03x08 - Little Victories

Episode transcripts for the 2014 TV show "Janet King". Aired October 2014 - July 2017.
"Janet King" follows a Senior Crown Prosecutor, who returns from maternity leave and is thrown into a high-profile m*rder, and a conspiracy.
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03x08 - Little Victories

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He'll k*ll me if I stay.

Who's behind this scam?

MAXINE: Darren bloody Faulkes.

- Are you all right?

Just a bit chesty. Nothing contagious.

Now there's a real champion,

and she won it in a race
full of drug cheats.

Hinksman's gone into Antonioni and Sons.

BONNIE: Suspected links
to the Calabrian Mafia.

BEN: Barrister, barrister...

Future Nobel laureate, currently mother.

Why don't you take your clothes off?

We're going to have some fun, yeah?

But there has to be
something else, yeah?

Something better than Flynn.

There's not, but.

JANET: Oliver just lived for cricket.

He went from the fresh-faced
kid we see there

to the brink of the national
team, and now he's d*ad.

Whenever Darren wants real dirty
work done quickly and quietly,

Wes is his go-to guy.

Actually, f*ck it. I'll tell
'em everything, you know?

If you do that, mate,

we're going to k*ll your son.

- TONY: Bonnie?
- JANET: And Owen.

She said it was "the
piping hot Mr Mitchell."

BONNIE: Do you really think
Janet wants your job?

I know she does.

Maybe one of your contacts

has connections to maybe
some international games.

That'd be helpful.

Simon. Got a little
update on that situation.

I've just got... you know, I've got
quite a lot going on at the moment.

Why don't you deal
with all of that first

and then we can talk about us?

- Good idea?
- Yeah, good idea.

- DARREN: How'd you go?
- SHANNON: Yeah, just what we thought.

DARREN: Shame, though. I liked him.

Still, we can't take chances, can we?



I hope they didn't destroy the joint.

(CHUCKLES) They were great.

Emma, Liam, your mum's here.

Are you okay? I thought you
said you just had a cold.

It is just a cold.

I'm fine. It's nothing serious.

You didn't need the twins
here when you were this sick.

- I'm fine.
- Really?

'Cause it sounds much worse.
Do you need to see a doctor?

'Cause I can look after
Tom. It's not a problem.

His dad's coming to
pick him up later on.

- I'll go to the clinic then.
- All right.

- Here they are.
- Hello.

- Right, what do we say?
- EMMA AND LIAM: Thank you.

Thank you. See you, Tom.

- LIAM: Bye, Tom.
- EMMA: Bye, Tom.

How was Tom's mum last night?

She didn't do much.

- She just sat on the couch.

Okay. I need to get this.
I'll meet you at the car.



A body's turned up in a toilet.

Who is it?

It looks like an OD, but...

BIANCA: Where's the tourniquet?
Where's the cook gear?

Where's any evidence he
was an IV drug user?


BIANCA: Can we make sure
his hands are bagged?

ANDY: Flynn was always
his target, not Richie.

We don't know that for sure.

Flaky, scared and talking.

Darren's not gonna take that risk.

I mean, if I hadn't have
lost Wes, that wouldn't...

None of this would have happened.

Flynn Pearce has been m*rder?

JANET: Well, it looks that way.

Did Darren say anything?
Give any indication?

Nothing, no.

What, so I'm... safe?

Well, you'd know better than
me. You're closer to him.

Janet, do you think we're nearly...


We still need to find out what
Faulkes's next big betting scam is,

how he moves his money into the country,

how he's laundering it.

It's just that I... I don't think
I'm really achieving much.

You know, I'd rather be drinking
margaritas in the Maldives

with Maxine.


Look, you're in with Faulkes
now, and that's invaluable.

We're relying on you, Richard.

- So...
- RICHARD: Darren! Hi.

This is where all the
dirty deals are done.

Funny. I pictured you more of a...

penthouse office type.

Um... chambers.

The lawyer's office is called chambers.

Ha! So is the dunny.

You ever heard of a tennis
player called Glen Farmer?

RICHARD: No. Should I have?

Well, not unless you're interested
in players outside the top .

Been on the circuit a couple of years,

but he's not without potential.

You a betting man, Rich?

JANET: Glen Farmer.

Surveillance followed Darren to
Richard's chamber this morning,

where he anointed this young
man his next Oliver Pitman.

So, Farmer's playing in the first round

of the Western Sydney
Open in a few days.

His opponent's much
lower ranked than him.

So, the betting agencies

are expecting Farmer to win, hands down.

TONY: Which makes betting
on the other player

a very attractive option.

ANDY: If you can guarantee the result.

So, Richard says the plan is that
Farmer blitzes the first set,

so the odds on the other guy rise,

they pile on the bets, Farmer
loses the second six-love,

bookies pay up millions.

Darren's asked Richard to
open an online account?

JANET: And given him ,
to bet on Farmer's opponent.

TONY: Richard gets a
cut for his troubles.

JANET: Darren promised him , .

grand? Let's get on that.

As we know, Darren's been opening
online accounts for weeks.

So, he's got at least
set up, ready to go.

To make serious money on this scam,

he's going to be paying
thousands out of each.

We're talking hundreds of thousands.

Well, he hasn't got any money
in the St Peter's warehouse.

I mean, that's been empty

since Richard took what
was there to RepExchange.

Yeah, but where did RepExchange
send that million-plus dirty dollars?

Zuricher Finanzen, a private Swiss bank.

So, if Darren dips into his pot
of unwashed cash in Switzerland,

we can track it back to Australia,
proving he's laundering it.

And proof of international
money laundering

gives us leverage with the UN
Office of Transnational Crime

to pressure the Swiss to
open the Zurich account.

Well, are we certain that Darren's
own choice of funds for this scam

is his Zurich account?

Well, no. According to Customs,

his latest shipment of MDMA
precursors have just hit the docks.

Okay, we have to make sure
he doesn't get that earn,

take the buyers out of the picture
before he gets that payday.

Has Richard confirmed that
Farmer's agreed to throw the set?

Not yet, but apparently, Shannon
Hinksman's making the approach

at training today.

I'll get eyes on the Hinksman meeting.

Andy, you'll need to tee up busting
Antonionis' with the drug squad.

I'm on it.

LINA: What, you have to work tonight?

The op involves an NCC target.

- I have to be there.
- But the bar exam's coming up.

If I don't blitz it, Owen will
never let me hear the end of it.

And you have been studying nonstop.

Yeah, but you promised...
dinner, bath and bedtime.

I'm sorry, but I can't
postpone the raid, you know?

It's going to happen now.


Plus, I have to get ready
for court tomorrow.


Yeah, I'll be there in .

Well, hopefully, Amal will
make bedtime a breeze

and sleep like a baby.

She already does sleep like a baby.

She wakes up crying every two hours.

PEARL: What's so important you
couldn't tell me over the phone?

JANET: Sit down, Pearl.

Flynn Pearce was found
d*ad this morning.

- It's really Flynn? Are they sure?
- Yep.

I don't know why I'm upset.

You know, he used me,

but he sort of... helped me...

as well.

He wasn't all bad.

Few people are.

You'd know all about that, wouldn't you?

Um, Pearl...

what are your plans?

I'll be in a couple of months.

Get my own place. Dole or
something. I don't know.

What about something better
than that? What about...

What about going back to school?

(LAUGHS) School's bullshit.

No, I sucked at it, anyway.

Nah, there must have been
something you were good at.

Yeah, I was okay at sport.
Didn't mind soccer.

I think you were pretty good at
soccer. I've seen all those trophies.

Did you know that there are schools
that specialise just in sport?

You know, I looked into
some and I found one.

And I think... I think
it really suits you.

Australian Youth Pathways.

Get assistance for
training, living expenses.

PEARL: Yeah.


Why not? Fill it in. Knock yourself out.

This one is down to you.
You need to want this.

You need to want to do
something with your life.

And I'll... I'll help you.

I'll help you in any way I can,

but only if you... take
responsibility for your life.

And only if you ask.

I'll have someone show you out.

BIANCA: Hinksman's just arrived.


It'd be much easier if we'd had
time to get a wire on this.

Come on.

Something's up.

I don't think Farmer's buying it.


Without Farmer, we don't get Darren.

So, any bright ideas?

RICHARD: You want me to
offer to bribe Glen Farmer?

JANET: We have to force Darren

to withdraw his money from Switzerland,

and he won't unless
his betting fix is in.

He's going to smell a rat if I
suddenly start pushing on him.

- You said that he's trusting you.
- Yeah, for now.

But spook him and that trust
becomes extremely conditional,

or nonexistent, as
Clay found, and Flynn.

He has no reason to
suspect you, all right?

Our meetings have been discreet.

There's no evidence that
you're being watched.

What about this Farmer kid?

It doesn't feel right
to ask him to cheat.

He has to agree to throw the set.

Darren won't move his money otherwise.

What about the risks if he's exposed,

like Oliver was with that wide?

That's a stain he'll carry forever.

Tennis career kaput.

If we stay in front, we can
prove the money trail,

arrest Darren before
anyone serves a ball.

Yeah, and if we don't,

all that's been achieved is I've
helped Darren create another Oliver.

The only way to stop him
is to get his money moving.


(SIGHS) Okay.

Okay. Just this one time, I suppose.

- I mean, we can explain the risks...
- No, we can't tell him anything.


Well, if for some reason

Darren doesn't move his money
for this tennis match,

we need him to use Glen again.

Making us as guilty of
using Glen as Darren.

Look, I understand
your concern for Glen,

but there's no alternative

to getting this betting scam in place.

If we don't, Darren will just find
another Glen, another Oliver.

He'll keep spreading
corruption and ruining lives.

All right, all right. I don't
need a closing argument, Janet.

I get what's at stake.


DARREN: f*ck!

Hey, Darren.

What, you're just letting
yourself in, are you?

If it's not a good time...

Oh, no, no. No.

What's up?

I thought I'd see how that
hot tennis tip was looking.

Seems some people don't
know a bloody gift horse

when it opens up its
cakehole and smiles at her.

Doesn't help that Shannon's a moron.

So it's... not a goer?

Have you spent your money already?

I have lost a couple of clients recently

and rent on the chambers
is pretty fierce, so...

It's really not gonna fly?

Seems the kid doesn't
know what's good for him.

I can have a word, if you like?

With Farmer?

You? Why?

Well, like I said, I
could use the money.

No, why, why...

do you think you'll succeed
when old knobhead didn't?

I... would make the argument.

Okay. Make away.

I'd say...

I'd say I know how hard
it must be for Glen,

being just outside the elite level
of players trying to break in.

I'd say that I understand,

even though he's worked his guts out,

been on court practically
every day since he was a kid,

hit a million tennis balls,

he's still barely earning enough
money to pay for a full-time coach.

I'd say that I understand
the sacrifices he's made

and his family's made
to get him where he is.

All the lucky breaks that
others have got that he hasn't.

I'd say that I know how
little government support

athletes at his level get.

There's barely any sponsorship.

There's no parties, no paparazzi.

It's just every cent he makes going
on trying to stay competitive.

And I'd say...

that what he's being asked
to do, it isn't cheating.

He's not doping, he's not
nobbling his opponent,

he's not even throwing a match.

He would be losing one
single set of tennis

in a career that has seen him
win and lose a thousand sets.

A career in which he'll win
and lose a thousand more.

But for dropping that
single set of tennis,

he could earn some of the money
for years of hard work.

Money that could, who knows...

help him crack the top .


I reckon you could convince me
the sun sets in the bloody east,

and that my dear old d*ad granny
used to be the Prime Minister.

Holy shit, mate. That's good.

ANDY: Janet?

State drug squad's teed up to
raid the Antonionis' tonight

before Darren can sell 'em
his next lot of precursors.

Okay. It's really important that this
bust isn't connected back to Darren.

We want him cornered but not paranoid.

Target property is the Antonionis'
meth lab out in the sticks.

It's miles from the warehouse.
Nothing to spook him.



Hi, Terry.


Heard my father's fraud case was
thrown out at committal this morning.

BIANCA: That's good.

Yeah, well, it'll be the last I see
of him for another five years, but...

Anyway, it means you can...
you can come over again

without worrying about all of this.


- I don't know.

Preliminary investigation
on Flynn Pearce is back.

No CCTV footage around the toilet block,

no fingerprints on the
syringe of heroin,

no dropped hairs, no clothing fibres.

But there was some remnant DNA.

A couple of foreign skin cells
under one of Flynn's fingernails.

Are you here to inspect my
tail-light again, Detective?

I couldn't give a f*ck about
your tail-light, you grub.


I'm here to arrest you for m*rder.

He's back to Mr Strong-and-Silent.

Forensics is a match.

There's enough to charge him with
m*rder and get him convicted.

He's not gonna say anything
that incriminates Darren.

He's not gonna say
anything about anything.

It's annoying, but it's not critical.

Important thing is he's off the street.

Well, I've got to make
arrangements for that raid.

Good luck.



Sorry, hi. Sorry for just turning up,
but I think Liam left his hat... here.

- His school hat?
- Oh.

- Yeah? Oh, great.
- It's in the lounge.



How are you feeling?

Yeah, better. Thanks.

What did the doctor say?

The hat's just there. (COUGHS)

Did they figure out what it is?



You did go to a doctor?

Tom's always forgetting his things too.

- Zoe, you did see someone?

(COUGHS) Yeah.

If you can just... pull the
door on the way out, please.


JANET: Uh, hey, Bonnie.
Are you still in the office?

Yes. Though, for the record, I do
have a life outside of this place.

There's a particular
LD recording I need.

- Can you load it onto my computer...

so I can access it from home?

It's from a few weeks back,
when Zoe DiCosta was, uh...

Oh. Um...

Hey. Uh... can I call you back?


I didn't call. I hope that's okay.

Oh, don't be silly.


Where are the kids?

Oh, they were splashing all the water
out of the bath onto the floor,

the last I looked.


Oh. Thank you.

- Want some now?
- Yes, please.

Actually, I'm, um...
I'm glad you're here.

Uh, there's something
important I wanted to ask you.


Have you ever heard rumours

that Zoe DiCosta used PEDs?


There were whispers, and, uh, she was...

competing at a time when a
lot of athletes were using.

Right. So, nothing concrete?

Well... (CLEARS THROAT) her
times did improve a lot,

and, um... yeah, she recovered
from some injuries pretty quickly.

I'm sorry. I can't do this.


I'll, uh... I'll see you at the office.



You know... I came here hoping
that you wanted to talk about us.

And now I just feel
like this needy person

who's asking too much of you,

expecting too much, being demanding.

And I'm beginning to feel
like I am that person.

But I don't think I am.

You are just always gonna have a
cause that you're passionate about

or... there's someone that
you're fighting for, a...

you know, a Pearl or a Zoe.

And I don't want to have to feel bad

about wanting to come first
with the person I love.

(SOBS) I know you won't change.

I don't want you to change. I...

But I can't keep up with you either.

You know, I don't... I don't want
to have to keep up with you.

I'm so sorry.

I'll see you.




JANET: (SNIFFS) All right,
kids, it's time to... (SOBS)

You've got to get out of the bath now.

She tore a quad last week.

- EDDIE: Medialis?
- ZOE: Femoris. Grade two.

EDDIE: Ah. And when are the worlds?

ZOE: Six weeks, but if she takes
three or four weeks off to recover,

her power will drop, and even
down four or five watts, that's...

EDDIE: Mmm. First to third.

ZOE: Then we heard about
you. The miracle man.

She'll take anything, Eddie!


She's given up her life for this.
You know what athletes are like.

She'll take anything!

She's given up her life for this.





- Hey. What's up?


Listen, why won't you
test for your condition?

- I have a cold!
- Breathlessness, dizziness, coughing.

Yeah, that could be
bronchitis or pneumonia,

something treatable, or...


Is it something else?

Because all of these symptoms...

can be because of an enlarged
heart, which can be brought on by...




Did you ever take anything
that could have done that?

- You're not just an athlete.

You're a mother!

You have to seek medical
help for Tom's sake.

Now, I know that that means that
the truth will come out, but...

your life is so much more
important than your reputation.



I won!



(SOBS) Just go!



It's Wes. They got him.

Shit. (SIGHS)


Hey, Richie.

You're a natural, you know that?

- Really?
- Yeah.

Pretty sure my swing's a bit off.

(LAUGHS) No, not at golf, mate.

No, at golf, you suck dog's balls.

But this.

You get things done.

Remember we talked about
getting you some work?

Well, I've got something
for you. Something good.

So, Darren asked me to
represent Wes Foster.

And what did you say?

What could I say? Yes.

Okay. Just don't do too good a job.

- I'm sorry, but...
- We need Wes in remand.

Can't have you getting him out on bail

or finding grounds for
false arrest or something.


it would help if you... you
got him to roll on Darren.

You know as well as I do that
Foster's best course of action

is exercising his right to silence.

That's... a course.

The reference needs what
he's got on Faulkes,

so you should advise him to cooperate.

Right. So, as well as being a
corrupter of young sportsmen,

I now can't do my job properly?

Don't be so melodramatic, Richard.

First principle, the
judicial system should be

independent, impartial,
open and transparent.

You're asking me to be
the exact opposite.

This could jeopardise my
right to practise law.

And if it ever does become a
problem with the Bar Association,

the NCC will provide a letter
of explanation and back you up.


You agreed to be part of an operation

trying to bring a major
criminal to justice,

so it's a bit late for you to complain

that aspects of your role
offend your moral code.


RICHARD: Mr Foster.

Richard Stirling.


Um, I've had a look at the police brief.

The DNA evidence placing you at
the scene of Flynn Pearce's m*rder

is quite...

quite strong.

Um, while it may be possible
to challenge that in court,

it is my strong belief that...

achieving an acquittal
for m*rder is... unlikely

and that you are facing
a lengthy prison term.

There is, however, another
approach to your, um...


If you were to confess to any
other currently unsolved crimes

that you may have been... involved in,

assist various authorities with
any ongoing investigations,

then... that cooperation would be...

is likely to be... taken
into account in sentencing.

Darren never told you to say that.


No, he didn't.

He wanted me to tell you to
sit tight and refuse any deal.

Which you could also choose to do.

(CALLS OUT) Oi! Yeah,
we're done in here.




(CHUCKLES) I was just...

I was just coming to see you.

- Um...

Uh, I've...

I've... I've thought
about what you said,

and I think... I think you're right.

- You know, we should talk through this.

So, I'm ready.

Now. Um...

To talk.

You're ready now?

I've been wanting to talk to you
since you got back from Fiji.

- Bianca, it's...
- No, Janet.


It's too late.



...the worst droughts on record.

Are you sure?

NEWSREADER: Police seized
more than half a tonne

of the drug MDMA last night,

worth million.

Several people were arrested in a
raid on a property in Ingleburn...

(SCREAMS) f*ck!

f*ck, f*ck, f*ck!


And f*ck you too!

He goes on with a few
more choice phrases.

Nothing incriminating,
but he's not happy.

Having half a million bucks' worth
of precursors you can't sell

does that to some people.

So Darren's only choice for betting now

is to transfer his dirty money from
Switzerland back to Australia.

We got it all in place.

- DARREN: How many lawyers...
- Jeez!

How many lawyers does it take
to screw in a light bulb?

- Darren!
- None.

They only screw you.

What are you doing here?

I asked you to look after my mate.

And now I hear that you're
trying to get him to cut deals.

What, this is about Wes Foster?

Your job was to make sure
he kept his mouth shut.

You... asked me to look after him.

Now, one of his options is
to refuse to cooperate,

but that'll see him in
jail for a very long time.

Another option is to plead
not guilty to m*rder, but...

look, the DNA evidence is very strong.

The third option is
that he pleads guilty

but then he gets a
reduction in his sentence

by giving police information on other...

unsolved matters, you know?

Matters which, of course,
have nothing to do with...

anyone in this room. Okay?

I know what you're doing, Richard.
It's just basic defence advice.

You're planning on stringing
this out, aren't you? Huh?

Over months, years. Having
me pay your exorbitant fees.

Bleeding me dry while you
get rich as clotted cream.

You try and put one over me again...

well, I'll just rip that
forked tongue of yours

right out of your throat.







Darren knows I told Wes to do a deal.


I don't know! He just knows.

I'm not sure how much
longer I can do this, Janet.

It won't be long before he finds out
I'm working for the NCC, and then...

I can't get that poor kid Glen
Farmer's face out of my head.

I keep seeing his face as I
fed him all that f*cking spin.

Okay. Tennis match is this afternoon.
Farmer will throw the set.

We're about to close on Darren. Why
don't you go away for a few days?


- Go where?
- I don't know!

The South Coast?

You can't just disappear.

You'll need to leave some
kind of plausible reason.

We can't have Darren spooked.


BONNIE: Janet.

Darren's local account
has just registered

a deposit of . million.

Oh! That's great.

But it didn't come from
Zuricher Finanzen.

It's a credit transfer
from a bank in Paris.


Faulkes Concrete and Co.
accepted a deposit

of just over , ,
euros from Pierrot Beton.

Going off the
documentation, it's a loan.

A loan?

Who's... Pierrot Beton?

Construction company, by
the sounds of things.

But whoever they are, looks like
Darren's not using his Swiss money

but a perfectly legitimate tranche.

The expression "bow-bow!"
springs to mind.

Okay, I want all of Faulkes's financial
and business records on my desk.

His business is legit. All
declared, nothing illegal...

Just do it.

Pierrot Beton isn't the
first international loan

that Faulkes has got.

Six months ago, he borrowed . million

from a construction company in
Belgium, Hayes Constructies.

A few months before that, ,
from a company in the Netherlands.

And a year earlier, million from
a building company in Bordeaux.

Yeah, I checked them all.

They were all real loans.
Paperwork legit on both sides.

The paperwork is legit, but the
companies are all shelf companies.

They've never traded in anything.

Each one was set up a few weeks before

the loan to Darren was arranged

and shut down a few weeks after
the money landed in Australia.

So we need to check the
Zuricher Finanzen account

for overnight transfers,
transfers to accounts in Europe.

Nearly . million Swiss
francs were transferred

from the Zuricher Finanzen
account to an account in Paris.

Pierrot Beton.

And . million Swiss francs
is about . million euros,

which is about . million Australian.

BIANCA: So Darren sends dirty money
to Switzerland via RepExchange,

then he transfers it to shelf
companies in Belgium or France,

then he loans it back to
himself in Australia.

Paying no tax and laundering it
nice and clean and ready to spend.

TONY: You've closed
the loop. Impressive.

We just need confirmation

of how much Darren's got
in that Swiss account.

Then we can slap charges of
defrauding the Commonwealth on him.

Evidence of international
money laundering means

the UN Office of Transnational
Crime can pressure the Swiss

to unlock the vault.

I'll get the Attorney-General
to rubber-stamp the request.

- Great.

Then if the UN can act
fast, we can actually...

Oh. Sorry.

Um... I'll be back in a minute.


I can't make lunch.

Did you get a better offer?

No, um, things are just really
hotting up here right now.

Need to be sure I'm in for the
k*ll, you know? Rain check?

OWEN: Sure. Okay. Bye.

I had a look at that, um...
school scholarship sport thing.

Yeah? What did you think?

Could be okay, I suppose.


Looks pretty cool, actually. (LAUGHS)

Application form's
f*cking stupid, though.

It's like... CV, personal
goals, academic goals,

words on my social inclusion plan.


I was wondering if you could...
give me a hand filling it in.

I would love to.

Hey. We're on.


- PEARL: Thanks, Janet.
- ANDY: Janet?

PEARL: I'll see you tonight, then, yeah?

JANET: Sure. Look forward to it.

Thanks. See you.

Tony just worked his
international legal magic.

Guess how much Darren
has in his Zurich account.

million Australian.


I've sent someone to
warn off Glen Farmer.

- Let's get Darren.
- I'm coming too.

Janet, you know that's not procedure.

I won't get in the way. I
just... I need to see his face.

MAN: Armed police! Search warrant!



MAN: Put the phone down!

We're looking for
laptops, tablets, phones!

ANDY: f*ck.

What have we got?



JANET: Where are you?

Uh, I'm at the chambers,
just finishing up.

You need to get out. Darren knows
that you're working for us.

- How?
- He's seen photos of us together.

Okay? So what I need you to
do, I need you to get out.


G'day, Richie.


Okay, we've got to go
to Richard's chambers.


BIANCA: All available units
to Grant Street, Pyrmont.

Suspect drives a red Mitsubishi SUV.

Repeat, all units to
Grant Street, Pyrmont.

They're on their way.


So, you're a churchgoer, Rich?

Constant bloody surprise, aren't you?

Hey, w-we could have stayed inside
if you just wanted to talk.

Oh, no, I like the wide open spaces.


for a private chat.



Hey, I-I don't understand
what's going on.

Really? Smart man like you?

Wh-what is it that you
think that I've done?

You're a dog, Richard.

And you've been dogging me to
the National Crime Commission.

And I'm very displeased about it.


Very upset.

Angry, even. (CHUCKLES)



- Out of the vehicle! Give up!
- Give up!

- You're kidding.

Get out slowly! Move!

- Shut it down now!
- Hand up!

Out of the vehicle! Come on!

- Slowly! Out of the vehicle!

Put your hands where I can
see them! Walk out!

Hands away!

BIANCA: Darren Faulkes!

You are being detained for
questioning by the NCC!

You okay?

Yeah. Yep. Mmm.

Mmm. Mm-hm.

BIANCA: Search him.

Come on. Here.

Come on.

TONY: This examination of
Mr Darren Peter Faulkes

is commencing at : pm.

Present are the witness, Darren Faulkes,

chief investigator
Inspector Bianca Grieve,

senior counsel Janet King,

and myself, chief examiner Tony Gillies.

JANET: Mr Faulkes,

when you last came in to the
NCC, you made an observation.

You said it was Oliver Pittman

who started this Crime
Commission reference.

And you know what? You were right.

Our investigation did
start with that one wide.

And then it just got
wider and... and wider.

We've uncovered salary cap
rorts, doping of athletes,

illegal drug importation, match fixing.

thr*at to k*ll. su1c1de.


TONY: Someone's made
a very large fortune

through corruption in sport.

A very large fortune. On which
they haven't paid any tax.

JANET: Are you perceptive enough
to, I don't know, take a s*ab

at who that person is, Mr Faulkes?

I'm afraid not.

Did you arrange a major betting
plunge on Oliver Pittman's wide?

An incident that led to
him taking his own life?


Did you influence the Northern
Devils Football Club management,

encouraging them to give players
a performance-enhancing drug,

a drug not cleared for
human consumption,

a drug that k*lled Tyler Perati?

Did you arrange salary cap
rorts for the Devils?

Did you import trafficable
amounts of precursor chemicals

in order to pay for these activities?

I have no idea... what
you're talking about.

Did you arrange a betting plunge

on Glen Farmer's tennis match
at the Western Sydney Open?


Where were you taking Richard Stirling?


For a coffee.

I urge you to take our questions
very seriously, Mr Faulkes.

OWEN: Don't quote the Crimes Act
at me, mate. I win every time.

TONY: What the hell's going on?!

Apologies for barging into
your fiefdom, Mr Examiner,

but you'll have to stand
that witness down.


And this hearing needs
to stop immediately.

The state DPP has no jurisdiction
over the National Crime Commission.

But we do.

Agent Simon Nixon, Australian
Secret Intelligence Organisation.


Mr Faulkes is very important to an
ongoing operation ASIO is running.

Yes, well, he's also very
important to the NCC.

We've spent months getting to the point

where we can present charges against him

on a number of very serious offences.

Mr Faulkes will not be
charged with any offence.

BIANCA: He's an out-and-out crook.
He's involved in MDMA production...

Nor can he suffer any
form of public disgrace.

He's the head of an
extensive criminal network!

He's defrauded the Commonwealth
up to his eyeballs!

He must continue running
his construction business,

reputation untarnished.

Darren Faulkes thr*at children.
He has people m*rder.

No brief naming him in any
m*rder has come across my desk.

NIXON: Mr Faulkes is critical
to an ongoing ASIO operation.

Yes, yes, yes, yes.
You've said all that.

But what you haven't done
is explained what he's doing

that's so bloody important.

He has contacts in various
foreign countries,

contacts through his
construction business and...

And through his sports
betting scams. We know this.

Some of those contacts also
fund t*rror1st recruiters

who are targeting young
men here in Australia,

radicalising them for
home-grown acts of terror.


we need Faulkes to maintain
his current position

so that when they change their
phone and email accounts,

they tell him and we track
them here in Australia.

And what's your role in all this?

The DPP has been trying to run
several terrorism prosecutions.

Mr Mitchell's been very helpful
in connecting the dots.

I can just imagine.

Look, I know that this...
change in emphasis

is disappointing for the NCC.

TONY: Oh, it's not just
disappointing to us.

The ATO will be spitting chips.
You've robbed them of a payday.

Oh, you can still claim unpaid
taxes and proceeds of crime.

ASIO cannot have Faulkes locked up.

But we don't mind if
his wings are clipped.

Might even help us a little.

What about his betting scams?

He won't make a profit
from those anymore.

We're letting him run them, but
only to, uh... keep the con.

Keep the con?

Darren Faulkes is a danger to society

and he should be locked
up for a very long time.

On the contrary. He's important
to keeping the country safe.

And national security
outranks organised crime.

Sorry, Janet.

I wish a bus would come
along right about...


(CHUCKLES) He's a bastard.

TONY: Like Owen said,
terrorism trumps everything.

Oh, well. We got the money.
That's something, at least.

Darren Faulkes. Helping
to keep the nation safe.

What a joke.

I'm done here.

I've been worried

I might have inadvertently
compromised the reference.

Sleeping with Owen Mitchell didn't help.

You knew?


I thought I was so clever.

That if anyone was being played in
the relationship, it wasn't me.

I was wrong.


LINA: W-w-wait a minute.

The trial date's been
brought forward to when?

No, i-i-it can't be! That week is
impossible for me. I can't even...


Yeah, all right, all right. Um...

I'll see what I can do,
but I-I can't make any...


Oh! Shit!



ANDY: Mummy's looking really tired.

(LAUGHS) Oh! Hello there!

I thought Amal should see the
important place her mummy works.

Oh! I've got a trial now that
clashes with the... bar exam,

which is the same week as her birthday.

What am I doing, Andy?

You are gonna come home with
us for some takeaway Thai.

And tonight, you are
free to be on the books.

Another night not being
spent with this one.

And I... I haven't had
time to prepare for a case

that I'd otherwise win.

And you are great at all that.

Why isn't that enough?

Why do I keep beating myself
up trying to prove to the...

the Janets and the Owens of the
world that I can keep up with them?

You don't need to prove
anything to them.

No. No, I don't.

The bar exam can just wait.

I thought you really
wanted to be a barrister.

Yeah, but... I don't
have to do it right now.

I can do it when I'm ready.
Really, really ready.

- Right now, I...
- What?

Right now, I just want to go home
and eat some takeaway Thai food.



- Yeah?

TONY: Janet?

Social media are already speculating

why a fit -year-old woman
would die of heart failure.

(SIGHS) And it'll...

it'll just stay speculation now.


Zoe's beaten that one.

You did try.

JANET: (SNIFFS) And I failed.

- TONY: No success without failure.
- JANET: No.

And as we've seen, winning
comes in all shapes and sizes.

As does loss.


OWEN: Wes Foster brief hit
my desk the other day.

It's been updated.

Gave a very full statement

about all the crimes
Darren got him to commit.

Arson, standover. Drug running. Fraud.

thr*at to k*ll. m*rder.

All the details, dates, times.
What Faulkes paid him.


JANET: Perhaps Wes wanted to do
his bit to keep the country safe.

OWEN: Janet, ASIO are not
gonna change their minds.

Faulkes is too important to them.

And even with a statement like this,

it's not like they're gonna
suddenly lock him up.

Not suddenly, no.

But Darren's on borrowed time.

Sooner or later, he won't be useful.

His cover will be blown,
targets will move on,

and... once ASIO doesn't need him,

all the protections they've
put in place will evaporate.

Like sweat in the sun.

I will lock him up.

Didn't get your front
page, though, did you?

And I've just been offered...

a new three-year contract
as the head of the DPP.

And the winner is...


Owen, to b*at someone, you have
to both be playing the same game.

Some of us play short
and fast. Others...

take the longer approach.

See you later, Mr Piping Hot.


♪ I've been my own friend ♪

♪ I've been my own friend ♪

♪ Things lost and won ♪

♪ Things lost and won ♪

♪ When you pull me aside ♪

♪ Feels like my head ♪

♪ Is going blind ♪

♪ I notice old in you ♪

♪ You notice new in me too ♪


♪ If you could take me ♪

♪ If you could save me from this ♪

♪ If you could take me ♪

♪ I would follow you ♪

♪ I would follow you ♪

♪ I would follow you ♪

♪ I would follow you ♪

♪ I would follow you. ♪
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