01x12 - Richochet

Episode transcripts for the 2017 TV show "APB". Premiered February 6.
"APB" revolves around a tech billionaire, who purchases a troubled Chicago Police precinct, hoping to close the file of a m*rder of a close friend and his company's CFO.
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01x12 - Richochet

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Previously on APB...

That call I made...

it was to a cell phone
attached to a b*mb.

Gideon Reeves, an unelected
fascist technocrat

accountable to no one.

He's a guy with a
lot of secrets.

And today those
secrets come out.

Did you even consult a lawyer
before you sh*t a man with a drone?

We both know that this is
as much about the fact

that your ex-wife works here.

This is a crowbar. Just plug
it in to the district servers.

It'll pry open an encrypted back
door for me to do my thing.

- I'm not doing that!
- Yes, you are.

Where'd that car come from?

I don't know, Squad.
Out of nowhere.

I'd say they got somebody on a
computer looking out for them, too.

- What is that?
- Secret lab.

1309, Squad, we have
three armed assailants

approaching Gideon's house.

The stuff that I work on down
here is highly experimental.

And completely illegal!

The guy in the mask
might be crazy,

but he's not wrong.

On the ground! Get
on the ground now!

They're about to get it.

Mask off, gloves off.

Game on. Come and get me.

Drives down the lane.

Beautiful pass!

Come on! Come on! Come on!
Damn it.

Fakes left and goes right
along the baseline.

Either pass the damn
ball or sh**t the three.

What the hell is...?

Yeah, this is base, yeah?

We got a problem with
the video surveillance.

Oh, great. The
radio's down, too?

Can I help you?



Fear gripped the city
as reports came in

to police districts
across Chicago

of possible terror att*cks.

Turns out those att*cks were
well-orchestrated hoaxes

targeting the controversial
13th district of the city,

headed by maverick
billionaire Gideon Reeves.

Many are pointing to this video,

posted online
before the att*cks,

criticizing Reeves.

An unelected, fascist technocrat

accountable to no one
has trampled rights

and declared w*r on this city.

Authorities are still searching
for suspects, and sources say

the 13th district has
received credible thr*at

of further att*cks.

Meanwhile, Mayor Salgado is pointing
the finger in another direction,

singling out Reeves personally.

Gideon Reeves has turned
our city into a target,

and once and for all, he
should be held accountable.

He's serious.

I've already had two
calls from City Hall.

He's going after us? That...

He knows that we were the ones
that got attacked, right?

Did you mention that?

All he sees is a chance
to send you packing.

The assistant state's
attorney is already here,

waiting to help
with your luggage.

Well, we have a t*rror1st
to catch, right?

- He tried to k*ll me.
- And me.

We need to talk about Ada.

- That's a complicated situation.
- Is it?

She confessed to
working with a hacker.

The same hacker who
tried to k*ll us.

- I know, but...
- But what?

She should be in interrogation,
not sitting in the ops center.

- She's a criminal.
- That's debatable.

This isn't. She's not a cop.

I mean, am I wrong here?

I'll admit the kid's
grown on me, but,

Gideon, we're sworn to uphold
the law here, and she broke it.

No question Ada did some things
that she should not have.

She was trying to help.

- She saved lives.
- But she took one to do it.

Gideon, you and I have
had this conversation.

Nobody gets to change the rules,

not even if it's
for a good reason.

Not you, not me,

- and especially not Ada.
- Okay!

Okay, yes, yes, yes, but...
reality check here.

We are going up
against a hacker.

Not just any hacker.

A hacker that Ada
personally knows.

So unless you're planning on
getting a graduate degree

in computer science in
the next half hour,

I mean, pretty sure we need her.

For now I'm inclined to agree.

Murph, Gideon's got
to talk to the A.S.A.

We got a bad guy to catch.

I think it's best we get on it.

Murphy, hey, I really am so
sorry about all of the...

You're sorry? It's a little late
for that now, don't you think?

Yeah. Um...

When you and Gideon got here,

I defended you.

I trusted you.

Then you turn around and s*ab
us in the back like this?

You put everything that
we worked for at risk.

So what the hell good
is your sorry gonna do

when this district is shut down?

Yeah, I thought so.

Now I have a suspect
to interrogate.

And if it wasn't for
Gideon, it would be you.

Mayor Salgado wants
the 13th district

to stand down,
effective immediately.

Ah, so, what? We're just
supposed to walk away?

The mayor realizes we're
actually doing a job, right?

Is he gonna order
all the criminals

to stand down as well?

He's getting approval from the
city council for an injunction,

giving the 12th district
control of the 13th.

The leadership... you, the captain...
will be suspended.

You have been after the
13th since I got here.

No, no, no. This isn't about me.

This is about your arrogance.

Yes, yes, yes, that is true.
You are right.

I was. I was arrogant.
Danny Reghabi,

DV8, whatever he's called...

he's coming after the
13th 'cause of me,

but you know what else is true?

We are dealing with a
very dangerous person.

And we are the only district

that could even begin
to handle him.

So, if you have to...

I don't know...
arrest me, sh**t me,

whatever, knock yourself out.

As long as I'm here,
I have a job to do.

According to your prints,
you're Jack Nagle.

Priors for armed
robbery, as*ault and

being a dumbass crook
in general, so,

you want to tell me
how you ended up

working for Danny Reghabi?

- I'm sorry. DV8.
- Nope.

Here's the deal.

We got you on attempted m*rder,

home invasion and w*apon
charges, all on video.

So unless you want to die
in prison, start talking.

Ah, I see Murphy's
working her magic.

How'd it go with the A.S.A.?

Huh? Oh, just a

He's buying me a
lobster at Shaw's,

hanging my portrait
at City Hall.

How's the interrogation going?

I've seen better.

Ada, bring up the
biometric chair feed.

How do you know Danny Reghabi?

I'm not telling
you a damn thing.

He's got to be
protecting someone.

Probably himself.

Danny is frighteningly good at
getting to anyone, any time,


Ooh, hear that, Murph?

Sounds like this guy's more
scared of our psycho hacker

than he is of going to jail.

That might be something
you can use, huh?

Do you really think

keeping your mouth shut's
gonna keep you safe?

Do you have any idea

what Danny can do to you
if we don't catch him?

We can't protect you in jail.


Spiking him there, Murph.
Let him have it.

All it takes is one digital
favor to the Aryan Nation,

and you're bleeding
out in the showers

with a swastika carved
into your back.

- You can't do that.
- It won't be us doing anything.

Your only hope is if
we catch this guy.

Maybe he'll forgive
you, let you walk away.

I mean, I don't know. You
know him more than I do.

I don't know much, okay?

I'm listening.

We were supposed to meet him

at a train yard at
52nd and Western.

The job paid 50 grand a piece.
That's it.

That's all I know.

I'm gonna give you
a little pro tip.

Next time you take a
job from a psychopath,

I'd ask more questions.

We got to check out
that train yard.

I'm taking every available unit
and heading out there now.

Wait. You are?

That son of a bitch came after
you, he came after Murphy.

Hell, he came after all of us.

It's time I got out on the
streets, made my feelings known.

You know, you're the captain.

You could've taken
one of the Caddies.

Hey, I let you put a
camera in it, didn't I?

Call me old-fashioned, but
I like my ride just fine.

1309, Squad.

Listen, you have to be careful.

I've seen what this guy can do,
and he's not messing around.

Copy that, 1309. Neither are we.

Easy there, crusher.

Me and Goss are the only two
cops who have ever come close

to busting this guy.

We're getting first
crack at him.

I don't care who nails DV8.

We got to work together,

keep our eyes open.

God only knows how
he's gonna come at us.


1309, Squad, we
need an ambulance!

Conrad! Conrad, you okay?

Brandt, help me out with this!

You two, go check
the other cars!

Dude just ran right
through a red light.

No, he didn't. Brandt, look.

They're all green.

Squad, do you see this?
What the hell is going on?!

I'm trying to get into the
transportation system,

but something's wrong.

That's putting it mildly.


Someone has hacked the
entire transportation grid.



it's him.

Oh, I think his ribs are broken.

All right, all right. We got
you, Captain, right here.


What the hell is that?

I don't know. I found it in
the back of the cruiser.

It's space bandages
or something.

Please indicate your emergency.

Place the dressing labeled

A-15 on the wound

and apply...

Check the patient for
internal bleeding...

Hey, hey, hey, you stay there!
You back up!

Come on! Back up!

Cobb, this is crazy.

Oh, man.

- You okay? Okay.
- I'm good. I'm good.

1309, Squad, we got
multiple car accidents.

We need medical assistance now!

I see you, you bastard.

Paramedics are on the way, 1309,

but they're gonna be a while. We
have crashes across 30 blocks.

Ada, there has to be a
way into that system.

Yes, normally there would be,

but this hack isn't at
the central computer.

He must have hardwired his way
into one of the field offices.

How would he do that?

Because he has a small piece of
hardware called a "crowbar,"

and it punches a back door through
any system that it's wired into.

Like the thing he used to
hack Gideon's servers.

Yes, and that's how he
learned all of his secrets.

That's it. I am gonna
rip this guy a new...

Hey, hey, hey.

Captain, Captain.

Computer thing says
you got to lay down.

Look, I don't take orders from
some talking first aid kit.

Besides, a lot of people got
bigger problems than me right now.

- Cap, we need to get you help.
- I got you. I got you.


A lot more people gonna get hurt

if we don't figure
this out quick.

1309, Squad, how
can we figure out

something to do with
this traffic situation?

Somebody has to get over to the
district transit authority,

find whatever they have
wired into the system,

- and...
- Smash the hell out of it?

Once again, you read my mind.

All right. I need you two to get
to the district transit office

and do whatever it takes
to get back online.

- I'm not leaving the captain.
- Hey.

I made my first bust when
you two were in diapers.

Don't make the mistake
of disobeying orders.

Now go. Come on.

Yes, sir.

Cap, are you sure
you're all right?

As long as you get out there
and shut this guy down,

I'll be just fine.

- Take care of him.
- All right?


Mr. Reeves...

Oh, good, you're still here.

I was hoping that you
would stick around

to kick us while we're down.

You want to tell me
what's going on?

Be a lot easier to tell
you what's not going on.

Um, we're trying to keep
the entire district

from falling apart.

Your ex is leading the charge.

So, what am I supposed
to tell the mayor?

That he's ugly.

That he's bald. Oh, how about this?
How about this?

Tell him we have a
district-wide cyber att*ck

on our infrastructure.

And if he knows anything about

massively parallel information
processing systems...

we could use his help.

Otherwise, he should probably
just stick to pounding his desk

and blaming me for everything.

Man, I've seen a lot
of Chicago traffic,

but never like this.

You good?


Captain was hurt back there,
and we just walked off.

- Just left him.
- Because he ordered us to.

Yeah, well, I don't care.
I don't like it.

- Don't like any of it.
- I can see that.

I screwed up. I saw that
car, I saw it coming.

Just going too fast. He was
going straight for the captain.

Oh, come on. You couldn't
have known that that car...

You don't know that.

You don't know that.
I ju... I froze.

It was a car going
45 miles an hour.

It-it was chaos all around.
There was no way...

Which is exactly why I
should have been on my game.

I've seen this before.
I've seen...

I've seen this overseas.
Some guy,

he gets distracted, can't do
his job, people get hurt.

Brandt, listen to me.

You're not "some
guy," all right?

You're my partner,

and right now we
got a job to do.

So I'm gonna need you
to pull it together.

Yeah... roger that.

Squad, we're en route to the
transportation department now.

Copy, 1305. Keep us posted.

All right. I checked all
the police servers.

I didn't find any
crowbars, router taps,

- or any other hardware hacks.
- All right, all right, good.

Maybe we've at least cleaned up

DV8's digital rat droppings

here at the station.

Hey, Murph, how's
it going out there?

We're approaching
the area, Squad,

but there's gonna be a hell
of a lot of ground to cover.

Okay. We got more
units on the way.

We're gonna use the
drones as a perimeter.

Copy. The train yard our
suspect identified is up here.


Gideon, the car just
went d*ad on me.

What? It what?

I repeat, the car is d*ad.

What? Get... get all
the body cams up.

1312, Squad, we're S.O.L., too.

Oh... how the hell
is he doing this?!

Some kind of remote hack
into our electrical systems.

He did the same thing
to me a few weeks ago.

I thought we were protected
against those kind of hacks.

Once again, under normal
circumstances, we would be.

But I wrote the software.

Danny and I had
the same teacher,

and he knows all of my
tricks and then some.

So... is anyone still
rolling out there?

No, Gideon. He shut
them all down.

Murphy, I don't know
what to tell you.

Looks like we've had a
security breach of our own.

If he's coming at us this
hard, we have to be close.

We'll move by foot. Use the
drones to monitor the area.

Let's just get them out.

Okay, we're posting them
at major streets now.

Uh, what the hell?

Gideon, what's going on?

Pete, Pete, Pete.


I don't know. I don't know.
Some kind of malfunction.

Oh, I don't like
the look of this.

Yeah. For once,
Rookie, I'm with you.

Gideon, is that you?

That is definitely not me!

Get down now!

Gideon, we're under f*re.

All right, all right.
Can you take cover

in one of the cruisers?

No, we're locked out.

There must be some kind of
stronger control signal

in the area overriding ours.

He's running the whole thing
through an AES algorithm.

He's broken the
signal encryption?

How is DV8 doing any of this?

Gideon, he's the only
person I've ever met

who might be smarter than you.

I need you to do
everything you can

to pinpoint DV8's location.

Pete, let go of that stick.

Earth to Pete!

I need you to get every bit
of jamming equipment we have

into the van right now.

Reyes, Cobb, switch
your g*n to Taser.

Aim for the propellers!

Oh, sure, Detective.

Aim for the little
toy helicopter props

a hundred feet away?

They're moving targets.

That's very observant, Rookie.

That also makes
us sitting ducks.

All right, enough of this crap. I'm
gonna try something different.


Go, Reyes. I'll cover you.

- Cobb.
- What?

Come on, buddy, wake up.
Wake up.

If you try and give
me mouth-to-mouth,

I'm gonna sh**t you myself.

Hold, please.

Hold, please.

District 13. Sergeant Charles.

How can I help you?

Oh, yes, sir, Mr. Mayor.

Hold one second, please.

Anybody seen Gideon?

Hello. I got the
mayor on the line.

Somebody get me Gideon
Reeves right now.

I'll take it. I'll take it.

Mr. Mayor, it's A.S.A. Murphy.

I called for Gideon Reeves.

Yeah, I'm aware of that.
He's occupied.

Not for long. I just got off
the phone with Judge Barnett,

and I've got a court order

authorizing you
to shut him down.

Squad, we're still under att*ck.

I'm afraid I can't do that, sir.

What the hell does that mean?

Sir, with all due respect,

it sounds like you want
to stop Gideon Reeves

more than the hacker
going after him.

Now, that hacker may be
pulling the trigger,

but it's Reeves who put a
target on this city's back.

Now, I want them both gone,
and I want it done now.

Can you make that happen, Mr.

No, sir, I can't.

My son's mother is out
there, and she is in danger.

And right now

Gideon Reeves is the only
one that can help her.

So if you want to
shut down the 13th,

you're gonna have
to do it yourself.

That's the sexiest thing
I've seen all day.

I clearly had the right of way.

That light was green.

How much farther to
transit authority?

About a half hour on foot.

How about we don't do it on foot?
Right here.

Chicago Police.

What? Did I do something wrong?

No, sir, but you can
do something right.

Police emergency. We need
to borrow your vehicle.


Trying to assemble delicate
electronics back here.

I know, I know. But because
of all the traffic jams,

I'm trying to stick
to the back streets.

I thought I told you
to organize this van.

Why would you put
radio transmitters

next to solenoids?

Because they're in
alphabetical order.

Who puts electronic parts
in alphabetical order?

Seriously? The same guy
who's gonna smash a chair

over his boss' head

if he doesn't quit
yelling at him.

All right, fair enough.

Oh, God.

Okay, okay.


What are you doing?

Jamming the control signal

so I can finally
land these bad boys.

- Really?
- You're damn right.

All right,

but you owe me 250,000 bucks.

DV8's got to be pretty close

to be able to break the
encryption on one of these.

Unfortunately, "close"
isn't gonna do us

a whole lot of good right now.

We need an exact location.

I might be able to
help you with that.

If you send me the drone's
radio signal log, I can use it

to find out where it was
being controlled from.

I like it.

He used our tech against us.

It's about damn time we
used his against him.



Okay, Ada.

Now should be able to
download the information

from the signal that was used
to take down those drones.

Yeah. I'm hooking into our own
network of radio towers now.

Should be able to find
something shortly.

Are you sure you want to
depend on her for this?

Murphy, she can
hear you right now.

I know.

Okay, okay.

She made mistakes.

I get it.

So have I, Murph.

Big... juicy,

terrible mistakes...

ever since I took over the 13th.

- That's not...
- Look.

I have been disrupting
things all of my life

in the name of success.

Aerospace, robotics...

I forced my kindergarten teacher

into an early retirement.

But you know what every last one

of those successes was built on?

My failures.

I got where I am...

because I screwed up, Murph.

A whole lot.

I have a successful
rocket company

because I blew up a
butt-load of rockets first.

And 'cause people like
Ada stuck with me,

even through those
mistakes, all right?

We're still a team.

All right.

- I'm with you.
- All right, good.

'Cause it's really
freaking cold out here

and I'm running out of big
speech-y things to say, so...

Gideon, I think I
found something.

Now that's what I want to hear.

Where is he?

I... that's the problem.

I don't know what kind of
security protocol he's using.

And his transmission
signal seems to be moving.

30 seconds ago, it was
coming from Ashland,

and now it's coming
from 35th and Archer?

What's he using, some
kind of proxy setup?

I mean, if he is,

it's incredibly advanced.

- He's on a train.
- What?

He's not using fancy
software, Gideon.

He's on the 'L' train.

Ada, was he going
southwest on Wabash?

Yeah. Yeah, he's on a train.

Now, see? Team. Right?

Ada, where can we find this guy?

Okay. If you guys head south,

you can probably intercept him
at the Dearborn train yard.

But I'm not gonna be
able to pinpoint him

closer than a few hundred feet.

Okay, one problem at a time.

Everyone, back to
your posts now.

We got work to do.

- Ada.
- Hey.

What's the situation?

Um, we might have a
location for Danny Reghabi.


What about Brandt and Goss?

Any progress getting the
district moving again?

It's hell out there.

Yes. Th-they're approaching
the transit building now.


What's your status?

1305, Squad.

We had a, uh,
transportation issue,

but, uh, we worked it out.

Yeah, but it looks
like the D-21 cops

already b*at us to the punch.

Hey. What's going on?

Security guard got k*lled.

b*llet to the back of the head.

Squad, District 21 is on-site
investigating a homicide.

We're definitely in
the right place,

but we got no idea what
we're looking for.

Okay. What you're looking for

is a telecom center.

It's gonna be away
from the computers.

It's a place where
sensitive electronics

are wired up for transmission.

It's probably where
DV8 was able to hack

with a small piece of hardware.

You sure he hasn't tapped
into their computer?

No. The system is fine.

It's just that the, uh, signal

keeps getting hijacked
before it can make its way

to the transportation grid.

Honey, I understand about a
third of what you just said.

Just tell me where we're
supposed to look.

I'm thinking if he
k*lled a security guard,

he must've needed to get
inside the building,

which means he's not doing
anything on the ground floor.

There's a hell of a
lot of crap up there.

Yep, which means a hell of a
lot of ways to mess stuff up.

Let's go.

1309, what's your 20?

We're getting close, Squad.

All right, my access to the
district transpo system is limited,

but my best guess is
that you're looking for

the train that came
in on Track 7.

That train is scheduled to make
a stop for a track change...


Is-is there any way that
you guys can make it?

Already did.

There, there.

It's got to be that one, right?

All right, listen up,
we need to be careful.

This guy's been working on
k*lling us since yesterday.

We give him another sh*t,
he's not gonna hesitate.

Okay, guys, according
to the system,

this track change
doesn't take very long,

- so you don't have much time.
- You have to get a move on.

Right, 'cause we've been
standing around all day?


This car's empty.

Head for the side door.

Go, go, go! Come on.

All aboard.

She was right,

there's a hell of a
lot of gak up here.

"High voltage, keep out"?

You got to be kidding me.

Ada didn't say anything about
getting fried to death.

Now, what are we
looking for, exactly?

Something that looks like
it doesn't belong in there.



You with me?


Those are a lot of wires.

I don't even know
where to start.

Wait, what's that?

Right there, come here.

You see that?

Is that it?

This is not good, we
got to call somebody,

the power company, or...

We don't have that kind of time,

people are getting
hurt out there.

Ugh. Okay.

All right, all right, I'm on it.

Now, it looks like the only
way through is-is right here,

but I don't, I don't have
eyes on the damn thing.

No, no, no, no, I can
see it from here.

But you're gonna have
to make the reach,

my arms aren't long enough.

- Are you serious?
- I can guide you.

Look, we can do this, Brandt.

This is what the captain
ordered us to do.

Look, come on, man,
the longer we wait,

the worse it's gonna get out there.
Come on.

Yeah, yeah.

Okay, uh...

lower your hand
about half an inch.

A little higher.

Oh, stay-stay to the
right, stay to the right.

Whoa, whoa, watch the wires.

Watch the wi...

Damn it!


Brandt, you okay?

Hey, hey.

You can do this.

You can do this.




You got me?

I got you.

Whoa, stay to the right.


Uh, little higher.


That's good, you're touching it.

You got it.




1305, Squad.

Be advised, the
transmitter's been located

and neutralized.

- Yes!
- _

We have any idea
where this guy is?

He has to be in one
of these cars.

How are we covering each other
going through these doors?

I didn't say it was
gonna be easy.

You wait back here, Gideon.

I'm pretty much all-in
on this one, Murph.

Hey, uh, Ada?

I need you to get
the cruisers to us

soon as they're back online.

Oh, tell Pete to
get me the jammer.

We're gonna need
everything we got.

Yeah, without access
to his system,

that's not gonna
do us much good.


I think maybe I can
help with that.

- Gideon, wait.
- No, no, no, no time to wait.

Okay, got his computers, yes.

So, looks like a wireless
transmission system.

Well, look who's here.


That's enough.

Screw you.

Screw you.

You like it? It's
called a hot suit.

A lot of power company
guys wear them

when they're working
on the lines.

The metal threading
helps protect you

from high voltage shock.

Oh, also cops who
think they can trust

a fascist billionaire's tech.

- Danny?
- I prefer DV8, thanks.

And whatever you're
about to tell me about

putting my g*n down or not
making this worse for myself,

you can save your breath.

Drop your g*n.

Or the genius mind
of Gideon Reeves

gets splattered all
over this train.

Okay, so...

just tell us what you want.

Oh, my friend,
that list is long.

Well, you don't have much time.

What do you think, you're just gonna
just ride in this train forever?

You think we're actually
gonna let you sh**t him

and just walk away?

We're not gonna let you do that.

The thing is, you're not
really in a great position

to bargain, Officer Murphy.

And I've got myself a few billion
dollars' worth of hostage here.

Captain, you're needed
at the front desk.

- Not now.
- It's urgent, sir, the FBI is here.

Ada, I'll be back soon as I can.

Okay, yeah.

Murphy, is there any way
you can buy some time?

I think I can stop the train.


Let's just... let's
just calm down.

You have all the power here,

so why don't you just
tell us how this goes?


Let's talk like rational...

okay, maybe not
rational, all right?

Intelligent, yes?

Let's talk like
intelligent human beings.

- Unbelievable.
- What?

Even with a g*n to your head,

you can't keep your
smart mouth shut?

This whole 13th district
experiment, it ends today.

In fact, it's already started.

So, Ada, if you're watching,

tell the feds I say hi.

What the hell do you
think you're doing?

We have a warrant
for her arrest.

Look, she is in the
middle of dealing

with a hostage situation.

And we're in the middle
of an investigation.

We have information
she was involved

in multiple federal crimes.

I'm telling you,

we have an authorization
and a warrant.

Look, this is my personnel here.

This is my district!

What did you do?

I held her accountable,
that's all.

Now, you're angry with me.

Why punish Ada?

'Cause she's just as
guilty as you are.

Maybe even more so.

She was one of us

before she started helping
you turn this city

into your own little
police state.

Please, Ada.

I'm trying to get into the
transportation computers.

I'm working as fast as I can.

You're interfering in a case.
You're putting lives in danger.

She is in direct violation
of a federal plea agreement.

Are you sure you want to
thump your badge at us?

Look, we're far from perfect.

But we're trying
to protect people.

Is that right?

Well, today they're
gonna find out

just how well-protected
they are.

- They're all gonna know.
- How, exactly?

Let's just say there's gonna
be a little demonstration

of just how powerless the mighty
13th district really is, Detective.

Look, you don't need to do this.

One more step and he dies.

Okay, wait, hold on, hold on.

- I need to talk...
- Adelaide Hamilton.

- You're under arrest.
- Okay, okay, okay, okay.

God, come on.


Drop it! You're under arrest.

And I'm not in Taser
mode, smart-ass.

You got him?

Yeah. But now we
have to stop him.

Just sit your ass right there.
We're not through with you yet.

What are all these for?

Okay, without Ada here to help
me sort it out, I'm not sure.

But this one was
disabling the cruisers

and I got those back online.
A lot of this stuff here

looks like it was for
hacking the drones.

And the rest?

Well, that's what
I'm worried about.

This one.

There's mapping software

and some sort of... servo
control mechanism?

- I-I...
- Meaning?

It's for...

remotely controlling devices.

Oh, my God.

Look at this.

It's targeting software
for an automated w*apon.

What? Where is it?

Uh... hard to be 100% sure.

The mapping overlay
is for downtown.

That's between
Wacker and Michigan.

Gideon, that's where
City Hall is.

- Can we stop it?
- No. No, it's...

it's an automated program.

It would take too long
to break the encryption.

Then we'll break him.

We found your little surprise.
Turn it off now.

Why on earth would I do that?

Don't dig yourself
a deeper hole.

Oh, the hole isn't mine.

It's a grave for
the 13th district.

I've thought a lot about this, Mr.

how to end your
experiment for good.

Nobody seems to mind the cops
k*lling innocent people.

But I think a bloody
corpse or two at City Hall

might shake everybody's faith

in the Gideon Reeves
revolution, don't you?

Please. You've made your point.

No, I haven't.

Not until I bring your
brave new world...

to an end.

He's stalling.

We need to get to downtown
before it's too late.

- Enjoy the show.
- Shut the hell up.

Yes, this is Gideon Reeves.

I need to talk to Mayor
Salgado immediately.

Wait, this is an emerg...

What are they saying?

I'm listening to hold music.

Look, I'm just trying to say, Mr.

now may not be the best time
for a press conference.

Oh, it's the perfect time.
Take a look at this.

The city council just
authorized that injunction.

The 12th district is
taking over the 13th.

Listen, I was there. I saw
exactly what's going on.

And I saw Gideon trying to help.

He's trying to clean up
a mess that he made.

Mr. Mayor?

Mr. Mayor, I have Gideon Reeves
on the phone for you, sir.

Oh, speak of the bastard
and he pops up.

Hey, Reeves. Perfect timing, I
was just about to go outside

and tell your friends
in the press

that we're shutting you down.

Whatever you are
doing, cancel it.

You are in danger.

Nice try, Mr. Reeves.

I'm serious. You can't...

Uh, yes, I ca... listen,
you son of a bitch!

I know that you think that
your money gives you the right

to tell everybody in
this town what to do,

but I'm here to tell you that
you are sorely mistaken.

No, no, no, this
is not about me!

Oh, it's all about you, Mr.

It's about you finally
getting what you deserve.

I don't... ah...

What happened?

The ass-hat hung up on me!

Gideon, we're not getting
anywhere with this traffic.

All right, give me one sec.

Squad, this is Gideon.
Conrad, you there?

What's left of me.

Captain, we need to
get to City Hall.

Lights and sirens are
not gonna cut it.

I hear you, but
without Ada around...

I know, I know.

Just go to her computer.

- Gideon, I can't.
- You have to.

We got to clear this traffic.
There's no other way.

Listen, I... I can barely check
my e-mails, much less...

All right, well, I'm gonna
talk you through it.

Okay, she's already in the...

the-the transportation
department interface.

Tell me what's up on
the screen right now.


"Rail system emergency braking."

Good, good. So, I need you
to get to the main menu.

And get ready to rock and roll.

Should be a dialog box.

Okay, and...

Click on it. Click
on that sub-menu.

The "yes" box.


Got to get one block over.

Okay, hold on.

Uh, you know this is
a sidewalk, right?

And that is definitely
a pedestrian.

Gideon, is it working?

Affirmative, Captain. You
gave us the green light.

Good. You two gonna make it?

I hope so.

Thank you for coming.

As I'm sure you know,

this has been a difficult day
for the City of Chicago.

And we'll be sorting out
exactly what happened

for some time to come.

But right now one thing
is painfully clear:

the technological experiment
launched in our 13th district

by billionaire Gideon
Reeves has failed.

What are you doing?
The drones...

No, no, no, it's not
for the drones.

Then what?

Reeves has talked about...

making our city safer.

The trouble is,

his own ego,

his own arrogance

has gotten in the way.

All right, this jams
electrical signals, right?

So, DV8 has an automated
sn*per r*fle out there.

If I can scramble
the electronics,

I might be able to stop it.

But I just need to remove
the regulator circuits,

so it transmits a wider
range of frequencies.

Just spare me the details and
make sure you fry that thing.

Reeves talks about improvements,

he talks about revolution,

he talks about disruption.

But where does he talk about

the people impacted

by his reckless reforms?

Sure, the world is changing,

and change is good.

But what happens

when that change is too fast?

Go, get to the mayor!

Chicago Police! Everybody down!

Down! Everybody down!

- Are you hurt?
- No, I'm okay. You?

I'm fine, I'm fine.


We're too late.


We're just getting started.
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