03x10 - Remembrance

Episode transcripts for the TV show "X Company". Aired February 2015 - March 2017.
Set in WWII, "X Company" follows the stories of five highly skilled young recruits - Canadian, American and British, who are taken from their everyday lives and are trained together in a ultra-secret training facility on the shores of Lake Ontario.
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03x10 - Remembrance

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His only imperfection
was that he could.

Only feel one thing at a time.

What does it taste like?
E flat major?

Shades of blue,
and blue smells like home.

Makes you feel safe.
My true duty.

Is to know what is right
and what is wrong,

And to follow what is right
no matter what the cost.

For the sake of all the souls
watching us right now.

Where will professor voigt be? In a
secure side ceremony beginning at 7:30.

We'll use the art
to smuggle in a bit of expl*sive.

As well as a pencil fuse.

The painting will hang
in the library.

We use that to smuggle in
the potassium chloride.

Insert the fuse, cr*ck it, the chemicals
react, you have about 40 seconds to get away.

The expl*si*n
is just a distraction.

Faber takes voigt to the library down
the hall where I'll be waiting for him.

And operation marigold
dies with him.

What are your specific plans
as a triple agent? I will.

Use his son against him.
Duncan sinclair.

Will do anything we ask.

He has done the reich
a great service.

Rounding up a nest
of spies or something?

Perhaps next year
it will be franz receiving.

A medal.

Schmidt's car will be
at the hotel soon.

Go. I'll finish
with the painting.

Don't look back. I won't.

They're gonna t*rture my son
in front of me,

Neil. And when they do, I will
talk. And that can't happen.

You gotta get aurora to the
finish line. Please, neil. Go!

Stopping operation marigold.

Is more important
than you or me.

"aurora luft. Harry james.

Tom cummings. Alfred graves."

I saw him in paris and poland.

They left you in charge?
Where is he now?

Here in berlin? Everyone else.

Off to the big party?
Left you on your own?

You and your colleagues gave
brigadefuhrer faber a good ru.

Just blew up a bridge.
Knocked off a t*nk or two.

Nothing compared
to what you lot get up to.

That's a compliment to your
late leader, colonel sinclair.

The resourcefulness...

The resilience you had.

Most of you, anyway.

Half of you are d*ad.

René vallieres, not before
he gave us details.

On your training camp,

Harry james and tom cummings
d*ed in action,

Which leaves miss luft.

And mr. Graves.

We want to know where they are.

Haven't seen them for months.
I don't take.

Pleasure in brutality,

But my orders are to do
what is necessary.

Where are they?

Probably back in paris by now.

It's not what it sounds like.

He said you've done the reich a great
service. What I needed him to believe!

That you're rounding up
a group of spies. Is that true?

After everything we've seen
in poland,

Everything we've had to do.

He was ready to have her k*lled
because we didn't want her,

Just like that,
and now you're taking his side?

Sabine, it's not that simple.
Actually, I think it is.

I've just been interrogated
by my superiors.

Who have serious suspicions
about my loyalty.

One wrong word, one wrong move,

And we can both be sh*t.
Do you understand?

The only way I could
explain my contact.

With the allied spies
was to tell them.

That I was fooling them
the whole time. A triple agent.

A triple agent?

So now you've learned
to tell three lies at once?

You see that I had
no choice, don't you?

So now what?
You do what they want?

I do what I need to
in order to protect you.

And to protect myself.

I've come to a decision. I...

We need to lay low.

We need to behave. Behave?

For a while, not much longer.

And when the time is right,
we'll get out.

We leave all this behind,
and we go to spain.

So, we behave.

One more night? A week?

A month? Up until victory?
I don't know yet. The point is.

We stay safe. How can we look.

That girl in the eyes knowing
what's happened to her family?

Knowing we are part of it.

We make this possible
every day we behave!

Do you really think
it's that simple?

You think you know better?
Then go on, tell me.

What should I do?
What would you have me do?

It's all right, ania.

It's all right.

Let's go sit down.

Come on.

I can't be late.

We'll talk more when I'm back.
About keeping us safe?

About holding on.

Maybe you're just
thinking a little small.

Ania, that's some cherries
right from the tree.

The syringe and the expl*sives
are loaded up.

We were pinned down
when the air raid started.

I saw some damage
on the way back.

Looks like they were going
for the national radio.

I've got a good feeling...


Where are neil and sinclair?

They didn't come back.
Shouldn't they have?

Yes. Hours ago. With william.
I've sent notice.

Back to the camp. Any agents
operating in the area,

We need to know what happened.
If they've been seen,

If they're safe.

I told him. Before we left,
I said, "you don't even."

Have proof of life,
why would you take this risk?"

And now aurora is heading
into faber's hands.

I'll go to her hotel.
I'll stay by the radio.

Let's confined her
to her bed, so...

Franz. It's my pleasure
to introduce you.

To professor harald voigt.
Herr professor,

Brigadefuhrer franz faber. You are
in his care tonight. Herr professor,

It is a true privilege.
Yes, yes.

I'd be more privileged
if this entire ordeal were over.

You needn't be concerned;

You are perfectly safe
in his hands.

I just need to be back at work.
It is the worst possible time.

There is no one to continue
your work in your absence?

Of course not! The professor.

Leaves nothing written.
For security.

Of course. Very prudent.

You will be kept sequestered
until the last moment, at 7:30.

Your award should take
no more than 10 minutes.

I'll escort you back
to your laboratory,

And your "ordeal" is over.
Thank you.

I have the reichssicherheitsdienst
outside if you'd care to come with me.

Thank you, franz.
I'll see you both shortly.

Come on!

Your car is early! Coming!

Even your leader tried
to spare himself this.

You might follow his example.

Not by su1c1de.

Something more civilized,

Like a conversation.

I've seen you before.

At terre-du-fils.

All the men in that village
slaughtered in reprisals.

Then you know
what we're capable of.

I saw you. I saw your boss.

That kind of work?

Not your cup of tea.

You're wrong.

Keep going.

Thank you.

It's beautiful.


Isn't she magnificent?

Absolutely exquisite.

Each of these statues
expresses female perfection.

The gentleness, the fertility...
Good evening.

Herr oberguppenfuhrer.

How are you, frau bauer?
Lovely to see you. And you.

How was your afternoon?
Other than a minor air raid,

Everything was satisfactory.

Herr oberguppenfuhrer!

Hello, reinhardt. How are you?

Splendid, sir.
May I introduce helene bauer?

Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.


What's that? It's enough.

You're ready?

Yes. Take him down.

The other spies, where are they?

Don't make me do it
in front of them.

Everything we're trained to do.

Is not to talk.

I won't be humiliated
in front of more than one man.

Bring his chair here.

Make sure his cuffs are secure.

I will give you privacy,
but the guard stays.

Give us some room.


It's gone. The syringe.

I know.

A member of the security staff
found it in the canvas lining.

And brought it to me. I told him
I'd handle it personally,

And that our orders are.

That the ceremony
should still unfold as planned.

You covered it up?
No. I told him to keep quiet,

That it's important morale is
maintained on a day like this.

I'll need your g*n.

What?! Keep your holster closed.

And no one will know it's
missing. Just give it to me.

Nothing can trace back to me.

This is our one chance.
And we're out of time.

Just give me your g*n.

I'll bring voigt to the library.

You need to find
a w*apon on your own.

When did you
last see aurora luft?

I haven't seen either of them
since I was in france.

Why are you in berlin?
My boss wanted to see his son,

And I was here to protect him.
How did you enter the country?

Let's cut to the chase, alright?

I've been out of touch
with camp x a long time.

You're not going
to get much out of me.

That's a shame.
Shall I call my man back?

Wait, wait.

I said I saw you...
The day the general was k*lled.

And terre-du-fils
was selected for reprisals.

My team and I, we were watching.

What does that have to do with...
we know from reliable sources.

That your boss was supposed
to execute the entire village,

But we saw him spare
women and children.

That's right.

Faber makes his own rules.

Just like my boss
made his own rules.

You don't get to be them,
playing this game,

Unless you do that.

You do what it takes.

There are two ways.

One is violent and merciless,

The other is strategic.

Go on.

Our bosses,

They made a deal.

We can make a deal.


Where have you been?

Thank you. For what?

Inviting me.
Sharing this with me.

I knew that I would be
surrounded by great minds.

And leaders, but I had no idea.

There would be so much art.

I... I've never seen
pieces like these,

Even when I was working
at the reichsmuseum.

Please come with me.

There's something
I want you to see.

This one.

I've seen in it books,
but I never thought

I'd see it in person.

Look at her.

The silhouette.

The curve of her skin.

The hair.

You can almost touch it.

So much more beautiful up close.


I'm sorry. That was so forward.

No. There is no need.

Your forwardness, I admire it.

I always have.

You are intoxicating.

I look at you and...

I'm lost.

Then keep looking.

What did faber have
in mind for sinclair?

Over here, it's the prisoners
who answer the questions.

Sinclair's no longer in
the picture so there's no harm.

You needed something from him.

Maybe I can help.

We were going to keep
his son with us as leverage.

We were going
to send him back to canada.

And make him work for us
as a double agent.

That's a good plan.

It would have worked.

It still can.

Use me.

My life in exchange
for new intelligence.

Our superiors wanted sinclair.

Interrogated and ex*cuted
as a morale victory.

They'd want the same for you.

Why k*ll a man.

When he can become an asset?

Intelligence speeds the w*r,
saves lives.

We don't disagree. "We"?

The brigadefuhrer and i.
Who has your loyalty?

Faber or your superiors?

He does.

Send me back.

You'll make him proud.

I have a young niece.

She's all the family
I have left.

I'm all she's got.
No, I don't believe you.

In my jacket,

The pocket left front,
there's a letter.

Take it.

I can't stand to think what will
happen to her if I die too.

Let me live;

I'll give you
what your boss wants.

Or you can carry on.

Torturing me,
but you'd be no further ahead.

In this game, you're only
as good as your strongest asset.

I can be that asset.

My superiors didn't approve
that arrangement.

From the brigadefuhrer; why
would they approve it from me?

You lot really don't know
what you're doing, do you?

This is why we've got networks all
over france; You've got nothing.

You don't know...

Forget it about it, mate.
Go on, just get on with it.

Salute, march,
do as you're told.

I mistook you for a spy,
not a soldier.

If I allow you.

To escape, I will be blamed.

What would faber do?

He would do
what he needed to do,

And then he would
protect himself.

There are ways
you can shift the blame.

And then take the credit
when intelligence.

Starts coming in from canada.

There... There might be a way.

I have one condition.


A request.

As a gentleman.

This isn't the way
to the main cells.

Unlock this door.

This goes into receiving area.
After that is a service gate.

This receiving area?
It should be clear.

Just in case it's not.

Drop your watch. They'll want
to know how you got free of.

The cuffs. You used the buckle.
Good thinking.

Once a week, as we agreed.

Look for the advert in der sturmer
it'll tell you what time.

I'll leave the radio
in the safe house.

Use 5 across from last week's
crossword as the encryption key.

Ready? William?

Drop your w*apon!

Do it.


Come on. Guards!


Have you seen helene?


She wouldn't want to miss this.

This allied att*ck
on our capital a few hours ago.

Well, I apologize.

On their behalf
if you missed it.

As a lion is threatened.

By a mosquito, so are we.

But we are not here
to discuss mosquitoes.

We are here to celebrate the man.

Who will put blood
into the veins.

Of our panzers and our aircraft,

The man who will help us
win this w*r.

William! What happened?

Come here. Help me.

Easy. Alright. Alright.

Here you go.

Where is he?

It was a double cross.

Faber was going to t*rture
william in front of him.

Sinclair knew.

He gave his life
to save his son.

I'll find you something to eat.

I thought we had him.

I thought he could be trusted.
It was a risk. We knew that.

Sinclair knew that.

Where's aurora? She's gone.

She's at the event.
She's in their hands.

We have to get her.

Herr professor voigt,

Your breakthrough.

In the revolutionary discipline
of synthetic oil production.

Sets us free from our dependence.

On fuel from foreign soils.

Your formula will create.

An exponential
increase in production.

That will blaze the path.

To germany's glorious future.

When shall we expect
production to begin?

I'm still finalizing
the formula.

Within days, reichsfuhrer.

On behalf of the fuhrer,

The silver cross.
The fatherland thanks you.

Come with us. Move!

Remain calm!
This way, professor!

Have the reichsfuhrer
exit immediately!

Where is he?

Where's voigt?

It was you.

You took the syringe.

You would have used
this expl*sive on voigt?


You would have d*ed with him.
That's right.

You forced me
to change the plan!

I had no choice.

Do you hear yourself speak?

They found out
I was working with you;

I had to convince
them otherwise.

Where's sinclair?

I'm sorry.

And neil?

They forced my hand.
What have you done?

You all forced my hand!

Then finish the job.


Franz, do it.

Franz, tell me what's going on!

This woman is not
who you thought she was.

Her name is aurora
and she's a spy.


She ignited the b*ll*ts
as a distraction.

To get himmler's guards
away from voigt.

Why? To k*ll him.

There was a syringe
with a lethal fluid hidden.

In the painting. I came to see
who would retrieve it.

She's been deceiving you, me,


So this was all a lie?
From our first conversation?

I should have known.

Too good to be true.
Pull the trigger, franz.

That's what you want?

Do the reich proud.

What's one more death? Shut...

What are you thinking, franz?!

We need to bring her in, break
her and then deal with her!

I won't break.
I'll take her myself.

Go! See to voigt!
Make sure there are no others!

I won't break
because I know my true duty.

"My true duty is to know what is
right from what is wrong,

And to do what is right
no matter what the cost."

I think of all the loved ones
watching from above, watching.

Right now, and I wonder,

What would they feel?
What would they feel.

If they could only feel
one thing at a time?

That's enough!


The g*n was her.
She's a spy.

There may be more!

Well? Have they found
the suspect?

Go! Protect the professor!

Find faber!

Here! Here!
Come with me! Come, come!

Get in! Get in!

Take us straight
to headquarters.

Don't move.

Keep your hands where they are.

You saw that expl*si*n?

Do you want to know what it was?

He finally fell asleep.

About an hour ago.
Still won't eat though.

I can't even think
what he's been through.


A few weeks
at the camp infirmary,

And he'll get his strength back.

To the end of endless oil.

Franz faber.

What do we do with schmidt?

Smuggle him out to england.

Squeeze him for the locations
of more oil fields.

Colonel mayhew and the raf
will have a field day.

What's wrong?

We're doing it again.

Doing what? Getting it done,

Moving on,

Leaving people behind
like they don't matter.


She didn't want
to sleep in the bedroom.

Because it was a boy's?

Because she doesn't want me
out of her sight.

Franz isn't here.

I came to see you.


I'm sorry,
we don't have much time.

Can we sit?

There's something
you need to know.

I was gonna say the same thing.

You're in danger. You need
to leave berlin. Franz is...

I know. How do you know?

He was ready to betray us,

But then he didn't.

What do you mean?


He fought the reich.

He pushed a Kn*fe
into its heart.

He did an extraordinary thing.

I'm so sorry.

The first mission in the field,

Your first time jumping out
of a plane into empty space;

It's terrifying,

It sucks the breath
out of your lungs,

Your heart pounds
into your ribs,

Your hands feel like ice.

Once you land, you have to make.

Decisions on your own,

Choices that nothing
can really prepare you for,

That you have to remember.

And live with.

You'll disappear.

And you might never come back.

If you're caught,

You're fair game for t*rture.

There's no uniform
to protect you.

Survival rate in the field
is only 50%.

They won't write about you
in the papers.

You won't get any parades.

Hello, mags.

The official secrets act means.

You don't talk. Ever.

Your family will never know
what you did.

But everything you do.

Will affect this fight.

The people you see,

The people you don't.

The people you save... Ania?

The people you don't.


And the people that do.

Remember you will be the people
who fought by your side.

They'll carry your stories.

They'll never forget.
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