02x10 - Blood

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Shannara Chronicles". Aired: December 2015 to November 2017.
"The Shannara Chronicles" is a series of adventures about an endangered magical kingdom in the far future and the elves, druids, trolls and humans that inhabit it.
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02x10 - Blood

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Previously on
"The Shannara Chronicles"...

He has a weakness.

- The Sword of Shannara
- Only you can wield it.

Then we have
a really big problem.

You need to protect
this stone no matter what.

It's the key to Heaven's Well.

Only you can open it.

If the Warlock Lord finds you
then your people will die.

I have to go back
and face the Warlock Lord.

You're not
going anywhere, Shannara.

The darkness in me,
I kind of liked it.

- Father.
- Get out of here.

Now ends the Druid Order.

He won't stay down for long.

You must find Wil.

He is our last hope.

I'm not leaving without you.

Go now. Find Wil!

Father, you're too weak,
he'll k*ll you!

I must try to end this now.


Don't be afraid.

I will always be with you.

Now go.

- Mareth.
- Wil!

The Warlock Lord is here!

- Allanon saved me, but...
- I have to help.

He can't take him alone.

Speaks ancient druid...


Warlock lord
speaking ancient druid...




♪ I feel it running through
my veins ♪



♪ And I need that f*re ♪

♪ Just to know that I'm awake ♪

He can't be gone.

I should have been here.

This is no time for regret.

We were caught off guard,
and we paid the price.

The Warlock Lord is gone.

He must be on his way
to Heaven's Well.

We have to go after him.

He died for nothing.

No. He died to protect you.

He was right to do so.

This world owes Allanon
a great debt.

We're gonna do
what Allanon wanted

and we're gonna fight.

This isn't over.

We cannot let your father's
sacrifice be in vain. Understand?

There's no time for fear,
no time for doubt.

Everything hangs in the balance.

This doesn't work without
the both of you.

The Druid and the Shannara.

Please, Eretria,
don't do this.

Untie me.

I brought you the Princess.

Such beauty.

Heaven's Well awaits.

No signs of a siege.

You think we made it in time?

Can't say.
But one way or another,

the battle ends here.

I want archers on every balcony.
Cover every approach.

Do we know the size or scope
of the Warlock Lord's army?

My scouts report
no evidence of an army.

If he is marching on Leah,
he's traveling light.

Oh he's marching all right.
He wants Heaven's Well.

Have your men
heard anything from Allanon?

Nothing yet.

You have your orders, people.
Now let's batten it down.

And if this is our last show,

let's make sure
it's a damn good one.

The river must flow
with my blood.

Yes, my lord.

Eretria, please.

Don't listen to him.

Okay, I know
you're still in there.

If we let him have his way,

my people, our friends,

will die.

I need you to fight for us.


Do as I command.

The Well is inside a temple,
behind those falls.

You'll have to go up on foot.

Spoken like a man
who's not coming with us.

I must return to the palace
to protect the dam.

If the Warlock Lord poisons
Heaven's Well,

and his blood gets
into the reservoir,

the dam will be the only thing

holding back
the tide of darkness.

Nothing quite like
a Druid pep talk.

You have the sword.
You have each other.

You've seen your truth,
and now you must embrace it.

May the shades of your fathers
watch over you.

Good luck.

This is where your men should be
when we come in.


where's Allanon?

Give it to me straight.
How screwed are we?

The Warlock Lord has Lyria.

And he's heading
to Heaven's Well.

We must protect the dam
at all costs.

Is there a control room
for the spillways?

Follow me.

Soon my shadow will
extend across the Four Lands.

What do you want from me?

You are the key.

You're free now.

We have to assume he's
already made it to the Well.

Stay alert.

- Wil, wait.
- What's up?

Nothing. Just,

everything actually.

First Allanon tells me I'm
the future of the Druid Order,

and now you're saying that
I'm Queen of the Elves,

and now the fate of
the Four Lands is in our hands.

It's a lot to carry.

Do you remember
when you stalked me

at the tavern in Storlock
and you told me,

what was it again?

To drop the tortured loner act.

And I wasn't stalking you.

Uh. Well, I guess
it's my turn to say

you're a much better badass
than you are a reluctant hero.

Look, I know I was kind
of a jerk to you when we first met.

Kind of?

What I'm trying to say is that

I get it.

I get why you
didn't wanna help me.

Why you couldn't
just get over it.

It's okay. You didn't know
what I'd been through.

But you warned me.

You told me that magic
would only bring me pain.

So did Allanon.

But I didn't listen.

Until you have lived with magic,

you can't know its price.

You should know something,
while we're clearing the air.


When we first met,
I was just looking

for an excuse
to wallow in my pain.

And you snapped me out of it.

I wouldn't be here without you.
You know that, right?


Because there's no one
I'd rather have by my side.

Well, then I guess
we've got some climbing to do.

All right

♪♪ Ominous instrumental music


Speaking ancient druid...

This room
controls the spillways.

One way in, one way out.

Designed to be impregnable
in the event of a siege.

No demons.
Guess we b*at 'em to the punch.

They'll come.
It's just a matter of time.

Heaven's Well feeds
right into the lake.

If Wil and Mareth fail it'll be up
to us to keep the spillway secure.

We can lock it shut manually.

We have to hand crank it
from over here.

Good. Then let's get started.

Station as many of your men
outside as you can.

No one gets in or out.

And, Jax, be careful.

- We don't know what's coming.
- Understood.

I'll see you on the other side.

Can I have a hand over here?

Sure thing.


Hey, you okay?

The Warlock Lord used me
to get into Heaven's Well.

Where's Eretria?

The palace. She's gonna try
to sabotage the dam.

You need to get back there.
Help Cogline stop her if you can.

Be careful.

You too.

Guess this is it.

All right.

Can you feel it?

Feel what?


Wil, we're too late!

It has g*n!


My blood now runs
through the Silver River.

We're too late.

The Warlock Lord
has infected the well.

If that water
gets through the dam,

it'll turn everyone in this valley
and beyond into soulless slaves.

The battle's not over yet.

We have to keep that spillway
secure for as long as we can.

I'll take you
to the control room.

Eretria's already down there.


Yeah. She said you sent her.

She's become a pawn
of the Warlock Lord.

We may already be too late.

This ends now.

You will fail.
Just like your father.

Wil is stronger than Shea
and stronger than you.

And are you
your father's daughter?

A failure like him?

I felt your pain.

Let me show you.

He was so weak.

I'm not afraid of you.

Eretria, open the door!

Back away from the door.


Quickly, close the dam.

The blood is already flowing
into the Four Lands.

She broke the wheel.


Come on, girl.

Don't make me
have to put you down.

She's alive. But we need to get
that Wraith out of her now.

How do we know
this won't k*ll her?

I don't. If we don't get this thing
out of her, she'll die anyway.

This is an ancient Druid rite.

Blood magic, very dangerous.

Sit her up.

And when I pull the Wraith out,

it will try and escape.
Don't let it.

Speaking ancient druid...

Get ready! It's almost out.

Cogline speaking ancient druid...

f*re it up.

Hit it!

Speaking ancient druid...

Eretria, look at me...

Where am I?

Eretria, come back to me.

You're safe.

He's too powerful.

I have to use the sword.
It's the only way.

Darkness and light
cannot exist together.

We need to get closer.

I'll give you an opening.

When darkness
triumphs, light shall die,

and you will both meet
the same fate as your fathers.

Step forward,
and show yourselves.

Here I am.

Light always overcomes darkness.

You must sink the blade
straight through his heart.

Nothing can stop me.

Now you will learn
like your father...

Go join him...


You are the next Druid.

It is time.

I will always be with you.


- We b*at him.
- We did it.

- You did.
- We did.

The Well,

it's still poisoned.

I thought if we defeated him...



Wil, You're a Shannara,

the magic of your ancestors
runs through your blood.

It can defeat the Warlock Lord
and cleanse the world of evil.

What's happening?

Shea said the magic in my blood
could cleanse the world of evil.

I have to finish this.

What are you doing?

I can't heal myself
and save the Four Lands.

I give you
these Elfstones freely.

Use them to protect
the people of the Four Lands.

You're going to be
right there with me.

- Druid and Shannara, remember?
- Listen to me.

The water is infected.
It's already spread.

But I can stop it.

I didn't understand before,
but now I do.

My father was right.

There's gotta be another way.

The magic is in my blood.

It was inside me
this whole time.

You just make sure
our people are okay.

♪♪ Slow music playing...


- Look!
- Wil and Mareth did it!

The Warlock Lord is no more.

Those guys just
earned themselves

a helluva hangover
when they get back.

And I'm buying.

With this crown,
we acknowledge a new Queen,

Lyria of Leah.

May her reign be
a long and peaceful one.

The battle for our kingdom
may be won.

But now it is time to rebuild,

not just our walls,
but our hearts' resolve.

Our future wouldn't exist

if it weren't for those
that we mourn today.

Heroes like my mother,

King Ander,

the Druid Allanon

and Wil Ohmsford.

They gave their lives.

And in return, it is our duty

to heed the lesson
that they offered,

that good will always
triumph over evil

and that love conquers all.

Hear, hear!

Hear, hear!

Long live the Queen!

Long live the Queen!

You sounded
pretty wise up there.

That crown suits you.

I feel like a fraud, honestly.

I know.
I know you never wanted this,

but the people need you.
They need your strength.

I used to think that
I was better off on my own.

Turns out I was wrong.

About a lot of things.

I love you, Lyria.

And maybe someday
we'll be together.

Just not yet.

This darkness inside me,
it's still in there.

And I don't ever wanna hurt
the people I care about again.

Especially you.




Go do what you gotta do
and then come back to me.


I'm sorry about Wil.
He was a good man.


I know he would
say the same about you.

It was an honor fighting
alongside you, old timer.

Our kingdom owes you
a great debt.

Our kingdom?

I thought The w*apon Master
was a one man show.

That was before I had people
worth fighting for.

Besides, not all of us
can be magical badasses.

I think you're gonna
make a great general.

Come on, we're losing light.

Keep the Queen safe for me.

Count on it.

I'm sorry about
what happened at the dam.

That wasn't you.

The Eretria I know
is loyal to the end.

See you around, General.

♪♪ Soft guitar music playing...


Speaking ancient druid...

He'd be proud of what
you've accomplished. Know that.

You honor him with your courage.

There's no one better
to carry on his legacy.

That legacy belongs
to you both now.

There is much to learn.

The question is, are you ready
to continue your training?

Then it's time to continue
the Druid Order.

Mareth? What is it?

For a second, I felt like,

like Wil was here with us.

Sometimes our fate
chooses us instead.

Wil is still alive.






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