01x15 - Let's End This! Part Two

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Mech-X4". Aired: November 11, 2016 - August 20, 2018.
High school student Ryan discovers he has the ability to control technology with his mind, he awakens 150-foot robot MECH-X4 and is able to control every move the android makes.
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01x15 - Let's End This! Part Two

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Ryan: Previously, on Mech-X ...

I'm behind the monsters.

Harris: Harper built a
giant monster heart.

And we need to figure out how to destroy
it before he gets it to the school.

- Something that size can destroy the world.
- That's not gonna happen.

Ryan: He's pretended
to care about us.

He's turned the city against us.

Enough is enough.

Harper: You're only gonna take
me by surprise once, Ryan.

Hello, guys!

And goodbye.

- (screaming)
- (alarm sounding)

- Move! Move! Move!
- Let's go!

Harper? What have you done?

You know, I could give you a big
speech about being minutes away

from plunging my giant monster heart
where your school used to be,

to create the monster that
will destroy this world.

Which you kinda just did.

So I'll keep this brief.

I know your mother
is inside there.

Give her to me or she burns
with the rest of humanity.

I'm gettin' real tired of this
guy talkin' about our mom.

X-w*apon that jerk?

X-w*apon that jerk.






It did nothing?


(theme music playing)


Harris: Oh, no.

That was the biggest
w*apon we have.

Harper: And I was ready for it.

You know, it's a shame, really.

Ryan, Mark, Harris...


I had a spot for each
of you in my new world.

Harper, we'll stop you.

No, you won't.

You don't have the power,

and you don't have time.

But you do have Grace.

So I'm not inclined
to tear your little toy apart.

- Sweet!
- For now.

- I always fall for that.
- I'll give you a few minutes

to say your goodbyes
before you turn Grace over,

but... don't take too long.

Once my monster heart
hits that ooze,

- it's game over.
- (screen chimes off)


He... He just left?

He'll be back
unless we give him Mom.

Which is never happening.

Unless he tears us open like
a can of tuna to get to her.

Sorry. Kinda terrified here.

We're going to protect Mom.

And we're gonna stop Harper
from destroying the world.

We're the only ones
that can do this.

This is what this robot
was built for.

(clearing throat)




- Uh...
- Look who's here!

You're awake.

Where am I?

What is this?

Uh... this is Mech-X .

You're inside the robot that's
been fighting all those monsters.

And we're the team
that controls it.


Well, now you know why my grades
might've been slipping a little bit.

(awkward laughing)

Um, can you guys
give us a minute?

Others: Excuse us.

No. No.

Bye, Ryan's mom.

It's my fault she's angry. It's
my fault Ryan had to lie to her.

That's not really true, Leo.

You built this robot
for a technopath

who happened to be
our best friend.

- And a kid.
- Yeah. So technically,

it's Ryan's fault
that he put us in danger

because you put Ryan in
danger, if that helps.

No, not even a little bit,
not helping at all, no.

I'm sorry, was I supposed
to crack a joke there?

- Because again, I am terrified.
- Yeah.

So, the world is ending?


And you have a power?

And a robot?

And the ability to stop Seth.


And you told Mark, Harris,
and Spyder about it, but not me.

I was afraid
that you would try to stop me.

And you'd have been right.

The city needed him, Mom.
It needed us.

Don't think you're not in trouble
for keeping this from me, too.

You lied.

Risked your lives.

To save lives, Mom.
Which I have to do now.

Like I said, Harper is going
to end the world.

Hey, Mom, I wanted to tell you
so many times.

No... I'm so angry!

And so...

I don't know.

Betrayed? Left out?

(mutters) Not helping.


My boys.

Risking it all, to help people.



- What?
- Whoa!

Mark: What was that?

Ryan: What's she doing? Mom?

Mark: Wait!

She's in the elevator.

Stop her!

She's already out of the robot!

Everybody! Control center! Now!

Spyder: What happened?

- Where's your mom?
- I don't know.

Can you track her?


Uh... guys?

He was waiting for us?

No. He was waiting for her.

(car alarm blaring)

What's happening?

What's wrong with her?

What did you do?

Guys, I design monsters.

Big ones, like this monster
I'm in, and little ones,

like the one I placed
in your mom's brain.

And that one?

That one is making
some powerful suggestions.

Leo: Ryan! Mark!

You'll never guess what I found!

I ran some scans on Grace,
and I saw that...

- Everything's already gone south, hasn't it?
- Yeah.

Hey, Leo! Glad to see
you could join the party.

And you're finally
the monster you've always been.

I'm warning you, let her go!

Hey, you know what?
I just... I just realized,

with Grace out of the robot,
I don't have to pull my punches.






(alarm sounding)

Critical hit! Get us outta here!

I can't... focus!

Emergency evac! Tango!

Copper! Muttonchop!


(alarm sounding)


Hey... you all right?

I'll live.

How's the robot?

It's gonna take some time
to get it up and running.

Mom doesn't have time.

So we make some.

We have to slow
that monster down

before it gets back
to Harper Futuristics

and launches that m*ssile.

It has a weakness.

This monster is different.

Harris is right. Harper is
the brain of that monster.

If we distract him,
if we hurt him...

and I really, really, really,
really, really wanna hurt him,

we slow the monster down.

Give you time
to get your mom back.

This could work.

- (groans)
- What are you thinking?

Something crazy.

Oh, crazy is my favorite!


- (screaming)
- (roaring)

Go! Go! Go! Let's go!
Don't look back!


It's the biggest monster
we've ever seen!

It's headed
to Harper Futuristics!

- Where is Mech-X...
- (roaring)

Ha! (Laughs)

Aw, geez. This generation... Okay,
next world, no camera phones.

Eveybody on point?

Leo and I get Mech-X
up and running.

Mark: Spyder distracts the
monster, I slow it down.

Good, and I'll get Mom back, and we
will not let him launch that m*ssile.


Mark: You got the sonic w*apon?

Yeah. I'll buy us
as much time as I can.

Hey! Hey, Seth Fartface!

It's me, Spyder?

That kid you really hate!

The kid who wrecked
your executive bathroom?

I've had enough of this kid.


Hey, Mark, you in position yet?


Hey, Harris, you beefed up
the bounce-belt, right?

- Why?
- Just wondering.

Time to squash this Spyder!

Yeah, you! Phony Stark!


Nice hairline! Does it come in
any style other than receding?

Why! Won't! You! Stop! Talking!

I'm on my way.

But you gotta keep him still!



(piercing sound)

(both yelling in pain)


(groans) My legs!


I am awesome!

- Yeah!
- That was crazy!


I am carless.

Mark: Hey bro, we slowed
Harper down as best we could,

but he's already
back on the move.

Here we are, Grace.

This... is where the end begins.

Everybody's in the bunker
as requested, sir.

Excellent! Thank you, Morris.

Is the monster heart
ready to launch?

Yes. Wait. Monster heart?

Yeah, that's what the kids call it.
I like it, it's kinda catchy.

So? We good to go?

The trigger's now shielded
from the technopath.

You can launch it anytime.



You're not launching anything!



Now, get away from my mom
and give me the trigger.

Or else I'll give you
a haircut, from the inside out.

Oh, okay. One, edgy.

And two... I don't have it.

You wanna blast the person
holding the trigger, Ryan?

Go ahead.
She's standing right over there.

Mom... give me the trigger.

You don't wanna do this.

If you press that button, it is
literally the end of everything.

He makes a very good point,
but here's mine... Do it!

I don't care what Harper put in your
brain, you're stronger than it.

Okay, this whole family moment,
it's adorable, but you know what?

I'm bored, and I want it over.

Ryan... you're not
gonna hurt your mom.

You're right.

And she won't hurt me,
no matter what you did to her.

You're my mother.

You adopted me. You fought
for me my entire life.

I know you're in there!
So fight it!

Finish it!


She just finished it, jerk!


Mom! Mom!

Hey! You b*at it!


It's over, Ryan.

You lose.

Come on!

It's not over yet!

They're going after the m*ssile!

That's not gonna happen.

Mom's out in the med bay.

Leo's watching her.

Okay. Harris?

Calculating the arc. Got it.

We won't have a lot of time before that giant
monster heart rocket plunges into the ooze.

Then we need to get there first!






Spyder! Keep him off us!
Go for the eyes!


Guys, it's not
going to stop him!

Then we need a m*ssile
big enough that can!

How about that one?

The big monster heart m*ssile?

Go for it!

Grappling Grip?

Both: Grappling Grip!


All right,
you heartless monster...

I believe that belongs to you!


- Whoo! Guys!
- Dang, son!

- Yeah!
- Woo-hoo!


- We did it!
- Yeah!

- Mom?
- Hey, are you okay?

Where... Where am I?

You mean, you don't remember?
There was a... a monster att*ck,

and they had to evacuate
everybody in the area.

(sighs) And Seth Harper was the
one making all the monsters.

That's the last thing I remember before...
(groans) waking up here.

Well, that's convenient!

I mean, um, I'm just so glad
that you're okay!

Yep. Smooth.

(groans) That robot.

Ever since that thing showed up,

it's been one monster
after another.

You guys stay away
from that thing, you hear me?

- Yeah!
- Yeah, uh, Mech-X... what?

Nailed it.

The good news?
The city survived.

And the beast that terrorized us

seems destroyed.

Authorities are searching
for billionaire Seth Harper,

who is suspected
to be behind this.

All we know for sure is this robot
saved us all from something terrible.


All I have to say,
is Casstag grateful,

Casstag thank you.

And to the person who pulled me
to safety, I owe you one.

Ryan, she owes you one!

Get me a date with her!

He can't tell her it's him.

Tell her it's me.

Tell her it's me!



Just, a little while ago,
we couldn't even stand

to be in the same
school together.

And now, we just...
we saved everybody.

That's pretty cool, little bro.

I still have
so many questions, though.

I know.

About your birth parents,
your powers.

And the ooze.
The ooze is still out there.

What if someone starts using
the ooze to make monsters?

Then we'll do what we always do.

We'll kick butt.

As a team.

Spyder: As friends.

Mark: As a family.

So? What are you waiting for?


(theme music playing)

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