02x10 - The Mockingbird

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Catch". Aired: March 2016 to May 2017.
"The Catch" follows a female forensics accountant, who is the victim of fraud by her fiancé. She is determined to find him - between working on other cases - before it ruins her career.
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02x10 - The Mockingbird

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- Previously on "The Catch"...
- Felicity... she's a liar.

I'm not afraid of Felicity.

Well, you should be.

Felicity was our top assassin.


You're coming with me.

I want to put you on retainer.

- He's trying to own you.
- We're done talking about this.

- She deserves better.
- You mean better than me.

- Val and I are going to accept his offer.
- Allie...

Working for Ethan would
solve all of AVI's problems.

You and I shouldn't work together.

Because I'm still in love with you.

We have to save Ethan Ward.

Someone in your company
is defrauding investors

and laundering a lot of money.

The money you've been laundering...

It has to come from somewhere.

There's a trust.

What's the name of the trust?

It's a Carly Simon song...

The Mockingbird Trust.

Margot: Matthew Keegan.

He runs clubs and
restaurants in the city.

I already made a deal with someone else.

All I know is he goes
by some code name...


It's a pleasure to finally
meet you, Ms. Bishop.

What shall I call you? Surely not...

Oh, no, Mockingbird will be just fine.

You're a difficult man to
get in touch with, Mr. Bird.

Yeah, when you make yourself
too available, then, you know,

people tend to bother you
with every little detail.

And this way, if a problem, you know,

comes across my desk...
Say, news that my product

has been hijacked from my territory...

Keegan's clubs were my territory,

so we were finalizing our negotiations.

Well, you weren't
finalizing them fast enough.

Listen to me, whatever your name is.

You're new in town, so I'm
willing to cut you a deal.

- [Cellphone vibrates]
- I will...

I will return your product to you,

and you will return Keegan's clubs to me

after which you will stay out

of my business arrangements, or else.

I'm sorry. Okay, I'm so... I'm sorry.

Just... I have to ask,
uh... or else what?

Or else I have men at my disposal

who will make your business
extremely hard to conduct.

I hope that you don't
mean Taggart's crew.

Why not?

Because Taggart's crew are mine now.

I've also struck up
friendships with the Shives,

the Gullahorns, and the Petersons.

I'm new in town.

That makes me recognize
the value of forging

s*ab business partnerships
with my new neighbors.

Which is why I'm offering you a job.

A job?

Well, a role, if you will.

I am the head of the Kensington Firm.

Ms. Bishop, there is no
Kensington Firm in Los Angeles.

I've already absorbed
what little you had,

and every single crime family in town

has asked that I not let
you leave here alive tonight.

Which means that they're afraid of you,

and I could use someone
like that on my payroll.


you give me back my drugs

and we'll call it a deal.

O-Or you keep the drugs and...

we call it an act of w*r.

Think about it. Take hours.

And I will call you and let you know

where you can deliver them.

[Cellphone vibrating]

What is it?

Oh, my God.

- How could you let this happen?
- How could I?

I left my security people
with her at the hotel.

- Where were yours?
- At the hotel.

Sophie took a b*llet
trying to save Tessa.

She's in surgery now, so don't you even.

- Where were you?
- Where were you?

I'm not the one at w*r with
Felicity. That's you two.

Oh, so now it's my fault, is it?

- Of course it is.
- Yes. - It is!

Fine, then I will go and
finish what I started.

No, you won't. She has Tessa.

Let's find out what Felicity
wants and give it to her.

- She wants Rhys.
- She wants the Firm.

Well, she'll have to settle for
you because there is no Firm.

- What? - What?
- What do you mean?

What are you talking about?

- There's been a hostile takeover.
- By whom?

By a man who insists on
calling himself "Mockingbird."

As in Mockingbird Trust?

And have you met with
this... "Mockingbird"?

- Who is he?
- I have no idea.

But he's a cocky
little son of a bitch...

who's allied himself with
every major player in...

That's her. It's Felicity.

[Vibrating continues]


Hello, darling.

If you've hurt her...

I've no intention of hurting her,

as long as you do as I say.

[Whispers] Put her on speaker.

- Are you listening?
- What do you want?

Cash? Diamonds?

I want you and Rhys
at the Beechwood Dam,

tomorrow at noon.

Oh, and bring Ben as well.

It'll be a comfort for Tessa
to go home with her father.

Well, we are not doing that.

- Yes, we are.
- What?

- Babe.
- Call her back and tell her...

Stop. You two had your chance.

This time, we're doing it my way.

Any word on Sophie?

She is out of surgery.

The doctor said she did great.

- Can I see her?
- No.


Why not?

She's asleep.

And her parents are here.

And they're not really happy with us.

- Well, I should go talk to them.
- No, you shouldn't.

They don't want to talk.
They want to sue us.

Of course they do, and they should.

- Allie...
- They will be fine.

She will be fine, but...

Valerie: In the meantime,
we have Sophie's laptop

which has all the Weatherby Hotel's

in-house camera footage and call logs

from the night Rhys sh*t Felicity.

Danny: It's all encrypted at the moment,

but if Val can decrypt it,
we may be able to find out

who saved Felicity's life that night.

And who she's working with now.

Which might even tell
us how to find her.

Ben: I really don't
like that there are only

two access points to that dam.

She'll probably try to box
us in when we get up there.

- "Us"?
- Don't even start.

You think she'll give her back?

Felicity wants Rhys and
Margot. She doesn't want Tessa.

- Hmm.
- What?

Well, it's just, I don't
even know this girl.

Yes, you do.

A few weeks ago, I didn't
even know she existed.

Now, I'm ready to die for her?

You're not gonna die.

I mean, what is that?

We're gonna get her back.


Felicity's gonna be
expecting us to try something.

She will be expecting you, Rhys,
and Margot to try something.

She won't necessarily be expecting me.

It's high-risk.

But we have a way to recover Tessa

- without sacrificing either of you.
- How?

Our plan starts here in
the south side of the dam.

I'll drive the two of you to
the meet, as Felicity requested.

But we won't be alone.

While you're on the ground,
I'll be your eyes and ears

parked in a surveillance
van a quarter mile east

of the dam's walkway,
completely out of sight.

I have a visual on you.

Anyone on approach?

Not yet.

But they'll be here.

And we'll be ready for them.

Because we'll be armed to the teeth.

No, no g*n.

- Benji.
- That's absurd.

No g*n on us.

That doesn't mean we
won't have g*n on them.

We will have a sn*per in position

on this ridge overlooking the dam.

Who's your sn*per?

They're here.

Two S.U.V.s on approach from the north.

Copy that. Ben?

I see them. Here we go.


Allie, I'm in.

[Tires screech]

I count two hostiles and two drivers.

Danny: What's our play?

Ben makes the exchange.

When he and Tessa are
at a safe distance,

blow the hostiles' tires. Copy?


Rhys said he sh*t Felicity

and left his room around : p.m.

- Mom.
- It's all right, darling.

- We're here.
- Are you okay?

Open your jackets, empty your pockets.

We're not carrying.

Convince me.

Valerie: Phone records
show an outgoing call

placed from that room at
: p.m. to another suite.

Who was in the other suite?

Felix McCall.

Do we know who that is?

He's one of my lieutenants.

But why would she have called Felix?

They both work for Kensington.

But the last we saw him,
he was working for...

Given your management style,

can you blame Felix
for wanting a new boss?

And that's you, is it?

No. No, no. That's not possible.

Ben? Babe, it's a setup.

Tessa's been working with
Felicity the whole time.

You little bitch.

What the hell is this?

This is what Felicity and
I had planned all along.

Tessa, put it away. Let's talk.

We'll have plenty of time for that,

'cause you're coming with us.

Take those two.

Is Alice Vaughan listening?

I have a message for you, Alice.

If you or any of your people attempt

to thwart our departure,

I will k*ll him.

Do you understand?


What do you want me to do, Allie?

Do I take her out?


Stand down.

It's over.


I'm sorry to barge in,
but we have a problem.

- What's wrong?
- Ethan, what are you...

We were waiting for Ben.

You okay?

What's the problem?

The problem is, he's not coming.

Ben has a -year-old daughter.

Who just kidnapped him and Rhys.

- And his baby mama is...
- Margot Bishop.

The head of the Kensington Firm.

- Kensington Firm?
- British crime family.

Please tell me that my Cls

haven't been working for
Margot Bishop this whole time.

No, they haven't. Ben
just found out about Tessa.

Do you not remember how it
feels to be lied to by this man?

He didn't lie to you.

He has come through for
you on every single case,

and he helped find your husband.

He told you about that?

You want to yell at him?

Help me save his life,
then you can yell at him.

Where do you think she's taken them?

We pinged their phones... Nothing.

So, you have no leads
at all at this time.

- No, I didn't say that.
- What do you got?

We have "Mockingbird."

As in the Mockingbird Trust.

You know about that, too?

He is in so much trouble.

Who is he? "Mockingbird"?

All I know is that he
said I work for him now,

which I suppose means
you work for him now.

Did you know about this?

Of course not.

I would've told you.

Such loyalty. So rare in one so young.

So, who is she... the girl
you hired to play Tessa?

Oh, that's the best part.
She really is your daughter.

Felicity's the one who
found me in Sheffield.

She told who I was, who you all were.

I had no idea.

Rhys: So, why use her?

Why not just come back and k*ll me?

Because she wanted Kensington.

So, I thought about staging a coup,

but it is a family business, after all.

I'm not family.

And who told you about Tessa?

Your mother, of course.

She was drunk.

And imagine my delight at
hearing the family secret...

A child, a rightful
heir, cruelly thrown away.

So, you k*ll us, and
Tessa's your puppet.

Do I strike you as anyone's puppet?

You strike me as young and entitled

and not long for this world.

The minute you decide
to think for yourself,

she'll k*ll you.

Rhys: Not if she kills Felicity first.

That's if Felicity can be k*lled.

Try a wooden stake through the heart.

Once you both die,
having k*lled each other

in what will look like a
gruesome brother/sister spat,

she'll be queen and I'll be her counsel.

The queen of what?

Because now that
Mockingbird owns the Firm,

she has nothing.

You have nothing.

Call him... Mockingbird.

Set up another meet.

I'm sure he and I can
come to an understanding.

I would, but I have no
way of contacting him.

He's supposed to call me to
see if I've agreed to his terms.

Oh. Then you're of no use to me.

- Frankie.
- [g*n cocks]

Easy, Frankie.

Because if Margot
doesn't answer his call,

there will be no
meeting with Mockingbird.

You need her.

Fine. We'll wait for his call.

Ethan: That's her, one of
my former sales associates...

- Carol Cooney.
- She's the one who

was laundering
Mockingbird's money?

- Yeah.
- You think she'll help us?

Well, I told Agent Diaz
if Carol helps us find Ben,

I'll drop the charges.

No, you don't have to do that.

And she probably won't let you anyway.

Listen, um...

about what I said last night.

- No, Ethan.
- No, I had no right.

Stop. Please stop.

I'm glad you said it.

Look, I'm with Ben now.

I know. I know that.


But I was gonna spend the
rest of my life with you.

I'm always gonna love you.

I'm not sure if that
makes it better or worse.


It's just the way it is.


I will check in with Agent Diaz

and see where we are with Carol.

Let's find Ben.

All right?

So, I'm not going to jail?

- No, you are.
- But if you help us find Mockingbird...

I might see about getting the judge

to offer you a shorter sentence.

And then when I get out,

I could have my old job back?

- Um...
- No.

That's, uh... no.

Carol, you need to focus
on finding Mockingbird.

Right. Well, like I told these guys,

I have no idea who Mockingbird is.

He'd just sneak into
my office on Fridays

and leave an envelope full
of cash on my desk every week.

What about the money that he gave you

to invest in Ethan's company?

Well, those were all EFTs.

But every electronic fund transfer

generates some kind of receipt, right?

Yeah, they'd go directly into the trust.

So, what if, this time,

instead of sending a receipt,

you send an SOS saying...

Your identity has been compromised.

Well, it kinda has. [Chuckles]

You'd request an emergency
meeting for you and your team.

But I don't have my team anymore.

- Do I have...
- No, Carol.

No, we're going to be your team.

Do you have any sales experience?

No. We'll be undercover.

What, am I...

[whispers] am I gonna be undercover?

Well, you'll be you, but... sort of.

Can I just ask something?

What would I wear for
something like that?

Is there, like, a
wardrobe budget for that?

This place is gorgeous!

- Carol, focus.
- Sorry.

- Tommy: Carol!
- Oh, dear God.

It is a pleasure to finally...

Are you kidding me?

- Val?
- Tommy, you're Mockingbird?

You know this guy? Who is he?

- Alice: He's not Mockingbird.
- [g*n cocks]

He's my idiot baby brother.

There is no way that
you are Mockingbird.

That's the problem... You
have never believed in me.

- Tommy.
- I am Mockingbird.

Then I'm afraid you're going
away for a very long time.

I am not Mockingbird.

Then who is?

- A friend...
- Do I know this friend?

Who would k*ll me if
I told you his name.

His name? It's a him.

Justine: Doesn't sound
like a friend to me.

Maybe I can protect you from him.

You can't.

Then you're gonna have to pretend

to be Mockingbird for
a little bit longer.

We need you to call Margot.

Well, I can't call her now.

I told Margot hours.

If I call now, it's gonna
make me seem anxious.

If you don't call her, I'll arrest you.

But then again, you know, I am the boss.

Right? Yo...

It's... It's probably good to
keep her on her toes, right?

[Cellphone ringing]

It's him.

Answer it.

- Hello?
- Tommy: Ms. Bishop.

Are you ready to return those
drugs that you stole from me?

- [Whispers] What?!
- What?

[Whispers] Just one second.

An associate of mine
is assuming leadership

of the Kensington Firm,
effective immediately.

If you want your shipment back,

you'll need to discuss it with her.

[Cellphone beeps]

Is this the famous Mockingbird?

When can we meet?

Well, that's it, then.

Tessa: Look.

For what it's worth, we had this plan

laid out before I ever met you.

It wasn't... It wasn't personal.

The only thing I knew about
you was that you abandoned me.

Well, you know more now, don't you?

So, whose child are you... Ours or hers?

Here is the address.

She is expecting me.

South Corvis.

I'll secure a three-block
radius around the building.

What are you thinking...
Six-man tac team?

Where do you think you're going?

Oh, am I not free to go?

- No.
- Hell, no!

You're not leaving.

Danny, can you join us?

Sure. What's going on?

What's up, buddy?

What the hell is he doing here?

Nothing, and you're
gonna stay here with him

to make sure of that.

Wh... Where are you guys going?

To take down Felicity.

Not without me, you're not!

- My girlfriend is...
- Danny.

Do you remember Agent Diaz from the FBI?


Watch him.

So, who's your girlfriend?

Are you not seeing Sophie anymore?

Well, that's settled.

Now, Rhys, I'll need you over there.

Easy, Frankie.

If it's all the same to you,
I'll walk while I still can.

Margot darling, you'll need
to be directly across from him.

And I'll need the g*n.

If we get this just right,

it'll look as if you sh*t each other.

Benjamin Jones will have lost
his life in the crossfire.

And when our friend the
Mockingbird shows up,

he'll be joining you.

The only question is

who to sh**t first.

Ooh, uh, may I suggest yourself?

Oh, you've helped me decide.

Goodbye, Rhys.

[g*n clicks]

I can't let you hurt them.

- Tessa.
- Stop talking.

Drop your w*apon, or I k*ll her.

[g*n cocks]

Do as she says.

There are zip ties in that drawer.

Darling, I know this is difficult.

But they are terrible, selfish people.

Yes. So am I.

I tried to k*ll Mum, and she took me in.

Dad could've turned me over
to the FBI, but he didn't.

And I'm sorry Uncle Rhys sh*t you,

but I'm not about to
lose my family over it.

You're just like them...
A conniving little bitch.

Well, I learned from the best.

Am I meant to be insulted by that?

She didn't mean you.

[Electricity crackling]

[Body thuds]

She meant me.

I found a Taser in the zip tie drawer.

[Electricity crackling]

I am... sorry about all this.

I didn't know when this started

- that you'd turn out to be you.
- [Cellphone beeps]

Alice texted that the FBI's on its way.

You need to leave now.

I could not agree more.

Not us. Justine thinks she's saving us.

Unless you want to be
on the FBI's radar...

We can go out the back.

I'll show you.

Margot, go.

Let's go, then.

What are you doing?

I'm gonna finish what I started.

No, you're not. She's not a thr*at.

She will be when she wakes up,

and this way she gets
to die in her sleep.

Justine will have you
arrested. There are witnesses.


I'll have to sh**t them, too.

Rhys, stop. You can't do this.

- You cannot k*ll them.
- I'll save you the trouble.


Your daughter's next.


I'm fine. It's a flesh wound.

Go, finish it.



What took you so long?

You know, it's L.A.... Traffic.

[Handcuffs clicking]

You okay?

Tessa saved us.

Rhys did get hit in
the shoulder, though.

I'll call an ambulance.

And Margot and Tessa?

They took off.

How'd you find us?

Tommy Vaughan.

So, can we go visit Sophie?
Are they letting her see people?

No, you can't go visit her.

What do you mean, I can't?


Why are you here?

You had $ million.

You were gonna start your life over.

I may have made some
questionable business decisions.

- Such as?
- Did you know that

racehorses can have heart att*cks?

Because I had no idea,

and it's not like anyone
bothered to tell me.

Can I just ask you a question?

Why do you do it?

Why do you... keep coming back here,

when you only end up hurting her?

Because she's my sister.

And she's all I have.

[Elevator bell dings]

[Footsteps approaching]

Looks like Agent Diaz called me a car.


Tell Sophie that I say hi, okay?

- [Elevator bell dings]
- How'd it go?

Margot and Tessa got away somehow.

But we got Felicity.

Alice got Felicity.

Then we got Rhys to the hospital.

d*ad, by any chance?

Winged in the shoulder.
Ben's with him. He'll be fine.

- Where's Tommy?
- He's gone.

Your guys came and got
him about an hour ago.

What guys? I didn't send anyone.

- Oh, no.
- Danny!

They had badges.

He got away?

I'm so sorry, Agent
Diaz. We will find him.

I will find him, and Margot Bishop.

You'll be staying out
of my way from here on.

He left his jacket.

This is a very nice jacket.

Are we sure your brother
isn't Mockingbird?

I'm beginning to think he's a savant.

[Cellphone ringing]

Oh, speaking of super villains...

Find out where she is.

- You okay?
- We are all right.

- We?
- I'm with Tessa.

- Okay, where?
- Somewhere safe.

Yeah, where is that exactly?

Because Agent Diaz and the FBI...

We're at Alice's house.

[Whispers] You're what?

It's fine.

A bit beige, but...

Okay, does Alice know you're there?

No, of course not.

Then you can't be there.

Well, that's why I'm calling.

I need a favor.


Oh, my God. What do you need?

I need a jet.

A jet?

Preferably a six-seated Gulfstream,

- but a Learjet will do.
- Margot...

The sooner you find me one,

the sooner we are out of Alice's house.

What'd she say?

Uh, she said she's fine. They're fine.

Where is she?

She didn't say.

What did he say?

Look, I told you I was sorry.

And I saved your life.

Maybe you shouldn't have.

What's that supposed to mean?

It means, what was the point?

I spent my whole life k*lling myself...

And other people...

Trying to create something.

First with my family,
then with your father,

now with you.

And I failed.

The Firm's gone.

Your father is with Alice.

And you are...

I am Margot Bishop's daughter.

And I didn't save your life
so you could just give up.

So if you're planning to
take that jet to some remote

retirement village for
criminal might-have-beens,

you can forget it.

You promised to teach me
how to run a crime syndicate.

There's no syndicate left to run.

Then I suppose we'll just have
to build a new one, won't we?

How's Rhys?

b*llet grazed his shoulder.

He's actually more upset
that she ruined his jacket.

Any word from Margot? No.

Because Agent Diaz is
going after her, and Tessa.


She'll probably either end up
in juvie or be tried as an adult

and spend the rest of her life in jail.

Justine will never trust me again.

That bridge is b*rned.

She will if we give her Mockingbird.

Well, you have any leads?

Our best lead was
Tommy, who has escaped.

The only thing he left behind was this.

This is bespoke,
custom-made by a tailor.

Mr. Vaughan loved the suit so much,

he'd like to order another.

He said he left his credit-card
number on file with you.

May I confirm the number?

I looked into Mockingbird Inc.'s
last few credit-card bills,

but there's nothing out of the ordinary,

though he does eat a ton of sushi.

My brother hates sushi.

He spends a lot of time at Vinzu.

Vinzu? I thought it closed down.

He was there May th, May st.

Can you read me the others?

Vinzu is where Justine, Rhys, and I

broke up a diamond-smuggling ring.

The cigar lounge is in Santa Barbara,

and that's where we took down

the g*n-running outfit called "Argosy."

This coffee joint is on the ground floor

of the Blackwell Protection building

where Justine arrested the C.E.O.

So Tommy was following you.

We take out the criminals...

Then Tommy and Mockingbird would step in

and fill the power vacuum.

There is only one other person

who had access to this information.

Thanks for springing me.

You like what you see, Thomas?

Because it's ours now, every bit of it.

What happened to your arm?

A gift from an ex-girlfriend.

Felicity, right? Alice told me.

What else does Alice know?

She knows I'm not Mockingbird.

And how does she know that?

She thinks that I'm not
capable of crime-bossery.

Wow. You'll show her.

You have a smuggling
ring, an arms dealership,

and a private army at your command.

Well, I mean, it's
mostly at your command.

Yeah, but I can't be
the face of the thing.

Because you don't want to be
the one who goes down for it.

No one is going down for it.

Rhys, they know I'm not Mockingbird.

Then prove them wrong.

We made a deal.

You lost your money. You needed a job.

You promised me Alice
wouldn't be involved.

That is not my doing.

And let me tell you something.

If you want to keep Alice safe,

see this through to the end.

I'm gonna lose my job.

No, you won't.

I'm gonna get thrown in jail.

He betrayed me, too. Endangered my deal.

We will get him.

That's not gonna be enough for the feds.

We need Margot, too. And Tessa.

Otherwise, it's going to look like

we've all been working for Kensington.

I can't just turn my kid over
to the criminal court system.

But you'll trust her to Margot Bishop?

Look, if you want your kid
to have any kind of a chance,

you will tell me where they are.

I don't know where they are.

I swear to you.

Have you talked to Margot?



Justine: What about you?

Have you talked to Margot Bishop?

[Cellphone rings]

- [Cellphone beeps]
- What's going on?

Ben: The FBI is looking for you.

You're not safe.

What should I do?

Just stay put until I get there.

[Cellphone beeps]

I have three units on their way now.

Ben, you're riding with me.

- Danny and I will follow after.
- No, you're not.

AVI is sitting this
one out, Ms. Vaughan.

No, we will not! It's my house!

- Allie...
- Jones, we're moving.

I'm sorry.

Do not let her ransack my house.

I'll call you.

[Elevator bell dings]

Ben, Agent Diaz.

- Mr. Ward.
- Ethan, what are you doing here?

I'm not sure. Allie called.

Ethan, you're here.

You called him.

Yes... work stuff.

I thought you two weren't
working together anymore.

Are you coming or not?

Call me.

Oh, I will.

What's going on? You okay?

I am, but I need your help.

We need the key.

These are choices they
made, crimes they committed.


On three.


[Exhales deeply] One...


Kitchen's clear.

Clear. Clear!


All rooms secure.

There's no one here, ma'am.

Where the hell is Benjamin Jones?

- Thank you for the warning.
- [Cellphone ringing]

We need to leave. Now.

Margot and Tessa are gone.

And since you are, too,
I'm calling to inform you

that you have violated
the terms of your deal.

I can't help you now.

You're going down.

Ben broke his deal,

which he never would have
done without your consent.

So, if you tell me where he is,

I will consider lessening
the charges against you...

and your company.

- Excuse me?
- Agent Diaz...

Where is he?

Because I'm arresting somebody tonight,

and it may as well be you.

What if I can give you Rhys?

Then will you leave my sister alone?


Can you get me Rhys?

Yeah, probably not.

But I can get you his
entire operation...

All the g*n, all the
money, all the players.

You could have it all.

I'm done.

Valerie: I can't believe you came back.

What? I always come back.

Alice: Usually because you need money.

But this time, you came back for me.

Well, if I'm being
honest, I came back to see

if you can get me out
of this thing with Rhys.

I've got an APB out on
Rhys, and Margot and Tessa.

And Ben.

You know that he is only
doing this for Tessa.

Ben spending the rest
of his life in jail

isn't gonna help Tessa.

I'm sorry, Ms. Vaughan.

Let's go.

I love you.

I love you.

Ben's gonna be okay.

You always make everything okay.

Wow. You actually did it.

Don't sound so surprised.

When have I ever said no to you?


You've never not come through for me.

So, don't disappoint me now.

Why, what happens now?

I'm about to ask you to come with us.

Ben: Where are you?

Benji! Where are you?

I'm putting Margot and my daughter

on a plane out of the
country, where they'll be safe.

And then I'm coming for you.

Benji, let me explain.

You lied to me.

- You used me.
- I did it for us.

Compromised my deal and my
entire future with Alice.

So we'd have something after our deal...

Our own empire, bigger than Kensington.

It's all yours, Rhys,
because we are done.

You hear me?

I'm coming for you.


♪ Let's take it right back ♪

♪ To where we used to go ♪

Very impressive. Thank you, Danny.

I can't take all the
credit. I had a little help.

- ♪ No, we only look forward ♪
- [Car doors open]

♪ To all the new pain ♪

This is Ethan's plane?

Who else do we know that
owns his own airport?

This is his airport, too? I
can't compete with this guy.

You don't have to. She
loves you, you idiot.

♪ No, we only look forward ♪

♪ With all our fate, hearts
broken from the start ♪

Ethan's plane, huh?

Well, it's just a six-seater,

but he wanted to help.

He's really gonna hate it if I kiss you

in front of him, isn't he?

♪ We don't need no
premonitions, no ♪


I'll say goodbye to Tessa.

No, you won't.

You're going with them.


I have to stay here with you.

No, you can't.

The FBI will not stop until they
put you and Rhys away for good.

♪ And waste of what we gain ♪

We will figure this out.


If you get on that plane,

I promise we will figure this out.

♪ With all our fate, hearts
broken from the start ♪

Come with us.

♪ With the fear that
we were born to fall ♪

I can't run.

I can't just disappear.

♪ Only to be held tall by
the writing on the wall ♪

Not yet.

But soon?

Promise me.

[Sirens wailing in distance]


We have to leave now.

You're coming with us?

Oh, thank God!

I was so not looking
forward to single parenting.

Now I'll have two daddies.

You coming with?

♪ Let's take it right back
to where we used to go ♪

♪ But we never look back ♪

I don't think so.

- But I thought you...
- I can't just leave her.

Take care of each other.

♪ With all our fate, hearts
broken from the start ♪

I don't believe in monogamy.

You've made that pretty clear.

♪ With the fear that
we were born to fall ♪

Try not to...

fall in love with
anyone till I get back.

Then you better hurry back.

♪ We don't need no
premonitions, no ♪

Ben: We got to move!

♪ We don't need no premonitions, no ♪

[Wailing continues]
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