02x06 - Return

Episode transcripts for the TV miniseries "Wolf Creek". Aired: May 2016 to December 2017.
"Wolf Creek" follows 19-year-old Eve, an American tourist targeted by the crazed serial k*ller, who survives his att*ck and embarks on a mission of revenge.
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02x06 - Return

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so we're on the right track, we just...

Think we just keep heading north.

- Got it.
- How much?

On reserve, but enough
to get us to Mick's.

How's Oskar? Is he still following us?

Yeah. A little way back.

Jesus! Shit!


f*cking tyre!

There's blood in here.

Could be from anything.

I don't think he cut himself shaving.

Shouldn't be too much
further now, should it?


I think we're almost there.


- I guess this is home.
- Yeah.

Wait. Where's Oskar?

Must've dropped behind a bit.

I don't think that tool shed

would have held him for long.

Take him hours to get here on foot.

Yeah, and we might need
all of that. Are you ready?

- One sh*t left, yeah?
- Yeah. I won't waste it.

Let's go. Come on!

Hey. Aren't you gonna stop that thing?

No. Won't be able to restart it.

He has to live on his own, right?

There can't be anyone else around.

I doubt it.

- Danny! Danny, I'm here!
- Jesus!

- What?
- I'm not certain!

Come on, ya bastard.


First things first, I've
gotta find some petrol.

I was hoping there might be
a t*nk out here somewhere.


What's in here?

- I don't know. It's just stuff.
- Any petrol?

I don't know.

Oh, my God.

Here's something.


f*cking useless.

Come on. Let's keep looking.




It's Danny's, so he's definitely here.

Look at this.



Rebecca! Take that!



Thank Christ! We've got it.

f*cking assh*le!

Here. Here. Get the lock off.

But we have to go back
for the jerry cans.

- You get it. Danny!
- Don't take the torch away!

Wait! Brian, Brian, shut up!

Jesus. Don't you go in there.

Are you kidding?

It's Danny.

Rebecca! Bec, wait!

Just wait until I've got another torch!


f*ck it!

Torch, torch, torch.





Oh, they left my f*ck' truck running!

What are they trying to
do? Cook the f*ck' engine?

f*ck' boofheads.

Don't you go crawling around
or I'll come back and k*ll ya.

Come on. Get out. Get out! Come on!

Oh, no! Nooo!

Ah, for f*ck's sake.


Keep bloody still, for Christ's sake.

- Arggh!
- Come on!

- No! No!
- Go on, get in there.

Get in! Get in there!







- No!
- Go on, get in there!

Get... in there!

Can you see anyone?


Which way do you think they went?


Oh. Rightio.

Oh, shit! f*ck!


Oh, shit! Shit!




Oh! Jesus!


Where is he?

He thought you were down there.

No, it's Rebecca.

Oh, God!

You have to go after her.

Like f*ck, I do!

- What about me?
- What about you?


Brian, is that you?



Oh! Ohh!

Oh, shit.


Oh, f*ck.

Oh, f...


That you, Winx?

Be careful where you're steppin', girly!


OH! Oh, f*ck!


Hello, hello, hello.

G'day, fella.

So, mate, did you enjoy
the Eyetalian food, eh?

Oh, shit. Oh, shit.
Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Oh!

Oh! Oh!

Oh... Oh... I'm coming! I'm coming!

Come on!


You are really just going
to leave me and Rebecca here?


You f*cking bastard!

Survival of the fittest,
Nina. It's called evolution.

Oh, you stupid f*cking thing!

Damn! Damn! Make it work!



Stay. Stay.

Go on.

Now, go on, get him!
Get away back up there!


Please! Brian. You have to take me.

- Now, shut up!
- Brian!

- Take me with you, please!
- I said shut the f*ck up!

- Please! Please!
- Shut... up!





Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Who are you with?

The police?



No, it's j...


It's just me and Brian.

He's coming.

No. No, no, no, no.

No. Bec, listen. I can't move too good.

Hey. We found gas.

Brian's gonna get us out of here.

It's alright. It's OK.

It's OK.

Is that thing loaded?

Yeah. One sh*t left.

You f*ck' k*ll him with it.

That's the plan.

Oh! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. Hey.

Where's Michelle?

I'm sorry.


Hey, you want to get this f*ck?

What do you f*ck' think?


Is there another way
out of this sh*thole?

I've never seen one. He always
comes and goes from there.

Brian. Please.

- Sorry.
- Please!

Hello, Brian. Where are you off to?

Give me one reason why
I shouldn't drop ya.

You know, we've got more
in common than you think,

you and me.

Well, you are in cluster B.

You have all the classic symptoms

of antisocial personality disorder,

callous disregard for
the feelings of others,

extreme v*olence, total lack of guilt.

I bet you've also got a long history

of physical and emotional abuse,

probably at the hands of your father.

Am I warm?

And as a child,

you would have dreamt so
much about standing up to him.

Then when some poor, hapless
camper stumbled in here,

well, you just lashed out, right?

Boy, did it feel good,
having all that power...

... watching the life drain out of him.

You finished, Brian?

If you want to make sure that
copper knows where to find you,

one of us has to make
it out of here alive.

Makes sense.

Problem is, though, all
these guys'll keep...

... coming back to help each other.

If you let me go...

... I'm out of here.

I'll get what I want.
You get what you want.


Be careful.

You don't give a rat's arse
about any of 'em, do ya?

Couldn't care less.

Drown 'em all in burning
oil as far as I'm concerned.


Oh. Jesus.

They k*lled the bloody mutt!

Oh, f*ck it.

Alright, psycho.

You got a deal. f*ck off.

And don't you take my f*ck'
truck again, you got that? Eh?

- Yes. Yes.
- Yeah? Mmm?

- I understand.
- Yeah.

Well, go on, get.

He'll be back in a
minute looking for these.

- That made a shit-ton of noise.
- Well, I didn't mean to k*ll it.

You didn't have a choice.

Can we forget the f*cking dog?

He's coming for us and
we have no b*ll*ts left.

Well, do you have any ideas?


Hey. Hey.

No, no. No. No.

I'm too slow. Just leave me.

After everything we've been through?

Come on. Come on, Danny.

Come on. Come on.

- You go.
- Please.

There's no point three of us
getting caught, so you get out.

No... no.

We'll follow as fast as we can.

Take this.

There might be more
shells up there somewhere.


I'll meet you at the top.

It's just you and me. Hey?

Come on.

Come on.

Come on.



Come on.

Come on.

Nearly there.

G'day, girls!

Come on.

That's it. Keep moving. Take
your time. You'll be right.

Come on!

Where's Mick? I need the keys.

Where's Mick?!

I have them.

- Where?
- Help me out.

- Keys first.
- Nein!

- Give me the keys!
- Brian. Don't let me die here!

Stop being such a stubborn bitch!

If that snake was venomous
and I take this off,

you will die in agony!

Give me the keys!

f*ck you!



- Oh! Stop!
- Ah!


Nina! Nina.




Oh, my God.

Well, what's all this about, then?

Oh, I see you found the keys, Brian.


To Spence's truck. Gotta go.

Hey! Not you.

Just him.


He's leaving without us. And
he just f*cking k*lled Nina.

- We did a deal.
- What?

You could have done the same, Rebecca.

Oh, hey. Hey, you can't be serious.

Wake up! You're all just bait!

This is all about the cop
in the newspaper clippings.

No. No.

He's got a score to settle.

No. What are you doing?

It's called hanging you out to dry.

He's as mad as a cut snake.

You played 'em like a
piano. Didn't you, Brian?


I figured you learned all that
fancy talk from INSIDE a cell.

I can pick a k*ller
when I smell one, mate.

And you stink, boyo.

I suppose you could say
I just lashed out too.

My father deserved
everything I did to him.

And I enjoyed it.

The power of it.

And the pathetic look in his eyes.

Almost as if he couldn't believe
what was happening to him.

There really is nothing

like taking another
human life, is there?

Told you we had a lot in common.

Oh, yeah, mate.

Like looking in a mirror.

You're not a psychiatrist.
You're a f*cking inmate.

Hey, f*cking look at me!

Was just... was everything
you said to me a lie?


Not everything.

Oh, OK.

I do like you, Rebecca.

But it seems in this game,
there can only be one winner.

And the winner is me. Goodbye.

f*ck you, you f*cking coward!

You're wrong.

You're the loser.

And I'm the winner.

It's a beautiful thing.

What is it all about,
huh? Are we just bait?!

Huh? f*cking tell me, huh?!

What the f*ck is this
all about? Come on! Why?!

Well, I could tell ya,
but I'd have to k*ll ya.

Oh, yeah, go...

I intend to have you around for a while.

- f*ck!
- Hey? Beautiful.

- Don't f*cking touch me.
- Eh?

f*cking coward! f*cking p*ssy!

Get the f*ck in there.

Run, Kel, run! Come here,
huh? A mindless, sick f*ck!

Well, I'm gonna take
Kelly for a little walk,

and I'm gonna have
you for afternoon tea.

You're gonna be around for
a... a long... long time.

Welcome home.

Oh, shit.


We can still get this sonofabitch.

Do it.


We're gonna be OK, aren't we?


I love you.

Love you too.

Coming to get you, Butch.

You get that f*ck.

- Do it.
- Yeah.

f*ck! f*ck!


Ah! Uh!

If you keep walking that way,

it's about 500 k to the nearest town.

But within a day, your
kidneys'll pack it up,

the dingoes and the eagles,
they'll start circling.

And when you're too worn
out to bat 'em off...

... they'll just eat you alive,

pick your bones clean.

I love a sunburnt country.

It's the mystery that's
caught the imagination

of the world,

a busload of tourists has vanished

in the Australian outback.

Travellers from Germany,
Canada, the UK and the US

are among those missing.

The tour was supposed to arrive
in Alice Springs yesterday,

but despite everyone having mobiles

and the driver carrying
a satellite phone,

nothing has been heard from anyone

since one of the tourists, Wade Chedi,

posted on his travel blog
last Saturday morning.

State police have formed

a special search-and-rescue task force

to solve the mystery,

which is feared linked to
a string of disappearances

over the last 20 years.

If anyone has any information
that may help the investigation,

please contact Task Force
Atlas on 1800 435 777.


Yeah, why not?
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