01x08 - Episode 8

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Bellevue". Aired February - April 2017.
"Bellevue" revolves around a police officer investigating the disappearance of a transgender teen while also dealing with the return of a mysterious person from her past.
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01x08 - Episode 8

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Annie: I have a brother.

Peter: It's like your
dad cloned himself.

He's been in and out of prison,

basically, for years
until a few months ago.

It wasn't you that was
supposed to be here.

How does it feel?

How does it feel not to be in control?

I've been in love
with Briana, my sister,

for as long as I can remember.


I'm not you, okay? I'm not.

Brady: I'm not sick like you.

You mean, sick like me, is that it?

You brought this on yourself!

(Engine roars)

(Glass cracks, Annie screams)

(Door opens)


(Blood drips)

(Frightened exhales)

(Footsteps crunch)

♪ ♪

(Frightened exhales,
door handle rattles)

♪ ♪

(Radio static)

♪ ♪

(Footsteps crunch)

♪ ♪

(Door opens slowly)

You gotta call .

♪ ♪

(Blood drips)

♪ ♪

It's over.

We know who k*lled Jesse.

You can talk to me now.

You don't understand me.

I tried a different way with you.

To what?

To end the cycle.

Police Dispatch: This is car .

We're closing in on
Brady's phone GPS location.

(Running footsteps crunch)

(Police sirens wail)

Police Dispatch: APB.
Suspect: White male,

six feet, brown hair. Left on foot.

(Indistinct Police radio chatter)

My brother k*lled Brady.

He also saved my life.

(Tight exhale)

(Siren wails)

When you called form Brady's
I sent cars over there,

but I guess...

Adam got to you first.

(Paper ruffles)

Another riddle. It was at a shelter.

I went to find him.

I did.

Why did you?

'Cause I was gonna f*cking k*ll him.

I was gonna drag him into the woods

and put a b*llet in his head.

- Peter.
- What?

How else does this end?

You need to go home.

I need to find him and...

you need to go home. You
can't do this with me.

I'm wrapped up in this, Annie.

I've got my f*cking
hands in all this shit.

I gotta clean this mess up, okay?

What happened when you saw him?

He got a jump on me.

Eddie: Annie.

Is Daisy okay?

She's okay.

I didn't tell you everything.

My brother's been back for a while.

He was the one that sent
me riddles when I was young,

- and...
- Let's go.

Did you hear what I just said?

It doesn't matter who or why,

it all ends the same.
We lose you to this.

Now think of Daisy and stop, now.

Walk away.

With me.

Right now.

♪ ♪

I'm going today.

(Receding footsteps crunch)

♪ ♪

(Car engine rumbles)

- Did he suffer?
- Annie: No.


He told me what happened...

the night he k*lled Jesse.

(Briana cries)

When we were kids,

our dad...

when he was drinking,
he was the worst with me.

That was until Brady figured out

that if he just provoked him enough,

when he was raging,

he could get Dad to
give him the worst of it.

Whatever else he was,

he was my brother.

I really am sorry.

(Phone rings)


Male voice: Where's your daughter, Tom?

Where's Hannah?

Who is this?

Male voice: Where's Hannah?

- She's at school...
- Male voice: Is she?

Or is she in the woods where I left her?

Hannah: Daddy!


Hannah: Daddy, help!

(Running footsteps)


Hannah: Daddy!

- (Bear trap snaps)
- (Screams)

(Light footstep clank)

Virginia: Chief, we just got a
call from a jogger in the woods.

He heard a man's voice
screaming for help.

- Over there.
- (Panting)

(Footsteps slosh)

♪ ♪

Oh shit!

- Is he alive?
- Hannah: Daddy, help!


Annie: I'm on it.

Paramedic: I've got a pulse.

Hannah: Daddy, help!

Please!! Daddy!



Daddy, help!

(Footsteps crunch in snow)

Daddy! Help!

Daddy! Help!

It's a recording.

What the hell?

♪ ♪

Virginia: Are you serious?

I've been working a
m*rder totally blind?

Adam has nothing to do with Jesse.

Peter: All right. Tom's
daughter, Hannah, is in school.

So is her younger sister.

Neither were approached
by any strangers.

So this was all just a hoax
to get Tom into the woods?

I mean, what, what the hell's
he doing? What does he want?

He wants me to break the cycle.

- That's what he said at the crash site.
- What cycle?

Sandy and Jesse.

It's always Sandy and Jesse.

Adam gave me a picture
of Tom in the pageant

from the night that Sandy was k*lled.

Tom had something to do with Sandy?

I think we need to find out.

Are we seriously working a
-year-old m*rder right now?

Peter and Annie: Yes.

(Footsteps crunch in snow)

How come I'm not going to school?

There's something I need
to talk to you about.

Remember that town we
went to the other day?

The place with the chicken?

Yeah, but there's more
stuff than that, Dais.

They're building condos there...

and that's work for me.

You're moving there?


With you.

- What about Mom?
- I can't make her come.

You can't make me go then.

Actually, I can.

Not if Mom doesn't let you.

Right now? The way things are? I can.

You do drugs.

No, I don't.

I did.

And I'm working on that,

and it's why we gotta get outta here.

We have to move 'cause you do drugs?

No. We gotta move

because I can't be a
good dad here, Daisy.

There's no work. And
I'm getting in fights.

And, and, you're hanging
out where a kid got k*lled!

You can't get obsessed with death!

And your mom? Things are not good!

And I know you're gonna be pissed at me

and I don't care!

That's a lie. It guts me.

But I'll take it.


- Daisy!
- (Slams door)

Annie: It's time, Maggie.

Maggie: Driver was always
passing out in places

and Tom thought if he showed
Sandy something of her dad's,

she'd follow Tom into the woods.

He got me to steal Driver's watch.

He lured her into the woods with it?

Maggie: That's all I know.

I don't know what
happened in that shack.

The shack in the woods?

There used to be a path in
the woods from the old church.

Did Tom lock Sandy in there?

All I know is about the watch

and that something happened in there.

How do you know that
something happened in there?

Because I had to cut myself in there.

A blood pact.

So we wouldn't turn on each other.

They made me.


Who? Tom and who?


Jameson and Mother.

Peter: Get cars to
Jameson and the Mayor's.

Lily had an alibi on the
night of Sandy's m*rder.

They all had alibis,

but something f*cked up
still happened down there.

Tom lured Sandy. Adam lured Tom.

He's doing to them what they did to her.

Hey. I need to know what
Jameson and Mother did to Sandy.

- I told you, I don't know.
- You knew them.

What would they do? What were they like?

Mother was a controlling bitch,

but Jameson... he was mean.

Real mean.

Especially to Sandy,
because he liked her.

He liked that she was
dirty, odd, pathetic.

But he hated that he liked that.

I know it because he was
like that with me too.

He had a habit of... of humiliating.

So we needed the full
rundown on Sandy's clothes.

They found all kinds of stains on it.

There was rotten fruit,
and food and bacteria.

- All kinds of...
- They threw garbage at her?


He left a message at the church, Annie.

A lion has come to
lay waste to your land.


Annie: He's telling
us where to find them.

(Doors open and shut)

(Approaching engines rumbles)

♪ ♪

Get him down!

♪ ♪

(Scared shivering)

(Sandy screams)


You were in the woods. Tom lured her.

You humiliated her.

What about Lily? Where was she?

What did she do?


What do you mean everything?

She did everything. She planned it.

She told us to chase Sandy to scare her.

Young Jameson: You're disgusting.

Young Lily: You're gross, Sandy.

- Everybody hates you!
- (Sandy screams)

Dumb bitch.

- Young Lily: Get in there!
- Sandy: (Screams)

Young Jameson: Shut up!

She locked Sandy in the shack?


She wanted to be Mary.

You, you didn't take
things from Lily back then.

Young Jameson: Shut up, Sandy!

Sandy: Please, help!!

- (Bangs) Shut up!
- Young Jameson: Lily...

Young Lily: What?

So you just left her locked up there?

(Sandy screams)

We meant to go back, but...

So the man who did this to you,

did he say anything about
where he's taken Lily?

Any kind of sound? Anything?

Come on, man, think about it!

I heard Sandy screaming,

and then I became a priest.

Virginia: If she put someone in a shack,

then she's in a small
space like a basement

or a trunk of a car.

Tom was near people. He
was meant to be found.

Jameson lay waste.

There was a clue, but
there's nothing here.

Or anywhere?

There is nothing in the old church.

There is nothing in the shack.

Because we have it all.

We've figured out what they did.

There are no more clues.

We're not meant to find Lily.

He wants her to die.

I need an update on Lily
Mansfield, right now.

I don't care what it is.
I just need something.

Okay, who's with her family?
I need anything, please.

- Just...
- I'm on it.

He knows about everything
that happened that night.

Things that nobody else knows about.

You can see it, Annie.

He k*lled Sandy.

So why is he leading you on this path

that just leads back to himself?

This morning I tried to tell
him that it was all over,

and he said, I don't understand him.

That I needed to
understand why he did it.

So if you understand him, is it...

it's gonna lead to Lily?

I think it's worth a sh*t.

Peter: There's something you must know.

He's been writing to you for years.

He pretended to be your dad.


Annie: Maybe he knew the
last time I saw my dad

was screwed up.

Peter: What do you mean screwed up?

What was it?

I don't know. I don't remember.

He came into my room
and was acting weird.

He came into your room?

Was he crying?

Did he sit on your bed?
Did he hold your hand?

Annie, listen. You need
to think about this.

- Why?
- You have the answer.


He said he ruins people.

I hope it's not too late for you.

See none of this made sense until now.

He didn't k*ll himself

because he couldn't
find Sandy's m*rder.

He k*lled himself because he did.

(Heavy exhale) He got
pages from Horizons.

He must've put Adam in Horizons

when he found out that he m*rder Sandy

But why would he k*ll himself
and leave you with Adam?

That makes no sense. He's a m*rder.


What if Sandy's m*rder
was the first riddle.

She's pointing at the town.

There's no sin...

Find me where there is none.

It's not original sin. It's no sin.

Immaculate conception is without sin.

There's no sin in Sandy's death.

It wasn't m*rder. She wanted to die.

I mean, she was bullied her whole life.

♪ ♪

He k*lled her...

but it was mercy.

He needs me to understand...

that it was mercy.

Mercy street.

Peter: The brewery.

(Police sirens wail)

(Doors open)

(Doors shut)

♪ ♪

(Steps scuff)

Officer: Basement, all clear!


A lily.

Annie: A d*ad lily.

♪ ♪

Peter: We need bodies down here.

Jim: We're gonna need some back up.

(Footsteps thud)

♪ ♪

(Footsteps crunch)

(Footsteps thud)

♪ ♪

(Panicked breath, steps scuff)

(Dirt crunches)


Over here!

Jim: Get some shovels over here!

♪ ♪

Give me that! Gimme that!

(Shovels scrape)

♪ ♪

Get it! Get it!

(Grunts of effort)

- (Weak moan)
- Lily.



(Heavy breaths)

(Gurney rattles)

♪ ♪

Lily: Peter?


♪ ♪

(Light knock)

(Light footsteps thud)



I'm your uncle Adam.

Don't be afraid.

I'm sorry.

I didn't want to scare
you. I'll, I'll go.

It's okay.


(Lock clicks, door squeaks opens)

You're the one who leaves the riddles.


Can I come in?


(Adam exhale heavily)

Daisy: You wrote on my mom's car.

I was in there when you did that.

(Remorseful exhale)

I'm sorry.

My mom always thought it was Grandpa

who left her the riddles
when she was a kid.

I never met him.

I did.

Did you like him?

Ah, he was complicated.

He thought he was doing the right thing,

but he'd over-think and...

end up doing things
that were untrue to him.

Not like your mom.

Over-thinking isn't my mom's problem.

Yeah. Right.

Hey, I'm having a nice moment with you.

Thank you.

Why didn't my mom grow up with you?


Because I scared her mom.

Then why did you leave the riddles?

I always found when
I'm direct with people,

I scare them.

They misunderstand me,

or I misunderstand them, but either way,

it just made sense at the time.

People think I'm weird too.

Oh yeah?

I tried to conjure Sandy Driver's spirit

because I thought she
could help find Jesse.

It's weird.


That's cool.

You try and help your mom a lot, huh?

Why think Sandy could help find Jesse?

I feel that... she would like Jesse.

Oh yeah. She would have.

Oh yeah, they were very similar.

They were treated the same by bullies.

Jameson: St. Paul emphasizes
helping those among us

who are tempted by a dark path.

(Cup crunches)

I got in trouble for doing
a presentation on Sandy.

It was good.

It would've been better
if I knew how it ended,

but nobody does.

Would you like an ending
to your project, Daisy?


Me too.

Dispatcher: Highway patrol
is checking all vehicles.

So far nothing.

Sudbury is alerted to look
out for a dark haired man.

Eddie: Annie!

I thought she was in
her room at my place.

Call her phone!

I went to your house. She wasn't there.

Annie: It's Adam!

- He goes to the riddle tree.
- Eddie: What?

Annie: He leaves me messages.

(Footsteps crunch in snow)

Nothing. Shit!

- Where else, Annie?
- Um, the church or the shack.

What the f*ck is the shack?

- What if we don't find her?
- We will. We will.

Come on! Come on!!


Eddie: Anything?

- Where is she, Annie?!
- Annie: I don't know.

(Car rumbles up)


What are you doing here?

Oh shit!

Stay here!

- What, you f*cking insane?
- Peter!

He's got my kid!

- He's got our kid!
- Peter!

He's gonna f*cking k*ll her.

I can draw him out if I'm alone.

Eddie, Eddie. It's about me.

He'll give her to me.


Hey, get off me!

Peter: Eddie, stop it. Stop it!

We'll give her five minutes
and we'll go after him, okay?

Get off me!

Get off.

He has my kid?! Peter!

♪ ♪


(Running footsteps)


(Footsteps crunch in the snow)


(Footsteps crunch in the snow)






Jameson: What's a matter, you cold?

Lily: She's getting
exactly what she deserved.

C'mon, it's funny.

Nobody likes you. Everybody hates you.

You're a freak, Sandy. Shut up!

(Sandy screams)

♪ ♪

Daisy! Daisy.

Oh my God.

Did he hurt you?

Your dad's down there. Take this.

Run. I'll be right there. Run!

You took my f*cking kid?!

What do you want from me?

I wanted you to feel it for yourself.

I needed you to see all of me.

You k*lled her.

You k*lled her, but she wanted to die.

It was mercy.

I came here.

I'd sneak out of the military school

just to watch you and Dad

when you didn't even know I was there.

One day, it was Christmas,

I thought he was gonna let me in.

- No-no-no, you can't be here.
- I'm your son.

- You can't be here.
- "You scare people."

- You can't make me leave!
- "You're violent."

She's mine too.

You hurt your step-mom.
You can't be here.

That's because she
tried to take away Annie.

- You got to let me in Dad.
- You gotta leave.

"The way you are with your sister..."

She's my sister!

Come on, Dad, let me in. She's mine too.

You got to leave now. You hear me?

"I wish you never existed."

Don't you come back!

(Loud scream)

I hate you! I hate you!

Ahhh! I hate you!

I hate you!


(Screams and cries)

(Sandy screams)

Someone! Help!


Sandy: Help!

(Loud screaming)

(Footsteps crunch)

(Loud screaming)

Help! Help!

Someone! (crying)


(Rock thuds, chain rattles)

(Chain clinks)

(Frightened gasps)

♪ ♪

You didn't know her before that?


But it was like...

we knew each other
instantly at that moment.

(Footsteps crunch)


♪ ♪

(Shivers from the cold)

(Footsteps crunch softly)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Other people get to
be with their families!

They'll never leave me alone.

Why do they make me wanna die?

Why do they hate me?

What's wrong with me?

(Pained, shaky breaths)

♪ ♪

I think maybe...

we don't belong here.

I don't wanna be alive anymore.





(Nervous breaths)

We knew no one would ever
understand the pain we felt.

Unless we made them.

(Preparatory breaths)

♪ ♪

She wanted me to make them
feel what they had done.

Then I was supposed to do it too.


A su1c1de pact.

Why did you do it this way?

Why didn't you just talk
to me when I was seven?

I live in my childhood
house 'cause of you.

Somewhere in the recesses of my mind.

I thought that my dad might come back,

and if I left,

he wouldn't find me.

I thought that he left

because I could not
solve a f*cking riddle.

And that's not real,
but it doesn't matter

(crying) 'cause what is real...

is that I wasn't enough...

to make him not k*ll himself.

It was about you!

The riddles. It was you!

The reasons for k*lling himself was you!

It was always about you.

- It wasn't about me!
- I am you.

I am you. You are me.

Don't you get it?

(Emotional exhale)

We're the same!

I'm alive because of you!

You are what you are because of me!

We are not the same.

How many people would do what you did?

Invite me in?

You chose me over your family.


Why do you think I brought Daisy here?

She wanted to be a part of the story.

It's the only way she thought
of to connect with you again.

- Stop...
- But now she is.

She's part of the end.

- Stop talking! Stop!
- Part of the end!

It's okay.

It was always about you too.


♪ ♪

I was going to,

then I thought...

what if one day,

what if someone could see me.

Could just...

the only times I was
ever okay was with you.

It's okay.

♪ ♪

(Nervous breaths)

(Adams sighs, Annie cries)

Adam: (Happy exhales) Ohh...

(Annie sobs)

I can't.


No. (Crying)

All right.

I can't.

I can't.

It's okay. It's okay. Don't worry.

- I can't. I'm sorry.
- It's all right. It's all right.

Thank you.

(Choking gasps)

Just do it.

(Struggling to draw
breath) Stop. No. I can't.

Yes you can. Yes you can.

- Just do it!
- (Loud g*n blast)

Ahh! Oh!!

Eddie: Annie!


- Eddie: Annie!
- Peter: Annie!

Eddie: Annie!

♪ ♪

(Water runs)

♪ ♪

(Footsteps thud)

♪ ♪

Eddie: You're not packed yet?

(Eddie and Daisy laugh)

If you don't hurry
we'll leave without you.

- I'm serious.
- Daisy: Dad, stop.

Eddie: I will put you in a suitcase.

(Footsteps crunch in the snow)


I'm sorry I, I didn't, uh...

Where were you?

I had to check out. For a bit.

I didn't even hear from you.

Uh, you had Eddie.

You had your family, so.

I also needed you.

What, you're just gonna go?

You're gonna lock up your
house like your dad's cabin

and hope that all the shit
that went on stays locked up?

I'm fine.

No, you're not fine.

You k*lled your brother.

He has the same face as your father.

That, that shit's not gonna go away.

He was gonna k*ll me.

I'm fine.

You're fine, are you?

- Annie?
- Let go.

Eddie: Hey.

We're having a moment. It's okay.

It doesn't look okay.

Peter: Hey, come here.
Come here. Come here.

What is that? You're just
gonna shove her into your truck

and hope it all goes away?

Getting her into the
truck is how it goes away.

Getting her out of this place
is how she's gonna be okay.

You're wrong. You're just
thinking about yourself

- when she needs...
- Oh, am I? Am I the one doing that?

- Peter: Yes.
- Okay!

I just need to say goodbye, okay.

Peter: Hey, kiddo.

Hey, Pipsqueak Ryder.

Come on.

See you in a sec.

When you were a little girl,
I found you in the woods.

You had done that to your arm...

and I remember thinking
that I gotta love this kid.

I gotta fill this hole
that'll never be filled,

but I gotta try.

And I did.

I'm-I'm still doing it.

But it...

I didn't...

And then all this shit that you're gonna

have to deal with right now,

I understand that it's,
that it's my fault.

It is.


I almost k*lled him so
you wouldn't have to.

And I would have f*cking k*lled him.

But he got in my head.

He said something to me...

and I need to tell you what it is.

Please don't.

All I wanted all my life was to
understand what I didn't know,

and now that I do, it's so much worse.

If I hadn't needed to know,

I wouldn't have known that
my dad ruined my brother.

I wouldn't have needed
to know who Adam was...

and I wouldn't have needed
to clean his blood off me,

- so just...
- It's...

Just don't.

If you're about to say something...

that you don't want to say,

but you think truth is the answer,

please don't.

I don't want to know anything
else that's gonna f*ck me up.

Is this gonna f*ck me up?

It might.

Then can you just live with it?


Go. Please.

♪ ♪

Are you ready?


♪ Remember, girl, ♪

♪ What your daddy said ♪

(Maggie fondly laughs)

♪ You can't shake this town ♪

♪ Or get over it ♪



♪ The pain ♪

♪ Won't just go away ♪

♪ It will chase you ♪

♪ Through night and day ♪

♪ Ohhhhh ♪

♪ Let the angles sing ♪

(Truck engines rumble)

♪ Before they drown you ♪

(Backing-up beep)

♪ ♪

- Ow, Mom, stop.
- Sorry.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Adam: Oh, there's just one
thing I would like to say

before this all ends happily for you.

You love her. You've loved
her ever since she was a kid.

And you've just been waiting and waiting

and waiting for her to grow up,

so you can just...

♪ And then the thought ♪

♪ That fall from grace ♪

♪ All I'd say, ♪

♪ The things that I had seen ♪

♪ Numbing pain ♪

♪ d*ad and gone ♪

♪ But I'll never ♪

♪ Leave here ♪

♪ Ohhhhh... ♪

[soft melody continues]
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