03x13 - Nowhere to Go

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Dark Matter". Aired: June 2015 to August 2017.
Based on the book of the same name, "Dark Matter" is about six people that awaken on a derelict spaceship with their memories erased. They try to figure out what happened to them and decide how best to proceed.
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03x13 - Nowhere to Go

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We wait and try not to get
drawn into the conflict.

And how long do
you think that'll last?

I don't believe it.

Hello, pumpkin.

You think she's the one
who had my friends k*lled

over this?

You swore an oath.

And the throne
will still be here

once you're gone.

And who will occupy it?

Did you debate my fate?

We did.

And what was the result?

I can't make this
any easier for you.

You think this is easy?

I am a thr*at to your crew.

You have no choice.
As their leader, you need to...

Who the hell are you
to lecture me on leadership?

You had command of an
entire empire and you blew it.

You're right. I failed my people
and now I have nothing.

I would do the same thing
if I was in your place.

Two! What?

Is ryo still alive?

Yes, but... Don't k*ll him.

There's nothing more
to talk about.

We need you on the bridge.

We've received a
subspace transmission.

From who?

Put him on screen.

Teku. I'm glad to see
you made it out alive.

The feeling's mutual.

Can I also assume
that ryo made it out?

Yes, I kept up
my end of our deal.

He's on board.

We need to discuss his return.

I said I'd get him off
the planet and I did.

I didn't promise
anything after that.

You should know
that I did not leave

zairon emptyhanded.

I am, in fact,
in command of a fleet

of ships that remain
loyal to the emperor.

He's not emperor anymore.

He is the rightful
heir of ishida.

And we want him back.

Just outta curiosity,
when you say "fleet,"

how many ships are
we talking about, here?

Six cruisers, three destroyers.

All with nowhere to go.

No direction. It's true,

we are homeless
and without allies,

but we are united
behind one purpose:

To restore our emperor
to his rightful place.

It's not that simple.
He has things to answer for.

He's a tyrant, a mass m*rder...

A ruler who had to
make hard decisions.

He attacked us, stole from us,

and more importantly,
he bears some responsibility

for the death of our friend.

Not to make this all about me,

but he also sent an assassin

who tried to k*ll me...

I know there is
bad blood between you,

and I know that nothing
pained him more.

He tell you that himself?

Ryo was raised
to never show weakness.

But I know for a fact
that he was heartbroken.

That's assuming he has one.

I do not want us to be enemies.

So, as a show of good faith,

I have something to offer you.

What're you talking about?

It concerns the man
who kidnapped you

and brought you to zairon.

You mean Boone?

I sensed he was untrustworthy,

so I placed a tracking
device on his ship...

As a precaution.

I know where he went.

The coordinates
that teku provided

are deep within
an uninhabited system.

It would appear their marauder
has not moved in some time.

Offgrid. Some kind of hideout.

Or it's the place
the ishida fleet's waiting

to get the jump on us
the second we drop out.

Ii don't think teku
would do that.

'Cause you know him so well?

I saw what kind of man he was
in four's memories.

People change.

You've gotta at least be
a little curious.

Nope. I'm not the one

with a double out there
ruining my rep.

Listen, I appreciate you
insinuating that I have a rep

worth protecting,
but I think it's crazy

that we're blindly
trusting this guy.

The fact that
there's another you

and another me
out there is a problem.

We always knew we were gonna
have to deal with this

sooner or later.

What if he's lying?

So, is this a stay of execution?

It's a temporary one.

I can assure you
that's not necessary.

I won't attempt to escape.

The simple fact is
I have nowhere to go.

I thought you might wanna know...

I spoke to teku.
He made it out alive.

I'm glad. I was
worried about him.

He's important to you.

Very much so.


'Cause he's always
been a good friend.

When I returned to zairon,
I knew he was the one

I could trust above all others.

He's the most
honorable man I know.

Well, let's hope you're right.

Still don't like it.

I don't entirely
disagree with you,

but I still think
it's worth investigating.

We'll have the android
drop us out just short

of the coordinates and
use longrange sensors

to see what's waiting
for us. Good enough?

Do I have a choice?


Come in.

Hey. Hey.

I'm not interrupting
anything, am I?

No, no, it's fine.

Are you all right?

Of course. What do you mean?

I dunno. It's just that,
since we've got back

from zairon, I get the feeling
something's bothering you.

You mean besides the fact

that two, three, and the android
all voted to k*ll four?

You mean ryo.

Hey, if you don't
wanna talk about it...

No. No, it's fine.

You're gonna find out
sooner or later anyway.

It wasn't a coincidence.

What wasn't? The bearded man...

The one I took
the blink drive from.

It was no accident
that he was on eridani6.

What're you talking about?

I was looking for my sister.

She was adopted by
a wealthy family

when I was just a baby.
Somehow, I must have found her

and made contact,
because I invited her

to meet me on the station.

Only she didn't come alone.

She came with her mother.

Alicia reynaud.

Physical exertion
is an excellent means

of stress reduction.

Are you feeling more relaxed?

Not really.

Then you might want to consider
alternate dynamic activities:

Running, weight lifting...

sexual congress. Yup, yup. Okay.

I will keep that... in mind.

What you got?
I was able to get into

the lockbox. The one
matching the description

that ryo gave you.

I found this.

A data storage device.
It's like the one he mentioned.

The files are passlocked.

I've been unable to read them,
but this one caught my eye.

It's labeled "kryden."

Three, where are you?


Are you all right?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay.

Well, you might
wanna get up here.

We're about to drop out.
On my way.

Any sign of ships? Not yet.

However, I am
detecting something

at the coordinates
teku provided...

Something quite large.

Are we close enough
to get a visual?

Yes. Onscreen.


Is that what I think it is?

It's project Phoenix,

ferrous' secret shipyard...
The real one this time.

Son of a bitch.

Boone and his crew
are working for ferrous now?

How'd they swing that?

We've got bigger worries.

Those ships look like
they're almost finished.

And if they launch,
ferrous will be unstoppable.

Then let's make
sure that doesn't happen.

So you wanna att*ck them?

We have to do something.

Look, kid, I'm all
for saving the galaxy,

but we're one ship,
and they're lots

and lots and lots of ships.

Have they spotted us?

This far out, it's unlikely.

Element of surprise.

However, there is a problem.

I'm detecting the leading edge
of an aslanov exclusion field,

d*ad ahead. Aw, shit.

You were right to be cautious.

Any closer, and we
would've hit the field.

Our ftl would have failed,
and we most definitely

would have been detected.

How long to get
there in sublight?

Two and a half hours.

They'd detect us before
we could get anywhere near it.

We could blink in. I dunno.

Three's right. One ship
against something that big?

We don't have the firepower.

We don't even know what
kind of defenses they have.

Look, I don't want
those ships to launch

any more than you do,
but I think we could use

a little help on this one.


Mikkei's been trying
to stay out of the w*r

as best they can.

Maybe it's time they
got their hands dirty.

It's commander truffault.

Commander. Hello again, raza.

Did you get a chance
to look at those images

we sent you? Yes.

They corroborate
our recent intel.

You already
knew about the shipyard.

We have
an agent inside ferrous corp.

Who tipped us off,
but we weren't sure

whether our source
was wholly reliable.

Well, I'd say those
images confirm it.


We need to take out that
shipyard, which is where you

and your ship come in.

With your blink drive

you have the only ship
in the galaxy

that can get past
that exclusion field.

So, I'd like to
offer the services

of mikkei's finest scientists

to take a look at
your damaged drive.

Well, we fixed it.
It's already working.

Well, well, well.
What a pleasant surprise.

In that case,
I would very much like

to come over and discuss
a proposal with you.

That thing full of money?

We haven't reached the
payment stage quite yet.

What the hell?
That looks familiar.

It should.

It's a white hole device,
courtesy of our friends

at traugott... one of only two
prototypes ever completed.

Yeah, we remember what
happened to the other one.

Circumstances have
changed since then.

Our relationship with
traugott has evolved.

So, you're allies now?

Not officially, but we have been

discreetly supplying
them with w*apon

and other resources
for quite some time.

Yeah, they tried
to k*ll us in prison.

That was
before the w*r. And anyway,

you of all people
should know not to take

that sort of thing personally.

I don't know.
Attacking and taking out

those ships is one thing, but
destroying that entire structure

with all those people on board?

We have no other option.
This is our one and only sh*t.

Look, ferrous is
winning the w*r,

but they have stretched
their resources

to the breaking point.
And that was their plan

from the very beginning,
because they are counting on

those ships coming online
at the key moment.

Prevent that from happening,
and their strategy collapses.

They'll be caught
in a protracted

w*r of attrition they can't win,
against half a dozen enemies.

When all sides are exhausted...

Mikkei steps in,

the most powerful
corporation in the galaxy.

And your most grateful ally.

Well... we don't have
to risk the ship.

We could hook up the
blink drive to the marauder.

They'd never even know
we were there.

When you say "grateful,"
what kind of gratitude

we talking about here?

More money than you could
spend in your lifetime.

And for those of you
who need other motivation,

if you don't do this
and those ships launch,

ferrous runs the table.

Android, we need you to prep

the marauder for
blink drive operation.

We're going back.


What're you doing? Coming with.

Well, that's not necessary.

We're not even
boarding the facility.

Better safe than sorry.

All right, raza. Here we go.

Aw, damn, that thing's big.

I'm gonna set the timer
for one minute.

That should give us enough
time to jettison the b*mb

and get the hell out of here.

All right, opening rear door.

All right, that's it.
Time to go.

Engaging blink drive.

What happened? Try again?

What the hell's going on?

Diagnostics are
all in the green.

Blink drive is
fully operational.

Then why are we still here?

I don't know. Fifteen seconds.

You can disarm that, right?
No, I can't.

Get us out of here,
maximum sublight.

Wouldn't do any good.
We don't have enough time

to clear the blast radius.

What the hell?

Why didn't it go off?

All right. Station defenses.

They're sh**ting at us.

We're getting a signal.

we're locked in
on your position.

Try to run, and we'll
blow you out of space.

They should've been back by now.

And that shipyard
should've been destroyed.

Something's wrong.

You can say that
again. It was a double cross.

Traugott just launched
multiple att*cks

against mikkei's holdings
in three sectors.

What're you talking about?

They obviously cut their own
deal with ferrous,

which means they probably
warned them we were coming.

This whole thing
has been a setup.

What does that mean?!
They trapped the marauder?!

How is that possible?!
I don't know.

What about the b*mb? My guess is

they somehow tampered with it.

I'm sorry. You're sorry?!

Are you kidding me?!

It is what it is.

Now, our agent inside ferrous
may still be able to help,

but in the meantime,
my ships are needed elsewhere,

and since this location
has been compromised,

I would advise you
leave as well.

This is the rendezvous point.
We're not going anywhere.

Very well.

I wish you good luck!

Those two in there.
You're with me.

You know, I really
can't help but think

that I, didn't need
to be on this mission.

That's what we
tried to tell you.

Next time, be more persistent.

Good. Now we can get to work.

I need you to tell me
everything you know

about the drive.

I'm afraid that's not much.

You adapted it to
your shuttle's sublight engines.

That took some doing.

That was my android.
We could call her, if you like.

That won't be necessary.

You can leave us now.

She's dangerous.

I said you can leave.

Look, I'm not
trying to play you.

I really don't know
how that thing works.

I've got nothing to offer.

You can offer more
than you know.

And you will.

Good news. I brought a friend.


We have got to stop
meeting like this.


We shoulda k*lled you
when we had the chance.

Don't b*at yourself up over it?

Don't... touch me.

Where's the rest of your crew?

Who, portia and Tash?

Getting their nails done?
What do I care?

Android's back on the ship.
Boone's on a bender.

He was staking out the
Nova system for a few weeks

before you all showed up.
I think he went a little wiggy.

Can we cut to the chase?

Commander nieman
will be here soon.

That's right! Your old pal.

See, the thing is,
he's got you guys

and the blink drive,
and for most men,

that would be enough.
But, as we all know,

nieman is not most men.

He wants his victory
to be complete.

He wants the raza.

Admittedly, it's not
nearly as valuable

with just a glitchy android

and some greenhaired
little girl on board,

but hey, what're you gonna do?

First one to give up the
ship's location gets to live.

Fine. Whoa.

What, are you just gonna take
'em out, just like that?

If I k*ll this one, the other
one will know I mean business.

Well, yeah, but...

don'tcha wanna soften
'em up a bit first?

I mean, that's half
the fun, right?

This way's easier.

Okay. If you say so.

He's right. That was easy.

Don't look so surprised.

Truffault sends
her regards, by the way.

You're her agent?
Yeah, that's right.

I got tired of taking
a backseat to portia,

so I cut my own side deal.
Seize the day.

"Carpet" diem.

'Sides, mikkei's got
dental, so... whoa.

You expect us to trust you?

No. I do expect you not to be

incredibly stupid, though.


They adapted the
exclusion field.

That's why you couldn't
blink outta here.

They let you in the front door,

and then they locked it
behind you.

How the hell'd they manage that?

They had a little help.

I don't know. Our android knows

a thing or two
about blink drives.

Who let them know
we were coming?


Traugott sold you out.

The b*mb was a dud.

Look, the only way
you're getting outta here

is if you take down that field.
And I'm pretty sure

there's only one
person in this room

who knows where
the control room is.

All right, around this
corner, make a left

and a right,
and then all the way

to the end,
and you'll find the lab

where they're
holding your friend.

I'll deal with the
exclusion field,

and then we'll all meet up
back at the marauder, okay?


Fat chance. I'm not
lettin' you outta my sight.

Got this? I got it.

Who hurt you? Let's go.

What're you doing here?

I think he has authorization.


That stain's not coming out.

Sure you know how

to work this thing?

Now, we can't just
shut the system down.

We need the station commander's
access code for that.

But we could boost
the signal enough

to create a feedback loop.
It'll cause a chain reaction

that should fry the entire
satellite network.

Beauty and brains.

Just get to work.


Two, you okay? Yeah.

What happened?
They were asking questions.

I didn't have the answers.

Who gave us the location
of the shipyard?

What? Earlier today,

someone tipped us off
to this location.

Who was it?


Just wanted to make sure
I wasn't bringing portia lin

back on the ship with us.

All right, let's go.

And here we... go.

Well, well, well. It's working.

Now we got about five minutes
before they realize

something's gone wrong
and sound a general alarm.

So, I trust that once
we're outta here,

you'll show your appreciation...

In a very generous way.

What happened to five minutes?

Slight miscalculation.

Down! Shit!



You greasy little rat.

Where are you...?

Would you come on?!


It's okay. He's with us.

Really? Yes, really.

And we have to go right now.

Where's three? I dunno.

He was right behind me.

What? We have
to go back for him.

What are you, nuts?!
We're about to be overrun!

All right, nnow is not the time

for this "all for one" shit!
We're all gonna die

if we don't leave
here right now!




The prisoners
have escaped, ma'am.

And the blink drive is gone.

Commander nieman is
not gonna be happy.

You're dismissed.

I'm detecting something.

It's the marauder.

Open a channel.

Come in, raza.
This is the marauder.

We're reading you.
What happened?

Truffault said it was a setup.

Yeah, we ran into
a bit of a problem.

Is everyone okay?

Not exactly.

Don't worry. We're gonna
go back for him.

We're gonna need help.


You sent us into a trap.

And it was
my man who got you out.

Not all of us.

I'm sorry about that,
but you were not the only one

who was doublecrossed.

We never should've
trusted traugott.

No one expected them to turn.

They've suffered
more at the hands

of ferrous corp. Than anyone.

I suppose they figured it was
their only chance at survival.

Well, they figured wrong.
Ferrous corp. Is going down.

Well, I appreciate
your confidence, but...

The aslanov field is disabled.

The whole network is fried.

They're not bringing it
online any time soon,

which means that
base is wide open.

You're certain of that.

Yes. So, ferrous will
be sending in their ships

as fast as they
can to protect it,

but like you said...
They're spread thin.

We have the advantage.

Had the advantage.

It wasn't only
traugott that turned.

Electus, inkosi,
and novina all launched

simultaneous att*cks
against our holdings

across a dozen sectors.

It doesn't matter.

You take out ferrous,
and they'll all go running

with their tails
between their legs.

I'll have to
run this by the board.

The board?

This isn't a corporate
takeover. This is w*r.

Maybe we can spare
a half dozen ships.

That won't be enough.
But right now,

it's all I can do.

Well, I might be
able to do better.

We need to talk.

What about?

Teku has a fleet.
Nine warships...

Loyalists who escaped the coup.

It's not enough
to take back the throne,

but it is a good place to start.

Why are you telling me this?

There's no point in lying.

We both know I was
ready to k*ll you.

But there's something more
important at stake now.

And what would that be?

First, I need to know.

Did you make an alliance
with ferrous corp.?

Hardly. It was
a onetime arrangement.

Commander nieman knew
I had an interest

in seeing you brought to zairon.

In exchange for?
He wanted me to use

my influence with the league
to prevent a trade embargo.

Why do you care?

If you pledge
teku's fleet to help us,

I'll release you.

Help you do what?

Win this w*r.

Come on.

Wake up.


What the hell? I am not two.

Shit. Portia.

So... what happened?
How did the others get away?

I didn't know they got away,
but thanks for letting me know.

God, it was wexler, wasn't it?

That little weasel.

Gotta admit, you kind of screwed
him over on that last deal.

I know.

Although, I never thought
he'd have the balls

to do anything about it.

God, nieman is gonna be pissed.

Why are you working
with that snake, anyway?

Because... he's gonna win.

Game's not over yet, honey.

Receiving a signal
from the raza, sir.


Emperor. Teku.

Thought I might
never see you again.

I have a fleet
at your disposal, heika.

And there are many more
like us back on zairon.

Men and women who remain loyal,

and will fight to see their
emperor restored

to his rightful place.

There may come a time for that
one day, but not right now.

First, we're going to
secure a powerful ally.

The mikkei combine
has an opportunity

to deliver ferrous corp.
A death blow.

We are going to help them do it.

As I said, the fleet
is at your command.

We'll send you the coordinates.

Prepare for battle. Yes, heika.

You know, I would be more useful
at the command of my ships.

Nice try,

but I won't be letting you go
until after we win the battle.

Android, signal
commander truffault.

It's on.

Let me tell you something.

Your android may be
a few neural pathways short

of a full deck,
but she sure can cook.

All right.
The latest mikkei intelligence

says that ferrous
has somewhere between

ten to 15 ships already onsite.

So the odds are just about even.

you better believe they got

more on the way.

When we drop out,
things are gonna happen fast.

I want you backing up
the android on w*apon,

and you on shields.

Power management
is gonna be key.

What you want me to do?

I should probably
just lock you up.

You do recall
who saved who, right?

Yes. Fine. Next to me,
keeping your mouth shut.

What about three?

Well, the goal is to
disable the ferrous fleet.

Once we've done that,
we can board the station

and get him out.

Really? That's your plan?

Didn't we just say that you
would keep your mouth shut?

Yeah, on the bridge,
during the battle, sure,

but we're not there yet.
I'm just a little bit concerned

that you have
conflicting goals, here.

Do you wanna win the battle
or save your friend?

Mikkei should
be arriving as planned.

We're approaching
the coordinates.

Mikkei has engaged the shipyard.

Ready shields.
Prepare to open f*re.

f*re, now!

Evasive maneuvers.

f*re again!

Let's go.

What's going on?

Well, these forward
sections are no longer safe.


What do we have here?

A combined fleet
of mikkei and ishida ships

just launched an att*ck.


You gotta be kidding me.


Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Maybe we should leave.

You think?


Shields are down to 50%

and I don't have any
more power reserves!

Two of the ishida cruisers
have been destroyed.

This isn't working!
We can't break through.

Can you remote pilot
the marauder,

get it closer to the shipyard?

Of course.
What good will that do?

We'll rig the blink drive
to go critical.

It'll tear a hole in spacetime
big enough to take out

the entire facility.

Will that work?

It's possible. But we have to

get three off first.

Sensors indicate several

of the docked ferrous
ships are powering up.

They're preparing to launch.

I'm sorry, but I don't think
we'll get another chance.

Wait a minute.
I'm receiving a signal.

Audio only.

Hey, guys.
How's it going up there?

Three?! Yup, yeah, it's me.

Just wanted to let you know that

I'm hitching a ride outta here.

With who?

You are not gonna believe it.

Portia lin.

She's got her faults,
but a willingness to die

for someone else's cause
ain't one of them.

Guess you could say
we have that in common.

I don't really know
where we're going,

but, what the hell.

Anywhere's better than here?

Wait a minute.
How will we find you?


The signal has been terminated.

That's it, then.
There's nothing stopping us now.

I'll go prep the drive.


I'm sorry, but I don't believe

you have the technical
expertise required.

Of course.
Ii could use your help.

But... this battle
isn't over yet.

You're needed here.
Hey, what am I?

Chopped liver? I mean, I know

I'm not to be trusted, but
youyou gotta at least believe

I don't wanna die out here!
I can handle navigation.

Yeah, all right.
Buy us as much time

as you can. Let's go.

All right, what am
I looking at here?

Wait. We've got a problem.

What is it?


This is the beginning
of a new age.

Bridge, this is two.
I've prepped the drive,

but we've got a problem.
The android is down.

What happened?
There was an overload

in the relay. She was standing

right next to it.
She's selfrepairing,

but we've got no one to
remotepilot the marauder.

I'm on my way.


No, there's no way
I'm letting you do this.

If we lose this battle,
we lose the w*r.

So what? Who cares
who comes out on top?

Ferrous corp., the ga,
some other corp...

iit's all the same!
Hhow can you say that?

After everything
ferrous corp. Has done,

all the lives they've taken...

The countless more they'll take
if we don't stop them now.

Your life isn't worth it.

Iit's not worth it to me.

Since hyperion8,
all I've been talking about

is wanting to make a difference.

Here's my chance.

I can't look away.

I don't wanna lose you...

Don't go, please!

I have to.

Sorry to interrupt,
but I could use a little help.

The aft shields
are about to fail.

I'm sorry.

All right, I'm heading in.


Three more ferrous ships
just dropped outta ftl.

If he's gonna do this thing,
he's gotta do it now.


What is it? The android...

Her body's offline,
but her mind is still linked.


Two, where are you?

I'm on my way
back to the bridge.

Six, are you there?

Marauder, come in.

Six, do you read?

Ryo? Yes, five.

We need your help.

Five, what's going on?

What're you doing out here?

Keeping my word.

I repeat, it's a trap.

Six, are you there?
Please respond.

I repeat, it's a...

Raza, is that you?

I think two's been infected
by one of those aliens.

This whole thing was her idea.

Whatever you do,
don't activate the drive.

Six, please respond!

I'm telling you,
it's all the radiation

from those damaged ships.
You're not gettin' through.

Raza, I don't know
if you're reading this...

but I'm in position.

Activating the drive.


What happened?

'Kay, I'm getting some
seriously strange readings here.

It's a massive
spacetime anomaly.

The shipyard's gone.

Guess it wasn't
a trick after all.

Wait, something's happening.

Energy readings
are off the charts.

Something's coming through.

Whatever it is... it's big.

My god...


What is it?

The black ships.
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