02x06 - Borrowed Time

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Cleverman". Aired: June 2016 to August 2017.
"Cleverman" revolves around two estranged indigenous brothers who are forced together to fight for their own survival. Otherworldly dreaming creatures also emerge into this real world dystopian landscape.
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02x06 - Borrowed Time

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You've disobeyed us, Jarli.
You must leave.


They're gonna fit you with
a security tag.

I'll take you home.


You'll wonder
what all the fuss was about.


You don't get to decide who lives
or dies, Harry!

But if we want to live side by side,
everyone accepting everyone else,

well, then, we have to find another way.

Shut your initiative down, Waruu,

or I'll do it for you.

(GRUNTS) Argh!

He was going to, um...

...hurt the baby.

He wanted to...

He wanted to take it out of me.

I think we better call the police.

No, no, wait, wait, wait. Um...

You're not gonna tell them, are you?

Perhaps we could come up
with a story or...

Oh, God, I'm sorry.

Why did he want to remove your child?

I don't know.
I think maybe he didn't trust me.

Why not?

Why did you let him
drag you into all this mess? Mm?

Let you be the face of the initiative?

After all that work
you did in the Zone, Waruu.

What good did that do?

The initiative's the only way
I could see to save the Hairies.

Well, he isn't going...

He wasn't going to save anyone.

Is your child a Hairy?

Makes sense.

All the experimenting he's been doing.

He didn't tell you, did he?

You're not gonna tell anyone, are you?

Don't worry.

I won't tell a soul.

You can trust me.

All that time we worked together
in the Zone.


But you should go.




So... what now?

Still gotta sort out my brother,

see if he's come to his senses.

I might leave you to that.

Probably best if you go to the others.

I'll go get the van first.

The clinic will be crawling
with security.

- Just stay out of trouble.
- Bit late for that.



You wanna find your mother?

My mother?

- I'll go tell my father.
- Can't tell no-one.

They'll stop us.

I'll find your mother.

And everyone else they locked up.

You with me?

KOEN: Waruu!


ALINTA: You're alive.

He's not here.

- Where's your mum?
- I'll show you.

And you reckon this CA fella Dolan
will help me?

I don't know.

- Where's Latani?
- They separated us.

Come on. You're coming with me.

It goes off if I step outside the house.

He's holding you here?

Well, then we smash it off.

That'll set off the alarm too.

I'm not leaving you here with him.

Go find Mum.

When you're all together,
you can work out what to do.

MARIAN: You said you'd deal with him.

Government facilities
have been destroyed.

News crews are camped outside
the building.

I take full responsibility.

We look weak! Out of control!

We look like we don't know
what we're doing!

I'll find him, neutralise him,
or I'll resign.

These are just words.

What have you actually done about this?

I'm working on a number of leads.

You're a born politician.

You know, there's more spin in you

than there is
in the rest of us put together.

I will find him.

There's a girl with him.

I haven't seen her before,
in any of our footage. Who is she?

Audrey Martin.

No criminal record.

And her whereabouts?

No fixed address.

I put out an urgent call to locate her.

We should let the staff
at the clinic know

to keep an eye out in case she returns.

Oh, we're not reopening the clinic.

Replacing the equipment
will be simple enough.

A couple of days at most.

I visited the clinic.

And I saw no monsters.


That's what the initiative does...

makes them like us
so that we feel as you do now.

At the clinic, were you under att*ck?

Were they in full flight,

razor-sharp fingernails out,

faster and more powerful
than anything you could imagine?

Were they wanting to
rip your heart out, Marian?

Of course not.

Then you have not seen a Hairy.

MAN: Mr West!
Mr West, could you comment, please?


Following this cowardly att*ck
on the inclusion clinic,

the Department of Human Safety
today declares

that inclusion will now be compulsory
for all subhumans.

We will not be intimidated

by t*rror1st activities
from Hairy sympathisers.

We will not change who we are
or how we live.

Any subhuman found will be arrested

and escorted by armed guard
to the clinic.

To further protect our citizens,

Bennelong House will now be
under -hour guard.

No residents of Bennelong House

will be permitted to leave the
premises for any reason whatsoever.

I will not be taking any questions.
Thank you.

MAN: What do you mean,
you're not taking any questions?


WOMAN: Mr West? Mr West?

But Linda's there, yeah?

Yeah, she's fine.
Keeping everyone in line.

We need blankets, though.

- That hallway cupboard.
- Sure.

- How many are there altogether?
- About of us.

Shit. Is that all?


We need to get Linta
out of Waruu's place.

Dolan says he's hacking the system,
deactivating the tag.

Do you trust him?

But if he can get the tag off...

Well, let's go.

POLICE RADIO: - in progress.
Request immediate assistance.

MAN: Copy that. Travelling. Over.


Officer Hendricks. Secure ID confirmed.

Record not found.

Create new record?

Complete and enter details.


Home arrest order .

Reconfirm ID to access.


Secure ID not applicable to this order.



Dolan , right?

Yeah, just, uh... doing
a favour for a mate. Level .

- Are you gonna be long?
- No. Not too long.



Heavy, man.

(WHISPERS) Come on.

That's weird.





Aunty, come on.

Come on.


- Shh, shh, shh.

NERIDA: Aunty.



Waruu's got Alinta locked
up at his place.

Latani, I don't know.

- But we're gonna get 'em back.
- Yeah. Come on.


WARUU: (ON TV) The Department
of Human Safety today declares

that inclusion will now be compulsory
for all subhumans.

Any subhuman found will be arrested

and escorted by armed guard
to the clinic.

I will not be taking any questions.
Thank you.


MAN: Do you feel secure
in your position, Mr West?




- WARUU: Hey, bub.
- Hey.

Got some takeaway.

Good. I was gonna cook.

No need.


Wanna help me get some bowls?




(SIGHS) God.

Security tag deactivated.




You're giving alcohol to kids now?

Just treating you like an adult.

You know, I saw footage
of the att*ck on the CA vans.

I don't know how you survived.

You left us for d*ad.

They were gonna k*ll us.

And you just left.

You're right.

Is this where you say
you're going to make it all better?

Nah, I can't make it better.

Truth is, I screwed up.


But I found you,

and I got them to release you to me,
and now you're here.

So when you're done being angry with me,

you might want to think about
what happens next.

- That tag hurting you, bub?
- No.

- Are you sure?
- It's fine. Yep.

It's not always going to be like this.

It's 'cause I'm in the government now.

You could be a target.
You need protection.

We're a family... you, your mum, me.

I know that's not what you want to hear.

That's how it is.

I was so scared.

Of course you were.

I didn't know where you'd gone.

Why you'd left.

I know. But I'm here now.

The city's on high alert. It's not safe.

But everything I do is for us.

You know that, don't you?

I love you.

I love you too.

That's my girl.


- MAN: (ON RADIO) Confirm, dispatch.
- No activity.

East entrance is clear.


- Hey.
- Hey.

Going to have to buy you some pyjamas.

Guess so.


Goodnight, Dad.

It's good to have you back.



Quick. Quick.

Anyone here?

- Quick, now.
- What's going on?


I'm not going.



(SOBS) Mum.

I'm sorry.

to get off the streets.

Nearly there.

See there. Lights. Lights.

Turn it off. Turn it off. Turn it off.


UNCLE JIMMY: You're powerful, boy.
Allow the powers to come through.

I gotta get out.


a disturbance at Bennelong House.

One officer has been k*lled.

There are intruders in the building
assumed to be subhumans.

The number is unknown at this stage.

Requesting reinforcements.


(KNOCKS) Alinta. Alinta,
I've got to go to the office.


I want to know why my daughter's
security tag has malfunctioned

and where the hell she is.

Mr West, the system notified us
of a problem with the device.

We reactivated the tracking function.

- That's her.
- Where is that?

Miller Street, Jubilee.

Send a CA crew to pick her up.



It's the home of a CA officer.

MAN: (SHOUTS) Going in!

Check the edges. Nerida, Alinta.

- What the hell?
- Dad?

- MAN: Clear!

This is cosy, isn't it?

You've been harbouring Hairy
sympathisers, did you realise?

Dangerous fugitives.

Serious penalties for that,
especially for a CA man.

Just leave him alone.

You should have thought about that

before you muscled your way in
on my family.

Get him out of here.

Gonna be a hero, Tim?

Come on. Let's go.

You know, they're not the enemy,
you are.

- Keep it going!
- Move! Move!

- What do you want?
- You. Alinta.

- It's never going to happen.
- We made a vow.

- Take them!
- MAN: Stay down!

- You leave them!
- Don't you touch them!

Get your hands off me!

- Put your hands behind your back.
- Calm down.

Alinta, don't fight.

- It's OK.
- Hands behind your back!

OK. Let's go.

- What about this one?
- Don't worry about her.

She'll be d*ad soon enough.

Clear visual. sh**t to k*ll.

Target on site. sh**t to k*ll.



Is this everyone?

That's here in the building now, yes.

You all ready to travel? Wirrari?

- Where to?
- Bindawu for now.

But we'll be back
to fight for the rest of our land.

Bindawu? We won't be allowed there.

I'm changing things.

Come on. Let's go.

WOMAN: Quickly!


Get back!


- I want him alive.
- That might not be possible.

- We need to question him.
- Hesitate and you'll be seen as weak.

It's a risk I'm willing to take.

And make sure the onsite
commanding officer knows that.


- Hyaah!

What kind of skin are you?

- Koen?
- Latani.

You're safe.

You know him?

- You've ignored six calls from me.
- I'm here now.

Same Hairy who hit the vans
with the Zone prisoners.

I'm well aware of that.

Your impromptu unauthorised
announcement to the press,

what the hell was that?

Tough measures needed to be taken.

And then you made yourself
completely uncontactable.

What is it you've actually done?

Other than be the front man
for a procedure invented by Slade?

You couldn't help
with the att*ck on the vans.

You found no information
on the blue light creature.

Everything you've been in charge of
has come under att*ck...

first the clinic and now this.

You're a liability.

And you're done if you don't get me
that Hairy rebel alive.



- What's the situation?
- They're still inside.

The ringleader's taken them all
to the ground floor apartment.

- We have it covered.
- Tell your men to hold their f*re.

- He's subhuman and armed.
- That's an order.

Hold your f*re.
I repeat, hold your f*re.

You told them, hmm? You skin.


You come from outside.
Place is guarded. How did you do it?

No-one asked you to come.

We can make them listen.

It's not your fight.



You can't go out there.

They'll k*ll you.

- MAN: Hairy!
- MAN: Hold your f*re!


Out of my way.


I'm a proud Bindawu man. My people...

...we lived here for thousands of years

and I'm here to take back what's ours.

- MAN: Cover!
- MAN: Hold your f*re!

REPORTER: The creature responsible
for the bloody ambush

on Containment Authority
transport vehicles

is operating a coordinated hostage
situation out of Bennelong House.

Crossing live now to the scene,

where the CA
have the hostage site surrounded.

WARUU: I want your men to move in.

There's one human amongst them.

He must be taken alive. No-one fires
unless it's on my command.

Copy that.

Stand by to move it out. Let's go.

Let's go!

Stand to. Stand to.

KOEN: We need to make decisions now
or these people will die.

We fight.

If they do, they'll be k*lled.

We are here because you didn't fight
for our culture. Where's your pride?




- We k*ll them all.
- No, we won't.

- You with me?
- No.

We're Bindawu. This is our land.

And we will have it back.

Without skins.

k*lling more people
won't change anything.

We fight now. We fight for sovereignty.

That won't get you
anything but bloodshed.

When has this land
ever not had bloodshed on it?

You'll k*ll some of them.


But then they'll k*ll all of you
and they'll start here.

And when all of you included are gone
and they've bled the city dry,

they'll move out to the mountains,

to the mobs in the deserts
and the plains.

They'll wipe you all out. And for what?

It's OK to fight.

But if you're going to fight, be smart.

Koen is right. We're outnumbered.
We fight, we'll all die.

You trust this skin?
You think he can save you?

I have no love for this man.

But I will not now offer myself up
as a sacrifice to the humans.

We need to leave.

They can't fight.

- Their strength's been taken.
- Hide.

Like scared little children!

I know a way out of here.
I've used it before.

- Then we run.
- No-one's running.

What are you going to do?
You're going to force them to stay?

k*ll your own people if they resist you?

Jarli, come with us. We need you.

You can't get out anyway
without fighting.

You can if the CA are distracted.

You give me two minutes and then
you lead everyone out of here, OK?

Let's go.

Will you come with us?

I will not run.

Forward position, go!

Hold your f*re.

Fall back. Go!

Move in. Go!

The people in this building
did nothing wrong.

People? Subhumans. They k*lled
an innocent man here last night.

You've taken everything away from them.

What do you want?

The government needs to
sit down and negotiate a treaty

- with the Hairypeople.
- Our people don't even have a treaty.

What makes you think
the Hairies will get one?

I'll surrender myself to the government.

You'll be the man that saved the city.

Do you have the authority
to make that deal?

Or do I have to talk to your boss?

I have the authority.

Prove that I can trust you.

What did you see?


I surrender.

Guards, contain this man.

Wait. No, Mum. Mum, wait.


I'll go first.

We don't know
if they've got the exit covered.

I know.

What are you going to say to your
bosses when they can't find me?

I'll think of something.

What have you done?

You're not the only one
who's special, little brother.

You used to fight
for the right reasons, Waruu.

The younger hunter,

he crafted a stronger,
much larger boomerang.

He takes the boomerang,
smears blood all over it like lava.

It travels so fast
and with so much power...

...it cuts through the hunter,
k*lling him instantly.

You never did listen
to Uncle Jimmy's stories.



No. No!
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