06x13 - By Any Means: Part 4

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Major Crimes". Aired: August 2012 to January 2018.
"Major Crimes" is a successor spin-off of "The Closer" in which Captain Sharon Raydor takes over as head of the LAPD's Major Crimes Division.
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06x13 - By Any Means: Part 4

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Previously on "Major Crimes"...

If this is Stroh,
then why change his M.O.?

I mean, this isn't an accident.
It's a m*rder.

PROVENZA: Jim Bechtel's daughter, Tammy,

has flown in from Charlotte.

I expect her here any minute,
and she should help.

We were only a serious part of
his life for a few years,

and that was decades ago.

- Did you ever see Phillip again?
- No.

I've got a special assignment for you.

It could be a little risky.

Maybe Stroh is focused

on all of his mother's
joint checking accounts

that were closed by Hunt Sanford.

We can get the money out

but I need access to Hunt's
business accounts...

You said you could hack anything.

I did not say that.

I told you I could grab
individual computers

- and wireless networks.
- Can you get me his schedule?

He has an hour appointment
at : a.m. tomorrow morning.

I need you to take this computer,

access my mother's living trust.

Your money's out of the country.

PROVENZA: If I only get to do

one thing while I'm in charge
of Major Crimes,

please let it be

removing this bastard
from the face of the Earth.





They've been d*ad less than an hour,

and the wounds on the doctor
will match up

with the w*apon used on your
previous victim, Mr. Bechtel.

So the same knife.

Or same brand.

The tear in Mr. Sanford's chest...

Well, I can't measure it properly here,

except to say it scares me to death

and find the guy who did this right away.

That's the plan.

Sorry to bring you here
on such a quick, uh...

No, I get it.

The enormity of the crisis is very clear.


No money on your victims
and no car keys either,

but I have Mr. Sanford's phone.

Good luck.

Thank you, Doctor.

PAIGE: Lieutenant?

The woman with the appointment
before Sanford's

said she held the door open
for a man she described as

"bearded, with a bag over his shoulder,

holding a motorcycle helmet."

Couldn't recall what he was wearing.

Do you want me to grab security
video from along the street?

Yes. And take patrol officers
to help you.

We need to double-time it!

We are very close!

But way, way, way too far behind.

My dad... for all his success,

he was a f-fairly simple guy.

He loved what he loved.

Me, his business, the sea, Gwen...

I-I don't get it.

What's the importance of this interview?

Tammy Bechtel was not on the list

of any of the people
Phillip Stroh was searching for.

Yeah, I-I want to ask her a question

about her father's estate,

and she's not answering her cell.

W-Well, maybe she's still grieving.

Maybe you should take whatever
question you have about her

to the lieutenant
and let him decide if he's...

I'm not playing detective, Gus.

Well, then... then, what's the deal?

Instead of letting Stroh
scare me out of my mind,

I am trying to think like him

so I can determine
what he's gonna do next.

- I wonder about that.
- Oh, my God!

Wes! Why are you here?

Because this place is no longer safe.

NOLAN: I drove up to San Jose

and grabbed Ricky Rater's keys
from the valet stand.

I need to send them back with an apology.

Then I rented a fake L.A.P.D.
uniform from Western Costume,

doctored it up to look real,
and used it to pass by S.I.S.

Oh, my God,
and the kid would've been d*ad.

Fritz, your people were supposed
to have this covered.

Well, they had eyes out for
Stroh, not a patrol officer.

But Nolan did prove
that the condo isn't safe,

which is what I asked him to do.

Thank you, Wes. And, Chief Howard,

would you please release
the boy's security detail?

From now on, where I go, they go,

and I'm not leaving here
until Stroh is d*ad.

No, wait, but he's not...

Look, I-I don't care what the sign said

in the doctor's office.
Stroh is not coming after me.

You think if Stroh saw
an opportunity to k*ll you,

he wouldn't take it?

I'm not his objective.

Well, I tend to agree with you.

Obviously, Stroh is
after his mother's money.

But we still don't know where
Stroh is or his accomplice.

Look, he may be using you as a decoy,

but I agree with the lieutenant.

Both of you are safer with him

until Stroh is either d*ad or in custody.

And now we might know

how he's getting around the city

SANCHEZ: The drive falls inside
the timeframe of our m*rder.

That's the best you can do on the plates?

Sorry. Unfortunately, Stroh wasn't

driving down the street sideways.

SANCHEZ: Well, if this is Stroh, Chief,

the motorcycle and the helmet
could be useful.

The make and model are fairly common.

Neither the helmet or the color
are that distinctive.

PROVENZA: But it would be great
to release this photo to the press,

along with mug shots of Stroh

and the Interpol photo
we have of Dylan Baxter.

We could start blowing up

the fake tip line folder
we created as bait

and maybe convince the hacker to open it.

Excuse me one second, Buzz.

I just executed a back-end subroutine,

meaning that the tip line folder
is set to go live from my phone

to the m*rder board monitor

where it will make for a better bait.

What happens when
Dylan opens the tip folder?

We'll gum up his connections
to the Internet

while he nail down
his exact physical location.

But he has to click on the folder.

Rule number one in cyber...

do not click on random attachments.

- Hackers can easily...
- It won't appear random, boss.

PAIGE: And once this Dylan creep

finds he's at the center
of an all-out manhunt,

he could get very impulsive.

Or given how dangerous
these guys are, Chief,

maybe we should ask
what's your alternative?

Asked respectfully.

Phillip Stroh, who escaped
custody almost three years ago,

and the younger man who may or
may not have an English accent,

is a U.K. citizen with computer skills

and a pattern of allegedly
sexually abusing teenage girls.

This story is developing.
We will bring you...


[SIGHS] Come on.

Come on, come on.





All right.

Now I just have to get out of here

before this assh*le knows
I have his money.



Oh, my God, I'm rich again.

- Oh... I can't believe it!


Hello? Ella, Ella. I am about to make you

the happiest woman on Earth, I swear.


Elly, you there?

- Ella?
- Hello?

Elly, I-it's me, it's Carl.

Did... Did I get you at a bad time?

ELLA: Yes, um... Um, a very bad time.

Okay, I-I'm sorry, but... but...

The money I told you about came through,

so please just cancel
all of your appointments...

I can't, Carl. I can't.

Of course you can. E-Ella, listen.

I'm rich. And when we get...


Oh, my God.


Oh, my God.

I checked the Bitcoin log
you created for me.

Very disappointed.





Give a wave to Carl, Ella.

He's watching us through wireless cameras

he had set up in your apartment
months ago.

W-What do you think you're doing?!

You let her go now or... or I'll...

Or... Or what?

You're gonna call the police?

I don't think so.



Stand on this, please.

Hey, hey, hold on.

Hold on.

Ella didn't do anything,

and... and if you hurt her, I-I...

Do you really think
I give a shit about this girl?


Now, don't struggle.
You'll upend the stool.

The trick is...

stay balanced.


I thought you'd steal my money,

and now I expect you to put it back.

This'll take time, okay?

- I-I'll need to set up a whole new...

I don't have time. Neither does Ella.

You will transfer the money

into a new Bitcoin wallet
I made for myself.

I texted all the relevant
information to your phone.

But I will need the entire
$ million and change.

Every penny.

But I... I won't...


I need some of that money
to get out of the country.


Have you seen the news?

This manhunt is...

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

I told you Ella was d*ad weight.

Exactly how d*ad is up to you.



GUS: Don't worry.

As long as we're here,
Stroh can't get to us.

Yeah, but we can't get to him either.

They will. They'll catch him.

Catch him? No. No, that...

That can't happen,
because if Stroh gets arrested,

then he goes to trial and I have
to testify in open court.

Yeah, but... but then
he's in prison for life.

And meanwhile, the whole world
gets to hear about...

what I was.

You mean homeless? Hungry? Abused?

People won't see it that way, Gus.

Look, forget about me.

Look at all of these people
that Stroh's k*lled,

some of them while he was in jail.

If Stroh goes to prison,

I spend the rest of my life
jumping at my own shadow,

and I can't live like that.

Hi, Ms. Bechtel.
This is Rusty Beck again.

Uh, if you could give me a call
back on this number,

I'd appreciate it. Thank you.

I just don't see

what Tammy Bechtel had to do
with any of this.

Stroh took a big risk in
m*rder her father.


There has to be
something that Stroh needed

that only Mr. Bechtel had.

It does sound like you really know Stroh.


And he knows me.

He knows me very well.

STROH: I don't want to
use the word "whore,"

'cause I know you think of
Ella as your fiancée.


If you don't pick up the pace,

well, I'm sure we can
think of something to do.

I mean, Carl's taking so long.

It can't go any faster. Just...


Please just... just let me keep
$ , , enough to escape?

You hold back one penny and Ella dies.

[VOICE BREAKING] Please! Please, Carl...

I... I love you.

Please. [ CRYING]

It's to your advantage
helping us to escape.

I disagree,

and I think I've done
more escaping than you have.


We have him.
I almost have the exact address.

I'll get my team ready to go.

No, no, no.

Uh, S.O.B. follows behind.

I don't want our suspect... damn it...

our... our thr*at actors
to hear us coming.

Major Crimes goes in first.

MASON: I think we need to
combine forces here, Lieutenant.

If Stroh and this Dylan kid

are in the middle of a
neighborhood or near a school...

Okay, quietly.


We have to take our
thr*at actors by surprise.

STROH: I have to get going, Dylan.

- Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

The Bitcoin has been transferred
to your digital wallet.

In... In seconds, refresh your...



No, no, no, no, no,
this can't be happening!

What's going on?

- There was a glitch.
- A glitch?

What if I had a glitch?
What if my foot just...

- Hey!

- [g*n COCKS]
- Do you hear that?

I have a g*n, and if you hurt her,

I'm gonna find you,
and I'm gonna k*ll you myself.



Ramsdell Glen.

We can handle this, Chief.
It's just one house.

One house that needs to be
surrounded by S.W.A.T.

and covered by the air.

Lieutenant, your team can make entry,

but S.W.A.T. backs you up.

Chief Howard.

No one escapes.

Don't worry, Lieutenant.
We want the same thing.

Lieutenant, since your m*rder
room is under observation still,

don't send the whole of Major Crimes.

Um, sure. Yes, sir.

Um, so, uh, Sanchez, Tao, Sykes,
go get him and good luck.

I should go, too.

No, not on your life.

You stay here with me, second-in-command.

I'm gonna have to put
a time limit on this, Dylan.

I am doing everything you want.

Just shut the hell up,
you complete lunatic!


It's almost over.


MAN: All right,
they're on the move, partner.

Hold off a little bit.

Air to Patrol.
Are you receiving my feed?

, roger.

All right, partner.
Hang tight. Here we go.

Okay, moving in.

All right, officers,
I got you out of the car

making your movement up there
to the front door.


We need officers to the rear.
Hurry to the rear, guys.

Give me some people in the rear.



Rooftops are clear. Looking good.




There! There! It's yours, okay?
Set her free.

Set her free. Oh, you millennials.

Don't you think that's something
you ought to do for yourself?

Don't... Hey, y-you have to help her.

- You have to help her!

You have to help her.
You have to help her!

On . Good luck, everyone.

... ... .




L.A.P.D. You're surrounded.

Or the police can save her.

This might turn out
better than I thought.

Lay face down with your hands
behind your head.






He's d*ad.

Sorry, no one else at home.

Phillip Stroh.

Lieutenant Tao.

I take it Dylan's d*ad.

What the hell? Where is he?

You'll know exactly where I am,
Detective Sanchez,

once you trace the phone that I'm using.

Oh, say hello to Ella.

[ CRYING] Help! Please!

Yes, yes, that's enough.

They've heard "help me,
help me" a thousand times.

Now, will you redeploy resources

to save this useless hooker,

or will you try to find me?

'Cause I'm leaving.

Tell Rusty I look forward
to our time together.

Now you see me...


Pull the number off the phone.

What is this counting down to?

TAO: I have no idea,

but we only have an hour
and minutes to find out.


I think I saw Stroh leave,

but this girl's whole apartment
could be a trap, you know,

set to blow up as soon as
they open the door.

And... Come over here, sir.
I need your body cam.

Bend over, bend over.

As you can see,

this girl doesn't have very much time.

And she's priority one right now.

- Buzz.
- I have it.

Um... the phone belongs to
an Ella Stewart.

According to her provider,

the address is Ardmore in Hollywood,

apartment # .

If that's monitor's a countdown
for an expl*sive device,

it's well hidden.

Or the b*mb's not here.

Here's the name and location
of our lady in distress.

We should set up a roadblock
around her apartment.

We might catch Stroh in the net.
Let's roll.

Not me. I have to wait for
Force Investigation Division.

Don't worry. Um, I got plenty
to keep me occupied.

PROVENZA: Air , redeploy to
Ardmore in Hollywood.

Roger that, sir. All right, partner.

- Here we go.
- Okay, moving in.

Tao, about this countdown clock...

You know, I think it's rigged

to what we call a d*ad man's switch.

I found some encrypted data
on this computer

that has directions
where to send that data

once this clock hits zero.


Uh, there are two.

One is the FBI and the other,

I think, is Major Crimes.




MAN: And I'm over top of you.

Your roofs behind you are clear.

You're clear to the rear, guys.

Any good ideas how to do this?

Just let's be fast.




Please, somebody, please help!


[CRYING] Help me!

I got you. We got you.

Help me! Don't let me fall!

We got you. We got you.

Please don't let me fall!

Get it off me!

We've breached. The girl is safe.

Where is Phillip Stroh?

Ma'am? Ma'am,
did the man who did this to you

say where he was going?

he, uh, was talking to Carl,

um, b-but he called him Dylan,
and... and he said, um...

He... He said Carl was d*ad!

No, no, no. He's fine.

Listen, listen. He... He sent us.

The man who did this to you,
his name is Phillip Stroh.

Now, did you hear
his conversation with Carl?

Y-Yeah, they were...

they were a-arguing about
a money transfer.

Right, okay. And did Stroh say
where he was going?

No, but he had a helmet.

Wait, Ella, do you have a car?

Yeah, a-a brand-new red Mustang

parked right behind the building.

Where do you keep your keys?

In... In a... In a wooden bowl
on the dresser.

There's no keys.

, , ...

Tao, do you think you might
consider getting out of there?

If I leave, F.I.D. will take me away

and the stuff here that we may need.

, , ...


Holy crap!

I was right. The data is being sent.

Someone go to the m*rder board monitor.


Lieutenant, what are we looking for?

Something on the home screen.

If you move the whiteboards
out of the way,

I think it'll be there.



That's weird. Should I?

Go for it.


Hi, there, Los Angeles Police Department.

Uh, let's dispense with
the small talk, shall we?

In my humble opinion,

your primal dislike of Phillip Stroh

is leading you into making mistakes.

But if you're watching this video,

I'm probably pretty irritated
with him myself.

So I'm sending you a lot of information

that might help you catch him.

Included in these files are

details of Phillip's more recent crimes,

information like how we met,
why we're here,

where we intend to go.

If I were you, I'd start with
the folder marked "Travel."

Here it is!

Goodbye, and good luck.


Oh, my gosh.

There's gigabytes of data here,
all these different files.

"Miscellaneous," "Business,"
"Supplies," "Conversations."

There, there. "Travel."


It's a reservation for a private jet

departing at : P.M. this afternoon.

That's less than two hours from now.

I am redeploying your team
and S.O.B. to that airport.

Surround it, lock it down, search it.

Yes, Chief Howard?

Provenza. Behind you.

Flynn, no, no, no,
you're not going anywhere.

You want Stroh captured, or do
you want this done by any means?

Stroh throws down his w*apon,
puts his hands above his head,

the autopsy will show that.

Who else are you sure
will take that sh*t?

I promised Sharon that I would do...

I am in charge of this division,

and I say you stay here
and help me coordinate...

f*re me!

Ah, ah! Not one step.

You are here with me
until the bitter end.

- They've almost got him.
- Have they?

Or is he just spreading the
police out as thin as he can?

Hi, Ms. Bechtel.
This is Rusty Beck again.

Sorry to keep bothering you.

If you could give me a call back
on this number,

it's concerning
the m*rder of your father.




Sir, we have hundreds of
officers searching the airport

and surrounding areas
and eyes all over his jet.

If he is here,
then he is not getting away.

Putting you on speaker phone.


HOWARD: We located Ella's
Mustang in the parking lot here.

Did you find anything from
the data dump, Lieutenant?

- Uh...
- Uh, I-it's hard to say, sir.

Use your words.

Well, there's so much here, sir.

Uh, financial info, travel info,

uh, these large,
bulk purchases on Amazon.

Bulk purchases?

Yeah, mostly canned food,

uh, lots of water, and a case of vodka.

- Go on.
- Well, the really weird thing is,

this list from the "Miscellaneous" file,

which looks exactly like
the list of searches

Phillip Stroh was doing online last year,

except some of the names
have been crossed off.

All our accidental deaths...

the su1c1de, the Gwen Bechtels,

Gwendolyn Strohs,
Gwendolyn different cities...

But some of the names have
questions marks next to them.

Uh, William Putnam.

Yeah, Ms. Bechtel.

Now, why would he write that
with a question mark?

Stroh found his mother.

Could Ms. Bechtel be
Stroh's stepsister Tammy,

Jim Bechtel's daughter?

Well, what interest would he have in her?

She was married,
but she kept her maiden name,

so that would make her
Ms. Bechtel, right?

And I've been calling her all day,

and she hasn't been calling me back.

Mr. Beck, when I want your
opinion, I'll ask for it.

- Lieutenant?
- Yes, right.

Tammy Bechtel is at her dad's other house

in the marina settling up his affairs.

Um, we are calling her now.

BUZZ: Trying her cell.

- Any news?
- Nothing so far, Chief,

but if Stroh is here,
he is not getting out.

Why would he be loading up with supplies

if he's hopping on a jet?

[WHISPERS] Nothing.

Chief Mason, could you spare
a couple of officers

to do a safety check
where Tammy is staying?

Lieutenant, take me off speaker.

Uh, yes?

This is a manhunt,

and I am out of personnel.

You get me something more concrete than

"just to be on the safe side,"

and I'll send someone
to Ms. Bechtel's house.

Honestly, S.O.B. should be
in control of this operation

from now on.

I'll keep you informed, Lieutenant.

Sir, I can drive over to the marina...

No, you cannot go anywhere
without backup.

Now, it's the marina,
but we think... marina...

Where the hell do you think
you're going?!

I'm going to check on Tammy Bechtel.

No, you don't have
a security detail anymore.

You leave this building and
I can't answer for your safety.

I'm going, Lieutenant,
with or without you.

- No... Stop!
- I'm going.

Get... Stop him. Stop him!

Uh, just for a minute, Buzz,

you're a reserve detective again.

Follow me.

Come on, let's go!

Yes, sir!



L.A.P.D.! Is anyone at home?



Okay, Buzz, time for you to get
your Kicking In the Door badge.




That is the worst kicking open
the door I have ever seen.

Well, next time, you can do it, sir.

Just clear the room.

Stay there.










At least we have a reason now
for kicking open the door.

Oh, damn.


No, no, no, don't call it in yet.

- But the rules say...
- No, no.

We're gonna find this body after.

After what?

Okay, Buzz, tell me.

Stroh couldn't see me coming, right?

I-I mean, my cellphone was not hacked.

No. W-Well,
but he would have your number.

- You're in everyone's contacts.
- Right, right.

Okay, grab your camera,
turn off your time codes,

and start filming this place.

Yes, sir.

Lieutenant, what is it?

Where are you going?

I'm just going to see

if Tammy Bechtel is
around the marina somewhere.

Just take a look. I'll be right back.





[g*n COCKS]













What are you doing?

The lieutenant was just
looking at that photo

above the f... the fireplace.

Oh, my God.


No, we were...
we were supposed to stay back.

Yeah, but I just got to go make sure

that the lieutenant is okay, all right?

- No, you can't...
- Don't worry so much.

You don't have to be with me
every second, Gus, okay?














I'm unarmed.

You sh**t me in the back,
you're a m*rder.

That what you want?

What I want

is to spit on your grave.

But I don't like lines.

We should negotiate my surrender.

Technically, I'm a suspect.

We call them thr*at actors now.

Turn around, slowly.

Have you ever sh*t anyone
in cold blood, Lieutenant?

Where are the rest
of your friends, by the way?

No one else wants in on the k*ll?

They'll be here soon enough.

I told you to turn around.

I worry that once we're face-to-face...

you'll sh**t me.


You don't want to k*ll me with
my hands above my head, do you?

Not with so many other
legal options at your disposal.

Damn you.

Why? Why did you have to
throw down the knife?

Okay, I'm...

I'm tossing these to you.

I want you to lean over

and put them on while I call this in.

You sure?

Once I lower my hands,
you're not gonna sh**t me?

I'll sh**t you if you don't
and explain myself later.

Hurry. Hurry, before I change my mind!

If it's any comfort, Lieutenant,
you're doing the right thing.








God, you sh*t him five times.

What do you think?

Of course he's d*ad!

Thank God.

Thank God he had a w*apon on him,

otherwise it would've been m*rder!

It was self-defense, Lieutenant.
He was going for his g*n.

- Shut up!
- I only sh*t him because...

Give me those and shut up! Shut up.

- I only... I only sh*t...
- You didn't sh**t anyone.

I sh*t him, do you understand?

I sh*t Phillip Stroh.

Now, I want you to go to the dock

and wait for me.






You guys okay?

Oh, uh... I'm not sure.

I... can't take it all in.

Yeah. That's exactly what Brenda said.

Um, is the lieutenant
gonna be in trouble or...?

Well, he sh*t a person to death,

so F.I.D.'s gonna investigate him.

Considering he was alone
with an armed psycho,

it was justified.

You hear that? Justified.


So, uh, I guess
when we're done here, I...

I go back to my own apartment...

No, not tonight, please.

I think that, um...

Could you... Could you just wait
till tomorrow?

I'll stay forever,
if that's what you want.


Charter pilot in Burbank
said Stroh paid in advance,

but this was definitely
his plan "A" the whole time.

If you hadn't figured it out,

would've been a hell of a lot worse.

Well... tell that to Tammy Bechtel.

Uh, yeah.

Before we start the parade
in your honor, sir,

there's something that I'd like to say.

Even with the promotion, this...

wasn't an easy decision.

What we did here together,

how we went about it,

made me feel like I had a family.

And because of this family,

I have a son.

SYKES: Are you really leaving, Julio?

That's Lieutenant Sanchez to you, Sykes.

You won't have much occasion
to wear these in C.I.,

but congratulations.


Thank you, sir.

- Tao.


Order arms.



Well, I wouldn't get used to

that big, fancy office,
Lieutenant Sanchez.

TAO: Oh, he'll get used to it, all right.

Goodbye, everybody.

- Goodbye, kiddo.
- Goodbye.

- Goodbye.
- See you later, all right?

- Goodbye.
- You take care, okay?

Keep your sessions with Dr. Joe going.

You're gonna need them.

- Bye.
- Here's your boy.

Bye, Lieutenant.

Good luck, sir.

I'm glad that
Force Investigation cleared you.

- Let's go, son.
- Take care, Julio.

- Bye, Marcus.
- Bye.

This desk, we're gonna keep
for you, Julio,

in case you change your mind.

Actually, if you don't mind,

I'd like to have that desk.

Well, go right ahead. He'll never know.


I'll move the rest of my stuff in

after my bereavement leave is finished.

MASON: Well, you're gonna need
more personnel.

Are you sure you don't have
any other changes to announce?

Uh, right.

Buzz, you will have tomorrow off,

uh, and the next weeks
to attend the Academy.

You will return here
as a probationary detective.


So I don't ever have to listen

to your stories about
reserve training again.


Thank you, Lieutenant. Chief?

And he's already closed his first deal,

isn't that right, Louie?

Yeah, uh, yeah. I mean... Yes.

- With whom?
- Uh, it's me.

As soon as I pass the bar,

I'll be spending my next five years

as a lawyer in the D.A.'s office
prosecuting criminals.

Sharon would've been very proud.


I wonder.

All right, people. Great job last week.

Let's get back on it.

Oh, wait, hold on. Lieutenant, come on.

You have to say something.

That boosts morale, though.

Speech, speech, speech, speech!

Don't encourage him too much.

Yes, short, short speech.

I got to get back to work.

Lieutenant, at the moment,
you are something of a hero.

And a teacher, someone who
never gives up on people.

FLYNN: Let's let him talk before

we have to go back out on a m*rder case.

Yeah, yeah. Death keeps us active.

Okay, Sykes, yeah.

I'll, uh, I'll say a little something.

Thank you.

We've been tested recently
in ways great and small.

But we're working through our grief

by putting the people
that depend on us first.

No matter what happens,

Major Crimes won't quit
until we find the bad guys.

And that's how
we'll keep doing things here.

This team...



Buzz, Morales...


Nolan, Hobbs...



and Chief Mason.

Oh, and I'll... I'll include you,

since you're standing right here.

We are part of the greatest
police department in America,

and with the people standing here...


I could go on doing this job...




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