04x13 - Inspector Gadget Goes to Jail - We Had a Really Good Title for This One...

Episode Transcripts for the TV show "Inspector Gadget". Aired January 2015 - May 2018.
When Dr. Claw returns, Inspector Gadget is brought out of retirement to defeat him again, now with Penny and Brain's open participation.
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04x13 - Inspector Gadget Goes to Jail - We Had a Really Good Title for This One...

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♪ Inspector Gadget ♪

♪ Inspector Gadget ♪

♪ Inspector Gadget ♪

♪ Inspector Gadget ♪

♪ Go, go, Gadget, go ♪

♪ Go, go, Gadget, go ♪

♪ Go, go, Gadget, go ♪

♪ Go, go, get 'em, Gadget ♪

♪ Inspector Gadget ♪

♪ Inspector Gadget ♪

♪ Go, go, Gadget, go ♪

♪ Go, go, get 'em, Gadget ♪

♪ Inspector Gadget ♪

[Dr. Claw] Summon them, MADcat.

Summon all my MAD agents!

- [gasps]
- Now!

[clears throat, meows words]

Give me that!

All MAD-hands on deck!

All MAD Agents to my boudoir...
[gasps] master control room...

[clears throat] ...now!

MAD Agent Talon, reporting for evil duty.

MADcat, did I accidentally summon
all my ineffective nephews,

or did I summon all my MAD agents?

Um, they've all been arrested by Gadget
and thrown into jail. Remember?

Curse you, Gadget!

You've dwindled my evil roster
down to the dregs.

That means you, Talon.

If only Gadget were in jail,

then he wouldn't be able
to put anyone else there.

[gasps] That's it!

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

We give up evil and open a bistro
that specializes in cat meat?


No, you fool!

We're going to frame Gadget
for the world's greatest crime.

Shoplifting! [laughs]

- [gasps]
- [Gadget] I love Sundae-Wednesdays.

Because who doesn't love
making sundaes on Wednesdays?

Go, go, Gadget, ingredient grabbers.




Oopsie! Almost forgot the
super-ultra-mega-top secret ingredients:

cabbage and mackerel paste.

Penny, grab the paste,
I'll get the cabbage.

Go, go, Gadget, grabbers.

[Inspector Gadget screams]

Mackerel paste?
I really hope that's not a thing.

Thanks for failing me again, hope.

Excuse me!

No shirts, no shoes,
no particle platforms, no service.

But I am wearing shoes and a shirt,
and I used a particle platform.

So we're good, right?

I said noparticle platforms!
Follow the rules, ma'am!

I am so sorry. I always follow the rules.

I even gave myself a nickname:
Penny Rule Follower.

- [groans]
- But I'd call her Penny Drool Follower.

[laughs] Huh?

Too round. Not round enough.

Perfectly round, but not green enough.

[yelps, gasps]

Perfectly round and green,
but I don't like its attitude.



From chocolate bars to behind bars.

All the ingredients
are completely paid for.

Let's make some sundaes!

- [alarm blares]
- [siren wailing]

[screams] Shoplifter!


That's the world's greatest crime.
Let's find this fiend.

It's him! He's the shoplifter!
He's stolen a chocolate bar!

- [both gasp]
- White chocolate?

He's not a criminal, he's a monster!

Gadget, it pains me to say this,
but you're under arrest.

I'm sorry, but my hands are tied.

Actually, they're stuck in pickle jars.

HQ has received an anonymous tip
that some diabolical delinquent

is committing the world's
greatest crime: shoplifting.

Your mission:
find the thief and escort them

to the highest security prison there is:

Never in a million years

would I have thought
it would be you, Gadget.

This message, like your career,
will self-destruct.


But Uncle Gadget
would never break the rules.

We've got to get to the bottom of this.

I read you loud and clear, Chief.

You're sending me to prison

undercover as a criminal
to teach these toughs a lesson.

- [winks]
- You can count on me.

I'll go to jail and be the toughest tough.
Go, go, Gadget, self-arresters.

Lead me away, me!



That still hurts
less than arresting Gadget. [sobs]

[jangling in distance]





Howdy. I'm Inspector Inmate
Criminal Meanie Gadget,

and I'm a real bad boy.

I even come to a full stop
at green lights.

Don't talk at me, fresh meat!

I'm Warden McSupercool,

and you're gonna obey my rules
while you're in the big house!

- Open the cell!
- [alarm blares]

Give Inspector Inmate
a warm welcome, boys.


How delightful! I love warm welcomes.

- Will there be a tour, too?
- Yeah, and it'll be very hands on.

Uncle Gadget would never commit a crime.

The only time he's ever shoplifted
was that mission

where he literally lifted a shop,
and hurled it at the MAD plane.

There must be a way
we can prove his innocence.

I wish there was something
I could do, Penny.

But the law is the law, rules are rules,

and my hands
are still stuck in pickle jars.

Seriously, [clinks]
I'm in quite the pickle.

Brain, I think we should break
Uncle Gadget out.


I know it's against the rules,
and I don't break rules,

but the rules are already broken,
so breaking broken rules

is really like putting them
back together, right?



- So, you think you're a tough guy?
- The toughest.

I've never even sent a thank you card
in response to a thank you card.

That's how tough I am.

Go, go, Gadget, big meanie frown.

- [thud]
- [both grunt]

- [thud]
- [grunts]

[water swooshes]

- [alarm blares]
- Inmate Gadget!

Do I have to put you in solitary?

Yes, please. I love playing solitary.

But I'd love it even more
if we could play it together.

[alarm blaring]

Hear that, inmates?
Time to hit the floor for exercise.

Exercise? That's the healthiest way
to turn into even more of a tough guy.

Go, go, Gadget,
heaviest weight I've got to exercise with.



[suspense music playing]


Brain, there's a not-so-secret-anymore
access door straight ahead.


[Brain grunts]

[Penny grunts]

[gasps] No entry?

Opening it would be
breaking another rule.


I know. We have to break rules
to save Uncle Gadget.

And it's not like anyone will ever know.

[alarm blaring]

[guard over PA]
We have intruders! Get them!

Uh, Warden McSupercool,
we have an intruder in Cell Block A.

Oh, Penny, breaking in is my thing.
Too bad you won't be breaking out.

Hey, friends! Who wants to spot me?

[both grunt]

Go, go, Gadget, muscle stretchers.

[grunts] Please stop!


You said please. That's very un-tough guy.
I'm secretly very proud of you.


- [all grunt]
- Oh.

If being a real tough guy
has taught me anything,

it's that big meanies like us
like to crash things,

like parties.

Go, go, Gadget, jailhouse party.

[gasps] Yeah!

Whoa. You're the toughest tough
I ever seen, man.

- You're the boss.
- You said it.

This party is a riot.


You heard the boss! Let's riot!

[all scream]


- [screams]
- [expl*si*n]

[alarm blaring]

Stop in the name of the law!


Sorry, Brain, I'm just not a rule breaker.

Breaking into jail?
Evading officers of the law?

Who do you think you are, Pen,
a crummy version of me?

The only crummy version of you is you!

I knew Uncle Gadget was framed.
At least you're in jail where you belong.

I just have to get you
on the right side of the bars.

Yeah, well, too bad
you're on the wrong side of the law!

- Take 'em down, boys!
- [Brain shrieks]

[Penny grunts]

[policemen grunt]

[chuckles] Wow, Pen,
I never thought I'd ever get to say this,

but, as an Officer of the Law,
you're under arrest for rule-breaking.


[Penny grunts]

- You won't get away with this.
- Ha! If only I had a camera,

I'd take a picture of your face
and frame it,

just like I framed Inspector Gadget.

What was that?

Did all your rule breaking
break your weirdly shaped ears?

I said, I framed Inspector Gadget.

[Talon's voice recording]
I said, I framed Inspector Gadget.

I framed Inspector Gadget.

Hey! No fair! Time for Bad Warden.


Penny? Brain?
Are you here for visiting hours?

Oh! That would melt the heart
of even the toughest of tough guys.


Go, go, Gadget, family reunion.

- [Talon screams]
- [expl*si*n]

Hey! Freedom!



Gadget, I'm so sorry
for thinking you shoplifted.

- Can you ever forgive me?
- Nothing to forgive, Chief.

You sent me here
to teach the toughs a lesson,

and I taught them
the toughest lesson of all: friendship!

You know, I already miss those guys.

I should round them up,
so we can all be in the same place again.

Go, go, Gadget, new friend collectors.



So, I guess
everything worked out in the end?

Not exactly, young lady.

You disobeyed my orders,
broke into a federal penitentiary,

resisted arrest, and broke a lot of rules.

As punishment, you've got to help me
get these pickle jars off my hands.

I'll just show myself back in.

- [buzzes]
- [Brain whines]


[Talon babbling] Whoa!

Well, I guess today wasn't a total loss.

It's rewarding to see Talon behind bars.


- I guess it's just you and me now, MADcat.
- [meowing]

Next crime, Gadget! Next crime!

Hey, Chief!

[coughs] Gadget!

[coughs, stammers] W-What...?

I don't have a mission for you today.

Ah, but I have a mission for you.

Brain, that's your cue, silly-willy.


After years of careful observation,
I, the world's greatest Inspector,

have deduced:
you possibly may likely enjoy food.

Your mission:

come over for a home-cooked dinner
you'll never forget.

That's a mission I'd be happy to accept,

Just one question, when did you use
my office to record that message?

Some secrets are best held
close to your chest, Chief.

- Like this ball!
- [beeping]


Guys! I've got all the supplies
for Chief Quimby's surprise.

And they totally forgot about me.

- [gasps]
- Whoopsie! Didn't see you there.

Join the club.
Ever feel like you're invisible?

Uh, hmm. Nope!

Maybe you're one of those people
who has trouble making an impression.

I wanna say...


- Very funny, Professor.
- [laughs]

Are you here, Chief? No?

I'll just have to assume
you're okay with me

"accidentally" putting
experimental mutagen

in the coffee machine.

I love science!


[sighs, bleats]


Remember this date, you two.

For today's the day
I eliminate Gadget for good.


Um, not to put too fine a point on it,
but you've been trying to

[imitates Dr. Claw's voice]
"eliminate Gadget for good"

since before cell phones were a thing.

Cell phones!

How did people even butt-dial back then?

Ah, forget all that!

Now I have a plan so unforgettable

it will be seared into the minds
of everyone forever! See?

I've implanted Gadget with a device
that resets his internal clock,

making him forget everything
that's happened to him in the last hour.

So, he'll forget when he beats you?


Each time Gadget escapes us,

we'll reset his memory
to learn his every move,

then make sure he stops making
those moves permanently!

[laughs maniacally]

Wait a sec, when did you get close enough
to implant something in Gadget's head?

And who's the brainiac
who didn't take him out

then and there?

Cuckoo Clockmaker, right on time!

[groans] I should've known,
it's the butt-dial of people.

Yeah? Well at least my uncle
didn't have to give me this job.

Can it! I'm ordering you two to make up,
and take Gadget down!

Fine. I'll prepare myself for a day
of "well-timed" clock puns.

Well, we can't all get by
on our ridiculously good looks, can we?

Wait, did you just compliment
my clock puns with a clock pun?

Did you just finally realize
how stupefyingly handsome I am?

Truthfully? I've always been
a little jealous of your hair.

No way! I've always been jealous
of your witty wordplay!

[gasps] You know,
this team-up might just be...

Making me sick?


[both scream]

Thank you, MADcat.

We've apprehended the ingredients.
Now to make a meal fit for a Chief.

First course, second course, salad course,

fish course, golf course,
recourse, discourse,

- and how could we forget in...
- [Penny] Me!

I only had to run blocks,
but I'm still ready to shop 'til I...

- [barks]
- Penny?

I didn't even notice you were gone.
Those free extra-credit

hide-and-seek lessons you took
have really paid off!


The shopping's all done,
but you can still...

The grocery store? Perfect!

Time to apprehend the ingredients
and make a meal fit for a Chief!

Go, go, Gadget, grocery list.

[Gadget screams]

I know Uncle Gadget forgot me at HQ,

but did he forget
he just went shopping, too?


Strange. I'm picking up
an unauthorized transmission signal.

I'll track it to its source
while you stick with Uncle Gadget.

- [beeps]
- Ready, Brain?

Oh, come on.

[Talon] I've gotta hand it to you, CC.

You don't mind if I call you CC, do you?

Your device is running like clockwork!

Well, Tal, your idea to destroy Gadget
in a grocery store

is so deliciously evil. [chuckles]

Now, which Agent should we send in first?

[both] MADison Bon Trapp?

- [gasps]
- Wow! Same-sies! BFF high five!

Best friends fo'evah!

- Ow.
- [Talon whines]


Look at all the things I can put
in my kale to the Chief salad:

apples because the Chief's
the apple of my eye,

pears because he's pear shaped,

kale because it's in the name
of the salad.

[yelps, barks]

Sorry, Brain, but honeydew melon
has no place in this salad.

- It's a garbage fruit for garbage people.
- [groans]

[whimpers, grunts]

- [screams]
- [thuds, clatters]

Bad, Brain.

Don't you know how dangerous and hilarious
banana covered floors are?

Go, go, Gadget, slippery banana sign.

- [thuds]
- [groans]

There. Now no one will get hurt.


I'm gonna say... do over?

Second time's the charm!

[Penny] You sure about that?

'Cause there's nothing charming
about you two!

[laser g*n fires]

That should hold her for an hour or so.

Every gentleman
needs a good Stop Watch. [chuckles]

Oh! It's a thing of beauty, CC.

But that's a thing of ugmo. [retches]

That face could stop a clock.

So let's give her a time out.


Gadget should be arriving
at the butcher's any minute now.

And he's about to be mincemeat.

Ah, meat, pharaoh of the food pyramid.

But which cut, aside from all of them,
would be right for the Chief?

- [gasps]
- Well, hello there.

Perhaps you can help me, Mr. Butcher?

Oh, yeah! How many pounds you want?

Wait a meaty minute...

Whoa! [grunts]

You're going to show me
how to properly tenderize my steaks

using my body as an example?


- [knuckles crack]
- Oh! Ow!

- [bones cracking]
- [Inspector Gadget grunting]

Not now, Brain. [grunts]
Can't you see I'm... [groans]

...learning valuable
butchery techniques here?

Let me make sure I've got all this.
Go, go, Gadget, meat tenderizer.

[butcher grunts]

[grunts] A culinary lesson
and a spinal readjustment?!


This place puts the 'super'
in supermarket.


[Dr. Claw] Is Gadget done... like dinner?

Not yet, but when we're through,
they're gonna have

to have a cleanup
in aisle four, five, six, and eight.

Buttercup powder? Sounds fancy.

[both grunt]

Brain! My helpfulness
has finally rubbed off on you.

And here I thought it never would.

Go, go, Gadget, little old lady helper.


Eggs, just what we need.

The magic word is alaca-BAM, Gadget.


No Brain, these eggs are rotten.
Go, go, Gadget, egg returner.

Pickled pig's feet? Perfect!

- [clanging]
- [barks]

Okay, Brain, you can have one treat,
but don't get greedy.

Go, go, Gadget, doggie biscuits.


- [groans]
- [clatters]

You two! Where?

They forgot about me?

[steam whistle]

Wait a sec.

They totally forgot about me.

He's cleaned the clocks of everyone
we've sent at him.

Even worse, CC,

I'm getting carpal tunnel
from hitting reset so much.

You know what that means, Tal.

[both] It's Ninja o'clock!


Forget someone?

Not this time!

- [Penny grunts]
- [CC shrieks]

Looks like I finally made an impression...
with my foot.

And you're about to make another...
in the floor.


Look at that, Brain. We were
in and out of the store in record time.

[ninjas grunt]

Thank you, my good men,
but we can carry our own groceries.



These bag boys are very insistent.

Okay, you can carry my bags.

Go, go, Gadget, grocery handoff.

- Oh!
- [grunts]


Thank you, Mister, Mister
and Mister Bag Boy.

What? No! [groans]


Pro tip, Pen,
remember to aim next time! Ha!

I did.


- Hi-ya!
- [screams] Ooh.

Remember to send me a postcard...
from jail.

Poor Pen. You keep forgetting
about my stylin' jet boots.

Time flies, and so do we.

I wanna say something
really clever here, but...

[sighs] ...forget it.

Congratulations, Gadget!
This is truly a meal I won't soon forget.

That's great news, Chief.

Because we're about to have it again,
and again, and again.

- Brain bought too many groceries.
- [grumbles]

Again? Uh, I couldn't possibly.

Nonsense. We can't let food go to waste.

Go, go, Gadget, force feeder.


[Chief gulping]

Only two perfect pinheads like you
could ruin such a perfect plan.

It was Clockmaker's fault!
He folded like a flip phone.

What? Say that again
and I'll punch you like a time clock.

[both grunting]

- [both scream]
- [clatters]

Let's forget they ever existed. [groans]

Next time, Gadget!

[Dr. Claw] Next time!
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