02x18 - The Escape

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Star Wars Resistance". Aired October 2018 - January 2020*
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Kazuda Xiono, a New Republic pilot who is recruited by the Resistance to spy on the growing thr*at of the First Order shortly before and during the events of the sequel trilogy.
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02x18 - The Escape

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Finally, a little downtime.

I don't know why
they're having us work so much.

Rumor has it
a big mission is coming up

and we're gonna need
all hands on deck.

What are you talking about?

Let's just say
there are pockets of Resistance

all over this system.

I think we just arrived.

Wait, that's Aeos.

Why are we back at Aeos?


Oh, no.



Those subversives
got what they deserved.

But there are
innocent people there too.

Who harbored criminals.

So they're not that innocent,
are they?

You're a squadron leader now.

You've got to
accept these things.

Hey, where are you going?


Excuse me, could you
upgrade the system later?

I'm in the middle of something.

Actually, stay right there,
little friend.

Go right ahead.
Upgrade away.


Sorry, little guy.

Don't worry, I'll have you
back online in no time.

You are doing me
a huge service, 5-L.


That didn't hurt at all,
did it?

Now, you're gonna help me
get out of here.

General Hux.

The suppression
of the Aeos system is complete.

There is no longer a Resistance
presence in the sector.

Except, perhaps,
the Colossus.

Supreme Leader Ren.

While... while its whereabouts
are still unknown,

we are already working
on a solution

to that problem,
Supreme Leader.

Your list of failures
is long, Agent Tierny.

I will not suffer
the existence

of any Resistance cell,
no matter how small.

If you are not capable
of dealing with them,

then I will
find someone who can.

We understand,
Supreme Leader.

Do you?

Now, do you understand?

Yes, Supreme Leader.

Absolutely, Supreme Leader.

I suggest doubling our efforts

Thanks, 5-L.
You did great.

I hope it's still here.


Ah, got it.

Provide me
a full report, Officer.

Oh, no.

I want to see
every detail accounted for.

- Yes, sir.
- 5-L, hide.

I don't know, anywhere.

Well, is the
system upgrade complete?

Now I need you
for one last thing.

I hope this works.

Could you pass me

the electrostatic
discharge coupling, Kaz?

Hey, sure.

Here you go.

Your skills as a mechanic
just keep improving, Kaz.

In the common
vernacular: wow!

Yeah, well, I, uh...

I learned a lot from you
and, uh, Tam.

Uh, I must say,

the Fireball
is looking pretty good.

How about a little help?
Yeah, sure, Yeager.

It'll be
just like the old days.

Yes, back in these
"old days,"

Tam would have yelled at you
for placing accelerator rods

in the decelerator ports,

and then you would have
electrocuted yourself

and we all would have
had a chuckle at your expense.

Ah, memories.

Yeah, well,
those days are gone,

and so is Tam.

Uh, Kaz,
your comlink's going off.

What is that?

Hmm, that appears to be
a code.

It sounds oddly familiar.

It's my code!

W-what do you mean,
it's "your code"?

It is a mechanic's code
that Tam and I came up with.

We used it to discuss
your lack of mechanical skills

and knowledge
without you overhearing us.


Yes, yes, it is Tam!


Tam is sending us a message?

I do not know, but this code
could also be used as shorthand

in the case of an emergency.

What does it say?

"Meet me in three cycles..."

"In the place
where Bibo lives"?

Oh, I miss Bibo.

Neeku, are you sure?

Mostly sure, yes.

T-there is more to the message,
but I cannot make it out.

Something about
the First Order?

The signal appears to be
quite weak.

It's okay,
I can translate it.

Oh, did Tam teach you
the mechanic's code as well?

Hmm, that would be awkward.

No, no she didn't,

but... but I know
what she's trying to say.

Tam wants out.

She wants to leave
the First Order

and meet us where Bibo lives:
on Castilon!

Whoa, whoa, hold up.
We need to be careful.

This whole thing
could be a First Order trap.

You're right, Yeager.

If it's a trap,
the Colossus will be safe here,

halfway across the galaxy.

But if the message is real,

just to be on the safe side,
I'll go alone.


I'm going with you.

We just have to run this
rescue plan past Doza.

That's no problem.

Captain Doza's been
in her exact position before.

He should totally understand.

Are you mad?
Clearly, this is a trap.

You both see that, don't you?

It could be, Captain,

by why would Tam personally
contact us with Neeku's code?

I believe that she's ready
to leave the First Order,

that she's had
a change of heart.

You had one
when you left the Empire.

If we were facing
the same situation with Torra,

we would take any risk
to return her home safely.

Wouldn't we, Imanuel?

Take the First Order shuttle.

You'll attract less attention.

Thank you, Captain.

Keep your comms open
and on a secure frequency.

May the Force
be with you both.

What's going on, 533?

Mind your own business, 798.

I'd like to know what
you're doing as well, Tamara.

Agent Tierny.

I'm just preparing my TIE

for the training session
I'm leading.

I thought that was
in Hangar D-13?

Operations must have moved it
to a different hangar.

798, assist her.

Yes, sir.

I can't believe we're back
on Castilon.

It feels so lonely here
without the Colossus.

I think this is the same ring
I crashed into

the first time I raced here.

All right,
now we wait for Tam

and hope she doesn't
have company with her.

Okay, squadron,
we'll be training

in the Tashtor sector.


Wait, Castilon?
Has this been authorized?

Don't question
your superior officer, 798.

Just follow my orders.

I'll have the report
from Operations later today.

Sir, Lieutenant Ryvora's
training squadron

jumped to another system.


Long-range sensors
indicate Castilon.

Well, it seems

your new squadron leader
is feeling homesick.

Got to admit,

it's nice being back
on this old water ball.

A lot of
peaceful memories here.

Before you showed up.

You know, when I first met Tam,

she had just run away from home
to be a racer.

Reminded me a lot
of my brother Marcus, actually,

and never stayed in one place
too long.

She came to the Colossus
to race and lost everything.

Had to sell her ship
just to survive.

All she ever wanted to do
was race and keep moving,

keep going.

Why didn't you
just give her the Fireball ?

Ah, 'cause if I did, I was
worried she'd just take off.

Race somewhere else.
I didn't want to lose her.

It's Tam!

And company.

Oh, no.

training will have to wait.

I see a shuttle that was
reported missing months ago.

Follow me and do not engage.

- Kaz...
- We're sitting gorgs out here!

There's somebody standing
on that racing ring?

Kaz? Yeager?

They're Resistance!
All TIEs f*re!

CB, prep the shuttle!


Squadron, stand down!

I said, stand down!

- That must be Tam!
- You sure?

Who else would f*re
on another TIE?


I see you
decoded my message.

Yeah, uh, Neeku did.

I... I mean, we did, and...

Yeager, I, uh...

Good to see you, Tam.

I never would have
thought you'd be here.

Why is that?

I didn't think
you trusted me anymore.

After what you did,
I won't lie,

it is difficult.

But, Yeager, you did lie...
about Kaz, the Resistance.

It was for your own good,

but I never thought you'd be
so foolish as to...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Come on, you two.

We... we don't
have time for this.

Let's go home,

and then you guys can argue
all you want.

Wait, we can't leave Rucklin.

He may be a shmoob,
but I can't just abandon him.


Oh, he's, uh...

Oh, he's heavier than he looks.

What just came
out of hyperspace?

Oh, no.

Okay, everyone move.
Move, let's go.

h*t it, CB!

Ah, they're trying
to pin us down.

We have to
get past that destroyer

in order to jump back home.

CB, set to jump?

Kaz, contact the Colossus.
Tell them we're coming.

Captain Doza,
we've got Tam and we're...

We're caught in a tractor beam.

Kaz, are you there?

Kaz, please respond.

And they've jammed our comms.

- Tam?
- It wasn't me, Yeager.

Well, you got us
into this mess.

How are you
going to get us out?

Okay, okay, uh,

remember that maneuver
you told me about?

The one you pulled off
at the Battle of Jakku?

- What maneuver?
- No, no, we're not doing that.

This is a different ship.

There's no guarantee
it'll work.

What will work?

It's not like you have
much of a choice here.

Between die or captured,
I'll take captured.

I'm agreeing with that.
Captured is better than death.

What happened?


What is going on here?

"Barabesh system"?

You know
they'll just k*ll you.

Sorry, what was
the other option?

- Fine, we'll do it.
- Do what?

You get into position

and I'll erase
all of the flight logs

so they can't track our path
back to the Colossus.

Can some please tell me
what we're doing?

What's happening?
What... what are you doing?

- Self-destruct.
- What?

You're setting us
to "self-destruct"?

Yeah, I told you
it was dangerous.

- How much time do we have?
- Not a lot.

All right, lock it down.

Don't sh**t!

She did this.
I have nothing to do with her.

Hands up, now!

Where are the rest
of your conspirators, traitor?

It's just me
and this loudmouth right here.

Whoa, that's not true!
There are others inside.

Search the shuttle.

I feel it's safe to assume

your "training" did not go
quite as planned.

I once thought you had
great potential, Tamara.

You betrayed the First Order,
and as you know,

treason is punishable by death.

I'm not afraid of you
anymore, Tierny.

Perhaps not now.

No, no, wait, hold on!

I saw their flight data
before they erased it.

They came from
the Barabesh system.

That's where
the Colossus is hiding out.

- Take them away.
- But... but it's true!

Please, you can't do this!
I'm one of you!

- You ready?
- This way.

Sir, the transport's
been set to self-destruct!

It's a set-up.
Fall back!

Don't let them escape!

Lock down all corridors.

Don't let them off this level.

Come in, Kaz, Yeager.

Please respond.

Captain, sir, we've lost
their signal completely.

That's it,
I'm going to investigate.

I'll take Hype and Freya
with me,

- and don't even...
- We will wait for them to respond.

I will make my decision
from there.

And if they don't respond,

Security, we have Resistance
agents loose on this ship.

Lock down all positions.
Code Red.

Understood, Agent Tierny.

We have the location
of the Colossus.

There is nowhere left
for them to run.

You'd better hope not,

or it'll mean both our heads.

Set course
for the Barabesh system.

This is all a big mistake!
I'm not a conspirator.

Tam's the traitor, not me.

You're not helping yourself.

This is
just a misunderstanding.

- Keep moving.
- I'm on your side!

We're gonna capture
the Colossus thanks to me!

Hey, leave him alone!

You want this too, traitor?


Get down!

Come on,
we've gotta keep moving.

- What about Kaz?
- I'm moving, I'm moving!

Let's find a way
off this ship.

It won't even matter
if you escape.

I told them
where the Colossus is.

Face it: you've already lost.

- Is that true, Tam?
- I'm afraid it is.

- What are we gonna do?
- Right now, we run.

We've waited
long enough, father!

If something happened to them,
we have to help!

Let me go to Castilon.

I admire your courage, Torra,
but we can't allow you to go.

- At least not alone.
- What?

It may not be
the wisest course of action,

but Torra is right.

We cannot sit here
and do nothing

while our friends suffer.

Imanuel, you know
I'm all for saving them,

but we'd be
taking a terrible risk.

Think about everyone here.

You're right, but if we act,

we must all be aware
of the risk.

Neeku, have everyone
on the Colossus

gather at Aunt Z's.

Ugh, they've locked down
the turbolifts.

CB, where are you?


We're at turbolift, uh, G-27!

You gotta activate it for us!


Activate the turbolift!

We need the turbolift... whoa!

Oh, nice work, CB.

Oh, nice work.

Uh, she says

we're already in hyperspace.

Then it's only
a matter of time

until they reach the Colossus.

Guys, I know
this doesn't look good,

but we're Team Fireball.

We can figure this out.

If only we can warn them.

Maybe we can.

If we can get to engineering,
I can route

a subspace frequency
with CB's help.

We can send a warning
to the Colossus

so they can get away!

As soon as we send
that transmission,

the First Order will know
exactly where we are.

It's worth it
to save our friends.

After what I've done,
it's the least I can do.

CB, meet us in engineering.

Sir, DT-533 has escaped
with the prisoners.

They were last seen
in turbolift G-27.

I thought all turbolifts
were locked down.

They were, sir,

but it appears
they were tampered with.

Let's move.

Hey, what's going on?

Explain to me
what we're doing here?

Aunt Z, no drinks?

Aunt Z,
what's this all about?

We're here 'cause
Captain Doza

ordered us to be here.

If Doza wants to
give us orders,

he should come down here
and give them!

I am not here to give orders.

Most of you have lived here
for many years,

and I know
it has been a struggle,

but it is nothing
compared to us being hunted

by the First Order.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, but that's
Kaz-tastrophe's fault.

They never bothered with us
before he showed up.

And without his help,

we would all be working
in prison camps... or worse.

Captain, what exactly
are you asking of us?

Earlier today, Kazuda Xiono
and Jarek Yeager

went to try and rescue
one of our own, Tam Ryvora.

We haven't
heard from them since.

So you want us to fight?
Is that it?

I am asking you
to help our friends.

Not a chance.

You know what?
They're your...

Where are they, Captain?

We believe
they may be trapped

on board a Star Destroyer.

"A Star Destroyer"?
No, I'm out.

I don't know about this.

Oh, too dangerous
for my liking.

I'm with Jooks.

Count me out.

All engineering personnel:

be on the lookout
for any suspicious...

Okay, we'll need to
get down there

to tap into communications.

Down there?

It's the only place
we can bypass the main control

and transmit
without being jammed.


Let's make this quick.

Follow me,
and be careful.

Down there!

I'll keep watch.
You just get that signal out.

This is just like
old times, huh, Tam?


Sir, a security breach

has just been reported
in engineering.

Lock down all exits
on that level.

The rest of you, follow me.

A transmission?

A-a transmission!

Everyone, please!

I'm not asking you
to join the Resistance.

But choosing to go head-on
with a Star Destroyer?

That is insane.

Completely insane!

We're still recovering
from the damage we took

the last time they found us!

We don't have enough pilots
to defend the station.

Hey, everyone one of my Aces
is worth a dozen TIE pilots.

Excuse me, pardon me.
Pardon me; excuse me; sorry.

Look, Kaz, Yeager, even Tam...
They're more than friends.

They are part of the Colossus.
We're all family here.

It's too dangerous!

- Excuse me, excuse me.
- Hey!

Urgent matters.
Coming through.

- Captain Doza!
- Not now, Neeku.

We have an incoming
transmission from...

- Not now, Neeku.
- But it is from Kaz!


Captain, Doza, sir...

Wow, uh, everyone else... hi.

Our rescue mission
went a little wrong,

and now we're trapped
on this Star Destroyer,

which is on its way
to the Colossus.

You need to get as far away
as you can, now!

Well, that settles it.
You heard him!

Let's get out of here
while we still can.

He's got a point.

That's Tam!


I made a terrible mistake.

I am sorry
for putting you all at risk.

But now I'm asking...

For you all
to get away from there.

This is the only chance
you will have

before the
First Order arrives.

We've got company.

Everyone, save yourselves!

That's it.
We have to help them.

No more running.

Yeah, take action!

For our friends.

So, Captain,
how do we fight back?

I have some experience
with that.

They won't know
what h*t them.


As Kaz would say,
"Let's blast some buckets!"

Oh, this is not good.

This is not good.

This way!

Commander, we forced them
into the maintenance hatch

just as you ordered.

There's a transport.
Come on, let's go.

Drop your w*apon.


Take them to the bridge.

You ready, g*ng?

Jade Squadron standing by.

- Good to go.
- Ready as I'll ever be.

- You know Hype's ready.
- Let's do this.

Cannons online
and ready, Captain.


Captain Doza, I must admit,

my former enthusiasm
for adventure

is being overtaken
by complete and utter terror

as well as slight nausea.

I know
the feeling well, Neeku.

It looks like
you found our friends, Pyre.

I'm impressed
with your tenacity,

but that will come to an end
soon enough.

Tamara, how did I fail you?

I made you a pilot.
I gave you purpose.

I gave you everything
you ever wanted.

What did he give you
that I could not?

A family.

How touching.

Amusing how
all of your efforts

amounted to nothing.

We will be arriving
at the Colossus momentarily.

Well, too bad for you.

We already warned them.

The Colossus will be long gone
by the time you get to them.

Oh, no, no, no, no.
Why are they still here?

Launch all TIE squadrons

and prepare cannons
to open f*re.

Now you get to
watch your family perish.

All right, team,
we're going for their engines.

Jade Squadron, focus ion b*mb

on the panels
near their thrusters.

If we get close enough,

we might have a chance
at taking them out.

All right, Aces,
remember what I said:

one Ace is worth
at least a dozen TIEs.

We're gonna find out
soon enough.

I gotcha, Bucket!

It's not gonna
make much of a dent

as long as their shields
are still up.

Just do what you can.

The shields are holding.

We're tracking eight craft

preparing another run
on the engines.

Looks like they're attempting
to att*ck our thrusters.

They'll never breach
the shields.

Prepare a boarding party,

With pleasure.

Boarding craft,
begin preparations.

primary deflectors.

4D, status report.

Our att*cks have had little
to no effect on their shields,

while our own have decreased
to 30%.

This isn't working.

Anyone have any other ideas?

I was wondering
the same thing!

Just keep f*ring.
We can't afford to stop now.

Agent Tierny, sir,

our shields
have somehow been deactivated.

Well, raise them.
Bring them back online!

I... I can't!

Captain, the destroyer's
shields have been deactivated.

Aces, their shields are down.

I repeat,
their shields are down!

All right, everyone,
go for their engines

and f*re everything you've got!

Disable the controls!

Go, go, go!

CB, this way!

Now we're getting somewhere.


We just need to
get to that transport.

- And fast.
- Come on.

CB, can you lower us
onto that crane?

Cover me.

Our shields
have been compromised

and the prisoners
have escaped the bridge.



Come on, while they're down!

We're gonna die!


Come in, Kaz!

Kaz, are you there?


CB! CB, talk to me!

It's okay,
we'll get you fixed.


Come on,
we don't have much time!

Torra, come in!

Kaz, you're okay!

For now, yeah.

We're taking
one of the transports

to get out of here.

- Please don't f*re at us!
- Copy that.


No, no, no!


The transmission
is coming through now, sir.

Supreme Leader, I have
the Colossus within my grasp,

but I need reinforcements.

To add to your failure?

No, I simply need
support to...

The First Order
does not tolerate the weak,

Agent Tierny.

I understand.

- Do you?
- Yes...



We're close, g*ng.
Just one more pass.

I think that did it!


- Yes!
- Whoo-hoo-hoo!

They did it!

We did it,
Captain Doza.

I absolutely thought
we were collectively doomed,

but we did it!

Yes, we did, Neeku.

Welcome home, Tam.

Commander Doza, I... I...

Permission to come on board?

Of course, Tamara.

This is your home.



Oh, am I happy to see you!

We have so much maintenance
work to catch up on!

Things will be so much easier
with you back,

and so much more efficient.

Neeku, I'm sorry.

So sorry.
We all make mistakes, Tam.

Some are more cataclysmic
than others,

but it is okay.

Come on, let's take this
to Aunt Z's.

Look at this place.

It's a disaster.

That's the price
of freedom, Tam.

And by the way,
the price of your drinks

has just gone up.

It's worth it, Aunt Z.
Well worth it.

I just want to say
thank you.

I was just so afraid.

But when it mattered most,
you were the bravest of us all.

And I was also brave.

You've always been
brave, Kaz.

Team Fireball.

Oh, better yet,
Team Colossus.

Team Colossus!
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