02x10 - Spark Meet Gasoline

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Graves". Aired: October 2016 to December 2017.
Former President Richard Graves has the epiphany, twenty years after leaving office, that his policies have damaged the country for decades. This, as his wife, the former First Lady, has political ambitions if her own.
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02x10 - Spark Meet Gasoline

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Previously on Graves...

Until death, kid, it's all life.

I don't know if I wanna be America's
favorite prick anymore. I'm done.

You and me,
it's not gonna work out.

You'll never be him, you know.
Richard Graves.

I'm Bailey Todd.
I'm Sammy's new music manager.

Miller, you sent that song
over to Robert Hayes at XM.

I'm writing a book.

It's gonna be about me before
I forever f*cked up the world.

What exactly are you proposing ?

Go back to the table,
re-enter the talks.

I'll be watching.

Ninety-megaton warhead,
with my f*cking name on it.

I need to get into that silo.
You're gonna help me.

My childhood is a wax museum.
Little Livy b*rned up in a f*re.

I think Short Stuff's really
gonna love it, don't you ?

You really need to name your baby.

Del Rey was the son
of Mexico's biggest drug lord.

El Terron takes family very seriously.

Hey, there. I thought maybe you'd
wanna meet your granddaughter.

I know what a risk this is for you.

So... Last chance
to get off the Titanic.

Mr. President.

Carry on, Valentine.

Here we go.

Season 2, episode 10


You guys !

- This is beautiful, honey.
- Thanks, Daddy.

Damn, sis.
It's like a real house.

- You're like a real person.
- I know. It's good, right ?

Oh my God, sweetheart,
this is so lovely.

And I've got this meeting today
that could be the beginning for me,

for the first time in my life,
of making my own money.

- I am so proud of you.
- Hey, where's the little baby girl ?

She's napping, Daddy.

Okay. Listen, today's brunch,
it's not just for you.

My baby had a daddy, and she's
got another set of grandparents,

of course, and it's just
very important to me

that my daughter know
both sides of her family,

you know, be in touch
with her Mexican roots.

- Arturo's parents.
- Who ?

- The drug lord, dear.
- What ?

Arturo's father, El Terron, he's
the head of Mexico's biggest cartel.

I think he's escaped like three
prisons. He is currently on the run.

- Here ?
- Yeah.

- And I need everything to be perfect.
- Okay. Goodbye, sweetheart.

Y'all really enjoy.
I love this house.

- You are not going anywhere, Mother.
- No, I have to. I can't be here.

Aiding and abetting
is a definite election k*ller.

I'm so excited to hear how it goes.

Mother, I need you
to step outside of yourself, okay,

and think about what's most
important to your daughter.

- Bienvenidos.
- Olivia, finally. Such a pleasure.

My wife, Veronica.

Oh, well, I can see
what my Arturo saw in you.

So beautiful. For you.

Please come in, come in.

Mr. President.
So nice to meet you.

Well, it's good to meet you,
Mr. Terron.

- Or is it El ?
- Frederico, but, please, call me Fred.

Well, how was your trip ?
I hear you travel by tunnel.

A little dusty and long,
but really not so bad.

I don't have to tell you
how successful Señor Terron is.

He has cornered the market
on global recreational drug use.

- Teach a man to fish, right, Richard ?
- Where there's a will, there's a way.

This is great.

Oh, please. For every action,
there is a reaction.

Your policies made me counter.
It was as simple as that.

My policies had nothing
to do with your cartel.

The point is, your administration
forced me to go bigger, more violent,

just to get the Americans
enough supply.

It was a vicious
and very unhealthy cycle.

Okay, no more business talk, y'all.
Let's finish this off, shall we ?

- Veronica, more Sangria ?
- Oh, yes, please.

Okay, sorry, I just wanted
to say something real quick

before this comes out
in the press or whatever, but I...

I quit my job on the show. And I
could not be more thrilled about it.

So, no, Mother, this is not Jeremy
quitting another thing, this is...

This is about...
Well, it's about me finding myself.

Don't laugh. Okay...

I've been working on a sort of
a positive motivational speech thing

and I'm actually giving
my first talk today at UNM.

So, I thought maybe, you know...

Sorry. New family.

- Sure.
- I wish I could, sweetheart.

I have a campaign event
for the State Troopers.

- It's been booked for weeks.
- I could...

Excuse me one second.

- Yeah ?
- Oh, great.

You just make evolving
nearly impossible.

Graves, listen, I just got word

that they are relocating the m*ssile
to Texas in a couple of days.


Yeah, so look, hey, I got that official
visit pass you want. It cleared, so...

- We gotta move today.
- Today ?

Yeah. If you're still gonna do this
thing, you better come get me.

All right, bye.

- Sammy. Hi.
- Hi.

You look great.

I heard you came by Silva's
to see me the other night.

Yeah, I... You were rehearsing.
I don't wanna bother you.

Anyway, I'm...
I'm actually leaving tonight.

I have to go back to the trailer
park and pack up

and go on a little tour with my
producer and play some shows...

And see if it sticks.

Yeah. It will.
I know it will.

It just felt weird not to say
goodbye for real this time.


I promise I won't get sh*t again.

- That's not funny.
- Yeah.

I know it was you who sent
my song to the radio station,

and I love you for that, Isaiah.

Always will.


- Sir ?
- Isaiah, come pick me up.

I... You know, it's really not
a good time for me right now, sir.

I need you.

You know, my mother, Sofia,
was the strongest woman I knew.

She rode with Pancho Villa.

She would have loved
this little girl.

Darling, everything okay ?

I'm not feeling very well, hon.

I think I should go home
and lay down for a little bit.

I'll come with you,
let me get my purse.

No, no, no. Isaiah's gonna come
pick me up. You use the car, okay ?

Are you sure you're okay, Richard ?

I'm sure.

So, gentlemen,
would either of you guys

mind telling me exactly
where we're going ?

- Who the hell is this kid ?
- You can trust him.

Oh, well, then drive till you hit
the I-40.

Take it east, and then we'll end up
on the base.

Great. Uh, the base ?

Do you have everything you need
to do the deed, Valentine ?

Of course I've got everything
I need. I'm not an amateur.

Well, this is dangerous stuff,
you know ?

You're telling me
what's dangerous, Graves ? Hmm ?

- A m*ssile's a m*ssile.
- A m*ssile ? Did he just say m*ssile ?

Here we are.

- What are we doing here, sir ?
- Taking a tour, that's all.

No, no, no.
Nothing's ever "that's all."

There's the base, and the deed,

and the danger,
not to mention the m*ssile.

You know, if you spend the rest of your
life thinking everything to death,

you won't ever do anything.

Come on, Graves, we gotta go.

Okay, well, I'll just park down the
road. And I'll just be waiting there.

- This has been so lovely.
- We should do it again... a lot !

Absolutely, Veronica.

Okay, guys, I hate
that I have this event.

Dancin' the Graves dance.
It's all good.

- Thanks for coming.
- I love my kids.

All right, listen, good luck with all
the running and the evading, okay ?

I've been a big fan of the other side
of the law for a long time,

but you guys, no one
does it better. Respect.

- See you, Liv.
- Thanks, Jerems.

This is a true honor,
Mr. President, sir.

- Like a g*dd*mn time-machine.
- Yes, sir.

Thirty-year-old technology.

And, of course, sir, we're not too
concerned with missing the fairway.

Lieutenant, I have
a scheduled maintenance.

I'd like to do a little show and tell
for the President, it won't take long.

- Of course, yes, sir. Mr. President ?
- Lieutenant, thank you.


Margaret Graves has turned it around.
She is now way up in the polls

after the recent speech
at her family reunion went viral.

Eight more days, home stretch.

Nate Silver has you at
a 75% chance of winning.

Even so, this law and order speech
for the State Troopers today

is important. There's lots
and lots of red meat.

It's true. We will cruise to victory
atop a yacht of red meat.

I'm putting in a victory
for next We... uh, Tuesday.

I need a moment.

Savory... red meat.

Okay then. Sofia...

- Say goodbye to your abuelos.
- Sofia ?

Thank you, Olivia.

It still makes no sense, but,
I really did love your son.

I see that. Which is why, Olivia,

I want you to consider
a life away from here.

- Away ?
- Yes.

- Living in your own guarded villa.
- A villa ?

Atop a hill, overlooking a country
where would you be considered royalty.

In Mexico.

Take this.

My son is gone.

Every penny I ever made
was for his legacy...

His daughter, my blood.

I'll be in touch, mija.


"This is my biggest confession."

"What I'm about to do will be
looked upon as foolish by many,"

"damaging by some
and reckless by all."

"After it is over,
there will be questions."

"Any answers I'd have, they be right
or wrong, will mean nothing."

"I created a monster that is now
my responsibility to defeat."

Maggie ?

- You okay ?
- I have to go. It's Richard.

- Can you do it ?
- Yup.

Just gonna... pit-stuff it.

- Pit-stuff it.
- Yeah. So simple it defies logic.

Fissile plutonium is extremely
delicate, Mr. President.

Any blockage between
the fusion core and the detonator

will permanently disable the warhead.

Sort of like a banana
in a tail-pipe, same idea.

Well, keep stuffing, then.
Stuff it.

- There it is.
- Did you get it ?

That's new.

Valentine, get that wire out of there.

It didn't work.

She's still armed.

Mr. President, something got tripped.
We'll send someone in to get you.

There's no sign of a leak, sir.
We're investigating the situation.

Just a second, gentlemen.

- We tried.
- Yeah, we did.

Sir ! What are you doing ?

Oh, shit.

All right, Lieutenant,
this is a sit-in.

Now, here's your orders.

Mr. President,
what is it that you want ?

I want you to get on the phone
with the Pentagon.

Tell them that a former President
of the United States

wants this m*ssile disarmed,

and he is gonna stay chained to it
until they do.

It's my pleasure to introduce to you

the media's truth-telling First Son,
Jeremy Graves.

Thank you. Oh, man.

Hi, thank you. Thank you.
Thank you so much for being here.


So, I'm here to talk to you
about the truth,

good old Jeremy Graves, famous for
being adorable in the White House,

following his dick through puberty,

his g*n through Afghanistan,
and basically dependent

on every single anti-depressant known
to man for his entire adult life.

But here's the thing,
and this is gonna sound crazy,

especially coming from me.

But recently, I have been
uncomfortably happy

and I realized
I don't give one single f*ck

about the media or the truth
that's supposed to be in it.

- Hello ?
- It's me, kid.

- The alarm, sir. What's going on ?
- Drive away.

- Sir.
- Drive the f*ck away. Do you hear me ?

Just remember what I told you:

"Until death, it's all life."

Jacob, listen. We need press,
a whole lot of f*cking press.

Richard ? Richard !

Hey, guys, happy to be here.

Olivia, we are so happy
to talk to you.

Former First Daughter, now First Mom.
Lifestyle website,

lines of clothes, baby products,

and of course,
your amazing tips and advice.

It's like Goop for moms, but this is
what we are most excited about...

Bringing back little Livy doll

and introducing
grown Olivia doll with baby.

We sent you samples. You should be
getting those later. We are so excited.

And the only way
we are gonna dig ourselves

out of this bullshit place
we've all gotten to

is if we can find some way
to free ourselves

of whatever it is
that's got us stuck in the mud.

Now, I don't give a shit
if it's your job,

if it's your famous f*ck' family
who didn't show up today...

Whatever it is,

the only person who has the ability
to change that is you.

So what I came here, really,
to tell you today is this...

You want a new job ?
Go get one.

You want some new friends ?
Find some.

Hell, you want a new family ?

Make one, right ? Thank you.

Thank you very much.
Thank you.

You should have left me.

If we're going down,
we're going down together.

Mr. President, I have a Federal agent
here who would like to speak with you

regarding your request.

- It's national news.
- We'll handle it.

If you are just joining us, we are
reporting the unprecedented act

of civil disobedience by a former
President of the United States.

With Federal agents on the scene,
President Richard Graves

has agreed to vacate the m*ssile silo
and turn himself over for arrest

if allowed to make a public statement.

Jesus Christ.

This is the first time an American
President has been arrested.

- Calm down.
- Ever. At any point... in history.

President Graves.

President Graves !

President Graves, are you aware
that this is a violation

of the Espionage Act, and sabotage ?

Mr. Graves, over here !

President Graves !

Thirty years ago,

this warhead
was built on my orders.

Ninety megatons.

Enough to wipe out
an entire country.

We need to stop this w*apon
of Mass Destruction insanity.

We gotta stop it now.

One second longer and it's too late.

A year ago,

I started on a mission

to right my wrongs as the President.

I thought I could do it alone,
but I can't.

I can't,

because I need all of you.

We need to get together.

We need to scream
as loud as we can

to stop this.

Our voices can become a gathering
storm that they cannot ignore.

I really just wanted
to un-f*ck the world.

I'm sorry, Maggie.

- I love you.
- I love you, too.

Terribly sorry, sir.

If you are just joining us, we have
breaking news out of New Mexico.

Former President Richard Graves
has been arrested

for attempting to defuse
the nuclear m*ssile he ordered.

Graves is the first POTUS
to be charged with...

And now we're getting word
that Amir Ahsan

has rejoined the UN
Nuclear Peace Negotiation

in New York City,
vowing to reach a deal.

On the heels of Richard
Graves's arrest,

our snap online poll now
has Margaret Graves's numbers

plummeting against the incumbent
Senator Jerry North

in what could be a stunning
last minute turnaround

a week before the election.
Not helping matters...
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