03x21 - Defection

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Blindspot". Aired September 2015 - July 2020.
"Blindspot" focuses on a mysterious tattooed woman found in Times Square who has lost her memory and does not know her own identity. The FBI discovers that each tattoo contains a clue to a crime they will have to solve.
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03x21 - Defection

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Another win for Remi,

which means one more
chore for Roman.

You're never gonna
b*at your sister

if you keep playing like that.

I'm trying!

Well, try harder.

Now, let's see
who's doing laundry.

Yes! I won!
I did it, I b*at her!

No. You didn't.

Remi threw the game.

Oh, you think
you did him a favor?

Then why don't you do him
a few more.

No! That isn't fair!

And you're not to help her

do any of these,
do you understand?

Your sister thinks you're weak,

that you need help.

So, let her help you.

I want these all done by
the end of the day.

I know why you keep losing.

You're only thinking
about your next move.

You've got to think about
what I'm going to do next, too.

Mom says you're my opponent.

Why do you want me
to get better?

The game's more fun
when your enemy's

as good as you are.

Wow, you two do not look
like your best selves.

We've been interrogating
a m*rder all night.

Please tell me Lynnette
gave you something

that'll help us find Crawford.

Nothing. She's stonewalling.

She won't even admit
that she works for him.

Our only lead is that
Crawford made Lynnette steal

all the security codes
from Franklin-Dorfman?

Yeah, which are
only good for 24 hours.

He has to be using them today...

we just don't know what for.

Franklin-Dorfman provides
high-end security

at 117 buildings in
New York and New Jersey.

Private schools,
corporate offices,

and my personal favorite,
a warehouse

full of Lucite
animal sculptures.

We can't seem to find
a single connection

between Crawford
and any of these buildings.

One of them could be a tattoo,

but we can't say for sure

because Roman is still
flooding the databases.

Crawford is safely in hiding.

If he's willing to risk exposure

to breach one or more
of these places,

this has to be something big.

We really have to work out
what the hell he's up to.

Okay, well, we're still scouring
Lynnette's laptop for clues.

Okay. Get back to it.

No, it's getting worse, yeah.

It's not just the headaches now.

There's, um, this sharp,
uh, buzzing and, um,

I'm starting to see things.

Sure you have enough g*n?

It's not gonna work,

because I'm not really here.

I'm trying not to
lose hope, but...

I know, I know. I just, um,

wish things
could have been different.

Uh, we could have just
been a family.

I know, we're out of time.

The first half is done.

They're on their way
to Little Sky now.

- You made it.
- I'm so sorry.

Lunch went long.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, fine.

Blake Crawford, welcome.

- I'm Edmund, Hotel Manager.
- Oh, very nice to meet you.

This is Tom Jakeman,
head of security

- for my father's company.
- It is unfortunate

that your father
couldn't make it himself.

Oh, he had other
business to attend to.

But, well, he trusts me
with all preparations.

Well, I'm sure
you will both be pleased

to see our selection of
beautiful spaces.

Yeah, I'll need a full tour of
the hotel's security measures

before we see any event space,
beautiful or otherwise.

We've had some issues
in the past.

We would just...
We'd love to know

what safeguards
you have in place.

Of course. Please, follow me.



Look, I'm sorry about
yesterday. I was a jerk.

I should have kept
my mouth shut around Meg.

Patterson told me
you guys split up.

That had nothing to do with you.

- Meg and I had our own issues.
- Yeah, but if I hadn't...

It wouldn't have
made a difference.

Your feelings
weren't the problem.

Are you telling me that you have
never had feelings for Tasha?

We couldn't make it work.


I'm sorry... for both of you.

I really liked Meg.

Thanks. Me, too.


Well, I'm never gonna ask you
to be my best man again,

but, yeah, we're cool.

That seems fair.

Ah! Here you guys are.
Been looking around forever.

- We were with you two minutes ago.
- Yeah, well,

time is a flat circle
and I have ADHD.

We got a hit on
the security codes. Come on.

Are you sure you should
be back here already?

You just got sh*t yesterday.

Oh, my arm's fine. I just...

I just get these headaches
from not sleeping.

As soon as we take down
Roman and Crawford,

I'm probably gonna hibernate
for like a year.

- What have you got?
- Uh, okay.

So, one of the buildings

using Franklin-Dorfman security

just got broken into.
Farm Fresh Solvents...

it's a factory that manufactures

industrial cleaning
products for dairy farms.

So, the heist
would have two parts.

First, we hit the Farm Fresh
Solvents factory here.

They store huge quantities
of dinitrogen tetroxide.

- Part two is getting the reactant...
- All right.

Thank you, Roman.
I've heard enough.

It's too complicated.

I've already reached out
to a local g*ng

that traffics expl*sives.

The Viper Kings,

they can get us
all the HMX we need.

Stick to what you're good at
and leave the planning to me.


- Your plan is good.
- So tell Shepherd that.

Her plan is better
for what we need right now.

But who knows what we're
gonna need in the future,

so don't be so quick
to throw this away.

This is Roman.

It's a plot he devised to steal
expl*sives from Sandstorm.

This is the first half of it.

What? So Roman stole expl*sives

from this factory for Crawford?

Well, at least the first part
of an expl*sive. Uh...

Dinitrogen tetroxide?

Innocuous enough
on its own, s*ab...

Yeah, unless
the second part is...

- Monomethylhydrazine.
- Monomethylhydrazine.

Okay, Wonder Twins,
you want to fill us in?

Roman and Crawford are
building a hypergolic b*mb.

It doesn't require a charge,
just two chemicals that explode

when they come into
contact with each other.

A b*mb with no charge.
It sounds like a good way

to smuggle something in

And Farm Fresh happens to have

a very impressive amount
of dinitrogen tetroxide.

There's no
reason to steal that much

unless you're trying to level
a massive target

or multiple targets.

If you're right about this,
that means that Crawford

is planning a mass b*mb
on US soil.

It's not exactly his MO.

I mean, he doesn't have
a problem with v*olence,

but it's usually
a means to an end.

So, what does he stand to profit

from a t*rror1st att*ck
on his own country?

Still nothing from
Lynnette's laptop?

She's not exactly
labelling her files

Dotp-d-f, so...

You said Roman
is planning to steal

the second part too,
right? The MMH?

If we can figure out
where he's stealing it from,

we could head him off.

I didn't get a good look
at his schematics.

I don't know
the second location,

but, uh, there's one person
who might.

Hello, Kurt.

This field trip was a nice surprise.

What's the occasion?

We need to ask you
some questions.

Marriage advice?

So, who's the lucky lady?

It couldn't be my Remi,
could it?

It's not Remi.

Oh, I see. Jane.

I guess I missed my
calling as a matchmaker.

Jane Doe was tailor-made
for you, Kurt... by me.

Where would Roman go to steal
a chemical called MMH?

That old plan?

He must be getting desperate.

You know, if he's not careful,

people might get hurt.

Do you know where
he's going or not?

Of course I know.

Get me Jane.

I'll reveal the location,
but only to her.

That is not gonna happen.

You never change, Kurt.

You've always had that
protective streak in you,

ever since
you were a little kid.

- It's a waste of time.
- Wait!

I'll tell you.
I'll tell you, I swear.

I just need to speak
to my daughter.

We can't just give
Shepherd what she wants!

Do you know the hoops
I had to jump through

to get her in here?
I got you access to Shepherd

so we could catch Crawford.
We're not giving up because.

Jane's feelings might get hurt.

No one is giving up.
There are other ways

to get information out of her.

Isn't that a CIA specialty?

She resisted all enhanced
interrogation techniques.

I'll do it.

Jane, are you sure?

You know that she's gonna
try to manipulate you.

That's what she does.

Lives are on the line.

We have to stop Roman
and Crawford's att*ck.

I can handle
my mother's mind games.

A few months ago,
this was all I wanted,

to confront her,

ask her why she stole
Avery from me.

But now that I'm here, I...

I don't want anything from her.

This will be the last time
I ask my mother for anything.

So, how...

Are you well?

You wanted to talk.


I wanted to tell you I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for trying to tear
you and Roman apart.

Of all the things I've done,

it's my biggest regret.

I pitted you two
against each other.

When I rescued you from
that horrible orphanage...

you two were inseparable.

I wanted you to love me as
much as you loved each other,

but your bond with Roman
is unique.

It's... it's deep, it's strange,

and I didn't understand it.

Roman needed you.
That much, I knew.

He was never meant
to be on his own.

It's in his DNA.

My mistake was with you.

What I couldn't see
was how much you needed him.

I tore you apart.

My... my two children
are trying to k*ll each other.

It's all my fault.



don't make
the same mistake I did.

Don't destroy
the thing you love.

See, you don't know it now,

but you need him.

If he dies,

you die with him.

I want you to take
a good long look at me,

because this is the last time

you'll ever see either
of your children again.

It's none of your concern
what happens to us now.

You lost that privilege when
you stole our childhoods,

not to mention my child.

I heard you out.

Now, you tell me

where Roman is stealing the MMH.

Little Sky.

He's going to Little Sky.

Little Sky Storage
is a military subcontractor

that specializes in the
storage of hazardous materials.

- They're just outside of Poughkeepsie.
- I'll have the field office

up there send tac teams in now.

We'll meet them up there.

Our security is top of the line.

Real-time cameras
on a closed-circuit,

strict keycard access,
and all of our guards

come from the most
respected agencies.

I'll need to see
the Presidential Suite

where Ms. Crawford will be
staying during the event.

Yes, unfortunately,
the Presidential

- is unavailable for viewing.
- I can't assess the security

of a room I can't see,
Edmund, and I will not

put Blake's life at risk
because of your incompetence.


I apologize for
Mr. Jakeman's short fuse.

My father places
a great deal of trust in him,

which, as you can imagine,
also places him

under a great deal of pressure.

Of course. But I'm afraid
it's out of my hands.

This charity ball is one of
the biggest events of the year.

Many influential people
will be in attendance,

and they will be entrusting us
with their security.

- I understand that.
- Then please also understand

that unless every one
of Tom's requests can be met,

I cannot, in good conscience,
hold this ball at your hotel,

nor can I recommend to any of my
clients or business associates

to use your venue in the future.

Word travels quickly in my
circles, and I would hate

for Hotel Cerulean
to develop a reputation

that it didn't need to.

Well, let me see what I can do.

Thank you.

You okay?

I'm fine. It's just...

the last time I had a chance
to take Roman down,

my g*n jammed.

Good to know.

And you took the sh*t.
That's all that counts.

g*n jam. It happens, Jane.

I didn't purposely sabotage it,

but what if I subconsciously
loosened my grip

and that caused the jam?
Maybe part of me is afraid

of what's gonna happen to me
after he's gone.

- What do you mean?
- Even after

all the horrible things
Roman's done,

Shepherd's right.

There's a bond between us
I can't shake.

I don't remember
most of our life together,

but I can feel it.

What if a piece of me
dies with him?

I think that's
how it always feels

when you lose someone
that you've loved.

Now, this idea that
Shepherd has put in your head,

that you can't live
in a world without Roman,

it's just not true, Jane.

Patterson wants us
back in the lab.

Come on.

Why are we still here?

We should be on the road.

- We're too late.
- What do you mean?

Local field teams just arrived
at Little Sky.

All the guards are d*ad, and
Roman got away with their MMH.

He and Roman have enough

to take out a full city block.

And we have no idea where
they're gonna use it.

I got something.
The field team just called in.

A Little Sky employee saw
a truck drive off

that had a marking on it.
A red star with seven points.

Okay. Red star, seven points.

Okay. It's the logo
for Officiant Office Supply.

They have a fleet of 1,000
trucks in the New York area.

You think Roman's
gonna pull a McVeigh,

use a truck as a b*mb?

Or it's a Trojan...
Horse, not condom.

Hypergolic b*mb are
relatively easy to conceal,

and no one's gonna be checking

a truck full of office supplies
that carefully.

Yeah, but we have to
find this truck

before it delivers its cargo.

Oh, lovely.

The sculptures,
are they Ermalinas?

Good eye, Ms. Crawford,

but the true draw of this suite

is its unparalleled view
of the East River.

Okay, here we go.
Red light camera

two blocks from Little Sky

captured a truck
with a star marking on it.

Got a license plate.

This particular truck
only goes to one location.

Oh, my God.

You were right, Tom.
It is worth the price.

Crawford's about to b*mb
the United Nations.

I hope everything is up to
your standards, Mr. Jakeman.

It's perfect.

Well, I'm impressed.

Now, tell me more about
your ballroom options.

- Tom, are you okay?
- Mr. Jakeman.

Yeah, yeah, it's just, um...

another migraine.

It took me by surprise.

- I should get you home.
- No, uh...

you finish up here.
I'll show myself out.

- Are you sure? You seem...
- I'll be fine.

I just need some rest.

I understand a floor of
the hotel is under renovation.

I trust that won't be an issue?

Assistant Director Reade,
Dana Coriano,

Head of Security for the
United Nations Headquarters.

- How's the evacuation going?
- We have over 6,000 staff members

to account for, not to
mention visiting dignitaries.

The buildings won't be cleared
for another 20 minutes.

We're actually looking for
a truck that delivers here,

Officiant Office Supply.

Looks like it's already gone.

According to the records,
they dropped off

their delivery
at the loading dock,

then left right before
we got your warning.

The b*mb's already inside.

All right, Zapata and I
will check the loading dock.

You guys stay here with Dana,

see if anything else
is compromised.

- Copy that.
- All right.

I can't find anything
on this stupid laptop

that tells us why Crawford
wants to att*ck the UN.

Really? 'Cause I just
cracked a new drive

and I'm pretty sure
I'm on to something here,

like how Lynnette's wife
used to work

for Franklin-Dorfman Security.


She's an IP lawyer now,
but back in the day,

her firm did a little consulting

for Frank-Dizorf.

I traced Lynnette's credentials

and they belong
to wifey's old law partner.

They're on the drive.

Lynnette is
a pretty solid hacker,

so we just assumed

that she breached
the Franklin-Dorfman server

illegally to get the codes.

She just logged right in.

- Or her wife did.
- Yeah, but either way,

her wife's implicated.
We can use that.

If the UN doesn't
blow up first, yeah.

we're in the UN basement.

Red star, seven points.

That's their logo.

Why is the power on?
It's not even plugged in.

A countdown timer.

The copier's the b*mb.

Okay. Uh, see if you
can find anything

that could contain
the two chemicals

and keep them separate.

Roman would've found a way
to keep them apart

until he wanted it to go off.

Because the second
those chemicals mix,

that whole neighborhood's
going up

like the club on a Tuesday.

All right, there's a whole bunch

of ink cartridges
inside the copier.

Yeah, and a ton of spares
in boxes.

If the copier goes off,
it's gonna set off

- a chain reaction.
- That's why UN security

couldn't find any chemicals,
because they would have

had to crack open
every cartridge.

That Roman... brains and beauty.

Okay, you need to look
for a mechanism

that would open the cartridges.

I'm guessing it's connected
to the countdown timer.

I don't see anything.
I guess the mechanical part

of the b*mb is sealed
inside the machine.

well that makes things a little tricky.

Yeah, well, we only
have 24 seconds.

Okay, you're gonna have to get

the cartridges
away from the copier

and make sure that they
don't crack and mix.


Good catch.

Five seconds left!

Pull it. Just pull the wire.

All right, we got it.

The b*mb is disarmed.
We're clear.

Saved the day again.
Up top. Boom! Uhh!

This is definitely featuring
in my new graphic novel.

Have I told you about that,
by the way?

It's the adults-only chronicle
of billionaire tech guru

See, he joins forces
to fight crime

with swinging married cops
Keller and Jade,

brooding hunk Agent Reese
and his annoying

but his occasionally
helpful assistant, Peterson.

And that's you...
you're Peterson.

This was too easy.

Or we're just that good.

Something's not right.

Why the UN?

I don't know.
It's a big, flashy target.

What t*rror1st wouldn't
want to b*mb the UN?

Yeah, that's the thing.
Crawford's not a t*rror1st.

It's like Jane said, he doesn't
just want death and chaos,

he has a very specific
reason for his v*olence.

- Yeah, but Roman would k*ll a...
- Roman may be

the only other person
I've met who loves games

and annoyingly intricate
puzzles as much as I do.


No, these men's nuances
have nuances,

and I'm supposed to believe
that when they team up,

their grand plan
is to set off one b*mb,

delivered imprecisely,
to k*ll a large

but random assortment
of UN workers?

Okay, when you list it
all in a row like that,

you make a valid point.

There must be something

we're not seeing.

I think it's time to have
another chat with Lynnette.


The codes you gave to Crawford

were just used in an
attempted terror att*ck

on the United Nations.

You want to go down
with the ship,

that's your prerogative.

But are you willing to drag
your wife down with you?

That's a mic drop.

My wife had nothing
to do with this.

Good luck proving that.

You used her old
law partner's credentials

to steal the security codes,
meaning she provided

material support to t*rrorists

and she will be going
to super-max prison,

unless you go ahead
and tell me why Crawford

was targeting the UN right now.

I don't know the whole plan,

I swear.

It probably has...

something to do
with the pipeline.

What pipeline?

There's a huge oil pipeline

going to break ground any day.

Crawford's been obsessed
about it for months

and he said whoever's
in charge of the project

is gonna make trillions.
Kambezi and Odan...

Kambezi and Odan?
Those are the countries

that the pipeline
is running through?

They will be.

The land.

The land that Crawford
acquired from Bruyere.

It borders both countries.
This is it.

- I'm right, right?
- He wants the pipeline

built through his property.

Kambezi and Odan have
a long, violent history.

Oh, God.

Their leaders
just agreed to sit down

for their first peace talks
in a decade at the UN today.

If the leaders of both
those nations are k*lled,

there'll be all-out w*r.

The pipeline won't move forward.

They'll have to reroute it

through the one possible

Crawford's land.

It's not a t*rror1st att*ck.

It's an assassination.

Weller, Jane,

Crawford is targeting
the leaders

of Kambezi and Odan.
They're still in danger.

We need to find King Almasi
and President Botros right now.

What if the b*mb
was to flush them out,

evacuate the buildings
to get them out in the open?

We're surrounded
by vantage points.

There could be sn*pers
in any of these buildings.

All these people
are sitting ducks.

We've got to find them.

President Botros and
King Almasi were meeting

for peace talks
in the conference building.

Their evac point should be here,

in the northeast corner...

King Almasi, President Botros,

I'm Kurt Weller with the FBI.

We have credible intel
informing us

there's a thr*at
on both your lives.

For your safety,
we're gonna take you

to our New York Office.

I'm afraid that's not possible.

UN security protocols
dictates that world leaders

be brought to
a prearranged safe house

in an emergency under
the care of the Secret Service.

We know the criminals
that are targeting them.

We've dealt with them before.

And yet these criminals
are still at large?

The evacuation
is part of their plan.

We think they were counting
on you following protocol.

The FBI has
no jurisdiction here.

This is not a debate.

Okay. At least let us
go with them.

Two more pairs of eyes
can't hurt.

Fine. Get 'em out of here.

Let's go.

We're removing all unauthorized
personnel from the hotel now.

No one will be
admitted to the premises

without Secret Service

The safe house
is on the 14th floor.

I did not consent to be
sequestered with her.

How do I know she's not involved
with these criminals?

Please, I barely got you to
the table for these accords.

Perhaps it is you who did
all this just to derail them.

You've been plotting
against me for a long time,

spread rumors and lies
to my own people.

Now, let me out of here.
That is an order.

I'm sorry, but no one
is going anywhere.

Neither of your countries
is behind this.

The man who's targeting you
is Hank Crawford.

Crawford! That snake
wanted to charge my country

to transport our own
resources from our own land.

He approached both of us.

He wanted to buy land and
rights to build a pipeline

to transport Odan's oil
through Kambezi to the coast.

- And you said no.
- Mm-hmm.

As often as
I disagree with King Almasi,

we've both seen what happens
when white businessmen

control a country's resources.

So we thought it made more
sense to come together

and bargain in peace

and keep control of
our own resources

rather than sell out
to foreign powers.

Then hold onto that.

that's happening today

is just Crawford
trying to control you

and your countries
all over again.

Don't let him win.

- Seriously?
- What?

Don't look at me like that.
Sometimes that works.

No, this is not a Sega Genesis.

The problem is not on our end.

I'm connected
to the hotel systems,

but there's
some kind of interference.

The video's all jumpy.
Wait a minute.

I know this one.

Someone's tapped into the drop.

That's how I used to steal

adult entertainment channels

from Mr. Yavuz,
who lived next door.

So you're saying
the connection is weak

because there's a third person

- using the security feed?
- Who's tapped into it

right at the source.
Oh, that's not good.

Yeah, that is very not good.

It means the assassins
are already in the hotel,

and I can't cut
their camera access

without blinding us too.

Did you see that?

One of the cameras
just went out.

The one in the service elevator?

I'm afraid it's out of my hands.

This charity ball

is one of the biggest
events of the year.

- Tom, are you okay?
- Mr. Jakeman.

Yeah, yeah, it's just, um...

another migraine.

Oh, God, it's coming
right to them.

Weller, Jane, the service
elevator has been compromised.

It's headed
right to the 14th floor.

You need to tell
the Secret Service

you all need to get
out of the hotel right now.

Agent Briggs, here
to relieve your team, sir.

You're to secure the perimeter.

I'll just need to see
some ID and confirm with HQ.

They must have gone out
through this adjoining room.

You ready?


Jane. That's why the UN
b*mb never went off.

We'll have to be quick.

This place will be
swarming with Feds soon.

Botros and Almasi
are in the east stairwell

with two FBI Agents.

sh**t to k*ll.

Son of a bitch.
Uh, slight complication.

Roman is in the building.

I've got eyes on him
coming out of the suite

on the 14th floor.

He's got a bunch
of guys with him

and they're all dressed
as Secret Service.

And since the security feed

is on the fritz due to
little Romeo's connections...

We can't tell who's legit
and who's with Roman.

They've got real comms too.
I'm informing the Secret Service

they're compromised,
but for now...

Trust no one.
Don't sh**t at them

unless they sh**t at us. Got it.

Exactly, but
I'm gonna do my best

to help you avoid
everyone altogether.

Exit the stairwell now.

We need backup in here now.

They're on their way
with the team. So is the NYPD.

- But they're five minutes out.
- We can't wait.

- We've got to get out of here now.
- Yeah, I'm working on it.

We have to assume
the elevators are compromised,

so I need you to get
to the west stairwell,

so turn left at the end
of this hall. Go, go, go!

They're making their way
across the fifth floor.


Okay, listen to me.
I've cut the camera feeds.

Roman can't see you,
but that means I can't either.

Now, I need you to get
to that west stairwell,

take it down to the third floor.

There's a construction
chute in Room 305.

They should still be
on this floor. Find them!

- Go. Go.
- Go, go.

Room 305 is this way. Follow me!

- No! No!
- - Come here!

Come here! Stay on my back!
Get on my back!

I'll hold them off!
Get them out of here!

Okay, I need to have
a look at that.

We need to find something
to stop that bleeding.


You are going to
be fine, King Almasi.

We will both live to see
our countries have peace

and flourish.

Patterson, King Almasi's
been sh*t, okay?

We need to get him
to a hospital.

Reade and Zapata
are out on the street.

Send him down.

My longarm's out. Hurry up!

- You've got to go feet first.
- Okay.

Here we go. Okay?

- Yeah.
- Ready?

One, two, three, go!

Feet first.

- Okay?
- Okay.

Now, keep your arms up.
Like that. Ready?

One, two, three...


I got ya. I got ya.

I'm out of a*mo.
I'm heading to you.

We've got to barricade the door.

Throw that!

Throw it!


- You ready?
- Yeah, I'm ready.

One, two...

- Three.
- Three. Go!

Another win for Remi.

I just got off the phone
with the US Attorney,

and with the attempted b*mb

and the assassinations, we
have enough to arrest Crawford.

It still won't
be easy to bring him in.

He owns land in
non-extradition countries

and he has connections
all around the world.

Roman's still out there too.

The sooner we find
them both, the better.

They know we have them
d*ad to rights now.

Yeah, but they're backed
into a corner,

so there's no telling
what they could do

or who could get caught
in the crossfire.


- Hey.
- I just got a call from Dana Coriano at the UN.

She's saying that President
Botros' phone is missing.

She claims it was still in the
hotel suite when they escaped,

but the Secret Service
can't find it.

Do you think Roman took it?
I mean, if it's got.

Botros' schedule, her contacts,

he could still be
targeting her and Almasi.

Well, that's what
I want to find out.

- Can you bring up the footage?
- Yeah.

All right, here's Roman
and his baddies

leaving the suite.
No sign of the phone.

Did he come back later?

Let's see.

Who's this? The timestamp says

it was 20 minutes
after the sh**t.


This is after Roman escaped.

That can't be right, can it?

Roman didn't take
the president's phone.

Zapata did.

Look, we don't wanna point
any fingers.

I'm sure there's
a reasonable explanation.

Oh, so you let Roman escape

with the phone
of a world leader,

a phone he could use to
sabotage their governments,

so now you're looking for
someone else to blame.

Not someone. You.

Why did you take it?

Because the CIA wanted me to.

What for?

This is what we do.

We're the Central
Intelligence Agency.

We gather intelligence.

We're gonna
need that phone back.

I'm not about to be party

to an international incident.

Yeah, it's fine. Give it back.

I can't because
I gave it to you.

Could we speak privately?

Oh, come on, Keaton. They know.

- They saw me on tape.
- Tasha,

I don't know what
you're doing right now.

You asked me to get you the
phone, I got you the phone.

You want to do this here,
that's fine.

I did not ask for you
to get me that phone,

nor did I receive it.
I don't know what

you think you're gonna
gain by doing this

in front of them, but I can't

protect you on this.
The CIA takes

no responsibility
for this action.

Okay, this is crazy.

So, why would I take it

if it wasn't for the CIA?

I have no idea. Money?

A world leader's phone
would fetch a lot

on the black market.
You off the wagon again,

placing bets you can't cover?

Maybe you saw
a quick way to settle up.

- Why are you doing this?
- Why am I...

Do you have any idea
the chance I took on you?

Bringing a hot-headed FBI
amateur into the big leagues?

Because this is on my head now.

You just became my mistake.

You're right. Maybe we
should speak privately.

You think so?

What the hell just happened?

- Hey.
- Tom, thank God!

Where are you? Are you okay?

I went back to our room
and you weren't there,

and my father isn't
answering his phone.

Yeah, sorry.
Um, I got called away.

This is about what happened
at the hotel, isn't it?

The manager said we can't
hold the charity ball there

because someone sh*t it up.
It's all over the news.

Did you have something
to do with this?

The way you disappeared...

Tom, what happened today?

I'm sorry. I'll, um...

I'll tell you everything
as soon as I can, I promise.

I let your dad down.

Just give me some time
to fix this, okay?

I love you.

Is this what it's like
to wait for your buddy

outside the principal's office?

'Cause I was usually
the one in there,

- getting in trouble.
- Really?

'Cause Boston told me
you were a hall monitor.

I would not have wanted
Boston to tell you that.

Hey, Tasha!

Does anybody know how
to file for unemployment?

I just got fired.

Keaton said the CIA
couldn't trust me anymore.

That's rich, coming from them.

I believe you. We believe you.

You wouldn't have
taken that phone

unless Keaton ordered you to.

They got caught, all right?

So now they're
throwing you under the bus.

We'll figure this out.

You know, I know a great lawyer

if you speak
conversational Latvian.

Guys, it's... It's done.

You have me on tape.

It's my word against the CIA.

I can't fight that,
and even if I did,

I'd still be out a job.

So come back to the FBI.

I can't. Think about it.
Guys, I am poison.

Nobody is gonna trust you
if you're working with me.

- Let us worry about that.
- No.

I'm out of moves.

I have to figure it out
on my own.

You can't leave.

I can't stay.

Why not? Why are you giving up?

I'm on a path, Reade,
and I can't go back

and I can't take
you guys with me,

so, please, don't make
this harder than it is

- and let me go.
- No.

Not this time.

You're rebounding from Meg,

I just got fired from the CIA...

there are a million reasons

why we shouldn't
do this right now.

Look, if you think about
anything long enough,

you'll find a reason
not to do it.

Whatever it is between us...

I'm tired of thinking.

I can't.


This day's been a lot of fun.

- Hmm.
- Hmm?

Yeah, one big
happy family reunion.

Funny how there always seems
to be b*mb involved with mine.

- Hmm.
- Hmm.

I realized something
about what Shepherd said.

Your bond with Roman is unique.

The connection
with Roman is real,

and it's intense.

When Remi and Roman were kids,

they walked
through f*re together

and they came out
the other side.

But I'm not Remi.

She was half of a whole
with Roman,

and she might not have
been able to survive

without her brother, but I can.

My other half is you.

What is that?

We need to get Patterson.

Let's not think about it.

Roman must have ended
his program overload.

The false tattoo hits
have all gone silent.

- So this hit is real?
- Oh, it's very real.

The platonic solid tattoo
decrypts to a website

that has always been blank
until now.

A video was just uploaded
a few minutes ago.

Moreover, what from being so
long in twilight or darkness,

his eyes
had acquired the faculty

of distinguishing
three objects in the night,

words common
to the hyena and the wolf.

I think it's time
we finish what we started.

One last game, sis.

Winner take all.
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