01x08 - N.T.

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Breaks". Aired February - April 2017.
"The Breaks" chronicles the life of three friends during the early 1990s hip-hop scene.
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01x08 - N.T.

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Previously on "The Breaks"...

Yo, Chuck. You got DeeVee's tape?

Sorry, sis, it's in my ride,

but my dumbass cousin
got it stolen in Jersey.

(David, recording) Ladies and gentlemen,

you are listening to the sounds
of the one, the only...

(DeeVee, recording) Ahm!

(David, recording) And
super producer DJ DeeVee!

So you're a middle man, not the label.

I negotiate with the label
on behalf of the artist.

Thanks for your time.

(Anthony) Name was Tina.

She crossed paths with
your friend Ahmed Harris,

and someone else
you might know goes by Scooby.

I need you to call your man, the hookup.

You don't have anybody else
that you can call?

Orson, you should really
license my Bob James masters.

Okay, , .

Peter Piper b*at on this, right?

Nah, that's Bob James, too.

Bring me an artist
worth signing and we'll talk

about a future for you here at EBJ.

Like to bring you onboard EBJ.

Keep playing games with my artists,

I'ma play games with you.

You do that, Barry.

I'm goin' after Vanilla Ice.

David's gone and he's not coming back!

You don't wanna deal
with that, then fine.

(Darryl) Whoa, whoa, hey! Wait a minute!

(DeeVee) I didn't do anything, Dad!

You need to do this

- so you can get out of this hood.
- (g*n)



(panting continues)

(phone beeping)

(water running)


(phone ringing)


Tried to roll on me.


Nah, tell the boys.

Meet me here.

Police! Hands up!

- I'm clean.
- Get your hands up!

Turn and face the wall.

I said turn and face the wall.

Put your hands behind your back.

Your other hand.


You knew I was on you.

- How come you ain't move?
- Where I'ma go?

Yeah, we got an unexpected
break in the case.

I was dying to get up
to JB's before we did all this,

but... you know. First thing's first.

You still go up there?

- Nah.
- Too bad, got quite the rap.

But as luck would have it,

I get this call the other day

about this f*cked up Saab in Jersey.

So I'm scratching my head.

I'm homicide.

They callin' me about
a stolen car in Jersey, right?

Then I remember my man Chuck asked me

to keep my ear out when
his ride got swiped.

So I go to meet him at the impound.

I'm thinkin' he's amped 'cause
he's gettin' his n*gga back.

He's way more excited,

'cause this is in the tape deck.

(Ahm, recording)
Feelin' y'all you could get applause

From high noon to ten o'clock

But no redirected
heed the message...

That's your break in the case?

Nah, we got something
way better than that.

This is just good music.

(DeeVee, recording) Hey, yo, Ahm,
that's that n*gga I'm talkin' 'bout, man.

- (siren blaring)
- That's that new flavor right there, son!

That's that new shit, huh?

Straight into the ' s!

(Ahm, recording)
I'm surrounded by darkness

Surrounded by thoughtless n*gga

With no notion of conscience

Pissy hallways in little
tiny apartments...

Imani, you know what kills
most new record companies?

Hits. Without financing,

a small label can't keep up with demand.

They cant afford to press records,

distributors don't
pay them back for months,

the label can't afford promoters,

they can't pay their artists.

Now, when guys like Fouray realize this,

you know who they turn to?

Wait, but just two seconds ago

you said that Fouray was
the best place for me to go.

And now I'm saying EBJ is.

You need a label with experience,

not someone that's just trying
to figure it out as they go.

Shake my hand,
you'll be in the studio today.

(Vanilla Ice, on TV)
Anything less than the best is a felony

- ♪ Love it or leave it...
- (Ernesto) I told you our boy was a star.

And I hear what they're
already saying about Ice,

calling him the Elvis of Rap.

But trust me when I tell you,
Tommy and I both think

this guy is the real deal.

And when someone like Fouray
wants to put his name behind him,

everybody else is gonna think
he's the real deal too.

Is grand real enough for you?

'Cause we can make the deal
happen right now.

You could bring him
to my showcase tonight.

Atlantic is offering .

What about credibility?

I imagine we could buy some of that.

(chuckling wryly)

- I'll match it.
- Wh... no, B...

I'll match it.

Like, meet me back here
in a couple of hours.

I'll have the money here for you.

I'll see you in a few.

All right.

(door opens and closes)

- Cancel the showcase.
- What?

Even if you had the money
to match Atlantic's offer,

which you don't, there's no way

- you could have him on stage by tonight.
- I ain't canceling shit.

Everybody wants this kid.

You need to call your man.

No, no. B, we talked
about this yesterday.

Yeah, yesterday, when my
father's money was enough.

Now it's not. Call him.

You don't even like Vanilla Ice!

I don't have to like him.

These little white girls
are going to love him!

- Call your guy!
- Listen, B,

that is not the way
we wanna go about this.

You listen.

Elvis, Ray.



I'll call him.

(judge) I understand you are
charged with first degree m*rder

in the k*lling of Brian Lesley,

also known as Geronimo. Prosecution?

Your Honor, the prosecution
will present an eye witness

who will state in this court

that he saw Mr. Harris k*ll Mr. Lesley.

Your Honor, this witness
has no credibility.

I move to dismiss on lack of evidence.

Your Honor, I request
that bail be denied.

This man is the head of a
continuing criminal enterprise.

(judge) I hear you, counselor.

Mr. Harris...

For the record,
what do you do for a living?

I'm a rapper.

Motion to dismiss denied.

You want to bring him back
for a RICO charge,

make the complaint.
Bail is set at , .

- Next case.
- Docket number ZA .

Darryl van Putten Jr.,

charged with obstruction of justice.

State your name for the court.

Darryl van Putten Jr.

Okay, Mr. van Putten, am I to understand

that you are an alibi witness
to Mr. Harris?

Yes, Ma'am.


You dragged this kid in here
for obstruction of justice?

(prosecutor) Your Honor, Mr.
van Putten has...

Has done nothing. Get him out of here.

Mr. van Putten, I expect to see you

in this court at trial.


So I don't even know why
I'm doing this thing any more.

My wife hates me for it.

It's not like suing Fouray
is gonna bring him back.

So drop it. Move on.

Listen, if there's anything

I can do for you, just ask. Anything.

For starters, I'd like to square away
this Bob James deal with you.

- Bob James deal?
- Our greatest hits CD.

I got the early stuff, remember?

You were gonna buy
my masters for grand.

I didn't say that.

Bob James, he's great, but... who cares?

Orson, at the poker game.

You looked me right in the eye,

you said we had a deal.

That? I was f*cking with you.

Juggy, come on, Bob James?

Listen, you've been through a lot.

It's time to just let it go.

Let it all go.

Move on. You've done your time.

I gotta go.

(Imani) ♪ Boy you're dancing
Yeah I'm checkin' you ♪

♪ Got you on my mind my attitude ♪

♪ You can have your cake
and eat it too... ♪

- Whose song is this?
- Who's singing it?

♪ Put it through yeah... ♪

Why isn't she just singing the hook?
Why's she singing the whole song?

'Cause it's her song.
Teddy Riley wrote it

for Jody Watley, but now
Imani gets to do it.

But she's not a singer, she's a rapper.

A rapper writes their own stuff.

Imani doesn't need to be in a box.

♪ Boy... ♪

Boy, what the hell, you... what?

Ella, would you like a minute
to consult with your client?

Nikki, a word.

♪ You're on my mind my attitude ♪

♪ You can have your cake
and eat it too... ♪

- You can't be serious.
- Of course I'm serious.

Have you heard the girl's voice?

She came here to rap.

We'll roll her out as a rap artist...

- ...in her second album.
- Nobody will take her seriously...

...if you do that.

You only have one chance
to break an artist.

You don't need to explain
that to me, Nikki.

Now I appreciate that you're
protective, that's good.

Any A&R worth a damn is.

But you have to trust me on this.

She has too much talent to waste

on what could be
a very short-lived career

as a female MC. Don't you agree?

- I mean, I...
- I'm not saying that she won't rap,

just not yet.

And it's better that EBJ
makes its first push into rap

with an artist that has a better chance

of doing it for the long haul,

like the rapper
you played for me earlier.

- Ahm.
- Uh, you heard his song on the radio.

Everybody heard his song on the radio.

Can you get to him?


I promise I won't make him sing.

It's Maisha, yo.

Bruce and them sh*t up
her crib last night.


- She a'ight?
- She a'ight.

f*ck, man.

We should go knock their heads
off right now, nah mean?

Teach these n*gga a lesson.

Nah. Call Bruce. Set up a meeting.

The f*ck you talking about? A meeting?

Yeah, n*gga, a meeting.

We're gonna end this shit today, man.

- Where Maisha?
- She at your crib.

Teddy watching the door.

You for real, n*gga? A meeting?

- (door opening)
- You a'ight?

- You good?
- No, I am not.

- Where's CJ?
- Mama house.

She was watching him, thank God.

Now will you tell them to let me go?

Scooby all whack ass,
gonna lock me in here

- like I'm some f*cking prisoner.
- Maisha, relax.

You're better off here,
for your own protection.

- Protection?
- Yeah.

Ain't no protection here.

Ain't no protection
nowhere in this game.

Ain't you figured that out by now?

Look, I appreciate what
you're trying to do,

but as long as you out here
in these streets,

you ain't no safer than Smoke.

She good.


(door closing)


(man) ♪ Yo, yo, yo ♪

Couldn't find you at your place.
I figured I'd try you here.

(TV in background)

I watch it now, here.

I feel like he's still here,
I guess; I don't know.

To see what he loved so much.

It's pretty good.

(indistinct chatter on TV)

Let me play you something.

(hip hop playing)

(rhythmic grunting)


Let the rhythm hit 'em

Me and Ray go way back.

So I'm not anticipating any bullshit.


Well, uh... we good.

So I can let my folks know
you cool with the terms?

Absolutely. Yeah.

I mean, we're sitting on
a goldmine here.

And you know what?

I'ma get this money
back straight to you.

Trust me.

We do, Mr. Fouray. We most certainly do.

Nothin' can bruise me ♪

Lyrics let up when lady say
don't lose me ♪

You hear that internal rhyme?

The alliteration, the metaphor?


Look, you didn't come
all the way out here

to teach an old dog new tricks.

I brought Mattie Taylor an artist.

She offered me a job.

Mazel tov.

Yeah, well, she doesn't know
a thing about hip hop

and she's already f*cking it up.

Now she wants me to bring her Ahm.

The MC that was working with DeeVee.

(sighing) Anyway...

I think I made a big mistake.

And I'm running out of bridges to burn.

That's funny.

Lately I've been thinking
the same thing about myself.

(tape rewinds)

- Well, what do you think I should do?
- ♪ ...at point blank range

And watch 'em radiate

Runnin' out of amm*nit*on
I'm done with 'em



God damn...

I push a power that's punishable

Better be a prisoner

The hit man is the brother
with charisma


(knocking at door)

Who is it?


Why you knock like that?

Uh, I thought that was the only way

you answered the door.

We need to talk.

Thought you wasn't f*cking
with me no more.

I'm not.

So? What do we gotta talk about?

I'm thinkin' about leaving town.

Don't want you to do that.

I don't wanna do that. That's the thing.

If I don't leave,

do I gotta keep
looking over my shoulder?

It's New York City, man.

You always gotta look
over your shoulder.

- You know what I mean.
- No, I don't.

If I stay,

and I don't sign the affidavit...

Do I have anything to worry about?

What you think?

I don't know. You tell me.

I guess you want your equipment back.


(DeeVee sighing)


All right, people!

It's six hours and counting, okay?

Have we heard from Ernesto yet?

For the umpteenth time, not yet.

And why are you yellin'?

Because this is the biggest
night of my career,

and it's game time, baby.

Yo, what's this I hear about you

trying to get Imani on Music Box?

Yeah, that's right.

And I want to be reimbursed
for all my out of pocket.

Oh, so you haven't heard?

Oh, she's over at EBJ now.

Yeah, with Mattie Taylor,
and Nikki took her there.

- What?!
- Oh, yeah.

So you need to call Ralph right now,

and no, you can't play the video.

- Wait, but I...
- No wait, no but, no none of that.

You either with me or against me, Josie.

What's the deal?

- I... All right.
- Thank you.

Yo, so I just got word
Vanilla Ice has dancers for tonight.

But the stage I ordered from Cirque
can only hold four, max.

Then you need a bigger stage.

A bigger stage is double the money, B.

Double the profit.

Double the money, double the profit.

- That sound good to me.
- (hip hop playing)

Yo, what is that I'm hearing right now?

Yo, my man! What's that
you listening to?

Who is that?

Oh, it's that cat Ahm.

My boy, he taped it
off the radio last night.

The n*gga is dope.

Ahm, yeah? Is he signed?

Oh, uh, I...
I don't know.

You know, Nikki was the one
who had the line on this guy.

Yeah, f*ck Nikki. She don't have shit.

She don't have a line on nothin'.

f*cking Judas.

Barry. It's Ernesto.

Oh, it's Ernesto, Ernesto.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Gimme that.

Yo, what's up, playboy?

Yeah, I got what you need.

What you mean? Y'all ready for tonight?

Man, what?

Ah, nah, nah. A'ight, man, I understand.

It's business. Yeah.

Nah, nah, nah. That's okay, man.

Good luck to y'all, man.

Damn. What?

Vanilla Ice just signed over at SBK.

, .

I know.

So... what happens now?


Now we go get Ahm.


Yeah, Spiderman and Freeze
in full effect...

Good afternoon, Nikki Jones.

Lovely seeing you again.

Thank you.

Expecting trouble?

Nah. What's up?

Everybody's talking about
that song you did with DeeVee.

I heard something about that.

We wanna get you in the studio.

I'm working with Mattie Taylor over at...

You not with Fouray no more?

No, I'm at EBJ.

They're new to rap, but...

Pardon me, but...

Why I wanna f*ck with somebody
that's brand-new to rap?

If I do this shit, I want it done right.

Then EBJ is the place for you.

Mattie Taylor's been
creating stars for years.

You won't find somebody

- who'll take better care of you.
- Yeah, what else?

What else you want?

I want DeeVee as part of my deal.

No problem.


Y'all do that... then we can talk.

All right. Cool.


That girl is poison


Fresh is the word
that's how I'm described

And so sweet is the rap
and what I prescribe

So for the people, that's you...

Oh, sorry, sorry.


(children shouting)


Yo, a'ight.

Young buck.

- I know you know who Ahm is.
- I do.

What guarantee do you have
that this dude's

not gonna come back on you?

I don't.

I just can't keep running
the rest of my life, Pop.

I mean, you didn't.

What the f*ck you talkin' about?

Why you think I got the hell
out of Fort Greene? Hmm?

(engine idling)

We're not finished.

Maybe you can talk some sense
into the boy.

I guess you felt like
wasting your money.

What's the problem, DeeVee?

You act like I did something to you.

What do you want?

I want my friend back.

That's why I've been calling you.

Really? 'Cause it seems like

there's only one thing
that you care about...

and it ain't your friends.

How could you say
something like that to me?

How many times have I
looked out for you?

I was the one who helped you hang up

all those little chicken f*cking flyers

when you first started
spinning back at G-Dubb.

That was a long time ago, Nikki.

So that's it?

You just gonna walk away

from four years of friendship
just like that?

That's how you walked away
from David, right?

Jesus Christ, DeeVee.

So now you're blaming me
for David's death.

You think I knew he was gonna die?

You don't think I regret every day

breaking up with him?

f*ck you.

f*ck you, and f*ck your friendship.

Nikki, wait.


Look, I...
I'm sorry, okay?

I just... I'm sorry.

Do you know how much that hurts me?

Yes, I do. And I'm sorry.

Look, you wanna go inside?

I think Dad got some
Nutter Butters hidden somewhere.


I'm okay.

(thunder rolling)

I think I got you a deal.


You and Ahm, signed as a single act.

A-are you kidding?

Mattie Taylor heard
your song on the radio.

- She wants to sign you.
- No.

- Everybody wants to sign you.
- No, no.

I'm not signing with Ahm.

What? Why? I thought that was your boy.

Yeah, but my boy
might have k*lled someone.

But he might not have!

Okay, well, great.

Then, if he doesn't go to jail,

after I testify that
I wasn't recording with him

that entire night, then I'll sign.

Okay, so you're willing
to just walk away

from everything you have
ever dreamed about

because of something that
might be a trumped up charge?

Did Ahm put you up to this?

- What?
- Ahm.

Did he put you up to this?

So what if he did?

Nikki, he's just trying to get me
to shore up his alibi.

- So?
- So?

Are you kidding me?

You come in here, heartbroken

that we're not friends anymore...

"Oh, boo-hoo David"...

and it's just business!

It's always just f*cking business!

It is not just business, DeeVee.

Do you know how many people would give

their left nut for an
opportunity like this;

how many people spend their
entire miserable lives

wishing for a chance at greatness;

a chance to say something
that's gonna be heard;

something that's worth hearing?

That's not business.
That's your f*cking dream.

And I for one am willing to do
whatever I need to to make that happen.

Yeah, like get in bed with a m*rder.

You knew he wasn't no Gandhi
when you met him, DeeVee.

Come on, you don't get a scar
like that from eatin' shit.


I don't know what he did
or what he didn't do.

All I know is, he's been through a lot.

And I think he's trying to change.

(thunder rolling)

So you can judge him...

or you can help him.


♪ The player's at it again
gettin' paid ♪

♪ I'm about to begin and do it my way ♪

(Barry) Last time we talked,

you told me to come back to you

when I got my label. I got my label now.

Good for you.

And I-I wanna put you out.


No fly shit. None of that.

I'm serious.

So let's say I f*ck with you.

How would that shit work out?

I'm gonna be straight up with you.

- Please.
- I got the money to do it.

I had the money

when I talked to you the first time.

I just needed distribution
to come around

so I could put your shit out.

- Uh-huh.
- Now that lane is clear.

Got a showcase tonight
for the distributors,

so they can see where
their money is going.

I want them to see you,
on the stage, live,

mic in hand, you know what I'm sayin',

doin' what you do best.

- Then what?
- You k*ll it...

you sign with me,

and you ain't livin' like this no more.

So what you wanna do?


♪ 'Cause I know you want it ♪


I'm not doin' this bullshit!

Oh, no?

Who you cussin' at, little girl?

- My manager!
- Imani, listen,

all you have to do

is do the run one more time.

You're this close.

Close to what?

I don't want no Teddy Riley song!

I look like Guy to you?


And you... you said this one was
supposed to be a dope moment.

I ain't no f*cking singer!

You hear my voice?

I spit! I rhyme!

Yo, I'm out!

Don't worry. I'll handle this.

The genius in artists
is often also their demon.

She's right, you know.

I don't like repeated conversations.

Didn't I ask you to do something?


Ahm will sign with EBJ.

That's great. That's good.

That's great.

One catch.

He wants to sign with his
producer, DeeVee, as a duo.

No. Ahm gets a deal,

producer gets a straight fee
like everyone else.

If it wasn't for DeeVee
nobody would know who Ahm is.

Signing two people means
twice the accommodation,

twice the insurance handlers.

- No.
- It's his one condition.

Jesus Christ, f*ck.

Fine, tell him fine.

I'll have the kid sign the paperwork

for the songs that he produces.

He'll never know the difference.

Congratulations, Nikki.

(jazz playing)

(hip hop playing)

(jazz playing)

Barry, I'm sorry.

Give me a minute.

Nice outfit.

Who the f*ck do you think you is,
coming into my office...

- My office.
- Get the f*ck out.

- I want the office.
- Are you on crack?

What are you talkin' about?

You have an artist showcase
starting in a couple of hours,

and you don't have any artists.

But I on the other hand,
have the hottest act in town.

- No you don't.
- I got Ahm and DeeVee.

So if you want to sign them
to Fouray records,

you will make me Vice President,

I will get this office, and...

My salary.

Uh-uh, $ , is
completely unreasonable.

- I know.
- You can leave.

So you would have your showcase
t*nk just to spite me.

Ahm didn't say anything
about talking to you today.

- You talked to Ahm?
- Of course.

How else am I supposed to sign him?

What'd he say?

Well, why don't you wait for him
to get here and find out?

- He's on his way here?
- Yep. To sign.

He won't sign without DeeVee.

Oh, I'm definitely gonna...
I'm signing DeeVee, too.

I'm definitely gonna sign DeeVee.

Well, DeeVee's my best friend

and he won't sign without my blessing.


Well, we gonna find out about that.

Hey, Tamika.


Give me Happy, please.

VP, this office, , .

Half of that, no office...

and you can have VP.


Not bad, Ms. Jones.


It's okay.

Is he really on his way down here?

Why don't you call him and find out?


Date there.

(pager beeping)



(pager beeping)

How them coins?

Dangerous. Yours?


I ain't gotta tell you
all this g*n play and copying

ain't good for business.

They were civilians.
That's outta bounds, yo.

I know you know that.

Gotta end now.

No doubt.

What's the deal?

Them two blocks off
m*rder the playground,

that's you.

Them three startin'
the Kennedys, that's me.

Everybody can get back
to gettin' this money.

You good with that?

Yeah, but...

Somebody gotta pay for Tina.

That was my n*gga Dice's chick.
She was a civilian.

- The f*ck you talkin' about?
- f*ck, man!

- What?
- I told you to leave her alone, right?

- I ain't do that shit.
- You did!

What the f*ck is wrong with you, huh?

- Who you talkin' to, n*gga?
- I'm talkin' to you, f*ck!

- (g*n)
- Oh, shit!

(Scooby) Oh, f*ck, man!

We good?

Yeah, we, uh...

We good.

Yo, for real, my n*gga?

We out.

How y'all doing?

- (cheering)
- Sound good, sound good.

Aw, man!

Thank you so much for y'all patience.

I'll be right back,
and we'll get the show started.

Where the hell is he?

I wish Damita wasn't
persona non grata around here.

She would have loved to see this.

So what's up? He still ain't here yet?

- Well, he...
- Aw, see I knew it!

You talk a big game, Nikki Jones,

but hustling is about backing it up.


- Hey.
- A'ight.

Let's do it.

My man. That's what I'm talkin' about.

All right. (sighs)


Let's go get it.

(cheers and applause)

I wanna thank y'all for coming out,

joining us to celebrate
the launch of Fouray Records.

Give it up.

(cheering intensifies)

Any way, with no further ado,

I'm gonna bring to the stage
a special artist,

emcee, DJ.

Give it up for Ahm and DeeVee!

(cheers and applause)

(music beginning)

Put your hands up!
Everybody put your hands up!

Hands up! Hands up!


Ladies and gentlemen,

you are now listening
to the sounds of Ahm,

and super producer DJ DeeVee!


Word, peace to my man David, man.

We miss you.

- We're gonna do this one for you.
- Uh-huh.

- Uh-huh.
- Hey, yo, Ahm.

Talk to the people. Hey!

♪ Live and direct from the boss ♪

♪ All praise due
direct from the source ♪

♪ For keeping me through
all the pain and the loss ♪

♪ No need to be disarmed it's on ♪

♪ Head of the class
so I'm changing the course ♪

♪ New syllabus, due diligence ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah life's still a bitch ♪

♪ No more lettin' on
for the thrill of it ♪

♪ 'Cause it feels venomous
used to cook raw ♪

♪ Now I'm in the kitchen with DeeVee ♪

♪ 'Cause it's... ♪

♪ Hey, for the people
with y'all's tendencies ♪

♪ Bringing that
ball to the wall energy ♪

♪ While you gettin' down ♪

♪ And you fake-ass clowns
and ya'll killin' me ♪

♪ No need to start shit ♪

♪ Put the art in a*tillery ♪

♪ Take a step back the kid
can't believe he made it ♪

♪ Off the w*r-torn path
from which he deviated ♪

♪ I seen so many lives
that got abbreviated ♪

♪ I only got one time to appreciate it ♪

Ahm. Listen.

One time for your mind,
Ahm and DeeVee, what's up?

♪ I said it's Ahm and it's on
rocking microphones ♪

♪ I stand alone yes I am the one ♪

♪ DeeVee on the track
like this, like that ♪

♪ So step back, yes he is the one ♪

♪ Listen, whether you're
wrong or right ♪

♪ Go and live your life ♪

♪ Because you're only gettin' one ♪


Hey, yo, Ahm, we gotta take it back.

- We gotta show 'em how we do.
- Yeah, listen.

♪ Everybody wanna cry
when the hearse comes ♪

♪ Dressed in all black ♪

♪ Baby mother's be the worst ones ♪

♪ They said he died ♪

♪ Living out his second childhood ♪

♪ But in reality
he never had a first one ♪

♪ It ain't a white or a black thing ♪

♪ It's actual facts see ♪

♪ Two strikes before the bat swings ♪

♪ The bond between father and son ♪

♪ Is a fabulous one ♪

♪ While we're chasing after the sun ♪

♪ With wax wings ♪

- ♪ Yes it's the rebel ♪
- Rebel!

- ♪ The rhythm ♪
- Rhythm!

♪ All life's colors
reflected in the prism ♪

♪ Said so many times
that I couldn't walk away ♪

♪ But anything you can't walk
away from is a prison ♪

♪ Take a step back
the kid can't believe he here ♪

♪ Off the w*r-torn path
from which he deviated ♪

♪ I seen so many lives
that got abbreviated ♪

♪ I only got one time to appreciate it ♪

Ahm. Listen.

His name is Ahm, my name is DeeVee.

Let's do this thing!

♪ Ahm is on rocking microphones ♪

♪ I stand alone yes I am the... ♪

(crowd) One! One!

- ♪ DeeVee's on the track ♪
- Louder, louder!

♪ So step back yes he is the... ♪

(crowd) One! One!

♪ Listen, whether you're
wrong or right ♪

♪ Go and live your life
because you only get... ♪

(crowd) One, one!

Listen. Hey yo, Dee.

Smoke, R.I.P. It's Ahm, Ahm.




(crowd cheering)

It's Fouray Records, like I said, right?

Yo, give it up for my man Ahm, right here.

(cheering intensifies)

I love this kid. I love this kid.

Give it up for my man
right here, DJ DeeVee.

On the wax right here.
On the wheels of steel.

Thank y'all, man, so much.

It feel good to have y'all out here.

You know, so many people counted me out.

You know, when shit got dark.
You know what I'm saying?

- But we here now, right?
- (crowd) Yeah!

- We here, right?
- (crowd) Right!

Yep, and we family, right?

(crowd shouting)

Tonight, Fouray Records
struck a distribution deal...

with Bainbridge Music.

(cheering and applause)

That's a serious deal. Give it up!

Yo, matter of fact,

Orson Bainbridge is in the house, y'all.

Come to the stage and speak
to the people right here.

Give it up, y'all. Orson Bainbridge.

(cheering and applause)

Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

Wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.

Deep, I mean that sincerely.

You know, I, uh...

I've been in this business a long time.

And, uh...

I think we got something
real good right here.

You know, this roster,
Fouray at the helm,

his Vice President Lil Ray
Washington, his number two.

We are going to make history.

We're gonna make history, you know?

And I've seen history made
and it feels like this.

You know? It feels like this.

- Nikki!
- How about another song?

Nikki! Nikki!

- I should have known.
- Look, it's not like that.

It's just that this Bainbridge,
I'm a new label,

and he wants an experienced number two.

So you just went right along, huh?

A boss has to be tough,

and to make some tough decisions.

But look, I see what
you do for me, Nikki.

I do.

- So I'm axed out.
- No.

I wouldn't do you like that.

Take the office. Head of A&R.

Take the .

I'm a lot of things, but I'm
not a liar, Nikki Jones.

(DeeVee) We gotta show 'em how we do it.

Get 'em.

I need to think about it.


♪ ...to the fathers and the mothers
that can't support us ♪

♪ They make a n*gga want to cancel
his plans for daughters ♪

♪ Or any other family time
that could be cannibalized ♪

♪ By society that got marching orders ♪

♪ Talkin' that boot straps shit
while they stomping on you ♪

♪ Listen, I'm in the jungle ♪

♪ With the monsters and the minotaurs ♪

♪ Middle of the b*ttlefield
like Pat Benatar ♪

♪ Well if them boys
ain't feeling y'all ♪

♪ You can get applause
from high noon to ten o'clock ♪

♪ But no, peep the message redirect it ♪

♪ Sit back and read the lesson ♪

♪ Stay calm and lead the restless ♪

♪ And when the sun go down,
run up on 'em and hit 'em ♪

- ♪ When they least expect it ♪
- Ahm!

♪ Yeah, yeah, life's still a bitch ♪

♪ No more letting off
for the thrill of it ♪

♪ 'Cause it feel venomous,
used to cook raw ♪

♪ Now I'm in the kitchen
with DeeVee cooking some ill... ♪

And Fouray signed DeeVee
and the kid who's on this tape?


And Bainbridge is backin' 'em.


Well, you've got a big decision
to make, huh?

Two jobs. One with EBJ, one with Fouray.

Assistant to A&R
in less than two months.

Proud of you, kid.

You know what you wanna do?

I'm in agony over here.

Barry or Mattie, who's it gonna be?


I want to start a new label with you.

What do you say?

I got a better idea.

(jazz playing)

You hear that?

That's the sample from Ahm's record.

That's right. And I own it.

What do you say we start
ourselves a label,

and we destroy your old boss
at the same time?

(jazz continuing)

(hip hop playing)
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