01x36 - A World of His Own

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Twilight Zone". Aired: October 1959 to June 1964.
Collection of fantasy and suspenseful stories.
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01x36 - A World of His Own

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[eerie music]

(male narrator)
You're about to enter
Another dimension

A dimension not only
Of sight and sound,
But of mind

A journey into
A wondrous land
Of imagination.

Next stop,
The twilight zone.

(male narrator)
The home of
Mr. Gregory West--

One of America's
Most noted playwrights.

The office
Of Mr. Gregory West.

Mr. Gregory West--

Shy, quiet, and
At the moment, very happy.

Mary-- warm, affectionate.

You really should
Be working, you know.

You're nagging me.

I'm only thinking
Of posterity.

Think of me instead.

Don't I always?

Yes, you do.

Dry enough?

We'll let
The master decide.

Perfect, as always.

Are you describing
Yourself, Mr. West?

Let the
Mistress decide.

She's decided.

And the final ingredient:

Mrs. Gregory West.

[front door opening]

[door closing]

(Mrs. West)

[glass breaks]


Greg, not again.

I have to.

Gregory, I'm
Home, darling.

No, Greg.

What else
Can I do?

Are you working?

Are you
So afraid?


I hope I'm not
Interrupting you.

Darling, I'll
Only be a moment.

I just want to
Come in and--
Kiss you.

Well, I didn't
Expect you--
[clears throat]

What's the
Matter, dear?

Something wrong?

How come you're home
So early, dear?

Didn't you like
The movie?

No. Not very much.

I just decided
I'd come home early.

Have you, uh,
Been busy?

Oh, yes, yes, I got
Quite a bit done.

Did you?

Oh, I see you
Dropped a glass.

Oh, yes.

You looking for
Something, dear?

Oh, no. I
Just thought
I'd see

If your room needed
To be cleaned.

I don't think so.

What are
You doing, dear?

Honey, what
Are you doing?


Oh, I, uh...

Checking the wall.


What's that?


My scissors.



You wouldn't
By any chance

Have a secret door
In here, would you?

A secret door?

That's what I said,
Darling, secret door.

Now, what on earth
Would I want

With a secret door
In here?

Yes. Whatever
On earth for?


Are you all
Right, Victoria?

Hmm? Oh, well,
I don't know.

I'm not too sure.


I think I
May be suffering
From hallucinations.

Oh, you poor dear.

It's the strangest thing

But I was just standing
Outside this window

Only a moment ago
Right here.

You were?

Yes, I was.

And you'll never guess

What I saw through
That window--

Or at least you'll
Never guess what I
Thought I saw.

I couldn't
Possibly guess.

I thought I
Saw a woman
In your arms.

Did you?

Yes. Isn't that just
Too ridiculous?

Yes, yes, it is.

Oh, well, listen--

Wouldn't you like to have
Me describe her to you?


Oh, let me, let me.

She had masses
Of blonde hair

And she wore one of those
Frumpy little blouses

With a tacky little
Brooch at the bosom

And one
Of those dreadful
Peasant skirts.

But the funny thing was
That she handed
You a drink.

[both iaughing]

Oh, such detail. It's
Quite remarkable.

Yes. Isn't it?

Of course,
If I'd thought about it

I would have realized
How ridiculous it was.

I would have realized

If I had thought
About it for a minute

That a man of your
Extraordinary taste

Couldn't possibly
Be interested

In such a drab
Ugly little creature.

Oh, she's not
So drab.


Didn't think I'd be home
So early, did you?

Didn't think I'd be home
The whole afternoon, did you?

Thought you had me
Fooled, didn't you?

Let me tell
You something,

I've had my eye on you
For some time now.

Didn't think I suspected
The real reason

For why you were always
Sending me out of
The house,

Did you?

"I must be alone
To work,"
You said,

The great and
Famous playwright,

The great and
Famous philanderer!

Now, Victoria,
It's so simple.

Where is she?

I can explain

Do you remember my play,
"Fury in the Night"?

Oh, yes.

Dear, do you
Remember it?

You remember
The character
Philip Wainwright?

Gregory, just
Tell me one thing.

What's her name?


What's her name?

Mary! But
That doesn't--

"Mary!" how common.

Please, Victoria--

Just sit down here
And let me explain.

I'm listening.

You know how sometimes
I've told you

That fictional characters
Come alive so vividly

They make decisions
Of their own?

A playwright may
Have worked out

Some kind
Of move for them

But they
Refuse to do it.

They will
Not accept anybody's--
They become so strong

That sometimes they take
Over the whole story!

I hardly
See that this
Has anything...

Please bear
With me, Victoria.

I've borne with
You for years.

Philip Wainwright
Was the first one of
My play characters

To ever behave like that.

No matter what I had
Planned for him,

He balked, he refused.

He wouldn't accept
Any of my decisions.

He became alive--
With a will of his own!

Do you understand?

I understand that
You are trying to
Change the subject.

I'm not!

This is the subject.

Philip Wainwright
Became alive!

One night,
While I was
Working here--

Right up here
In my office--

Philip Wainwright
Walked in through
That door.

Oh, Greg,
Now, really.

Victoria, you've
Got to believe me!

He walked in right
Through that door.

He came in here,
And he sat down

In that chair...


A real flesh
And blood man!

And I created him.

Oh, my.

What are you doing?

I am afraid
That psychiatry is
Next on the agenda.

You've got to believe
Me, Victoria.

Characters in my plays
Do come alive.

I've seen them,
Talked to them.

I've even
Shaken hands
With them.

You even made love
To them, remember?

Yes... I mean no!

Look, you know how I work.

I dictate dialog
And stage business

Into the tape recorder.

I describe
Any character I want

And if I do it well enough,
They come to life--

To life, Victoria.

And I don't even
Have to describe
The characters

In my plays anymore.

I can describe
Any character I want!

You should be
Put away.

Now, you said that you
Saw Mary here, right?

Oh, I saw
Her here,
All right.

Then how did
She get out?

That's what
I'm trying
To find out.

She could
Not have gone out
Through the window.

You know there are no
Secret doors in here.

But I'm going to show you
How she got out of here

Because I want you
To understand.

I take my scissors,

I snip
Off the part
Of the tape

On which
She is described,

I roll the tape
Into a little ball,

I throw it
Into the fireplace,

She's gone!


I'm going to
Have you committed.

You've got
To believe me.

What do you think
You're doing?

Now, just a minute.

I'm trying to save
Our marriage.

Don't waste your time.

I could describe a
Dog or a cat or any
Character you want

But I'm sure you would
Prefer to see Mary

And I've created Mary
So many times,

That she'll be
Much more available.

I'll just bet she is.

Give me the key, Gregory.

Her name--is Mary.

She's years old...

Five feet
Six inches tall,

Nicely built,

Blond hair,

Fair complexion,

A simple,
Unassuming female,

But with that quality
Of inner loveliness

That brings real
Beauty to a woman.

A tender,
Gentle woman...

An understanding woman.

She's dressed
In a soft blouse...

Old-fashioned brooch...

Full skirt.

Her hair...

Is attractively arranged.

She's coming up
The front walk.

She's crossing
The porch.

She's opening
The front door.

[front door opening]

She's closing it.

[door closing]

She's walking
Across the hall...

[footsteps approaching]

Good afternoon,
Mrs. West.

There's nothing to be
Afraid of, Mrs. West.

Do you believe me
Now, Victoria?

I'll tell you
What I believe.

I believe this is some
Sort of fiendish plot.

You let her out of here
Through a secret door,

Then you tell me
This ridiculous story

About bringing
Characters to life.

Then you lock the door

And pretend
To bring her
Back to life.

Then she comes
In the front door

And tri es to make
Me believe that--

You're trying
To drive me insane.

You want to have
Me committed.

You were going to
Have me committed.

You want
To have me committed

So that you can get
All of our property

So that you can share
Our property with...

I just wanted
To show you.

Is that why
You brought me--
Just to show her?

Now, please try to
Understand, Mary.

After all,
Victoria is
My wife.

Not any longer,
I'm not.

Not after this
Diabolic conspiracy.

Can't I do
Anything right?


You haven't
Answered me, Greg.

You don't really
Believe that I
Want to have--


Here we go again.

You let me out of here,
You monster.

Gregory West,
You let me
Out of here

Or I'm going
To scream.

I promise you,
I'm going to scream.

What for?


Why do
You do this
To me, Greg?

Oh, I'm sorry,
Mary, but...

What else
Can I do?

I just got
Here, Greg.

What else
Can I do?

That's all you ever say.

You wouldn't
Believe me, huh?

You just got
To make me
Show you, huh?

You've got to make
Me force poor Mary
To leave again.


Sometimes I wonder.

Don't bring me
Back again.

Now, Mary...

Just... Don't.

I can't bear
It any longer.


Forgive me, Mary

But she is my wife.

Where is she?

I told you.

Wh-where is she?

You still don't
Believe me, huh?

Gregory, where did she go?

I told you!


Uncreated her.

Oh, dear.

Now, don't
You worry.

We won't let it
Happen anymore.

I promise you,
I won't do it again.

The only reason I
Did it the first time

Was that, well,
I was lonely.

Don't you see,

You're so perfect

You're so impeccable,
You're so flawless, and...

Well, I just
Felt inferior.

I wouldn't have
Created Mary.

I didn't create her
To insult you.

I was lonely,
That was all.

I wanted somebody
To talk to.


Someone that I'd
Feel comfortable with.

Not like a worm.

Well, you understand,
Don't you?

Oh, yes, I understand.

Oh, fine.

We'll work it out.
We'll work it
Out somehow.

It's just that I,
I feel so inadequate

Compared with you.

Of course,
That's really my fault.

I guess I should have...

Now, don't try
To stop me, Gregory.

Where are you going?

I'm going
To the nearest lawyer

And I'm going
To have you put away

For the rest
Of your unnatural life--

Away from tape recorders
And from me.

I'm going to
Live all by myself

In perfect peace and harmony
In this house

Free of your
Diseased mind.

No, Victoria!

Yes, Victoria.

A giant red-eyed elephant
Is standing in my hallway,

And will not
Let her pass.

Oh, don't
Be ridiculous.


Gregory, would
You please

Get that elephant
Out of my hall.

Will you stay?


[elephant crying out]

You are stark staring
Raving mad.

You shouldn't say
Those kind of things.

Then you'll stay, hm?

You don't seriously think

You're going
To keep me

In this house
Now, do you?

You want me
To do it again?


No, no, I--I, uh,

I'll stay here
For the moment.

But believe me, the
First opportunity
I get,

I'm going to
Have you put away.

Believe me.

I believe you.

Well, I guess
There's nothing
Else to do.

How long has
That been there?

Oh, ever since
You and I were,
Uh... Married.

What is that?

What is this
Supposed to mean?

Now, Victoria, shall
I put this back
In the safe

Or shall I throw
It in the f*re?

Gregory, you're not
Seriously trying to
Make me believe--

I am telling
You, Victoria.

Look at yourself.

Regal, beautiful.

You could have any
Man in the world
That you wanted.

Haven't you
Ever wondered

How you happened
To get stuck with me?

Well, I'm
Telling you.

You're an
Impeccable, flawless--

You're just
The sort of
Wife that--

I always used to
Think I wanted

More than
Anything else
In the world.

Is this another one
Of your tawdry
Little tricks?

Now, why do you think
I got so upset

When you
Came back here
A while ago?

Not because of Mary,
But because you
Came back

Against my will
For the first time.

For the first time.

Do you think
You're frightening me?

No, I guess not.

You're beyond that.

I made you
Too strong.

I forgot to
Add a little--
Human frailty.

Well, I asked for it.

I'll put this
Back in the safe.

I've got...


Would you like to know

What I think of your
Childish nonsense, hmm?



Oh, Greg...

Greg, I feel
So strange. I--

You, you don't mean that
You were telling me
The truth?

You were right.


Now, I told her,
I told her.

She just
Wouldn't listen to me.

Her name...

Her name is
Mrs. Victoria West.


Why not leave
Well enough alone?

Her name...

Is Mary.

Mrs. Mary West.

She's ...

Five feet, six inches tall...

Blonde hair...

Nicely built...

Clear complexion.

She's... A plain,
Unassuming female

With that inner quality
Of loveliness

That makes a woman
Truly beautiful.

She is dressed
In a soft, pink blouse

Old-fashioned brooch,
Flowing skirt.

Her hair
Is attractively arranged.

She is in her
Husband's study

Preparing him a drink.

(male narrator)
We hope you enjoyed
Tonight's romantic story

On the twilight zone.

At the same time,
We want you to realize

That it was, of course,
Purely fictional.

In real life, such
Ridiculous nonsense
Could never--


[clucking tongue]

You shouldn't.

I mean, you shouldn't
Say such things as

"Nonsense" and "Ridiculous."

Well, that's the
Way it goes.

(male narrator)
Leaving Mr. Gregory West--

Still shy, quiet, very happy

And, apparently,
In complete control

Of the twilight zone.

[eerie music]

Kimberley Clark
Invites you

To watch
Steve McQueen

In "Wanted d*ad
Or Alive."

Saturday nights
Over most of these
Same stations.
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