02x10 - Suite Revenge

Episode transcripts for the 2017 TV show "The Arrangement". Premiered March 5.
"The Arrangement" revolves around a TV actress who is offered a $10 million marriage contract with Hollywood's biggest star.
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02x10 - Suite Revenge

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Previously on, The Arrangement...

This role will elevate you,

but we have to fight for it.

June, your story needs to be told by women.

I hope you make a strong bid.

I'm introducing something new.

It's called Vita, it's
IHM's life extension program.

Aaron! Julie!

Aaron and Julie are gone.

Shit, Terence.

I swear to you, I didn't tell him anything.

That is so pathetic that
I would actually think

that you would choose me over him.

We're getting married tomorrow!

We're gonna have to figure
out what to do about her.

What did you have in mind?

I think we're gonna need
a more permanent solution.

It's over. Terence has them.

What? No, Kyle wouldn't let that happen.

Yeah, who knows what Kyle would do.

Where are you right now?



♪ I don't know what road we're on ♪

♪ I don't know what we're heading towards ♪

♪ But I know ♪


♪ My heart is all yours ♪


♪ All my friends tell me
I'd be better off... ♪

Listen, last night,

whatever it was for you... An escape, or...

It's fine with me.

And you don't wanna talk
about what's going on...

I get that too.

I just wanna know you're okay.

I was hoping I'd wake
up to a different life.


Something simpler.

You know, I got this
Midwest tour coming up.

Life is simpler out there, slower.

Any chance you're leaving for that tour

in the next eight hours?


What happens in eight hours?

The wedding. [SIGHS]

Your wedding, Megan?

Look, it's a long story.

You gotta tell me what's going on.

Did Kyle do something to you?
Because that's unacceptable.

No, he... he didn't do
anything to me directly,

but the whole thing is just

a nightmare.

And there's nothing I could do about it.



I have to go.

Go where? Back?

I don't have a choice.

You always have a choice.



There she is.

Okay, stay close where I can see you.

Stay alert.



A public place, a friend.

And my own protection,

in case someone thinks they're
gonna put a bag over my head.

I'm here to help you...

Really help,

before you screw this whole thing up

more than you already have.

Forget it.


Oh, my God, Xavier Hughes.

Holy shit, I love you so much!

- Can we take a picture?
- Uh, yeah.

You have no power.

You lost it when you lost Aaron and Julie,

and that's a problem
because Terence is furious.

Did he k*ll them?

I don't know what he's done.

He doesn't tell you, or you don't ask?

They're gone, one way or the other.

I wanna make sure the same
thing doesn't happen to you.

I don't know why I should trust you.

Megan, you have nowhere to run.

Kyle can't protect you, you know this,

otherwise you wouldn't have come here.

What's your point, that I'm desperate?

That's not an answer that helps me.

Did you ever ask yourself
how a nobody-waitress

got an audition to be in
a movie with Kyle West?

Leslie got it for me.

No. I did.

I arranged everything.

I bet the future on you, Megan,

and I am not willing to lose.



Please stop pacing.

[SIGHS] What?

It's wasted energy. It
accomplishes nothing.

What are you accomplishing right now?

I have faith in DeAnn.

[SIGHS] You know, we were gonna convince

Aaron and Julie not to go public?

You didn't have to take them,

and Megan would be here right now.

How'd you find them?

I'm not gonna trust you with
information about the Woolths.

You understand why.

And you understand that
I had to make a choice.

There were circumstances.

I wasn't trying to betray you.

I know. The only person you
betrayed the other night was you.


Better and lesser selves, my friend.

When you chose Megan, you chose the lesser.

The lesser? Are you kidding me right now?

Kyle, she took off the
night before your wedding.

How does it not occur to you

that maybe you made the wrong choice?

Because I know who she really is.

No, I don't think you do.

You want proof that you're worthy of love,

and you are.

You don't need her. You don't need anybody.

She's here.

Where? I wanna see her.

No, no, no, that would be bad luck.

Go get yourself dressed.

You'll see her when she
walks down the aisle.

How is she?

You're getting married today.



Thanks for the talk, bud.

[SIGHS] What kind of shape is she in?

She's in one piece.

I did a lot of... cajoling.

But she bought it?

She's here.

She was with Xavier Hughes.

Jesus Christ.

What does he know?

According to her, nothing important.

Oh, well, we should definitely
take her word for it.

I just wanna get through this.

Terence, I get that you're angry.

I'm angry too.

But you need to do more than
just get through this wedding.

You need to make it great.



We're here to tell a love story.

A story of two souls,

neither with families of their own,

who roam the Earth in search of something

they could not name, nor describe.

They'd never actually seen it,

but each knew it was there, somewhere,

waiting for them.

They both suffered and lost hope,

but grew stronger with each setback

until both were so strong

they could not help but see each other.

And finally,

that unknown thing they
had both been searching for

was staring back at them...


truth, home,

family, consciousness.

As Kyle and Megan start their family today,

we are blessed to have
them at the core of ours,

because their love story
inspires us to strive

for something greater than ourselves...

Something higher.


These rings

are a symbol of your discovery,

and a reminder that your
quest for fulfillment

does not end here today,
but continues together.


do you pledge yourself
to Megan as her husband?

Do you pledge to support
her unconditionally,

to love her without restraint,

through joy and pain,

good fortune and adversity,

for the rest of your life?

I do.


do you pledge yourself to Kyle as his wife?

Do you pledge to support
him unconditionally,

to love him without restraint,

in joy and in pain,

good fortune and adversity,

for the rest of your life?

I do.


As we all stand here today,

witness to this moment,

bound together,

I pronounce you husband and wife.

You may kiss.


Ladies and gentlemen,

please welcome Kyle
West and Megan Morrison.



♪ This isn't sometimes ♪

♪ This is always ♪

♪ This isn't maybe ♪

♪ This is always... ♪

I'm glad you're here.

Me too.

We're gonna have an amazing life together.

I love you.

I love you too.

♪ The real beginning of ♪

♪ Forever ♪


♪ This isn't just ♪

♪ Midsummer madness ♪

♪ With every kiss I know ♪

♪ That this is always ♪


I just wanna say that, um,

I know that we have a lot to work through,

but the fact that you came back

and you wanna do this with me,

it really means a lot.



I came back for the wedding.

I didn't come back for our relationship.



What are you doing?

Megan, get back in the car.

You okay?

Just drive.

Don't do this.

I'm sorry for the way I left last night.

I needed time to think, and I... [STAMMERS]

[SIGHS] Oh, God.

This was a lot easier when
I rehearsed it in my head.


I know things are weird now, and

it's not how you or either
of us wanted it to be.

But... but we are married,

and there are certain expectations

that come with that.

Which is why I think we
should go on our honeymoon.

And then, when we come back,
I think we should do "Ellen,"

and keep the narrative going
while we figure out the rest.


No more narratives.

What's this?

It's an agreement.

If you sign it, it releases you

from the contract without blame.

You wanna cut me loose?

I wanna take away your obligation.

I love you,

and I just want us to go
back to the way things were,

and we cannot do that
unless you choose to be here.


I thought we can't get
back to what we were?

We have to accept what we are.

What do you think that is?


Hollywood's favorite couple.

It's when we're at our best, so,

let's just be that,

instead of trying to be this other,

magical thing that doesn't work.

So you want this all to be bullshit?

No, not bullshit, an arrangement.

I get the career boost,

and you get the appearance
of a s*ab personal life.

Isn't that what the
contract was always for?

A fake relationship?

No, no, that's not what it was for.

Megan, we fell in love the day that we met.

We were reading a script.

Megan, it was amazing, you know that.

It was amazing, it was,

and it kept us going for a long time...

But it's... it's just a memory.

It's a... It's a beautiful memory,

but it's not what's actually

standing in front of me.

You were in love with me a week ago.

Please, tell me what happened.

It's not... That's not the point.

No, you know what it is?
You got it in your head

that I gave up Aaron
and Julie and I did not.

And I promise you, I will
find a way to prove it to you.

It doesn't matter anymore, Kyle.

There have been so many lies

over and over from both of us.

Aaron and Julie was just the last one.

I am done with this g*dd*mn experiment.

She runs off the second
the wedding is over.

That's... that's a message.

That's a message she doesn't care,

she can't be controlled.

And she thinks she can
take the money and the fame

that we gave her and ruin us.

And if it's not Aaron and Julie,

it'll be something else.

- You know I'm right.
- Yes, you're right.

We made a plan, and she lied to my face.



This is gonna end now.

What do you wanna do?

I'm not talking about the Facility.


Can't she just disappear like Colton?

Colton was an idiot and a nobody.

Megan is smart and half
the world knows her,

- not to mention...
- Kyle, I know.

That situation would have to be managed.

I don't think that this is
something we can outsource.




Thank you. You too.


Pinot grigio, please.

I think they're wondering why
you're not with your husband.

Did you speak to Kyle?

Yes. Not fun.

Well, he'll get over it, or he won't,

but that's not your problem.

Right. Could we talk business?

The money was wired into
my account this morning.


You just earned yourself

a seat at the table with June Leighton.


I can't wait to meet her.

You should meet with June without me,

keep things focused.

You think so?


She's staying in Beverly
Hills. I'll set it up.



[ECHOING] There have been so many lies.

[ECHOING] What are you hiding?

Tell me the truth. There's so many lies.

I'm trying.

What are you hiding?

It doesn't matter anymore, Kyle.

Tell me the truth.

There have been so many lies
over and over from both of us.

Aaron and Julie was just the last one.

[ECHOING] Just the last one.



Hey, it's Kyle West.

I need to talk.


You ready for this?

I think so.

That's the best we can ask for.

How about you?

I didn't sleep.

Talking about a life, ending it...


Out of options.


Does she suspect anything?


She'll come to the room thinking
she's meeting June Leighton.

I had a PA check Megan
into the hotel last night.

- She brought me the key.
- A PA?

She thinks I'm bringing it to Megan.

No one will question this.

She collapsed in public two months ago.

Her personal life is a mess.

People already assume she's on drugs.

I added this to the narrative.


You leaked this?

More erratic behavior.

It's worth the fallout.




♪ And told you to aim or f*re ♪

♪ You set your heart free ♪

♪ In a moment ♪

♪ I'll escape into your eyes ♪

♪ The truest heart is racing ♪

♪ Oh, horses run away ♪

- Kyle, over here!

♪ And though I wanna tell all ♪

♪ I don't know if I'll sing this to you ♪

♪ The only love to show you ♪

♪ Is tied by horses running by ♪

♪ Although I wanna hear ♪

♪ It's not my time ♪

♪ Ah ♪






She's ready for you.

♪ Oh, horses run away ♪


♪ It's not my time ♪

Kyle's here.



I'm glad you called.



Let's run through this one more time?

Megan enters the hotel
through the VIP entrance.

There are no photographs,

no video footage.

She knocks on the door
to June Leighton's room.

She's surprised to see you.

The plan was for her to meet June by herself.

You tell her the plan's changed,

that June is in the other room.

She follows you inside, and doesn't see me.



Should take about ten seconds.




You create the narrative

while I give her the dose.


We leave.

She's d*ad within the hour,

and housekeeping finds her in the morning.





It's time.


Last chance.

We can still bail out.

What? No.

No, take a deep breath.

Center yourself.

This is happening.



Megan, hi.


It's great to meet you.



What are you doing?



Megan's not coming.

What? Did she text you?

She was never coming.

But I recorded you describing
your plan to m*rder her.

It's all here.

I just sent it to Megan.


I will defend myself.

You're sick and delusional.

Back up.

What is this, DeAnn?

Revenge? For what?

What did I ever do to you?

years, what could possibly justify...

You know what you've done...

What you're capable of.

Megan will not be harmed in any way.

She will not be hurt or followed

or harassed.

No stories will show up
about her d*ad step-brother.

I'm talking about you!

Megan is me!

She is my Kyle,

and she's done being held back.

You never saw her potential.
You tried to stifle it.

I saw her potential for destruction.


and now, we're going to blow Hollywood up.

No more waiting. No more bullshit.

It's our time now.

It is finally our time.


How long have you been planning this?

Since I met her,

since I saw her talent.

It's why I pushed so hard for her.

You're d*ad weight to me.

You have been for a long time.


Six weeks ago, during our interview,

you asked me who I was.

Yes, you said you were a loyal friend,

a caring fiancé,

a good man.

That was a lie.


That version of myself that

I've presented to the world is a lie.

I've been lying and
covering things up for years

in order to sell something
that everybody could love.

But I've realized that

it's impossible to love yourself

when you're lying about who you are.

And you wanna love yourself?

I hope to.

I think that everything really good in life

starts from there.



What's the true story of Kyle West?



Brave move coming here now.

Or reckless.

Always hard to tell with you.

You're not surprised, though.


You did the same thing
with your step-brother.

I wanted to see you.

I wanted to feel what it was like

to be in the same room with you,

knowing what you tried to do to me.

Well, what does it feel like?

Same as always.


That's how you justify
what you tried to do to me

for the past few months?


That's just me being honest.


So, this is your moment of empowerment?

The punctuation on your big win?

It's fairly lukewarm.

My win?

I wanted to ruin you,

take Kyle away,

end this place.

None of that's happening.

I didn't come here for a victory lap,

and maybe that's what's empowering.

Well put. I'm not sure I buy it, though.

Well, it doesn't matter
whether you buy it or not.


Do you think you're a
good person at your core?

[SOFT LAUGH] I'm not getting into this.

Well, you came here. Indulge me.


I think I'm a good person, fundamentally.

Not perfect,

especially when I feel thr*at,

which I'm prone to, if I'm being honest.

I don't react well.

That's my weakness.

Is that supposed to be an apology?

No, no, I just...

thought it might sound familiar.

We're the same, remember?

It's not a good combination.

We are not the same,

but we are even.

You have something on me,

I have something on you,

and now I'm moving on.



You know why you think we're the same?

It's cause it justifies everything you do.

You're the person you wanna hurt.

You're the person you hate.

And it's truly sick.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

You win.

Go to hell.

I left you out of everything.

I intend to.

It doesn't make it clean.

Do you realize what a huge
scandal this is gonna be?

I do,

but all the focus will be on me.

I don't want anyone else
to have to answer for this.

Your career, it's done.


Mel Gibson, Robert Downey Jr.

- O.J.

Come on, man, I'm not O.J.

However this goes down, I can live with it.

I wouldn't have done it otherwise.

And what about her?

Nothing's changed.

I'm gonna win her back.



Everything's changed.

To June Leighton.

And the actress playing her.

Actress and, officially, producer.


Speaking of which, we should
get some papers drawn up soon

outlining our partnership,
structure of the company.

We should do that now.

There's someone I'd like to bring on.

You didn't think you were gonna get her

all to yourself, did you?

Dear Jesus, no.


Aww, don't fight it, DeAnn.

You love me.

- I dislike you.
- Mm.

But I do respect your taste.


I feel like this is the beginning

- of a beautiful friendship.
- _

That might be taking things a
little too far at the moment.



Sorry it's been a few days.

Yeah, I was wondering what happened to you.


You're staying at IHM, aren't you?


Okay, well, you made your choice.

I can't argue with you anymore.

Megan, please,

I need to do this with integrity.

There's something else.

I was the one who moved Aaron and Julie.


They're safe.

They'll be taken care of
like you wanted them to.


You told Terence?

I didn't tell Terence, you did.

He doesn't know where they are.

That was part of the deal.

I blamed all of this on Kyle.

You've never seen IHM's potential.

I've seen it change people's lives,

and give them hope and purpose.


I love you, Megan,

but you could've ruined everything.



Well, the segment is great.

It's gonna be the lead
story on the Wednesday show,

so... [LAUGHS]

Get ready. The madness is nigh.

As ready as I can be.

Great. Hey, listen.

For the epilogue, I wanted to get your comment

on the Xavier Hughes rumors.

What rumors?

Well, that he and Megan are together.


Like they had an on-set affair?

Come on, Iris, I'm not
gonna dignify that one.

Well, they were spotted together

the morning of your wedding.

And Kyle,

I have a paparazzi photo of her

showing up at his house the night before, late.

I'm sorry.

Would you like me to send it to you?







When tomorrow comes,

today will be unrecognizable.

Artificial intelligence,

biotechnology, climate change.

The world is advancing
faster than we can process,

and yet humanity must find
a way to evolve with it.

We evolve, or we die.

♪ I'll climb a ladder to the northern lights ♪

Our work here at IHM

provides us the unique capacity to lead.

And Vita is our evolutionary advantage,

the synthesis of a higher mind

and an extended life expectancy.

IHM is the future.

We are the future, and
we will show the world.


I know what you gave up for this,

and I appreciate it.

I'm focused on what I got.

First life is back on the books.

You also got a new partner.

This is ours now.

♪ I see a great light ♪

♪ I still need your love ♪

♪ Do you ♪

♪ Need mine? ♪


I spoke to Shaun, and...

she told me what really
happened with Aaron and Julie.

They're okay, they're safe.

I'm sorry.

I was wrong.

I'm sorry I didn't believe you.


I did an interview with Iris Holloway.

I told her about Aaron.



I blew my whole life up

for you,

so that you could see that I'm someone

who could tell the truth.


Kyle, I'm sorry, I...

I didn't expect you to...

Oh, my God.

What happened?


Did you sleep with Xavier?


So guilty.

- Kyle, I...
- Don't.

Don't stand here and lie to me right now.

You want an arrangement,

so we're gonna have an arrangement,

except it's gonna be on my terms now,

not yours, not Terence's.

Babe, babe, you have to understand

what was going through my head that night.

No, I don't.

I don't give a shit what
was going on in your head.

[LAUGHING] I've spent this entire year

trying to be perfect.

I am so done caring what you think.

From here on out,

we're gonna follow the
contract to the letter...

The contract that you violated.

To the letter?

What exactly does that mean?

You're gonna do what I tell you to do.

You're gonna go where I tell you to go.

You're gonna see who I tell you to see.


And if you don't,

I swear to God I will ruin you

the way you ruined me.


You think you can control me?

Good luck.
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