




- We did it!
- Piece of cake!

Wedding cake.

(JOY AND CASSIE): You're eloping?!




Do I look nervous?

You look beautiful.


- Oh...
- Ok.

I now pronounce you man and wife.

That was perfect, but let's go with...

- Husband and wife.
- I don't know

how you do this. Why am I so nervous?

Because you just got ordained
online two hours ago.

Question is why aren't you nervous?

Because I'm marrying my best friend.

- And here's mine.
- Ok.

- She's ready.
- So is he.



- Wow.

- You're perfect.
- You're welcome.

- you're on.

Yeah. I'm honoured
you've asked me to perform

the ceremony,
if only because I own the boat.


How about we get you two hitched?

- Yeah.
- Now, I know you've

written your own vows. Adam.


From the moment I saw you, I realized...

...I have to focus on the horizon.

- Oh, no.
- No, no, it's not... I'm ok.

Are you wearing that patch I prescribed?

I am and, uh...

The pressure point bracelets
that Cassie gave me.

I am so sorry. This is all my fault.

No, no. Don't... don't be.
This was your dream.

- And now, it's your nightmare.
- Why don't we just

- get you seated, ok?
- Ok, yeah.

Let's get you centred.

Just focus on taking a deep breath.

I think I'd rather focus
on finishing my vows.


- Are you sure?
- I'm positive...

...That I can't finish my vows.


Ok. Well, in that case...

...I'm gonna finish them
for the both of us.

That is why I love you.

- You know why I love you?
- Why?

You're perfect.


You're welcome.


Have I ever told you
you're my favourite person?

I just wanna be married to you.

I just wanna be married to you.

Then, by the power vested in me

by lightandloveministry. Com,
I now pronounce you...

Husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.

And I will...
As soon as we're on dry land.

- Right.
- Right.


We were halfway back to Chicago

when the engine started smoking.

- I pulled over...
- And I was just

a little freaked out
that I was gonna miss my flight.

I was a lot freaked out.

- But then, it happened.
- The tow truck arrived?


The bakery truck.

Matty's wedding wonders.

- He asked if we needed help.
- And I told him we needed

a wedding cake.

I didn't want her to get on that plane

without being my wife.

And I figured, since I was already gonna

miss my flight...

We might as well get married.

And... Since you didn't get a chance

to exchange rings on the boat...

Now is the perfect time.


- Ahem.

With this ring...

I promise you my heart.

With this ring...

I promise you my never-ending love.

And now, for the second time,

I officially pronounce you
husband and wife.


- Just kiss the bride already!
- I will! I will.

But first, I want my bride to know...

...That I don't think it's the best idea

to start our marriage apart.

So, if she'll have me...

...I'd like to join her in Paris.

Are you serious?

Is that a yes?

Yes! Yeah.


♪ I swear to god, when I come home ♪

♪ I'm gonna hold you so close ♪

♪ I swear to god, when I come home ♪

♪ I'll never let go ♪

♪ like a river, I flow ♪

♪ to the ocean unknown ♪

♪ but you pull me close ♪

♪ guiding me home ♪

are we gonna see you two
at the altar any time soon?

Just as soon as you see a ginormous rock

on this finger. (LAUGHS)

Careful. Henriette Middleton
jewellers owes me a favour.

♪ We're fallin' like the stars ♪

♪ fallin' in love ♪

wouldn't it be great
if the honeymoon never ended?

- I remember our wedding.
- Like it was yesterday.


Well, it's not as big a decision

- as getting married.
- I don't know.

Buying a house is a pretty big decision.

Well, deciding that I want
to be close to family

- made it an easy one.

♪ Four kids and no sleep ♪

♪ we'll have one on each knee ♪

♪ you and me ♪

excuse me.

♪ And when they've grown up ♪

you are beautiful.

Keep talking.

I was hoping we could dance instead?

♪ And I need ♪

♪ you to know ♪

♪ that we're fallin' so fast ♪

♪ we're fallin' like the stars ♪

♪ fallin' in love ♪

♪ and I'm not scared ♪

♪ to say those words ♪

♪ with you, I'm safe ♪

♪ we're fallin' like the stars ♪

♪ fallin' in love ♪

♪ I swear to god, every day ♪

♪ he won't take you away ♪

♪ 'cause without you, babe ♪

♪ I lose my way ♪

was it something I said?


It was actually something Adam said.

"I do"?

It's pretty impressive
he's gonna drop everything

and go spend six months
in Paris with Stephanie.

So that's what this is about.

We're never gonna put
our marriage first.

Well, I'm glad you think so.

I think we've both known it
for a long time.

Maybe we have.


Then what are we doing?



♪ And I need you ♪

♪ to know that we're ♪

♪ fallin' so fast ♪

♪ we're fallin' like the stars ♪

- ♪ we're fallin' in love ♪

ah! I can't believe
how many shrimp I ate.

(CASSIE LAUGHS) I can't wait to get out

of these heels.



Um... You do realize
we're already married?

I do. This is a...

Different kind of proposal.

You have my attention.

But do I have your permission
to take you around the world?

Ok. You better get out of here
before my husband gets home.

Oh, you mean your husband,
the workaholic?

Oh, you know him?

Mmhm. Yeah, I do.

I know he's decided to change his ways.

- That's a big decision.
- It is.

I don't wanna look back...

On our life together
and have any regrets.

And the biggest one would be
if I didn't spend

- enough time with you.
- I don't want that either.

- Is that a yes?
- It's not a no.

- Are we really doing this?
- We are.

And I need you to do something for me.

Name it.

Help me up.




I can't believe that they decided

to get married this morning,
and then they just went for it!

I love that they just went for it.

So you like a grand gesture.

What did you do?

I may have had
Sam teach me how to salsa.

You learned how to salsa for me?

- No...




- Should we check on her?
- No. I think we should

just give her some space.


I know you guys were talking about me.

We just wanna make sure you're ok.

- I'm fine.
- And clearly in denial.

I'm not denying anything...

Including taking that trip to Tuscany.

Are you sure you wanna go
on your honeymoon alone?

Moving to Tuscany has
always been my dream.

- You're moving there?!
- We'll see how it goes.


Now, just let me fluff your pillow.

- My pillow is fine.

Arguing? That's a good sign.
How are you feeling?

I could use a fluffier pillow.

Thomas Tinsdale!

I'm sure Martha told you

we were able to do a repair
instead of a replacement,

which is exactly what we hoped for.

Oxygen levels look great.

Vitals are strong.

Ah, I wish all my patients
were like you.

Keep it up. You'll home in a few days.

- Definitely glad to hear that.
- Thank you, Dr. McBride.

My pleasure.


- Martha...
- Oh, come on!

Just let me fluff.

How about you hold my hand instead?



Can't go to Paris without this.

What are you smiling at?

- My husband.

What are you smiling at?

My wife.

(STEPHANIE CHUCKLES) man, we're sappy.

- Yeah, but we earned it.
- Know what I'm picturing?

- What?
- Sunday mornings...

You at that pulpit.

These pews filled with people.

And me and our kids,
watching their dad do

his thing.

Ok. A couple of things.

I like the sound
of the church being full.

But did you say kids?

- Plural?
- I did.


Exactly how many kids
are we talking about?

How many kids are you talking about?

(BOTH): Three.


Don't worry about Grey House, kid.

- We got it covered.
- I have no doubt.

I would. With these two in charge,

who knows what you're
gonna come home to?

Huh! Suddenly, I'm not
so sad you're leaving.

- Give me a hug.
- And give me your suitcase.


I'll have one of those!

- we'll see you in a month.

- Ah, bring it in, doc.

Give grace a big hug for me?

- Here's one for you.
- Oh, George.

- Ah. Aw.
- I'm gonna miss you guys.

We're gonna miss you too.

Mm. Take care.

- It's not too late to back out.
- Not a chance.

There's nothing I wanna do more
than wander the world with you.



(JOY): Bye!

- Shall we?
- Ok.
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