02x10 - He Must Be

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Hand of God". Aired: August 2014 to March 2017.
"Hand of God" follows a corrupt judge who suffers a breakdown and believes God is compelling him onto a path of vigilante justice.
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02x10 - He Must Be

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[crowd murmuring]

I'll, uh... [clears throat]

I'll start by saying

that all charges against Pernell Harris

regarding the m*rder of Shane Caldwell

have been dropped.

It has come to light that the...

That the case against Mr. Harris

was predicated on false evidence.

Our internal investigation indicates

that this was not a case of
human error or negligence,

but rather a result
of criminal misconduct

within the police department.


A group of at least four
San Vicente police officers

participated in dozens
of serious crimes.

They were responsible for the
attempt to frame Mr. Harris.

DNA evidence was planted
on Shane Caldwell's body.

We have also confirmed that
thr*at and intimidation

were used to coerce the statement

of an alleged eyewitness,

Mr. Michael Alcala.

Though the investigation is ongoing,

we are confident that we have identified

the ringleader, a
Sergeant Scott Kessler.

Now, this morning, an
arrest warrant was issued

was issued for Sergeant Kessler.

Scott Kessler! Hands up!

- Back away from the car!
- Let me see your hands!

- Do it! Now!
- Put 'em up!

- The f*ck is this?
- I said put your hands up!

- Scott!
- Get in the house, Camila.

Get inside now!

- g*n!
- Drop your w*apon!

- No...
- Put it down now!

He resisted and was sh*t
by police at the scene.

- He did not survive.
- No!

Let me just say the prosecution

and the SFPD are committed to justice.

Oh, my God! No!

As a sworn officer of the court,

I am determined to ferret out anyone

involved in this corruption.

And to Mr. Harris and Mrs. Harris,

on behalf of the city of San Vicente,

I extend our deepest apologies.

We will not be taking
questions at this time.

[crowd clamoring]


[clamoring continues]

- I've been calling.
- I've been busy.

- Does he know?
- About what?

"About what?" Are you kidding me?

About the tape. Does he know?

- No, sir.
- I want the recording back.

You'll have it.

I knew you'd find a way to pull it out.

- You always do.
- Thank you, Bobo.


Couldn't have done it without you.


No comment. No comment. Thank you.

No comment.

Let's make this look
good for the cameras, huh?

Female Reporter: Mr. Harris! This way!

[crowd clamoring]

[camera shutters snapping]


Had to be someone.

♪♪ [Fantastic Negrito's "An Honest Man"]

[blues vocalization]

♪ Now I'm in love again ♪

♪ No, this time it's not ♪

♪ With my hand ♪

♪ Wandering, m*rder ♪

♪ Every time that I get ♪

♪ The chance ♪

♪ I'm a human ♪

♪ But remember first ♪

♪ I'm a man ♪

♪ These streets ♪

♪ Got me wandering ♪

♪ Looking for my fix again ♪

♪ I should've prayed ♪

♪ The night before ♪

♪ Now I'm losing ♪

♪ Everything I have ♪

♪ Yesterday it felt so good ♪

♪ But now today ♪

♪ It feels so bad ♪


[knocking on door]

What are you doing here?

I wanted to say hi...

and that I'm sorry.

Why are you so hard headed, K.D.?

I don't have many friends, Tessie.

You think we're friends?

I want us to be.


I see the "for sale" sign's gone.

You sold the house already?

No. I'm moving in.

Oh, you liked it that much?

It's not that.

I can't sell it.

This house is all I have left.

Why? What happened?

Well, someone else decided to betray me.

But this someone happened
to be managing all my money.

You should call Judge Harris.

How many times do I have to tell you no?

I'll figure it out.

He cares about you. Cares about
this baby. He's the father.

Pernell doesn't care
about people. He uses them.

- That is not true.
- Is this really why you came here?

Are you here for him?

- Get out of this house.
- No...

Right now.

It doesn't matter who sent me.

I'm saying things that
you should think about

for yourself and the baby.

Things I've already thought
about a thousand times.

Every version from every angle.

I don't want his money.

I want my baby to be happy.

You want to be my friend, K.D.?

You go and you talk to Pernell

and you convince him to leave me alone.

- Did you get my message?
- No. I saw you called.

I figured you could
tell me when I got here.

Right. Well, you have a visitor.

What's going on?

[sighs] You know, I was waiting

in the parking lot for almost an hour

trying to talk myself out of this.

You were right about
P.J.'s su1c1de note.

There's a message. I just
can't figure out what it is.

I mean, maybe he was trying
to tell me who k*lled him?

No, no, don't. Not here.

Oh, Crystal, I saw the, uh...

Oh, Jocelyn.

- How've you been?
- Good.


Oh, what can I do for you Nathan?

Oh, well, I just came by to
congratulate you and Pernell.

Oh, thank you.

Good to see you, Jocelyn.

Always a pleasure.

Congratulate you for what?

[men shouting in Spanish]

Man: Let's go! Get it out!

- Right back there.
- Thank you.

- Kessler's d*ad.
- What?

They blamed him for everything.

m*rder him in front of his own family.

They will answer for their sins.

Well, you're damn right they will.

'Cause you and me, we're the answer.

These are the cops that
helped Toby and Shane k*ll P.J.

I want everybody on that video d*ad.

Except for Chief Clay.

- I said everybody.
- No, you can't.

You have a deal.

- [slams]
- f*ck the deal.

Come here.

Kessler's wife is arranging his funeral.

All my so-called friends
have toasted my freedom.

P.J.'s killers are walking around free.

If we go after Chief Clay,

he sends that confession out,

you go to jail.

You're right.

Worry about Toby later.

- But these guys.
- Yeah. I'm with you.

We're the answer.

Oh, Keith?

What about Tessie?

I talked to her. She's still...

Maybe you should just
leave it alone for a while.


No, she'll come around.

She's too smart to think
she can get custody.

Plus her being broke.

She'll come around.

How do you know she's broke?

The guy that manages
her money owed me favor.

Keith, come on.

This isn't 'cause I wanna hurt Tessie.

This is about the son that God gave me.

Now, if you can't get
somebody to trust you,

you gotta get 'em to need you.

You understand?

I guess so.


'Cause we got shit to do.

That f*ck.

Well, if we know that Toby k*lled him,

then why don't we just turn him in?

Have you two ladies had
time to look at the menu?

We're not eating, Manny.

Could we just get a bottle
of Sequoia Grove Cambium ?

Thank you.

Thank you.

Toby knows we know.

But if we expose him, we
put ourselves in danger.

f*ck. [stammers]

No, it doesn't make this make
any more sense than it did before.

I don't know that I know any word here

that could mean the word "cop."

What makes you think there is a message?

Because there's all these
altered memories here.

P.J. makes references
to things in our past,

but every time I get into a story,

he changes one detail, like right here.

The Dominican music
coming from our neighbors.

It wasn't Dominican music.
It was Dominican cigar smoke.

And the reason I know that
is 'cause I used to tell him

his room smells like
a "Soprano's" episode.

Is there some memory
where he substitutes

one person for another?

No. No, just little...

What if it's not a person
that he's leading you to?

Holy shit.

"Where I stole back
the first kiss I took.

Where all the milestones started."

See, that part stood out to me,

because he didn't make the first move.

I did.

That's what he meant by "milestones."

Our first kiss was at
the First Mile Rock.

- Where is that?
- In Big Sur.

Mrs. Harris?

Great. Uh, could you
just put that on my tab?

We have to go.

- Thank you.
- Okay.

- [firecrackers popping]
- [crowd clamoring]


Woman: Keep it down out here!

f*cking delinquents.

[firecrackers popping]


[firecrackers popping]

[firecrackers popping]

Kastelein's done.

They're gonna know something's wrong

when he doesn't show
up for work tomorrow.

We need to get Warren before then.

He jogs Guadalupe Park
every morning around dawn.

That's too public, man.

No, not at that time of day...

You just can't sh**t this time.

You can take him without a g*n?

What's wrong?

Look, Dad. Look.

[siren in distance]

Judge Harris, we gotta go.

[vehicle approaching]



How'd you find this spot?

You don't remember this place?

I've been here?

You, me, P.J.


The night he snuck out for
the meteor thing, the, uh...

The Leonid meteor shower.

Every cop in San Vicente
was looking for him.

And they found him right here.

With his telescope, refusing to go home

until it was all over.

Stubborn as shit.

He loved magic.

As long as it was real.


I think I know where the
encryption key to Bathwater is.


I'm going to Big Sur tomorrow to get it

with Jocelyn.

Wanna come?

- I can't.
- Why?

I'm working on something.

What do you mean?

This is what undoes you,
your lying, the secrecy.


Remember I told you there
were four cops on that video

where P.J. was...

Well, as of today, only
two of them are alive.

Now, I gotta move fast,
before Toby gets me back.

I know.

I must sound like a monster.

The f*ck, maybe I am.

And if I'm happy to hear it?

What does that make me?

Frankenstein's bride?


♪ Loosen up the reins, they're bad ♪

♪ Too many thoughts up in your mind ♪

♪ Get back to the place you lost inside ♪

♪ Beak out from those rusted chains ♪

- [squelching]
- [cries out]

- [squelching]
- [grunting]


- What he f*ck happened?
- He was ready for me.

What do you mean, he was ready for you?

He knew I was coming! Ah, f*ck!

He sh*t you?

Yeah. It's through the calf. No bone.

Shit. Shit!

[cries out]

Anybody here?

Oh, my God. K.D., what happened?

- He got sh*t.
- You have to take him to a hospital.

- He doesn't wanna go.
- It's not up to him.

He knows somebody who can patch him up.

- We just need someplace to do it.
- It can't be here.

Please. I just need a little help.

Hand of God's the
only place I can do it.

- He's been sh*t!
- Fine. We'll take him in.

But not you. You, you get out.

Thank you. [groans]

- All right. Here we go.
- Let's go in the kitchen.

Time to find out where
the path has been leading.


- Hey, K.D.?
- Hmm.

I gotta ask. What
kind of church is this?

You get sh*t, and
they let you come here?

The kind that doesn't judge.

You almost done?

Easy. Easy. You'll rip the stitches.

Yeah. Done.

Thank you.


These will take the edge off.

No, thanks. I'll just
deal with the pain.

Well, your friend already paid
for them, so do what you want.

Shit. You can get a pop
for those on the street.

- Patterson?
- Yeah.

If I want to go somewhere else,

be somebody else,

who would I talk to?

I may know some names.

Who you trying to get away from?

- Doctor says he's fine.
- Thank God.

Seems like you dodged
a b*llet of your own.

You're a lucky man.

Not luck, Paul. Providence.

It's God's hand that delivered me.

You don't believe that.


Let's just say I doubt it.

Two days ago, I was looking
for this witness they have.

Guy was gonna testify against
me. I thought stopping him

was the only thing that
could keep me out of prison.

Yeah. Whatever you did to
him, I don't wanna know.

Well, it didn't come to that.

God sent me visions through P.J.

Took me down a whole other path.

Let me show you something.

Get in.

I want you to see how this works.

How God is using me.

[car door closes]

I got visions of letters and numbers.

Didn't make sense to me at
first, and then it hit me.

It was a license plate.

Took me to a trailer park
in the middle of nowhere.

It's where I found this.

There's a video on there.

P.J.'s m*rder.


He didn't commit su1c1de.
He was k*lled by cops.

Shane Caldwell secretly recorded that.

- Oh, dear Lord.
- Do you see now?

That video is what set me free.

And I would never have found it

if God wasn't directing me.

How could this exonerate you?

'Cause one of the cops on
that video is Toby Clay.

He was gonna have to get
the m*rder charges dropped

or he was burn right alongside me.

I want you to keep that for me.

No, I'm not getting involved.

You're already involved, Paul.

God involved you the
day you baptized me.

You thought you were using me...

but God was using you...

despite your selfish intentions.

It's true.

I wanted your money.

But I was trying to lead
you to the scripture.

To bring me to him.

It's like Balen.

How he went from a curse to a blessing.

It's exactly like that.

Anything happens to me, I want
you to share this with the world.

- There you go.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

Oh, I'm starving.

Want one? They're fresh?

Fresh from Washington.

That's a lazy f*cking scam.

But delicious.

It's weird being here without P.J.

I think I know where to look for it.

There is a line here that says,
"red flowers born in the sand."

We were leaving here one night,

and my car got a flat,

and instead of calling AAA,

we decided to camp
under a lifeguard tower.

Then P.J. started a
f*re using road flares,

and he said it looked like
roses growing out of the sand.

I think that's where it is.

- Let's go.
- We have to wait till morning.

We can't go there until the tide is low.

There's a place that rents
cabins not too far from there.

- Thanks.
- Seat taken, Gil?

Get cancer.

I remember the first case I lost.

It was a golf buddy of my dad's, right?

Rich f*ck.

Never did get the hang of paying taxes.

I know how this works.
The uprising failed,

so now heads have to be placed

on pikes to deter others.

- Fonseca Porto ' , please.
- Separate checks.

Anyway, I spent... I spent
weeks coaching this guy.

Researching, right?

Prepping as if we were going
before the Supreme Court.

I had this f*cking case in the bag.

Then the night before the trial,

this assh*le gets f*cking caught

banging a teenager at the Four Seasons.

His wife finds out.

She blows the whistle on a secret
bank account he's got offshore.

Basically giftwraps the
case for the prosecution.

I'll pack up my office today

if it means you'll leave me alone.

But despite all the time I wasted

and the blemish against my record,

it didn't really matter to me.

- Wanna know why?
- Actually, stay right there.

Try and get one right in your mouth.

Because in my heart of hearts,

I knew this piece of shit
shouldn't have got off.

See, guys like you and me,

we only care about failure.

We're trying to do the right thing.


There really are no hard feelings, Gil.

You were just trying to do
what you thought was right.

And with all the corruption out there,

we need more people like
you in this f*ck' city.

- You need some help?
- Oh, no, I'm good, thanks.

Oh, no, please, let me give you a hand.

And then you can help me by
telling me where the woodpile is.

I've been wandering around
hopelessly for the last minutes.

- Deal.
- All right.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Where are we...
- Right there.

- There.
- The one on the left.


So you here for business or pleasure?

Um, a little bit of a getaway.

- Nice.
- You?

Business disguised as pleasure,

company retreat, and some team building.

[both chuckle]

I'm sorry, I hate those things.

It's too touchy-feely for me.

- No offense.
- Oh, none taken.

I feel the same way.

I don't care how many
trust circles we have to do.

I do not believe that the
process is more important

than the results or some...

I don't know what I'm f*cking saying...

I know what you mean. [chuckles]

- Here we go.
- And here's your map.

Thank you.

Do you need anything else?

Maybe do you wanna...

[stammering] Do you wanna have a drink?


Yeah. Oh, man, what am I, stupid?

- No, I...
- [both chuckle]

- Um...
- So...

It's really sweet of you, but, um...

No thanks.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

All right. I'll see you around.

[door closes]

A little tight. Have
you been guilt eating?

f*ck you, Randy.

What did Perez say?

We back in the rotation?

Full calendar starting on Monday.

- [knocking]
- This a good time?

Come on in.

After our conversation, I
thought you should have this.

Toby asked me to hold
on to it just in case.

I didn't look.

Thank you, Gilbert.

You're gonna make a great mayor.

- How you doing, Tim?
- Just fine, Judge. How are you?

There he is.

How does it feel to be free?

Like I'm walking on air.


Still can't believe it.

It's good to see you
and Crystal together.

It's nice. How's she doing?

Still can't believe this either.


Bobo, wait. Just wait.

Hear me out.

I didn't k*ll him.

But I ordered it done,

instead of watching him go free.


Given the circumstances,
I'm sure you'll understand

if I don't show up to that little soiree

where you announce you're
running for reelection.



maybe you should have skipped
my birthday party, too.

Life after Pernell began the
second that recording started.

That's all you have to say?

You here for an apology?

I don't know.

Maybe I am.

Maybe... Maybe there's
a little part of me

that thinks that if you say I'm sorry,

that we could get past this maybe.

Okay, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry it came down to this.

And I'm not sorry I did it.

You broke my f*cking heart, Pernell.

I trusted you.

Well, I guess that's it then.

You should have known better, Bobo.

That sounds like a thr*at.

You don't ever want to
take sides against me.

Now, either you blend
into the background,

or I'm gonna f*cking destroy you.

"Blend." Oh, I like that.

You should take stock before
you start making thr*at.

Times have changed.

You survived. That's good for you.

But the ground has shifted.

San Vicente is no longer

a Harris family fiefdom.

I'm being backed by
something way more powerful

than money and connections.

Oh, because you're anointed.

Yeah, it must be real
hard for someone like you

to understand... Taking what you want,

no matter how it f*ck
things for everyone else,

especially the ones you say you love.

In your world, everything and
everyone is here to serve you.

See what I mean?

Come on, you always had a God complex.

The only difference now is
you're saying it out loud.

You know what I hated most about this?

When I realized I lost my best friend.

I wasn't your best friend.

I was your favorite sl*ve.

I gave you a warning.

[elevator door closes]

- [gasps]
- Shh!

You scream, and I'll k*ll you.

Shh! Do you understand?


- Where is your boyfriend?
- Visiting the sick.

Well, I'm sick. He's
got something I want.

Call him. Now.

Let go, you f*ck.

The most dangerous
creation in any society

is the man who has nothing to lose.

Yes. I like that.

- Kugler.
- Sir.

I'm gonna start with the Baldwin quote.

- Oh, I love it.
- What do you think, Pop?

Re-elect Mayor Boston or Robert Boston?

Hmm. Mayor or Robert.

Mayor or Robert. What do you say, Cam?

I like Robert. You know, it
just sounds dignified to me.

Yeah, let's go with Mayor.

Half the people in this
city don't even know

my first name is Robert.

When are you gonna call Pernell?

I don't know.

- I don't know.
- Look, Pop.

I know you still sour
about the name change.

But Pernell did apologize,
and he owes you now.

Just saying.

I got the Brooks machine
working for me now.

I don't need Pernell.

I could never be a preacher.

I get stage fright.

Like crippling.

When I was a kid, it was so bad,

I had to use a puppet to do
oral presentations in class.

His name was Lucky.

When I pulled his
strings, I felt no fear.

[door opens]

- [door closes]
- In here, preacher boy.

What the f*ck are you doing here?

I'm the one who brought you here.

I realized the only way
Detective Warren would know

we were coming for him
is if he bugged my car.

So I just dropped a few breadcrumbs.

And here you are.

Here we are...

wasting each other's time.

Speak for yourself.

- [grunts]
- [screams]

Come here! Come on!

Oh, shit! What the hell are you doing?

I turn up in they're morgue,
and you go down, you dumb shit!

- [whimpering]
- Relax, Toby.

You think I'm gonna
let you die like this?

You're gut sh*t and, uh...

since I'm kind of new at this...

How long do we have before
I gotta call an ambulance?

You're f*cking crazy.

That's what they say.

- Call now.
- Hang on.

I'm gonna have to ask
you some questions first.

Is that what this is about? f*ck you!

Are you gonna answer
the questions or not?

Okay, hurry up.

Why'd you k*ll my son?

It was Anne Wu and Kelly.

They said he had to go.

You never had to do anything
in your f*cking life.

Now, the longer you lie
to me, the longer it's

gonna take for
me to make that call.

Okay, okay!

We knew he was a risk.

He knew the cops were part of it.


Please. Please call.

Did my daughter-in-law
say please

while you were having her r*ped?

That was Anne's call, not mine.

I told her it was too messy.

But you just couldn't say no.

In for a penny, in
for a pound, you know?

For Christ sake, call - - .

Hang on, hang on.

Ray Kelly, where is he?

I don't f*cking know.

I swear I don't f*cking know!

I'm bleeding out here.

Make the call, God damn it.

Make the f*cking call.

You're not gonna need
an ambulance, Toby.

I did what you told me to
do. I got the case dropped.

I answered your f*cking questions.

Yeah, but everybody on
that video's gotta pay.

If I die, you're f*cked.

That tape goes out.

You know that. I'm not f*cking bluffing.

I'll take my chances.

[casing clatters]


How can you not see the real danger?

Jesus. You scared the shit out of me.


The encryption key.

I couldn't sleep, so I went for a walk.

And I found myself by
the lifeguard tower.

And the tide hadn't receded yet,

so I waited in there, and there it was.

It was in a cigar box
sealed with candle wax.


Let me get dressed. We'll go home.

I'm... I'm not going back
to San Vicente, Crystal.

I don't know if I did this for you
or for P.J., but it wasn't for me.

I don't want it.

You take it.

- Okay.
- Jocelyn.

If you ever need
anything, Pernell and I...

I won't.

Buy thank you.


Thank you for loving my son.

[alarm chiming]

[doorbell chimes]

I'll take on...

I'm really proud of you.

What do you want?

The Bathwater encryption key.

You found it, didn't you?


[cries out]

All right. All right, all right.

I know. I know. It's
difficult. It's tough.

It's tough. I considered
k*lling you quick,

so you could die thinking you'd won.

- f*ck you!
- f*ck you.

f*ck you.

Who's paying you? I could pay you more.

Oh, denial, anger, now...


Too bad we don't have
time for acceptance.

- [g*n]
- [grunts]

[glass shatters]

- Mrs. Harris!
- I'm here!

Are you okay?

Stay there till I say.




[casing clatters]


[cocks g*n]

Yeah, I guess that's all we got then!

- No!
- [screams]

No! No, Mrs. Harris. Mrs. Harris!


Stop him.


[knocking on door]

Hey, beautiful.

Should you be up?

It's gone. It's...

I... I had it.


The only thing that matters
is that you are here.

Don't. Don't do that.

Don't give me that...

Hallmark sympathy bullshit.

You found me again.

It keeps happening.



You gonna say God?

- Then no.
- [chuckles]

That's a lot of chocolate.

Nathan sent those.

When it comes to employees
who've been s*ab,

he doesn't skimp.


[door opens]

- [footsteps approaching]
- [door closes]


I'm sorry I made you come all this way.

Did you talk to him?

No. He didn't send me.

Then why am I here, Keith?


There's a phone number in there.

You follow those instructions,
you can disappear.

Start brand new.

Judge Harris. Welcome, welcome.

Hello, Nathan.

Oh, have a seat. Please.

So tell me. How's our girl doing?

Well, she won't be wearing
a bikini anytime soon,

but you know Crystal.

Nothing can keep her down.

Still, what a relief.

You must feel like
God's favorite nephew.

Jealous? [chuckles]

Yeah, it's nice to have
Him part of the family.

- Amen.
- Hey, I wanted to thank you for that...

That gift you gave my wife.

Oh, please.

Women and chocolate?

Chimpanzee would have
done the same thing.

No, seriously,

you helped me understand the
kind of man you really are.

Well, before you canonize me,

be aware that I want Crystal
back on the job by yesterday.

I'm... I'm not talking
about the kindness of it.

I'm talking about the logo.

Oh. What's it called? Hexagram?

- Hexagon.
- I'm curious.

What inspired you to go with that shape?


Each cell in a honeycomb
is a perfect hexagon.


'Cause you know what I see?

I see three six-sided
figures. Six, six, six.

What you should see is our desire

to be an efficient
community working as one

for a fruitful result.

Like a beehive.

I know who you are, Lucifer.

Excuse me?

I am calling you by your name...


I know who you are,

and I know what you've done.

You came to my city in
the guise of an innovator,

bringing light, the path to the future.

But you're a venomous snake.

You despise the truth.

Oh, my.

I mean, this is something.


I mean, I've heard the stories
about how crazy you are,

but actually seeing it?

Seeing it firsthand?

I mean, it's truly astonishing.


I'm gonna give you back

that fancy tear catcher you gave me,

'cause you're gonna
need it more than me.

I'm gonna ask you to leave.

Because you're responsible

for the knife wounds in my wife's chest.

Because you are the architect

behind the r*pe of
my daughter-in-law.

And because you are the man
behind the m*rder of my son.

Am I that much of a thr*at to
your hold on San Vicente, Pernell?

Hmm? I mean, that you have manufactured

this ridiculous Da
Vinci Code conspiracy?

Just to make me the root of all evil?


You took your best sh*t.

Now I'm gonna take mine.


[objects clatter]

How you doing?







No. Raymond.


It's empty.

Man: Hi. Anything I can help you with?

Yeah. Um, do you sell cigars?

No. No, I'm sorry.

Um, we have some cigarette lighters.

There's a very, very nice
sterling silver one in there.

No, um, for some reason,

I thought that you would
have Dominican cigars.

You his wife?

[bell tinkles]


♪ I see red ♪

♪ Blue blood hitting oxygen ♪

♪ I see red ♪

♪ Crawling underneath my skin ♪

♪ Dying for attention ♪

♪ Sink or swim ♪

♪ This is truly
making my head spin ♪

♪ We play a dangerous game ♪

♪ And I know you love to win ♪

♪ And when you're losing control ♪

♪ How far down? ♪

♪ This is gonna hurt like hell ♪

♪ Just how long ♪

♪ Gonna bring me to my knees ♪

♪ I know it well ♪

♪ That old familiar sting ♪

♪ My heart may be breaking ♪

♪ But I'll survive ♪

♪ 'Cause this is what
it means to be alive ♪
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