03x16 - Seven Strike as One

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Into the Badlands". Aired November 2015 - May 2019.
"Into the Badlands" is a martial arts series very loosely based on the classic Chinese tale "Journey to the West." In a land controlled by feudal barons, "Into the Badlands" tells the story of a ruthless, well-trained warrior and a young boy who embark on a journey across a dangerous land to find enlightenment.
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03x16 - Seven Strike as One

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We are closer than ever

to realizing the dreams
of our ancestors.

We need to strike back now,

and there's never been a stronger,

more capable group of warriors

than the ones standing right here.

Is it even fair to bring a child

into a world like this?

All the more reason for us to fight.

I'm not going anywhere

till Cressida meets the end of my sword.

Fight with us.

Help save the world
that you swore to protect.

Behold my new Azra.


What's this?

Open it and see.

This was Waldo's.


It's the only thing he left
behind when he disappeared.

Oh, wherever he is now, I thought
he might like you to have it.

Thank you.

I wonder what the old man
would've made of us now.

Setting out to fight an impossible w*r.

He would've thought we were idiots,

but he would've joined us.

Sons and daughters,

the time has come to finish our crusade,

and cleanse the Badlands
once and for all.

Every one of you is now
both warrior and missionary.

So go, spread our gospel to the
four corners of this godless realm.

Bring back only those willing
to accept the Gift's sacrament.

To those that refuse, leave nothing
but destruction in your wake.

Your Gift is still untrained,

but there is one who can teach you
how to wield it in Azra's name.

You wanna control your Gift
without cutting yourselves?

Use your pain. Channel your rage.

Find the darkness inside of you.

Let that darkness give you strength.

This is about more than Pilgrim
taking over the Badlands.

Yeah. And the longer we wait,
the stronger he becomes.

Take tonight to say your goodbyes
and tend to any last affairs.

We leave at dawn.

Let's go and have a drink.

Feel like I just fought
my way back to you.

Now I'm going off
to fight all over again.

Sorry, little man.

But when this is all over, you'll
never be able to get rid of me.

I'll be with you every
minute of every day.

Don't worry. He'll be in
good hands until you return.

Thank you.

Do you ever regret it?

I have lots of regrets.

Bringing a child into
this world, I mean.

Honestly, Henry's the only
thing I know I did right.

It didn't make you, uh,
weaker and more vulnerable?

Vulnerability isn't a weakness.

It's what gives me the strength
to keep going.

It gives me hope.

You know, don't you?


I know this is a hard decision for you,

but if you're asking my advice,

it's the only thing worth fighting for.

A full moon smiles on us once more.

Same as the night we found this place.

To think I ever doubted
your wisdom in coming here.

Do you remember what you said

when I lifted your body to the
sky like a blood-soaked angel?

I can see everything,

or so I believed.

I thought I could see beyond
the horizon of infinity.

But sometimes, our own
faith can blind us.

As it should.

God shrouds our eyes in darkness

so that we may follow Him
without question.

Perhaps questions are
what we should be asking.

Our dream was to build a
world, not destroy one.

If we k*ll everyone
who is different from us,

what kind of victory is that?

We are performing a mercy.

I know it's hard for you
to see that now,

but soon you will view it differently.

The time has come for you
to accept Azra's Gift.

Fate has already given me my Gift.

I do not want another.

Why settle for faith alone when you
can embody its proof and power?

I am not one of your fawning Acolytes.

I am a High Priestess of Azra.

And I am your God.

I need you by my side.

I need you to feel what I feel.

Go. Prepare yourself.

Soon you will see what I see.

We need a fail-safe in case
things don't go as planned.

Bajie and I will storm Pilgrim's
island with the Black Lotus.

You take the others to the Meridian
Chamber and finish what I started.

And this time we have
got to destroy it for good.

If we can't k*ll Pilgrim,

then we can stop him from creating
any more dark-eyed fanatics.

I wanna face him and fight him.

You are fighting. You're
fighting for our future.

If I don't make it back,

then protect Henry, both of you.

Make sure he knows how much
his parents loved him.

We will. You have my word.

I'm goin' with you.

Hey, no offense, but what do you
know about fighting dark ones?

Huh? You wanna do good,
stay with The Widow.

I don't care about doing good, Bajie.

I'm here for one thing,

to k*ll the witch that
took Lydia from me.

All right, then. This is it.
No turning back.

Good luck.

What Sunny said to you back there,

you decided to keep the baby?

If any of us survive, the Badlands
is gonna need a new beginning.

And we're gonna teach
our children not to make

the same mistakes that we did.


It's a nomad camp.

This is Pilgrim's work.
He didn't spare anyone.

This must be how
he treats non-believers now.

I'm gonna stop this monster.
But you can still turn back.

What are you talking about?

Well, if something happens to me,
then at least

I'll know that you're still safe.

Maybe even happy, with her.

Odessa. It's too late for that now.

Not if you still want it.

I've always been hard on you

because I thought that's
what made a person stronger.

But it's not.

It's having somebody to be strong for.

I'm not going anywhere.

Do you want another little Bajie fact?


Okay. I don't like boats.

Well, not boats per se,
but the sea, you know?

She's a fickle mistress.

Not much of a swimmer.
More of a floater.

Thought you used to be a pirate?

Ah, people change.
You used to be a Clipper.

Yeah, you still k*ll a lot of
people, don't you?

Welcome, dear ones.

You have crossed over
to the other side of divinity,

and joined the ranks of our holy army.

Who's next?

I... I'm sorry.

I... I don't know if I want this.

Are you afraid, my child?

Please. Forgive me.

Very well.

There are only two sides
to the coming w*r.

The blessed and the damned.

Come. It's time.

The Gift is a choice.

It cannot be forced upon anyone.

You would deny your messiah?


We've got visitors.

It's just as when their
ships came to Azra,

but this time, I'm ready.

Let us return to the Fortress

and greet these unbelievers head on.

M.K., you secure the Meridian Chamber.

If it is a fight they want,

then it is a fight we will give them.

Empty the armory. Everyone fights.

No one runs, or they die by my hand.


The enemy is cutting through
our advance party.

They've almost reached our walls.

Unlock the gates.

- Yes, sir.
- This place is my temple.

Here, I am God.

And we will bless these walls
with the blood of our enemies.

Do not be afraid.

The Black Lotus spared no one
when they sacked Azra.

Today I shall return the favor.

It is not defeat that I fear,
but what happens if we win.

I don't understand.

I have loved you so many ways.

As a mother, as a woman,

as your confessor.

It is on this love that I tell you,

I had another vision.

I did not see everything
this time, but I saw enough.

A d*ad world,

with nothing rising from the ashes
but misery and shadow.

You were not meant to have this Gift.

You can control the darkness in
others, but now, yours controls you.

It is twisting your faith.

How dare you speak to me of faith,

when all you speak is fear.

I speak the truth.

The word of Azra.

The word of Azra is what I say it is.

When this battle is over, you will
accept the Gift, no argument.

Then you will know what
true faith feels like.

Let's end this.

That's the last one.

There's enough charge
to level a mountain.

Get the detonator.
Let's get out of here.

No one's goin' anywhere.

I pull this trigger and this place
goes up with all of us inside of it.

I'm ready to die if that's
what it takes to end this.


Well, what about you?
Are you ready to die?

What about your baby?

What's he talking about?

Oh, she didn't tell you?

Cressida told us everything.

Mother, is that true? You're pregnant?

It doesn't have to end this way.

You're right. It doesn't.
It's up to The Widow.

You've always wanted your Gift back.
Pilgrim can do that for you.

We're not like the rest of them.

People like me and you
are meant to rule,

and you've always known that.

You're right. That's
what I always thought.

But I didn't see the whole truth.

The Gift leads only
to madness and death.

I don't want anything from you.

This one's mine.

- You all right, Priestess?
- Thank you, child.

Where are you going?

Our messiah has ordered me
to take these...

sacred scrolls away from here.

They must not fall into
the hands of our enemies.

Follow me. I'll get you out.

Well, well.

Abandonin' your prophet
in his time of need?

So what happened?
Finally lose your religion?

My faith is all I have left.

Pilgrim has lost his way.

His w*r is no longer my w*r.

I have no quarrel with you.


You took Lydia from me.

There's no comin' back from that.

Your woman died well.

I am unarmed.

Where is the honor in k*lling me?

f*ck honor.

You better never stop running!

No matter where you go, I will find you!

Do you hear me, Cressida? Cressida!

Finally. It's down to us.

The last children of Azra.

The man who brought us together again.

It doesn't have to end this way.

It will only end with me looking
down at your corpse, Sanzo.

The world will be reborn anew,

as it should have been
all those years ago.

All right. So, I mean, diplomacy
clearly hasn't worked.

Both of you flank him,
and follow my lead.


Tilda, no. Please.

I can't lose you.

Not like this.

I promise I will avenge you.

I'm gonna make you feel my pain.


No mercy.

Tilda's got a pulse.

Minerva, we need to get her out of here.

Get up! Sunny!


Get up! Sunny, get up!

Get up, Sunny! Get up!

Get up!

Sunny, get up!

Get up, Sunny!

Goodbye, brother.





Let's go. We need to
get her to a healer.

I'm sorry, M.K.

I hope you find your Azra.





I promise you that I will take
Henry out of the Badlands, mate.

I will raise that little
boy as my own son.

Of course, not the... The whoring
or the... The drink.


And I'll let him know that
his father was a good man,

and a great friend.

Hello, Sunny.

Where am I?

The realm between life and death.

Your long-buried Gift was
ignited in your final moments.

It is slowly restoring your mortal coil.

I need to get back to my son. Please.

In due time.

But the world you'll be returning
to has grown even more dangerous.

But Pilgrim is d*ad.


But an evil buried
long ago is about to return.

One more powerful and
insidious than any human.

Come, your work has just g*n.
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