02x13 - Mercy

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Path". Aired: March 2016 to March 2018.
"The Path" is a combination of family drama with psychological thriller and explores the power of faith in the world of an emerging religious movement.
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02x13 - Mercy

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Previously, on "The Path"...

I just need the files
for every disgruntled

Meyerist who has ever left.

Cal is in charge,
and he shouldn't be.

What, are you collecting
Deniers now?

We don't want to be Deniers.

Special agent Gaines?

They're the water results
you asked for.

- How did this get in there?

This is incredible.
It could be the same

person who ran me off the road
last night.

- Your mom told me that she had
a fight with your dad

before she was chased off the
road, and he threatened her.

- Are you thinking about
the outside world?

Is there something else?

The man that you think might be
the father of your child?

- Why are you here?
- My name isn't Sam.

- So Sarah blackmailed the
people who came to her for help.

- And if I bring them in
to testify,

she's looking at four years
minimum sentence.

- Cal, Sarah? They know.
- Richard, Felicia.

- Are they safe?
- I don't know.

- All I know is that it's over.
- I... I'm done.

I just can't do this anymore.

I'm sorry, Richard.
I really am.

Cal is a false guardian.

The Light has chosen Eddie Lane!

- Richard? What are you doing?
- Sarah? Run!

Push me.


- Hey, Lizzie!

- Hi, Ella.

- We got to get to school,

- Morning there.
- Morning.

- How's everything
with the house?

- Ah, it's great. Thank you.

- You're so lucky
you don't have to go to school.

- Oh, no, she has to
go to school, just homeschool.

- We should get going too.

- See you.


- All right, I'll see you soon.

- Love you, Mommy.

Are we safe now?

- Yeah.

Thank you for the gift
of this bread...

To sustain these vessels
our bodies,

so that we may have the energy
to create

a more beautiful world,
and break through

the blocks and barriers
of this life,

and ascend The Ladder
of Enlightenment.

- He's almost three weeks old,
and he still

doesn't have a name.

Did you want to call him Steve?

- No.

- Well, um, definitely not
my dad's name.

- Well, the right name
will come.

- Whose last name will he have?


- Are you and Daddy
back together again?

- Daddy's just helping us.

- I like you back together.


What are you doing?

- I have to get this thing off.
- It itches.

- Okay.

We'll go to the doctor tomorrow.

- I can't.

I'll get caught.

I don't care about me, but


I did it for The Movement.

All those people had done
horrible things.

I know I was wrong.

What I did was awful, and I'm
gonna have to live with it.

That and for what happened
to Richard.

- What happened to Richard
is not your fault.

- What will happen to him?
- His soul?

- I don't know.

- How can you not know?

You're supposed to be imbued
with The Light.

So let me get this straight.

A friend of yours at the FBI
told you

that my blackmail victims
had been deposed?

- Yeah.

- Who is this magical friend?

You know, you don't have to stay
with us.

We'll be fine.

- I know.


- Why are you doing this for me?

- Because you're still
the mother of my children.

Meyerists view death
as a celebration.

A celebration of a life lived,

and the promise of The Garden.

But in this case,
there's no joy,

only anger and sorrow.

Many of you suggested we not
gather for Richard's passing,

but he... he was with us
for a long time,

and loved.

He was, uh...

he was loved by many of us.


My hope...
is that we can use today

to transform

the agony of this brutal loss

into something, uh...

Into some gain.

Thank you, Bill and Felicia,
for standing by our side

at such a difficult time.


- Things will be set right.

- You'll say something
at Ascension Day?

- Hasn't there been
enough damage?

- Cal doesn't want
any more either.

He's good for The Movement.

He's beautiful. Oh.

- Thank you.
- I should get him home.

- No way that baby is Sean's.

What are they saying
at the city center?

- Everyone's wondering
the same thing.

- Huh.
- Whose baby is it?

- Let's get you home.
- Yeah. Okay.

Stay strong.
I'm here for you.

This is very painful for me too.

You know how much
I love your mother.

All right...

We're gonna fight these horrible
lies against her.

- Okay?
- You okay?

- You take care of him.
- All right?

Okay, excuse me.
Hey, Russ?

- Yeah.
- Talk for a sec?

Hi, Nicole.


Any sign of Eddie?

- I dropped by there
the other day,

saw a couple people going
in and out of his place.

- What people?

- Well, can we find out?
- Mm-hmm.

You don't think
Eddie's with Sarah?


- You're good.


Move it up.


- Ah, wow. Check this out.


- It's so beautiful.

- Here.

Hey, Summer, um, so,
I have something to tell you.

I just think that your...

All right, so I put a message
inside of this for you,

and anytime you want to hear it,

just put it up to your ear,

and you will hear me.

It's cool, right?

- Mm-hmm.




I'm hungry.


All right, let's go
grab some lunch.

- I'm buying.
- Oh.



Can we get ice cream?

Yeah, if your mom's
still buying.

I did make some good
tips this week.

- We can get a sundae.
- Ah, sundae.

That sounds so good.

What kind of sundae do you want?

- I don't know.
- You don't know?

- Just any kind of sundae?
- I don't know. Yeah.

- I like that.

- You know what? Um...
- What?

- Here, go back to the truck.
- Go home.

- What?
- Uh, my FBI friend is here.

Look, I don't know
what side he's on.

Just go home, and
I'll let you know

if you have to move again.


Hey. What are you doing here?

- Now, see, that's funny.

You tell me to do
the right thing,

and then you run off
with my case.

- Sarah isn't here with me.

- Eddie, I tell you
a judge approved

a warrant for your ex-wife,

then you two disappear,
and your car crosses

the border that night.

Come on, man. I'm FBI.

- Well, she's not here.
- Just me.

- Now, you know I don't believe
a word you're saying.

- Look, I don't know
what to tell you,



But that's the truth.

- Hmm.

Well, I guess that's
good luck for me,

because I'm not here for Sarah.

I'm here for you, Eddie.

You're needed.

Your people are waiting for you,

and I'm here to bring you back.



What's on your mind?

Your mom, your dad?

I don't even know
what to say anymore.

What if she really did blackmail
all those people?

And... I mean, Cal is so
protective of her,

he just has everyone
convinced that

she's being persecuted.

Wish I could divorce
both my parents.

- You know what I've learned?

You don't have to stick with
the family you were born into.

We can make a new one.

And you have Cal, who loves you
like a father.

You have me, if you want me.

- Yeah.

I want you.

Oh, uh, sorry.

- Oh. It's fine.

This came for you in the mail.

- Thank you.

- "Do something with it."

What is "It"?

- It's from my mom.

These are the Clarksville
water results.

All right, man.

I'll let you do your thing.

Don't f*ck with my case anymore.

- Why are you still in
all of this, anyway?

Running after me,
bringing me back?

- I don't know.

- Yes, you do.
- It got to you.

- Yeah, maybe.

But my moral compass is all off,

and I need to get it
back on track.

- Go home and deal with it.

- You know, I've, uh...

Eddie, I've done things.

I've been with someone else.


How do I not tell my wife?

And if I do,
how does she forgive me?

Maybe you can't go back.

- Maybe.

Or maybe you miss out on
the best thing

that's ever happened to you.

Well, I got to take care of
some things first.

I screwed someone else over,
and it is eating me up.

- Anything I can do?
- You know, I'll...

I'll let you know.

Listen, man. Go ahead.
Go inside.

They're waiting for you.


- Hey.

- Hey.
- God, I missed this.

- Uh...
- Meadow told me.

The Light chose you.

- Wow, I, uh...

I don't know what to say.

Um, you know, I'm humbled
that you're all here.

Look, the, uh, thing is,

I was told that I had to finish
the climb

before I...

And now that seems impossible.

You know, I... I've always been
able to...

To see things.

You know, visions.

But I have no control
over when or how

I see them.

Like, I don't know
what happens next,

or how all of this
is going to end.

I guess why I'm telling
you all this

is because...

like, I don't know
if I'm "the one."

I know Steve has asked me
to lead,

but I just... you know, I just...
I don't know.

- Eddie.

Eddie, we're with you.

- We're waiting for you to tell
us what to do next.

- Okay.

We've contacted the Mounties.

Gave 'em a description
of Sarah Lane,

traveling with a ten-year-old.

- That's great.
- What's up?

- I just don't get how people
can disappear anymore.

Chuck your
iPhone, you're invisible.


This girl from Wisconsin,
both of her parents d*ed

in a freak car accident,
so she goes to the big city,

gets arrested for prostitution,

some predator picks her up
off the street,

uses her.

She gets out of jail, and flees.

Guess where she goes.

- Canada?

- Hmm. No.

Meyerist Movement.

- Who are you talking about?

Looking for her right there.

I don't understand.
How did my mom get these?

- The police found them in her
car after the accident.

- This is amazing,
to be a part of

being able to blow
this thing up?

- Yes, it is.
- Wait.

Is this why someone tried
to run her off the road?

- 'Cause you said my dad...
- No, I said

your mom had a fight with him
before she went off the road.

- No, you pretty clearly
insinuated that...

- We don't know who ran
your mother off the road.

Got a minute?

- Yeah, yeah, um...

Yeah, give me a second.

Your... your dad's caused your mom
a lot of pain.

All right?
I've seen it up close.

- He's right.

I mean, your dad has been
nothing but heartbreak.

* *

- Eddie came back today.

Guess whose car he got out of.


- Sam Field?

- His house is full of Deniers.

- Hey.

- People from the compound.
- Meadow Stamberg.

Phil Kenswick. Betsy Singer.

You remember Betsy?

- Well, what are they
doing there?

- They want to reform
The Movement.

- Hmm.

Okay. Okay. Thank you.


- Is it true
what they're saying?

- What are they saying?

- That Richard's lies
are getting to people.

They're joining Eddie Lane.


Five or six people.

We have thousands of members.

- I hear the rumors,
and people are listening.

- Well, what are they saying?

- That he's the one who's
supposed to build The Garden.

And that he will make
The Movement

- what we want it to be...
- That's nonsense.

People don't know
what they want.

- I am one of the people,

so I do kinda know.

We want the Wizard to be real.

We want to believe that
the sad, angry boy

can become the King.

And that he will understand us,
because he once was us.

- You talking about Eddie?

- I'm talking about you.

This place would not have
survived without you.

The Movement is yours.

It's not Steve's, not Sarah's...

- She's not the problem here.

- She blackmailed people, and
she will go to jail.

You are what we want,
what we need,

and you should be standing
before us on Ascension Day.

But you need to do
something about Eddie.


- Cal?


- What are we gonna do, Eddie?

- That ship has sailed, Cal.

Why? Do you have a plan?

- What do you want?

- Do you think
you can lead people?

Are you ready to take on their...

Their hopes, their dreams,
their agony?

- I'll do my best.

- It's easy to tell, uh,
nine people

you'll take care of them.

What about 50?

100? 1,000?

You know, it changes you.

Look at Sarah.

You'll do whatever it takes

to fend for them.

The business of running
a religion changes you.

- It's not a business.

- Yeah, it is.

I'm doing you a favor right now.

- Really?
- Because you don't want

what comes next.

Pack up your Merry Men,

before you thoroughly

f*ck up their lives

and your own.

- There's not a single thing

that you can do or say

to get me to walk
away from this.

Get the f*ck out of here.

What about Sarah?

What if you could help her?

What if... what if we could?



- Hello. Welcome.

Come in.
The girls are so excited.

So glad you could
come to dinner.

- Thanks so much for having us.

- I got a roast in the kitchen.
- Just needs a little more time.

- Um, I sorry, I... we...
- We don't really eat meat.

- I should have said something.
- You're vegetarians?

- Yes, but we're... we're happy
with anything else.

- Oh, gosh, I feel terrible.

- You do the homeschool too.

What does that make you?

- Uh, weird, I guess.

- Well, tell me you
at least drink.

- I do like my wine.

- Red or white?
- Red.

Thank you.

- Cast came off.

- Yeah.

- You take it off yourself?

I noticed it in the trash.

- It was itching, so...

- American, eh?

- Yes.

- I hunt.

Um, you look nervous.

- Um, g*n around kids
make me nervous.

- Now, I tried Googling you.

Paula Benson.

And, uh, I couldn't find you.

- Well, there's a lot of people
you can't Google.

- Here's your wine.
- Thank you.

- Roast is just about ready.
- Uh, do you mind

telling me where
the ladies' room is?

It's right through there.

- Excuse me.

Hey, Lizzie?

Uh, why don't we wash up
for dinner, huh?

All right. Look at me.

We have to leave.
Do what I say.

Don't be scared, okay?



Watch your head.

It's okay.





All right. Go to the car.

- Wait!
- Wait, Summer.

Come on.

Come on, let's go.


- You guys okay in there?

- Call 911.


- Okay.

All right, get in there.


It's all right.




- Gosh, you're so talented.
- Oh, thank you.

- I don't know how you do it.
- I don't... I don't know how it...

- It was the weirdest thing.
- It's incredible.

- They're all in Cal's office.

- Eddie Lane is there?

- Just a second.

What about Eddie Lane?

- He's here.
- In Cal's office.

- What's going on?
- Hello, Hawk.

It seems as if your life

is about as complicated
as my son's.

- What is this?
- It's just, uh, business.

- Now, one of you tell me
what's going on.

- It's complicated, kid.
- Dad.

- Bye, Eddie.

- Cal, please...
- I think it's best

if your dad explained
this one to you.


Right there's good.


You're back at work?

- Yeah.

- Where's the, uh, the baby?

- The nursery here is great,
and I can stop by

every two hours to feed him.

Don't be so old-fashioned.

I love to work.

Makes me a better mother.

- Hmm.

- Why was Eddie here?

- We had some business.

- What kind?


I like to hear about your life.

- I, uh...

I helped him to see that

he... he doesn't have
what it takes.

He was willing to

completely abandon his...

His... his... whatever he's doing

in an instant

to help Sarah.

- And you trust him?

- Hmm?
- To abandon it.

- You can't start
a reform movement

with a corrupt foundation.

- Why'd you really help Sarah?

- Excuse me?

- She's not your lover anymore.

And Hawk is not your son.

You have your own son now.

We have a son.

And you should let him
and everyone know.

They'll respect you for it.

- Now, don't be so
f*cking presumptuous.
- I'm trying to get this
cleaned up.


- Ah!

- Can't believe
it's fall already.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- How's the baby?
- Great.

- Have a name yet?
- No.

Hey, um, I don't know if you're
talking to your mom,

but if you do, will you tell her
I'm sorry?

- For what?

- I should have told her

who the father of the baby was.

- Who's the father?

- Can you keep a secret?

- We don't really have secrets.



Stop right there.

Pop the trunk, please.


All right, next.
Move it forward.


Whoa, whoa. Right there.

Excuse me, sir.
Where are you heading today?

Yeah, copy that.

Jim, we got this
late-model sedan.

Coming over to you now.

- You remember everything
I told you?

When this man takes me away?

- Grandma and Grandpa are
waiting for me over the border.

- That's right.

Liquids, seeds, animal products.


Okay, just pull right up
to that window.



- Morning, ma'am.
- Passports, please.


- I'm scared.

- Don't be.


I love you.

And I want you to see your mom
do the right thing.

I want you to be proud of me.


- Mrs. Lane?

You can go on through.

Have a nice day now.

Hey, Dad.

- Hey.


Um, hey, could you guys, uh,

- just give is a minute...
- Sure.

- Please?


- Planting a garden?

- Uh, yeah.

Uh, broccoli, kale...

- Is it true?

What Richard said about you?

What they're all
saying about you?

- Steve asked me to guide
The Movement.

So, uh, my mom's a criminal,

and Cal's not the man
I thought he was,

and my dad is...


- I'm not magic.
- Well, you're something.

Look, I believe in magic.
I floated.

Okay, just...

Just make me feel like the
people inside your house feel.

- I wish I could.

- I'm asking you to help me
believe in you.

- It doesn't work that way.


Why were you and Cal
with Libby DeKaan?

- We got her to pay back

the people your mother

to get them to drop the charges.

- So...

Nothing's gonna happen
with the water tests?

And Mom's not gonna...

- Go to jail.

- Why...

I mean, after she and Cal, why...

Why would you care about her
like that?

And why did Cal need you there
to trade with Libby DeKaan?

He could have just
done it on his own.

- Cal tested me,

and I'm not the one.

Okay? I'm not...

the guy to lead anyone.

- The people inside
think you are.

What do you think?

Dad? What...

Do you believe it?



- Loss.

What is this...

overwhelming feeling?


What is this...

This, uh...

What is... what is this
overwhelming feeling?

- Mercy.

The act of compassion
that we hold

like power in our hands.

Loss washes over us

and takes us under.

Does it matter who drowns?

Yeah, you know?

How do you find compassion

for all the people
you don't even know?

And serve... serve lives

you'd never intersect with?

And make them matter.


And let go...

of the loss

so that we can embrace...

So that you can embrace
what's new.

How do we show mercy?

When the one we're dying
for forgiveness from

is ourself?


- Hey.

- Forest.

Because, um,

that's where he was born.


And came out into the world.


Forest Roberts.

Doesn't sound too bad, huh?


- Why did you do it?

- Hawk told you.
- It was my crime.

And if I wanted to pay for it,
I should have been able to.

- Yeah, well, I couldn't
let you go to jail.

- You could have helped
an entire community.

- I know. Believe me.

- Why? Why, Eddie?

Why couldn't you let me

take responsibility
for my own actions?

- If you want to be punished,

you will be, okay?

You don't have to go out
searching for it.

Your life will be hell.

- Let's go.

- Walk away together.
- Sarah...

Be a family.

It's what you wanted.

I mean, Canada? Anywhere.

We were happy.
We were almost happy, Eddie.

- We could be happy.
- Sarah...

- Please.

- Sarah.

Please don't go back inside.

You will lose everything
beautiful about you.


This has been a season of loss.

The loss of our beloved Steve,

who climbed The Ladder

and brought this all to us.

That incredible day in 1974

when we climbed...
Me, my husband, Bill...

- We all know the story
of the climb, Felicia,

but what we haven't
figured out is...

Is what comes next.


Thanks, Felicia.

It occurred to me
on this Ascension Day,

maybe we need to really

take a moment to live
where we are now.


Take this moment to stop...


And hold the loss, right?

- Right.
- Yes.

And we have to...

nurture it.

And cradle it like we would

our child.


So that we can let it go.

Into the ether,

where all the...
The lost things go.

Time and money we wasted,

and... and...
And loves we lost.


Where the d*ad go.




And release.


- So that...
- Yes!

We have room...

Room to gain...


So we can enter

into this next shining era

of The Movement.



- * I'll carry you

* You'll carry me

* I'll carry you

* You carry me

* We will carry each other *

* To The Light, oh, Light

* Carry each other
to The Light *

* We will carry each other

* To The Light, oh, Light

* Carry each other
to The Light *

* I'll carry you

* You'll carry me

* I'll carry you

* You carry me

* We will carry each other

* To The Light, oh, Light

- What's going on?


- What's going on, Dad?

- Find your mom.
- Get them out of here.


- What's your dad doing?

He believes he's
the rightful Guardian.


- Hank. No more. Please.



Thank you.

Oh! Ah.

- You're back.

- Yes, I am.


- Welcome back.


- We need to talk.

- There's nothing to talk about.

- Cal has taken
the role of Guardian.

Eddie was chosen,
but his actions

have proven him to be unworthy.

- There's nothing
I could possibly do.

- This will be the end
of The Movement.

- Maybe that's not
such a bad thing.

- I saw The Ladder, Sarah.

My hands.
My hands b*rned.

For this moment.

So that I would never
waver from faith.

You... you made mistakes.

But you put us above everything.

And you'd do it again.

There are children...
Your children... here.

Together, we can put
the rightful one in place.

And if there is no right one,

you, Sarah,

you must take the role yourself.


- We have...
- And on this Ascension Day,

we embrace... we... we pardon

those who have left.

And our Deniers,

we take them back... we take them
back into our embrace.


* Everything


* Everything

- Hi.
- So nice to have them back.

* Everything Welcome home.

We missed you.

* Everything

* In its right place

How are you?

- I told you.

Now you really need to do
something about Eddie Lane.

* In its right

* Yesterday, I woke up
sucking on a lemon *

* Yesterday, I woke up

* Sucking on a lemon

* Yesterday, I woke up

* Sucking a lemon

* Everything

Oh, give me a hug.

* Everything


* Everything

* In its right place

* In its right

* Place

* In its right

* Place

* Right place

* There are two colors

* In my head

* There are two colors

* In my head

* What, what is that

* You tried to say

* What, what was that

* You tried to say
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