02x10 - There's No Home for You Here

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Beyond". Aired January 1 2017 - March 2018.
"Beyond" revolves around a man who is in possession of supernatural powers after waking up from a 12-year coma.
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02x10 - There's No Home for You Here

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Previously, on Beyond...

Someone's coming. A woman
pretending to be FBI.

She knows about your machine.

And you mean to get rid of
it before she gets here.

Agent Borden, FBI.

She's here, isn't she?

DIANE: I knew there
was something wrong...

the lying, the bruises.

I'm so sorry.

HOLDEN: I did it. The hole is closed,

but that thing that
attacked me is still here.

We have to send it back.

CHARLIE: Holden's not the only
one who touched that freezer

and saw something.

Holden's gonna die.




DIANE: Do you have everything?

TOM: Just the one bag.

Hey, buddy.

- Hi.
- You good?

- Yeah.
- Got a little surprise for you.

Oh, there. Holden.

Look who it is. Come
meet your baby brother.

Honey, this is Luke.

TOM: You're a big brother now.

That means it's your
job to look after him.

One day you'll be the man of the house,

and you gotta look after everybody.

- DIANE: Mm-hm.
- Think you can do that?

Thatta boy.

- HOLDEN: You hear that?

It means the storm's getting closer.

LUKE: But I don't want
it to get closer.

HOLDEN: Hey. It's okay.
Don't be afraid.

There's nothing to be scared of.

What about the monsters outside?

I can hear them. They're so loud.

The monsters can't hurt you.

- Hey. Hey.

It's okay.

You wanna know why the
monsters can't hurt you?

Because you're safe inside this house.

See, as long as we're in here,
the monsters can't get us.

This house will protect you.
I'll protect you.



Mom! Dad!

- Luke!

Thank God you're safe!

- Are you okay?
- I'm okay.

- Are you sure?
- Nothing happened.

Hey. Next time we tell
you to come home,

you come home, you understand?

Don't scare us like that.

Yes, okay. Are you guys okay?

Yeah, we're fine.

Has he been here?

Who? Honey, it's just us. It's just us.

We need to go. Right now.
We can't stay here.

No. No! Not until you stop and
tell us what the hell's goin' on.

Dad, we need...

DIANE: I don't want any more secrets!

I don't wanna be kept
on the outside, Holden.

I want you to trust us.

I... I don't know how to explain.

Well, we can figure it out together.

We're always gonna be here for you.

Holden, there's nothing you can do that

would ever change that.
You know that, son.

DIEGO: Holden Matthews.


Where are you?

I'll handle this.


He's here for me.


- Sync and corrections by ByDem -
- www.addic ed.com -

- You are not going out there!
- Absolutely not!

If you want me to trust
you, you have to trust me.

And I don't want anything
happening to you! Moth.

No one is going anywhere
until we get some backup.

You don't understand.

I am the backup.

You saw the video. There
are things I can do,

things you wouldn't believe.

W... Charlie, tell them.

I don't wanna see you get hurt.

Second squad's on its way from KCPD,
but they're still a long way out.

So until then, it's just us.


Stay down, stay down.

I need a better vantage point.
Everyone, you sit tight.

Holden, get down!

What do we do now?

Throw on another home movie?

We protect this house.

Holden, grab this end of the table.

Can I get you a drink?

We're FBI.

Doesn't mean you can't
unwind after a long day.

But since you brought it up,

may I see your badge, Agent Borden?

Funny, I noticed... your trucks,

they don't have government plates.

We use private contractors.

Who are you?

I told you, we're...

Not real FBI.

A real agent would never
hand over their credentials,

too much of a liability.

You learn that day one at Quantico.

- So again...

Who are you?

My name's Eleanor Kurtz.

And no, I do not work

for the government.

What do you want?

I wanna survive.

What's stopping you?

Did you know...

it looks thousands of years

for our world's population

to reach its first billion.

When I was born, it was
close to three billion.

When your daughter is born,
it will have doubled

to nearly seven billion
people on this planet.

Our world won't survive

if these numbers continue at this rate.

Air and water pollution persist.

Every day there are more mouths to feed

and less air to breathe.

To sit back and do nothing
would make us complicit

in the slow and painful
death of the human race.

If only... there was
another plane of existence

where people like you and me...

don't take up physical space.

A place where we all can exist happily.

A fresh start.

Your machine... where is it?

I don't have to tell you anything.

You're right.

You don't. [SIGHS]

But you are about to
welcome a baby girl.

Don't you want your daughter growing

up in a world that can sustain itself?

Isn't that something you'd like to see?

The machine is broken.

And the only man that knows
how to fix it is in a coma.


Mm, no, we don't need Dr. Frost,

not when we have Arthur Forman.

If you think Arthur's just
gonna roll over and help you...

Oh, he will. We'll make sure he
knows it's in his best interest.

Now... for the last time,

where's... the machine?

WILLA: Where's the machine?


Where is it?

It's safe, which is more than
I can say for the three of us

if you intend to f*re
that thing in here.

Lots of dangerous chemicals.

Smart girl.

Hey... buddy.

You said this FBI imposter's a thr*at.

Yeah, and what are you gonna do?

I'll spare you the gory details.

But you might not wanna stick
around for too much longer.

Okay, who the hell is that guy?

He's a hired thug.

He's nobody.

Well, I hope he's enough
of a somebody to keep

the fake Gale Borden from
getting what she came here for.

What are you doing?

Willa, hey, come on, we
gotta get outta here.


We're not leaving yet.


We'll use these to reinforce the door.

Should hold long enough.



CHARLIE: I'm sorry I lied to you.

DIANE: You were just
trying to protect Holden.

I can't blame you. I would've
done the same thing.

- I never wanted any of this to happen.

- Of course you didn't.
- I tried so hard to keep you

and Mom and Luke out of this.


What do they want?

- They want Holden!
- Aaah!

They know he's special.

I remember as a kid... you told me that

one day I'd be the man of the house.

You said it would be my job
to look after everyone.

We're in this together now, right?



Who are these people?

Not people. Not anymore.


- Aah! Aah!

Okay, these will do.

These will do what?

I told you we can't allow this place

to continue sending
people into the Realm.

Whoa, whoa. You never said anything

about setting this place on f*re.

I'm as surprised as you are.

I really doubt that. Look, we don't
even know where the machine is.

It's there.

Behind that wall.

We don't know that.

Wha... Willa. What are you doin'?

- Back up.
- Wait, Willa...

- What are you doing? Wait!

We do now.

Luke. This place needs
to burn to the ground.

With that machine, the technology
and everything else in here.

Okay, but what about your father?

I saw what happened to him in the Realm.

Whatever's lying in
that box, it's not him.

My father's already d*ad.

Luke... please.

I need your help.

KURTZ: We both want the same thing...

giving people a chance at a better life.

You and your congregation are
more than welcome to join us.

We'll see.




Drop your w*apon.

Do no such thing.

Drop 'em. Or we'll sh**t
out your teeth one by one.

- Ready?
- Yeah.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

You got a lighter?

No... why would I have a lighter?

You have a g*n. Is a lighter
that much more implausible?

- What about matches?
- Great, you have matches.

No, I was asking if you have matches.

Why would I be asking you
for a lighter if I have matches?

I... I have an idea.



- What happened?
- I was gonna ask you the same thing.

Maybe your backup finally arrived.


I tried knocking, but nobody answered.

Hello, Holden.

- Don't take another step.
- Freeze!

- [g*n]


- Aaah!
- Dad, no!





This one's on you.

- No!
- [g*n]



I got you. I got you.
I got it. I got it!



Okay. Okay. Okay.

It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay.

No... Do you want me to leave it inside,
will it help stop the bleeding?

- Holden... how is this all possible?


DIANE: Oh my god.

You have to get in the basement.

Now! Now, come on.

You too, Charlie.

What about you?

I have to finish this.

No. Not by yourself.
We're not leaving you.

Come on. Holden can
handle himself, okay?

We gotta go. We gotta go.

- DIANE: Charlie's right.
- Go. Go.



Stand back.

Wait. How's your aim?

You know, my mom wouldn't
let me play Mortal Kombat

when we were younger? She said
it was, uh... "too violent."

So she got us Duck Hunt.

What does that mean?

It means my aim is outstanding.



♪ There's always a siren ♪

♪ Singing you to shipwreck ♪

♪ Don't reach out, don't reach out ♪

♪ Don't reach out, don't reach out ♪

♪ Steer away from these rocks ♪

♪ We'd be a walking disaster ♪

♪ Don't reach out, don't reach out ♪

♪ Don't reach out, don't reach out ♪

♪ Just 'cause you feel it ♪


♪ Doesn't mean it's there ♪

♪ Someone on your shoulder, ♪
♪ someone on your shoulder ♪

♪ There, there ♪



♪ Heaven sent you ♪

♪ To me ♪

♪ To me ♪

♪ We are accidents ♪

♪ Waiting, waiting ♪

♪ To happen ♪

♪ We are accidents ♪

♪ Waiting, waiting ♪

♪ To happen ♪

He's gonna be okay.

I've seen your son do
some amazing things.

He's an amazing kid.


young man.

I never met my real dad

or had any halfway decent
father figure to look up to,

but I do know how to spot the good ones.


I look at Holden, and I see
someone who grew up loved.

And that makes him strong.

Strong enough to deal
with whatever's upstairs.


DIANE: I thought I had a first aid kit.

Sorry, I don't. Excuse me, Charlie.

I'm just gonna apply
some pressure, okay?

Uhh... ahh! Too much.

I'm sorry.

- Just keep the blood from pouring out.
- Okay.


He used our wedding china.

Well, it's good to see
someone finally did.





I love you.

I love you, too.






- It's over! You lost.

You're gonna have to k*ll me.

I'm not gonna k*ll you.
I'm gonna send you back

- where you came from.
- And you think that'll save you?

We've done this time and time again.

There's the struggle, and
then there's the surrender.

It's always the same,
time and time again!

- No!

Not this time!

Look around. I'm still here.

We're still here.

Hey, and more importantly, so are you.







You okay?

Is he d*ad?

I don't think so.

He looks pretty d*ad.

That's not him.

- That's not him.
- What do you mean

that's not him, if that's...

If that's not him, then
where the hell is he?

He's in my head.

I can feel him.

I... I can hear him.

I don't... I don't understand, how...

You have to get me to the freezer.

What happened to you?

Please! You have to send this thing back

before it gets stronger.

Charlie, we don't have a
lotta time, we have to go.






Hold it right there!

Hands where I can see them!

Agent Gale Borden, FBI.

This entire property
is under investigation.

We'll take it from here.


You okay? Are you all right?

Yeah. We're fine.

Everybody's fine.


[f*re ROARING]



Let's go home.










I got you.


- Okay.
- Ohhh.


Come on.

I'm not going back!





Hey, come on!

I know you're still in there, Holden!

Sorry. It's just me.

Hope this doesn't change
things between us.

You can still crawl into my bed anytime.



- It's okay. It's okay.

It's okay. It's okay.


Is it you?

Yeah. It's me.


That other guy was a real assh*le.


You made it.

You hurt?

I burnt my tongue on some
coffee when I stopped for gas.

But... no, nothin' b*llet related.

You got him?

Ah. Ah.

I don't suppose either of you guys

brought along any of my clothes?

Ugh... man, I smell like burnt garbage.

I think it's the incinerator.

Actually, my building doesn't
have an incinerator, so...

it's definitely you.

So, um...

tonight was fun.


But, um... maybe next time
we could just go see a movie,

eat some tapas, you know?
Keep it low key.


That sounds good.

I don't want to stay away from you.

Oh, thank God.

Okay, that was the dumbest
idea I've ever had.

I don't wanna stay
away from you, either.

I know why you said what you said.



Holden and I... we had
something special.

That's sort of undeniable.

But it wasn't real.

What we had existed in this crazy place

where we could move
mountains with our minds.

It's a place full of magic and mayhem,

and where every moment
the stakes were life and death.

It was this whole other world.

Shining, shimmering, splendid.

I get it.

But it's not the world we live in.

And it's not a world I
ever wanna go back to.

I wanna be here... in the real world...

feeling real feelings.

Living a real life, where you give me

nitro cold brew coffee,

and I ask for a little cream,
and even though you say

it's just not as good that way,
you still give it to me.

This is the life I want.

You are the life I want.

You know that nitro brew coffee is,
like, a total racket, though, right?

I'm serious, once it sits
in your cup for a while

all the bubbles go away, and
then it becomes a regular cup

of cold brew coffee you spent $ for...


I want all of those things, Willa.

- But it's just...
- Holden.


I still need to talk to Holden.

How's he doing?

He's sleepin' like a rock.

He had quite a day.

You said you were gonna wait.

I'm sorry.

I lied. I made a huge mistake...

- Christine...
- Now hold on, just...

just let me finish.

I went there because... if I moved on,

if I turned my back on Helping Hands

and all that stuff, I was afraid I'd...

I was afraid I'd leave
Kevin behind altogether.

And I don't ever want that to happen.

You won't.

You don't need a group of
strangers to remind you, either.


This little guy's all you need.


Being an uncle to this baby...

is the only thing that
makes any sense to me.

And it's given me more strength

than I've ever had in my entire life.

I know. It's not easy,

letting go of the past.

- It's time to move forward.

They're alive.

You ever seen anything like this?

All right, load 'em up and
take 'em over to county,

let 'em know they gotta
make some more room.


I'm fine.


Looks worse than it is.

Are you okay?

Yeah. I'm okay.

We're safe.

We're safe.

Oh. They said it was a pretty deep cut.

- Oh, I'll follow you to the hospital.
- No! No.

Luke just called, he's on his
way home. You should be here.

I didn't tell him. I... I
didn't know what to tell him.

We tell him the truth.

- No more secrets.
- Okay.

We're ready to move him now.

Okay, I... I'm gonna... I'm...
I'm gonna ride with him.


He's gonna be all right.

You saved his life.

We'll clear out before
the media's tipped off.

It should buy you some time until we
best figure out how to explain...

- whatever the hell happened here.

You don't have to cover for us.

Someone's gonna have to.



Hey. I'm... I'm really glad you called.

WILLA: I didn't know
if I should call you

or come see you. In person.[/I.

I wanted to come see you, but...

not the way we left it.

[SIGHS] I was nervous, I guess.


I did it. Willa, I... I fixed it.

Whatever thr*at we unleashed,

it... it can't hurt us anymore.

Neither can Hollow Sky.

What happened?


A lot's happened, Holden.

HOLDEN: Yeah. I'm sorry.

I should've been honest
with you, about Charlie,

about all of it. The last thing I... I
ever wanted to do was to hurt you.

It did hurt.

You know, you were the one thing
tying me to the real world.

You were my life raft
to keep me from sinking.

But not anymore?

I think I can have a fresh start.

Leaving behind Hollow Sky and the Realm.

What about us?

Maybe us too.

I don't know, maybe it only
works if it's everything.

Or nothing.

I... I... I don't want it to be nothing.

Maybe you're right.

Maybe we were wrong to jump into
something we didn't fully understand.

- Maybe it was... Willa?


- Oh no. Arthur?
- HOLDEN: Willa, what's happening?



Willa, are you there?


Arthur, where are you?


Oh my God.

- [YELLING] Arthur, are you here?
- Willa?

HOLDEN: What happened? Willa?

No. Oh no.


Shh. Shh.

HOLDEN: Willa?

Willa, say something!


- What's going on? Willa!


What the hell happened?
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