05x18 - Hope Never Dies

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Saving Hope". Aired: June 2012 to August 2017.
"Saving Hope" is a supernatural medical drama that centers around the lives of the doctors and nurses of Hope Zion Hospital in Toronto.
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05x18 - Hope Never Dies

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[Both laughing]


[Ane Brun's "Oh Love" playing]

- Okay.
- ♪ Oh, love ♪

♪ Right from the start ♪

[French accent] Oh, chérie.
So beautiful.

Just gorgeous. [Giggles]

Clip the bunny.

♪ Your hands down my side ♪

- [Laughs]
- [Laughs]

♪ Still shivers inside ♪

♪ All the breathing ♪

- [Whispers] Come here, buddy.
- ♪ From your mouth through mine ♪

- Come on.
- ♪ About how long ♪

♪ There's hunger for one more time ♪

♪ Lover of mine, when I kissed you ♪

♪ I felt so good ♪

♪ Tell this tale ♪

♪ To me ♪

♪ Well, I won't believe ♪

♪ That we're already here ♪

♪ Tell me ♪

♪ Is this real? ♪

♪ No, I won't believe ♪

I've always secretly
wanted a g*n wedding.


Yeah, St. Catherine's tradition.


Okay, all right.

Well, let's, uh, let's talk honeymoon.

We're headed to the Millbrook Inn.

I thought this was our honeymoon.

No, baby, this is our wedding night.


This is just the... just the beginning.

[Inhales deeply] So what about Paris?

Too cold.

I want the beach.


And you know I've always
wanted to go to Bali.

- Yeah? Bali, Indonesia, huh?
- Mm-hmm.

Hey, buddy, what do you think
about a 23-hour plane ride, huh?

No? [Laughs]

Okay, we'll just dose him
with Gravol and scotch.


Bali it is.

[Ringtone playing]

- Hello?
- Zach: Charlie. Alex.

Guys, I didn't wanna have to do this,

but we're kind of out of options.

Hey, I want all those extra
beds lining the hallway

for the overflow patients.

Did you hear about the pile-up?

Alex: No. Do you need
us to come back in?

No, that's not why I'm calling.
There's another problem.

City's in gridlock.

Almost every ambulance is
tied up on the highway.

Rosa, can you go to the
lab and get all the O-neg

and plasma that they have? Thank you.

Listen, dispatch called.

Passenger van lost
control and overturned.

They want us to send someone to buy time

until an ambulance frees up.

The accident is on your way up north.

Guys, listen.

The van is full of kids.

Oh. We have to.

- Text us the address.
- Zach: Okay. Thank you.

Oh. And hey, love birds, I heard
the news. Congratulations.

- Boy: Help!
- Boy: Over here!

I'm stuck!

Boy: I'm stuck! Hello?

I'm in here!

[Sighs] Hang tough. Right back.


[Car door closes]

Boy: Help!


Somebody, please help!

Hey. You okay?


I'm stuck. [Groans]

Can you help him?

Yeah, just, uh, keep
talking to me, all right?

- Okay.
- What are your names?

Joseph Woods and that's Mr. Hines. Ryan.

Hey, where ya... where
ya comin' from, Joe?


Sudbury. We're supposed to be
singing at this charity thing.


Oh, my God.

Okay, honey, Mommy's gonna step
out just for a second, okay?


[Ignition alert dings]


- [Groans]
- Hey.

My name is Alex. I'm a doctor.
I'm gonna try to help you, okay?

Do you mind if I have a look?

- [Whimpers]
- Okay.

All right, I'm gonna
need to s*ab this

and I have to put pressure on it.
Are you ready?

- Mm-hmm.
- Here we go.

- Aah! [Cries]
- I know.

Come on. [Groans]

- Charlie: All right.
- [Groans]

It's not his fault.


All right, Ryan, head over
to the other shoulder.

♪ Knees and toes, knees and toes ♪

There's another doctor there.
Her name's Alex. Go to her.

Okay, Joe. Coming in. [Grunts]


Ah! [Grunts]

Uh, can I get a little
help over here, please?

Okay, I need you to take your hands

and put some pressure down.
Keep it firm.

Excuse me, sir. Can you hear me?

- [Grunting]
- [Metal creaks]


- Hey, Joe. Look at me.
- Uh...

Look at me, Joe.

Okay, I'm an orthopedic surgeon.

Okay, I can fix that. Piece of cake.

Right now, we just need
to get you out of here.

Stay with me, okay?

[Gasoline dripping]

Charlie! You need to get out!

[Groans] Three!

Ow. Aah!



Get out of the van! Now! Come on!

[Whispers] Come on.


Compound fracture in his right tibia,

but his vitals are s*ab.


Okay, just lean in right here.

Yeah, right here.

[Siren wails in distance]

Here we go. Help is on its way.

Help is here.

You'll be all right. You'll be okay.

[Whispers] Charlie.


[Car doors close]

- [Sighs]
- [Sighs] Oh.


Hey, buddy.

We're gonna go now, all right?

Next stop, Bali.



here we come.


[Horn blaring]

- Charlie!
- [Tires screech]

[Loud crash]

[Voice echoes] He's waking up.

[Monitor beeping steadily]

[Sighs] Hey, buddy.

How you doin'?

Is it over?

Did he get my liver?


We, uh, we had to stop the surgery.

You had an allergic
reaction to the anesthesia.

Oh, oh, easy, Jackson. You're okay.

What about Randy?

[Sighs] Sorry, Dr. Bishop,

But I'm under orders to clear the OR

and get you down to Emerg.

They're slammed.

Hey, it's not over for Randy yet.

We both know that's not true.

Zach: Okay, everybody, listen up.

If you are here with your loved
ones and you are not injured,

I need you to go back out
into the waiting room.

That goes for anybody
non-emerge as well.

We need space to work.

We will come to you when we are ready.

Dr. Kinney, f*re kid
from the van accident.

Dana: On it.

Abdominal lacerations. I
think they run pretty deep.

Please, let us stay together.

Yeah. It's gonna be okay.

Dr. Scott, get this girl up to the OR.


Go on.

Lopez, she's yours. Move!

[Siren wailing]

Hey, you know those doctors
from the accident?

Well, they're like a
couple of superheroes.

- You know?
- Okay, just, uh, just breathe deeply.

[Inhales deeply]

Okay, someone get me Dawn Bell.

No offense, but you guys don't
look like your typical choir.

Oh, we're not.

These kids, it's either
show tunes or juvie.


- [Monitor beeping rapidly]
- Crap.

Hey, get these kids out
of here right now.

- I need that defib!
- [Woman speaks indistinctly]

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Jackson: What's the charge?


Like a little allergic
reaction's gonna keep me away.

I missed you. Clear!

[Paddles thunk]

Got more incoming!

Come on! Let's go, people!

Excuse me, guys. Can
we get through here?

- Thank you. Thank you.
- [Gurney clatters]

She's unresponsive and tachycardic.

- So what have we got?
- She's unresponsive and tachycardic.


We need a large bore I.V. with ringers!

And more hands out here!
All hands, right now!

I'm right here, Dana. I can help.

Hey, go! Let's move!
Where are the others?

They're right behind us. Any minute.

Dana: Move. Move!



Shahir: Keep bagging him.

Charlie: The second time it happens,

it's even faster than the first.

One moment, everything in your
life is promise and planning.

The next second,

everything is upside down.

Okay, let's get him up to Imaging.

Life as you knew it ends.

Life to come hangs in the balance.

And there's nothing
left for anyone to do

but hope.

Come on, Alex. Stay with us.
She's gonna need an ultrasound.

Come on, little man. Hang in there.

It's okay, baby. It's all right.

Mommy's here. You're safe.

You're safe, honey.


Charlie, we have to do something.

You have to do something.


Suction, please.

- [Suction gurgling]
- There's too much blood.


His pressure's all over the place.
Hanging more ringers.

[Whispers] Oh, Charlie.

Shahir: Where is Dr. Sekara?
I need an assistant.

- I'm here.
- Okay, we have multiple bleeds.

Heavy impact on the left occipital lobe.

Push more Manitol.

We need more Manitol and 4 units of FFP.

Dr. Sekara, I need you in here

packing these bleeders right now.

Charlie: The word "hope"

first appeared in the English language

about 1,000 years ago.

Gel foam.

Originally meant to
describe a combination

of desire and confidence.

The problem for doctors is
that what we desire... life...

well, that's something we're
not all that confident about.

[Monitors beep erratically]

- He's braddy!
- He's braddy.

Charlie: So in the end, what
are we confident about?

We're losing him.

Well, that would be death.



Dana: Oh! There you are.

- Dana?
- [Gasps]

You're back. Sweetheart, she's back.

My baby?


You've been in an accident, but
you and the baby are fine.

What about Charlie? Or Luke?

They're being looked after.

What happened to them?

Charlie suffered a skull fracture.

Shahir is with him in the OR.

[Inhales deeply]


[Inhales sharply]

- He's in the OR with Dr. Bishop.
- [Exhales sharply]

[Cries] Oh. Okay. Okay.

Alex, what are you doing?

I-I need to be with them.

No, Alex. This is not a good idea.

You need to stay monitored. [Voice
breaking] I am not staying here

while my husband and son are in surgery.

- Alex...
- No, please.

Please, please, don't make me stay here

- and do nothing.
- No.

[Whispers] Dawn, please.

At least let Dana give you a ride.

Every time I pack off these bleeders...
They just keep coming.

His brain is swelling.

I don't think I can do this.

Charlie: Don't you give up.


Don't give up.

I don't die.

Okay? And I won't die.

So you just keep bringing
me back like you always do.

One more time.



Alex, what are you doing here?

Okay, what's going on? How is he?


You try keeping a mother
away from her sick child.

How is he?

His CT shows a tear to his spleen

as well as some damage
to his left kidney.

We'll know more once we get in there.

- Okay.
- Hey.

Hey, back off, okay? I-I
need to go in there.

I-I can't let a woman who just survived

a major traumatic incident
pick up a scalpel and operate.

Sweetheart, he's right.

Thank you.

If it were Molly on that table,

would you let that stop you?

Scrub up. We both will.

I'm gonna be her proxy.

But, Alex, you're gonna stay
out of the sterile field,

and more importantly,
stay off our backs.

Alex: Fine.

Jeremy: You know this is crazy, right?

- Welcome back to Hope Zion.
- [Water running]


[Indistinct conversations]

How are they?

I just came from Alex's room.
She woke up.

[Sighs] Oh, that's amazing.

What about Charlie and Luke?

They're both still in surgery.

[Sighs] What's this?

It's the van driver's test results.

Significant S.T. elevation,
poor ventricular function.

EKG is all over the map.

His heart attacked
caused the first crash.

It's amazing that he even made it here.

He's 38 years old. What would
cause heart problems like this?

Idiopathic, so it could be anything.

Birth defect.


I don't want to assume anything,

but with a patient this young,

it's something you have to consider.

If he didn't roll that van,
none of this would've happened.

Let's just... focus on the job.

We'll let the police
figure out what happened.

[Tone sounds]

Woman over P.A.: Zone 3,
alarm nursing station.

Zone 3, alarm nursing station.

Katrina, the driver of the crash...

where are his personal effects?

Basement lock-up. Why?

Thank you.

Dana: How's the renal
artery coming, Dr. Bishop?

You should be finishing
the anastomosis by now.

Jeremy: Almost there, Alex.

Careful with the sutures. Make
sure you get enough bites.

Alex... please.

Sorry, Bishop.

[Monitor beeping steadily]

Okay, snip.

Graft is in place.

Removing the clamp.


- [Exhales slowly]
- Ah!

We have full perfusion.

Thank God.

That's my guy.

- You good to close, Dr. Bishop?
- Yes. Yeah.

He's gonna be okay.

- [Door opens]
- Alex?

Alex, we need to talk. It's Charlie.

[Exhales shakily]


You said anything could
cause his arrhythmia.

What about this?

I found it in his stuff.

What the hell are you doing

going through a patient's
pockets without his consent...

Screw his consent.

when you have an ER full of
people who need your attention?

How can you not be furious about this?

I get it.

You're looking for somebody to blame.

These aren't just any patients, okay?

It's Charlie and Alex and the kids.

He did this to all of them.

Job first. Emotions later.


Zone 3, alarm nursing station.

[Tone sounds]

You said you managed to
control the bleeders.

Shahir: I did.

That's a good thing.

Why don't you look like
that's a good thing?


With diffuse axonal injury...

Then his chances of making a
full recovery are miniscule.

I know what that means.

But that's not the case here, okay?

Charlie has nine lives,

and he will find his way back to us.

Do you understand me?

There are a series of
tests I need to run

to assess Charlie's level
of brain function.

Okay, go ahead.

Okay, maybe you should...


Okay, let's start with
the doll's eyes test.


[Inhales sharply] Ah!

You shouldn't put any weight on that.


You've sustained an injury to your knee.

[Exhales sharply] I'm
an orthopedic surgeon.

[Strained voice] Yeah. So am I.

Oh. I'll use the big words then.

Uh, you have a partial tear

to your posterior cruciate ligament.

- No fracture of the patella?
- No, but I still wanna rule out

any tears to the meniscus
or collateral ligaments.

- [Inhales sharply]
- So this happened on your wedding day?

Oh, downright deadly. Weddings.

Sorry. Excuse my grimness.

It's just, my brother's getting
married in a couple weeks.

I'm the Best Woman.

The speech is literally k*lling me.

- Well, just speak from the...
- If you say "heart,"

I will break your other leg.

[Blows air]

- O-okay. [Laughs]
- [Laughs]

Hey, maybe you can help.

You don't by any chance have a son?

I do, as a matter of fact.

- [Groans]
- Okay.

What would you say to
him on his wedding day?

I'm... I'm sorry. It's just that my...

I want my brother to get his
quota of fatherly advice,

um, but ours died a long time ago.


Well, um, my son's only 2,

so my first bit of
advice to him would be,

"Son, you might wanna
wait till you're 3.

"You might be a little bit young." Um...


Okay. And then?

To... [Sighs]

always believe in the possibilities

in her and... and...


And, uh...

And always remember

that no matter how challenging

the world might seem,

to him and... and this
woman that he loves,

to, uh...

never stop believing that they
can make it a better place.

[Voice breaks] 'Cause
they can, you know.

I mean, they can do anything,
they can be anything,

they can save anything if

they just hold on to hope.

Or something along those lines.

- [Exhales]
- [Laughs]

- Wow.
- Uh...

Do you mind if I steal
that, like, verbatim?

You can fill your boots
right up to the top.


Hey, what is your name? I-I...

I-I don't know you.

Dr. Harris.

But hey, you can call me Charlotte.

I was named after my father.


Cold choleric test.

He said Paris was too cold.


Nothing, it's just our...

our honeymoon. I, uh...

wanted to go to the beach.

Alex, if this is too difficult...

No, I'm fine.

Okay. I'm gonna put cold
water into Charlie's ear.

If his eyes deviate towards the water...

There's still brain function.

Here we go.


[Inhales shakily]

[Exhales slowly]

[Whispers] Come on, Charlie.

Come on.


His eyes remain fixed.

Try again.

[Whispers] Alex...

He is still in there.

He's gonna come back to
us, so just do it again.


Don't be afraid, okay, Charlie?

I'm here. I'm here.


Shahir, his hand. His hand.



Charlie, can you hear me? Charlie!



Lazarus sign.

- [Sighs heavily]
- Spontaneous spinal chord reflexes

can make patients...

[Exhales sharply]



Charlotte, stop.


Hey, Puke.


What is happening?

[Sighs heavily] You okay?

That's a trick question.

How is she?

It won't be long now.

You should go in there, Luke.

[Voice breaks] And here I
thought she was immortal.

She was a force of nature.


- [Exhales slowly]
- Alex?

I'm fine. I'm coming back in.

No, it's not necessary.


He has no active brain function.

[Voice breaks] Charlie's...

[Whispers] Charlie's brain d*ad.

No. [Inhales sharply]


Luke is okay.

He's sleeping and he's...

just fine.

And the baby's fine.

[Monitor beeping steadily]

[Exhales sharply]

I don't get it, you know? I don't.

Why do we have to go
through it all just to...

end up right back here again?

Alex, I saw something.

I don't know if it...

it's what might be

or will be,

but it was amazing.

And it made everything we've
been through worth it

a hundred times over.

I promise you that.

[Inhales sharply]



You can see me.

Don't leave me.

I don't know what I'm
gonna do without you.

You know, I saw them.

They were grown.

They were beautiful.

They're everything we hoped they'd be.


[Whispers] Stay.

Baby, I can't.


Everything that's coming

is beautiful and amazing.


I'll love you forever.

I love you so much.


Oh, Charlie.



[Monitor beeping steadily]

[Siren wailing in distance]

You were in that accident, right?


You okay?

Are you?


No. I'm not.

Why didn't you help her
when we first came in?

I don't know.

I guess I'm going through
a bit of a thing.


I know the feeling.

This whole thing's 'cause of me.

What are you talkin' about?

We pulled over to get gas and, uh...

Mr. Hines and me got in this huge fight.

He was still so mad at me
when we got back on the road

that he...

[Siren wailing in distance]

I gave him a heart att*ck.

If I hadn't upset him,
all those people...

What was the fight about?

Just trust me, it's all 'cause of me.

So what are you gonna do about it?

Uh... [scoffs].

Probably run away.

Like you are.

[Sighs heavily]

You know ever since...

that first accident, you know, the...
the coma, he's...

He was... [Sighs]

straddling two worlds.

He had one foot in death and the...

That's why he was so...

So what?

That's why he was the way he was.

Yeah. Yeah.

And he should've... he should've
died in that first accident,

but somehow...

[Inhales deeply, exhales slowly]

something brought him back.

- That was you.
- [Inhales deeply]

Sweetheart, it was you.

[Exhales sharply]


And we had five years.


And two beautiful children.



It wasn't doomed. [Exhales]

- No.
- It was luck.


We weren't cursed.

We were blessed.

How's the choir leader?

The balloon stent is in,
but it's a stop gap.

If he doesn't get a new
heart in the next 48 hours,

he will die.

You said I was looking
for someone to blame,

and you're right.

But it's not him, Dawn.

[Voice breaks] I sent them.

They never would've been on
that road if I didn't call.

Zach, that is not true.

That is not true.

Billy: Dr. Miller?


Uh, Joe here has something
that he needs to tell you.

He knows you found drugs on Mr. Hines.

They were my drugs.


I brought them on the trip.

Mr. Hines found them.

He was just trying to protect me.

It was an accident.

It was just a stupid accident.

We just gotta get through this day.


Zach: Wait up. Hey, listen to me.

This isn't your fault.

Okay, this isn't anyone's fault.



- [Exhales]
- [Whispers] Yeah.


Alex, I'm sorry.


I can't believe that...

Hey, there's no crying in surgery.

- Isn't that what you taught me?
- [Sniffles]

I think this is an
exception to that rule.

Yeah. [Chuckles]

Well, we'll just, uh,
we'll have a cry later.


I need you to help me do
something for Charlie.

A request.


Charlie's liver, or a
portion of it, will go

to our sclerosing cholangitis
patient Randy Rogen.

Charlie's kidneys... one
will go to Michelle Lamont.

Who has a scholarship coming to her,

music department at U of N.

Dev, I'd like you take the lead on that.
You're ready.

Um, is it okay if I assist on that?

No one I'd rather have in there.

Okay, Sekara and Scott then.

Charlie's other kidney
will go to the General,

to be donated to Dr. Paul Wilder.

Dr. Wilder's dialysis is failing,

so he is too sick to travel.

So Dr. Harris is gonna travel to him.


And finally, Charlie's h...

heart. [Inhales shakily]

- Sweetheart.
- [Clears throat]

[Voice breaks] No, I'm fine.

I'm sorry, am I the only one

who sees that we shouldn't
be putting her through this?

You know what?

You're not putting me through
anything here, okay?

This is what Charlie wanted,

and I will do it.

Good. So...

Charlie's heart.

Choir leader.

He seems like the kind
of guy who's worthy.


We'll start harvesting Charlie's organs.

Transplant will begin immediately.

Now I know you guys have
all worked for 24 hours

and you must be exhausted.

So if you're too tired,
there is no shame in it.

Okay, then.

Thank you.

All of you.

I don't know what I'd
do without you here.


Elizabeth & the Catapult: ♪ True
love will find you in the end ♪

♪ You'll find out just
who was your friend ♪

♪ Don't be sad, I know you will ♪

♪ But don't give up until ♪

♪ True love will find you in the end ♪

♪ This is a meaning you will catch ♪

♪ Only if you're looking
can it find you ♪

♪ 'Cause true love is searching, too ♪

♪ True love will find you in the end ♪

[Indistinct conversations]

Do you remember that old
show "Just Like Mom,"

where the kids would
take over the kitchen?

Good to see you, too, Dana.

She has to put something in her stomach.

No, I agree, but preferably something

her stomach isn't gonna reject.

And why does your generation
always think a smoothie

is the answer to everything? Hmm?

[Blender whirring]

10 more seconds!

[Whirring continues]

[Knock on door]

- [Exhales]
- Jeremy: It's me.

Be out in a minute.

Alex, you said that 10 minutes ago.

[Lock clicks]


Can I come in?

You wanna make Luke an orphan?


[Door closes]

You've barely eaten in days.


[Sets down glass]

Well, it turns out the shock's moved on

and it's just emptiness all the time.

The souvenir you get from
loving somebody, I guess.




But grief heals with time.


[Sighs deeply]

We're all here for you, Alex.

You have our support.

[Indistinct conversations]


Hey, buddy.

Yeah, sure. Why not? Let's
just jump to the kiss.

[Laughs] I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Okay.

Marriage is going to
expand you as individuals,

define you as a couple,

and deepen your love for one another.

You both agreed that to
have a successful marriage,

you'll need strength, courage, patience,

and a really good sense of humor.

This is so strange.

Yeah. [Chuckles]



[Exhales deeply] Thank you.

[Whispers] Yeah.

Thank you. [Chuckles]

Hey, buddy. Here we go. I got you.


Hey, wait.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Wait. Okay.

Our love has made me believe, Charlie.

Believe in the possibility of anything.

Alex: I promise to be your lover,

companion, and friend,

your partner in parenthood,

your ally in conflict,

your greatest fan

and your toughest adversary.

Your student and teacher.

Your accomplice in mischief.

This is my sacred vow to you.

[Rhodes and Birdy's "Let
It All Go" playing]

[Whispers] Luke.

♪ I've been sleepless at night ♪

♪ 'Cause I don't know how to feel ♪

It's okay, baby. It's okay, baby.

♪ I've been waiting on you ♪

♪ Just to say something real ♪

It's okay.

♪ There's a light on the
road and I think you know ♪

Mommy will play, too. Look it.

♪ Morning has come and I have to go ♪

♪ I don't know why, I don't know why ♪

♪ We need to break so hard ♪

♪ I don't know why we break so hard ♪


♪ But if you're strong enough ♪

♪ To let it in ♪


♪ It in, it in ♪

You're not supposed to be here.

It's okay.

It's too soon. What about the kids?

It's been 50 years.

And the kids are great.

♪ Let it all out now ♪

It feels like I just left you.

You were with me every step of the way.

So where do we go now?

I think we're already there.


♪ Strong enough ♪

♪ To let it go, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, oh ♪
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