01x01 - The Duel

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Star Wars: Visions". Aired September 22, 2021 - present.
Collection of nine animated anime episodes.
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01x01 - The Duel

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[lightsaber ignites]

[droid beeps]

[beeping continues]

[droid beeps]

[grunts, speaks Sullustese]

Oh, uh... uh, thank you very much, sir.

It must be lonesome
traveling the countryside all by yourself.

- [droid beeps]
- Oh, I... [chuckles] Of course you are.

You're lucky to have
such a generous master.

[vehicle approaches]

[speaks Sullustese]

[villagers gasping, whimpering]

[men chattering]

[men laughing, cheering]

[villagers screaming]

- [droid beeping]
- [shopkeeper sighs]

Bandits who set up camp at the abandoned
outpost on the other side of the mountain.

The last remnants of the w*r,
willing to take whatever they want.

[gasps] It's not safe.
We should go inside!

[grunting] Come. You too!

Thanks for the warm welcome.

Give us your goods!
It's time for you to pay your taxes.

That was a direct order!

Which one of you is the chief?

I am the current chief.
And you've taken enough!

Are you really the chief of this village?

Or did your father run away
and leave you in charge?

[bandit] What a coward
your father must be.

[bandits laughing]

[bandit ] So valiant!

[guard snoring]

That was a brave speech
for such a young boy,

but how are you gonna stop us?


[droid whirs, beeps]

What are you doing? Get back inside!

You know you can't, right?


[bandits grunting, yelling]

The guards will handle them.
Run for cover!

[w*apon powers up]



[grunting, groaning]

Huh? [shrieks]


and we just might spare your life!

You're confused.


You'll surrender.
Although, I won't be sparing your lives.



Red lightsabers! She's a Sith!

[shopkeeper whimpering]

R-Ronin Master, what do we do?

My droid.

- Do you think you can repair him?
- Huh?

[Ronin] I need him fully operational
by the time this pot boils.

Oh, Y-Yes, uh...

Keep f*ring!
Don't give her the chance to strike!

No, run.

Don't engage in close combat. Fall back!

What were you saying about close combat?


Stop. Let him go!


Did you honestly think you could
stand a chance against a Dark Lord?

You need to run.
You'll never be able to b*at her.


I'll k*ll you!

[droid beeps]

[lightsaber humming]

You don't look like one of the villagers.

Who dares face me?

Just a simple wanderer.


I better hurry. [grunts]

[bandit leader grunts]


So, you're a Jedi.


It's been a long time
since I k*lled a Jedi.

Your lightsaber blade is red!


Unfortunately, I am not a Jedi.

- [grunts]
- [lightsabers clashing]

[lightsabers clash]


[shouting, screaming]

Oh, no!

[muttering, screams]



The village is under our control!

We have the chief,
and his guards have surrendered!

Apologies, but we don't fight fair either.

Drop your w*apon.



[kettle whistling]

[droid beeps]

[whistling continues]

[whistling continues]

I told you to throw down your w*apon.

Don't the lives of the women and children
of the village matter to you?

[whistling continues]

[device beeps]

[shopkeeper grunting]

[droid whistles]

[grunts] Look at that droid!



- [scoffs]
- [device beeping]


[Ronin grunts, groans]






[man] All you all right?

[woman] Thank you so much!

[shopkeeper panting] Master Ronin!

- [droid honking]
- [panting continues]

Such swordsmanship.

I owe you something extra.

[shopkeeper panting] Huh?

Here. For your troubles.

[gasps] This is for me?

I'd like to thank you, sir.

Think nothing of it.

[chief] Such humility. You must be
one of the Jedi Knights of legend.

Please, sir,
are you willing to tell me your name?

[all gasping]

But are you…

[shopkeeper whimpers]

Take care of this. It wards off evil.

[droid beeping]

[shopkeeper gasping]

[droid beeping]

[beeping continues]
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