04x10 - Resurgence

Episode transcripts the TV show "The Night Shift". Aired: May 2014 to August 2017.
A group of Army doctors return to work on the night shift in the ER at San Antonio Medical Center.
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04x10 - Resurgence

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-[people squealing]

[Drew] Stay low, stay low.

Two tangos, twelve o'clock, 50 meters out!

Multiple people down on both sides!

Let's go. Cover f*re! This is us!

Get ready, Reagan, Boon, on me!

-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.

[Drew] Move! Move! Let's go!

With a purpose, Boon!

Paul, Shannon! On me.

Stay low!


Here we go.

Don't worry, man. We got you.
Paul, Shannon, get to work.

Boon, Reagan,
another injured person ten meters out.

Hey, we're gonna take care
of you, okay? Let's take a look.


[Drew] Stay low.


[Boon] GSW to the left chest,
respiratory distress.

[Drew] What else, Boon?

-[Boon] Uh...
-[Drew] He's bleeding out! Come on!

Deviated trachea. Absent breath
sounds, both right and left.

Diagnosis and treatment.

Uh... Needle decompression
of the tension pneumothorax.

[Reagan grunts]

-[alarm blares]
-[instructor] Endex! Endex!

End of exercise!

Wrong move, Ranger.

[Amira] And likely your last.

Don't help her up. That's a d*ad body!

Better jock up, boys and girls.

You keep moving like that,
your asses are mine. Train them again!

Now, move!

Move! Get up, move!

[labored breathing]

Drill's over. What's going on?

This is real, Drew. She didn't get up
when everyone else did.

Pulse is fast and irregular.
Possible atrial fib RVR.

Yeah, she needs to get to the ER now.
We'll take her.

All right. Keep me apprised.

Hesitation costs lives, Boon.

Roger that, sir.

I didn't know which way to go.
There was just a lot going on.

There won't be
any less going on in combat.

Look, talk to your teams, refit your
gear, we go again in 30 minutes.

[Drew] Hey.

What the hell was that, Reagan?
Now, you're d*ad.

I was eliminating the thr*at, sir.

Too bad the thr*at eliminated you first.

That Ranger tab
doesn't make you bulletproof.

Now, your unit doesn't have a medic.

Priority number one, protect the patient.

-You understand?


Hey, did you get a final head count

for me and Bella's
engagement party tomorrow?

100% attendance.

People around here don't usually
get invited to the Q Club.

Looks like you're moving on up, Kenny.

Ah... It wasn't my idea, it was her dad's.

But I'm not paying for it,
so, I ain't saying no.


Anyways, I'll let Bella know.

She's over there now,
finalizing all the details.

-All right.
-All right.

You don't think
this combat training proposal

was something you should've run by me?

I confided in you that things are shaky,

and you take this kind of risk
without even a phone call, or an e-mail?

I planned on talking to you
about this, Julian.

I just didn't expect you here today.

Listen, it's a three-day trial.

If it works, the cash flows in,
and your ass is saved.

If it doesn't work, no harm, no foul.

But there is harm if this doesn't work.

Bad publicity for Cummings Medical Group.
It cheapens the brand.

And the bridge loan I need
still hasn't been approved.

And if somebody gets hurt, or worse,

[snickers] that triggers a lawsuit,
and we're d*ad.

We are taking every possible precaution.

I'm sure you think you are, but I'm sorry.
I'm pulling the plug.

No. Julian... Please.

Just trust me.

We can make this work.

I did trust you, Scott.

But now,
I learned that was a mistake, too.

I just found out through the gossip mill
that you and Jordan lost a baby together.

What, you don't think
that was relevant for me to know?

Not exactly something I wanna talk about.

Our past is our past.

But how about we agree to keep
our future and present honest?

[Mollie] Attention, everybody.

There has been a mass sh**ting
at San Antonio Southern University.

There are multiple casualties,
and they're asking for all hands on deck.

SWAT is on their way
to take you in right now.

Reagan, Boon, gear up.

-You're coming with us.
-Yes, sir.

Drew, Jordan, let's go.

No. No, not these people.

What? These aren't pasty
first-year interns.

These are doctors and medics
who are training for combat.

We train as we fight,
that's the best training there is.

There is no training program anymore.
I'm ending this here and now.

No, he isn't.
I run this hospital. T.C., go.

[Julian] And I own this hospital.

And my contract gives me
the authority to run it.

-T.C., take your teams.
-All right. Let's go!

Callahan. You get back here!

[Julian] Callahan!

Son of a bitch.

Julian, I am doing
what I feel is best for this hospital.

So much so,
you're willing to bet your job?

If this goes south, you're done.

And you're paying me back
every bit of that bonus.

Scott, hey.

Are you sure about this?

[exhales] Yeah, I'm sure.
It's like I said, this is my hospital,

and we're doing things my way.

Watch your back out there, okay?

Yeah. You watch your back in here.

[theme music playing]

[sirens blaring in the distance]

So, what happened out there, Hannah?

I'm not sure. I was running,
and then I woke up, and I saw you guys.

We had to be at the combat training.

What brought you,
just a glutton for punishment?

The hospital paid us
50 bucks to role play.

That's a new socket set
and a couple of spark plugs.

-Motorhead, are you?
-[Hannah] I try to be.

I spend every minute after my classes
in my friend's shop.

Much to my parents' chagrin.

They don't like their daughter
sweating under 4,000 pounds of steel?

They like her toiling
in a classroom a whole lot more.

All right, we're just gonna take
a quick look at your chest, okay?

There you go.

[machine beeps]

I come from a long line of academics.

The kind of folks
who would rather theorize

how something works for an hour,

rather than feel it with their hands
and figure it out.

Dated some guys like that.

Not you.

-[machines beep rapidly]

My chest...

[Hannah] [labored breathing]

-[Paul] Jocelyn, run another EKG.
-[Shannon] Okay. Irregular pulse.

She's in rapid a-fib.
Push a twenty of dilt IV.

Twenty of dilt going in.

-[Hannah] [labored breathing]
-[machine continue beeping]

Are you okay, Hannah?

[breathing heavily] Yeah, just dizzy.

Weird. I don't know what's going on today.

-[machines beep normally]
-Double apical impulse.

Okay. Any heart problems in your family?

No, why? What's going on?

You have an irregular heartbeat,
and we're not sure why,

but we're gonna run some tests
and we'll figure it out.

[exhales] Whatever you say, Doc.

Let's just get under the hood
and get her done.

[reporter] This just in.

I am live outside the campus
of San Antonio Southern University

after tragedy struck today
at the commencement ceremonies.

Police officers are keeping us
several blocks away,

following a mass sh**ting that has
left dozens d*ad and scores injured.

We have obtained footage
of the graduation event,

and I must warn you,
this video contains graphic content.

Before YouTube was even created...


[reporter] Protesters took matters
into their own hands

when they did not approve of the
Conservative commencement speaker.

SWAT team is on the scene now.
The sh**t are still at large.

[SWAT agent] Let's go, people.

All right. Stay alert.

-Where're you going?
-[Rick] Hunting.

We got reports
of multiple sh**t still active.

And they're placing IEDs.
So, don't touch anything. Okay?

-Just be careful.
-You be careful.

[T.C.] Okay.

Reagan, you're with Drew and I
on search party.

-We'll run triage. Let's go.

Where do you want me, sir?

It's gonna be a busy night, Boon.
I need you on triage. Let's go.

Hey, no hero stuff, all right?
These b*ll*ts are real.


[Drew] Spread out. We don't want one round
catching the both of us.

[Reagan] Relax, you got five meters.

[Drew] Yeah, well, we're out in the open,
so, push out to ten,

or were you sleeping that day
in Ranger School?

Definitely not a lot of sleeping
in Ranger School, sir.

But I guess you already knew that, sir.

Or maybe you don't, sir.

Putting the "sir" on the end doesn't
hide the disrespect, Lieutenant.

[Drew] I may not be a Ranger,

but I've had men die in my arms
in combat, so, drop the attitude.

-He's gone.


Get down, get down.

-[loud screaming]

-[all clamoring]
-[g*n continue]

[Drew] Let's go.

[Wyatt groaning and coughing]

I'm Dr. Callahan. This is Dr. Alister
and Reagan. What's your name, sir?


-[T.C.] Okay.

[Drew] All right. We gotta stop
this bleeding. He can't breathe.

We're sitting ducks out here.
We gotta do it back at triage.

-[Drew] Hold that.
-[Reagan] I got it.

-[Drew] All right.
-[Reagan] I got it, I got it.

-[Drew] Good.
-[Wyatt] My leg. I've been sh*t. [groans]

Okay, there's no going back
from where we came.

-[g*n continue]
-[Wyatt] The sh**t are everywhere.

Yeah, too many sh**t. Let's get inside.

-[T.C.] Here we go. One, two, three.
-[Wyatt groans]

[indistinct chatter]

You're all right. No problem.

-[medic] Jordan, we've got another GSW.
-[Jordan] All right.

Let's set her down.

All right, guys, thank you.

Hi, my name is Dr. Alexander,
I'm gonna take care of you.

Hey, Boon, get in here.
We got a GSW to the left foot.

We gotta stop the bleeding.

It's funny 'cause I've done this
100 times in training, it's just...

It's just never
with b*ll*ts flying around.

Imagine you're back in training,
execute what you know. All right?

-You got this. Here.
-Thanks, Doctor.

[Jordan] Hey.

You've a really nice touch with people.

I lead an organization composed
almost entirely of men where I'm from.

If they sense even a hint of weakness,
my team suffers, and so do my patients.

Well, I deal with that here, too.

[Jordan] Hi.

Hey, docs, got a call from a wounded EMT
hiding on the west side of campus.

I've got a full bus of patients
I gotta get back to SAM.

-Can you help look for him?
-[Jordan] Yeah, you got it.

This guy needs a yellow tag.
Boon, you're in charge.


Don't worry. You're safe here.

The medicine slowed down your heart rate,

and then your heart converted back
to its normal rhythm.

You know what's causing this?

[Scott] Well, your echo shows some
abnormal enlargement in your heart.

So, I'd like to get a cardiac MRI
for a more precise evaluation.

-Thanks, Scott. Uh, you got a sec?

Hey, so, I heard you got into it
with my dad. What's that about?

[sighs] What's it always about? Control.

Don't worry,
it'll work out one way, or another.

-But you're staying, right?
-We'll talk later.

[Paul] Uh...

Okay, so, we've gotta run some more tests.

Really? I was hoping
I'd be out of here by now.

I promised my friend
I'd help him work on a car tonight.

Some guy's bringing in a '63 Stingray.

-Well, I'm afraid that we have to--
-The split window coupe?

-That's the one.
-You have a passion for cars, Hannah.

Why are you in school?

My parents would rather
pay for books than tools.

-So, buy them yourself.
-Uh, Shannon.

I don't wanna disappoint them.
I love them too much.

Sometimes disappointing the people
you love is a part of life.

It sucks, but it's your life.
You have to do what's right for you.

[Paul] Shannon.

[Hannah] Wow! Uh...

-Did I say something wrong?
-[Paul] No, no, no. Uh, not at all.

Sorry about that,
she can be a little intense.

Anyways, let's check this out,
and we'll get those tests run.


[Paul] We'll get you out of here
as quick as possible, okay?

[Reagan] We're clear!

[Wyatt groans]

-[T.C.] Watch his head.
-[Drew] Okay. All right.

-GSW, left leg. Reagan, take a look.
-[Wyatt groans]

-Just soft tissue, sir.
-[T.C.] Okay.

Slap an Israeli bandage on it.

We gotta stop this bleeding.

Yeah, he's burst a blood vessel.

-We gotta cauterize it.
-With what?

[Drew] Uh... Wyatt, you know anyone
who graduated today?

Yeah, I know a lot of 'em. I'm a teacher.

This is a tragedy.

You know, I didn't care
for the commencement speaker, either,

but what they've done betrays
whatever point they were trying to make.

[Drew] Yeah. Sometimes,
when you run out of things to say,

your anger speaks the loudest.

What do you teach?


History. Why?

Remember the Civil w*r stories about
amputees biting down on b*ll*ts

during surgery to deal with the pain?

-[T.C.] Start biting.

[grunts softly] Wait, wait, wait...

[screaming loudly]

There's no SWAT.

[Jordan] We have a medic out there.

-We gotta move.

Cover stops b*ll*ts, concealment doesn't.

-We need cover.

[suspenseful music playing]

Hi. I'm Dr. Alexander, this is Dr. Anawi.

-Can you tell me your name?

-I've been sh*t in the abdomen.
-[Jordan] Okay, let me see.

He's not walking out of here.


[Amira] Maybe we aren't, either.

Hey, here.

[indistinct chatter over radio]

-What's the problem?
-This man has multiple GSWs.

We have to get him out of here,
or he'll bleed out.

[Jordan gasps]

Anything else?

I'm putting wings on pigs today.

-[Bernadine grunts]

[Rick] Saw she was flagging you.
You guys okay?

[Amira] Much better now, thank you.

[Rick] You went out without an escort.
You can't do that.

All right, come on.

-She's still alive.
-[Amira] Not for long.

-I say let nature take its course.
-[Jordan] We don't do that here.

[Bernadine grunts and groans loudly]

[Rick] The numbers are backwards.
They've infiltrated law enforcement.

We don't know who
the good guys are at the moment.

-You guys see any other cops?
-None. No.

Okay, pass it on, tell the other cops
to roll up their left sleeve.

Word of mouth only. No radio.

-Yes, sir.

-We can still save her.
-[Bernadine groaning]

-[Rick grunts]

-[Rick] Let's take her to triage. Come on.
-[Bernadine screaming]

[Kenny chuckles]

-Really? This is mine?
-Of course.

Kenny, with all this craziness,

I haven't had a chance to officially
welcome you into my family.

Thanks, Dr. Cummings.

Ah! Call me "Julian."

[chuckles] Okay, Julian.
I appreciate that.

You remind me of myself at a younger age.

Pulled up by the bootstraps.

Not dependent on anyone else.

I was too soft on my kids.
Spoiled them rotten.

They were lucky to have you.

[chuckles] Well, do me a favor
and let them know.

[Kenny laughs] I will.

Keep up the good work.
I see a lot of potential in you.

Maybe one day,
you walk through these doors

in a suit instead of scrubs.

You're a Cummings by proxy now.

-[Julian] Oh! Hey, son.
-[Paul] Dad.

Kenny, hey, you realize that
that's more than just a watch, right?

How do you mean?

Look, it's best to be
a part of the family,

but stay away from the family business.

Gifts like that just end up
getting you get sucked in even more.


Well, maybe I wanna get sucked in.

That man has been nothing but full of love

and supportive
since I proposed to your sister.

He said I had potential.

Now, I know that may be lip service
to you, but it means something to me.

So, if you'll excuse me, I only have
five minutes left in my break.

Think you're saving me, bitch?
Save yourselves.

You're all just pawns
of the imperialist state!

[Amira] Lovely manner on this one.

Yeah, she's a real sweetheart. Boon.

[Bernadine grunting]

[Jordan] We have an entry wound
on the lower flank,

exit wound anterior abdomen.

This university ignored our protests,

so, we stopped asking for justice
and decided to take it.

We vote where the power is,
and our power's in the streets.

Honey, that's a top of the line nose job.
You don't look very street to me.


[Jordan] Chest is clear.

Weak pulse. Probably hypotensive.
Let's start some IV fluids.

Here's some NS.
There's nothing more we can do here.

Her abdomen's rigid.

[Jordan] Boon,
get an ETA on the ambulance.

What about Reagan and the sirs?
We can't just leave 'em here.

This is not a discussion.

[Boon] Never leave a man behind.

-[Jordan] Boon! Boon!
-[Boon] I'll find them.

[sirens blaring]

[indistinct chatter over radio]

All right, you are one tough customer.

[Wyatt grunts]

Tell that to my wife.

Obstinance and academia
are not synonymous in her eyes.

-How long you been married?
-[Wyatt] A year.

We recently embarked
on building our legacy.

[Wyatt grunts]

Well, what did you do? Bury some treasure?

No, we started trying to have children.

There is no greater service
one can provide the human race

than to proliferate its existence.

Tell me about it.
I just became a father last year.

-Best 12 months of my life.
-[Wyatt moans]

[T.C.] What's wrong, Wyatt?

[Wyatt grunts]

I'm embarrassed to say this, but my...

My testicles are k*lling me.

-[Drew] Doctor?
-[T.C.] All right. Stand up.

Drop your pants.

[Wyatt grunting]

[gasps in pain]

Hate to say this, Wyatt, but you have
bilateral testicular torsion.

[sighs] I certainly hope
that sounds better in English.

Your balls were stomped
and twisted in the stampede, Wyatt.

-They're not getting enough blood.
-Nope. Not any better.

[Drew] Reagan.

[Drew] All right.
So, the longer it takes to restore blood,

the lower chance you have of fertility.

We gotta get him to an ER now.

[knocking at door]

Pull your pants up.

[knocking continues]

Police! Open up!

It's the police! Open up!
We're here to get you out.

By yourself?

[man] We're spread pretty thin, ma'am,
and many others need help.

Will you open up, please?

[Reagan] Slide your badge under the door.

The numbers are backwards.

-[Reagan gasps]

[T.C.] Wyatt, get down.

I'll check the other door. You good?

Yeah. Go.

-[protester] There's nowhere to run.
-[loud thudding]

Just open up, and let us
put you out of your misery.

-We'll make it quick.
-[thudding continues]

[protester] A b*llet to the head,
and it's all over. You won't feel a thing.


[Drew] Reagan!

[protester grunts]

[protester 2 grunts]

[protester grunts]


Boon! I almost sh*t you!

Call it out
when you're coming into a room.


Ambulances, they're waiting
by the triage site.

Dr. Alexander said we need to move now.

Good job, Boon.
I think two of the shots hit him.


Protect the patient, right?

Fast learner. Let's go.

-[sirens blaring]
-[indistinct chatter]

-Hey, Paul. Hannah's up for MRI.
-Yeah. Coming.

I already bit off more than I can chew,
you took another bite.

How can you be so confident?

Because I trust the people

that work in this hospital, Julian,
and so should you.

[T.C.] Male, 40s, GSW to left leg.

He's also got
bilateral testicular torsion.

-[Drew] We need Bella now.
-[Julian] I'll call her back in.

25-year-old female, GSW to the left flank.

-Taking her to Trauma One.
-s*ab and I'll be right in.

We've got a dozen more coming in after,

-but I need you here with me.
-Let's go.


[Jordan] It hurts, doesn't it?

My pain is nothing like the pain

the minorities and poor
of this country feel every day.

Who elected you as their prophet?

The leaders of a police state
that calls itself free.


I won't stand idly by
while others are beaten and m*rder.

Boon, will you get her something
for the pain? And to shut her up.

-Yes, ma'am.
-[Bernadine grunts]

This woman's tried to k*ll us
and spews nothing but filth,

yet you still must care for her comfort?

Yeah, well, welcome to my world.

Ten of morphine going in.

She's got fluid in her Morison's pouch.

Let's get her to CT.

Her pressure's dropped again.
Two units of O-neg.

What do we got?

Belly full of blood.
Multifocal exsanguination.

Let's get her up to the OR.
I'll open her up.

[Paul] You think we should've stuck it out
longer in combat training?

No way. Those other people
might have signed up for military,

but I most certainly did not.

I mean, we tapped out awful early.
I don't like being seen as a quitter.

You care way too much about
what other people think of you, Paul.

You mean like when you
read your evaluation from Jordan?

Being unable to do something

and not wanting to
are two different things.

I was able, not willing.

I don't know, maybe there is something

to this whole combat training thing.

You know, getting outside my comfort zone,

pushing myself in new ways,
it could open up some doors.

You've had every door
opened to you since you were born.

What other doors
do you need to go through?

That's not how I meant it.

A lot of people have rich parents,
and they screw it up.

You did something with your opportunity.

I'm just saying,

all this military stuff,
that's not what I signed up for.


Meaning, between that,
and my dust up with Jordan,

it's got me thinking.

Maybe I don't belong here anymore.

You're kidding, right? You're not leaving?

I don't know.

But if I stay, the only thing
keeping me here is you.

[Drew] I bet when he woke up this morning,
he didn't think he'd end up here.

Well, that makes two of us.

Is that a drive on tab?

My husband kept it in his patrol cap
during Ranger School for good luck.

Took him straight through.

It was supposed to do
the same thing for me.

[Reagan] "Supposed to"?

What's your story? Why didn't you ever go?

Medical school, residency, life.

I was supposed to go next week,
but my replacement fell through,

so I got stuck here
training your sorry ass.

That sucks.

[Drew] Hmm.

May I?

[Reagan] You know what I gave up for this?

A buck-fifty at the PX?

No, that's what I paid.
I'm talking about what it cost.

I missed the birth of my niece.

I promised my sister
that I would be there for her

after her husband ran out, and I wasn't.

I also lost the love of my life

because I made every spare minute
about training,

and I made my goals
more important than him.

[voice breaking] And after all that,
I don't even have my identity.

I'm not Reagan, and I'm not a Ranger.

I'm a chick Ranger, one of the first,

and because of that,
I will always have an asterisk by my name.

So, just make sure
that whatever you're getting

is worth more than what you're giving up.

Okay. [sighs]

So, Hannah, you have what's called
hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

I'm guessing that's not good.

[Paul] Well, most people with it
have a normal life expectancy,

but it can be associated with sudden
cardiac death in young patients.

-[Shannon] That's rare.

You didn't pass out from the fall.

You passed out
because your heart couldn't handle

how fast it was beating.

So, I'm a ticking time b*mb?

Well, we're putting you on medication
to regulate your heart rate.

It's not a cure, but it should help.

[Shannon] This training was a blessing.

Otherwise, we never would have caught it.

You're lucky to be alive, Hannah.

Yeah, but like you said,
what am I even doing with this life?

I shouldn't have said that.
I was actually talking about myself.

I have issues.

But you were right.

All this time,
just trying to please my family,

torturing myself in a classroom,

when the only place
I ever wanna be is in the shop.

So, you're leaving school?

Hell, yeah.

I'm done living for everybody else
when I may not even live.

[Hannah] You were right.
You gotta live for yourself.

So, what happens to Bernadine,
our left-wing lunatic, now?

Well, when Scott's done with her
and she's s*ab,

we're gonna let the boys in blue
take it from there.

In Syria, there'd be a hole
in the desert with her name on it.

[chuckles] Seriously, woman, you have
got to chill with the doom and gloom.

Sorry. I'm peevish these days.
My treatment's not going well.


I have MS. T.C. didn't tell you?

Uh... No. He didn't.

Uh, do you mind me asking what
kind of medications you're taking?

Excuse me. Can we talk?

Is it a patient? Can it wait a second?

No, and no.

It's okay. We'll catch up later.

Sure. What's up?

I wanted you to hear this from me,
unlike how I was blindsided by you.

I've applied for other residencies.
So, now, you know.


Shannon. Wait, wait, wait.
Stop. Slow down.

Hey. Is this about your evaluation?

No, this is about this place
becoming a w*r zone.

Doctors rappelling from helicopters,
running into burning buildings.

A few hours ago,
I was in frigging body armor.

That's not why I became a doctor.

Shannon, look,

SAM became what it needed
to survive, and you can, too.

This is a perfect opportunity
for you to hone your strengths,

improve your weaknesses.
It'd be good for you.

I wanna thrive at something I love,
not survive something I don't.

That's why I'm considering
returning to my clinic on the res,

see if it's a better fit.

-Can we at least talk about this?
-We just did.

[door opens]

Hey, Paul, you wanted to
talk to me about something?

Yeah, I was hoping
to get some career advice.

Okay. sh**t.

I was thinking about exploring some
medical opportunities overseas.

Africa, the Middle East.

And, uh, I was hoping you
maybe could help with that?

-[Paul] Yeah.

Paul, you haven't even been downtown.

Not true.
I was there last year during the riot.

You know, it got pretty hairy,
I handled myself.

I'm up to the challenge.

[T.C. breathes deeply]

Are you sure this isn't about
proving something to your dad?

No. It's not.

All right, look, it's about
challenging myself and growing up.

T.C., I'm surrounded
by men and women who serve,

and I wanna do something.

Plus, how am I supposed to
teach these soldiers

when I've never done anything
close to what they've done?

-You're teaching them medicine.
-You know how it is over there, okay?

-It's not the same medicine.
-[T.C.] Stop, okay.

I got a buddy
who works in inner-city Dallas.

Go work with him, six months, a year.

Start off in the shallow end,
see how it feels--

I'm a good doctor, T.C., okay?

And I can be as great
or as brave as anyone else here.

I just need my opportunity.

I just need someone
to open the door for me.

Okay. You sure?

I'm sure.

Okay. All right. I can do something.


So, I may never have children?

I heard you say once
there was nothing more important

than creating future generations.

That's not just
through birth children, Wyatt.

My husband and I, we adopted our daughter,

and you better believe she's carrying
on the best and the worst of us.

[Reagan] And your legacy gets passed on
through your students.

I mean, you've passed on all your
knowledge to hundreds of people

who are using it to improve their lives.

You don't just have one kid, Wyatt,
you have a thousand of them.

[Bella] Get some rest.

We want you on your feet
and back in the classroom ASAP,

so, you can have a thousand more.

Thank you. Thank you, doctors.

[moans softly]


Thanks for a hell of a first day, sir.

Oh... Don't thank me yet, Lieutenant.

You're cleaning the blood
out of all the ambulances.

-That'd be, "Really, sir."

And I want them gleaming.


[Jordan] So, does T.C. know
the treatment's not working?

Not the extent.
And there's nothing he can do.

God knows he'd try.

[Jordan chuckles]

He can be very endearing
and annoying at the same time.

Yeah. Yes, he can.

You know, Amira,
I'm really glad you're here.

It's been, um, unexpected.



And we should enjoy each other's
company while we still have it.

What do you mean?

Well, we're back in Syria in two weeks.


T.C. and I. Had he not told you?

I'm sure he thought he did in his own
obtuse way, but no, he didn't.

He told me that he would stay

and help me get
this program off the ground.

Well, he's not being on
the up and up with one of us.

Yeah, well, I'm sure
he just didn't wanna disappoint me.

Yeah. Or maybe it's me
he didn't wanna disappoint.

Do you still love him?

I'm not good at small talk.

My work and life lends itself
to one saying what they mean.

I will always love T.C.,
but I'm not in love with him.

You really think there's a difference?

You bloody Americans.


[Amira sighs]

[soft music playing]

[sirens blaring]

It's a job well done, Clemmens.
You too, Dr. Cummings.

More to come
in the next two days, Colonel.

I don't need it. I've seen enough.

My people belong to yours
for the balance of my 90 days.

You won the contract.

That's an incredible
show of faith, Colonel.

We worked very hard to gain your trust.

We won't let you down.

You better not. There's gonna be
a lot of Army eyeballs on this now.

Oh! Why just Army?

Why not Navy, Air Force, Marines,

SWAT teams, NATO,
our international allies?

Hell, we can grow this program
across the services and around the world.

And that was your plan all along,
right, Dr. Cummings?

Right, Dr. Clemmens.

[guffaws] Listen to that shine.

You'd make a damn fine officer, Clemmens.

Yeah, thank you, Colonel,
but I work for a living.

[Julian chuckles]

Come on, we'll walk you out.

I'm sorry about earlier.

Got a lot on my mind tonight
and I was way out of line.

It's all good, man.

I know you and your dad
have been through a lot.

You just gotta understand
where I'm coming from.

You know, give me the space to be me.

I don't want any awkward
holiday dinners in our future.

That will not be a problem going forward.

[chuckles] 'Cause six months from now,
we're gonna be family.

In my eyes, we already are, man.

[Kenny] In mine, too.

-Hey, fiancé.
-[Kenny] What's up, fiancée?

-[Paul] Really?
-[Kenny] How you doing, huh?

-[Bella] I'm good, how are you?
-[Kenny chuckles]

All right, y'all. Y'all better be ready

-for a party tonight!
-[all cheering and clapping]

["Every Time I Turn Around"
by L.T.D. playing]



[loud cheering]

[breathes deeply]

-Hell of a time to update your diary.

No, Kenny asked me to give a toast.

And I have gone over my remarks
for the umpteenth time,

and right now, I am hoping I am
a better orator than I am a mentor.

I'm sure you will be. I mean...


I'm really sorry about earlier.

I've been unhappy for a while now,
and I didn't know how to handle it.

Neither did I.

I have a compromise to offer you.

You go back to the clinic
for six weeks, no longer.

And when you're done,

you come back to SAM,
and we'll go from there.

Wow. Thank you. Uh...

I don't know many ER chiefs
who would do that.

None would.

Shannon, I'm not doing this as your boss,

I'm doing it as your friend.

This is quite a family you have here.
They all worship you.

Why would you ever wanna leave this?

Believe me,
they get tired of me pretty fast.

I can wear on people.

Yeah. You and I both have that in common.

[T.C. chuckles]

So, did you tell your dad yet?


Waiting for the right moment.

Well, maybe you should reconsider.
Come with me instead.

There's nothing I'd like more.
But the die has been cast, you know.

[Drew] I'm giving you your tab back.

Drew, you need this.

Everything I need is at home,
or in this room.

And I'm not gonna risk losing any of it.

I can't accept this. For too long,
I've been the selfish one.

Urging you not to go, preventing you

from achieving something
that I already had. I was wrong.

Rick, it's not you. It's work.
It's Cain quitting.

I can't give up Chief Resident.
I can't let my work family down.

I can't let my
real family down. You, Bri--

Your mother. Because
I don't think she's ever leaving.

We're not getting
the office back any time soon.

[both chuckle]

Look, you may never be a Ranger,

but that's not gonna be
because I prevented you.

You missed this class,

but there's always gonna be
another opportunity, so, go.

And get your own tab.

Then you can give me mine back.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Ray, are you double dipping those?

-Just the tip.
-Oh, you filthy animal.

May I make you a drink?


Yes, please. And make it a double,
so I can get through this speech.

I hear you're leaving.

I agreed to stay
until we won the contract,

and it seems to be wrapping up
quicker than expected.

So, back to Syria, then?

Well, I made a commitment.
People over there need help.

I have people in San Antonio
that need help, too.

No. San Antonio is in good hands.

It doesn't need me anymore.

["Wild Horses"
by The Rolling Stones playing]

San Antonio still needs you.

But I understand Syria needs you, too.

I get it.

Yeah. Syria is something else.

It's not like
I'm leaving San Antonio for good.

You might be this time.

[glasses clinking]

Well, that's my cue.

San Antonio will miss you.

Good evening, everyone.

On behalf of Kenny, Bella,
and the Cummings family,

I would like to welcome you to the party.

When two people find each other,
they embark upon a journey.

And on that journey, two become one.

A single force
stronger than its previous parts.

And no amount of time, space,
or matter can sever that bond.

It's unbreakable.

Things you once thought
the other's business becomes yours.

When they laugh, you laugh.
When they cry, you cry.

And when they hurt, well,
you better believe you're hurting, too.

The journey is a shared experience
of love and mercy.

Triumph and tragedy. Hope and pain.

Now, there will be ups and downs.

You know, as they say,
"Man plans, God laughs."

But if you can push through the struggle,

fight through the pain,

you can make it through anything.

Let this night be a reminder that

whatever the future brings, every fear,

every moment of happiness or sorrow,
you'll be stronger in the face of it.

Because whether you're
in each other's arms,

or halfway around the world,
you'll be facing it together.

So, everyone, I think that
deserves a toast to Kenny and Bella.


This week, we'll be focusing
on improvised field surgery,

when you don't have the equipment
you need to save your patient.

Everybody, drop your gear right over here.

We're gonna get on these vans and
head out to the wilderness. Let's go.

Where's Drew? He's never late.

Ranger School. A slot opened up.

But doesn't that leave us short-handed?

No. I found a replacement.

Let's go! Let's go! Get in the vans!
This isn't a class picnic.

What are you doing here?

Well, I took Drew's spot.

Paul took my place in Syria.

I wasn't ready to say
goodbye to San Antonio.

You ready?

I'm ready.

["Wild Horses" continues playing]
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