03x10 - By Virtue Fall

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Shades of Blue". Aired: January 2016 to August 2018.
"Shades of Blue" revolves around a single-mother FBI agent, who is forced to work in the FBI's anti-corruption task force, while struggling with her own financial problems.
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03x10 - By Virtue Fall

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- Previously on
"Shades of Blue."

Officers responding
to shots fired

at the Sunrise Café.

I sh*t an innocent man.

- You were on foot pursuit.

He turned and aimed
his g*n at you.

- Loman!

- Ramsey's more dangerous
than you realize.

- Than I realize?

Nava's d*ad.

- A shipping container?

We're all just armed muscle
for a cartel.

That was the secret
that got Parker k*lled.

- Deliver Enrique.

This isn't a negotiation.

- I need you to broker a trade
with the Feds

for a wanted cartel member.

- I'll make a few calls.

- Like it wasn't hard enough
to stay afloat.

I have followed Woz and Harlee
into a w*r.

And what do I get?

- I wanna know
where Enrique is.

All you have to do
is name your price.

- There's no immunity
from Jordan Ramsey.

But that doesn't mean
that I have to let him win.

- I have a witness who can help
bring Jordan Ramsey down.

- Does this witness
have a name?

- Not until he testifies
in front of the commission

on police corruption.

- You have a leak, Tom.

- The Deputy Commissioner
of Internal Affairs

is Ramsey's mole.

- Attention all units,
Lieutenant Matt Wozniak

is wanted in connection
to a t*rror1st cell.

- First one's for you.

And the next one's for me.

- This is not your fault.

None of this is your fault.

- Hey.

He's d*ad.
- It's over.

- How's our girl?

- Clutch.

I gotta say she was clutch.

Didn't hesitate.
Knew exactly what to do.

- I wonder where she
learned that from.

- He could have k*lled us.

I mean, he would
have k*lled us if--

- But he didn't.

He's on a cold tray
in a moldy basement,

and you've got all your
tomorrows lined up.

- I don't have anything
lined up past lunch.

- Well,
first thing you gotta do

is take this traumatic
experience with Stahl

to no-show
the police commission.

I'm a fugitive, but I haven't
been living under a rock.

- Good.

If you believed the pretense,
so will Ramsey.

- No.

They swear you in
at these things.

You're gonna be under oath

and that's not a good state
to be in

for somebody with your secrets.

- I'm not the one testifying.

- Cole?

- That's why
it has to be public.

On the record.

- He's gonna flip on his boss?

- His boss
is trying to k*ll him.

Once Cole implicates Ramsey,

Ramsey can't touch him.

And this manhunt for you

will be called off.

- So simple.

What can go wrong?

- Smart.

Whole department's looking
for that son of a bitch,

and he shows up here.

- Wozniak knows
what he's doing.

- Not from what I've seen.

- Are you ready?

I need you focused.

- What you need is a miracle.

- It's this
or Ramsey wins.

I'll take roll call.

You meet Loman at the south
entrance stairwell at 1:05.

He'll walk you through.

- They bought tickets
to see you,

and they're gonna get
my scruffy mug.

- Better tell them
one hell of a story.

- They're waiting to start.

Who is this witness, Detective,
and where are they?

- The veil's
about to be pulled.

- You're full of surprises.

And this promises
to be a good one,

but we pride ourselves
on punctuality.

- The Chairman has
a hard out at 2:00

and would like
to start promptly.

- The witness is getting here.

- I thought you
were the witness.

- I'm here only
as supporting testimony.

- That wasn't
our understanding.

- Is the commission
fully assembled?

- And waiting.
- Okay, we'll be right there.

- This is Detective
Anthony Cole--

- Hey, listen.

We gotta start this thing
or we gotta call it off.

- He'll be here any minute.

- I called in every favor
that I have

and I put my job on the line

to make this hearing happen
on your terms.

- And I will deliver
what I promised.

- What you promised
is first hand testimony

of police corruption
on the highest levels.

Under oath.

- Do you swear
to tell the truth,

the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth

under penalty of perjury,
so help you God?

- I do.

- The witness will state
her name, rank, and precinct

for the record.

- Harlee Grace Santos.

Detective first grade.

The six four.

- How far out?

- About 20 minutes away.

- Why are we waiting here?

If the NYPD has Enrique Ortiz
in custody,

we should pick him up.

- There's reason to believe
that higher level officials

within the department are
committed to seeing

Ortiz escape prosecution.

- Says the cops
that are holding him?

- They don't wanna
announce themselves.

They're willing to deliver him
directly to our task force.

Grab a latte.

You don't even have
to leave Manhattan.

- No questions asked,
is that the deal?

- Part of it.


- He talks to himself.
Your boss.

To phantoms.

Cries of self pity.

And I don't mean in his sleep.

The man's mind is gone.

- What are you,
a shrink or a drug lord?

'Cause, you know, I always seem
to get those two confused.

- What's keeping you loyal,


A wanted man with no home
and no friends

is not a man to be feared.

- Once we deposit you back,
his status will change.

- And the friends?

- We're a go.

- They meet your terms?

- Well, less than I'd like,
more than I expected.

- You sure this is
the right play, Woz?

- We're almost there, Tess.

Home safe.

- Safe tomorrow.

- Obstruction.


And m*rder.

- Involving active-duty
police officers?

- Correct.
- Including yourself?

- In a manner of speaking.

- Well, that begs the question

and really defines
this whole hearing.

Detective Santos,
do you consider yourself

more of a police officer
or a criminal?

- Honestly?

Depends on the day.

- Order, please.

- Then pick a day, Detective.


- I'm not here to talk
about myself or my crew.

I'm here to fulfill
a commitment.

A commitment to expose
a wide criminal conspiracy

involving this
police department.

- How did you let her
walk in there?

- She's stalling.

Cole's the star witness,
and he's a no-show.

- Cold feet,
or another set up?

- Or Ramsey sniffed this out

and made sure
he didn't make it.

- You got the address
to that motel?

- Ms. Santos,
we put together this hearing

with haste based on assurances
from Internal Affairs

that we would be given
a time-sensitive account

of corruption
within the department.

- And you will.

Just not in the form
of my testimony.

- Well, in what form, then?

- The witness has been delayed
but will be here momentarily.

- Does this witness
have a name?

Detective, we all rearranged
our schedules to be here.

Could you please
give us the courtesy

of your attention?

- I can't give you his name
until he arrives.

- Why?

- Because I believe the witness
to be in grave danger.

- Give us an address.

I'll send a protective detail.

Sorry I'm late, Chairman.

- Understood,
given such short notice.

- Detective Santos,
we're all interested

in preserving the integrity

and the reputation
of the department.

And thus granted you
this public forum

to voice your concerns.

But, well, I'm afraid
we're all in the dark here.

You really must
provide some detail

as to why we're assembled

or offer someone who can.

- The more detail I give,

the harder it will be
for the witness to show.

- Whoever this mystery
witness is,

I can guarantee their safety.

- It's not too late
to change your mind.

- That assumes you
know my mind.

- I can guess.

Your attitude, that body.

You always had attention.

Depended on it.

Got to be so you craved
a little danger.

Drawn to the wrong men because
you secretly like the drama.

Feed off the chaos.

- I am learning to let go of
men who don't fit in my life.

- I can vanquish
all of those bad judgments.

Make you a wealthy woman.

You can chase all
the chaos you want.

- I'd settle for the chaos
to stop chasing me.

- Simple.

Just drive me where I tell you,

and then look the other way.

- Nothing is simple.

Everything is complicated
and twisted,

and everybody gets screwed
in the end.

- What a sad view of the world.

- Brace yourself.

You're about to get a taste
of chaos.

- ¿Pero qué haces loca?

- Take the cuffs with you.

- What?

- Get out.

- Thank you, bonita.

- Don't thank me.

Thank limited choices
and desperate times.

- Vamos antes
que lleguen refuerzos.

- La próxima vez llama un taxi, Enrique.

Ah, lovely.


Dispatch 10-13.

Officer in need
of emergency assistance.

- Cole, are you in there?

Cole, hello?


It's okay.
Police, police.

- No, no,
the man who had this room,

did he check out?

- Was anyone with him?

- Chairman, I apologize

for the confusion
and the secrecy.

But I've discovered
many branches of the NYPD

to be compromised.

- Detective Santos,
we're not here to discuss

police reform but because
you promised to testify.

- And you're here
to illuminate that corruption?

- I'm hoping you are.

With your supporting evidence.

By my read, you,
and by extension your unit,

have been the subject
of several

Internal Affairs

and also have been surrounded

by a disproportionate amount
of fatalities,

including as recently as last
night in your own living room.

- I assure you

that this is a story
of systemic police corruption

that you all want
to hear immediately.

- Then by all means,
tell it.

- But you need to hear it
in the proper context

from the right witness.

- All right,
here's what's gonna happen.

I have a meeting at 2:00.

I'm gonna adjourn the
proceedings until 4:00.

At which time,

you will produce
this alleged witness

or you'll face a subpoena
compelling you to testify.

Do I make myself clear?

- You do.

We're adjourned till 4:00.

- Tufo said the motel
manager claimed

that Cole paid
for the room in cash.

- Yeah, that was the plan.

- Well, at least he left
the motel in one piece.

- Does it matter?
He's not here, okay?

So he's either d*ad
or a coward.

Either way,
he's no help to us.

- Did he take Cristina's car?

- Is that really your biggest
concern right now?

- Detective!

- If he took the car,
he was planning on coming.

- It's not on the lot.

- Give me your keys.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Yo.

- So tell me
what happened again.

- Oh, God.
Same question, same answer.

I blacked out on impact.

- And you have no idea
how Mr. Ortiz

was liberated from your vehicle

when he should have been
handcuffed and locked

in the backseat?

- Well, the broken window might
offer a theory.

- Explains the egress,

not the absolute
lack of competence.

- Look, we thought the cruiser
would be less conspicuous.

Apparently the perps
knew our route

and they rammed me
off the road.

By the time I woke up,

the entitled prick
was already gone.

- You don't have the best
record with traffic collisions

this week, do you, Tess?

- Beats the number of d*ad FBI
agents under your watch, Gail.

- Who else knew that you were
transporting him to us?

- I lost my detective's shield
for roughing up some dealer

peddling poison in my precinct.

Do you really think that
freeing a cartel member

fits my M.O.?

- They had to have known
the route somehow.

- It doesn't take a genius

with the subtle footprint
you guys leave behind.

- Oh, Tess, I really hope
you're telling me the truth.

Wozniak had a lot riding
on this transfer.

You think we're grilling you?

- What, no goodbye kiss?

- I almost forgot
you were a detective.

- You don't tell a girl
where your go-bag is

if you plan to stand her up.

I made the decision that I was
gonna face this thing down.

Hell or high water.

Got in the car.

Drove to the hearing
when you said to be there.

And then--

- The car drove you
here instead?

- I guess the generous name for
it would be survival instinct.

- Follow your other instinct.

The instinct that made you say,

- In my line of work,

you don't leap without
knowing where the ground is.

- And in my line of work,

you don't let your partner
walk through the door

without backup.

- So don't go.

- I already did.

Ramsey's on the commission.

- I told you
there's no beating him.

- Until someone does.

Until someone
pushes past the fear,

stops doubting,
and takes the leap.

- Yeah?

Ask Parker.

Or Bennett.

Or your boyfriend.

- Look, Cole, I understand.
I do.

A year ago, I would have
swept up my daughter

and been on this ferry myself.

I would have done anything
I could to survive.

- So do it.

Go and get her.

I'll wait.

- I held them off.

The commission's in recess.

- There's another ferry
in an hour.

- So go back with me, okay?

Just see this thing through.

- Not my kind of odds.

I'm sorry.

- One day you're gonna realize
that what you call survival

is not living at all.

- Promise me you're not
going back there.

Make sure you really
know what you're doing

before you do it.

- I do.

I'll take the leap alone.

- Hey.

- Give me a sec.

What color is it?

- Um...

- Nevermind.

Here it is.

- Thank you.

- Did you get what
you were promised?

- Gail Baker
gave me a warning.

- What was that?

- Not to cross you.

- You didn't crack?

- It's hard to argue
with a busted-up face

and a busted up car.

- Ah, that's my girl.

- Just don't ask me to drive
into another wall, okay?

- Scars add character.

Especially ones
with good stories.

- Yeah,
if you're around to tell them.

- That should help you
keep your house.

- Are you--Woz, you don't--

- That's how family works.

We take care of each other.

- So what do you do now?

- Now I let it all burn down.

- Harlee, you can't go
in there with nothing.

- Mom?

Why the weird text?

What's going on?

- Loman.


This is something that
I always hoped to avoid...

But over the past year,

it's become...

Something that I need to do.

- Mom, I don't--
I don't understand.

- I wanna be a good
example for you,

but lately you've been
the good example.

Your goodness in your heart...

God, I feel like I blinked,
and 16 years went by.

- Mom, you know,
whatever this is,

you can tell me.

I can handle it.

- Look at that.

Look at the strong young woman
sitting in front of me.

- Can you please just tell me
what this is?

- This is me facing the music.

Coming clean.

This is me trying
to be a better person.

- Mom,
you saved my life yesterday.

Look, whatever this is,

Woz can help.

He'll get you out of
whatever they caught you for.

- They didn't catch me, baby.

This is my choice.

It's the only way that
I can make things right.

For everyone.

- This doesn't
make things right.

This is very wrong.

You wanna face the music?

Here it is.

Tell me.

Tell me the truth
so I can forgive you.

- I wish that was enough.

I do.

But there is a part of me
that is so broken.

Yet I have to fix it now,

or I'll never get the chance.


I need to know
that I am a person

who's worthy
of being your mom.

- Any clue who this
witness might be?

- I have some thoughts.

None that concern me.

- I know you're covered.

I'm asking if I
should be concerned.

- That's why I'm here, Isabel.

To assuage your concerns.

Are you calling
to capitulate?

- No, I'm giving you
the opportunity

to apologize
to a mutual friend.

- I don't think
we have any of those.

- I'm gonna save you the breath
to come up with excuses

for the Enrique debacle.

You seem to need
direct instructions,

so let's start
with a simple one.

Call off the manhunt
on Mr. Wozniak.

He's a friend who secured
the return of a beloved son.

- Because he kidnapped him.

- An elevated t*rror1st thr*at
level doesn't help business.

- I'm taking
a broader view of things.

- I am not interested
in a broader view.

I'm interested in cooperation.

- Well done, Lieutenant.

But you and I aren't finished.

- I'm counting on it.

He sounded a little tense.

Are you still content to pay
for Ramsey's inefficiencies?

- The man wields influence.

- And is about to have
a much bigger profile.

I mean, that's a--
that's a liability.

More important,
he has no honor.

He's k*lled his own men
to protect his self interest.

How soon before he puts you
on that list?

- What else do you need,

Mr. Wozniak?

- What's the verdict?

- Ramsey's on the jury.

- Is Cole d*ad,
or did some sense fall on him?

- I'm on my own on this one.

- You're not still there,
are you?

- About to resume.

- Harlee, I have a smoking g*n.

It cost us quite a bit,

but it's gonna work.

Pull a f*re alarm and just
get the hell out of there.

- Wait, what smoking g*n?

- A recording of Ramsey talking
to that cartel rep

about a missing shipment

and Cole's d*ad partner,

- Well, send it to me.

- We have to be smart
about how we use this.

- Woz, I need it now.

- Parker was k*lled
in the Sunrise Café.

You had a bad sh**t there,

- Woz, I've got nothing
but my word.

And now that Ramsey knows
that we're on to him,

there won't be another chance.

- We'll negotiate something
with Internal Affairs.

Police commission hearings
are like black holes.

They suck in everyone
around them.

- Which is why I can drag
Ramsey down with me.

- No, no, you don't
have to do this.

- Send the recording, Woz.

Just send the recording.

I won't implicate anyone else.

- I'm not letting you
implicate yourself.

- Woz, I love you.

But I am going down this road.

I'm ending this now.

You've always had my back.

If you love me,
you'll have it one last time.

- Harlee, don't go in there.

- ♪ People get ready

♪ There's a train a coming

♪ There's room for all

♪ Among them
the loved the most ♪

- Please come to order.

We are now back in session.

Detective Santos,

I remind you that
you are still under oath.

- I'm ready to proceed.

- Have you located
your missing witness?

- I have not.

But I'm now prepared
to testify directly

about corruption at the highest
levels of the NYPD.

- And by highest levels,
you mean the anti-crime unit

of the 64th headed
by Lieutenant Wozniak.

- No.

I mean the NYPD
Intelligence Unit

headed by Captain Ramsey.

- Well, that's quite
a provocative accusation.

But I cannot allow this hearing
to be used as a forum

to publicly impeach a decorated
officer on this commission

without some--
- Proof?

Will an audio recording do?

A phone call?

You will recognize
Jordan Ramsey's voice

talking to William Rydel,

the New York arm
of the Riohacha Cartel.

- An illegally-obtained

of a classified operation?

- You promised secure passage.

- A small hiccup at the port.

- It's hard to trust
you can handle our operation

if you can't handle
your own men.

- They couldn't have moved the
shipment outside the dockyard.

It's still there.
I'll locate it.

- And Parker?

- You worry about
your exposure.

I have mine covered.

- I guess we can conclude
this commission

as a waste of our time.

Chairman, the witness
is misappropriating

a conversation involving

a classified
undercover operation.

- Did the operation include

Detective Jake Parker?

- Excuse me.

I must have dozed off.

Did we listen to
a reference to m*rder?

- A reference to you
covering your exposure

in a call hours before
Parker was assassinated.

- Hold on, officer.

Wasn't Detective Parker k*lled
in a mass sh**ting

at a diner where you were
the first responder?

- That's correct.

- And didn't you k*ll
that assailant?

- No.

I k*lled a longshoreman
fleeing the scene.

A longshoreman who was
assisting Detective Parker

and exposing Captain Ramsey's
connection to the cartel.

A second one was m*rder
four days later.

Along with my boyfriend,

A.D.A. James Nava...

after confirming
that Parker was working

with Internal Affairs.

- Detective, the w*apon found
in the Sunrise sh**t's

possession matches the
ballistics inside the diner.

- After Ramsey doctored
the evidence.

- Chairman, I believe we just
entered conspiracy-land.

- The g*n was swapped.

- I didn't realize
you were a ballistics expert.

- I know enough to tell you
that it's impossible

to sh**t six people
including a police officer

when you don't have a g*n.

- You're own report
on the incident maintains

your suspect did have a g*n.

A g*n he discharged on you,
forcing you to sh**t

and k*ll him.

- Don't believe
everything you read.

- Are you suggesting
you lied to Internal Affairs

about a bad sh**t?

- I'm not suggesting.

I'm telling you.

That longshoreman couldn't have
sh*t anyone at the Sunrise

because he didn't have a g*n
when I sh*t him.

- So where did the w*apon found
on the suspect come from?

- I pulled it from my person,


and planted it

before my partner arrived
at the scene.

- I stand corrected.

This incident might very well
involve a m*rder.

- The suspect was fleeing
the scene of a m*ssacre.

- You sh*t the man
in the chest.

He had stopped running
and turned to face you.

- I mistook him
for Robert Stahl.

The FBI agent who abducted me

and tried to k*ll
me last night.

- So we're back
to your psych evaluation.

- I am testifying to the simple
and horrific fact

that you ordered the m*rder

of an NYPD police officer.

One of your own.

And then committed
multiple m*rder

to cover up that truth.

I went along with it
because you thr*at

to expose my own cover up.

I went along with it
because there is such a thing

as the Blue Wall.

I went along with it because

when you're a corrupt cop
long enough,

lying becomes instinct.

It is a very slippery slope

in service of
the greater good.

But the truth--

The ugly truth...

I've endangered people's lives
with my choices.

I've made excuses
for breaking the law...

While I've worn the shield.

And not only have I betrayed...

The trust confided in me
by this city...

I betrayed...

the trust
of the people closest to me.

I betrayed myself.

I lied to everyone around me...

Until I didn't even know
what was true.

But I'm done.

I'm done with cover ups.

And I'm done with lies.

And I'm done being afraid.

Mr. Chairman,

why would I admit to this

if I wasn't telling the truth?

- Captain?

- Hey.

- Must be nice
to breathe fresh air

without helicopters circling.

Wozniak one, manhunt zip.

- And Linda let you
back in the house?

Wozniack two.

- And you got on
the scoreboard, too.

Ramsey's arrest,
and his assets are frozen.

- I heard.

- When I stopped
by the precinct,

there was a stack of witness
statements on your desk.

- Witness statements?
I don't--

I don't have any active cases.

- Character witness statements.

Every cop in the precinct

submitted one on your behalf.

- Is that supposed to be
some kind of joke?

- I think it's an apology.

It always comes back to this.

- You and me.

- I was thinking
about your sh**ting.

You had to run through
the scene of a mass m*rder.

The bodies were still warm.

- You had to think that

you were probably
chasing the k*ller.

- But I wasn't.

- But it's not gonna matter
to the Grand Jury.

You were in fear for your life,
and you made a decision.

- More than one.
I covered it up.


You were still
lost out there in the woods.

You weren't yourself.

It's a good plan.

- I have a different one.

- You usually do.

- I'm gonna take a plea.

- Harlee, that's not only time,
they're gonna take your badge.

- Well, it's not penance if it
doesn't cost you something.

- Penance is overrated.

This is gonna affect
everybody around you.

- Says a guy who insists
on living with a b*llet

lodged in his back.

- I don't like surrender.

- I'm not quitting.

I'm starting over.

I just need to see

who I am when I come out
the other side.

- Cristina's gonna need you
every night.

- Well, that's why I'm here.

I came to ask you something.

Take care of Cristina for me.

While I'm away.

You and the crew.

- Harlee.

- She's gonna need you.

And you're gonna need her, too.

I'm not gonna be around
to mother either of you.

Take care of my baby.

- Of course I will.

I promise.

Another girl who's
gonna need your help,

even if she doesn't ask for it.

This is your second chance,

- You were my second chance.

You were a gift.

- I wasn't always such a gift.

- You were.

- God, I love you.

- It's always been
your worst quality.

- Can't quit me,
can you, man?

Hey, you got a psycho
loose back here.



- Remember what I said

about sudden death
being overrated?

I was wrong.

- ♪ Hold on

♪ I'm coming

- ♪ Hold on

♪ I'm coming

- Say the word, and I won't
stop till we cross the border.

- Fugitives look better
in a convertible.

- Well, you look better
with a badge than a jumpsuit.

- And you without a b*llet
in your back.

- It'll be great to have young
people in the house again.

We, um...

We never changed anything

But this is your room now,


you should make it your own.

- It's perfect the way it is.

- It might take you a while
to win miss popularity contest

in there.

- Well, out here
we're all cops and criminals.

In there, well,

everyone's innocent, right?

Yeah, everyone and no one.

You sure you don't want me
to walk you in?

- Better get used
to rolling on my own.

- Anybody bothers you,
I'm processing Tess

to come in as backup.

- Don't go changing too much
while I'm not looking.

- Why start now?

- Home safe.

- Safe tomorrow.

- "Cristina,
I know it's difficult

"for you to understand
why I had to do this.

"Why I needed
to face my actions

"and atone for my mistakes.

"The irony is that the
hardest part of my decision

"will be to be away from you.

"The reason
I needed to change.

"I see the woman
you're becoming.

And I want you to continue
making your own choices."

- ♪ Our house...

- "Picking your own path."

- ♪ Is a very, very,
very fine house... ♪

- "I walked a tight rope
between what was right

"and what I thought
I had to do.

Even when I knew
it was wrong."

- ♪ Is a very, very,
very fine house ♪

- "I was in freefall."

"What finally woke me up,

"what made me choose
a new direction

"was seeing I was dragging
others down with me.

"People I loved

"and wanted to protect.

"People who deserve
to be in charge

of their own fate and future."

- Yay, Tess!
Welcome back!

- ♪ With two cats
in the yard ♪

♪ Life used to be so hard

♪ Now everything is easy
'cause of you ♪

- "Because only when we're
free to choose for ourselves

can we take responsibility..."

"And hold each other

"Only then can we build
a better future.

"A home for ourselves
where we can be whole

"and feel safe and loved.

Be surrounded
by those who love us."

"To keep the monsters at bay.

"Both the real ones

and the ones
that haunt our minds."

- ♪ Our house

♪ Is a very, very,
very fine house ♪

- "Because
the ones you can't see

are the hardest to escape."

- ♪ Is a very, very,
very fine house ♪

- "They go everywhere with us.

They are a part of us."

- ♪ With two cats
in the yard ♪

♪ Life used to be so hard

- "Until we say no more."

"Until we stop
and face our fears.

Until we defeat our monsters."

"We tell them we're in charge.

We tell them we have changed."

'Then and only then..."

"Are we finally free."

- ♪ Our house

♪ Is a very, very,
very fine house ♪

♪ Our house

♪ Is a very, very,
very fine house ♪
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