04x10 - The Last Stand

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Strain". Aired: July 2014 to September 2017.
"The Strain" is a thriller that tells the story of Dr. Ephraim Goodweather, the head of the Center for Disease Control Canary Team in New York City. He and his team are called upon to investigate a mysterious viral outbreak with hallmarks of an ancient and evil strain of vampirism. As the strain spreads, Eph, his team, and an assembly of everyday New Yorkers, wage w*r for the fate of humanity itself.
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04x10 - The Last Stand

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- Previously on The Strain...
- Zack?

He wanted me to find out
where the nuclear b*mb is.

Zack's working with the Master.

I took him up to the roof.
He cut his thumb open.

It's like setting off a flare.

Will you just have the decency

to look at me and tell me the truth!?

The Master said I get to
decide what to do with you.

So tell me where the nuke
is, and I'll let you live.

- Goodbye, Zack.
- Where are you going?

You made your choice... live with it.

Dad, I'm trying to save your life!

The Master's sending his
troops. We have to go.

- What's our target?
- Empire State Building.

If Zack has told us something, it's
because the Master wanted him to.

- He's probably set a trap for us there.
- If the Master

wants to draw us into a trap,
then into his trap I shall go.

I'll contact you via
radio. You'll then drive

the b*mb to the base of the building
and escape before I trigger the w*apon.

You think I'm foolish enough

to come within range of your b*mb?

I shall never give up my pursuit of you.

You'll have your confrontation. It'll
be at a time and place of my choosing.

He didn't take the bait. Leave at once.


We got trouble.

Oh, shit!

We gotta think about the w*apon.

Yeah. Not the time
to make a final stand.

I got this. They get
their hands on the nuke;

it's game over. You guys
get in the van and take off.

I'll see you back at the rendezvous.


No nice way to say this, Gus,

but don't get stung and
lead the Master back to us.

That's cold right there.

Let's take these assholes!

Let's get 'em, boys!

We got some more!

- Don't stop now!
- Where they coming from, man?!

Keep sh**ting! Keep sh**ting!

Keep sh**ting!

I failed.

They got me!

Let me finish this.

Ugh! I'll take care of 'em.

Hey, assholes! Over here!


We'll come back for the van.

Let's go!


Are you really so afraid of me?

Anything you have to say, say it
to my face, not through a proxy.

But choose your words carefully
'cause they'll be your last.

Did you get them?

They escaped...

with the warhead you failed to locate.

Now do you see your
father for what he is?

I told you, he cares nothing for you.

Only for himself.

If you had touched his heart

more deeply, he might have come

to the Empire State building himself.

Come. Follow me.

We must find the nuclear w*apon.

They will go block by block

and empty the city until your father

and the b*mb are discovered.

This masquerade of coexistence is over.




You scared the shit out of me!
Why didn't you say something?

Like what?

Like, "Hey, I'm back from
the Empire State Building,

and I'm just standing in the dark

like a creepy vampire."

- What did you find up there?
- The Master was gone.

Nothing but a few stragglers
left to antagonize me.

We got antagonized ourselves.

We left Gus and his g*ng
back there to fend them off.

We hightailed it over
here with the b*mb, though.

I don't see how we're
gonna get anywhere near him.

We don't even know if
he's still in the city.

He's still here.

Fet, this doesn't feel very safe.

You want safe?

Follow me.

So where are we going?

This elevator is the subsurface entrance

to New York City Water Tunnel Number 3.

Just when I thought
I was never gonna get

another New York history lesson.

This was gonna be the main tunnel

bringing water to all of New York City

from reservoirs over 60 miles away.

It was built to replace

two older tunnels. The
dig for this project

started in 1970

and was slated to finish in 2020,

a 50-year construction project.

They were almost there too.

Then those munchers showed up.

We're 800 feet down.

Some hole, huh?

Built by Sandhogs,

a family trade handed
down through generations,

and fathers and sons

working side by side.

Lifelong jobs to bring
the city their water.

People built this.

OK. That's a pretty good story.

And now it's a safe place
for us to store our nuke

until we figure out what to do next!

Tell me, what did you have in mind?

Well, Carol thought
she might like Howard.

- Think they'd take off together?
- Why don't those assholes

just take off?

Sit down.

Then why don't we just take off, man?

No, we can't leave the
van. We need the silver.

Fine. I guess we just watch Bob Newhart.

I only know of one case

where a blind date has worked out.

Aww, you mean us, huh?

That would be two.

Are you kidding me?

How am I gonna get to
sleep if I can't hear

the closing theme song?

Aaaah... Right, Marcus?

- Hey, Marcus, you good?
- Yeah.

Just need some fresh air. Hot in here.

- It's 50 degrees.
- Just take a second.

Hey, Marcus.



Why didn't you say something?

I keep thinking about all that gold.

Can you imagine?

We'd be kings.

The only thing that matters anymore

is dying human.

Do me one favour.

Don't drag it out.

Don't give me all of that...

Dammit! Dammit!

Gus! Gus! Gus! All right! All
right! All right! All right!

- Gus, chill.
- I'm tired of this shit.

We're leaving now.

Zack got a lot of information from us,

but at least he doesn't
know about this place.

Don't b*at yourself up, Doc.

None of us would have
played it any differently

had it been our child.

Well, maybe Quinlan.

Quinlan would have blown him away,

which is maybe what I should've done.

Well, who could do that, short
of being a full-blown psychopath?

And the last thing he said to me was,

"Dad, I'm just trying
to save your life."

I just keep

going over that in my mind.

And he said a lot of shit
to try and manipulate you.

Who am I kidding?

He's already corrupted.

The single greatest
non-wartime construction project

in the history of Western civilization.

Now I wonder if it's just gonna be

a relic of human existence.

I was thinking about the Ancients

and their underground chamber.

I just escaped it

before the first
nuclear device went off.

It destroyed them without
destroying the city.

Since when do you care
about New York City?

I don't.

But you do.

If you want to save the city above us,

and the world beyond it,

then the time for half-measures is over.

I can see the end, Fet.

I can see victory.

But it will take
everything you and I have.

By everything, you mean...?

I know you well enough to know

that when you commit to
something, you are unwavering.


I also know that this is much to ask.

If you have a way to destroy the Master

and save New York City,

I'm in.

I do.

I don't see a way ahead for us,

especially if Gus and the
others don't make it back.

I don't think we have a
chance in hell of getting close

- to the Master again.
- Well, we won't have to.

Quinlan and me, uh,

- we have a plan.
- Instead of bringing the w*apon

to the Master, we bring
the Master to the w*apon.

How do we do that?

Assuming we can lure
him to us, I'll force him

into this elevator and down to here,

where we detonate the warhead.

800 feet of...

bedrock will keep surface
New York City safe.

Hmm! The remote detonator

signal won't transmit
through 800 feet of rock.

Yeah, we know.


Quinlan will have his
hands full down here

with the Master, so someone will
have to detonate the warhead.

And that someone's gonna be me.

I don't understand
why you're doing this.

The professor would've stepped up here.

I'm just doing what he would've done.

The professor was 90 years
old and had a heart condition!

How can we win this fight

- unless we make some sacrifices?
- But it doesn't have to be you!

If Quinlan's so
hell-bent on destruction,

- why doesn't he detonate it!?
- Because he can't

do that and keep the Master
down here at the same time!

You don't know that!
No, this whole thing

is a shitty, stupid plan!


I'm tired of fighting.

More than that, I'm...

I'm tired of losing.

Here's how it works, Fet.

You blow up with a nuclear b*mb,

you lose.

Maybe. But "we" win.

The collective "we."

Mankind and all that, right?

I thought we had a chance.

Look, I know

I have a weird way of
expressing my feelings

- and I know that I'm a handful.
- Yeah.

That's for sure.

Your timing,

- it could have been better.
- I know. I know.

It's shitty.

But it's not too late.

It's not!

Just say something!

You're really doing this?

I wish what everyone wishes.

That I'd used the time
I had more wisely, that...

that I had more moments
like this with you.

And I'm sorry that it took this

to get us here.

But, Dutch,

you're gonna have a
beautiful life with someone.

And I'm doing this.

We gotta get back.

- Oh, shit! Look!
- Roman, hold on!


Not for long.

Something's happening out
there. Gus should be back by now.

How are we gonna talk Fet out of this?


You couldn't do it, huh?

How desperate must you be to
think that Fet would listen to me?

That desperate, huh?

OK, I'll do it. I'll try.

In a matter of hours,

there won't be anyone
left alive on Manhattan.

Soon, this city will be so quiet,

their solitary human heartbeats

will give away their location.

What's gonna happen to the city?

It is dying.

We will find a new place
from which to reign.

And every creature on
the face of this Earth,

human, animal, and strigoi,

will live to serve us.

You still mad at me?


Ah, it's kind of a bad way

to spend the rest of our time
together, don't you think?

So, how is this all gonna work?

Not that I think it's
actually going to work,

but hypothetically.

Well, you know,

I like being the underdog

and exceeding expectations, right?

OK, so let me guess.

You're going to explode
the elevator cable,

which will drop the
Master down the shaft

where you will then detonate the b*mb.


Then, Quinlan, he'll go

get the big fella in this main elevator,

and, uh, I'll follow them down

in that little cage.

You... you're gonna
blow that cable, too?


The elevators have a
safety feature that break

the fall of runaway cars
in the last few stories,

ensuring that there's no crash landing.

And then before I detonate the warhead,

I'll probably say
something clever and cool,

like Bruce Willis would say, you know?


And then boom.

I trigger the b*mb.

The Master will be toast,

the city will be undamaged,

and the strigoi will just
be dumb animals again.

Then it'll be your job
to clean up the rest.



I know that this is hard,

but it's also easy, all right?

Quinlan and I, we've
committed to this so...

please just commit to us. All right?


Holy shit, you're alive!

- Why were you so delayed?
- Thousands of strigoi

purging the whole city,
k*lling every human being

- they can.
- How close are they to here?

I'd say 30 blocks. So, if we're gonna

do something, we better do it quick.

What do you think?


Dr. Goodweather. Join us.

These days seem like weeks, huh, Doc?

I'm so tired, I can barely see,


- my brain keeps going.
- Rest is paramount.

The strigoi are unrelenting.

The toll is mental as well as physical.

I'm an epidemiologist.

I understand disease etiology,

modes of transmission,
rates of infection.

It's really a question of math.

I gotta say, I don't see
how we can end this plague.

We are not fighting math;

we are fighting strigoi.

And with the help of people
like yourself, Mr. Fet,

and Dr. Martinez, I
believe we can prevail.

But I must warn you...

this fight may, in the end,

cost you everything.

I've already lost my home, my marriage,

custody of my son,

my career, my good name.

I'm wanted by the FBI; I
could lose my freedom soon.

I think I'm almost there.

Dr. Goodweather, if I may speak

from personal experience, this is...

just the beginning.

The professor had a
way of inspiring you,

even if he was telling
you the worst thing

you could ever hear.

- He had zero quit in him.
- Zero quit.

The Master's gonna hear
Abraham Setrakian's name

one more time before he gets vaporized.


There's never a muncher
around when you need one.


Dutch wanted me to talk you out of this.

She only wants what she doesn't have.

No. It's deeper than that, you know it.

She had her chances.

I had mine.

You know a thing or
two about regret, Doc.

- Yes, I do.
- Since we're on real talk here,

there's a few things
I need to ask of you.

One, keep an eye on her.

It helps to know that she's gonna be OK.

And maybe, uh, give Zack another chance.

I know, it seems impossible right now,

but, you know, give it
a sh*t. So many things

have been left unsaid
between me and my pop, and...

who knows? Maybe in the light of day,

maybe he'll come around, you know?

If it makes sense, I'll give it a try.

Just got a tug on the line, Doc.

Let's reel him in.

What's going on?

Your father has been spotted.

Once we follow him back
to his base of operations,

locating and disarming
the w*apon will be simple.

Are you going?

My victory will not be complete

until I have destroyed the Born.


I want to go with you.

Excellent, my son.

When the strigoi swarm this entrance,

we must engage them
without repelling them,

drawing them further
into this passageway.

That should limit their
numbers as they pass through.

- We're ready.
- It's on.

Good luck, gentlemen.

Good luck.

May you see a beautiful city

and a brilliant people
rise from this abyss.

Dutch, I'm tired of fighting.

I thought we had a chance.

You guys again!

Do you see my father?


But not the Born.

They are in retreat. Come.

I will take you to your
father for a final goodbye.

Eph, Eph, Eph. Come on! Come on!

It's the last one.




Doc. No. Get out of there!


He's down there with Zack.

There's more coming! It ain't over!

Ugh! Argh!



Ugh! Ugh!



I brought you into this world, Invictus.

Now you will leave it...

- Ugh!
- My ill-begotten son.


Aah. Ohhh.


What have you done?

I... I've won.

Bastard! Ugh!

Born of my flesh, not my soul.

An abomination!


Nothing stands in our way.

k*ll your father, Zack.
k*ll him and be free.

Slay him, Zack!

I can't.

You must!

He's still my father.

You failed me, Zack.

Either the Master's d*ad...

Or he's taking a new host.

We need to fight our way
out of here while we can.





I'm sorry.

We won, Zack.

Because of you.

He's taking me.


I wish I could spare you this.



My son.

Now we can rule the world

as father and son.


are you still in there?

'Cause if you are...

I love you.

Was that the nuke?

What was that?

Is it over?

Holy shit, Doc.

You did it.

Somehow, some way,

he detonated the warhead

beneath the bedrock of the city,

and the Master was no more.

There were still millions
of strigoi worldwide,

but without the Master's
central intelligence,

they were dumb, hungry munchers

easily slain.

Five years later,

the atmosphere is healing.

Six, sometimes seven hours

of sunlight, and growing.

The strigoi are all but eradicated now.

The interim government
decided to keep a few munchers

on lockdown inside the same

Biosafety Level 4 facility as smallpox

and other hemorrhagic viruses,

because what could go wrong?

Roman followed through

on his plan to go back to the
Federal Reserve and emerged

as one of Manhattan's
biggest property owners,

a driving force in the city's renewal.

Gus declined to partner with Roman,

instead setting off into the countryside

to help the hundreds
of thousands of refugees

return to their homes...

hoping one day to cross paths

with a certain young woman he once knew.

And Dutch,

she went to work with a bunch

of ex-hackers to get the Internet

back up on its feet.

No monument exists at the blast site,

no plaque.

Only a handful of us
know what really happened.

When the rats returned,

I knew the city was gonna be OK.

Not a day goes by

that we don't remember
those no longer with us,

those who made the ultimate sacrifice.


How you been?

Yeah, good. You?


Can I walk with you for a while?


The Master used the bonds of human love

as a conduit for the Strain.

He tried to destroy us,

but he never understood it...


And in the end, it was
love that saved us all

and gave us the world,

our world,

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