01x02 - Would the World Be Kind

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Y: The Last Man". Aired: September 13, 2021- present.
Series follows the survivors in the post-apocalyptic world as they struggle to restore what was lost and build something better.
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01x02 - Would the World Be Kind

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Previously on Y: The Last Man...

I need some money.

You can't afford cheese,

but you want to marry your girlfriend.

YORICK: Can we please ju...
Can we talk about this?

No. Ju-ju... What am I,
what am I supposed to do here?

Am I supposed to chase after you?

- I'll be back in a few hours.
- No. Can you just...

Well, your wife is texting you.

I am going to tell her.

Get out. Get-get out!

I'm not rushing to blow up a marriage...

Get out!

Congresswoman, we'd like to see you.

You had the opportunity
to work with me. You passed.

I want us to be friends again.

We will be. In about
two and a half years.


Maybe someplace with hills?

We need someone embedded with POTUS.

- There's a credible thr*at.
- AGENT : What's the thr*at?

AGENT : I'll brief
you in a couple weeks.

Mr. President, your nose.

WOMAN: Help me!

Get out!

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪



You think it's a w*apon?

AGENT : I don't know.

- JENNIFER: Where's the vice president?
- PEGGY: Flight to London.

- We'll get him on the ground.
- JENNIFER: Is this everyone? Where's Emily?

Lisa. Lisa, come on.

PEGGY: Air Force Two
just fell out of the sky,

- crashed into the Atlantic Ocean.

- PEGGY: Three minutes ago.
- LISA: It's everywhere.

♪ ♪

PEGGY: Confirmed. Deacon Miller.

Peter Saske. Henry Mitchell.

LISA: Oh, my God. It's the
entire line of succession.

PEGGY: James Porter. Confirmed d*ad.

JENNIFER: Regina Oliver. HUD.

- PEGGY: She's in Israel.
- JENNIFER: Has anyone found her?

- PEGGY: We're trying.
- JENNIFER: She's the next president.



♪ ♪










This is CR . Pick up.

New York, this is CR . Do you copy?

L.A., this is CR .

Are you, are you there?


This is CR .

Do you copy?

Atlanta, this is CR .

Are you there?

Do you copy?

♪ ♪

♪ ♪




They know we're not in there.

They know that, right?

In a week and a half, our coal
surplus will be exhausted.

Power plants will start to shut down.

RACHEL: We'll be in the dark ages.

No food. No clean water.

- No power.
- Sorry,

which, which cities
are we talking about?

All of them.

Madam President.

Can I have a word?

- Agent Sarah Burgin.
- Go ahead.

Uh, I need to speak to you privately.

It's urgent, ma'am.

I don't know how to say this...

Listen, if you've got somewhere
you need to be, family,

- just let your superior know...
- I'm not Secret Service.

I'm a member of a covert task force.

Code name Culper Ring.

We only answer to the president.
There's no red tape.

Well, I was chair of
the House Intel Committee;

I would have to approve the budget.

You did. Our budget's redacted.

One of my superiors
should have read you in.

I'm not authorized or I-I wasn't,

but I don't... I don't know
who's left to do it.

I was embedded with the
Secret Service eight days ago.

Before that, I was in Oklahoma
on another assignment.

They pulled me out with
an hour's notice, sent me here.

They wanted me with the president.

There was a credible thr*at.

Which was... ?

I don't know, ma'am.
I hadn't been briefed yet.

So we don't know if it was, uh,
a nutjob with a grudge

or, say, a w*apon designed to do

whatever the f*ck happened
eight days ago?

I answer to you, ma'am.

I'm here for whatever you need.

Is your name even Sarah Burgin?

- No.
- What should I call you?

I mean, you can call
me Sarah, if you like.

Or Agent .


They're through the gate.


- General Reed.
- I've got the colonel on the phone.

What do you want me to tell her?

- Pull them back.
- Ma'am?

- What?
- Pull them back.

We're outnumbered.
We'll lose the White House.

It's a house. We'll rebuild.

- What happened?
- What's that mean?

Where's the signal?

We need the signal back!


- Everybody...

Listen up!


I think I should try to inspire us.

But it's hard, isn't it?

I'm not gonna bullshit you.

I think it's going to get worse.

Maybe a lot, before it gets better.

They are hungry,

angry, terrified.

They're grieving.

This is them dealing with all of that.

We are going to have to
keep making hard choices.

To try to help

deal with the panic and the outrage.

But it's going to take all of us.


Let's get back to work.


YORICK: As the foremost anthropologist
in the western hemisphere...

BETH: Oh, the foremost?

- BETH: Love to be the foremost.
- Well, Dr. Deville,

you know, people are asking...

people are asking when you'll
be finished with your paper.

- BETH: Oh, wait, who's asking?
- YORICK: The people.

They want to know
when you'll be interested

in having sex with them again.

BETH: All of the people
want to know that?

- Yeah.
- Wow. All of the people want to have sex with me?

That sounds, um, exhausting and painful.

YORICK: Well, I mean,
they have a right to know.

- They do.

Why don't I read this to you
while I massage you and, uh...

- feed you strawberries?


- That's romantic, right?
- BETH: While you massage me?

I wish you had a...

Tonight, okay? I promise.

- BETH: Seriously,

I love you. I love you, babe, but...

YORICK: Five minutes?

- BETH: Five minutes.
- YORICK: Yes!



- YORICK: Let's go.
- BETH: Okay, turn that off.

Hey, crate up.

says we're going to see

more waterborne illness in New York.

What the hell happened?

It's a sinkhole on st Street.

Our engineers say the buildings
around it could go, too.

Stagnant water in the subways,
bodies in the water supply.

- PEGGY: Ma'am.
- JENNIFER: We can't make a push?

Get the generators going,
pump the water out?

No, generators have been
down for days.

days with no pumps, water rising.

And subways are too close
to the surface of the street.

I mean, the whole lower half
of the island's

built on colonial garbage.

How long?


Yesterday it was a week.

- We were wrong, ma'am.
- There's still time

for Hero to get out.

All right. How many people are left?

- , . Give or take.
- Leaflets?

We've been blanketing the city.

We still have to salvage the Guggenheim,

- the Whitney Museum...
- f*ck the art!

Everything we have on the people.

Every place I can think of.

Her apartment, work, friends' places.

I mean...

Ma'am, they've looked. If she's alive,

she left the city.

You answer to the president.

That's what you said. Right?

Yes, ma'am.

Then find my daughter.

This is President Jennifer Brown.

In this dark time
in our nation's history,

we must call on our collective strength,

our compassion and our generosity.

The resilience of Americans
is unparalleled.

And we will rebuild together.

ELLIE: Why won't you help me?

OFFICIAL: I'm trying. I'm sorry.

ELLIE: He was working. Lower Manhattan.

we're closing this location.

- You need to evacuate...
- You can't do that.

- ... to one of the camps.
- Everyone is sick in the camps.

OFFICIAL: There's medical care, food.

ELLIE: Is your husband's
body accounted for?

- Ma'am.
- Or is he out there

- rotting somewhere?
- He's not on our list.

- You can check Boerum Hill.
- Ugh!

They only have J through M
at Boerum Hill!

- Why won't you help me?
- I'm trying.

I'm sorry.

- Let's go. Come.

This is President Jennifer Brown.

In this dark time
in our nation's history,

we must call on
our collective strength...

I don't know why anyone works here

if they never have any answers, right?

They should just throw
everything in a pile,

let us sort through it ourselves.

I've seen you before.

We're always here at the same time.


Who's, uh, who's this?

- Esme.
- Salinger?

My husband chose it.

That's who you're looking for?

You, too?

This is President Jennifer Brown...

- My brother.
- In this dark time

in our nation's history...

Do you know where, where he was? Or...

Working. He wasn't even
supposed to go in that night.

Someone was sick.

Good luck with your brother.

You, too.

And we will rebuild together.

Please follow the instructions
of government officials

in order to make your evacuation
as safe as possible.

SAM: I couldn't find it in my apartment.

Someone must have taken it.

SILAS: Course they did.

First thing I'm looking for
in a place is a w*apon.

JESSE: Why'd you have a Taser anyway?

It was a prop for a show.

- Jesus.
- What do you want, man?

I thought I had it. Least now
we have the extra bike chain.

SILAS: Yeah, and only half the shit.

Jesse's bike needs new treads.
We don't need shitty props.

IAN: Guys, look, we could wait
a couple days. It's all right.

If they close the bridges,
we're screwed.

We gotta go tonight.

SILAS: What the f*ck, Hero?
Where have you been?

JESSE: Did you get
anything off the list?

Uh, yeah. A Leatherman.

You were supposed to get a
camping stove. We have a Kn*fe.

Well, as it turns out,
you're not the first person

to think of looting an REI.

You, um, you gotta take it easy.

He's an assh*le.


Where the hell have you been?

Well, they're worried.

They should be worried.

They're biking to Vermont

to live with Ian's transphobic grandma?

- She f*cking hates him.
- Yeah, okay.

Well, then evacuate with everyone else.

Sam, come on. What are we gonna do

in Vermont with Silas?

Listen to yacht rock, start a commune?

Then let's leave. Right now.

And find a government rep
and tell them who you are.


Look, I get it. It's complicated.

But who gives a shit?
You'd have food and water.

I'm sorry.


You like me halfway sober, right?

minutes with my mom,
and I promise you I won't be.

When have you ever been halfway sober?

I'm gonna go track down
a, um, camping stove.

(SIGHS) What time are we leaving?

As soon as it's dark.


- You have six hours to evacuate.

Please make your way
to Grand Army Plaza...

Captain. Captain!

You heading to New York?

- Yeah.
- I'll be coming with you.

Who did you say you were again?

Sarah Burgin. Secret Service.

The president asked me
to hitch a ride with you.

We're just dropping leaflets.

Change of plans.


♪ ♪

♪ ♪


Mom? Are you gonna get dressed today?

MARLA: Nope.







AISHA: This information just came in.

You need to tell General Reed,

and she needs to get here now. ASAP.

Yes, ma'am.

What was that?

There's a militia group

occupying the Arizona statehouse.

- hostages.
- Three state reps

with a team from NTSB.

They were coordinating
the highway cleanup.

- Do we have an extraction team?
- We're working on it.

- Demands?
- They're blaming us.

They think we unleashed
a biological w*apon.

They want answers.

Food, medical supplies...

Get Luke Air Force Base
on the sat phone.


Any word from New York?

Um, they'll call if she checks in.

Kimberly's here.
You promised her ten minutes.

- I can't...
- She'll keep asking.

Kim. How's your mother?

You moved the timeline on New York?

We had no choice.

What's the plan for
the Manhattan Cryobank?

There's a team scheduled for Friday,

but if you move up the timeline...

There's , New Yorkers
left on the island.

And priceless genetic material
in that building.

My father thought of me as an advisor;

he always wanted me to
share my opinion freely.

We're not even sure if any of
that material is still viable.

Well, we'll never know if we
let the backup generators die.

Of course.

Which is why we've already secured

over a hundred sperm banks,
but New York didn't quite...

You sent soldiers to your
daughter's neighborhood.

We sent soldiers to every
neighborhood, Kimberly.


You're doing everything you can
for everyone you can,

but, ma'am, without men,
there is no future.

I hear you, but we're just
trying to survive the present.


You have five hours to evacuate.

Please make your way to Grand Army Plaza

for immediate evacuation.

You have five hours to evacuate.

Please make your way to Grand Army Plaza

for immediate evacuation.




♪ ♪


♪ ♪






Amp. Amp!


Jesus. Amp?



Hey, you want a treat?

I'll give you this Snickers,
buddy. Come here.

Ah, damn it. (GROANS)

There's d*ad people down here.

And rats and shit. Come on, man.

g*dd*mn it.



Ampersand. Amp!






Amp? Amp?

g*dd*mn it.






♪ ♪

♪ ♪




Oh, come on.

Oh, come on, come on, come on.

Come on, you f*ck. Oh, God.


Ah. (bl*wing)

Shit. Uh, hi.


Yeah. Uh...

- Okay, obviously,

I'm, uh, I'm trespassing and you, uh,

you seem like a nice lady.

So, look, I'm sorry, hey.

If I can just grab a shirt
and maybe a pair of pants...

- You're kidding me.

Who? Uh, okay.

Hi, everybody.



Are you sick?

No. No, no, no, no, no.


What are they talking about?
They-they talking about me?

Why aren't you d*ad?

That is a great question,
and I wish I knew. Look,

I just swam in subway water

and I'm kind of worried my skin's

gonna start peeling off my skeleton,

just, like, dripping off onto
the floor in a little puddle,

and, um, I don't love
being naked with strangers.

Look, can you just tell her,

if I knew you were here,
I would have just raided a Gap.

Or something, okay?
So I'm just, I'm just gonna go.


Oh! Okay, okay, okay.

- Can you tell her to stop

pointing that thing at me, please?

- Just stop pointing it at me, okay?!

Can you just...

Okay. What do you want? I don't...

Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- I'm not gonna hurt you.
- She thinks we can trade you.

I haven't talked to another
person in, like, forever,

and my monkey ran away.

N-N-No. And now you're
all, like, staring at me.

And, um... Oh.

Oh, shit. Oh, shit.

(EXHALES) I just need a second.

Okay. (LAUGHS)


f*ck me. Doing this naked feels, uh...

I'd give anything to just...

just go home. Okay? I just...

I'm sorry.




I'm sorry. Shit.

(CRYING): I'd give anything
if I could just go home.




Okay. Okay.

All right.


You have to get out of the city.

- Now.

Don't get trapped here.


This is our home.


♪ ♪


Look, you should just take it, okay?

You should get out of the city
while there's still time.

It was you, wasn't it?

I knew there was someone.

Thank you.


I wasn't crazy.


At least he wasn't alone.

BETH: Did you get a cat? f*ck.

- Yorick, a cat?
- YORICK: Do I look like a...

Do I look like a cat guy to you? Ew.

- Who do you think I am?
- That's totally

the kind of shit that
you would think is funny.

YORICK: A cat's not funny.
What's funny about a cat?

BETH: Oh, ironic acquisition of a cat

is totally in your wheelhouse,
and if you got a cat,

I'm moving out!

YORICK: It's not a cat. It's not a cat.

Don't worry.

Take a look.

It's not a cat, I promise.


- A monkey?
- I know.

He's a capuchin. We can call him...

- A capuchin?
- We can call him Ampersand.

I think we should call him Ampersand,

- 'cause it's like...


(LAUGHS): Amp.

Amp, come here, buddy.

Come on. Come here.

(LAUGHS): Yeah.

Oh, God, you're such an assh*le.



- Shit.

(EXHALES): Okay, okay.




I think I'm out of ideas, buddy.

SAM: They left an hour ago.

Took the bikes.

Do you have any idea
what it's like out there for me?

The questions I have to answer?

The shit I have to explain
all over again?

This city used to be the one place

where I felt like I could breathe.

And now the walls are closing in, and...

you just cost me the one chance I had.

I didn't ask you to wait for me.

I'm a liability.

They took the rest of the testosterone.


Two weeks.

Those f*cking guys.

God, you f*cking hate everyone.

I don't hate you.

It's gonna be okay.

I've got you.

You've got me. Okay?

Please, I just want to find your mom.

Just, please...

Just suck it up.

I don't care what she did
or did not do to you

a hundred years ago
when the world was different.


And you owe me.



♪ ♪


I-I have White House credentials.

- I worked for the president.
- SOLDIER: I need you to step back.

NORA: Nora Brady. Nora Brady.

Call someone inside,
they'll tell you who I am.

- Ma'am, please.
- Ask the First Lady.

Hell, President Brown can
tell you who the f*ck I am!

- MACK: Mom...
- NORA: No, no, no, no. She's just, she's not listening.

We belong inside.
They-they need us inside.

SOLDIER: Essential personnel only.

I am essential personnel!

Jesus Christ!

SOLDIER: You're not on the list.

MACK: Mom, let's just go. Please.

That's a mistake.

Call someone inside.

SOLDIER: If they needed you,

they would have sent someone
to get you. Weeks ago.

It took us a day and a half to get here.

SOLDIER: I'm sorry.
We're all doing our best.

Please, let's just go.

♪ ♪

- Yeah?


(LAUGHS) They said
you were working, but...

Oh, please. Any time.

- I brought reinforcements.
- Ah.

You, uh, you have any glasses or, uh...

Oh, it's all right.
I'm not much of a drinker.

Oh, you don't have to lie to me.

I still have more work to do.

Oh, you'll always have more work to do.

Don't make me drink alone.

- What can I do for you?


I want to go home.

You know, it's going to be

months before we can begin to rebuild...

I don't care about the White House.

I don't care about rebuilding.

I want to bury my son in Lynchburg.

We don't have enough Secret Service.

I can't spare the ones we have.

So, I'm a prisoner?

(LAUGHS): Of course not.

Maybe in a few months, hmm?


So, you moved the timeline on New York.

Isn't your daughter in New York?

She was.

I don't know where she is now.

Everyone thinks I'm in denial,
that she's d*ad.

Hero? No.

She's a p*stol.
She's out there somewhere.

If she is, she's hiding.

(CHUCKLES) The world ended,

and she's still stubborn as hell.

When I was pregnant with Kimber,

a woman in a hair salon told me

I was having a girl.

"Well, how did you know?" I asked her.

"Girls steal your beauty", she told me.

- It's true.

I looked like shit.

Yeah, well...

I was awake all night worried.

Would she be pretty? Would she be thin?

Would the world be kind to her,

or would it make her feel small?

Would she... would she
tell me her secrets...

or would she see everything
she hated about herself in me?

Or worse, would I see

everything I hated about myself...

in her?

(SIGHS) With James, it was like,

I just, I just hope his guts
are on the inside.

This morning, I sent someone...
to look for Hero.

Find her and drag her here.

One person to find her.

In a city of millions.

I've already used more than
my fair share of resources.

I'd have sent the whole damn army.

I don't need a detail.
I'll walk if I have to.

I just want to go home.







Who are you?


Who are you?!


♪ ♪



Mom. Mom.

- How? Where have you...


- Come on.
- Okay.

AGENT : Come with me.

♪ ♪
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