02x10 - See You Soon, Macaroon

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Imposters". Aired February 2017 - June 2018.
"Imposters" revolves around a con artist who gets men and women to fall in love with her and take advantage of them. Three of her former victims team up to track her down.
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02x10 - See You Soon, Macaroon

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Previously on "Imposters"...

- [bell dings]
- The Doctor wants the ring.

- That's it?
- That's it.

Just get the saffron diamond ring,

deliver it to the Doctor,

and then you can go your
bumbling little way.


See you soon, macaroon.

I'm Shelly. Shelly Cohen.

I'm fairly confident
you know my ex-wife.

You're Lenny Cohen's husband?

- Ex-husband.
- Ex-husband.


You know this man I work for,

the Doctor?

I'm gonna k*ll him.

We're gonna find out who he
is and what makes him tick,

and before we deliver him to the FBI,

we'll take him for everything he's got.

- Agent Simons?
- Mr. Bloom.

You know the same truth that I do.

None of us can move on
until this thing is done.

Tell me what you're thinking.

There's this Northeast
Biannual Conference

of Orthopedic Surgeons in two weeks,
Niagara Falls.

There's a very prestigious
award being given away

- called the Egan Award.
- Jeffery?

The Doctor thinks he's winning.

This is Harry Price.

The committee has decided to...

reward your understanding
with this year's Egan Award.

I'd be delighted.

we'll infiltrate his headquarters.

- Looks like the basement.
- Top left pocket.

I think it's his father.

Wipe our info, steal the money,

and then we'll plant the ring on him,
deliver him to the Feds easy-peasy.

Any questions?

No questions, great.

How is making all the money we need
in three days not smart?

Yo, I think he's actually
getting off on this.

Nobody who gets conned is innocent.

They all wanted something for cheap.

Okay, now you're starting
to sound like our ex-wife.

- Do you have the ring?
- It's within reach.

Good. And Max?

He doesn't suspect a thing.

None of them do.

I know what you're doing.

- Yeah, what's that?
- You're gonna k*ll the Doctor.


We have a problem.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

There's a famous quote
from one of my favorite writers.

"No man, for any considerable period,

"can wear one face to himself

"and another to the multitude

"without finally getting bewildered
as to which may be the true."

♪ ♪

And that's the problem, isn't it?

If you play dress-up long enough,

you're bound to get lost
in your disguise.

Like passing out in your
Halloween costume

and not recognizing
yourself in the morning.

And sure, there's a certain comfort
in hiding behind a mask,

a relief that we don't
have to be ourselves

all the time, but...

does it get to a point that
you forget who you really are?

I mean, I fell for you in Mexico,

and it felt true, but you and I,

we lied to each other
from the moment we met.

About our lives, our names.

We even stole from each other.

But what if my heart was lying too?

How can we even know what
we actually feel anymore?

Sorry, I didn't hear. What?

You kidding me?
I was just pouring my heart...

Just kidding, baby dog eyes.

I heard you.

When today's over,

no matter what happens,

meet me at the ferry boats at : .

I promise I'll be there.

You're saying that like I speak Spanish.

You know I don't.

I said...

that I'd think about it.

[jazz music]

Don't you know that a man being rich
is like a girl being beautiful?

You wouldn't marry a girl
just because she's pretty,

but my goodness, doesn't it help?


- You're real good.
- Thank you.

- Megan.
- Norma Jean.

How do you do?

I like doing the Marilyn thing,

but sometimes the lines
get real fuzzy, you know?

I'm with some nice guy.

Who does he want to be with,
me or Marilyn?

You know,
a very smart woman once told me

that each of us has an authentic self.

Sometimes we lose touch with it, right?

But the trick is, you have to find it.

Sure, but how do you find it
if you didn't know

what it was to begin with?


I like your look.
You could go far, Marilyn.

Thank you, Marilyn.

But I'm done playing dress-up.

I'm getting out of the game.

I'm getting out for good.

[both laughing]

Yes, after the reception,
we'll video conference.

It's time I met these
bumblers face-to-face.

And, Sally, in terms of the FBI,

let's be ready to run
the Periwinkle option.


I'll be in touch.

Welcome, Dr. Hull.

I'm Alessandra from the OSA,
Northeast Chapter.

I've been assigned to take care
of you during the convention.

So nice to meet you.

It's simple: Richard covers for Maddie

with the real Egan winner,
and everything's covered.

I think we should tell Sally and Max

that she wants to k*ll the Doctor.

We tell 'em, and Sally might just go
and blow Maddie's brains out.

I'm not kidding.

She wouldn't. She loves Maddie.

Hey, close the curtains.
The view isn't right.

Yeah, we all love Maddie.


I have a confession to make.

It's been driving me crazy.

I broke the code in the worst way.

I slept with her. I slept with Maddie.

- Oh, man.
- Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

- God damn it!
- Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Ah!

You don't seem mad.

- I'm $ not mad.
- You made a bet?

At Langmore Cabin, dude.

I said you guys would be humping it out
within a week's time.

Just under the wire, Ez.

Oh, my God,
I've totally been freaking out.

Nah, I'm totally over her.

Yeah, totally. Me too.

Uh, yeah, you're both terrible liars.

- Mostly kind of...
- % over her.

- Sort of over Cece.
- Right.

I mean, one of us
was bound to sleep with her

at some point.

Thanks, I appreciate your understanding.


- What?
- Well, Jesus, dude.

- How was the sex?
- What?

It's the least you can do. How was it?

You're sh1tting me.
I'm... no, I'm not...

Must have been weird.

That's a lot of people in bed together.

- What do you mean?
- Yeah.

Old cutie-pie, shoe salesman Ezra,

hardened con artist Ezra,
Ava, Saffron, Maddie.

That's a lot of people having sex.

Yeah, it's kind of hot.

- Or possibly...
- Not hot at all.

Like, totally confusing.

So many boobs.


That's what I thought. Not fun.

- Does Sofia know?
- Yeah, man.

That's who you should
be having sex with.

It's, uh, complicated.

Come on. Get it together, Ez.
Always forward.

[door opens]

Yeah, Maddie's clearly moving on
in her own demented way.

- Maddie what now?
- Nothing.

- Nothing.
- Nothing.

That's very convincing.

Let's get going. It's showtime.

[exciting music]

♪ ♪

All right, everybody.

So we have the food platters,

we have the drink platters,

we have the doors to go in
and the doors to go out,

and that is the number one
thing to remember, ladies.

Do not go in the out-door
and do not go out the in-door,

but let's keep all the
full trays going out

and the empty trays coming in,

and remember, a stationary Marilyn

is a not-doing-her-job Marilyn, right?

♪ ♪

All right, my beauties. Chop, chop.

[jazz music]

♪ ♪

♪ I used to think
that life could be ♪

Okay, there he is.

♪ So predictable ♪

- Excuse me.
- Hmm?

Is that bald guy
over there Jeffery Hull?

- That's him.
- Ah, you were right.

I heard he's winning the Egan.

No, I happen to know
Sheila Berman has it locked up.

That's not what Harry Price said.

See, not only that, a woman
I know on the national board

tells me they're eyeing
Hull to step in for Kenner.

- You're kidding me. Dina?
- Yeah?

These guys are saying that
Hull is getting the Egan Award,

and he's replacing Kenner.

He's replacing Kenner? Is that true?

Carolyn, Hull's gonna win the Egan.

He's replacing Kenner.

I hear Hull is...

I think we should go say hello.

It seems they've done a very good job

- of keeping this award a secret.
- Yes.

Jeffery. Hello there.

Harry, yes. Good to see you.

- Ah.
- Oh, my God.

Is that your scalpel hand?
What happened?


I was attacked.

Oh, no. How awful.

Yeah, well, stuff happens, Jeffery,

sooner or later to all of us.

Hey, um,

have you picked out a spot
to display your Egan?

- [chuckles]
- Excuse us, Dr. Hull.

I just wanted to introduce
myself and my colleague.

I'm Sugith John. This is Dina Tham.

Hi. We are such fans of your
theories on implant removal.

It's interesting you
should be here right now,

because Dr. Price, about six months ago,

ran a very interesting seminar

where most people see only
the surface of things,

the bones that...

- So far, so good.
- All right, player.

Time to do your thing.

In and out. No biggie.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Hey! Hey, lady, could you please
watch where you're... whoa!

that is highly inappropriate beh...

Jules, God damn it.

Nice ass.

I just wanted to make sure
I could get away with it.

Don't want you-know-who to recognize me.

Hmm, Dr. Sheila Berman,
actual Egan winner, : .

: . Behind you.

- Don't turn. Don't turn.
- Don't turn around.

Sorry, sorry. I'm a little nervous.

I'm not quite as strong as you
in the disguise department.

You'll do great.

Let's go.

♪ ♪

That topic led to a very serious,
lively discussion.

Yes, and I can see both sides.

A thing of value in this world.


Well, look at it my way.

Most people see only the surface.

Do you like football?

Do you mean football
or American football?

I've always been interested
in what lies underneath.

American football is very...

To me, a body... a body...

- Oh, my God. I am so sorry.
- I'm sorry.

Excuse me!

Like a bull in a china shop today.

- I'm sorry. Are you okay?
- Two left feet.

- Oh, my God.
- That's okay.

- Klutz.
- What was that?

- One moment.
- What was that?

Here is some fresh champagne for you.

- Thank you. No harm done.
- I'm so sorry.

It is our job...

♪ ♪

- Nice work.
- Thanks.

Hey, did I see Sofia
flirting with Harry Price?


♪ ♪

No, how could you even know?
She's not...

- Shh, shh.
- Oh, yeah? What's that?

Jeff Hull is winning the Egan.

Are you sh1tting me?

I was told... I mean,
I'm not supposed to say, but...

Well, that's what I thought, but...

I jammed in three hips

and a spinal fusion
yesterday to be here.

I need to talk to Price. Where is he?

Over there. With Hull.

g*dd*mn traitor.

♪ ♪

Dr. Berman. Sorry to bother you.

There's an emergency call
for you in the lobby,

something about post-op
and a spinal fusion infection.

- Sepsis maybe.
- Jesus.

I'm not sure, yeah.

- But experience is...
- Oh, my goodness.

Dr. Jeffery Hull?

- Uh, hello, Doctor...
- Doctor?

Hah! I wish.
No, just a fan, you could say.

Shannon Stepan of July-Yards
Clamps and Catheter.

I've been pushing the
company for three years

on intramedullary nails,

all because of your amazing article.

Oh, my. Oh, well, that's very kind.

I can't believe I'm meeting you.

Sorry, everyone.

Sorry, I'm fangirling.

Ugh, so embarrassing.

I'm gonna get a drink,
but I'll be back. Bye.

I don't have fans like that.

- Do you have any fans?
- No.

[soft music]

♪ ♪

Yeah, my publishers...

- Good work.
- You too.

For a minute there, I thought...

Oh, my God.

What is she doing?

♪ ♪

- What are you doing?
- Let go.

Alessandra, what are you doing?

I'm so sorry. That Marilyn tripped me.

♪ ♪


God damn it. What are you doing?

I have to take a dump.
Is that okay with you?

Damn it.

Maddie's not answering.
No word from the others.

Where are they?

They've got a minute. They'll be here.

- You all right?
- Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

I've just been dreading
this next part, you know?

We've had quite the run, huh, Max?

Don't get sentimental on me, Sal.

We're back in the game.

Just getting started, right?

Sure thing, Maxie.

I stopped Berman from
getting to the Doctor.

Maddie showed up, almost out of nowhere.

We thought that we had her
cornered, then she did

a disappearing act...

Dressed as Marilyn Monroe.
She's making a play for the Doctor.

What do you mean,
Maddie's making a play?

- She's trying to k*ll him.
- Bullshit.

She has a bunch of drugs
and syringes, so yeah.

In other news, we got both
the Doctor's basement keys.

Wow, that's something.

And his fingerprints.

Ooh, that's another something.

So what do we do about Maddie?

We be better than her.

All right. Phase two.

♪ ♪

[call ringing]

All right.

Breathe like you're in Burlington
and talk as little as possible.

Hail, hail. The g*ng's all here.

Hello, Doctor.

How goes all things Vermont?


And there it is.

That's that, then.

So let's talk about what happens next.

What happens next is,
we never see you or hear from you again.

As promised.

I don't recall promising anything.

I remember saying if you did this job,

your families would be safe.

- Uh, no.
- And now they are.

As long as you keep working for me.

Absolutely not.

- How dare you?
- Shut your mouth.

You disrupted my operation,

stole what is mine.

Simply put, kids, I f... own you.

Welcome to the real game, kids.

I'm afraid that's how it goes.

Just do your job and stay loyal.

For instance,

don't try to take money from me.

That is a no-no. Right, Max?

Well, that money was for you, Doctor.

To make up for the
Heller losses and the...

Shh. Max, we've been through this.

- And Sally?
- Yes, Doctor?

We've had troubles in the past,

but lately things are going
well with us, yes?

- Yes.
- Good.

My biggest worry at the moment

is really what the FBI knows,

how close they've gotten,

and if Maddie is working with them.

It's unlikely.

I really think you're
safe on that front.

Mm. I'm not convinced.

I think it would be best, safest,

if I disappeared.

All right. How can we help?


At Maddie's wedding,

you looked so much like me, Max.

Quite remarkable. That could be useful.

In fact,

you could pretend to be me again.

Sure. Sure, what's the play?

The play is simple.

The Doctor needs to die.

- What?
- Sally.


Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

Sit down!

Sally, finish it.

Well done.

[dramatic music]

[call ends]

♪ ♪

[razor buzzing]

Jesus Christ, she just k*lled him.

She just sh*t him.

She just freaking k*lled
him in cold blood!

Just... just breathe. Just breathe.

[Richard screams]

He was like the uncle I never had.

I know, honey, I know.

Ow, ow, ow, ow! Jesus.

Sorry, Maxie.

He was strong and kind...


And smart and sexy.

- Did you say sexy?
- What the...


Sorry, kids. It had to be done.

- Why would you do that to us?
- We're either in on this or not!

We're supposed to be a team!

All right, easy now.

The simpler the better,

and reactions like those...

- Jesus.
- They can't be bought.

We have him where we want him,
feeling cocky

and thinking he's in the clear.

- And I love you too, kid.
- Screw you.

Who's ready for phase three?


♪ ♪

- You good?
- Man, I invented this move.

Okay, then tell me who you work for.

Dude, I work for the Federal Burr...

Screw off, man.

Federal Bureau of Investigation.

We have a search warrant
for the house of Dr. Jeffery Hull.

- Screw you.
- Hey.

Okay, so I watch a little online p*rn.

It's the st century.

Sir, we're not here about the, uh, p*rn.


Well, how can I help you boys?
My son's a good man.

He took me in when I had
nowhere else to go,

and he really didn't have to.

I wasn't a great father.

Just because you were a crap father

doesn't mean your son
had to become a criminal.

He could have figured it out.

Yeah, don't bother. He keeps it locked.


Guess he left it open today.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

Yeah, nice prints. Very clean.

That is so cool.

Yeah. Don't mess with the wig.

You'll rip the lace there.

It's so itchy.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪



♪ ♪

When he was a kid,
he never had any friends.

Didn't have a feel for it.

Spent all his time in his room
practicing magic tricks,

but that only made
people dislike him more.

[door opens]

- Any luck?
- Nothing.

Sorry for the inconvenience, sir.

Let your son know the FBI came to visit.

Hey, let me tell you something.

The man your son is? That's not on you.

He made his own choices.

- Have a nice day.
- Yeah, you too.

- What was that about?
- Nothing.

How'd it go down there?


[sighs] Oh, God.

[elevator bell dings]

[Muzak playing]

♪ ♪

I feel like I know you. Do I know you?

Uh, I feel like
I'd remember if we'd met.

Oh, why is that? Do tell.

Well, you have a certain flair.


Did you ever frequent
the Ujiki Club in Tokyo?

- No.
- Anton's in Milan?


[clicking tongue]

The Sporleder Club. Berlin.

: in the morning.
Untz, untz, untz, untz?

Must have been my doppelganger.

Doppel... [laughs]

Do you remember why she was there?

I'm looking to make some life changes.

You're an odd little bird.

What brings you to this strange hotel
in this strange little city?

Orthopedic convention. Hot stuff.

Mm, hot stuff.

I happen to have a friend
speaking at the convention.

[elevator bell dings]

See you soon, macaroon.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[knocking at door]

Good to see you, Mr. Cohen.
Please come in.

[phone chimes]



[phone chimes]


[phone chimes]



Here and now.

Fancy a little girl talk?

What do you want, Maddie?

Come on, do you really
have to use that tone?

It's so cold.

- We're on the same team.
- Really?

Then why'd you take a
powder and disappear?

Talk about cold.

But you were always
prone to going it alone.

I don't really see it that way.

We both have the same interests,
the same goal.

- To bring him down.
- Except you want to k*ll him.

And you what, want to see him live?

After everything he's done to you?

Death would be too easy
and too forgiving,

and d*ad or alive...

I will never forgive him.

And he won't ever forgive you.

He conned all of us.

Took everything, our family,

any sense of self-respect.

He took me in the prime of my youth

and turned me into what?

You were like a mother to me.

Watching it all go down.

There were plenty of times
I stuck my neck out for you, kid.

Don't bother. I get it.

I get it. I get it all.

- Something to drink, ladies?
- No, thank you.

I won't be staying long.

I need your help, Sal.

Let's finish this.

I should sh**t you right now.

Go for it.

All right.

I still have that phone you gave me.

I'm gonna keep it on just in case.

If you change your mind, give me a call.


I'll see you in the game.

[knocking at door]

[classical music playing]

♪ ♪

Hello there, it's time for me
to take you to the Green Room.

Of course. Come in.
I'll be right with you.

Make yourself comfortable.

It's a very exciting night for you.

Yes, it certainly is.



And who might you be?

- Alessandra.
- Shelly Cohen.

- Nice to meet you.
- Is it?

You seem a little tense.

No, no.

- I was just...
- You were just...

Shall we?

Alessandra from the conference,
Shelly Cohen.

- A man of many talents.
- That's me.

The Green Room is just this way.

They will let us know
when they are ready

to take you backstage
for the award presentation.


A tad chiffon for my taste,
but it'll do.

I'm gonna go to the ballroom
and make sure everything

feels just right.

How are you this evening?

[tense music]

♪ ♪

[phone buzzing]


Hello, Dad.

Um, I'm afraid now is not
a good time to talk...

The FBI was here. I've been...


...all morning.

What were they looking for?

Did they leave a... Okay, okay.

Don't do anything, you hear me?
I'll take care of it.

♪ ♪


- Sally?
- Yes, Doctor.

I've decided to take that
vacation we discussed.

I want you to call the bank right away.

- Yes, that's right.
- Same password?

Periwinkle. They'll know what to do.

Of course. Right away.

I'd like a cup of tea.

I thought we arranged to have
some g*dd*mn tea ready.

I did. I don't know what happened.

Sorry. Right away.

The consequences
of our deeds are amplified,

for better or for worse,

when acknowledged
in front of our colleagues

and our friends with such ceremony,

which is why it gives me
such great pleasure

to announce the winner
of this year's Egan Award,

Dr. Sheila Berman.

[cheers and applause]

Congratulations, Sheila.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

Did you win an award too?

♪ ♪



Well, the g*ng's all here.

The Doctor has the ring,
and he's in the Green Room.

Let's end this thing.

- [knocking at door]
- Come in.

I have tea for you, sir.

Where's the girl?

She checking on the time
for your speaking.

♪ ♪

I make special plate for you.
Here you go.



There you go.

[shallow breaths]

You once told me time has a way
of answering all questions.

You're about out of time.

Do you have any answers?

♪ ♪

I didn't think so.

♪ ♪

In a moment, I'm going to
take the tape off your mouth,

and then I'm going to leave.

I want you to count to ,

then you can scream
for help all you want.

I told you it was this way.
You guys never listen to me.


Start counting.

Dr. Hull?

Jesus Christ.

I wonder why Maddie didn't take this.

Yeah, I don't think she cared
about the ring anymore.

Hello? Is anybody there?

That's Sofia.

[upbeat music]

[phone chimes]



[phone cracks]

♪ ♪

[tense music]

♪ ♪



That looked like it hurt.

No, no, no. I'll help you.

Ah, come on.


I don't know why the hell
I'm doing this, but go!

- Jules...
- Maddie, go! Run!


And you're welcome!

I know where I know you from.

You remind me of my ex-wife.


[indistinct chatter]

How can I help you, sir?

Yes, I'd like to open
my safety deposit box.

Time to cash that treasury bond
and go on that Alaska cruise

I keep talking about.

Of course, Dr. Hull.

And your password, if you don't mind?

- Periwinkle.
- Excellent.

We got the call a few minutes ago.

It should be ready.

Right this way.

Here we are, sir.
Everything should be all set for you.

♪ ♪

You got to love the modern world.

We don't background-check
each and every woman

who wants to be Marilyn Monroe, okay?

I just need to see a list
of the OSA Marilyns.

Thank you.

Megan Jones.

Please make sure that all
overhead bins are closed,

and remember that in consideration
of your fellow passengers,

cell phone use is prohibited.

Rochester will be our first stop.

[soft music]

♪ ♪

[engine rumbling]

[brakes screech, hiss]

[door opens]

A little side trip to Niagara Falls?

Yeah, yeah.

For work, though.

Not for fun.

- How'd it go?
- Good, good.

Although I thought I had
this one guy cornered,

and then boom,

he has a massive coronary and dies
before I can put cuffs on him.

Oh, shame.

You know, I never saw you as a m*rder.

- No?
- No.


Not even gonna deny it?

You still think you
have me all figured out.

Well, maybe I do.

I mean, at one point you told me
I would never catch you,

and yet here we are.

Yes, here we are,
except I didn't k*ll the Doctor.

I didn't steal the ring,

and I'm sure as hell
not going to prison.

You finished?

[sighs] For now.


Because there's something
that I've always wanted

to say to you.

What's that?

You have the right to remain silent.

[handcuffs click]

Anything you say can
and will be used against you

in a court of law.

You have the right to an attorney.

If you can't afford one,
the court will appoint one for you.

That's not bad for a
dishonest day's work, huh?

This is a lot of money.

- A lot a lot.
- A super-duper lot.

The drives are wiped.
The Doctor is no longer.

How many burner phones did you take

- from the basement?
- About .

Yeah, make sure
they all go away for good.

I don't want any
of the crews to get b*rned.

What about Sally's cut?

When I find her, I'll give it to her.

Should we trust you?

You want to try to take it from me?


I respect my elders.

Be good.

[chuckles] I'll try,

but that sounds awfully boring.

♪ ♪

No crying.

No crying that we're splitting up

or that our ex-wife is
quite possibly a m*rder?


I'd bet good money
that it was Sally, not Maddie.

Yeah, well, you just got rich.

Don't be stupid with your money.

Do you think it was Maddie?

No comment.

Can I tell you something ridiculous?

Even after Seattle,

even when I thought I was over her,

Maddie still defined me, you know?

Like, I had no idea
who I could be without her,

and that turned out to be...

An enormous, life-shattering lie?


and now it's like,

I don't know who I'm gonna be without...

you guys.

Yeah, ridiculous.

Okay, no matter what,
six months from today,

we meet in Brooklyn at the coffee shop
below my old apartment.

- Yeah, I like that.
- I'm in.

♪ ♪

I love you stupid idiots.

We love you too, dummy.

I thought we weren't gonna cry.

♪ ♪

Excuse me.

Are you Mr. Baby Dog Eyes?

Oh, uh, yeah, I am. I think.

This is for you.

♪ ♪

Did you know the first person
to go over the Niagara Falls in a barrel

was a -year-old lady?

I did, actually,

and she made it too.

I, uh... I got your note.

Is that what you wanted?

Yeah, and something else too.

And what would that be?

Come here. I'll tell you all about it.

[phone ringing]

- Hello?
- Hello, Doctor?

It's Ernie.

I have an update on Cincinnati.


Hello, Doctor?

Go ahead, Ernie.

I'm listening.
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