07x10 - Revolution: Part 10

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Strike Back". AKA "Strike Back: Legacy". Aired: May 2010 to May 2010.
"Strike Back" follows the actions of 'Section 20', a secretive unit of British military intelligence. A team of special operations personnel conduct several high risk missions around the globe.
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07x10 - Revolution: Part 10

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This is the person who brokered
the sale of the nuke,

Natasha Petrenko.

Two weeks. That's it.
Tshin Shan, Shanghai, I'm home.

Maybe I realized there's
more important things

than saving the world.

Looks like we're on

for the Tshin Shan nightclub
in Kowloon.

Eyes on a familiar. Artem Orlov,
former Black Sea marine.

- Wyatt?
- Mac?

Satellite control systems.

Pavel, they work for Russia.


are what is wrong
with our nation.

They're looking to gain access
to a ghost satellite.

It's basically crashing down
into the middle of a w*r zone.

I should be
part of the recovery squad.

I'd rather my team
fetch it without a Russian

looking over our shoulder.

Multiple tangos in your area.
Stay frosty.

m*ssile launch keys.

Pavel traded a nuke
for m*ssile.

Bravo, multiple tangos
headed your way.

You think about it,
it's quite simple.

An exchange, your Colonel
for the m*ssile keys.

I want proof of life.

McAllister, don't do any deals.

There, you have proof.

Now, Alexander Coltrane
for the keys...


Pavel's looking for a trade,
boss for the package.

I mean, that's not the mission.

We're gonna put launch keys
in Pavel's hands,

we don't even know what
they're for.

Wait, wait, wait.
"Not the mission"?

That's coming from the soldier
who went after chasing Laoshu.

You're not even on the team,

That is a technicality.

We do not leave a man behind.

Coltrane left you behind
when you snatched by Anjali.

We also have Russian military
inbound to pick up these keys.

It's still a joint-op.

All right, so we piss off
a few Russians.

That's a Tuesday in my book.

No offense.

No, I actually agree with you.

It is worth the risk.

Yeah, you would say that.

Come on, Mac, zero prep time,
going in blind...

I wasn't actually looking
for your opinion.

I'm team leader, it's my call.

We're getting the boss back,
whatever it takes.

♪ I can't see
where you coming from ♪

♪ But I know just what
you runnin' from ♪

♪ And what matters
ain't the "who's baddest" ♪

♪ But the ones who stop you
falling from your ladder ♪

♪ Come on, feelin' like
you're feelin' now ♪

♪ And doin' things
just to please your crowd ♪

♪ When I love you like the way
I love you ♪

♪ And I suffer,
but I ain't gonna cut you ♪

♪ 'Cause this ain't no place
for no hero ♪

♪ This ain't no place
for no better man ♪

♪ This ain't no place
for no hero to call home ♪

♪ Hey, yeah, son ♪

♪ This ain't no place
for no hero ♪

♪ This ain't no place
for no better man ♪

♪ This ain't no place
for no hero ♪

♪ To call home ♪

You are a Lieutenant General.

You did not come here
to read me my charges.

No, I came here to k*ll you.

A new identity.

A new beginning.

"Pavel Kuragin."

We need a blunt instrument
to wake Russia up again.

You will be seconded
to Alpha Group,

but answerable only to me.

A covert agent
with your own agenda.

Welcome to Kingfisher, soldier.

Pavel Kuragin.

Katrina Zarkova.

Did you f*ck her?

If you did, it means nothing.

Directorate A training:

forge an emotional
or sexual bond with the asset.

No emotion.

You know, I have a theory
about people like you.

Of course you do.

Strip away all the ideology,
the justifications...

you're just trying
to impress someone.

An absent father,
an unkind mother,


a lover.

Confirm overwatch.

We have multiple entrances
and exits...

multiple levels.

And we got civilians everywhere.

Copy that.
Stay sharp, everybody.

Novin, you in position?

Eyes on.

Got exterior overview,
but whatever happens

in the inside,
we'll be in the blind.

I have eyes on Pavel.
Mac, he's at your 12:00.

Ah, my favorite Russian.
Where's Coltrane?

Have Katrina show me
the package.

- Bravo three.
- Bad idea.

It's okay, I've got this.

Yeah, until we find out
you've been

working for Pavel
the whole time.

- Thanks.
- Just running scenarios.

Which seem to involve me
betraying everybody.


Eyes on Zero Alpha.

What are these launch keys for?

Why they so important?

You always wanted answers.


You know this really
should have been you and me.

Possible tangos
converging on the lo...

Tangos, surrounded.
It's a setup.



Heading for exfil.

Moving for pick-up.

Back, back, back.

Road closed.
Having to go around.

Boss, you okay?
I think Novin sh*t you.

I explicitly told you no deals!

Can we talk about this later?

Wyatt's going after Kuragin.

Well, get after him, then.
Suppressing f*re. Move.


Yeah, I've been waiting
for this day,

ever since you put
a f*cking b*llet in me.

320 Providence Avenue,
South Carolina, yes?


What did you say?

It's a nice house, Sam.
It's a very nice life.

But if you let me walk,

I promise no harm
will come to your wife.

You lay a f*cking finger
on her...

You pull that trigger
and it's over.

This is your only chance.


Comms, back online.

He said he was going
after Madison.

All right.
He says a lot of things.

All call signs, package secured.

Are you at the RV?

No, I left the mobile crib.

Those were not your orders.

It felt like closing down
their exfil was worth the risk.

Remember, Sam,
I gave you a chance.

Corporal, did you agree
with Sergeant McAllister's

decision to proceed
with the exchange?

No, sir, I was against it.
I'm sorry.

The mission was more important.

And I'm also sorry
for the whole, you know,

sh**ting you in
the shoulder thing.

Don't be.

Consider yourself promoted
to Team Leader

and acting Sergeant,
effective immediately.

Whoa, hang on.

We got Pavel and the keys.

You went in unprepared.

You took a huge risk
which could have

had catastrophic consequences.

We also saved your life.

While disobeying a direct order.

You're very lucky
you're still here.

might need some Russian.

These may be
delicate negotiations.

Thanks a lot, dickhead.

Yeah, Madison, it's me again.

Listen, just give me a call
straight back

when you get this, all right?

It's important.

Can you believe
he just made Novin team leader?



It's quite funny
if you think about it.

I mean, she sh**t him
and gets a promotion.

Or not funny at all.


So is this it, mission complete?

Let's not crack open
the beers just yet.

We still don't know what
the launch keys are for.

We have the package.
We have Kuragin.

I'd say this was
successful proof

that East and West can work
together when necessary.

Captain Zarkova, does
she finally get to return home?

To face
disciplinary procedures, yes.

In Malaysia
she disobeyed a direct order

from Colonel Beshnov,

displaying a contempt
for command;

which continues to this day,

neglecting to file reports
and comminuqués.

Because she was risking her life

to clean up your shit, sir.


How many other projects similar
to Kingfisher were there?


So, Petrenko and Orlov,
they went

from loyal deep cover agents

suddenly to working
with Kuragin?

What are you suggesting?

Maybe Kingfisher blew up
in your face,

so you shut down all similar
ops and agents.

And they're all so pissed
at Russia

that Pavel's gone and got
his own little Dirty Dozen.

We need to know
about that satellite,

why those keys are so important.

You don't need anything.

Pavel and the keys are already
en route to the airfield

for extraction to Russia...
No, no, no.

This was not our agreement.

Neither was all these questions.

We appreciate your help,
but now the accord is over.

If your team come anywhere
near the extraction,

they'll be treated as hostiles.

Already tracking
the convoy, boss.

Two clicks behind
and catching up.

Don't let them spot you,

but stay on them
all the way to the airfield.

There are at least two other
rogue operatives out there.

We cannot let them get
their hands on

either Pavel or the keys.

Copy that.

This is Maddy.
Leave a message.

Son of a bitch.

I still can't get through
to Madison.

Can't you send her a message
on social media or something?

I'm not on social f*cking media.

I have a telephone.

- How far to the airfield?
- 15 clicks.

Convoy 500 meters ahead.

Maintain distance.


Convoy under att*ck from a UAV.

Move, move, move!

We're heading in!


Hold on!

Come on, come on.

Come on, let's go!



They've got Pavel,
and they have the launch keys.

Repeat: the launch keys
have been taken.

What's Russia saying
about all this?

They're stonewalling us.

And Zarkova?

She'd have had her comms
confiscated by the General,

so no luck there either.

Our launch keys are physical.
You have to slot them in.

So wherever the m*ssile are,

that's where Pavel
will be going.

Russia's got to know
where he's headed.

I mean, they could be sending
out a quick response team,

snuff him out.

Except all intelligence whispers

suggest that isn't happening.
There's nothing.

- That's kind of weird, right?
- Very weird.

Well, if Russia won't
talk to us,

we're go and talk to them.

Me and the boss,
hit up the base.

They're not just gonna
let you in.

I wasn't planning on knocking.

We're talking about
an act of aggression

against a foreign power.

- Yeah.
- Right, just so we're clear.

Rest of you,
get me any lead you can

on Pavel, his PMCs, anything.

We're running out of time here.

So easy to gather an army.

Men willing to die
as long as the price is right.

The wonders of capitalism.

Artem wasn't in it
for the money.

Artem would have lost his nerve.

And how is your nerve?


Tomorrow, thousands of people
will die because of us.

We are making sure
Russia never again

has to beg before the West,
and there is a cost to that,

for all of us.

And how about the American?

He has nothing to do
with Russia.


But Sergeant Wyatt...

Deserves everything
that's coming to him.

This is Maddy.
Leave a message.

Maybe Pavel was bluffing.

You go home now,
Madison will never know.

I can't go home.

Why not?

I don't fit.

I don't fit anywhere.

I was, uh, I was in
the middle of a supermarket,

and I was more terrified there

than I've ever been
in any warzone.

Maybe that's because
you're a shit soldier.

You just got demoted.

No, not a demotion,
it was an ad-hoc position.

- That you got demoted from.
- But you're unemployed.

No-no, I'm a private contractor

who just happens to be
between jobs.

Ah, command's overrated anyway.


Better hours, better pay,

less people trying to sh**t you.

What was I thinking?


Jesus, Sam.

I didn't charge my phone
for one night

and you blow the damn thing up.

I got, like, 40 missed calls.

Honey, just listen to me,

I need you to get
out of the house.

What are you talking about?

Look, I... I lied to you.

I'm sorry.
I'm back at work.

Like, work, work.

And I'm sorry, but I just need
you to get out now.

Well, where... what?

Just wait, there's...
there's someone...

there's someone at the door.

Maddy, don't.
Don't... just listen to me.

They're trying to get in.

Bedroom, now.

Okay, I'm in.
Then go to the closet.

What is this?
Who are they?

Maddy, please, quickly.

Back of the closet,
there's a false panel.

Slide it open.

What the hell?
Do you see the w*apon?

I see them.

Okay, grab the one
on the left, on the wall.

That's a machine p*stol.

Directly below it is a magazine.

You slide the magazine
into the base of the w*apon

until you hear it click.

Now take the safety off.

Now grab the top of the w*apon
and you slide it back hard.

Slow down, Sam.

It's not going in,
it's not going in.

Shit, shit, shit.
Maddy, breathe.

You got this.

I think he's coming up
the stairs.

Come on, come on, come on.

It's okay, just listen to me.

- Okay.
- Maddy, slide the safety off.

It's on the left-hand side,
you push the switch forward.

You pull the top,
you pull it back hard,

and then you just aim
and squeeze the trigger.



Maddy, please say something.

You know how I feel
about g*n in the house.

Just listen to me, please.

No, I'm getting out of here.

- Maddy, please.
- No!

f*ck you!
f*ck you, Sam!

- It's not your fault.
- Bullshit.

I nearly got her k*lled,
that was on me.

Two whiskies, please.

Lagavulin, if you have it.

Or Laphroaig.
I'm not fussy.

So, do you wanna tell me
what we're doing here?

Well, you wanted to get
to the Russian base,

this is how we do it.

What, by hanging out
and drinking scotch in a bar?

Well it's not just a bar, boss.

It's the nearest one
to the base.


Just got to find an officer
with security clearance.


And how do you propose to spot
one of those off duty?

Easy, they're always
the ones drinking alone.

Don't be so judgmental.
That'll be you one day.

Drinking alone?

An officer.


No, thank you,
and while we're at it,

can I please get
a f*cking demotion?

A demotion?

If you're not careful,
I'll promote you again.

Oh, piss off.

I didn't ask to be Sergeant.

I didn't even wanna be Corporal.

I'm not Mac.

I don't want
more responsibility.

You're training Chetri.

That was a mistake.

She does whatever she wants
in the field.

Oh, imagine that.

I'm just saying,
I didn't join up for that shit.

No? So what shit
did you join up for?

Just had to get out, mate.

You know, small town,
small future.

No, I don't buy it.

You put on this act like
you've just stumbled in

from the outback,
but you're supremely skilled,

you speak numerous languages,
you have principles

and the judgment to know
when to apply them.

I don't care if you are a bogan.

You've come this far,
why not see how far you can go?

Boss, I'm exactly where
I wanna be.

And besides, I don't think
I should be taking life advice

from the guy screwing
the Russian agent.


You know, it's okay to get
close to somebody in this job.

Especially if they're a tall
blonde with a rocking body.

When it came to it,
you would risk the mission

to save her life.
My ass.

Because that's the kind
of soldier that you are.

I didn't risk the mission
to save yours.

No, because you knew
McAllister would.

It was the perfect out.

Back on the clock.
Officer at 2:00.

Isolate the target.
Move him out quietly.

Yeah, think I've got
a quicker way.

Oh, and that outback thing,

it's definitely not an act,

You'll be all right.

Oh, for God's sake.

You've got to be kidding me.

Come on.
Queensberry rules, hmm?

This will never work.

Well, we got passed checkpoint,

it's already working.

You're doing great, mate.

Zero Alpha, I finished
checking all the calls

that went out during
the convoy hit.

Traced one that went out
to the PMCs.


It came from the Russian base.

Someone on the inside
is working with Pavel.

w*apon down.

We know about the call
that came from the base.

And we know you're working
with Pavel.

How stupid are you?

Excuse me?

It's not me, it's him.

Four months we've been chasing
Pavel, always losing his trail

like somebody was warning him,
until I stopped reporting in.

And then we get Pavel
and we get the keys.



The f*cking indignities
I endure.

I should have had an army
to hunt Kuragin down.

Instead, I have to beg you,
the f*cking West, to help.

It's ironic.

That's when I realized
maybe Pavel is right.

Russia has lost her way.

What are the m*ssile
launch keys for?

Facility Aleski, an old
Soviet base in Azerbaijan.

There's a stockpile
of the VX m*ssile.


No, no, no, no.

Russia destroyed
its chemical w*apon,

40,000 tons, 1997 Chemical
w*apon Convention...

Maybe someone lied.

Maybe someone got nervous,
hid the keys

where no one would think
of looking.

Well, how did Pavel know?

I told him.

We need everything you have
on that facility.

Do it now.

You're insane.

If a Russian agent launched

a Russian chemical w*apon
at the West...

The world would know we lied.

Britain, America would have
no choice

but to go to w*r with Russia,

no choice but to finally
fight back.

History has different eyes.

Maybe she will one day judge
Pavel a hero, what do you know.

Waking the Russian bear.


Holy shit, boss.

Get the intel.

Bravos, we need wings,
we need equipment,

and we need to move... Azerbaijan.

And g*n.

I got a feeling we're gonna
need a lot of f*cking g*n.

Facility Aleksi, it was an '80s

Soviet expansion project,

back when Azerbaijan
was part of the USSR.

Designed to be
a military center,

the main complex was
never completed.

The subterranean level
was fully functional, however,

encompassing launch silos
and chemical labs

for the development
and manufacture

of a wide range
of chemical w*apon.

And according to
classified Russian intel,

several VX chemical warheads
were completed and stored.

Categorized as a w*apon
of mass destruction,

smallest dose can be lethal.

Heart failure, suffocation,
all kinds of fun.

And if those m*ssile are
targeted towards urban areas,

I don't need to tell you
what kind of

death toll we're talking about.

What kind of resistance
are we up against?

Satellite images showed
multiple activity,

it's most likely PMCs.

Remember the mission
is the m*ssile.

But if you do happen
to lay eyes on Mr. Kuragin,

please give him the good news.

Everything above ground
is derelict and unsecured,

but the underground silo
is tightly locked down.

McAllister and Wyatt,

you'll need to head down there

in order to patch Zero
into the hub,

so she can unlock
the silo doors,

giving the rest of us access
to the control room.

In position.

Bravos one and four go.

Moving to stairwell doors.

The moment McAllister
and Wyatt give you access,

get them open.


Oi, don't die.

Let's move.
Heading to chemical storage.

Zero, standby.


Tango down,
definite PMC presence.

Jesus, there's enough
chemicals in here

to wipe out a city.

Wyatt, here.

Bypassing security lockdown.

Patching in.

Stairwell doors opening now.

Moving down to central control.

The security in chemical
storage not responding.

I'll get men to check
and alert the others.

No, you will go with them.

What happened to working
with you and not for you?

Zero, hooking you
into the main network.

I have eyes on their systems.

Three m*ssile refueling,
currently at 90%.

Bravos one and four,
working on your doors.

They're opening already.

That's not me.

Engaging Tangos, all call signs.

Watch your backs!


Gas, gas, gas!



Cheers mate.

All units be advised:

m*ssile refueling complete.

We're pinned,
priming room blocked.

Bravos two and three,
I'll draw their f*re.

You circle round
to the control room.

Zarkova left, Novin right.

What if they overrun you?


All units,
launch sequence started.

Target locations:
Paris, Berlin, London.

Bravos one and four,
get up here now!

Zero, the door's sealed.

I thought they were supposed
to be open now.

Secondary protocol,
the sector's locking down

due to the chemical leak.

I say we go back
the way we came.

Roger that.


One way to find out.

Four minutes to launch.
Trying to disable.

Cancel countdown.

You need the override code.

I wouldn't pull the trigger
if I were you.

You know, I sort of miss Pavel.

I know he wasn't real,
but he wasn't this.

Do you want to know
my real name?

I already know.

You're Denis Brusilov.

In and out of foster homes

with his older brother,

You think that's what
all this is about?

I've read Pokrovsky's files.

They knew what
it would mean to you

to be singled out, to be chosen.

The blunt instrument
that would not stop,

that's all you were to them.

But you are sick.

He should have left you alone.

At least they chose me.



We need the disarm code!

- Target Alpha down.
Repeat: Target Alpha down!

Kuragin's d*ad?
Who got him?


You have her put
an extra round in him for me.

He had the disarm code!

2:50 to launch.
Zero, can you override?

Negative. They're locked in.

What if we blow the facility?

Two directional charges,
one on each refueling t*nk.

Liquid oxygen meets
refined kerosene.

That makes one hell of a boom.

All right.
You clear a path out.

Boss, we can't let you do that.

You're not letting me.
It's an order.

Now go.

Bravo two,
you have the other charge?

Meet me at
the refueling station.

Zarkova's been hit.

If I leave her...

This is the mission.
You have your orders.

It's okay, go.


You won't make it.

I'm a d*ad weight.

I'd leave you.



Exit's clear.

Headed to the exfil
and we'll standby.

Over here.

Set the timer for 60 seconds.

I guess you're wrong
about me risking the mission

to save someone, boss.


On my mark, three...

two... one... mark.


Go, go.

Zero, what's happening?

Facility's gone
into emergency lockdown.

The chemical leak
must have spread.

Zero, we need an exit.

Trying to trick the system

into thinking the leak
is cleared.

No, no, no, no, no.

Zero, we are trapped.

Come on.

Lockdown bypassed,
opening doors.

- Move!
- Go, go, go!

Are we d*ad?

Death wouldn't be this painful.

All call signs, this is Zero;

m*ssile confirmed destroyed.

Bravo three, come in.


Come in, Bravo Three.


Don't move.

We've got you s*ab
best we can.

You're gonna make it.

That would count as moving.

- Where's Novin?
- Don't worry.

Mission complete,
we all get to go home.

If that's what you want to do.

I don't know if they think

I'm a good soldier or a traitor,

but maybe it's time to find out.

Hell, I'll swap places
with you, if you'd like.

'Cause I go home,
I'm a d*ad man.

I'm gonna have to say no,
thank you.


That what you doing, going home?

Yeah, I think I need to give
Madison a chance

to kick my ass in person.

Hospital's prepped
for our arrival.


You're a civilian,
I out-rank you now.

That is disgusting.

Stick with it.

Boss, you wanna say
a few words for the road?

Could have been worse.
Let's go.

- This guy's something else.
- Shades of Churchill, sir.

Kid, I'm driving.

Lance Corporal Novin
has the wheel.

Lance Corporal?

You've earned it,

I don't get it.

Did short stuff just
get demoted?

Don't ruin this for me,

And stop calling me short stuff.

Go on, get in.

♪ I can't see
where you coming from ♪

♪ But I know just what
you runnin' from ♪

♪ And what matters
ain't the "who's baddest" ♪

♪ But the ones who stop you
falling from your ladder ♪

♪ 'Cause this ain't no place
for no hero ♪

♪ This ain't no place
for no better man ♪

♪ This ain't no place
for no hero to call home ♪
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