02x08 - Del XVIII

All episode transcripts for this Swedish TV show, which premiered 16 Feb, 2015. Our current transcripts are English translations and may be updated.
A detective returns to her hometown seven years after her daughter's disappearance, trying to find a connection to a current case.
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02x08 - Del XVIII

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- Tell me where the girls are.
- Do you want them to live or die?

What the hell, Wass?

- Pretty butterfly.
- I think it hatched inside Tony.

I need someone I can trust.

Their blood is the secret ingredient
in the potion we drink.

- What am I looking for?
- We need to rule out a DNA match.

Bahar Holmqvist?

Close the investigation
and take the tr*ffick assignment.

You've been experimenting with
my recipes. These two saved your life.

Who's that?

Three changelings have been identified
by someone wanting their blood:

Maja, Robin and Ida Aronsson.

- Give Ida the phone.
- Ida?

She's not here!

- Why have you been following Ida?
- She's one of them. We have to...

The body has to vanish completely.

Someone's after Ida's blood.


So. I'm sure you all know that Parker
escaped from custody yesterday.

Yes, that's Göran Wass.

We don't know if Parker forced Wass to
help him or if they're working together.

We do know Parker is dangerous
and probably armed.

Thanks. Wass!

- DNA results. They match 100%.
- What the hell!

Are you going to tell me
what you had analysed?

This confirms not only that our bottles
contain blood, but where it comes from.

The man under the ice.
He gave his life so we could live.

This proves that our own organisation
is behind all this.

EN's source of blood is gone
and they need a new one.


Tom Aronsson's daughter
didn't come home yesterday.

He's convinced something
has happened to her. Ida Aronsson, 13.

We can't rule out foul play,
since Tom is involved in the case.

- If they touch her...
- First we need to know who "they" are.

Could Moreaux be involved?

- I trusted that bastard!
- We have to hurry.

Eva, are you aware of
any recent thr*at against Tom?


Let's find Ida!
But be careful.

Eva, Wass submitted a request for
a DNA test of two unknown substances.

And they matched. But I don't know
what he swabbed. It's not human.

- Do you have any idea what it is?
- No, sorry.


You know this can't go on.

I can give you at most another week.
Then I have to find another solution.

Wass is calling.
He wants to meet.

Why weren't you at the meeting?

- You won.
- What do you mean, "won"?

I mean everything that's happened
these weeks. The lies and deception.

I went to your house, hoping you'd
confess. You thr*at my children.

What kind of sick people are you?

- Who thr*at your children?
- Don't touch me.

Bahar, I can help you.

Damn it...

- The police want you. What happened?
- You know what happened.

I had to break Dante out,
how else could we get him?

Okay... But you're still compromised.
The police have it all on video.

If Tom testifies that Parker was armed
and thr*at me,

then I'm in the clear.

- Right?
- Yes.


As always, Wass, you surprise me.

- I thought I had you pegged.
- I'm not ready for retirement yet.

But one thing puzzles me.

The analysis I had done shows
that the potion we drink contains blood.

Specifically Leif's.

The man who surfaced at the bridge,
whose body you had me fetch.

One of the most absurd things I've
seen. Your lab made a mistake.

Mix-ups like this can be disastrous.
I hope no one else has seen it.

No, just me. I wanted to check with you
before I did anything.


- Where to?
- Head north.

We're going to a meeting.

Okay. I'll take Norrtäljevägen.

The organisation was founded in 1718
and is now more powerful than ever.

They call themselves EN:
Envoyés de la Nature.

Nature's Messengers.

They'll do anything to achieve their goal:
sole control of nature's hidden forces.

Their agents are found everywhere
in society and have a...


Wake up!

Abraham... That blood that Wass
was talking about has to be reported.

- Where are they now?
- An industrial estate north of the city.

- If what he's saying is true...
- Jose, things aren't as they seem.

They're waiting in there.

- Can you hear what they're saying?
- No.

I inherited this house a few years ago.
Furniture and all.

I haven't done anything with it yet.
I still feel like a visitor.

I understand completely.

Sorry for dropping in like this, but your
department said you were off today.

That was the plan.
What's happened? Why the rush?

- Have a seat.
- Thanks.

I know that Bahar
talked to you yesterday.

I need to know what she said.

- It was between her and me.
- I understand. But she just gave notice.

- What!
- So I'm taking over her investigation.

She was extremely motivated
as recently as yesterday.

It won't help you find the girl, anyway.

Jakob told me about
your colleague Wass, who's on the run.

Helping a suspect escape custody!
What is he up to?

And Aronsson's daughter disappearing.
Poor thing.

Bahar came to you
with a bizarre theory, right?

She thought she'd linked
Desirée's and Tony Lind's suicides.

Butterfly larvae. Right?

I know they've been used
on at least one other occasion.

If I could just understand the connection
I could zero in on the perpetrator.

You really are as stubborn
as the rumours say.

Wait here, let me get something.

- Here.
- Why are you helping me?

You need to eat.

When Eddie died...

I was...

...all alone.

And at some level I understood...

...that it was all in my head...but...

I missed him so much.

- That night when... I never meant...
- You don't have to explain.

Bloody Dad...

Come here.


Do you remember
if you hurt anyone else?

When you thought you were Eddie?
Can you recall?


Only Dad.

Maybe Bahar has a point,
as strange as it seems.

You see those paths?

Bahar's theory is that Tony Lind and
Desirée had a brain-eating parasite.

A larva.

- Did she postulate who put it in them?
- You mean intentionally?

No. The entomologist I contacted said
it must have come here in a suitcase.

Have Desirée and Tony Lind
travelled to some common place?

I think someone planted the larva
to make them commit su1c1de.

That's what Bahar thought too.
It's a wild theory that I just don't buy.

But the who and how and why
are your job, not mine, thankfully.

- How did it go with Agneta?
- She was in Eva's flat.

- Good.
- We're both headed to the office now.

I'm afraid I have some bad news.
José is d*ad.

- What the hell?
- Wass sh*t him.

- Where are you now?
- An industrial estate in the north.

- How did it happen?
- You know what must be done.

- Yes. And Agneta?
- Find Wass. Terminate them both.

- What do we do now?
- Tail Moreaux, he may lead you to Ida.

- And you?
- Agneta's in danger, I have to find her.


That beer I promised you...
We'll have it when all this is over, okay?

I'm already thirsty.

Thanks for taking care of me.

I recognise this...

I've been here before.

- You mean Eva's here?
- Come out.

Well, well, Wass!
I was just thinking about you.

- You have Agneta Thörnblad.
- Quite so. But where are you, friend?

The quarry in Vaxholm in one hour.

Agneta, get in the car again,
we have another stop to make.


It says here that only a handful of
importers in Europe handle the species.

That it requires
a tonne of special licences.

I can check with my contact
if anyone in Sweden is licensed.

It's Jakob.

Don't tell him I'm here. I didn't tell him
I was coming and he's a control freak.

- I get it. You're not here.
- Thanks.

Hi, sweetheart.
What? No, I'm at home.

I can't really talk right now.
Of course, I'm just working from home.



- Excuse me... The toilet?
- Down the hall, to the right.

Yes, that would be great!

But I think it'll take...
Say some time after eight.

Yes. When will you be done?



If he hadn't pulled me out of the f*re,
I would have burnt up with my mother.

He saved my life that night.

He raised me as if I were his own.

What do you think would have
happened if it were the reverse?

If you had died
and your little girl was left alone?

You of all people know
what we'll do to save our loved ones.

Where...is Ida?

She's here with me.


The neurotoxin in your system
starts with stomach cramps.

Then it att*cks the muscles.

First the small muscle groups.

The fingers, for example.

Don't you dare touch her.

The parasite in you is fighting against it.

But anything can be k*lled,
you just need to know how.

Then the big muscle groups collapse.

And lastly the heart.

There. It will only hurt
a short while longer.

Please understand, I don't like k*lling.

But you got too close.

Tony, Desirée and you.

You left me no choice.

That's it...that's it...

Just let go.

It'll soon be over.

- Who's with you?
- You'll see.

Show me that Agneta's okay.

You can't trust that man.
He's put me through terrible things!

- Good enough?
- That's good enough.

Tell me now, Wass.
What are we doing here?

You're going to listen to what
I have to say, and then let Agneta go.

What is this nonsense?

Now listen to what I have to say, okay?

Can't connect

Damn it!

I dug this for Leif, you see.

I never thought he'd have the strength
to run off, much less seek you out.

Now all your longing is over.

Now you can rest.

Hi, this is Laila Roos at Forensics.
Leave a message at the beep.

It's me. We need to talk.
I'll be there soon.

- This is Tom Aronsson.
- Dr Pekka Koljunen from Silverhöjd.

Right, hi.

- I can't seem to reach Eva Thörnblad.
- She's working, you'll have to try again.

Wait! It's about the missing girls from
Silverhöjd - and your daughter Ida.

Eva asked me to look for connections
in their records, and I found some.

And I wasn't alone.
A forensic pathologist in Stockholm

was very interested in these records
as recently as three months ago.


You witch!



He's not going to survive.

I was going to ask him
how they'd found me.

What have you done?

You've been lying to me.
You made me think

that the Agreement was intact.

Their blood for our protection.

- Do you understand me?
- The order was for Leif to die!

- This had to be better.
- No!

You've abused those
we're sworn to protect.

Your job was to provide the antidote.
But not like this!

The end justifies the means.
That's what you taught me.

Dear Laila.

- These are children!
- Everyone is someone's child.


You'd have died ages ago
if I hadn't done this.

Can't we just take her with us?

Go somewhere we won't be found?

This will never work. Soon Tom and
Eva will work out that I'm involved.

Don't worry about Eva.

- She won't cause any more trouble.
- What do you mean, Laila?

You've m*rder Eva Thörnblad.


She was off-limits.
And you k*lled her!

I've raised you since your mum died at
the stake, but Master won't forgive this.

He'll turn the world upside down
to find Eva's k*ller.

Then let's go. Far away.

- You and I.
- Master will find us!

They'll have your head for this.
And maybe mine, too.

We'll be long gone
before they realise what's happened.


Let's get her to the car.

There, there... Easy now.

Get out of the way.

There, there.




I'm here now.

I'll be waiting here.

Let her go!

And I'll give you the girl.

Let her go.


Come now. Come.

The cellar.

There's nothing we can do for him,
you know that, right?


In here, Tom.

Oh, baby.

- What happened?
- Roos.

- Where did that come from?
- Josefine's tree.

They wanted me to take it,
but I couldn't.

Maybe it's too late.

I think so.

I thought that was for emergencies.


What are you doing here?

- What happened?
- I was just attacked by Eva Thörnblad.

- She must be stopped.
- Oh?

- Maybe she k*lled José.
- Why would she do that?

She went mad? Is this an interrogation?
Need I remind you who I am?

Of course not. You're right.

I'll go and take care
of Eva Thörnblad.

Looking for this?

Drop it.

- Let's try again. What happened?
- As I said...

Eva Thörnblad...

Lie down.

What is this!

You'll pay for this!

For the third time now...

Tell us all about Jose' and
how Eva Thörnblad tried to k*ll you.

Eva Thör...Thörn...bla...



You know, Gabriel, it appears
that you aren't telling the truth now.

- You know Jesajah is allergic to lies.
- No!

sh**t me! But don't harm Laila.

There are bigger plans
for the two of you.

- Hello.
- Hi.

You know the police
will be looking for you, right?

I'll go to the police station
and turn myself in.

I just need to gather my courage.

I'm here for you.

If you want me to be.

What is it?

- She...she's d*ad!
- Esmeralda, listen to me now.

- I... I wasn't myself.
- You k*lled her!

- Listen to me!
- You k*lled her!

No, no, no, no, no!
No! No! No!

Look, Eva...
There's something I have to tell you.


I just need to call Wass first.

No, wait.

There you are!
Don't you look a sight!

- Mum, how did you get here?
- Well, I...

It was that policeman,
who came and got me and...

He drove me out to a quarry.
That's right.

- What about Wass?
- How should I know?

This is Robin's money.

Don't forget to feed Stalin,
so he doesn't eat the furniture.

I have to go now.
Take care of yourself.

Life hurts sometimes.

But you'll see him again.

I know now...who you really are.

Do you know, too?

As long as you let me, I plan
to keep doing everything I can for you.

And love you as if
I were your real dad.

As I've done
since the first time I saw you.

Let's go home, Dad.

Let's go home.

Let's go to the sand pit.

Sorry to just drop in like this.

What is it?

Laila hasn't answered her phone
for three days.

Her house is empty.
I swear she's moved.

No one at Forensics knows anything.

Something's happened to Laila.
I can feel it.

Have you seen this? They went
interrailing? What a load of crap.

You were right all along.
This whole investigation was off.

- You're the only person I can trust.
- I've handed in my notice.

I'm sorry.

If you ever change your mind,
my door is always open.


Naturam vita nostra...

- I see that Moreaux is in position.
- Yes, I did as you asked.

Wass promises to disappear for good
as long as we spare Agneta.

- And Tom Aronsson?
- I vouch for him.

- Good. And the recipe?
- We're working on Roos right now.

She'll break at any time now.

- What do I do with Eva Thörnblad?
- Wait.

- It'll soon be time to contact her.
- I understand.

I've seen enough.



Are you coming?

- There's a storm brewing.
- I know.
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