04x12 - And the Echoes of Memory

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Librarians". Aired: December 2014 to February 2018.
A secret group of librarians set off on adventures in an effort to save mysterious, ancient artifacts. Based on the Librarian movie franchise.
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04x12 - And the Echoes of Memory

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If Martin Luther had had his way,

bowling would be called

and there would only be nine pins,

but since we are socially conditioned

to finding order in sets of ten...

Why am I talking to you?



I thought you left.

I did.

I want you to come with me.


Look, you're already packed.

Nicole, when you told me
that I should fight against

being a prisoner of this
place, I realized...

I'm not a prisoner of this place.

The Library pushes me forward,

it doesn't hold me back.

Like Baird.



To whom I owe a bowling date,

and with whom I intend to
tether to the Library.

I don't want to be uncertain anymore.

I love the Library
and I love... Baird.

And I'm ready.

I see.

I'm sorry.

Uh, you know, I wish...

No, I'm sorry.


I should have specified...

I wasn't asking.




You must remember the Library

or it'll be gone forever.

Flynn's tethering ring.

I remember Flynn from
the... the Library.

(SIGHS) How do you hold something

as big as the Library in your head?

Flynn keeps everything
in his head using...


a memory palace.

(EXHALES) I did it!

I'm here! (LAUGHS)

Okay, I just have to
focus on specific things

and everything else will
fill into place around it.



The Spear of Destiny!


Okay. And then... um...

here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

The Lions! The Lions!

Yeah. Whoo!

And right there is...

that's the, um...

the Ark...

the Ark of the Covenant! Yes!

I remember it.

I remember it all.


Okay, I did it.

So where are you, Flynn?

Where am I gonna find you?



Let's go find a TV.

Fat and Flour?

That all they serve?

What else is there?

"I Fell Down!" show!

- Because everyone falls down.

The only entertainment
you'll ever need.



And now, here's your host...

- Eve?

Flynn? Flynn, where are you?
What's going on?

To answer your first question,
no, I can't hear you.

- That wasn't my...
- This is a recording.

I've transmitted it directly into
the glass of my tethering ring,

where it's stored kind
of like a hard drive.

And if you're seeing this, that means

that you've found the ring
and that Nicole is close

to completing her goal.

Eve, brace yourself.

Nicole is evil.

Ya think?

Da, da, da, da, da!

Before you go and defend her,

she hit me on the head
and kidnapped me.

Her plan is to get us
to abandon the Library.

With it being untethered,
it would create a world

not only where the
Library ceases to exist,

but where it has never existed.

- (IMITATES expl*si*n)
- But how does the Library never existing

make it so food doesn't have flavor

or color doesn't exist?

As you know, the Library is much more

than a storehouse for artifacts,

it is where we keep our knowledge.

And without the Library,
that knowledge

would cease to have any value,
it would have no place.

All intellect, all curiosity
would become worthless.

I cannot even imagine what it's
like where you are right now

in that world. What is it like?

Um, I mean, it's a little...

I keep forgetting, this a recording,

I can't hear you.

- Anyway,

to get our world back,

you need to hold onto your
memories of the Library.

Your new reality is gonna
try and wipe out the old,

so you're gonna need to build
what's called a memory palace.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I already did
that, skip ahead, skip ahead.

But you're very smart,
you probably already did that.

Aw, sweetie. Thank you.

You need to find me before you forget.

And the others.

It will take all of us together
to get the Library back.

How? Ugh.

I don't even know where to begin.

She's coming. I have to go!


ANNOUNCER: We'll be back
after these messages.

- Hey...

do you need a way to get
from one place to another?

Do you want to do that in a car?

Come on down

to The Company's Used Car.

Where every car is perfectly average.

Come on down and see me,

Jacob Stone.

Well, that's... one place to start.

BAIRD: Spear.

Lions, kitty, kitty, kitty.



- Stone!
- Well, hello, little lady!

- Can I help you?
- I...

Of course I can.

No one can choose
between these fine cars

without a little of assistance.

Let me ask you a question:
how do you feel about brown?

I don't really feel anything.

Well, that's exactly right.
You're not meant to.

This is perfect for basic conveyance.

Do you remember me?

- Should I?
- Think, Stone.

We used to work together

with a group of amazing people

who do incredible things.

Do you have any memory of that?

Listen, lady, I don't
know what you're...

I'm talking about The Library.

The Li...

That was a dream.

You remember.

I've never told anyone about that.

You... this... I've dreamt about that

since I was a little boy.


- you are the thought police. I can't...
- The what? No.

I can't be talking to
you right now, okay?

- Stone...
- I can get in trouble.

...you are the world's
leading authority

on art, architecture, history.

You've travelled the world
and dug up mummies,

and solved ancient puzzle boxes

that have stumped
scholars for centuries.

This can't be real.

It is.

It's not a dream.

You are not a used car
salesman, Jacob Stone.


You're a Librarian.

And if you come with me,
I'll prove it to you.



Uh, oh, a test drive?

Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, we could do a test drive.



Yes, she's with him now.

They're going someplace.

I don't know.

She just appeared out of nowhere.

- Where are we going?
- To find the others.

Although I have no idea
where I might do that.

You can always look them up
in The Company directory.

Company directory?

Yeah, everyone, in one way or another,

works for The Company.

Me included.

Does this company have a name?

"The Company."


What does The Company do?

You know, I never thought to ask.



Your stapling has fallen off center

by an entire millimeter.

But I staple the NRW
report to the PDX report

in the exact same spot every time.

Was your mind wandering
again, Cillian?

We don't want to have
to report a problem.

No, sir.

My stapling will be perfectly
centered from now on.

See that it is.

Your reports are backing up!



How do you know my name?

We're here to help you.

I promise,

my stapling will be
perfectly centered.

I don't need oversight.

That's not what I meant.

You look familiar.

Both of you.

Have we met before?

I think maybe.

In a dream.


It's been nice talking to you.

- I need to get back to work.
- What? No, no.

I just saw it in your eyes.

You've had the dream!

BAIRD: Cassandra, it wasn't a dream.

It's a memory.

A memory of the Library.

I don't know any Library.

It's a place...


um, it's a place...

(SIGHS) Right there was the...

What was it? It was...

(SIGHS) Okay.

Right there

was... kitty, kitty, kitty.

The Lions.

And right there was the... the Ark!

Okay, I still have it.

I still have the Library.

Look, I can't have someone who's
dressed like the thought police

questioning me about a library.

I have a backup.

Hey, I get it.

I do.

If you don't do your part,

then everything stops, right?

- That's right.
- Right.

You don't have time for anything else.

You don't have time for dreams.

Dreams about a place

with endless books,

amazing artifacts.

And stuff like this.

Give that back, they'll see it.

What is it?

I don't know.

But it's beautiful.

BAIRD: It is.

Cassandra, you're a
mathematical genius,

with a brain that can connect
Einstein's Theory of Relativity

to the smell of pancake syrup.

Come with us.


No, I want to stay here and
keep doing my stapling.

I don't want anyone to
think that I'm a problem.

Too late for that.

Is there something I can
help you gentlemen with?

I haven't seen anything...

(WHISPERS) I can't believe
you did this to me.

Cassandra, quick question:

is there another way out of here?

We're looking for Cassandra Cillian.

Her desk is right here.

We won't reach the exit
without being seen.


I got this.



What is that?

SUPERVISOR: The tubes are jammed!

She stapled off-center!

Oh, no!



This is not my fault.
This is not my fault!

This way!

This way.

- Hey!

That should hold them.

(SIGHS) That was close.

Now we just need to find Ezekiel.


Ezekiel Jones.

Do you know him?

ANNOUNCER: Welcome back

to the "I Fell Down!" show

with your host, Ezekiel Jones!

Thank you! Thank you!

You're too...


I fell down! (LAUGHS)

Now, our last entry tonight
comes from Tom and Gary.

And let's just hope this
one doesn't... fall flat.


BAIRD: Delivery for Jones.

I'll take those.

I'm all for a good pratfall,
but an entire show?

This is the only show.

Are you sure Ezekiel
Jones is a Librarian?

I mean, he's like, the most
famous person in the whole world!



I think he's better looking in person.

How are we gonna get to him

with all these people?

I have an idea.

Tom, how could you do
that to Gary? (LAUGHS)

Well, that's our show for
tonight, ladies and gentlemen.

Make sure you come back next time

for everybody's favorite segment,

"Hey! You Startled Me!"

- Good night!

- DIRECTOR: And cut!

- Great work, Ezekiel, as always.

As always? You know I was
trying something new, right?

Why on Earth would you
want to do something new?

Now, here's your script
for tomorrow's show,

and your itinerary for the week.

Oh, is it any different
from last week's?

Of course not.


I can't believe it's him!

I think you're right,

he is handsomer in person!

I'm sorry, do I know you?

Folks, you really shouldn't be...

Listen, we would like
to submit our audition.

If you leave it with me, I'll...

No, we want to audition in person!

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

We want to make sure that it's %

before we put it down on camera.

- Right...
- You walk in and it's...

- Oh!
- Oh!


Or maybe more classic,
like... ooh, ooh, ooh!

That's fantastic.

Um, unfortunately,
I actually have to go,

but my producer Rachel here can
answer any of your questions.

You guys are natural fallers.

If you put these falls on tape...

We want to make sure
that it's perfect.

What about this? (GROANS)

CASSANDRA: Also, I can
go forward like...




What's your best time?

Oh! Who are you

and how did you get in here?

The Ezekiel Jones I know can pick
a lock like that in two seconds.

Yeah, well, I am two seconds
away from calling security.

You don't want to be a
problem now, do you?

You've been having dreams, right?

What if I told you those
dreams were real?

D-dreams are illegal.

It's a big room,

filled with...

filled with...




It's a real place.

It's called the...

It's called the...


No, that's missing.

No, what's there that's missing, too?

Oh, no, no, no.

Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty...

The Lions!

The Lions are still there.

I still have it.

It's the Library!

Ezekiel, there is...

a life that is better than this.

No, better than this?

No, no, I am the host

of the "I Fell Down!" show.
I want for nothing!

That doesn't mean you don't
want something else.

Ezekiel you've got to come
help me, these people are...

Who's this?

Call security!

She's here to to kidnap me!

Really, Jones?

What's she doing?

I don't know.

We got to get out of here.

Let's go.


Let me out!

Let me out!

I'm afraid not.

You're in my world now.

And I happily run it.

This little

anti-alternate reality charm

means I get to keep my memory

while the rest of the
world goes blind.

And in the land of the blind,

the one-eyed man is king.


the head of The Company?

I gave you a chance.

You could have lived
peacefully like your friends.

But you had to be a problem.

Trying to remember.

Remember, remember.

I have to remember.

It's not...

(CRYING) I don't...

No, no, no, no, no.

It's all gone.


It's all gone.

You're not going to
like what happens next.

You should have just forgotten.

Who are you?



I see you already have.

- (POPS)

WOMAN: And then I wondered,

"Who figured out how to grind flour?

And why?"

And then I found my mind was
chewing on the question for days

and imagining the
possible scenarios...

Stop right there.

I know the lure of
imagination is strong,

but every time you feel curiosity

sneaking up on you,

just remember, what you
already know is enough.

ALL: Remember,

what I already know is enough.


EZEKIEL ON TV: Ooh, he took
a serious nose dive there!

And I hope he is rewarded
with some sliders.


I'm just curious,

aren't you? What about telephonics?

(YELLING) What about language?

How did that evolve?

Don't you want to know?

What does fruit taste like?

Don't you want to know?

Poor woman.

Terminal case of curiosity,
if I ever saw one.

And I should know.

(LAUGHS) He's funny.

I like him, in spite of myself.

Hello. You're new.


like you haven't been here before.

Well, I haven't been here very long.

Not haven't been here, but...

haven't been... here in the gray,

in the paste. There's too much
color to you, too much bright.

Are you from...

the same words as me?

"The same words"?

Yeah, we define our world with words.

Chair, couch, TV;
well, those are letters.

But everything else has a name,

has a purpose, has a beauty.

Judson had a name, Jenkins has a name,

Charlene has a name; those are names

that carry on in my head.

What's yours?


- Eve Baird.
- Eve.

Like the moment of change in the day.

Eve, I think that you could
really bring some changes here.

I'm Flynn.

Or patient , if you like.

Have we met before?

Not in this place.

And I don't get out much.

You're nice.

And cute.

And completely crazy.

Well, two out of three ain't bad.

I like your yellow and your smile.

And you remind me of something
that I don't want to forget.


I have this feeling there's
something I'm supposed to remember.

But I don't know what
it is, it's all fuzzy.

I remember, I remember what you don't.

I remember my memory.

They keep trying to take
little pieces of it,

but I have the whole.

And that's what keeps it alive.

Keeps what alive?

Hold that thought.

- Hey, what are you doing?
- What?

- You're not supposed to be here,
- Ah!

Eve, if you want to remember, find me.

You know what this means, right?

You're gonna have to go for a reset!

Gentlemen! Surely

we can negotiate.


Hoo! Hoo!

- Ha-ha!

Hello. Goodbye.

And extend!

And dance with me!


Over here.

Sound okay here?

- In the tush!




Patient # !


Be gentle with me,
I'm a delicate soul.

He got out again?

Do you know how dangerous it is

for him to be in the
general population,

especially now?

He wouldn't be a problem
if you would allow me

to implement a more
permanent treatment.


He just needs another reset.

Then everything will be fine.

Right, Flynn?

You just need a little help

letting go of your old reality

and accepting the new one.

And once you let go,

it will be gone completely.

Yeah, you don't have
to do this, Nicole.

This is silly. I'll be good.

I'll be good.

I know you will.


Now... bite down.



Well, folks, I better wrap things up

before I slip up. (LAUGHS)

Good night, ladies and gentlemen.

- DIRECTOR: And cut.

What are they doing here?

We don't need them.
They already took the lady away.

They just want to make sure
nothing else will happen.

What did she want with you anyway?

Nothing. It was just nonsense.

What did she say?

If she said anything
suspicious to you,

you should tell them.

Because as long as they are here,

they're disrupting the show.

And The Company needs the
show to run smoothly.

Even if that means getting a new host.

- Hi there!

What are you doing here?

- Kidnapping you.

Company Men are just behind that door.

All I have to do is scream.

Yeah, but you're not going to.

'Cause they might start wondering why

you're attracting so much attention.

If they haven't already.

I can't go with you, okay?

I have a great life and I
don't want to ruin it!

Don't you guys have your own lives?

Ever since I went with Baird,

I'm starting to think this
life is less and less real.

Come on, man, you
really want The Company

watching you so closely?

Your life can't possibly be
as good as you pretend it is.

(LAUGHS) And how could you
be so sure, Cassandra?

Because I know you.

I can feel it.

Because you know me, too.


because I didn't tell you my name.

All right, what do you want me to do?

Help us rescue Baird.


Sub-basement six.



BAIRD: What is this?

A sword.

And a myth. A sword myth.

Hey, it's you, the new one.

I saw them drag you down here.

Yes, they do that.

milliamperes right into my noggin!

But, fortunately, I knew
that they wanted my dreams,

so I fortified myself,

and built up

a resistance.

My dreams aren't gone,
just rearranged.

Do you like my friend?

- Your friend the sword?
- My friend the sword!

He taught me how to parry and thrust!

These are all my friends and family.

I feel like...

- I've been here.
- You have. And you haven't.

It's very confusing

when you jump the parallel.

How could you draw me
if we've never met?

The answer to that is in
the question, Eve Baird.

We know each other.

We've been in this place

with the books, together.

That's where I go in my dreams.

It's really nice...

in the Library.

The Library.

BOTH: Yes!

She tries to take it from me,

but I fight it, so I put
everything down here

in case she ever was
able to cleave it out.

Somebody else can find it
and they can build it.

Do you want to see my favorite one?

- Yeah.
- This one here.

They look like they're... bursting.

I've never felt that way.

Until I saw you.

You're nice.

And cute.

And completely crazy.

(GASPS) Flynn!

- It's you.
- Eve, you found me.

I knew that you would.

I missed you.

You left.

I didn't mean to.

And I'm never leaving you
or the Library again.


I have been very patient
with you, Flynn.

I've been kind enough
to let you live, Baird.

And... this is how you repay me?

By trusting our own memories?

Getting our minds back?

Your mind is not back.

It simply wasn't zapped hard enough.

No amount of zapping is gonna
make us forget, Nicole.

When I first met you,
you introduced me to the Library

and it opened up continents for me,

as it does for anybody, everybody,

whether they know it or not.

I'm sorry that you feel
like it betrayed you,

but the world needs a Library, Nicole.

No, the world doesn't
need the Library.

Which is good, because the
world will never have it.


Does # need to be reset again?


Remember, that permanent
procedure you mentioned?

- Do it.

To both of them.

Uh, uh...

All right, there's like a
half a dozen guards here.

So how do we get in?

I don't know!

It's not like I've done this before.

Actually, I have a feeling
that we have done this before.

The three of us, together.

So how do we do it?

I remem...

I remember you know things
about architecture.

Oh, that's right, you do!

- Right?
- Yeah.

But how exactly is that
gonna help us get in?

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Judging by the foundation
of this building,

it was built in the middle
of the last century.

Which means the utility
rooms were built

on the side of the building,
instead of the middle.

We go around that corner, through
the door, I guarantee you

it's a utility room.
We go through the utility room,

less chance for guards
being on the other side.

That's great.

How do we deal with the
guards on this side?

- You!
- Me?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

You do this thing with
numbers and your hands,

- and you figure stuff out.
- Oh, with the... that's you!

- With my hands?
- Yeah.

Holy moly.

STONE: What?

What do you see?


Connections, numerals,
angles, physics.


The average male walking
stride length is inches,

AVERAGE PACE: . miles per hour.

The pivot ratio is degrees,

and this building has a
footprint of , square feet.


Which means we have seconds
until they come back around.

Come on!

Some sort of alarm system.

Looks like I'm up.

STONE: Do you have any
idea what you're doing?

Not a single clue.



(SCOFFS) I'm good.

You're definitely something.


Stone, what are you doing?

Just... it doesn't feel... (GRUNTS)


- (g*n COCKS)
- Hold it right there!

Identify yourselves.

ALL: We're the Librarians.

Of course. Carry on.

Okay, why did that work?

CASSANDRA AND STONE: I have no idea.

Hey, guys, what's this
permanent treatment?

A girl could really use
some advanced warning.

Don't worry. They don't drill
holes in your skull anymore.

They do it through the
eye socket instead.

- Doc?
- That's right.

The, um, eye socket

is easier.

Uh, I can take over from here.

- You guys can go.
- Go?

- What are you...

Cassandra! Stone! Ezekiel!

Come on, let's get out of here.


Wait, there's someone I
want you to meet first.

Oh, Flynn.

I'm so sorry this had
to happen to you.

I really am.


Let's go.

Don't just stand there.

Go after them!



No! Retreat!


Back, back, back, back, back...

Go! Ah!

Go through here!



- There!

This is not gonna hold forever!

All right, let's get out of here then.


We're trapped.


There's no way out!

All right, there's not
a moment to lose.

We have to manifest the Library.

Here? In the insane asylum?

What better place than
where the curious end up?

We are the Library!

It lives and breathes inside
of each and every one of us.

Stone, it lives inside of
you because of your love

of art and history and architecture.



it lives inside of you

because of your love of science

and math and magic.

Ezekiel, you're a thief.

Wait, that's it?

That's it. You are a thief,
and the Library needs you

because you know the
value of an artifact.

You know how to find it,

and you don't let
anyone get in your way,

not even me.

Out of my way!

You can't.

I won't let you.


you are the heart and the
soul of the Library.

You've walked every
inch of it, every room.

You stand ready to guard against evil,

ready to defend the place you love

with your last breath.


Kitty, kitty.

Kitty, kitty, kitty.

We don't have to go home.

We're already there.

I'm sorry!

No. No.


The Library.

It's back.

STONE: We're back!

Books! The Lions!

Ah! The jewels!

When we manifested the Library,

that reality disappeared.

This is... this...
It's all back to normal!

Mr. Jenkins!


Not everything's back to normal.

Some things can't be fixed.

There's one more thing
that I need to do.

BAIRD: What is it?

This is the Book of Nicole's life.

Everything that she's
ever done is in here,

including when she went
back in time years.

You want to rewrite history?

- You said it's too risky.
- I know.

But we are going to totally
ignore all of that advice.

All we need to do to
make that happen...

the Toaster of Albuquerque.

The Toaster? But Jenkins never
figured out what it really does,

other than burn down national forests.

Jenkins may not have, but I did.

It's a portal, except it doesn't
lock on to time in place,

it locks on to a person,
but not for very long,

so we need to find where
Nicole is in history.

Before time makes her dark.


- That's it.
- Flynn?

That's the exact moment

- that Nicole went back in time.
- Flynn?

- Flynn!
- Nicole! Nicole!

- Anybody?
- No, no, no

no, no, no. Can't, lose it.

Look, according to this book,

that's when she became immortal.

Nicole, no!

I have to get to her

before the connection fades out.

I'll hold down the dial. Go.


Flynn, is that really you?


I almost made a horrible mistake.

But I knew in my heart...

you would always come back for me.

That's not why I came.


I'm came to right a wrong.

I never came back for
you the first time.

I couldn't, I was too consumed
with guilt and grief.

And I can't take you back with me now.

Flynn, you'll have to hurry.

I'm sorry, this isn't gonna hold!

Who is that?

My Guardian.

- Your Guardian?
- Yeah.

Flynn, what's going on?

You look older.

I know what you were just about to do.

And I know why you
were going to do it.

And we still need you to do it.

Except, this time,
for the right reason.

You are gonna have an amazing life.

And a surprisingly long one,

full of adventure and loss

and triumph and it's all in this book.

And you have to do everything
that's in this book

to fulfill the prophecy,

only this time...

do it for the Library,

not against it.

I always thought I was your Guardian.

Now, I know...

I'm the Library's Guardian.

BAIRD: Flynn!


Goodbye, Nicole.


See you in years.


Mm, five more minutes.




We're back!

We're back where it all started!

Hey! Guys!

We're back to the Tethering
Ceremony Rehearsal Day!

Isn't that great?

Sure, man.

You don't remember.

It's just me.


Uh, where in time are you?

The ultimate battle
between good and evil.

Happened ages ago.

Well, weeks, at most.

Which is ages in today's culture.

- Or don't you have a Twitter feed?
- And the cornerstones?

The four cornerstones of the Library
of Alexandria, where are they?

Here, in the Library,

where they've always been.

Then Nicole did it.

She rewrote history.

Did Cal hit you in the
head too hard last time

your guys were sparring?


He's just catching up.


You're more beautiful than I remember,

and I have an excellent memory.

I think my memory can match yours.

JENKINS: I apologize for my tardiness.

You'd think, at some point in history,

some Librarian would have alphabetized

our miscellaneous collection,

but no, so...

- Oh!


Immortal Jenkins.

Immortal Jenkins?

Yes, last time I checked, sir.

What's wrong? Are you guys okay?

Never better.

You have on idea how
good it is to see you.

Well... (CHUCKLES)

Colonel, I appreciate
your appreciation, yes?

But, please, we really
should rehearse.


You know what?
Enough with the rehearsal.

Let's tether.

Sir, it isn't the equinox.

We always tether at the equinox.

That's how it was written,

that's how it has always been.

Jenkins, just 'cause the thing
has always been done a way,

doesn't mean it has to
be done that way now,

especially when all parties agree.


do you want to tether
to the Library with me?

I do.

Do you want to tether
to the Library with me?

I don't have a doubt in my mind.

Library, do you want Eve
and I to tether to you?



I'll take that as a yes.

How about you guys?

- I'm in.
- Yeah, as long as it means

we don't have to
practice anymore, yeah.

- Yeah.
- Oh, this is so exciting!

Fine, sir! Yeah, fine.

And if you get hand-fasted to
some post office somewhere,

please don't blame me.

But, if that's what you wish.





we are gathered here today to witness

the eternal tethering...

of this Librarian

and this Guardian...

in a ceremony handed
down through the ages.

Flynn Carsen,

Eve Baird...
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