02x06 - Hearts on f*re

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Secret Daughter". Aired: June 2016 to present.
"The Secret Daughter" revolves around a part-time country pub singer whose chance meeting with a wealthy city hotelier triggers a series of events that will change her life forever.
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02x06 - Hearts on f*re

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Is this supposed to be me?
You've whitened my face.

- It's just a mock-up.
- I'm black and I'm proud!

You can shove your contract.

Your career's over.

I'm sorry, Bill.

You never shut out family.

And don't forget,
you've always got a home here.

Anna! I was so happy when Mum
told me you were coming to stay!

I hope that's okay.

What do you mean?
You're practically family.

I did everything I could to forget you.

You think I didn't do the same thing?

I told Anna she has to leave.

You're still in love with her.
You need to sort yourself out.

I think we'd work well together,
in more ways than one.

Marry me, and you can have
the Norton Hotel outright.

I'm scared. What if it ever
comes out about Eclipse?

We could lose this hotel, everything.

Billie. I've had another
thought about the launch.

I was thinking, if
you'd like to perform...

- You want me to sing?
- Yeah, only if you've got nothing on.

I'd love to.

I've lost my dad. He's done a runner.

- Then let me help.
- You know, you don't have to do this.

I want to.

Without the op, you'll die.

Bill, you heard them talk about
the risks. Cognitive decline?

It's my job to look after you, okay?
Not the other way around.

- It's gonna be okay.
- Yeah.

- All right, Dad?
- Yep.

Come here.

♪ They said love hurts,
I wrote that book ♪

♪ I climbed that wall, I had one look ♪

♪ But you just came
around to say hello ♪

♪ The streets were filled
with guilty hearts ♪

♪ And here was I, right from the start ♪

♪ And I lost everything
when I lost you ♪

♪ So tell me why should I let you go? ♪

♪ Give me good reasons ♪

♪ I need to know ♪

♪ And at that point there was no pain ♪

♪ There was no sky, there
was no rain fall ♪

♪ All there was was you
and your sweet face ♪

♪ So tell me, baby, why
should I let you go? ♪

♪ Yeah, give me good reasons ♪

♪ I need to know, yeah ♪

♪ Give me good reasons ♪


♪ Give me good reasons ♪

♪ Give me good reasons ♪

- Hey. Hey.
- Hey.

Oh, last supper.

Um, Layla still cleaning?

Yeah, she was cleaning power points
with a toothbrush.

- What's up?
- I don't know.

I started to open me mouth
and I shut it again.

- Right. Ooh.

- Hey, Chris.
- Hey.

- How you goin'?
- Good.

- Hey, Chris.
- Hey, Gus.

All ready for the big day, mate?

Oh, yeah, small procedure, mate.

Of course.

Hey, got some great news, Bill.

- You all right to deal with that?
- Yeah.

- All right, don't make mess.
- Hmm.

I'm sorry, I just don't want Dad
worried about any of this stuff.

It's all good.

Hey, listen, I made some calls.


I ripped up that contract.
No-one else will want me.

Actually, there's three companies
that wanna meet you.

Yeah, I sent your demo.

There's one in particular
I think would be

- a really good fit for us...
- Oh, hold on.

That sounds really awesome, Chris,

but that's not where my head's at.


Sorry. We can wait till after his op.

I just thought this'd be
the sort of news you'd wanna hear.

Yeah. Dad's my focus and
none of this really matters,

the music, the record company.

Oh, I understand. I'll keep working
on stuff myself,

line some stuff up and,
when you're ready, well...

Dad needs my attention, Chris, %.

Billie, I don't think Gus would
want you to give up your dream.

Unless a recording career
is not your dream anymore?

I don't know anymore.
I just need to get through this.

Hey. Gus will be all right.

Yeah, I know.

Hey. You used to jog before your exams.

Didn't help your results much.

Layla not a jogger?

Haven't seen her in a day or so.

- Is everything okay?
- Yeah, she's busy.

We're busy.

Jamie, I hate seeing
you upset like this.


Don't worry about him, he had to run.

He's avoiding me.

Not at all!
He was just asking about you.

- He's asked me to leave.
- That's ridiculous.

- You're my guest, too.
- He probably hates me.

Jamie could never hate you.
Quite the opposite, in fact.

What did he say?

Well, with men,
it's usually what they don't say.

Just be there for him.

Okay. You're the best! Thanks.


- Last one.
- Let me help you.

I'm good. Thanks. I'll unpack later.

I just saw Anna.

We should do something together,
the three of us, while she's here,

if that's all right with you?

Spa day?

- That'd be good.
- Great.

I'll book it in. You text Anna.

We'll have lunch, too.

Can we go shopping after?


It's good to be back.

Starts in , till
Dad went online in ' .

Dad wasn't much of a bookkeeper, was he?

Have you told Susan?

- Nah. You?
- Not yet.

So, we don't know what we're looking for.

No idea outside of something
that says 'Eclipse' or something?

Pretty much.

This is pointless, Jamie.

It's a wild goose chase.

And if Dad did do something
dodgy, wouldn't he hide it?

It's something Mum said.

It wasn't like her to panic, you know?

Admit it, Jamie, getting these files
out of storage was a crap idea.

I mean, what is it you thought
we were gonna find, anyway?


It's from the same year Dad
bought the hotel.

You can't sleep, either?


When I was a kid and I couldn't sleep,

you used to tell me stories.

Yeah, I remember.

What do you wanna hear?

Our first fishing trip.

You were a little tacker then.

Okay. So...

we head off down to Pambula
you, me and your mum,

drive all through the night.

- Oh, that green Commodore, please?

We sang songs to keep you awake.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. "Sound of Music",

every single bloody track.


Yeah, we stayed in that, uh,
caravan park near the river,

where you caught your first fish.


When that line went back in!

Yeah, you jumped out of your skin.

And that rod started
jerkin' and bendin'.

You were so scared and you
wanted me to pull it in for you.

Yeah, well, you wouldn't take over.

I got real wild. Couldn't
believe you two didn't help me.

You had to do it yourself, kid.

The look on your face, though,

when you pulled that big sucker in.


We should go fishing again.

Yeah, I'd like that. That'd be good.


So, today's the big day.

What are you doing?

The ground's clean.

There's nothing else to sweep up, Layla.

No, no, no, no, you need proper
bristles and elbow grease

- to get this job done.
- What's wrong with you?

- Nothing. No biggy.
- Stop! Stop it.


Jamie and I broke up.

Are you serious?

- It's okay. I did it.
- No, no, no, that's horrible.

- Why?
- Him and Anna.

I don't know, but I can't
be a consolation prize.

Ooh, you wait till I see him.
I'm gonna sort him out, Layla.

No, you won't say anything.

He's your brother, anyway.

Yeah, that's why I'm gonna sort him out.

Have you heard from him?

- Yeah, calls, texts, more calls.
- Well, that's a good sign, isn't it?

I dunno, is it?

I'm ignoring him. It's a mess.

Layla, come here, come here.

Layla, he loves you.

- It's gonna work out, all right?
- Well, I'm glad you think so.

- Well, you can't avoid him.
- Wanna bet?

Actually, I was hoping you could
take my place this morning.

What, do Marc's launch without you?

Well, not the launch,
just the rehearsal.

Oh, maybe both.

Look, I'm stuck and
I can't let Marc down and...

I can't leave him. Look at him.

What? Oh, yeah, I'm starving, mate.

See? He needs me.
Oi. You can't eat that.

Yeah, and I can't sing.

What if I told Marc you can
play your keyboard

and do an instrumental version?

I know it's not ideal, Layla,
but I can't do both.

Listen, I've got six hours, right,

before I've gotta be at the hospital.

Who knows how long before
they do the op, all right?

- You're going.
- No!

Listen, this is how it's gonna go down.

I get my ticker fixed, you sing, right?

No singin', no surgery, simple.

Well, I can't leave you alone here.

- I'll come with you, mate.
- There you go.

All right. I guess we can
head to the hospital,

uh, after we do the rehearsal.

- Okay, easy.
- Okay.

What are the chances
of running into Jamie

the two minutes we're in Jack's Bar?

- Pretty good.
- Come on.

- Layla.
- I'll meet you downstairs.


Yeah, Jamie?

- Just the person I wanna see.
- Bill.

Billie, there's a problem.


So, these are Dad's financial
records from .

Why are we talking about this now

and why are we talking
about it in company?

Dad's nil-by-mouth before the op.

I've gotta keep an eye on him.

We found something
you need to know about,

the whole family needs to know about.

Dad was making $ , a year,

and then, suddenly,
he borrowed grand.

He bought mining shares,

which he sold for around $
million three months later.

He paid the broker % and then
he bought the hotel outright.

Are you saying there was something wrong

with the way he financed the hotel?

We found some old videotapes
of Mum before she died.

They were down in a box in the cellar.

And what did Katrina have to say?

She said Dad did something wrong

and she was scared we'd lose the hotel.

Do you have any proof?

We don't know exactly what he did

but we can follow the money

and there's a name, Eclipse.

What's that? Breath-freshener?

- We don't know.
- You don't have anything.



- That rings a bell.
- Oh, save me. I...

Look, I might be wrong but,

a little bit before me
and Rubes got together,

there was a mine outside town,
called Eclipse.

Oh, yeah, what was its bloody name?

Oh, Scotchman's Hill, it was called.

That's the name on the shares.

I'll be buggered. I might've
met old Jack in Walperinga.

- What, were you involved?
- No! No, darling.

No, I didn't have the dough
for that sort of in but,

a couple of these jokers,
they got the in

and they bought shares and
then they took off like bandits.

- Dad.
- How's that, Bill?

I might've met your old dad.

The irony.

I think I might,
uh, go watch some telly, eh?

So what does any of this mean?

It's called insider trading, Harry,
and it's illegal.

But Dad's not here anymore.

But the hotel is. It was bought
with the proceeds of crime.

Which makes Dad a criminal

and we could have
the hotel taken away from us.

Look, I am not gonna
listen to any more of this.

I've got a business to run.

- You're not worried?
- No, I'm not.

Frankly, I expected
better from the both of you.

Your dad was a good man
and a good father.

But, Susan, if it's a crime...

The only crime that has been
committed here today

is wasting my time and worrying Harriet.

So if there's nothing further
to discuss, I'll get back to work.

And I do not wanna hear any more
about this from either of you.

Nick? I need that pre-nup now.

Yes. I'm marrying Andrew Weston.

Well, Susan shut that down pretty fast.

- That could mean anything.
- Yeah, let's stay on it.

- I gotta run.
- Me, too.

Hey, best of luck, Gus.

- Thanks, Chris. Bye.
- Bye.

Hey, Dad, I'll see you in the bar.
Layla's waiting for you.

- Okay. All right.
- I love you.

- You, too.
- Shout out if you need anything.

Thanks, mate.

- Before you say anything...
- What? That you hurt my bestie?

- What's going on with you two?
- I wish I knew. She spun out.

This is because of Anna.
You know that, right?

She's one of my oldest friends.

Well, if that's all she is to you,
you better let Layla know.

You gotta sort this.

- Oh, there she is.
- Hey, Carmine.


Okay, we're minutes behind,
but it's not a big deal.

Let's just, uh, get started, I think.

Yes? Good.

Ready? Yeah.

Whoo! Come on, Layla, let's do it.


♪ Celebrate good times, come on ♪

♪ We're gonna have a good time ♪

♪ Celebrate good times, come on ♪

Stop! Stop, stop, stop, stop.

- Um, did I do something wrong?
- It's all wrong.

It's the song the lyrics, the vibe.

It's just not what I wanted.

Well, no worries,
we can do another song.

What about "Simply the Best"?

It's a love song.
I don't want a love song.

Um, but it's triumphant...

- and you're the best, right?
- Mm-hmm.

Yeah, yeah, I'm the best app
developer, not the best lover.

Sorry, you're not the best lover?

- Layla.
- I'm just clarifying.

What else you got?

Uh... uh...

"Shake It Off"!

What, do you want me
to shake off my investors?

No, I just meant that it's...

- uplifting, happy.
- Just do "Celebration", okay?

It's fine.

- This whole thing is a mess anyway.
- Why?

Don't worry about it.
Just sing your song.

You don't look like someone
who's about to launch.

What is that supposed
to look like, exactly?

- It's not funny.
- I'm sorry.

You don't understand. I...

I can't.

I just need to...


Oh, my God.

I can't do it. It's a sham.

What are you talking about?

Forget about it.

What am I thinking?

I made this app, it ruined my marriage,

and now I'm launching it as
a publicly listed company.

- Because it's a good app.
- How do you even know that?

- Don't you believe in Clever Couple?
- Yeah. No.

I do. It's just...

I have stage fright.

But it's only a little stage.

Yeah, in front of a whole lot of
people who think they know me and...

Oh, man. I'm already at stage two.

First comes nausea,

then dizziness and dry mouth,

then sweating,
and then, I either faint or I run.

Okay, that's severe.

- What's the worst that could happen?
- I could die.

That's not gonna happen.

No, it might. I belong in a
garage developing apps, okay?

Not on a stage with lights on
my face, looking like an idiot.

But this is your moment.

No-one else can do it but you.

Imagine them in their underwear.

Dad used to tell me that all
the time when I got nervous.

Actually used to say, "In the nick."
But, it helps.

Yeah, I tried that technique
at my sister's wedding.

Yeah, and?

I passed out and got
three stitches in my forehead.

Oh, true.

Okay, let's get back.

If it all checks out
and Dad did do a dodgy,

we could lose all this.

- Chris, I'm sorry.
- Thing is, I don't actually care.

Of course you do.

Maybe the only way I'll
leave this place is if

someone takes it all away from us.

I just want something that's mine.

Which is what managing Billie gave you.

I wanna work on something
that's about the future.


That's about us.



I like the sound of that.

You were great, darling. You sound good.

Thanks, Dad.

Ah, Dad, this is Marc. Marc, Dad.

All the best with your heart
surgery, Mr Carter.


Yeah, not bad for an internet w*nk*r.

- Dad!
- Bit green round the gills.

Might need a bit of
Dutch courage, that's all.

Call me if you need anything.

Or, if you decide to stay at
the hospital with your dad, just...

She'll be back with bells on.
Won't you, Bill?

Do you want me to come with you?

Oh, that's all right, sissy, thank you.

You're gonna be deadly.
Real solid, all right?

Just trust yourself.

Good luck.

Not a word.


Any surgery carries with it small
risks, post-operative infection,

blood clots, kidney failure,
all very unlikely.

There is also a small possibility

of memory loss or cognitive impairment.

There is no way I'm leaving
you to go do this launch.

A deal's a deal. You'll be here
before they put me under.

- No, Dad. I'm gonna call Marc.
- No, no, no, no.

It's fine, he said so.

- It's gonna be good. I'll be right back.
- Bill. No. Bill.

Come on, you stupid bloody phone.


- So he rang you up?
- Mmm.

He hasn't been telling anyone.

Rang me yesterday 'cause
he's worried about ya.

Why, what for?

Well, you said you're stopping
singing to look after him.

Of course I would, he's my dad.

Yeah, I know he is, but
he's worried about ya.

Anyway, you got family, eh?

You don't have to face this on your own.

I'm real glad you're here, Aunty.

So, what's this important
thing you've got on today?

It's the launch. But,
I gotta cancel, I can't leave him.

I've got things under control,
okay? So you go.

Do it for him.

Wait, are you sure?

Yeah, I wouldn't be
saying it if I wasn't.

Come here.

- They're $ , those ones.
- Oh, thanks.


They're lovely, aren't they?

They're my favourite.

Um, and they last for ages.

- I'll take them.
- Layla, you've gotta stop ignoring me.

- There's nothing to say.
- Just let me explain?

- Cash or card?
- Um...

Just trying to be honest.

That's not honesty and
you and I both know it.

- I'm dealing with it.
- How?

- Just give me a minute?
- Has she gone?

- Not yet.
- So you haven't dealt with it at all.

You break up with me
because I told her to go

and now you won't talk with
me because she's still there.

- Cash.
- Okay.

How can you not get what's going on?

There's nothing going on.

Go and look in the mirror and say that.

- Sorry, you said cash?
- Yes.

- Okay.
- Layla!


You got a minute?

I need to get something off my chest.

- I broke your heart.
- You did.

I'm so sorry.

Not just for walking out,
but for coming back, too.

When Susan contacted me and told me
you were serious

about this other girl,
I thought I'd lost you.

I panicked. But, I can see
the way you look at me

and I can see what
happens when I touch you.

Nothing's changed, has it?

I love you, Jamie.

Are you sure about this?


Me neither.

Let's do it.


I'll be back before you go into surgery.


You're not gonna leave me
with Mim. Please?

Here, I'm not leaving
your side, old man.

"Old man"? Yeah? I know how
old you are, spring chicken.

See? Plenty of life
left in the old goat.

Go on. Go.

- Love you, Dad.
- Yeah, love you, mate.

Reckon you could
rouse us up a cuppa tea?

No chance, nil by mouth.

What about a stroll? Feel like a stroll?

I know you're nervous.
I know you're scared.

I won't tell anyone, don't worry.

If anything happens, Mim,
you gotta look...

She'll be right.

She got the biggest mob of family,
both sides now.

- Yeah, she does.
- And we all love her.

Yep, all good.

Thanks, darlin'.

Okay, and...

Hmm. How's it look?

Ooh, Harriet! That looks good.

I've been watching Mum do it
since I was little.

She used to give me pointers.

- How's it living back here, anyway?
- It's better.

She was there for me when I needed her.

Good, 'cause you only get one mother.

- Hey.
- All right, it's show time!

Oh! Oh, look at you.

Look at you. Here we go!

Oh, wow.

Oh, no, that looks like stage three.

Well, we better do something
before he does a runner.

I reckon we scrub "Celebration".

I got a better idea for a song.

Come on.

- Hey.
- Hey, Carmine.

♪ I am unwritten, can't read my mind ♪

♪ I'm undefined ♪

♪ I'm just beginning ♪

♪ The pen's in my hand,
ending unplanned ♪

♪ Staring at the blank page before you ♪

♪ Open up the dirty window ♪

♪ Let the sun illuminate the
words that you could not find ♪

♪ Reaching for something
in the distance ♪

♪ So close you can almost taste it,
release your inhibitions ♪

♪ Feel the rain on your skin ♪

♪ No-one else can feel it for
you, only you can let it in ♪

♪ No-one else, no-one else can
speak the words on your lips ♪

♪ Drench yourself in words unspoken ♪

♪ Live your life with arms wide open ♪

♪ Today is where your book begins,
the rest is still unwritten ♪

♪ Oh, the rest is still unwritten ♪

♪ Yeah, unwritten ♪

♪ The rest is still unwritten ♪

♪ The rest is still unwritten ♪


I, uh...

Uh, that song was...

Thank you.

Those of you who know me would know
that this really, um...

Oh, boy.

It's not my thing.

But we're here today to celebrate
what my thing... is,

because it's mine.

Um, Clever Couple.

Clever Couple is my thing

because of all of you

and also because of
my own bad relationship.

I learnt the hard way

that being a part of a couple
is about more than

remembering birthdays
and takeaway preferences.

It's taken me a long time
to realise that...

being a part of a truly good couple,

a clever couple,

is about having each other's back

and being brave enough
to be completely honest with them.

Somebody who does that
really believes in you.

It's about trusting
another person so much that

you're prepared to put yourself
out there for them,

even if you're scared as hell.

Because really,
that's what it's all about.

Thank you.



Hey. Sorry, I just wanted to,
um, catch you before you

- head back to the hospital.
- Hmm.

- You did great.
- Because of you.

And that song.

This has all the conditions you
requested but,

as your lawyer and your friend,
I'd advise caution.

There's no time.

The boys have uncovered
something Jack did back in the day.

Insider trading, a mine called Eclipse.

- What kind of proof do they have?
- Enough.

We could lose everything if they
take it to the authorities.

So how does marrying Weston help?

Well, I'll have majority control
of the Norton.

- I'll bury the evidence, end of story.
- It's still a risk.

It's the only way
I can protect the hotel.

It's a high price to pay.
I want you to be happy.

Thank you.

I'd be lost without you.

I know you better than Andrew Weston does

That's true.

We'd make a formidable pair
and I have admired you...

for a long time.

I would dedicate my life to you.


- I'll take that as a "no".
- Oh, Nick...

- No, I'll leave these for you to sign...
- I'm so sorry.

Nick, I'm really sorry.

Hey, Aunty.

Is Dad behaving himself?

I'm almost finished here anyway.

I'll see you back at the hospital, okay?

Right, ta-ta.


I really need your help.

- What is it?
- Uh, just said it was a delivery.

There, look.

Now look to the stairs.

No, I mean these stairs.

- The flowers are from Carmine?
- No.

- Can I take that for you?
- Oh. Thanks.

♪ I know I stand in line until
you think you have the time ♪

♪ To spend an evening with me ♪

♪ And if we go someplace to dance ♪

♪ I know that there's a chance
you won't be leaving with me ♪

♪ Then afterwards, we drop
into a quiet little place ♪

♪ And have a drink or two ♪

♪ And then I go and spoil it all
by saying something stupid ♪

♪ Like, "I love you" ♪

♪ The time is right, your
perfume fills my head ♪

♪ The stars get red and,
oh, the night's so blue ♪

♪ And then I go and spoil it all
by saying something stupid ♪

♪ Like, "I love you" ♪

You're such a dag.

♪ I love you ♪

♪ I love you ♪

I've been an idiot, Layla.

I love you. You're the one.

Well, that's what I've been waiting for.

Now I've really gotta go.

- Hey.
- R-something-B.

- Hey. Hey.
- Hey.

Hey, bub.

- Hey, Dad.
- Hey, darlin'.

Told you I'd be back.

You look nice.

Oh, thank you.

I'm, uh, meeting with
an old friend of your father's.

You and Dad always looked so nice
when you went out together.

I miss him, too.

- Mum?
- Hmm.

Dad didn't really do
anything wrong, did he?

Of course not.

Look, I better get going.

Let's watch a movie
together when I get back, okay?

- Yeah. Have fun.
- Love you.

- Oh.
- Am I late?

- I'm early.

- You look lovely.
- Thank you.

So, signed the pre-nup.

It's been witnessed by my lawyer

and the wheels are in motion
with the hotel.

You've been a busy girl.

There won't be a problem.

We can start our life together.

When we first met and you chose Jack,

did you ever regret walking away from me?

Aren't we making up for that now?

I've changed my mind.

- What?
- Oh, come on, lovely.

It takes a player to know a player.

I don't understand.

Jack wasn't exactly the businessman
we thought he was, was he?

Did it slip your mind to tell me
that Jack's purchase of the hotel

was, how shall I put it,
not exactly above board?

You haven't given me a chance to...

I'm guessing that's what fuelling
your sudden haste to marry me,

more than my company.

Andrew, I do enjoy your company.

We have a pre-nuptial agreement.

Which I haven't signed yet.

I should take some responsibility.

I coveted everything of Jack's,

particularly you, and the hotel.

Well, now I've had you

and once news gets out
about Jack's business affairs,

I can buy the Norton for a song.

This was always about business

and about evening the score.

If the situations were reversed,

you'd be the one cleaning up financially

and leaving me out in the cold.

Without a second's hesitation.

And between us,

even though our time
together was enjoyable,

the reality hardly
lived up to my fantasy.

Goodbye, Susan.

Nick? I've just seen Andrew Weston.

He knew all about Jack's bad deal.

Can you come and meet me?

You'll have to get somebody else
to handle it, Susan.

I'm resigning from

my position as the Norton family lawyer,

effective immediately.

- What did you tell him?
- Everything he needed to know.

He's a very generous man.

I'll enjoy working with him.

Go to hell.

Oh, I meant to
ask you, how'd the launch go?

Yeah, it was great. Marc was great.

- Everything okay?
- Yeah. You all right?

I'm just scared, Dad.

If anything happens to you...

Now, look. Look here.
I'm a tough old bastard, all right?

Don't you worry about that. All right?

Yeah, I know.

If everything goes bum up, you've got

the best people around you, all right?

A good family, all strong.


- Hey.
- Hey, guys.

Hey, ladies. Hey, mate. How you going?

Um, this is Billie's aunty, Mim.

- And you must be the Nortons.
- Mm-hm.

- The best friend.
- Mm-hm.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- The charmer.

- The workaholic.
- GUS: Oh, yeah.

And the spirited sister.

I thought you were gonna say

Oh, here we go, Bill.
They're coming to take me away.

- All right. Love you, Gussy.
- Good luck, mate.

Thanks, Layls. Good to see you guys.

Thanks for coming, eh?

See you, Mimmy. Love you, mate.

See you soon.

Bye, darlin'. Love ya.

- Love you.
- Bye.

Hey, you were awesome, Billie.

Yeah, I reckon your singing
got him over the line.

- You reckon?
- And what about...

- What? No.
- Did I miss something?

- Marc snogged her.
- Seriously?

I heard that.

- Who's Marc?
- Layla.

- Billie?
- Hey.

Everything went well with the surgery.
No complications.

Thank you.

He's in recovery.
Would you like to sit with him?

Yes, please.

That's awesome, darling.

Thank you so much,
you mob, for being here.


You reckon you can
take Aunty back to the hotel?

- BOTH: Yeah.
- All right.

I'll have one of those
fancy rooms, thanks.

Hey. I'll let you mob know
when he's awake, all right?

- Sure.
- Thanks, honey.

- Sure.
- Ta.


Dad? Dad?

- Gus?
- What's wrong with him?

- Gus, can you hear me?
- What's going on?

What's happening to him?

Okay. Blood pressure?

over . pulse.

Can you hear us? Gus?
Gus, can you hear us?

Dad, please. What's happening to him?

We've got a sluggish response.
Blood pressure?

- over .
- Please, Dad.

- Let's get him ready for a head CT.
- Dad. Dad.

Dad, please!

Miss. Miss, I'm sorry, you're gonna
have to wait here.

We're doing everything we can.



- Is he all right?
- We don't know yet.

- I need to be with him.
- Look, I'm sorry.

But there's a waiting room
down the corridor,

- you should really go and sit down.
- I can't leave him.

There's nothing you can
do for him right now.

- Please.
- Is there someone we can call?


I'll let you know as soon as I can.



How is he?

I don't know.

We've s*ab your dad, Billie.

We think there may have been
a significant bleed on the brain.


But is he okay?

We won't know the extent
of any damage until he wakes.


Um, can I see him?


Can you hear me?

I'm so sorry.

You're leaving?

I am.

You're just gonna run away?

- Sorry?
- You're giving up.

You're just gonna leave him
with that gold digger?

- Susan.
- You said you loved him.

- I do.

You called me.

You told me to come.

You wanted me to break them up.

What has happened to you?


What are you doing?

I'm going, Harry, sorry.

- Why?
- It's time for me to head off again.

Come visit, okay?

Gap year in Paris, you and me?

You've grown up, chicken.
I'm proud of you.

- Call me.
- Yeah.

Hi, Anna.

I'll leave you guys to it.

Are you okay?

You guys are great together, you know?

It's good to see you.

You, too.

Um, be careful, okay?

- Especially with Susan.
- What?

Oh, just be careful.


Dad. Dad?

Can you hear me?

Hmm. Who are you?

It's me, Billie.

That's a funny name for a girl.

Your parents might have
been stupid or something.

It's what your mum insisted on.

- Dad.
- Yeah?

- You bugger. You bloody old bugger.
- Yeah. Oh.


I thought I'd lost you.

Ooh, look out.


- It's Layla.
- Hmm.

Here, look.

- Hey, Bill.
- Hello, you two.

- How you feeling, Gussy?
- Mmm, hungry.

Is that... Marc?

Um, I better take this outside.

Yeah, you take it outside.

Yeah, all right. You'll be all right?

- Yeah, I'm good.
- Okay.

So, Michael.

Yes, Greg?

- I'm still a little bit groggy.
- That's understandable.

Got some questions.

- f*re away.
- Job prospects?

- Reasonable.
- Family?

Mum and Dad live up the coast,
two sisters.

- Prior convictions?
- Nah. You?

- I'm asking the questions, Michael.
- Yeah. Of course, Greg.

Thought I was gonna lose him, Layla.

- Do you want us to come over?
- No, no, no, he's much better now.


- So, how come Marc's there?
- I called him.

You know I love you, Layla.

But he said if I needed
anything, I should call him.

- I'm so glad Gus is okay.
- Yeah. I've gotta go.

I'll see you back at the hotel, Jamie.

- All right. Love to Gussy, okay?
- Good luck, Bill.

All right, love you. Bye.

So, where is this old goat?

The signs are good,
but he's gonna have to take it

easy for a couple of weeks.

He's not gonna run away again, is he?

Not if I can help it.

And you might want to get your friend

to just tone it down a little.

We don't want him getting too excited.


Ooh. You gotta watch him, he's sneaky.

Here, youse are having too much fun.

He's meant to be resting.

Well, he won't be so lucky next time.

- Wasn't luck, my boy.
- Here, Billie,

you been up all night?
You need to go home, rest.

No, I can't go home.

The city mob do need me.

I gotta sort that stuff out.

Oh, yeah. okay.

Maybe home and breakfast before
you start saving everyone else, hey?

Mmm, gentleman.

"Mmm. Mmm."

- You really scared me, Dad.
- Yeah, I scared myself a bit.

- Love you.
- See ya.

You know, for an internet w*nk*r,

he's all right, that kid.

I'll call my driver.

Actually, I was thinking about
walking back.

Take us a while.

- How much nicer is walking?
- So much nicer.

I told you.

I should never have
questioned your motives.

- Coffee?
- Please.

♪ Something about the way
you drive me up the wall ♪

♪ And there's something about the
way it leaves me wanting more ♪

♪ All my life ♪

♪ I've been that girl that
has to play it safe ♪

♪ So I ♪

♪ I try to find the reasons
I should walk away ♪

♪ 'Cause I don't want
to want you like I do ♪

♪ But I can't help falling for you ♪

♪ Yeah, I can't help falling for you ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Falling for you ♪

♪ I can't help falling for you ♪

♪ Falling for you ♪

♪ I can't help falling for you ♪

♪ I can't help it, falling for you ♪

♪ I can't help falling for you ♪
♪ I can't, I can't ♪

♪ Can't help falling for you ♪

- Thanks.
- That's okay.

Breakfast when you're ready.

Thank you.

- What, you spying on me?
- Absolutely.

Hey, thank you for this.

Ahh, it was pretty simple, had to
put yogurt and fruit in a bowl.

No, I mean for everything.

It's my pleasure.

You got a little...

- Oh. Ooh!
- Mmm.

- Oh, okay.
- Tasty.

So, this, um,

thing with your family, is
there anything I can help with?

Um, thanks but no.

We gotta sort this one ourselves.



Susan, we need to talk.

We can't brush this under the carpet.
We know what Jack did.

There's nothing to talk about.

And I'm sorry, but little Miss
Perfect does not get to tell me

or my family when we need to talk.

I am family, Susan.

- Not to me.
- Susan.

- Can we take this somewhere else?
- What's going on?

It's about Eclipse and I'm not going
anywhere until we sort it out.

- There's nothing to sort out.
- Jack committed a crime.

And all of this? It means nothing

unless we get ourselves
together and deal with it.

I thought we decided to let this lie.

No, you decided. I think Billie's right.

Look, we clear out the cellar,
we get rid of everything

- and we never talk about this again.
- Susan.

Your dad did what he needed to do.

I will not hear a bad word against him.

This place, it is him.

You should be grateful.

And you should stay out of it.

Darling, we've got some business to
sort out, so if you don't mind.

What's this?

Andrew Weston.

He's that rival of Dad's, right?

- Not here, please, sweetheart.
- You're going to marry him?

(SCOFFS) What?
Let's have a look at that, Harry.

"Andrew Weston, herein
after referred to as

'Prospective Husband'..."

- Look, I can explain.
- "...guaranteeing her own vote,

that of her daughter held in trust
and that of a third family member

- in favour of sale."
- My vote?

"The Prospective Wife will receive

a spotter's fee totalling %."

You were gonna take over the hotel?

Is that why you told me I should
go travelling?

You thought I'd just sell my share?

- That's insane.
- What is wrong with you?

What else were you gonna do?

A couple more weeks and you'll get bored

with your little blonde play thing anyway.

- Careful, Susan.
- Yeah, you'd run away like you always do.

You're not an adult.

And you're too busy trying
to prove yourself,

- you haven't got an idea to call your own.
- Mum!

- I've been running this business for years!
- None of you have

what it takes to hold this place together.

You would throw it all
away if someone didn't stop you.

And that makes it okay, does it?

Yeah, at least you're getting paid
for it, not that you do anything.

Hey! That's enough, Susan.

I get it, you loved him.

But he's gone now.

Everyone misses him.

Everyone's hurting.

But doing all of this?

It's not gonna bring him back.

It's time to stop.


Are you all right, darlin'?


What happens if we don't do anything?

We spend the rest of our lives
looking over our shoulders waiting

for it to all come out.

And what happens if we go to the police?

It's not the police. The Tax Office.

- Yeah, whatever.
- They'll take it pretty seriously.

We'll lose the hotel?

This place is our home.

I almost lost Gus today.

Makes you see things more clearly.

I didn't come back here for a hotel.

I came back here because of you mob.

Whether it's a hotel or a shack,

we got everything we need.

I don't know about anyone else but
I can't think straight right now.

How about we all sleep on it?

I thought I knew who Mum and Dad were.

I know about Eclipse, Carmine,
and I know what Jack did.

What the hell was he thinking?

Come here.

He was human,

made a lot of mistakes, tried to
make them right. Loved his family.

- What about my mum, did he love her?
- Oh, Billie.

He b*at himself up on a daily basis over

leaving your mum and for leaving you,

but he had to
cut all ties with Walperinga

once the mine went public.

So he ran away for the money?

And look what he missed out on.

Jack was a good man.

I know he'd just hate what's
happening to his family.

Yeah, well, it's a little bit
late for that, don't you reckon?

Well, it's not up to me.

Yes. Yeah, I understand that.

All right, okay.
Well, thank you very much.



The bank said they'll back us.


And it's ours if we want it.

Nah. I changed my mind.

- Oh!
- Ooh!

Oh! Our own place.


You know, we could totally mess this up?

- Or it could be the best thing ever.
- Oh, at least it's ours.

- Mm-hm.
- Are you all right to head up

- there and get it ready?
- Mm-hm.

So, when are you gonna tell the others?

Not just yet.


- To us.
- To us.

So the hotel was bought
with dodgy money.

- Mm-hm.
- And Susan tried to marry

- some rich bloke to take it over?
- Mmm.

Hang on, doesn't that
make her a gold digger?

Poor thing.

What a family, eh?

Good thing Jamie's cute.

So, how's it going with you two anyway?

He's really sweet,
and he laughs at my jokes.

And it feels like

having a barney just kind
of brought us closer.


- What?
- Oh, don't "what" me!

- What?
- What is going on with Marc?

I really like him.

Stop that!


- City Slickers game.
- All right.


We just do that?

- You?
- Okay, so... Hey!

- And I brought pizza.

What a saviour!

- All right.
- Can we tip him? Can we tip him?

- This guy has a voice...
- Sing.

- But he rarely sings.
- Come on. Come on, Chris.

- No.
- Rarely.

- Oh, come on.
- Except in the shower.


♪ ♪

Okay, we know why we're here.

Dad bought the hotel
with proceeds of crime.

So either we admit it,

face the consequences
and lose the hotel...

Or we hide it, hope to God
no-one finds out about it.

Um, shouldn't Susan be here?

She hasn't been answering our calls

but we have the majority here already.

So what do we think?

You can't do this.

We know this is hard but
we're voting as a family.

- Come and join us.
- Darling, you can't.

- Yeah, we can.
- No.

I vote we go to the police.

Tax Office, whatever.

Just need this to stop.

I wanna be able to look around this
table and think we did

the right thing. So me, too.

Same here. I'm done with secrets.


You've worked so hard for this place.

So did I, and I think
we lost sight of ourselves.

So I agree, it stops now.



- Susan, are you...
- Don't let the boys touch anything.

- Do not let them touch anything.
- What are you doing?

You can't do this.

- Susan, it will be all right.
- No, it won't!

We'll look after each other, we'll
look after you, okay? Just come.

- Please don't do this.
- Susan.

- Don't give this place up.
- We voted, it's done.

I'm begging you.



Let's get her upstairs.

- Susan, get...
- No.


WOMAN: She's really upset.

So, you've been in touch
with the Tax Office?

Yeah, we have.

- What happens now?
- Well, it's up to them.

We just have to wait and see.

You know, after all the drama,

I'm kind of relieved.

Me, too.

Listen, mate.

Whatever happens,

it's time I left this place.

I need to step out of Dad's shadow.

And I'm taking our head chef with me.

You two have been secretive for days.

I was wondering what was going on.

Yeah, sorry. I probably
should've told you sooner.

No, no, it's all good.

How are you feeling?

- Pretty bloody terrified.

- It's awesome.

It's the bank, I'd better take this.

Hello? Chris speaking.

I'm really proud of you.

You took a stand, you did something

right, even though it was really tough.

You should wear a cape.

Everything's gonna change, you know?

- I've been broke before.
- I haven't.

We'll make it work.

Even without a cent to your
name, I'd still marry you.

Did you say "marry"?

Layla Chapple,
are you asking me to marry you?

- Hell yeah, I'm asking.
- Is that how you do it in Walperinga?

Um, I dunno. (LAUGHS) But will you?

Hell yes.

Can we have a party?
Can we have a party here? Tonight?

Well, might as well use
it while we've got it.


He's gonna marry me!

Shut up, Layla,
you're gonna be my sister.

- I already am your sister.
- Oh, you know what I mean.

- Yeah.
- Oh, come here.

Oh, couldn't be happier for you.

- Oh, you'll have a party, of course?
- Yeah, course there'll be party.

- Yeah.
- Tonight, up on the roof.

I've asked Dan and Shorty.
Are you good to do a set?

- Yeah, of course.
- Yeah, most important thing is,

too, that everyone gets
together to support you, you know?

'Cause you know, Layls, I've always

- seen you like a second daughter.
- Oh, Gussy.

Yeah, gonna be an honour
to be there to just wish you

a long and happy marriage and...

Oh. Gus Carter, you're full of it.
You're not going anywhere.

- Well...
- Oh, don't do that look.

Here, they're gonna have their
engagement party

and you're gonna be staying right here.

You've gotta look after yourself.
There'll be other parties.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm just
being selfish, you know.

I'm sorry. I really am,
I'm so happy for you.

- Have a think about it.
- Yeah, I will.

- I'll leave you to it.
- Okay.


- How's Gus?
- He's good.

Restless, but he'll be
busting out of there soon.

Hey, uh, we're having a party.

Jamie and Layla... Well, she proposed.

- Billie.
- We're playing, you gotta come.

- Billie.
- What?

I'm flying back to
San Francisco tonight.

There's an emergency
at work and I'm needed on the ground

and I don't know when I'll be back.

Are you okay?


I swear, Layla,
something is wrong with me.

I finally meet this fella

and he buggers off to the other
side of the world.

I should've known something
like this would happen.

- Why?
- Because that's where he lives.

I reckon I've been lying
to myself the whole time.

Babe, millions of people

do the long-distance relationship
thing, you've just gotta figure out

- how you're gonna make it work.
- I know, I just...

- What?
- I didn't have much before I came here.

I had Dad, you, the band
and I didn't want anything more.

Now I've got you, Dad,
the family and this fella.

It's like I want too much now.

You know you can have it all?

Simple question.

- Do you like him?
- Yes.

- Does he like you?
- Yes.

So there it is, that's all that matters.

So, how's it gonna work?

Uh... no bloody idea.

Yeah, no. No, all good here.

Yeah. Well, he stopped
fighting it eventually.

Actually, he's snoozing now.

Hang on. Hang on.

I might just step out
so I don't wake him.

Okay. And how's it going down there?

I'll make sure your dad behaves himself.

All right, bye.

Layla's been like a
sister to Billie, you know?

She really has, mate.
She's like a daughter to me,

even when we were on the move, mate.

And that boy, the boy's family.

I really don't wanna miss it, Mim.

Please. Please.

- Have a look at this, eh, Mim?
- Mmm.

Got free tucker and everything.

- Hey, Gussy! Hey, Mim!
- Hey.

- Hey, Layls.
- So, Gus.

- Hey, Wendy.
- How you doing? Should you be out?

- Mim, this is my mum, Wendy.
- Oh.

And Mum's also Gus's doctor.

Oh, my God, you poor thing.

- Tell me about it.
- Mm-hm.


- Hi.
- Have you see Billie?

You be good to her.

Or I'll kick your bum,

until your nose bleeds.


Clever Couple.

Simply enter your details and schedules

into this easy-to-use format,
answer the questionnaire

and Clever Couple will keep
you and your partner

happy and connected.

Will that work for us?

I don't know.

But I'm not gonna risk it.

I'm gonna do this the old-fashioned way.

I'm going to call you every single day.

- Is that old-fashioned?
- Ahh, it is to me.

I don't suppose you'd
come over and visit me?

Maybe. Gus and the family thing and...

Yeah, of course.

Well, maybe I'll just have to
come back if I miss you too much.

I don't wanna lose you, Billie.

You don't have to.

- Hey, I've gotta get back.
- Of course.

Hello, friends and family.

Now, we're all here

for Jamie and Layla
so let's have a great night.

One, two, three, four.

♪ I just don't wanna be lonely ♪

♪ Cos the lights were
shining ever so bright ♪

♪ In my hand ♪

♪ There's a pulse of my beating heart ♪

♪ I'm biting my tongue,
there's a plastic man ♪

♪ On the telephone ♪

♪ Can you see the bright lights ♪

- ♪ Shining? ♪
- Oi, watch out.

You okay? Whoa. Whoa!


You people make me sick.

- Susan, I know you're upset but...
- No, get off me.

How dare you?

After what you did, how dare you?

You have no idea. None of you.

I gave everything I have to this place.

Go on, take a good look.
I don't care anymore.

- I don't care.
- Mum, enough.

Oh, darling.

I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.

- Sorry. I'm sorry.
- Come on, it's all right.

I'm sorry.

Go back to the party, please.

Just leave me.


I hate working here without you.

I hate it so much.



Oh, how good is she?

Love you, babe.

♪ If you love somebody better
tell them while they're here ♪

♪ 'Cause they just may
run away from you ♪

♪ You'll never know what, when, where ♪

♪ Then again, it just depends on ♪

♪ How long a time is left for you... ♪


♪ I've had the highest mountains ♪

♪ I've had the deepest rivers ♪

♪ You can have it all but
not till you're moving ♪

♪ Now take it in but don't look down ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm on top of the world ♪

- ♪ Hey! ♪
- ♪ I'm on top of the world ♪

- ♪ Hey! ♪
- ♪ Waiting on this for a while now ♪

♪ Paying my dues to the dirt... ♪





♪ I'm on top of the world ♪

- f*re! f*re! There's a f*re!
- Wait, wait, stop.

There's a f*re downstairs!



Go on, keep going down.


- Okay, is that everyone?
- Uh...

Where's Mum?

- When did you last see her?
- Up on the rooftop.

Chris, we can't find Susan.
Is she on the list?

- No. Are you sure she's not here?
- We're sure.

She wasn't looking real good, mate.

Did anyone see her leave the building?

The f*re started downstairs.

- Do you think...
- The cellar.

- What?
- Bill.

- Billie!
- Bill!

Stand back.

- Susan!

Go, go, go, go, go.

- Come on.
- Come on, Susan.


Jamie. Are any of you hurt?

- Oh, my God, Bill.
- Come here.

- You're okay.
- It's all right.

All right, come on. Let's go.

- You okay?
- Yeah.



Yeah, I'm proud of you, kid.

No, I mean it, I really am.
I'm so proud of you.

I mean, none of us would be here
if it weren't for you.

- Thank you. Love you.
- I love ya.


Quiet drink?

- Yeah!

- Hey!
- Hey, everyone!


Hey, mate.

- Hello.
- Hey, Billie.

- Yeah.
- You ready?

- Just about.
- No worries.

Hey, how you settling in?

Oh, fine, you know. But the new bosses

- are a bit of a nightmare.
- Oh.

- Hey?
- Hi!

Hey, good turnout.

- Hey.
- For two weeks in...

- Mm-hm.
- ...we're doing all right.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, too early to say.

- Oh, true.
- But, yeah, we're loving it.

- Hey!
- Oh, sis! Keeping busy?

Yeah, I need some cash in the holidays.

How you travelling, Susan?

Pretty bored.

Excuse me.

- Sissy.
- Get your skates on, Miss,

- you've gotta be on stage.
- All right.

No, she just got here, babe.
Excuse my fiancée.

Hey, Billie, there's a bloke
wants a drink, reckons you can

- mix it better than I can.
- Oh, really?

We really need to sort
out the Wi-Fi in this place.

Shut up!

Hello, everyone! We're Cardiak Arrest!


And, Billie Carter,
get your arse up here, come on.

Come on, Billie!

- Yes.
- Come on!

♪ Out here, nothin' changes ♪

♪ Not in a hurry anyway ♪

♪ You feel the endlessness ♪

♪ Comin' with the light of day ♪

♪ We're talkin' about a chosen place ♪

♪ You wouldn't sell it
in a marketplace, well ♪

♪ Well, just a minute now ♪

♪ Standing on solid rock ♪

♪ Standing on sacred ground,
living on borrowed time ♪

♪ And the winds of change
are blowin' down the line ♪

♪ But they were standin' on solid rock ♪

♪ Standing on sacred ground,
living on borrowed time ♪

♪ And the winds of change ♪

♪ Were blowing down the line ♪

♪ Solid rock ♪

♪ Standing on sacred ground,
living on borrowed time ♪

♪ And the winds of change
were blowing down the line ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, oh! ♪
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