04x13 - The Entity Face-Off

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Nowhere Boys". Aired: November 7, 2013 to December 2018.
This fantasy action-adventure series follows four teenage boys who get lost in the forest and discover, when they return home, that they are in an alternate world identical to theirs except for one startling difference - they were never born.
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04x13 - The Entity Face-Off

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Each one of these rock stacks
represents an element.

So we find our element
and unlock the altar?

Done and done.
Mine too.

Zeb, I've been looking for you

Where's Luke?
It's only me.

But we need the Guardian.
You're looking at him.

What is that?

JESSE: The beginning of the end.
Get off the oval!

They're not gonna make it!

No! Where'd they go?
What's happening?

There's something else in here
with us.

ZEB: Ben?

Hello, Brian?
They know where you are.

We need more time.
I'll hold them off as long as I can.

Where are those kids, Ellen?

Don't let her trick you. Grab her!



LUKE: The portal, now!

We have to find Ben.

And stop the Entity.



THE ENTITY: They're all here now.

They're almost out of time.

Soon they won't be able to stop me.


I'm thinking cheese toasties.

BEN: Mum?
What do you think?

I'm late. I have get to the Eye.

School isn't everything, you know.

There's something I need to...do...

Just because you feel like
you don't fit in,

doesn't mean there's anything wrong
with you.

I never said there was.

You'll find your place.



What are you looking for?
The Entity.

It's, uh, here, somewhere.

Stay in bed.

You don't have to go to school

I said stay in bed.

It's not your time.

Mum, I can't.

I have to find it.

ZEB: (ECHOES) Ben, wake up.

You're dreaming.



Where am I?

You're still in Negative Space.

That must have been some dream.

THE ENTITY: Keep him distracted.
He must not make it to the Eye.

How did I get here?




JESSE: Look at this.

It's the altar.

Yeah, kinda the same.

This one's been destroyed too.

Maybe this is the reason
why Ben hasn't defeated the Entity.

We need to fix it.

Do you see anything?

Not a single nematode out there.

Then our path is clear.

It's clear because they're
in my world, destroying everything.

Take me to the Eye,
'cause then we can...



It's here.

It's watching us.

The Entity can see me.

NICCO: So you push that piece
in there.

JESSE: I've got an edge piece!

HEATH: It's a circle, Jesse -
they're all edge pieces.

Ooh, hold on. (GROANS)

And the last piece...


What are you looking for?

I-I'm looking...

The Entity.
I'm looking for the Entity.

THE ENTITY: It's working.
He's starting to forget.

Keep him on the move.
Don't let the others find him.

NICCO: Care to share?

LUKE: I think this...

BEN: My friends, I think
they're here. We have to go back.

ZEB: You're dreaming again. We need
to stay focused on the mission.

NICCO: There's something on there.

Our elemental symbols.

LUKE: How do we activate them
without our powers?

JESSE: Us. We touch them.

I already don't like this place.
Me neither.

More of a reason
to see if this works.


Yeah, so we can stay away
from whatever that is.

That can only mean bad news at home.
We have to get a move on.

Scary noise bad, elemental symbol
good. I know where my vote lies.

One in, all in.


What a joke. Oh, get off!
So gay!


Go home!
What does he think he's doing?

Get off!

You're a joke!

You're a joke, mate!
Get off the stage!

What are you waiting for?
Speak up!


We can't hear you!

It's not right. This has to end.

She's been in there too long.
It's probably too late now.

No, I got Kayla out of there.

You were all there. We saved her!

HEATH: I thought Nicco knew
what she was doing,

but she got it wrong
over and over again.

It's over. OK, we have to accept it.

As the life force leaves,
the heart will dim.

That...that's when we know to say
goodbye to Niccolina Pandelis.

Guys, I'm here!

Guys, I'm right here.

It's happening.

No, no, this can't happen.


ELLEN: Congratulations, you did it!
You passed.

Now just a formality - fill this out.

We just need it to match it
with your level.

Heath, can you do it?

Everybody else can do it.

I'm thinking, that's all.





Nice one, Nicco. You got me.


Heath, come on.
You're creeping me out.



Guys, come on.

This isn't funny.



You suck!
Get off the stage!

Who does he even think he is?

JESSE: Stop.
Go back to the closet!

Don't walk off, otherwise they win.

Go away! Get off the stage!
Get on with it, mate.

I can do this.

Get off!
I just need to find my true voice.

Can't hear you!
What are you waiting for?

No-one wants to hear ya!





Jesse's power.

He's here in Negative Space.
They're here!

Soon you'll get a chance to use it.
Come on.

We have to keep moving.


Luke? Heath?

ELLEN: No-one else can do it for you.

Only you can do this.

I'm fine.

(CLEARS THROAT) If the fuselage
tapers towards the back,

then you need to add fins
for directional s*ab.

No need to give me that look.

Just because I find reading

doesn't mean I'm not good
at other things.

BEN: f*re! I have f*re power!

Great, but there's no time
for show and tell -

we need to keep going.


Leave me alone.
You're not my friends!

We are your friends, Luke.

We are not going anywhere.

NICCO: You got Kayla out,
you can do this.

There has to be a spell here


NICCO'S MUM: I'm not impressed,

HEATH: Could you
be any more uptight?

I just don't get it, Nicco.
What were you thinking?

You pretend to be so smart and above
everyone else, but it's all fake.

JESSE: Don't ruin this for me,

She lied to us.

COACH: Are you serious about this
or not?

Don't bother -
there's no talking to her.

SONIA: Really disappointing.

No! I'm sorry.


I'm sorry I couldn't help you.

Couldn't help...me?


Earth power.

Am I earth?

JESSE: Welcome back, Nicco.
Knew you'd smash it.

Is this the Eye?

ZEB: You'll know when you get there.


Is this the Eye?

Zeb! Hey!

We were wrong.
About what?

You're not the Guardian.
You never were.

Everything's fine now.

It's all good.

Come on! Let's go.

I-I can't go. I have to find it.

Find what?

I-I have to keep going.

Where are you going?

Come back!

I said...


What...what is this place?

This isn't right.

I'm not supposed to be here.

What am I wearing?
I look like I'm in a boy band.

Do you know
what you were looking for?

Yeah, I-I... I...

No, I...

..I don't remember.


I'm looking f...

No, wait.

Nothing. (ECHOES)

I'm lost.

He'll never unlock
his Guardian powers now.

JESSE: Luke, wake up!

Yeah, that was never gonna work.

Think! There has to be a way
to get him out.

He has to solve it himself.


I'm Luke.

Do you wanna be my friend?

ELLEN: Remember.

Who's that?

Do you wanna be my friend or not?


Remember, you are the Guardian.


NICCO: Whoa.

What are you looking for?

The Entity.
I'm looking for the Entity.

It's all coming back.

I know who you really are.

You're the Entity. You did this.

All of this.


THE ENTITY: I've seen what you can
do, and it isn't enough.

You'll never get all the elements.


So disappointing, baby Guardian.

You can't save your friends now!

LUKE: Ah. Ben! Please, stop.


Please stop or I'll...

ALL: Or what, huh?
What are you going to do about it?



Help! Ben! Somebody help me, please!

I-I can't do this alone. Ben!



Luke, Luke, I'm here.

You don't have to do this alone.

Don't give up.

I need the final element,
your air power.

Take my hand.


JESSE: Oh, finally.

I saw Ben.

THE ENTITY: I'll say goodbye
to your friends for you.


Get out!

Gomiiten deeleh ilemaide,

Ieteneish dars grandt!

And I command you to get out!



Zeb, are you OK?
Where are we?

Well, you - the Entity - led me.

It was delaying us, keeping us away
from the Eye. And then...

And then?

Well, you tried to get rid of me
so you could go after the others.

Yeah, it was pretty harsh.

Full on.

Quick, we need to get the others.

LUKE: Ben!

You're really getting
the hang of

that new and improved
Guardian power.

You're back?

LUKE: Hey!
JESSE: What?

We were supposed to be helping YOU!
How did you know to come?

The dark cloud destroying Bremin

seemed to be
a pretty big spoiler alert.

Well, the Entity's not stopping.
If anything, it's more powerful.

There are less and less worlds.

I need to reach the Eye
then we can worry about...


LUKE: Ben?
Did he just blow up?

I don't think so.


Oh, seriously, stop doing that.
Where did you go?

The Eye. I was talking about it,
then I was there.

What, teleportation?

That's a pretty intense
power upgrade.

So you can move around
Negative Space just by thinking?

Well, Negative Space is the world
between worlds, which means it's...

Yeah, don't explain it.
It's really cooler if you don't.

What do we do
when we get to the Entity?

Hmm? Just ask it to leave?

ZEB: What you made...

We must unmake.

As in...
The unmaking spell.

I've got it right here.

The first spell Felix Ferne
ever used.

This. This is the spell
that started everything.

If we made the Entity,
we can unmake it.

I've got a plan.

BEN: I haven't come to fight,
I've come to make an offer.

THE ENTITY: You made me.

What could you offer
that you haven't already given me?

The powers of a Guardian.

You could be stronger still
if you had my power.

Did you see this world?

The last one? It's your world.

It's dying.

What good is a Guardian now?

You're too late!



I won't let you do that!

You humans were already
making yourselves extinct.

I just sped up the process.


ALL: Water, f*re, earth and air,
elements that we all share

Water wash our sins away
Earth guide us to a place

Wind brings with it fear
Flames of f*re we must face.

Elements in harmony
Chaos, order, unity!


It's too strong.
We can distract it.

With what?
Use your powers.

But they don't work here.

Trust me, you still have them.
Dig deep within.

Aim them at me.

LUKE: Are you sure? We'll hurt you.

You shared them with me,
they're a part of me now.

We can make them stronger.

Do it!


ALL: Water, f*re, earth and air
Elements that we all share

Water wash our sins away
Earth guide us to a place

Wind brings with it fear
Flames of f*re we must face.

Elements in harmony
Chaos, order, unity!

LUKE: Again!

Water, f*re, earth and air
Elements that we all share

Water wash our sins away
Earth guide us to a place

Wind brings with it fear
Flames of f*re we must face.

Elements in harmony
Chaos, order, unity!


LUKE: Ben.


I can't believe I'm about to say
this, but, Ben, that was cool.

But it wasn't enough.




It was more than enough.
That was epic!

Now to restore the multiverse.


LUKE: Look, they're coming back.

There's our world.

NICCO: Ellen and Mr Bates are back!



They did it!

JESSE: And our doubles.

ZEB: And my world?

My family and friends?

Are they back?

Yes, all of them.

All the worlds have been restored
and everyone in them.

Will they remember what happened?

We will be the only ones
who ever know.

No-one else should have to remember.

Go home.

Be with them.

Thank you.

Thank you all.

Couldn't have done it
without your help.

Bye, Zeb.

That's it. Multiverse sorted.

Entity destroyed.

Worlds rebuilt.

Guardian in place.

Well...what now?

Go home.

What? And leave you here?

I'll be fine.

This is my place now.

When will we see you?

I don't know.

We're friends.

Different dimensions, other worlds,
it doesn't matter, it won't change.

We'll always be connected.

He's right, Ben.


HEATH: See ya, Ben.

JESSE: Later.

Bye, Ben.

See ya then, I guess.


(CHUCKLES) Now what?

You forgot something.

HEATH: The multiverse
is a pretty big place.

Yeah, too big,
even for the Guardian.

That's why you need restoring demons
to keep order.

Do you reckon, uh,
four will be enough?



I call dibs on the biggest room.

So this is all ours to protect?


Great. No pressure, then.

No sweat.

Yeah, we've got this.

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