02x04 - Episode 4

Episode transcripts for the 2015 TV show "Safe House". Aired: April 20, 2015 to present
"Safe House" tells the story of a married couple, former detective Robert and teacher Katy, who are asked by close friend and police officer Mark, to turn their remote Guest House into a Safe House.

Their first 'guests', are a family in fear of their lives after they are violently attacked by someone who claims to know them. But protecting the family brings back awful memories for Robert, concerning something that happened eighteen months ago...
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02x04 - Episode 4

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I was stuck in a room
with Griffin for six days

trying to get him to talk,

but the crow had this power over him.

Where is she, Griffin? Where is she?

Why didn't you tell me?

I thought you'd think I was a monster.

Let me guess, Tom put you up to this.

He told me all about you.

He told me how ruthless you are.

I had the back of everyone on my team

and in Tom's case that
could've meant jail,

never mind my career.

He needs to leave this case alone, Sam.

Make him see that, please.

Can I help you?

Griffin gave this place up.

He knew Lane would bring her here.

Roger Lane?

I need to ask you some questions.

I know him, it's Roger lane.

- How do you know Roger?
- I took pictures for him, erm,

sales brochures, erm, that kind of stuff.

Could this be the man who took Emma?

Yes, I suppose it could be, yeah.


We've had to release Roger Lane.

What? Why?

I need to notify John, but
he hasn't got his phone.

OK. I know where he is.

Oh, God.

- Liam?
- I wanted to apologise.

It's a bad time, all right.

Give me a call on Monday or something.

- I just want my job back.
- Not now.



Where's Roger Lane?

I've issued an all-ports
warning and a PNC broadcast.

- Where are they going?
- You need to go home,

- get some sleep.
- What did they find?

Nothing yet. No signs of a
struggle. They need to process.

Are you saying that this was an accident?

No, I'm not. What I'm saying
is that it's still early days

and so far there's no
evidence of foul play.

Maybe he was just trying to fix the alarm,

he's lost his footing.

I found this whisky on
his desk, half-drunk.

That'd suit you, wouldn't it?

- What does that mean?
- If you hadn't lost Lane,

- Channing would still be alive.
- We don't know that yet, Tom.

This could just have been an
accident. It could be bad luck.

Bad luck? What, the same bad luck

that had one husband slash his wrists

and the other one put
a rope round his neck?

This was always about the men, Jane.

We need to find Lane.

Simon, Julie Delaney's partner

was found d*ad on a
building site this morning.

- My God. - The police are
saying that he lost his footing.

Accidental death.

They released Roger Lane.

Have they not brought him back in?

You know what I'm gonna
ask you, don't you?

- If Lane is the crow...
- No,

I can't come to the safe house, Tom.

Just for a couple of days. You and Liam.

I can't just drop everything and...

The man found on the building
site... did he work there?

- I can't tell you that...
- Was he called John Channing?

Liam worked for him.

Where is Liam?

He's not here. He didn't
come home last night.

Is that unusual? Did you have
a row with him or something?

No, no. He'd gone, er, when I came back.

You were the last person to see him.

- Right...
- Did he say anything?

He talked about his boss.

Er, that he regretted leaving his job.

- And?
- I dunno.

I got... I got the feeling that
he was gonna try and get it back.

Doesn't sound like it worked out, does it?

Griffin's the missing link,
but he's still unconscious.

Tell me something about
Lane's whereabouts. Anything.

- Long sh*t...
- Go on.

There was a new padlock on
the door where we found Julie.

Dutch manufacturer. Hoelson.


Hoelson went bust six years ago

and before they did their local
outlet was Griffin's locksmiths.

What're you saying? That Lane had
access to Griffin's old stock?

Maybe even the shop.

I mean, there's no
record of a sale or a CPO.

Perfect bolt-hole.

Do you want to drive?

'.. message after the tone.

Liam, it's Tom again, mate.
Can you call me back, please?

I just wanna make sure you're OK.

If you need picking up,
I can come and get you.

Vedder, Hoelson padlocks, lots of them.

What's that?

New Mersey Estates.

Looks like Roger Lane's been
cutting keys here on the QT.

And very recently. These look freshly cut.

Bluebell Drive.

John and Julie's.



I'm sorry about John.

They're calling it an
accident. Can you believe that?

- How's Dani?
- I didn't see her.

We've made a link between
John and Liam Duke.


So, back on the force again, are you?

What's that supposed to mean?

- Sam?
- Forget it. Bad timing.

Oh, don't give me that. Come on. Tell me.

You said Elizabeth
s*ab you in the back.

She betrayed you. But she didn't.

She knew what you did to
Griffin and she covered it up.

- Who told you that?
- She did.

- What? When? - Doesn't matter.
Why did you lie about it?

Loyalty, I suppose.

Loyalty? To what?

She saved Luke Griffin's life.

When we were on the beach.

I thought he was gone but
she brought him back.

You find it easy to lie, don't you?

Why are we even talking about this?

A tough, political animal like Elizabeth

puts her neck on the block
for one of her boys?

Covers up t*rture, risks jail.

And all because she's just a great boss?

How naive do you think I am, Tom?

You were sleeping with her.

Why does it matter?

How long?

About a year.

- Why have you never told me this before?
- She was married.

- It got messy.
- Messy how?

She was pregnant.

I wanted her to keep it
and leave her husband...


- I love you, Sam.
- Really?

Suddenly it seems like I was the
easy option with the big house.

- You know you weren't.
- How do I know? You've lied about everything.

I'm telling you the truth now!

Because you have to. Not
because you wanted to.

- Hello.
- Tom?

Is that you?

Yeah, Liam.

I didn't do anything. I...
I just found John there.

What happened, Liam?

He was bleeding... from
where he hit the bar.

What were you doing there?

Asking for my job back, like you said.


Did you talk to him?

He was busy so I went to the pub

and had a couple of pints, came back.

Why didn't you call the police?

I tried to resuscitate him.

I did a first-aid course once with Dad.

All I could remember was CPR's
dangerous if you get it wrong.

And I had his blood on me.

I panicked.

You believe me, don't you?

Yeah. Yeah, I do.

You'll have to tell all this
to the police though, OK?


- Simon Duke.
- I've got Liam, he's fine.

Thank God. Thank God.

Where... Where are you?

I'm going to take him to the safe house.


He turned up at my local station, Simon.


Look, I really think you should
come and stay with us for a few days.

I'm coming. I don't need to be persuaded.

Look, Tom, the police are here and...

Tom. Vedder.

I've picked up Liam Duke and...

Yeah. Yeah, we know. We
know he worked for Channing.

He also found his body.

When you bring Simon out, you're
gonna need to take a statement.

Yeah, yeah.

- Hi.
- Hiya, Sam.

- This is Simon Duke.
- Hi. Come in.

- Nice to meet you.
- Thank you. Hi.

This way, follow me.

We're ready for you, mate.

- Can I see Liam?
- In a minute, Simon. All right?

Liam, I'm DI Vedder.

Would you like a cup of tea?

Oh, look... Amazing.


Doesn't look a day older.

What's his secret?

- Must be the sea air.
- Yeah. Must be.

And I bet leaving the force helped.

That's their loss.

He was a great copper, your husband.

Actually, we're not married.

Umm... My mistake.

- Milk?
- Er, yes, please.

The other coppers, they just...

They just saw me and Liam
as sources of information.

Kind of receptacles that might
help with their inquiry.

But not Tom.

He saw us as human beings.

He knew that...

.. we'd have Emma's fate hanging
over us for the rest of our lives.

Shall I show you to your room?

- Er, thank you.
- Take your tea.

I'm with you.

That's no act. He's scared shitless.

What about Roger Lane?

We're throwing everything
we've got at finding him.

Good luck.

If we dig down about two feet
and put the wire down there,

we can stop them from burrowing under.

- Hey, Simon.
- Hi.

- You OK, Liam?
- Yeah.

Everything go all right with DI Vedder?

Should we maybe put some
shuttering on the inside?

It would certainly
strengthen it, wouldn't it?

That's a good idea.

I'm just going to find a
spot to take some photos,

if you want to join me?

Just helping Tom.

Don't go too far, Simon.

- All right?
- OK. No problem.

- Simon.
- Hi.

What a spot, eh? It's
just... It's stunning.

- Cheers. - Had a nose
round your boats as well.

- I hope that's OK?
- Of course, it is.

Could do with restocking the fleet.

No, they're great.

Noble vessels.

- Not sure about the
website, though. - No?

No. The pictures just, you know,
don't do the place justice.

Which is, you know, something I'd
like to remedy, with your blessing.

- You knock yourself out.
- All right.

Liam's a lovely lad.

- He's a credit to you.
- Ah, well, you know,

a change of scene's
already doing him good.

Is... Is everything OK with Sam?

Yeah. Why?

Oh, no, no reason.

Well, you must have some reason to ask?

Look, I mean, I don't know,

but she seemed a bit tense, that's all.

No, she's... She's fine.

You're a natural, aren't
you? Must be nice.

- How do you mean?
- Oh, you know, I mean outdoor shit.

Manly pursuits.

Sort of comes naturally to you.

There's plenty of stuff I can't do.

- Yeah. Come on.
- Like pictures, for one thing.

It's always floor and feet and sky.

Yeah, course.

Not the same thing though, is it?

- That's funny...
- What's that?

There was a car parked there earlier,

I got near and it just drove
off. It's come around again.

- What make was it?
- Oh, er, cars aren't my thing.

Sorry. It was silver.

You know what, I think
we should be heading back?

Go back?

- Is that all right?
- Yeah. Sure, yeah.

- Oh, no, you take that, I'll... - OK.

We've just picked up Roger Lane
trying to get on a ferry to Ireland.

- How long till he gets here?
- An hour, tops.

- Too long. I want blues and
twos all the way. - Yes, ma'am.

You've changed your tune, haven't you?

About Griffin having a partner.

Eight years you dismissed
that, didn't you?

- The evidence speaks for itself.
- Oh, simple as that?

Hey, listen. I'm not petty.

I'm not going to say the world is flat

just cos Tom Brook says it's round.

It still doesn't mean I have to like him.

- Christ, Liam.
- Are we in danger?


- We've just got a fox, that's all.
- Can I come with you?

No. I'll be back in a minute.

We found the locksmiths,

- the padlocks you used to secure Julie.
- What locksmiths?

The one where you copy the agency keys

so your colleagues are none the wiser.

I don't know what you're talking about.

You're tied to this in
too many ways, Roger.

You employed Griffin.

You employ Simon Duke

and his wife Emma was the last
woman who vanished without a trace.

Say when.

- Hah. When.
- I am allowed.

You're allowed, but you're not used to it.

How do you know? Had some
heavy nights up in Manchester.

- At your age, got to be done.
- There you go.

Yea, well, everything in moderation.

That's a shit motto.

That is a shit motto.

- There you go. - It wasn't
John's motto, that's for sure.

He lived life to the full.

In the pub till : , first
on site come the morning.

He was a top bloke, all told.

"All told"?

You mean, like, he wasn't a saint?

No. He wasn't.

Somebody dies and all the
bad bits get forgotten.

It's the same with Mum. I mean,
we don't know she's d*ad but...

- Liam.
- I mean it.

She wasn't a saint either.

- None of us are.
- Yeah, well, that's too true.

Remember how she was
always losing her phone?

Or going out without it? And
we didn't know where she was.

Small fry in the scheme of things.

You used to get pretty angry with her.

- "Frustrated" is the word
that I would use. - I wouldn't.

I'd say "angry".

Liam, please.

I just... don't get it.

All day I've been asking myself...

how can it just be chance
that I worked with someone

who's been k*lled by...

I keep thinking... "I'm the connection."

I'm the link.

I should be able to explain it, but...

I can't.

I can't.


- Great.
- It's OK.

Sorry. Sorry.

- I'm just changing my shirt.
- Liam.


Feels like I'm the bad guy today.

You're never the bad guy.

'So why did you run?'

Look, I've made mistakes. I know I have.

But Luke Griffin k*lled
those women, not me.

Don't be modest.

Sneaking into houses, building
camps, taunting the men?

Making their deaths look like suicides?

Luke didn't come up with that.

You did have one thing in common, though.

You both had zero success with women

and hated those strong men that did.

You used that to manipulate him.

You shared the spoils, while
Luke did the donkey work.

Transport, keys, locks.

An extra pair of hands
and undying loyalty.

- Why did you run?
- Because I knew you'd never stop.

I knew you'd search every last
factory, bedsit on our books.

- And?
- And I knew you'd find them.

- Find what?
- The cameras.

A couple of flats with
female tenants in...

I installed cameras.

I just look, that's all.

I just look.

I-I tried to be both parents.

Maybe I tried too hard.

He'd probably prefer a dad like you.

You know, strong and capable.


What is it, Liam?

I... I was...

I just...


Liam, it's OK.


Listen. Calm down.

You're wearing my sweater.

It suits you.

Where did you find it?

Which bag?

It's OK. OK.

It's better that you know.

After all these years.

You must understand that I did it for you.


Liam. Liam!

Liam. It was all for you, Liam.

I was shoring up what she was
trying so hard to destroy.

It was our family.

It was our home.

All the affairs,

- and her thr*at to leave, and
her drinking... - The affairs?

- John Channing was no different.
- What do you mean?

Wasn't enough that he employed
you. He sent you to Manchester.

I don't understand.

He was trying to take
you away from me, Liam.

To come between us.

I mean, the f*cking arrogance.


- Are you OK?
- Agh!

He's just flipped and ran off...

- What's going on with you two?
- I told you. His mum.

It's like... It's like he
blames me for what happened.

I just hope he doesn't do anything stupid.

- Is that likely?
- I don't know.

Liam's a volatile soul
at the best of times

- but now with all this being
dragged up again... - Volatile?

I just think we need to find
him, is what I'm trying to say.

- We'll find him.
- He can't have gone far.

I'll search the beach.



'What about Simon Duke?

Did he ever meet Griffin? I
mean, they both worked for you?'

Just the once I think, er,
at our Christmas party.

- Hang on. Are you sure about that?
- Positive.

Well, Simon must've told you
when you arrested Griffin?

OK. So they met?

As in they spoke to each other?

Yeah. For about an hour or so.

- When we nicked Griffin for
Emma's m*rder... - Mm-hm.

.. Simon said that he'd never met him.

- Are you sure?
- What?

Course I'm sure, I interviewed him.


It's Liam, he's come back.

He's... He's locked himself in the attic.

Er... he won't talk to me.
He... He's asking for you.

All right, I'm on my way.

Tell us about, Simon. What's he like?

Nice bloke.

Great photographer.

He struggled a bit when the local
ragfolded but, er, he survived.

Always felt a bit sorry for him.

Because of what happened to Emma?

Nah. Before that.

Well, she was that bit younger
than him and so pretty.



She play away?

It all came out in the pub one night.

I told him "That's why I never married.

Mate, if you don't play, you can't lose."

And what did he say to that?

He said, er...

He said, "It's not the women
who are to blame, it's the men."

Why are you asking about Simon?

It's all about the men.
Get Tom on the phone.

I'll get firearms to the safe house now.

Liam, you all right, mate?

No, Simon, please.

Simon, please. Leave her alone.

That's it. That's right.

Go on, break free. Go on,
break free and save her!

That's what real men do, isn't it?

Look at you.

It's your man, look at him.

Look at you, you twat,
dressed like an arse-hole!

Calm down or else I'll sh**t her face off.

Say goodbye, Sam.

Say goodbye.

- Don't do it, Simon.
- Say goodbye, Sam.

Don't do it, Simon.

Don't do it, Simon.

Say goodbye.

Go on.

(That's it.)

That's it.

It'll be fine.

(I love you.)


Come on, come on.

- Ugh!
- Agh!

- Back off!
- Ahh!

Get your hands off her, you bastard!

Shut up!

f*cking arse-hole!

Get up! Get out!

- No!
- Look at him, one last look.

Sam! Sam!





- Get in.
- No!

Get in.

f*ck you!

Oh, shut up.







Where is she?

Where is she?

Where is she?

Simon, where is she?

Where's Sam? Where is she?

What have you done with her?

Where is she?

Is this what you want?

What have you done with her?


Tell me.

Where is she?

Where is she?

Do you like that?

Where is she? Where is she?

- She's gone, Tom.
- She's not gone. She's not gone!

- She's gone.
- She's not gone!



Tom! Tom!

Get off him!


You bought it on yourself, Tom.

You arrogant bastard!

Tom! Tom!

Get off him!

Move it!

What have you done with her,
eh? What have you done with her?

Hey. Bastard!
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