03x11 - President Bellacourt

Episode transcripts for the 2015 TV "Another Period". Aired June 2015 - March 2018.
"Another Period" follows the lives of the wealthy Bellacourt family - the first family of Newport, Rhode Island - and their servants in turn-of-the-century Rhode Island.
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03x11 - President Bellacourt

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Previously, on "Another Period"...



Poor Lillian's memory was erased.

You don't remember who you are,

and you don't remember where you are.

That's about right.

We should get you home, shouldn't we?

I live here?

And you make love to me
with no protection

because you're my wife.

My prince charming left a clue!

Come back, mystery lady!

Frederick is your [BLEEP] beloved!

It's his [BLEEP] name
in the [BLEEP] ring!

This is not my baby.

This is the wrong baby! This is not...

this is the wrong baby!

I'm running for president?

[LAUGHING] Oh, fantastic!

MEN: Frederick for president!

If we want to be president in '08,

we've gotta go straight to the people.

MEN: Frederick for president!

Oh, Frederick!

Remember, all you have to do is wave.

No words.

Just put your hand up and wave.

Do you understand?

- No words.
- What are you going to say?


Well, if I'm allowed
to say anything, then...

- Shh!
- Manure Association of America

is proud to present...

Vice President Frederick Bellacourt!







Oh, my God.





[QUIETLY] What are you doing?

Freddy... no!

No, no!

Oh, holy Moses, no.


- Frederick,

put down the horse shit.


Put it back, put it back!




See? I didn't say a word.


♪ I want the money ♪

♪ I want the fame ♪

♪ I want the whole world
to know my name ♪

♪ This is mine ♪

♪ I gotta get it ♪

♪ I got to get it ♪

♪ Got-got to get it ♪

♪ Another period ♪

[SIGHS DREAMILY] I can't wait to see

the look on Frederick's face
when I show him the ring

he left inside me at the ball.

What is this I'm hearing about

you desecrating our flag?

Am I gonna have to cut
my hunting trip short?!

I'm one grizzly cub shy
of k*lling an entire family!

- Oh, just leave the one.
- You are about to destroy

everything I've worked so hard for!

I am terrified at
what you're capable of.

Oh, well, there's no reason
to be scared.

It's not dark out...


Uh, bye, Mr. Rosenfeld!

- Frederick?
- Yes.

- I have something to tell you.
- Me too.

You know the symbol of America?

Well, I set it on f*re and covered it

in a steaming pile of horse shit,

and now everybody's talking about me.

Frederick, what I have to say
is important.

Do you remember how we met

our soul mates at the masquerade ball?

Yes, and being jilted
by my mystery soul mate

is the best thing
that's ever happened to me.

What do you mean?

Well, now that I'm done with love

and focused on my career,
there's a pretty picture of me

in every newspaper, with a caption

that says something
about a national joke.


So, Beatrice,

what was it you wanted to tell me?

I, um...

That's... that's all I had to say.

- Hmm.
- "I, um."

Oh, dear God. Well, thank you

- for letting me know.
- You're welcome.


It's been two weeks,

and no matter how many
loads of laundry I do

or loads of Kerrtrussel I take,

I just can't seem to remember who I am.





Ah, forgot me g*n again!

I'll tell you what,
I'd forget me belt too.

Great green goblins, what is this mess?!

[SOBBING] I don't know what I'm doing.

None of this feels right!

I'm not good at cooking
and cleaning and...

[SOBS] Rubbing peat oil

on your aching feet.

- Oh, Garbagella.

I love the way you rub my feet.

I'm sorry about all the blisters.

Policeman shoes aren't good for much

but kicking hobos and stomping tramps.

I wish I could remember who I was.

I'll help you find who you are.


You will?

♪ Isn't it great, now we're together? ♪

♪ And I can correct you
when you're wrong ♪

♪ And now you can see
that life is better ♪

- Ooh, ah!

♪ When you're in your place ♪

♪ Where you belong ♪

♪ Ah-ooh ♪

♪ Things are gonna be so improved ♪

♪ When you do the things you do ♪





♪ Wah-wah-ooh ♪

♪ It's simply destiny ♪

♪ Someone like you ♪

♪ Is meant for me ♪




What are these telegrams
you keep sending out

- at all hours?
- Those are my musings.

"Make America great for the first time."

- Mm-hmm.
- "My plan for the economy

is that I am rich."

"I declare Civil w*r II"?

What do these even mean?

Well, I guess there already was one,

so it has to be a sequel.

That never is good, but what can you do?

Half the country is furious,

but the other half...

loves you!
I like the sound of that half.

I thought you'd have to wait
until 1908 to run,

but I think you could
b*at Roosevelt now.


Do you want to be president?

- Do I have to?
- Well...

do you want more applause
and portraits painted?

- Yes!
- Then I'll make

the announcement tomorrow morning.

- We have so much hard work

ahead of us!

Work? There's more work?

Nothing but work, work, work ahead of us

until the minute you take office!

I can't possibly work any harder

than I already am.

I've been standing here
for an hour, at least.

At least five minutes.

Five, ten minutes.

- Blanche! You're back.

Here, take this... shit-maker from me.


- I'd say he missed you,

but I doubt he knows who you are.

Back to work, back to work!

Stop feeling.


He's alive.

My baby is alive!

For the first time in my life,

I can honestly say I'm glad

I didn't die in my sleep last night!



Now that Lillian's gone,

Mother fired me,
and Frederick wants to be alone,

there is no one in the world
who loves me.

So, I'm going to get advice

from the least-loved person I know.




- Hortense.
- Yes.

Can I ask you some advice?

No, I do not know
the best way to k*ll myself,

even though I must
think about it day and night.

No, it's something else this time.

Oh, okay.

So, people don't like you, right?

So, it is not something else, but, yes.

I am a smart, independent woman,

so I am generally disliked. What of it?

Well, I lost the love of my life,

and the man who I thought
was the future love of my life,

because the man who I thought
was the future love of my life

was the same man as the love of my life.

But you already know all that.

Yes, and how can I help you?

Now that no one loves me...

what am I supposed to do?



Being unloved can be
quite liberating, actually.

With nobody to care about but yourself,

you can spend your time
any way you want.

I never thought about it before.

I've always just done what
Lillian, or Frederick,

or the horse that told me
to m*rder his family wanted.


now is your chance to do what you want.

- Oh!
- Travel, get a hobby.

Read a book.

Well, and learn the alphabet first.

Oh, so many options.

Would you...

want to do something together?


Just us...

- lonely gals?

Remember how I said
that people don't like you?

Oh, yes.

Well, I'm one of those people.

But thank you.

When Frederick's in charge,
we're finally going to

get rid of all those poor people.

Garfield, we are those poor people.

No, if he's in charge,
we're all going to die.

We're all going to die!

Oh, it won't be that bad.

Yes, our wages will be cut,

our rights will be
systematically dismantled,

and the doctor will be fired,

causing all of us to die,
but that's as it should be.

I agree.

To hell with it.

Let it all burn to the ground.

No! That man is dangerous.

He says he wants a Civil w*r II.

Why are you so scared of w*r?

It's a man's most natural state,
you [BLEEP] idiot.

You can't think of a reason

I wouldn't want another civil w*r?

[SHRIEKING] We're all gonna die!

Oh, stop your hysterics, woman.

Frederick doesn't mean
the things he says.

- That's why I like him.
- Oh, I think he means

exactly what he says,
and that's why I like him.

Well, either way,
that idiot is never actually

going to be in charge.
He thinks rain is a hoax

created by the umbrella industry.

Oh, he's going to build
a roof over America,

and then we'll never get wet again!

Well, it doesn't matter anyway,

because we're already d*ad,
and none of you can see it!

All right, all right!

This is why servants should
never discuss politics,

religion, or contemporary
American painting.

Whistler is overrated.

Whistler is a master of color and light,

and you know it! Whistler?

Whistler?! Whistler sucks.

John Singer Sargent...
now that is a real painter!

Sargent's landscapes
are middling at best,

you repulsive troll.

You wanna tell me

that Whistler's "Mother"
is a good piece?

Come on! Well, it is!

It's an old lady sitting
around, doing nothing!

- No, no!
- When I see subjects,

I want them to be doing something,

or at least be posing!

♪ I'm trying to get that money ♪



Now that I'm done with Frederick,

I'm off to the place
where rich people go

when they're completely out of options.

♪ Money don't sleep ♪

♪ Got a penny by the minute ♪


Okay! [LAUGHS]

- O'Malley, here's for you.
- Ah, thank you.


- Thank you, dearie.
- Ain't cheating this time.

- [LAUGHING] Okay.
- [LAUGHS] Muah!

- Oh, thank you, sweetie.

O'Connor, you keep
looking at me like that,

I'm gonna have to
make you my husband, too.


Who am I kidding? You can have a pat.

[LAUGHING] Ah, there you go, then!

- Okay!

- Okay.


What kind of sick game
are you playing here,

- Kerrtrussel?
- I have no idea

- what you're talking about.
- What are you doing

with Lillian Bellacourt?

Shh! Hush up.

You know how sad I've been
since my Petunia died.

Petunia was your cat.

And she made the house into a home!

Look, I've got no problem
with you tricking a woman

with amnesia into
believing she's your wife.

I mean, we've all done it.

The problem that I have
is that it's her.

She's a damn heiress, man.

And when her family finds out
about this,

you'll be in the clink.

And it'll be worth it!

She's the greatest woman
I've ever known or abducted.

- Food, food!


- Of course, some food.
- Pretzels for you, honey.

- My favorite German dish!

I fold.



Would you like me to pack this?

You have 12 other birdcages.

Blanche, I want to make
a good impression.

Beatrice, can I ask your advice?

Celery is making me be president,

but it sounds really hard.

For the love of America, no!


I thought you were d*ad.

No, I'm still holding on.

Oh! Huh.

Well, if I'm president,
I won't be able to focus

on what really matters, like...

what's for dessert, or...
or teaching myself how to fly.

This is as far as I've gotten.

Hmm. You should focus on that.

- You're so close.
- Thank you.

Blanche, don't forget to pack my Bible.

- I want to look smart.
- Yes.

- Are you going somewhere?
- I'm going to college.



Gross. When?

I don't know. Tomorrow?

I'm... not sure how college works.

Well, if you're gone,

then I won't have anyone to play with.

So, I... might as well be president.

Will you at least stay for the speech

where I tell everyone
I'm going to ruin the world?

Or run the world? What's the..

Sounds boring, but... all right.

Thank you.

- You found your ring.
- Oh, yes.

Turns out I left it on my desk,

and not in the soggy velvet

of the mystery woman of my dreams.

Well, all right.

I guess I'm... off to be president.

Unless anybody wants to stop me.




- Did you say something?
- Nothing.

- You didn't say anything?
- No.



- Well... it's a lot of power.

A lot of responsibility.

- That I don't have to do...

if anyone says literally anything.

Miss Beatrice,
perhaps you should stop him.

No, I think it's better this way.

- Good-bye.
- Bye.





Oh! Sadly, it's back to work

- for me, dearie.
- No, you're working?

I was gonna make wood biscuits
for lunch.

Oh, that sounds too delicious,

but I had to pick up an extra shift...

big event for the vice president.

Wait, that sounds familiar.

No, it doesn't!

Politics is boring and for men.

Don't worry your pretty little mind

about that, my little pie.

Kisses forever.

- Kisses forever.




Kertrussel! You forgot your g*n!




Dear America, I come to you today

not just as a man,

but as a great man.

And not just as a great man,

but as a president man.


This ring...



My ring!

Where did it go?


Fre... Fre...



I used to have a ring
just like that! [LAUGHS]


[WHISPERING] It was you.

[WHISPERING] You are my beloved.


Go on with the announcement.

CROWD: Frederick, Frederick!


Thank you, thank you, but...

I don't need your love.

In fact, I'm a little disgusted by it.

There's only one person

who will always love me no matter what.

And it's my sister, Beatrice.


You people only love me
because I b*rned the flag

and destabilized our democracy,

but Beatrice doesn't care
about that stuff.

Beatrice just cares about me,
and how I feel,

and if my hair looks pretty.

- It does look pretty.
- Thank you, Beatrice.

I'm not qualified for president.

I don't even know if it's pronounced

the "U-S" or the "us."

And frankly, I don't care.

Because I don't care about this country.

And I don't care about any of you.

All I care about is Beatrice.

- Oh, Frederick.
- Oh, Beatrice.



Oh, goodness me.





You forgot your g*n again, sweetheart.

I told you to not leave
the house, darling.

Oh, hi, Lillian!

Hi, Beatrice.




I literally have
no behavioral standards at all.

I can make anyone cry
in under 60 seconds.

I get to marry the prince! I'm Lillian!

Imagine my face on a milk jar...

or an oat sack.

I can't be better than you at anything?

That's the dynamic

that's been working for us so far!

Stop trying to make this all about you!

You're only pretty in Massachusetts!

- I'm a star,

and you're not.


[SOBBING] I'm supposed
to be the famous one.

What's the point of living
when Beatrice is famous

and I'm not? I'm going to miss

our custom-made su1c1de outfits.



This is all your fault!


Okay, Garbagella,

why don't you just go ahead
and give me the g*n.

My name's not Garbagella!

It's Lillian Bellacourt!

You held me hostage.

[SOBBING] I slept... on cotton!

- Ew.
- I was happy.

I had it all.

- And then you got famous!

[SOBBING] You ruined my life.

No, no, Lillian.
I'm sorry I stole your dream.

I didn't mean to. And you know what?

Being famous, it's really hard.

And if you want to, you can have it.

Wait, you're not just
saying that because

I'm holding a loaded w*apon, are you?

Well, I am, but also, no.

I don't want it anymore,
and you need it more than I do.

Lillian, I am giving you my fame.

Oh, Beatrice. [GIGGLES]

That's all I ever wanted, really...

was to be more famous than you.

Well, to be more famous
than anyone, really.


Look, it's President Roosevelt!

I go hunting for one fortnight,

and you try to usurp me!




[IN SLOW MOTION] Beatrice! No!

Frederick, no!

I'm finally flying!



[b*llet WHOOSHING]





I think he's d*ad!

Garbagella, you're under arrest.

Anything you say or do

can be held... I love you so much!

Lillian! You sh*t the president!


It turns out,
we both got what we wanted.

I'm finally famous!

All right, off to the pokey, now!


And I get to keep [BLEEP] my brother.


I guess Freddy's going
to be president after all.


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