04x05 - Scott

Episode transcripts for the 2017 TV show "Cardinal". Aired: June 16, 2017 to May 2020.
"Cardinal" is a crime drama revolving around detectives investigating the m*rder of a young girl.
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04x05 - Scott

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Previously on "Cardinal."

It's another abduction.

It's Josh McNider.

I think we have a third party.

Kit's like he justd
stumbled on the abduction.

And Josh is supposed
to be the next victim.

Say hi to Daddy.

This is Neil Cuthbert.

Detained in Quebec after a
suspected contract k*lling.

That's our suspect.


Where's my son?

You said you could keep me safe.

He's alive!

The doctors say Josh will be okay.

With Neil Cuthbert d*ad,
do we think the killings will stop?

No, they won't stop.

Home sweet home.

We'll try and make it fun.

Stop lying to me.

Never seen you scared before.

I'm not scared, sweetie. Let's go.

Come on, move it.


Morning, Taj.

All right, lock everything up.

Send everyone home, all right.

Get to the security station.

Mena, stay with Vance.
I'll b in a minute.

All right, let's go!

Lock it all down!


Where's your daughter right now?

She's here. She's safe, and so are you.

He's gonna come for her.

We've got the place locked down,

I got Vance, and I got a g*n.

I'd like to see him try.

Barry said there was
more to it than I know.

I want to know.


Took you long enough.

Okay, you read the girl was d*ad,

and that Scott Riley was
accused of the m*rder.


And you just accepted that?

I had no reason not to believe it.

Oh, come on, Sheila,

you had over a million reasons.

You don't think I don't notice

you flaunting all your
good deeds around town

all the time?

So desperate to prove that you're good.

I didn't hurt anyone.

Neither did I.

She was alive the last time I saw her.

DiKeer have any
dealings with Sheila Gagne?

Or Barry LeBlanc?

Ken's been in the resources
business for a long time.

This would've been about 1999.

1999, okay.

How long have youwoed f?

Since he opened his first
logging company in '93.

He's a good boss.

You ever have any problems with anyone?

A ex-employee with a grudge,

a competitor?

Well, a little bit of both, but,

Nothing violent.

Oh, here's something, Barry LeBlanc.

And Sheila Gagne, too,

they were both paid as subcontractors

by our forestry division.

Can I, can I see?

Paid quite well, actually.

Subcontracted to do what?

It says consulting.

But, um-

We won a bid to

log a section of the
Aagimaak Forest that year.

It was a big turning
point for the company.

Well I remember that there was a,

a-a tip about the upcoming timber rights.

Yeah, Sheila and Barry both worked

for Watershed Forestry in '99.

Oh, I-I-I didn't know that.


Well, Watershed had all the
local government contracts

at that point.

Well, is it possible
that Barry and Sheila

took that information and sold it to Ken?

And he paid them off as consultants.

And made his first fortune.

You would have to ask them.


Barry's d*ad.

And Sheila and Ken are missing.

So we're asking you.


It is possible that Ken
paid Sheila and Barry

to leak future logging prospects

using their Watershed access.

So Barry and Sheila share
information illegally,

information that makes them all rich.

He could.

Thank you.

Can we keep this?

We're getting
call-ins about rescue activity

around the old Mead Lake quarry.

Police, f*re, and ambulance
vehicles are on the scene,

but no word on what's going on.

Our sources will not
confirm if this is related

to the disappearance of
resident Josh McNider,

who is the son of local
resources magnate Ken McNider.

We will continue with updates
on this developing story

along with your local
forecast all evening.

There's one.

Got it.


Scott! What the
hell do you think you're doing!

Where's my son?

Where's my son?

What was her name?


Her name was Rebecca.

Where's Josh?

Where's my son?

WWhere's Josh?

There's the door.

I'm gonna give you as much
of chance as you gave her.


So the Aagimaak Forest project

connects Ken to Barry and Sheila.

But there's gotta be more here

than fraudulent business practices.

Go back over old cases from around then.

See if anything happened in or around

the Aagimaak Forest area.

I'll get OPD and RCMP doing the same.

Aagimaak used to be huge.

It was thousands of acres of crown land.

It's mostly been divided up and sold off.

Okay, let's put some satellite
pictures on the monitor.

Maybe you can try to figure out
where he might've taken Ken.

He's chosen a clear cut,

a salvage yard and a quarry.

Well, Ken McNider

had sawmills and quarries
running all over the area.

Start with those.

Snowmobile's been through here.


There's a body.

Go call it in.


Is Mena okay?

Why am I more worried
about her than you are?

Sheila look,

if no one does anything stupid,

Scott Riley's gonna get caught, k*lled.

This'll all be over.

What if he goes to the police?

Yeah, well,

that really didn't go too well
for him last time, did it?

If I go to my friend at the OPD-

- Whoa, whoa, whoa stop now, stop.
- He will make sure that

- we get fair treatment.
- Stop, Sheila, stop.

No, I am telling you, no more lies.

I cannot carry this anymore.

All ght, I'm sorry, okay.

I'm sorry, all right?

I'm not losing my daughter over this.

Not totally
frozen yet like the others.

Hasn't been here long.

This victim was beaten, sh*t.

It's a different k*ller.

The legs were shattered.

Probably a blunt instrument.

Wrist is broken.

From the blood patterns up there,

looks like he got himself to the stairs,

took a tumble.

Looks like that to me.

Cause of death?

Possible hypothermia,

combined with the blood
loss fm the g*n.

It was a slow and painful death.

Thank yo Dr. Barnhouse.

The other victims,
Adele and Robert,

they were a means to an end,

a way of hurting eir loved ones.

And Barry,

he was an accident,

or he was a su1c1de.

And I don't think he took Sheila.

I think she's in hiding.

So what are you saying?

I'm saying I don't think
he meant to k*ll Ken.

The k*ller could've found
out that Josh is still alive,

threw off his plan and made him angry.

k*lling Neil Cuthbert would've
thrown off his plan, too.

I don't think he meant to
do any of this himself.

Hey, we just have to push on through.

Don't let it get personal.

You can't say that to me.

Have to tell Josh.

I'll go with you.


No, I have to do it alone.


Have you found my father?

He's d*ad.

I'm sorry.

I thought you were good at this,

you and your partner.

My father, Lise,

Did he,

Did he suffer?

I'm afraid he did.

Josh, is there anything you
remember about your father?

Anything that might help us find out

who would want to hurt him like this?

No, Lise, no.

And you should leave us alone, please.

I'm sorry.



What are you doing here?

Uh, it was a slow week at school,

so I thought I'd come up.

You said you were busy with a case, so

Well thanks, but you
didn't have to do that.

Selling the house was
supposed to be a new start.

Are you just gonna end
up getting stuck here?

No, no, but you-

You have to live your own life, Kel.

Yeah, I'll do that when I
can stop worrying about you.

But you, you said that
you wanted to retire,

but, uh you keep doing this
job that grinds you down,

and-and makes you shut everyone out.

Why can't you just stop?

I-I can't actually,

I can't do this right now, Kel,

but stay and we'll talk later, okay?

No no, it's okay, um,

I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have surprised you.

I'll head back.

No, no, please.

I'm sorry.

Kel, I'm sorry.

Come here.

Mm, I'm sorry you had to grow up so fast.

Your mother and me, ya,

You took care of both of us.

And, um,

I just don't want you to
have to do that anymore.

Look, Dad, whatever-

Whatever your plan is,

You can't just let Lise
walk out of your life.

You okay?


Guys, Kular's got something.

Right, okay, thank you.

You were right about the Aagimaak Forest.

OPD advised us of a homicide
investigation from 1999.

Rebecca Bailey, master student, 26.

r*ped and m*rder in the area.

And this is the guy convicted for it.

Scott Riley, 28 at the time.

You talked
to the lead investigator?

He died four years ago.

Riley did time at Collins Bay.

His sentence overlapped with Wade Kleiss.

He got out eight months ago.

We're checking his
prints against the ones

found at the workshop scene.

We have an address for him?


After some post-release
time in a halfway house,

he moved into his late parents' home.

You talk to his P.O.?

Just now.

Riley did an in-person check in

around t te of Robert
and Adele's m*rder.

Next one's not scheduled till tomorrow.

And we think he'd go back for that?

Try to preserve his alibi?

I think we should go down there.

Search the house at least.

Rebecca Bailey's m*rder case was OPD.

Call Commanda, ask for
everything they have.

We'll check in from the road.


Look, the salvage yard,

the clear cut,

the quarry.

And the forest.

His next victim.

parents owned this place.

His dad died not long after
Scott was incarcerated,

uh, mom passed from cancer two years ago.

What do you know about his
life before the conviction?

He was a finance guy, like his dad.

Loved to hunt, alpha type,

um, then he had some sort of, uh,

like an environmental awakening

when a company he backed

dumped two milon barrels of
oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

Gave it all up for the cause.

So he quit his job.

Started to attend rallies.

Became a bit of a firehead.

Ended up in some trouble with the law.

Anything violent?

I, I only know
what's in his files and wh he told me.


What's he said about Rebecca Bailey?

That he didn't k*ll her.

Do you believe him?

I don't know.

I'm just trying to keep
him from going back.

But he must have spoken about her.

He said he fell in love with
her in the moment he saw her.

They met doing eco work,

uh, pipeline protests,

logging, stuff like that.

He ever say what they were
doing in Algonquin Bay in '99?

Something about birds.

Um, she was an ornithologist.

They heard about some endangered one

and went up to try and get
its habitat protecd.

This bird,

was it a Peregrine Falcon?

I think that's what he said, yeah.

McLeod says Scott
Riley's emptied all his bank accounts.

he's probably figuring to go on the run

after all this is over.

Or maybe making sure

he's got everything he needs to finish.

well lab confirms some of the prints

from the old Cuthberts'
workshop match Riley.

But still no sight of
him in Algonquin Bay.

Um, I'll see you in the lobby at 5:30?

Yeah, goodnight.

I, uh-

I don't want you to leave.

I know.

Anything on Sheila Gagne?

No, and no sightings of Scott Riley,

but, um, Commanda is in the boardroom

with background material on
the Rebecca Bailey case.

How was Toronto?

- Good.
- It was good.

I pulled everything I could
on the Rebecca Bailey m*rder.

This is the original arrest
interview with Scott Riley

from 1999.

Were younvolved in the ce?

I was in Timmins.

Bob McKinley was the investigator.

I never met the guy, but uh-

Well, you'll get the idea.

So can you please tell me again

what you and Rebecca Bailey were doing

in a remote section of
the Aagimaak Forest?

looking for Peregrine Falcon.

It's endangered.


So, did you find them?



We heard sh**ting, so,

We went to see what it was.

And there was blood in the snow.

On a bloody feather.

They were k*lling your birds,

Those 'parka people' of yours.

Stop calling them that.

That's what
you called 'em before.

And these parka people were the ones

who as*ault Rebecca, you said, right?


Ah, and, now the sexual
as*ault was them too,

I told you,

I did not r*pe her.

Why do you think
these people were sh**ting falcons?


Well we went where you
said andhere were no,

there were no feathers,

no d*ad birds.

My question is,

is why k*ll them at all, hm?

If endangered birds are nesting there,

the area is protected,

so if they wanted to log,

then k*lling them would be,

We had to confront them, okay.

But I never touched them.

They hit first.

You can't describe these peop?

Well they had their,

They had their hoods up,
couldn't see their faces.

Look, one might've been a woman,

but she left wn we got tre.

Mm hm.

Look, we started pushing, okay,

and one of them tried to hit
me with the butt of his r*fle.

It was a white guy, older.

I dodged him, but,

Rebecca, he uh,

He hit her, okay.

I mean, knocked her down.

So I bent down to help
her and I just saw the guy

who hit her talk to one of the others,

and then that guy took off.


How many people were there there?


Look, I keep telling you four.

So you
dragged this bleeding girl

into the middle of nowhere?

I was holding her up,
trying to help her.

I got her to the snowmobile,
but the keys were gone.

That guy who took off,
he must've taken them.

So this guy ran to your camp,

took the keys to your
snow machine and vanished,

all before you got there?

She was bleeding, okay?

I had to get her out,
so we started walking.

Ah, but you said that
she couldn't walk hm?

So you dragged her for a while.

And then when you got tired you left her?

I told you,

I left her to get help.

Okay, I didn't drag her.

I left her to get help!

I left her to get help!

Well, Detective, uh, McKinley

had his mind made up about Scott Riley.

Yeah, I went through his notes.

He had Scott pegged as an eco-t*rror1st,

history of aggression.


He was arrested
at two environmental rallies

in Toronto the year before,

but it was nothing.

Okay, any other suspects?

Well, McKinley talked to a
couple of local sex offenders,

but no record of him looking
for the four people in parkas.

Tunnel vision.

Rebecca had a blow to the head,

bruising that could've come
from a fall in the woods.

The only evidence to
suggest sexual as*ault

was Riley's DNA and the fact
that she was found half-naked.

If she was hypothermic,

I mean, she might well have stripped off

like Robert Quillen.

And maybe the sex was consensual,

like Riley claims.

So he's convicted for r*pe and m*rder


the woman he loves, his parents,

twenty years of his life.

That would explain the rage.

Twenty years for it to build up.

Twenty years to plan his revenge.

Sheila Gagne,

Ken McNider,

Barry LeBlanc.

Those were his parka people.

He wants them to pay for Rebecca's death,

and he wants them to suffer too.

That's three.

So who's the fourth
and how do we find them?

Sheila phoned Ken,
we're pretty sure of that,

and the warrant gets us access
to her cell phone records.

Maybe Sheila phoned this fourth person,

who must have been connected
to the forestry project.

Then, from the parka,

we're safe to assume
that they have a, a child.

She's in trouble
in the corner after that roundhouse.

She's struggling to get back up now.

Oh, yeah.

but here comes the pain again!

What a sh*t!

What a sh*t indeed!

Wait a minute, there she is.

There she is, back on her feet.

Here comes Morning Gloria,

she'been performing a wh.

She really puts on a show.

She knows how to work the crowd.

They say every time
gets better and better.

And here she comes again.

Oh yes,
and she's got some real fans

out in the crowd tonight.

Up against the rope.

(crowd cheerin

Ken had the resources,

Barry was a forester,

Sheila probably set the deal up.

Who else would they need?


Remember the guy at the memorial,

Taj Roy?

Yeah, yeah, I checked him out.

He had a-

Yeah, he os a trucking company.

Do we have a number?

Let's look at Sheila's phone records.


She called a number
registered to this guy's company

three days ago.

Taj Roy has a daughter.

She was with him that day.

And she'd fit that parka.

Mena get up, we're going downstairs.










You get away from her!

You trust your aim with that?

Take it easy!

Take it easy.

It's gonna be okay, sweetie.

Scott, just listen to me.

I got Sheila Gagne in a
truck in the other room, okay?

She's all yours.

I know that!

I'm finished with her.

I'm finished with Barry,

and with Ken.

There's only you left.

Listen, we can work this thing out.

Drop the g*n!

Tell me what you want.


That's Mena's bag.


He was here, he took them!

Sheila Gagne,

You're under arrest.
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