01x04 - The Village

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01x04 - The Village

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[lightsaber ignites]


[controls beeping]

[device beeping]


You came.

[masked woman]
I must be cautious wherever I go.

[explorer] Don't worry.
The Empire's eyes won't reach you here.

[masked woman] Have you finished
exploring the planet yet?

- [air releases]
- Not yet. It's too interesting.

But I did find something
I'd like to show you.

It doesn't suit you, that mask.

[masked woman] Huh?


Are you comfortable back there?

I'd rather walk, but it's not too bad.


Well, we can't have a bride
with dirty feet.

Where we're going is
far too sacred for that.

[bride] I just wish...

I wish my parents could be here
to see this.

[groom pants] I have no doubt
they'll both be watching.

- They're one with the planet now.
- [bride] Yes. Along with your parents.



[groom grunts, sighs]


We are the sky.
We are the forest. We are the river.

We are the sky.
We are the forest. We are the river.

[both] We are one.

[both, echoing] Magina, may you rise.

[masked woman gasps] This is...

[water flowing]

[sighs, gasps]

[girl] Hey! Wait for me! I want to help!
You're not finished, are you?

Why are you so slow, Sis!

Okay. Just like this.
We're making a path for the fish.

Will this one work?

- Try putting that one over there.
- Okay. [grunts]

- [giggling]
- [boy] Yeah.

[masked woman]
Those are the planet's memories.


[both gasping]

[explorer] People of this world
have a deep respect for nature.

Their rituals allow them
to live in harmony with it.

[masked woman] Is that what you wanted
to show me?

[explorer] Only because an old friend
of ours had roots on this planet.

My master.


- [bride gasps] So beautiful.
- Yeah.

The sun's rising.

It has been since a long time
before we were born,

and it will keep on setting too,
I suppose, long after we're gone.

I guess so.

[explorer] The village is just ahead.

[masked woman]
This world's been terribly exploited.

[explorer] The Separatists stripped them
all of their resources, yes.

[masked woman] And all just for w*r.

[explorer] That's all that w*r is,
nothing but loss.

[masked woman grunts]

- [male voice] Surround him!
- [blasters f*ring]

[female voice] Be alert! att*ck together.

[male voice shouts] Look out!

- [male voice screams]
- [female voice] Someone stop him!

[people chattering]

[droid whirs]

[droid beeping]

- [chattering continues]
- [beeping continues]

[masked woman] All of this seems so wrong.

Celebrations are meant to be shared
with a large group,

'cause if you hold back, you'll be cursed.

Enjoy, enjoy.
Travelers, you too. Drink with us.

Ah, thank you.

You see?

[grunts] Would you like some too?


[villager whispering]
Wish it didn't have to be like this.

[villager ] I know. It's just too cruel.

[masked woman] After this…

[explorer] It's tomorrow, isn't it?
They'll take her away?

[sighing] Uh-huh.

When the Separatists left,

you would have thought
that would have been the end of it,

but no…

That only made room
for a different kind of horror.

[villager] The Separatists left
their battle droids behind,

but the raiders found them
and reprogrammed them all.

They formed an army of their own.

We couldn't have stopped them if we tried.

They took all the resources we had left.

And what's worse, they wanted
the village chief as collateral.

[explorer] But his granddaughter
volunteered to take his place,

and they're coming to take her
in the morning.

[masked woman sighs]

[groans] This drink isn't strong enough.

Stop. What do you think you're you doing?

Apologies. I hope he didn't trouble you.

No. I understand the grief
of the village runs deep.

Imagine being imprisoned by invaders
to save your grandpapa.

Oh, that poor, sweet girl.

May their Magina be connected
to each other for all eternity,

that they'll never be separated.

- [woman] This isn't right!
- [both gasp]


Are you really okay with this, Sister?

You shouldn't have to carry
this burden alone. It's wrong.

Some of us are ready to fight!

We've already discussed this.

Not enough.

You may have given up hope, Sister,
but not all of us have.

Saku, you have to stop.

We're going to bring them down.

We'll fight back for our families,
for the village.

Fighting is useless.

The land is on our side!

I've already made my decision, Sister.
Please understand.

[Saku breathes heavily]

What kind of wedding is full of mourning?

[softly] Saku.

- [villager ] Poor Saku.
- [villager ] I know. Poor Haru.

[villager ]
First her parents, now her sister.

Know something? She reminds me of you.

[masked woman]
I know what you're trying to do.

Hmm. It's not as if I care about
that little code of yours.

Why should I pretend to?

[footsteps approaching]

[Haru] Can you feel the Magina as well?

[masked woman] Magina?

If you can also feel it,
I'm sure you understand.

I have a bad feeling about this.

[chuckles] You think I'm being reckless?

[masked woman] What do you think
would happen if they were thwarted?

I don't know,
but it would put my village at risk.

If I go, I'll be able to protect them all.

And… [sighs] …I won't be alone.

[male voice shouts]


[Haru] Asu.

We're in this together.


[male villager] Here they come.

[female villager] Poor Haru.

Come away from the window, dear.

[villagers murmuring]

Are you the village chief's replacement?

Yes. I'm coming with you in his stead.

I like this planet.

You'll serve as collateral
to avoid any unnecessary conflict.

Although, you'll forgive me
if I appear to be overly cautious.


- [Saku grunts]
- [villagers gasp]

- [female villager] Saku!
- Sister!

[droid] We found this.

It would appear my caution
was well warranted.

I can't have anyone trying
to ambush me now, can I?

I'm sorry, Haru.

It would appear that she is the leader.

[villagers gasp]

Please, no!
No one will try to resist you anymore!

No exceptions, I'm afraid.

[whooshing, vibrating]



What's this? Who are you?


- [gasps] Ow, my hand!
- Lord Izuma!

[masked woman] You can't change
the river's flow by casting a stone,

but live in harmony with nature,
and you'll change together.

The people of this world know that well.

You know that the breath of life
becomes wind and will always respond.

Magina, may you rise.


And may the Force be with you.

What are you doing?
sh**t them! k*ll them all!

- [droid ] Roger, roger.
- [droid ] Roger, roger. [screams]

- Where'd that come from?
- [droid ] Where are they?

- Ah, there they... [screams]
- [droid ] Wha...

[guard] f*re! f*re!
It's only one man. sh**t him now!


- [droid ] Hey, he's out of a*mo.
- [droid ] Charge!


[all droids] Oh.

- [droid ] That thing's coming.
- [droid ] What is it?

What is this?

Alert! Alert! Alert!

[droid screams]




You cowards! [grunts]

- [Haru] Are you okay?
- Yeah.

Watch out! Haru!

- [Izuma grunting]
- [Haru gasps]

What are you? Some kind of a monster?

I am a Jedi.

[lightsaber slashes]


[ship powering up]

[ship departs]

[ship flying over]
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