02x06 - I'm Alive

Episode transcripts for the TV show "One Mississippi". Aired November 2015 - September 2017.
"One Mississippi" is a look at a woman reeling from her own declining health, making an unexpected trip back to her coastal hometown of Bay Saint Lucille, Mississippi to be there when her mother is taken off life support.
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02x06 - I'm Alive

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♪ Jambalaya, crawfish pie, file' gumbo ♪

♪ 'Cause tonight I'm gonna
see my ma chere amie-o ♪

♪ Pick guitar, fill fruit jar and be gay-o ♪

♪ Son of a g*n, we'll
have big fun on the bayou ♪

♪ Son of a g*n, we'll
have big fun on the bayou ♪

Did you even sleep?

Not much.

- Did everything just hit you?
- Yeah, kind of.

I understand. I mean, you were in shock.

What do you mean? When?


Oh, wait, I think we're
talking about different things.

Um, were you not talking about Jack?

No. No. I was... never mind.

What was keeping you up?

Uh, well...


I was thinking about
having sex with you.


I mean, I was wondering
what that would be like.

Like, what would happen
in that situation.

It shouldn't feel like a mental puzzle.

But I'm not saying it won't happen.


We need to get going. We
have to meet with Ezra soon.

♪ As I cry out to you ♪

♪ I will trust, I will trust ♪

♪ I will trust in you ♪

What happened here?

This isn't yours is it?

No. Not my style.

Must be Desiree's.

Not exactly her style either.


This is unheard of.


My body's in shock.


It's been so long
since it's been touched.

Me too.

Perhaps we could spend the day together.

Oh, I'd like that, but I must go.

- The wedding.
- Mm-hmm.

Is there anything that
I could help you with?

I just have to get through it.

It's going to be a very emotional day.

With so many unpleasant
family dynamics to navigate.


Oh, he's just a child really.

He's not malicious.

It's my mother I'm dreading.

I'm so sorry.

She is an extremely unpleasant person.

We only speak when she needs something.

I have a difficult parent as well.


Not to me, but highly problematic.

He's d*ad now.

That's nice.

I filled up the Jeep, too.

Pump two?


That one will give you gas.

Insomnia, racing heart, does nothing.

I've tried them all.

This one?

This one will get you so hard

you'll be knocking
down walls for hours.

All right.

I know this is quite forward,

and of course there may be no room,

but it would helpful to you

if I came to the wedding today?

Well, I'm not sure I want to expose you

to the possibility
of abuse by my mother.

I am quite unflappable,

and I do have a way with elderly women,

if I do say so.

I would be an excellent buffer.

Well, my sister's husband
does have the flu, supposedly,

so there's room,

and it sure would take
the heat off of Allison.

♪ Sometimes you say the right word ♪

♪ With the wrong inflection ♪

I feel like I offended you
before, and I'm so sorry.

I'm not offended.

I just feel like maybe you're more upset

about what happened
yesterday than you realize.

I don't know.

It's definitely not what
kept me up last night.

Well, you do tend to
disassociate in this area.


And you were just really in your head

that way you said that.

- You are offended.
- I'm not.

Kate, I think I'm a little more in touch

with my emotions than you are.

I haven't brushed my teeth
since yesterday morning.

What? I can't express
anything about my reality?

No, your reality would be great.

I just don't get why you think you know

what my reality is better than I do.

I don't, you're right.

I'm dying for a latte.

Is that real enough for you?

Not really.

And we both agree on kids.

As a matter of fact, you both wrote,

"as many as it takes to get a boy."

Since we have a girl.

Both of you put
financially conservative,

preferring to save for
retirement and college

than going on trips or out to dinner.

Both of you chose messier than average,

but you do believe in making that effort

to clean the kitchen and bathroom.

I am so very pleased
with your compatibility,

and I feel the Lord says
yes to this marriage.

Now, this would be the time
to go over any other questions

or concerns that you may have.

Oh, my God. I am so sorry.

Well, it's not your fault.

There were rumors.

I just thought it can't
be, he's so progressive.

That's... that's bullshit.

Do you think he thought
he was just like...

- Making a move?
- A move?

Would be to ask her out for a drink.

But in his mind, I mean.

I'm just so confused by this

basically out-of-the-blue behavior.

Well, yes, I was confused too.

And he just started under the desk?

And you're positive it was, you know.

- Yes.
- And you tried to leave?

At first I was just like,
what is happening here?

But once you realized...

Did he block the door?

I mean, it all happened really fast.

You were in a state of shock.

I was really confused.

I was flustered, I guess.

I mean, my brain
couldn't even comprehend

what it was he was doing.

It's traumatic.

I guess, yeah, it was.

Obviously, I'm taking this to HR.

HR? Can't you just f*re him?

Sadly, no. It's a legal thing.

They have to investigate.

But we'll get him fired, trust me.

But he doesn't get to be here
while they're investigating it?

Well, they usually just
try and figure a way

you don't have to deal with him
while they're looking into it.

So he just gets to
masturbate at everyone

while HR is looking into it.

I can't imagine he'll
masturbate at everyone.

It's fine.

We should just go to the police then.

The police, really?

Yeah, it's a crime. It's as*ault.

The police aren't gonna care about

a producer masturbating at someone.

I mean, to them, that's
less of a violation

than parking in a loading zone.

It's terrible, but I just think

we have to handle it internally.

It is truly a great and joyous occasion

when two people choose
each other wholeheartedly,

accepting both the fullness and
the limitation of each other.


Nothing happens without cause.

An old saying goes,
"Even the chance brushing

of one's sleeve against
a stranger on a ferry

may be the cause of
their future encounters."

The union of Allison and
Ted are not accidental.

Indeed, due to the law of karma,

they, from their very beginning

have been coming together
for this auspicious moment.

Everything cool?

No, it's not cool.

Ha, great. So we're good to go?

- Oh, yeah, we're good to go.
- Great.

What a f*cking assh*le.

I can't wait to be "In the
Moment" with Tig and Kate.

- Wait, what are you gonna say?
- Let's go.

So the theme today is
perverts and predators

inspired by an incident that
happened here at Weiss-Acre.

So let's start with
"Dirty Pants" by Smog.

You can't say his name.

I can describe what happened in detail.

No. That's my story to tell.

Maybe the real reason you're so
upset by what happened to me...

It's upsetting. He violated you.

But maybe it's more about
what happened to you.

I mean, we haven't
really talked about that.

Maybe that's something, you know,

you should be talking about.

♪ No shirt and broken
tooth, barefoot and beaming ♪

Can I get you something
from the pressed juice bar?

A Campari.

I believe there's no alcohol.

It's a sober wedding, Ma.

A sober wedding? Somber wedding.

It's like a funeral
for my granddaughter.

She was engaged to a lawyer
who had worked with Obama.

But now who is she marrying? Ted.

I don't even know how
he makes his living.

He works in social media.

When you get married by a monk,

does it make it easier to get a divorce?

She's ordained, Mother.

Anyone can do a wedding now, Ma.

You just fill out a form online.

Well, then what's the point?

There's a legal process as well.

If there's no God in Buddhism,

who is watching over the marriage?

I believe evolved
karma involves a kind of

self-administered retribution
for the actions of the soul.

It's quite fascinating.

So Allison is a Buddhist now too?

I thought so, but no
one would admit it to me.

I certainly don't know the details

of Allison's spiritual life.

And why would you?

You hardly know Felicia,
but you feel fine

showing up here at
her daughter's wedding.

Mother, you have no idea
how long I've known Bill.

I don't even know what has
happened to the social fabric.

I am honored to be here.

You have raised a wonderful daughter.

And what is that supposed to mean?

I don't need your approval.

I'm just merely stating a fact.

Anyone can see you've done
a remarkable job as a mother,

with both your daughters.

And what do you do to make your living?

I'm the Chief Financial
Officer at BSL Foods.

I have a friend who works there,

not that you would
know her. Karen Vishawn.


She's a phenomenal member
of our industrial sales team.

I am really mad at a
co-worker for doing something.

I guess I can't really go into it,

but I hate not being to talk
about this kind of situation

because, oh, boy...

Remy, Tig's on!

This is not a hilarious story.

I was molested by my step-grandfather.

It started when I was two

before I understood what
was going on, obviously.

I was just learning to
talk or to... to not talk.

I was learning to not say anything,

to not tell anybody what was happening.

The craziest thing is
the rest of the time

he was actually

a really good grandfather.

He helped us build a tree house

and build a go-kart.

I used to wish that he'd
just be this nice grandfather

and not this...

other thing he'd turn into

when my parents weren't around.

When I got old enough to
realize I could tell my mother,

he said, "Go ahead, tell her."

I was so confused because I thought

she knew...

or was somehow in on it.

I wish I could've been there for you.

Well, I appreciate that,

but you were prenatal
by at least ten years,

so you wouldn't have
been that much of a help.

I guess not.

When I was , I finally told my mother,

and she wanted me to go to the police,

but I just... I couldn't
put myself through that,

all the questioning.

Exactly. You were the
one under suspicion.


Like, why didn't you
say something sooner or,

you know, how could this
man that everybody loves

do such a thing?

I was just this messed up kid.

Why would they believe me over him?

Oh, my God. Oh, poor Tig.

That poor little girl.

[KATE] God, it's so wrong.

Did you know?

[TIG] Yeah. Well...

When did you find out?

I was there.

What do you mean you were there, hon?

I was in the room.

I mean, he did it right in front of me.

What did you do?

Oh, my God.

It's so insane how with sexual as*ault

the criminals are more
protected than the victims.

It's like we have to prove we're
not lying or we didn't want it.

It's like no one wonders
if you wanted to get mugged.

Well, you were carrying a
wallet and wearing a watch.

If you didn't want to get robbed,

why did you have a
computer in your house?

It is a bad system.

I had this friend who was
in this musical theater group

- with a lot of date-r*pe-y guys.
- A lot?

In a... in a theater group?

Actors? Are you kidding.

- What about jewelers?
- Don't buy jewelry alone ever.

- Independent book sellers?
- They're fine.

Anyway, so this musical theater
company had this private,

secret Facebook page where
they would talk about these guys

as kind of a warning of who to avoid.

Oh, kind of like the,
um, that military nude

Facebook group except
the exact opposite?

Yeah. I mean, we really
need something like that,

but for, like, all women.

You know, like a reverse
little black book.

Like a Yellow Pages but
for men you should avoid.

The Red Pages.

Warning, do not go in a
room alone with this guy.

Dot org.

And it would have to be invitation only.

Like what is that wedding site?

I truly have no idea.

The Knot, but for sexual as*ault.

You know, and then people
could get together with whatever

community they're in for
like a school or a company.

It's a shame you can't
do that with family.


But maybe it could help
people avoid marrying

an abuser in the first place.

There should be a search engine where

you can look people up,
like a background check.

Totally, that's a must.

- I love this.
- I know.

I can't tell you how
upset I was when I read

Ned and Constance
Sublette's devastating book

on the forced breeding of slaves.

I was raised in the north.

We were taught we were the good guys.

I'm just so ashamed that
I have been alive this long

without understanding
the depths of this horror.

Yeah, well, now you know.

I think it's great that you're

doing all this reading though.

I just... I want so much to apologize.

That'll fix it.

Who needs a little nip?

Rose? Yvonne?


Ali, weddings are supposed to be fun!

Rum or vodka, I got 'em both.


I just want to see if
that domain name is taken.

Oh, yeah, bummer.
There's a TheRedPages.net.

It's probably a p*rn site.

Oh, my God, it's our thing.

Someone's building the website.

Someone that just listened to our show?

It must be.

The show already has , plays.

- No.
- Yes.


It's so great that
you said what you said.

I mean, thanks for making me say it.

This could really be something
great in the world, you know?

- Yeah.
- The Red Pages.

- You really did something.
- We really did something.

It's really something we have.

Yeah, it's definitely something.

But, I mean, like, something big.


Maybe so big...

it was hard to accept

because I've never really
felt this way before.

I... I want to be with you,

like, all the time,

in every possible way.



No but, just and.

And, huh?

And... And...


Wait. Whoa, slow down.

Slow down?

Well, yeah. I mean,
we're at work for one.

Oh, yeah.

And I think we should date.


Yeah, just date for awhile.

You mean, no sex yet?

I'm an old-fashioned southern gal.

Oh, my God.


Could you have left them in the kitchen?

I did read the newspaper in here.

I am so sorry you had
a monster for a daddy.

- What?
- I heard Tig's show.

Did you not?

Do you despise me?

- For not knowing?
- For any of it, all of it.

You were raised by that person.

I know. I know.

I should have known, I just didn't.

I didn't suspect.

No. What I'm saying is, do you even know

what the effect of that has been?

I, uh, no.

I... I'm not sure what you mean.

Have you had any therapy, for example?

We cannot pretend that these
things have not happened.

I don't.

We have to feel them fully

in order to feel anything else.

Do you see what I mean?

Listen, I know you didn't want me

to talk about family stuff,
but it just kinda happened.

I understand.

- You do?
- Uh-huh.


Um, I, um, excuse me.

I am upset.

Not with you.

What is it?

I just...

I just don't want to lose...

my very good friend.

Felicia? What... what happened?

- I'm not good enough for her.
- Did she say that?

I just... I can't be what she wants.

What does she want?

Someone... you know...

I don't even know.

The kind of person who, uh,
goes to therapy, I think.

She wants you to go to therapy?

I don't know. It has
to do with feelings.


Maybe you could

change in that way a little.

Or enough.

What if I can't?

But what if you can?

Oh, Tig.

I think you can.


Oh, Jesus, God.

What's going on?

I'm sorry, Tig.

I'm so sorry.

What? What? Why?

I should've tried to stop him.

Hey, hey, no. You were just a kid, too.

I know, but later. I knew it was wrong.

Why didn't I do anything?
Why didn't I do anything?

You were scared.

You were molested, too.

No, I wasn't, Tig.

You were, just in a different way.

You know, even though
he didn't touch you,

witnessing it, you were molested, too.



I brought a toothbrush this time.

Oh, thank God.

This is a fun date.

Yeah, it's a sleepover date.


Hey, I was thinking

maybe we won't have
to move to New Zealand

if Oprah runs for President.

Yeah, I guess we'll
have to convince her.


By the way, our show went viral.

- Really? That's amazing.
- I know.

♪ I was born in a thunderstorm ♪

♪ I grew up overnight ♪

♪ I played alone, I played on my own ♪

♪ I survived ♪

That's even better.

♪ Hey, I wanted everything I never had ♪

♪ Like the love that comes with light ♪

♪ I wore envy and I hated that ♪

♪ But I survived ♪

♪ And I'm still breathing ♪

♪ I'm still breathing ♪

♪ I'm still breathing ♪

♪ I'm still breathing ♪

♪ I'm alive ♪

♪ I'm alive ♪

♪ I'm alive ♪

♪ I'm alive ♪

♪You took it all, but I'm still breathing ♪

♪ You took it all, but I'm still breathing ♪

♪ You took it all, but I'm still breathing ♪

♪ You took it all, but I'm still breathing ♪

♪ I'm alive ♪

♪ I'm alive ♪
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