03x06 - Episode #3.6

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Tunnel". Aired: June 2016 to June 2018.
"The Tunnel" follows two detectives working together to find a serial k*ller who left the upper-half body of a French politician and the lower-half of a British prost*tute in the Channel Tunnel, at the midpoint between France and the UK.
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03x06 - Episode #3.6

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Friends are supposed
to trust each other,

and you clearly didn't trust me
to make the right decisions.

I was worried
about you...

You don't have to be worried about me.
I'm not a child.

Can I help you?

He doesn't know.

Jean-Marc: It's my son!

You understand?

Karl: Elise, I found
him. I found saban.

He's alive.

Bb: I got 11 missing person
reports in the last 24 hours

all from folkestone.

The last one is
a delivery driver.

He was driving a meat truck.

[Respirator hissing]

[Truck door opens, then shuts]

It's show time.

Charlotte gainsborough:
♪ venez dans mes bras ♪

♪ closer to me, dear ♪

♪ donnez-vouz moi ♪

♪ set aside all fear ♪

♪ restons enlaces ♪

♪ pour l'eternite ♪

♪ yes, you shall be mine ♪

♪ till the end of time ♪


Please don't come
any closer, Karl.

Stop, please.

[Cell phone rings]



Answer it.



Lana, is that you?

Can you hear me?

Lana, I have news for you.

I have found saban.

Lana? Hello?

Are you there?

This is my turn
to talk, dci roebuck.

Ah. Hello, Anton.

"The grumbling grew
to a mighty rumbling;

and out of the houses
the rats came tumbling."

Can you see it?

Pick it up.

Do whatever they ask.

Ok. I have it.

Anton: The truck
inside the tunnel

is filling
with hydrogen sulfide.

The people inside really
don't have long to live.

Press that button,
the doors of the meat truck

will automatically open

and those innocent people
will be free,

but your friend's
necklace will detonate.

Anton: You have to decide
which is worth more...

Her life or the lives
of those strangers.

But, Anton, listen to me,

you don't have to do
any of this.

Do you hear me? Anton?

If I were you, I'd hurry up
and make your choice.

[Hangs up]

What did he say?

Ok. Elise, what do we know?
What have you seen?

Where are they?

I don't know.
I heard them drive away.


There are 11 people
in there.

I think they're
being gassed.

Yeah. We need to get
that contraption off you.

Is it live, do you think?

I can hear it ticking.

I can't see. I don't...

I don't know how long
is left.


Winnie: Where the f*ck
are you, roebuck?

I'm at
the abandoned tunnel

in the cliff
at samphire hoe.

The coordinated are
51.1040 degrees north,

1.2705 degrees east.

I need to get
b*mb disposal squad

here immediately.

Elise wassermann is

a locked collar b*mb.

Also, the meat truck
is here.

There are 11 people

They're being slowly

hydrogen sulfide gas.

They will die unless
I detonate the b*mb.

I'm supposed to choose.

Mobilize b*mb disposal.

Karl: Hello?


Yeah, I'm still here,

working there now.

b*mb squad will move in
behind you,

but until they get

you can't intervene.

How long will they be?

Hello? How long
will they take?

We'll get there
as quick as we can.

If he calls again,
keep him talking.

Yeah, right. Ok.

He doesn't seem to be in
much of a mood for chatting,

but I'll... I'll tell him
a couple of jokes,

see if that warms
him up a bit.

Thank you. Bye.



Well, what do you think?

You've been in touch
with Anton.

More of a, what, anecdote
sort of fellow or a...

Or a knock-knock man?

It's ok. You can...

You can skip
the section

on establishing
our bond.

You already have
my trust.

Do I? I thought I'd lost it.

I thought we could express
our anger with each other

without damaging
our friendship.

You're so hard to help.

I'm sorry. Uh, I... I, um...

I'm sorry
if I did it wrong.

[Cell phone rings]


Hello? Anton.

Time is ticking,

Are you going to
press that button

and save those poor,
innocent people?

you have to listen to me.

I was wrong.
Saban is not d*ad.

I was deceived.

Please tell Lana.
I can bring saban here.

Hydrogen sulfide
smells like rotten eggs

at first.

Then you start to lose
your sense of smell.

You think the gas
is gone.

Just when you think
you'll be ok,

asphyxiation starts.

Karl: Listen to me.
This, it's over.

I've found saban. Isn't that
what this was all about?


Let me speak to Lana.

Anton: Lana isn't interested

in what you've got to say.

You speak to me and only me.

Do you know what it's like

to live your whole life
without love?

She made me feel again,
but you got between us.

Well, I'm sorry about that.
Truly, I'm sorry.

Tell me how I can fix this.

What... what is it that
you want, Anton?

I can't have
what I want.

It's too late.

So what
I want now is

for you to make
your choice.

A truck full of

or your friend.

You have maybe
5 minutes left.

Then they suffocate.

[Cell phone beeps
3 times]

What's going on?

The truck's filling with
poisonous gas.

They want me to choose.

What gas?

Hydrogen sulfide.

[People gasping]

You've got
to do it, Karl.

Elise: You can't
make me responsible

for all
those deaths.

It has to be about

I can't.

If you press it,
it's just me.

It's just one life.

And you can save them.

Karl, you need to do it.
There's no choice.

f*cking help me!

You need to press
that button.

I can't.

Don't carry this
with you.

It's my choice.
It's not theirs.


It's not yours.

Get justice for
Charlie Moreau.


And thank you for
being my friend.




[Sirens approaching]

Excuse me.

I've lost my friend.

Hello. I've lost Elise.

You need to come
with me.

Oh, thank you.

[Indistinct conversation]


Man: Suspect sighted
in a stolen vehicle.

I repeat, suspect
sighted in a stolen vehicle.

It looks like they're heading up
on the a20 bridge

on archcliffe road.

Aerial unit in pursuit.

Ground units hold back.

Suspects may still be
in possession of expl*sives.

Woman: Police! Police!

I just need to get
something from the car.

No, sir,

I need you to come
with us now, please.


Karl, you shouldn't be
driving in your state.

Come on!


Boss, they're heading towards
the cliffs.

Dci roebuck's in pursuit.

I think they're planning
a "Thelma and Louise."


[Cell phone rings]


Are you ready?

I'm ready.

[Both groaning]

Don't come any closer.
I'll sh**t you.

You k*lled Elise.

I offered you your son,
and you k*lled Elise.

My son is d*ad.

No, he's not. I told him
to put you on the phone.

Saban is alive.

You're lying.
All you do is lie.

I've see him. Do you want
to see a photo of him?

No. I don't want
to see anything.

Shut up!

He was adopted by
a French couple.

There. That's your son.

Anton: He's lying...

That's your son.

Anton: He's ly...

His name
is francois.

He's happy!
He's getting married.

I trusted you.


[Moaning softly]

Jesus f*cking Christ.

Put the g*n down.

Tell saban I loved him
every day of my life.

How dare you!

How dare you.

I'd do anything to have
one day...

One minute with my
son just to see his face...

[Voice cracking]
Just to see his face.

Just to tell him
I loved him.

And you can
have that minute.

You can have it. You can
hold him in your arms.

[Sirens approaching]

Police! Stay where
you are!

Stay where you are!
Don't move.

[No audio]


[Door beeps, unlocks]


[Door buzzes, unlocks]

Evelyne chapelle...

Terry heaney...

Lawrence Taylor...

Father Francis paine.


Shirley souness...

Anton Stokes.

Look at them.

When can I
see my son?

Look at them.

I was singing saban
to sleep

the soldiers came.

Afterwards, there
were piles of bodies

like rag dolls,

who weren't
people to them,

who were animals
to be slaughtered.

When you have
survived such things...

k*lling is nothing.

I'll leave the photos
with you.

You have some time
on your hands.

Where is my boy?


You gave me a choice

between k*lling
my friend, who I loved,

and k*lling

11 random innocent people

that you abducted.

I couldn't
make that choice.

Now I have another one.

Do we let saban
get married,

get on with his life,
like anybody else,

or do we tell him
who his mother is

and what she's done
in his name?

I'll leave you
with that.

[Presses code on keypad]

[Door buzzes]


I am glad

it was you with her.


Karl: Let's honor
her last request.

What have you got?

The day... the day
Charlie was taken,

there was a room at
the hotel l'ecrin

occupied by this man,

Laurent morel.

He's a convicted
sex offender

and part of a larger
pedophile ring.

Philippe: And we're pretty
sure from Charlie's statement

and his memory
from la baie de somme

that Laurent morel was the one
who took him.

Astor chaput was
in charge

of sourcing witnesses,

but there was not
a single one

from the hotel l'ecrin.

I just found

Laurent morel's
last known address.

Let's go.

Elise saw right through
you, didn't she?

Are you protecting someone?

You need to ask yourself
if they're worth

throwing everything
away for.

[Rings doorbell]


Shall we
look round?

If Charlie was
kept here,

any evidence would
be gone.

What do you think I
should do about saban?

You want to tell him
the truth?

Isn't it every child's
right to know?

Not in France.

Once a child
is adopted,

it's the parents'

to tell or not.

The state

doesn't interfere
with parenting.

Another great Gulf
between our nations.


What would
Elise do?

Tell the truth.

She wasn't
always right.


Bonjour, monsieur.

As, um...

He's yours.



Could you do
something for me?

[Door buzzes, unlocks]

Security approved these,

but I wanted to give them
to you myself.

[Keypad beeps]

[Door buzzes, unlocks]

I'll take Maya
back home,

give you
some space.


I don't think I need space.

What can I do?

Don't know.

I miss you.

I miss all of you.

What are we gonna do
about that?

Huh. Don't know.


[Sharp exhale]

Life is too short

not to grab what makes
you happy while you can.

How come?


How do you say
"no chance"?

[Charlie reading
haltingly in French]


She's lively.


You want to
take her back?

That look.


[People speaking excitedly]

[Riders cheer]


[Carnival music]


Hey. How are you doing?

All right. And you?

Very good.


Maya: Look! Dad's here.


Solomon grey:
♪ I melt back and waste ♪

♪ before you ♪

♪ can find me... ♪

[All speaking at once]

♪ Cold pictures
in the storm ♪

♪ that I let ♪

♪ in the moonlight... ♪


Maya? Hannah?

Solomon grey:
♪ ...Break down for me ♪

♪ out in the dark times? ♪

Karl: Help.
Come and find me.


♪ Why can't we
see that we're ♪

♪ a ghost
in the machine... ♪

I'm lost. Maya?

♪ All the rested ♪

♪ ooh ooh ooh... ♪


♪ Ooh ooh ooh ♪

♪ ooh ooh ♪

♪ I melt back and waste ♪

♪ lie still ♪

♪ in your
arms ♪

♪ Now I
can see ♪

♪ I am you ♪

♪ and you are me ♪
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