06x22 - Independence Day

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Wonder Years". Aired: January 1988 to May 1993.
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06x22 - Independence Day

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-Previously on
"the wonder years"...

-We're driving cross-country.

- I'm in.
- You're out.

-I'll think about
you every minute.

-You wouldn't survive
two seconds on your own.

-I'm out of here.

-I wish you wouldn't do this.

-I got to find myself.

-I mean, you just got in your
car, and you drove all this way?

-This job isn't exactly
what I had in mind.

-[Laughs] okay, kevin!

-Employees aren't really allowed
around here during the day.

-You know, I came all the
way up here to see you,

And now I'm not gonna see you.

[Joe cocker's "with a little
help from my friends" plays]

-♪ Baby ♪

-♪ High with a little
help from my friends ♪

-♪ Said I'm gonna make
it with my friends ♪

-♪ Try with a little
help from my friends ♪

-♪ Oh, oh, I'm gonna
keep on tryin' ♪

-♪ Get by with a little
help from my friends ♪

-♪ I'm gonna keep
on tryin', now, babe ♪

-♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

-[Sniffs] I doubt it.

I seriously doubt it.

-It's true. Ask nick.

The girl did not wash
her hair for six months.

This big tick buried its way

Through her
skull into her brain.

-Hey, will you
guys knock it off?

I'm trying to rest here.

-What's wrong with him?


- "Girlfwend twubble."

-Hey, will you mind
your own business?

-She's hanging
out with king eric.

- Ooh.
- Ooh.

-Uh, kev?


-They said at the front desk
that I'd find you back here.

-We were just leaving.

-Yeah. We were just leaving.

-Nice to meet you.


-The guys.


-So, what are you doing here?

Of course, it was obvious.

The old man had
seen the light...

About me, about him.

-Your mother asked me to come

And give you these.

She was afraid you didn't
pack enough underwear.



And, um, she also
packed some cookies.


That's great.


This is where
you're living, huh?


What's wrong with it?

It's comfortable.

[Insect buzzing]

-What are they paying you?

-They pay me enough.

You know, with tips.

-Look, kevin, I've been
giving this a lot of thought,

About what happened to
us the other day, and, uh...

-Okay, here it came... A
full and abject apology.

The man was gonna crawl.

-I think you made a big mistake.


-You flew off the handle,
you said some things...

That happens.

Anyway, I want you
to know that if...

You want to come
back and work for me...


- It'd make your mother happy.

-And that about ripped it.

Look, dad.

I don't need you,

I don't need your job,

And I don't need your
stupid underwear.

Got it?

I'm doing fine here
on my own, okay?

-Suit yourself.

[Bag crinkles]

I got to be going.


-So, how was that?


I'm going swimming.

-Screw the rules.

My life was a shambles,
and it wasn't just dad...

It was winnie.

My only hope was...

I hadn't seen what I'd seen...


- Even though I knew I had.



Yeah, I know.

I figure I'd masquerade
as one of the guests.

You think we could...

You know, maybe find
some place to talk?

-About what?

[Whistle blows]
- well, uh...

-Kevin, I can't. I'm on duty.

-Yeah. You've been on
duty ever since I got here.

- I can't help it. It's my job.
- Yeah, I bet.

-What was that?

-Listen, winnie, maybe this
wasn't such a good idea.

I mean, coming up here.

Even though I know
I encouraged it,

But when you get down to it...

-Maybe you're right.

Maybe it wasn't a good idea.

-What do you mean?

-Maybe you should go.

-I felt like I'd been sh*t
right through the tomato.

Well [chuckles]

Th-that's not what I meant.

-Kevin, you said yourself

It was time that we
find ourselves, right?

You said we should
give each other space.

-Yeah, but...


What do you say, babe?

-And that's when
I knew... For sure.

- What? Let go!

-I saw you.

Last night, at the
party, I saw you.

I came looking for you,

And they told me
you were with eric.

And when I found you...

You were kissing him.

The thing is, I didn't
mean to accuse her.

I just wanted her back.

- You saw me?
- So i...

-I don't believe this!
You were spying on me?!


-How dare you?!

-By that evening, I'd
come up with a plan...

Win enough money
to buy out the resort

And f*re all the lifeguards.

After that... su1c1de.

-It's your bet, amigo.

-Not that I was going down

Without one last
moment of glory.

I'm in for $20.


-I'm in.

-Yeah, here they came.

-See ya.

-The lambs to the slaughter.

-I'll raise you $50.


I don't have $50.

-No pay, no play.
What's it gonna be?

-My car...

Worth a couple hundred at least.

Well, $75 anyway.

-Sí, señor.

-Read 'em and weep.

It felt good.

It felt like revenge

Against a world that
had turned against me.

-Three kings.


-Full house.

-Four jacks.



-Well, what do you
know? The pot is mine, huh?

[Man speaking spanish]

[Laughter continues]

-Kevin, something wrong?

-b*at it.

-Young man, where's
your uniform?

-Stick it.

The next morning,
I'd made up my mind.



-I'd had all night to
decide what to do.

I just want you to know...


-And there you had it.

I'll be leaving now.

I'd set out to find myself

And ended up losing everything.

I walked for a long time.

Didn't have a destination.

Just a lot on my mind...

Heartbreak, loss, betrayal.

Most of all, one thought
kept coming back to me

Again and again,
like an old song.


Now I get hungry.

I'd forgotten to eat lunch.

So I was forced to fall back

On the oldest survival technique

Known to alienated man...

Mom's cookies.

[Cow moos]


b*at it.

I examined my options.

I had no car, no money,
and no place to go.

It was clear what I needed
here was a new philosophy...

The philosophy of the loner...

The philosophy of the road.

[Vehicle approaching]



So much for philosophy.

What I needed was a ride.

Hey, stop!



[Tires squeal]

-Need a lift?

-Yeah, actually.

Listen, is there a bus
station around here?

-Yes, hop in.


Oh, no.

-You two know each other?

- No.
- No.

[Tires screech]


All the chevys in all the world,

She has to walk into mine.

Winnie, would you mind
moving your stuff over?

-Yes, I'd mind.


Fine. I don't care.

-It's a lovely
afternoon, isn't it?

Would anybody like some music?

- Sure.
- No, thank you.

-So... What happened?

You run out of bathing suits?

-Can it.

-Or did "mr. Muscles" find
himself a new squeeze?

-I got fired.

-They fired you?

-Because of you.

-Well, congratulations.

Who would have ever thought

Little miss two-timer
would get a dose of her...

-Oh, you're really
something! You know that?

You are absolutely contemptible.

-Me?! What about you?!

- Rat!
- Tramp!

-That's it. Stop the
car. I'm getting out.

-Oh, no. No, I'm getting out.

-Fine, then. Get out!


No. You get out.

I'm staying here.

So, we both got out.

Thrown out.

So... You happy now?

-I'm not speaking to you.

-[Scoffs] I don't care.
No skin off my nose.


-Oh, man. Do you
have to do that?

-Do what?

-Do you have to cry like that?

-I'm not crying.

And I'm not a tramp.

-Hey, if the shoe fits, right?

-Oh, like you never
looked at somebody else?

-What are you talking about?

-How about that girl
last summer at the lake?

-Wait a minute. Low blow.

Who told you about that?

-You are so transparent.

-Oh, so this is some
kind of jealousy thing?

Is that it?

-You're worse than transparent.

You're a snake!

-Oh, yeah?

[Truck approaching]

[Horn honking]

[Thunder rumbles]

And that about said it all.

-Goodbye, kevin arnold.

-Yeah. Have a nice life!

-I hate you.

-The feeling's mutual!

[Thunder crashes]

[Thunder crashes]

[Thunder crashes]

So, thanks to 30
billion kilowatts

Of unmetered electricity

And about a ton of rain...

We ended up sharing
the same barn.


Thank you.

-Don't mention it.

You know, this is
really, really great.

[Thunder crashes] you know that?

It's almost funny.

-You think this is funny?



I mean...

You grow up next
door to someone.

And you figure you
really know them.

And then, like, overnight,
you find out you...

Didn't know them at all.

-Yeah. Well, look who's talking.

[Thunder crashes]


Hey, I'm not the
one who changed.

-You really believe that?

-You bet.

I mean...

I changed a little, but...

Not really, though.

[Thunder crashes]

But I guess I knew better.

I guess we both knew better.


-It just took winnie to say it.

-Here's what I think.

I think this had to happen...

Today, tomorrow...


I mean, it's not like
we're kids anymore.

Everybody grows up.

It's not like peter
pan or something.


It's not like peter pan.

It's just...

Somehow I thought we'd
be together, you know?


Together forever.


It's not gonna happen, is it?


[Thunder crashes]

[Door creaks]

-What was that?




[Thunder crashes]

[Whinnies] aah!



Did you see that?

It's a horse.


God, it practically
scared me to death.

Can you believe that?



I don't want it to end.

-Once upon a time,

There was a girl I knew
who lived across the street...

Brown hair, brown eyes.

When she smiled, I smiled.

When she cried, I cried.

Every single thing that ever
happened to me that mattered,

In some way, had to do with her.

That day, winnie and I promised
each other that no matter what,

That we'd always be together.

It was a promise full of
passion and truth and wisdom.

It was the kind of promise

That can only come from
the hearts of the very young.

[Marching band plays]

The next day, winnie
and I came home,

Back to where we'd started.

It was the 4th of july in
that little suburban town.

Somehow, though,
things were different.

Our past was here, but our
future was somewhere else.

And we both knew,
sooner or later...

We had to go.

It was the last july I
ever spent in that town.

The next year,
after graduation...

I was on my way.


Hey, paul!


-So was paul.

He went to harvard, of course.

Studied law.


-He's still allergic
to everything.

-Thanks a lot.

-Listen, I'll be right back.

Hang on one second.

As for my father...


-How you doing?


-Welcome home.

- We patched things up.


-Hey, we were family,

For better or worse.

Hey, sis.

One for all...


-A little kevin.

- And all for one.

-Little eskimo.

-Yeah, I know. Oh, my gosh.

Karen's son was
born that september.

I got to say, I think
he looks like me.

Poor kid.

Mom... She did well...

Businesswoman, board
chairman, grandmother...

Cooker of mashed potatoes.

The wayner stayed
on in furniture.

Wood seemed to suit him.

In fact, he took over the
factory two years later...

When dad passed away.

Winnie left the next summer
to study art history in paris.

Still, we never
forgot our promise.

We wrote to each
other once a week

For the next eight years.

I was there to meet her
when she came home...

With my wife and my first son...

Eight months old.

Like I said...

Things never turn out
exactly the way you planned.

-It was good. It was a good 4th.


So, you're gonna
be a grandpa, huh?


Not bad.

-Gray hair and everything.

-Yeah, soon enough.

-Growing up happens
in a heartbeat.

One day you're in diapers...

Next day you're gone.

But the memories of childhood

Stay with you for the long haul.

I remember a place...

A town...

A house...

Like a lot of houses.

A yard like a lot
of other yards...

On a street like a
lot of other streets.

And the thing is...

After all these years...

I still look back...

With wonder.

-Hey, dad? Want to play catch?

-I'll be right there.
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