01x13 - The Return

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Doubt". Aired: February 2017 to August 2017.
"Doubt" revolves around a brilliant attorney who falls for her client, an altruistic pediatric surgeon recently accused of m*rder his girlfriend 24 years earlier.
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01x13 - The Return

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♪ Turn out the lights ♪


We're due in court in
T minus minutes,

so any coffee or whatever,

it's gonna have to be a
to-go situation, okay?



You believe this?

In the O.R., nobody had a
steadier hand than me.


It's gonna be okay.

You are gonna be okay.

And not guilty.

You sure about that?

I have absolutely no doubt.

TIFFANY: Sadie thinks
there's a real chance

they come back with a guilty verdict,

so an emergency motion for
bail, pending appeal,

- kind of goes without...
- Well, it goes without saying, right.

Right. Speaking of verdicts,

any word from Character and Fitness?

Not yet; Also not yet, sleeping.

Not until I get my results.

Nick, it's fine. The guy at
the interview, he loved you.

Yeah, “loved,” as in past tense,

as in before he asked me about...

Johnny Lozito coming up
was the perfect chance

for you to show your integrity.

Most people would've lied,

but you told the truth. You know why?

- 'Cause I'm an idiot?
- Because you are honorable.

You went into Character and Fitness

and-and displayed actual
character and, and...

- Fitness?
- Yes.

And for that reason, and
a dozen more, you are...

you are top-notch.

The top-est notch.

Really, my money is on you
passing with flying colors.


I'm heading over for
the Brennan verdict.

You're good on Erin Rush's sentencing?

Yeah, we already agreed on
the terms of the plea deal.

I'll get her squared away,
and meet you at the verdict.

Just be careful with Judge Souza.

She acts nice. Don't fall for it.

She's a monster.

Cam, is Albert really leaving?

Until his plants are in a cardboard box

and he's out the door, don't bet on it.



NICK: Your Honor, my
client has authorized me

to enter a plea of guilty
to an “A” misdemeanor

for the possession of marijuana
with an aggregate weight

of more than two ounces,
with the understanding

that she'll receive a -day jail term.

Okay, Ms. Rush, days means,

with good time, you have days to do.

You've been in for a month,

so you've got about days left.

I understand, Your Honor.

My wife and I are expecting
our first child soon.

I want to be there for the birth,

so I just plan on keeping my head down.

Girl or boy?

We don't know yet.

The ultrasound where we find out

is tomorrow.

Would you like to be there for that?

I could release you
until tomorrow night,

but you still have to come back

and finish out your jail term.

Oh, actually, we're good, Your Honor.

We'll just finish out her sentence.

It would be amazing to
be at the appointment.

ERIN... JUDGE SOUZA: Okay, great.

I am releasing you until : p.m.

But I warn you,

if you don't come back,

or you're late,

I'm tripling your sentence.

Oh, can you do that? Can she do that?

She can and she will.

Just don't be late and we're good.

Fine with the People, Your Honor.

Then we're adjourned.

Okay, what's next?

That was a trap. You
know what she knows?

That people are always late
to turn themselves in.

You know why?

Because you take five extra
minutes in the shower,

and, right before you leave,
your partner starts crying

and you have to console them.

- I'm not gonna be late.
- That's right.

Because I'm gonna be at your apartment

at : to personally
escort you back here

- with an hour to spare.

- Got it?
- Yeah.

(SOFTLY): Hey.

(SOFTLY): Oh, my gosh.

If this verdict goes the other way,

she's gonna need you more now than ever.

- Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
- Albert.

It'd help me to hear it.

I'll be there for her.

I promise.

All rise.

Ladies and gentlemen, the
jury is about to enter.

I will not tolerate outbursts.

When the jury renders its verdict,

I expect silence.

Mr. Foreman, have you reached a verdict?

We have, Your Honor.


In the matter of The People v.
William Brennan,

on the charge of m*rder
in the first degree,

we the jury find the defendant...

...not guilty.






having been found not guilty,
your case is concluded.

You are free to go.

Thank you.


- ♪ Won't you ♪

♪ Won't you take my side... ♪

- Hey!

Should I say something?

- Yes.
- Of course.

Uh, everyone has been
asking me how I feel.

I think the short answer
is good, I feel good.

- I feel really good.

And I think the not short answer is...

I feel profoundly changed
by this experience.

And I think that one of
the things you learn

when you're fighting for your life is...

who's in the fight with you.

I look around, and everyone,

everyone here

in small ways and big,

saved my life.

I will never be able to thank you,

but a thousand times, thank you.

- Cheers.
- ALL: Cheers.

Well, I've been known, on occasion,

even without the assistance

of extremely expensive champagne,

- to speak lyrically about

this little place we call home.

And about the collective
struggle we share,

the long slog toward justice.

Can we just cut to part
about why we do what we do?

I've got it that memorized.


Be my guest.

There's a reason why

days like this, moments
like this, feel so good.

And it's because most days
and nights end with us

feeling so bad.

We fight and claw

tooth and nail for justice.

Sometimes we even fight each other.

Call it friendly f*re
or collateral damage.

But no matter how low we get,

when the sun comes out,

we are right back here where we belong,

because we are a family.

So let's raise our glass.

To today.

And tomorrow.

And the ones after that.

- Cheers.

CAMERON: I want this moment.

What do you mean?

This moment, this end zone celebration,

I want this for Carolyn.

♪ You looked away when I call out ♪

♪ Didn't wanna meet my eye ♪



Freedom is a gift.

Don't waste a minute of it.

I won't.


You said there's no
way you can thank us.

Maybe there is.

♪ Why won't you call ♪

Albert, your glass has
way too much air in it.

We did it.

Let's be real, Sadie, you did it.

Everything you see here, the
champagne and everyone, (CHUCKLES)

it's here 'cause you took the risk.

- You made the call.
- What? Volunteering the blood?

Let's be real, if we're gonna be real.

That was him.

- Pain in the ass.

He is a pain in the ass.

That family bit, in your little speech,

that was to make me feel bad.

To keep me from leaving.

How'd I do?

I guess it made me stop and consider.

- This place does feel like home.
- Mm.

I don't know.

You don't have to know right now.

Eventually your gut will tell
you the right thing to do.


Which is to stay...

by the way.

- The Molly tapes?
- The Molly tapes!

We found the evidence on those tapes.

And the Windsong thing? (CHUCKLES)

The Windsong thing, you
made that connection.

I mean, d... we were part of the team

that exonerated William Brennan!

(LAUGHS) I know. I mean,
seriously, there are books

that are gonna be written
about this case.

- They're being written, like, right now.
- Yeah, I mean, we-we're...

And you and I, we're gonna be...

- We're gonna be in those books.
- Mm-hmm.

We'll flip to the index and check.




I want to tell you something.

I want to tell you that...

I flew solo today at the sentencing,

and all I could think was
I wanted to tell someone.

Oh, okay, what? (CHUCKLES)

No, not that. I wanted to tell you.

I wanted to tell you that

I felt powerful, and intentional,

and like this weight had been
lifted off my shoulders,

and I was finally hitting
my stride, and that's due,

in no small part... In no
small part, Tiff... to you.

♪ There's still love ♪

So, for those reasons
and a dozen more...

♪ Say we're not done ♪

...you are top-notch.

♪ Why won't you just say ♪

The top-est notch.

♪ We're still one ♪

♪ Love cannot wait ♪

♪ Call me yours ♪

♪ Take it or leave it... ♪


Did you two find the champagne?

You guys.

We keep it in the fridge.


We should probably get back.

- Get back out there. Yeah.
- Yeah.


The gift. We forgot about the gift.

Oh, my God, the gift.

We were gonna open it if we won.

And we won, Billy.

We won.

I heard something about that.


Ooh. Thank you.

♪ Like you used to do ♪

♪ 'Cause there's still love ♪


♪ In life... ♪

Oh, this is that thing you told me about

that belonged to your great-great...

great... you know, whatever.

It's amazing, your ear for detail.


I can't accept this.

It goes back generations.

It should really stay in your family.

Yeah, you're right.

It should stay in the family.


What are you doing?

I'm not wasting a minute.

No, this is just...

This is just excitement,
you're just getting swept up

- in the moment...
- If it had gone the other way,

I would be begging you to
forget about me right now.

But it didn't go the other way.

So I get to ask you,

Sadie Ellis...

...will you marry me?

♪ Call me yours ♪



♪ Take it or lose me now... ♪

Do you like it?

Oh, my God...

I didn't get you anything.

Just my life. Our life.


♪ Take it or leave it. ♪

You saw nothing last night.

Oh, I saw something.

The Notebook... It was so, so good.

Then I saw the movie
about the ghost busters?

- Ghostbusters?
- Yes!

And she also saw you and
Nick kiss in the breakroom,

- so there's that.
- Lucy. Come on,

you can't, you can't go
around telling everyone.

I don't see what's the big deal.

It was just a little champagne kiss.

Unless it wasn't.

No, I-I... No, I don't know. Maybe.

It's like Lucy said...

Someone sh**t me for saying that...

It's no big deal, you're both adults.

NICK: Tanya?

Or maybe not. What's up?

D.A. just called, something
about Erin's case.

If anybody asks, that's where I am. Hey.

Either of you guys seen Tiffany?


I have. She's under the desk.


Hey, I just wanted to congratulate...

Are you shredding the Brennan discovery?

Calm down, everything's digitized.


God, that feels good.

I just wanted to say, I really am sorry.

Not telling you about your mom,

that wasn't easy.

And I hope one day, you'll
be able to forgive me.

I'm engaged.


We're not going public with it yet.

I still have to figure
out how to tell Albert.

And I know we have to
wait a while before...

Six months.

...before we tell people, but
I just had to tell someone.

I'm engaged.

It really is beautiful.

I still can't believe it.

I mean, everyone I have
ever dated, I've hated,

because they were either
annoying or stupid

or had ferrets.

I dated this guy with a ferret.

But Billy is...

he's kind and smart and...

- Doesn't have ferrets.
- It's a miracle.

You want to hear another miracle?

It's not a ring, but...
guess what I got?

A drawer.

A big drawer, all my own,
in Peter's apartment.

And a phone charger.

Phone charger is big.

I know it wasn't easy, not to tell me.

It's just that everything reminds me

that my mom will never come home.

Even this.

I'm engaged and my mom
won't be at my wedding.

I'm so sorry.

I know.

So, I'm gonna go back to working
through my anger at you.





Hey, Sean.


Nick, this is A.D.A. Vincent Todd.

Nice to meet you. Uh,
what's going on, guys?

Erin's all set to turn
herself in at : ,

unless you got yourself a big heart

and want to give her community service.

She just e-mailed me the
ultrasound pictures

a few minutes ago.

Guys, it's... it's a boy.

Actually, this has nothing
to do with Erin's case.

Vincent wants to talk to you,

so I'll get out of your way.


What's going on?

An attorney named Anthony Kellem

contacted us yesterday about
something that came up

in your Character and Fitness review.


He said you might know
some stuff about a death

that occurred at the
Otisville Prison infirmary,

about three years ago?

It was previously thought
to be a heart att*ck,

but according to a
present Otisville inmate

who contacted him, it was a m*rder.

Do you know Art Camston?


Here's what Mr. Camston told us.

There was a m*rder committed
by, let's call him Inmate A.

But Inmate A didn't have access
to the prison infirmary.

But he got access from a
guy we'll call Inmate B.

Which, as you know,
constitutes the crime

of criminal facilitation.

You following? I went
to law school, yeah.

Indeed you did.

Anyway, we were just wondering, curious,

if Inmate B felt like helping
us out in our investigation.

What makes you think I'm Inmate B?

You know how this goes.

You help us out, and we
can be very generous,

but if you choose to be adversarial...

Nick, look.

I'm sure there's an
explanation for all of this.

Just come clean now, and
we'll work something out.


I'm not saying a word until
I speak to my lawyer.

Suit yourself.


Billy, your friends and family

have supported you all through this.

You can't very well deny them the chance

to celebrate you, now
that you've been cleared.

Anyway, it'll be a
small, intimate affair.

- Define your terms.
- Small. Intimate.

That's repeating your terms.



A hundred, tops.


I'd be as surprised as anyone.

And their plus-ones, of course.

I just want to put this behind me.

How do you think I feel?

Sweetheart, I want to shout to
the world that you're innocent.

That my boy...

And maybe to atone

for ever having doubted
you, even for a moment.

Honestly, I would do anything

if it would help you to forgive me.

Even cancel this party.


don't make me cancel the party.

There is one thing you could do.


NICK: Anyway, I didn't say a word,

but obviously I need a lawyer.

Every resource of this firm
is at your disposal, Nick.


We'll find out where they are

in their investigation,

whether a grand jury has been impaneled.


I know you're planning on leaving us,

but for the time being...

Oh, I'm taking this case.

I'm gonna call the
D.A.'s office right now.

: ?

I still got a half hour.

: ? Oh God, Erin.

Wait! Stop!

- Stop!
- Where were you?

Your Honor, I... This... it's my fault.

I waited for you! I called you times!

I'm so sorry, I'm gonna fix this.
Your Honor?

Judge Souza. Pl...

What just happened?

Sorry, man, I don't
know what to tell you.

Your client was ten minutes late.

That was it.

She upped her sentence to two years.

If they tried to get Nick to talk,

they're gonna try to indict.

So let's serve cross . notice now.

Tell them Nick wants to testify
before the grand jury.

It tips our hand.

Only if we really let him testify.

If it comes to it, we changed our minds.

But the notice forces them
to tell us before they vote

- an indictment.
- TIFFANY: Nick. Hey.

We're just trying to
figure this all out.

That's great, and I'm
grateful, but, uh...

I really need your help right now.

Uh, my client, Erin Rush,

is gonna spend two years
in jail because of me.

So I need you all to
stop thinking about me

and start thinking about her.


I need to fix this.

While we completely understand
your position on these matters.

We're asking you to reconsider
the sentence enhancement

since in this particular case,

the fault lies entirely with our office.

I don't agree.

Mr. Brady instructed Erin

to wait for him, and then
he failed to show up.

She called him repeatedly.

We have an affidavit and time
coded cell phone records.

Mr. Brady

wasn't the defendant.

Mr. Brady didn't give me his word.

I'm punishing your client

because she failed to live up to
her obligations to this court.

But a two year sentence, Your Honor.

Which is authorized

for the counts Ms. Rush pled to.

Which means she'll lose her
job, her health insurance.

She's the sole breadwinner
in her family.

Please, Your Honor, consider the impact

on her wife, her unborn child.

Yes, it's very sad.

But I have made my decision
and I'm sticking to it.

Your Honor, may I be heard?

Do I have a choice, Mr. Roth?

Really, does anyone ever
have a choice with you?


Don't start that whole,
“We go way back”".

But we do.

Jonah Williams?

You'd been on the bench two days.

And I'd rule against you all over again.

Do the right thing here.

We've been walking

in different directions
a long time, Isaiah.

You used to care.

You know, I cried the first
time I sentenced someone.

It was only days,

but the reality

of putting another
human being in a cell?

It was a heavier burden
than I ever imagined.

I'm sure.

I've borne that burden for
the last three decades.

LET ME GUESS: It gets easier?

After years of an American public

demanding mass incarceration,

you know what I've come to care about?


Moving cases along.

- Efficiency.
- You're not warming my heart.

I'm a functionary.

The only thing I have left

is respect for the court,

for my court.

This wasn't her fault.

You see, that right there

is where the problem starts.

A lack of personal responsibility.

Arrive on time.

It's not that hard.

Just once, I wish someone
would walk into my courtroom

and say, “Yeah, I did it. Punish me.”

If anyone had any faith
in your compassion...

Oh, please. Before you
go all righteous on me,

I just signed an arrest
warrant for Nick Brady...

That's the same guy that screwed
this case up... so if I were you,

I'd save my favors for him.

Uh-oh. You're in my office.

You never come to someone's
office to deliver good news.

You couldn't get Erin's sentence

back to days.

No, I couldn't.


There's a warrant out for your arrest.

You need to turn yourself
in to the police.

Stay ahead of this.

I arranged a voluntary surrender.

We'll go do it now

and have you out in less than hours.

I'd rather go alone.


I can't let you see me like that.

It'll make you lose respect for me

and that'll make me lose respect for me.

Don't be ridiculous.
I'm coming with you.

I'm not asking you, I'm telling you.

You're not coming with me.

- There you are.
- Not now, Cameron.

- I just got an e-mail.
- Nick is in trouble.

I don't see how he
fights back from this.

How the Character and Fitness Committee

- approves him.
- I know, but...

Whatever it is, can you take care of it?

No, sir, I can't.

Read it.


She's not here. I wanted to call her,

but I figured I'd let you.

You may not want Isaiah here,

but there's no way we were
gonna let you do this alone.

I was just, uh, telling a client

how hard it is to turn herself in.

Turns out, I wasn't kidding.

Piece of cake.

We'll have you out in no time.

♪ Oh, and here... ♪

I'm scared.

I'm sorry, is it weird that I
just admitted that to you?

It'd be weird to me if you didn't.

♪ All the ghosts ♪

I'm glad you're here.

You ready?

Ready as I'll ever be.

♪ Float around us ♪


♪ How they turned ♪

GUARD: Hey, Rice.

Get your stuff. You're being moved.

To the infirmary?

Why? I feel fine.

Just come with me.

♪ This ain't your mother ♪

♪ But, darling, there was no ♪

♪ Spark left for us ♪

♪ We wonder part, too ♪

♪ But lost I was ♪

♪ And now I know that ♪

♪ Here... ♪

♪ Here I am ♪

♪ Oh, and here... ♪

♪ Here I am ♪

♪ Oh, hard to believe ♪

♪ It's said and done ♪

Good luck.

♪ Hard to believe ♪

Thank you.

♪ It's not d*ad and gone ♪

♪ I want to believe ♪

♪ All is well that ends well ♪


How-how did this happen?

♪ But I just can't convince myself ♪

♪ Can't touch the stars ♪

I'm free?

♪ Or make them shine ♪


Is this real?

It's real.

♪ Until the day we die ♪

It's real.

♪ Can't touch the stars ♪

♪ Can't make them shine ♪

It's over.

It's all over.

♪ But you know I'll try ♪

- ♪ For you, I'll try. ♪

Nick's arrainment is set
for this afternoon.

The State's case isn't very
strong, but there's no guarantee

- that we can get him out on bail.
- He's already made friends

with the guards. They're
letting him use the phone

as much as he wants. He's
already called me six times,

but not about his case. About Erin.

I'm working on it.

Since Souza was a d*ad
end, I went over her head

and filed an Article petition.

Isn't that like suing the judge?

Yeah, and they hate you forever for it,

but it gets heard right away.

Hearing's in an hour.

- Yay.
- Not yay yet.

The only time I've seen
an Article work

is when it went unopposed
by the D.A.'s office.


- I heard about Nick.
- Yeah.

- Sorry.
- Thanks.

And to make matters
worse, he got Souza'd.

I heard about that, too.

Erin Rush was growing six pot plants.

In eight other states, that'd
make her an entrepreneur.

- She should move.
- Maybe she will,

in two years, when she
gets out of prison.

Souza's a known hard-ass and I
agree, two years is excessive,

- but it...
- I filed an Article

and I thought it would be amazeballs

if Trenegan didn't oppose our petition.


Trying to keep this light and breezy.

You know what's not amazeballs?

Is asking me to influence the
judgment of a colleague.

Because that would be
completely unethical.

I'm trying to right an outrageous wrong

and thought Trenegan might
respect your opinion.

He would, because I'm his superior

and he'd feel obligated
to do what I asked.

And then, I'd feel dirty.

And I don't like feeling dirty.

Except sometimes. In bed.


Not happening, Cam.

You must be exhausted.

Or hungry?

What I want is for you two
to stop staring at me.

It's like you're both afraid to blink

in case I disappear.

You've been checking your
cell phone obsessively

for the last hour.

If you have something
important to deal with

at work, go. Do it.

And you could go out

and get me a few things to wear.

You know, jeans and T-shirts

until I'm ready to face Macy's again.

Macy's still exists, right?

Yes. And then when you two

come home, we'll root around
in the fridge for food,

and when we don't find anything...

Well, then, we'll order Chinese.

Sound good?

So good.

(QUIETLY): Perfect.

You're still staring at me.


(QUIETLY): Okay.

Um, I'll be on my cell phone.





I read the Article petition

to get Ms. Rush's sentence reset

to days.

It's well-argued and concise.

Do the People oppose the appeal?

The People were satisfied

with the originally negotiated
sentence and therefore

will not oppose the petition.

I find Judge Souza's ruling

to be irrational and needlessly punitive

and hereby vacate the two-year sentence

- and reinstate the days.


Remember how I said I hated Peter?

(CHUCKLES): Now I love him.


How's it feel being a free man?

- Pretty good.
- I'll bet.

How's it feel having your mom back?

- Amazing.

Thank you so much for asking
your mom to call the governor.

- You're welcome.
- What did she...

I mean, how did she do it?

Well, my dad gave him his
first job as an intern.

Think we've always sort of felt

like there was a favor to cash in

- at some point.
- Hmm.

Must be nice being a Brennan.

Yeah, it has its upsides.

Good tables at restaurants.

Actually, that's the only upside.

The rest is reading lies about
yourself in the tabloids.

- Well, I can't wait.

Hey, uh, put your ring on, will you?

Come on, just for a few minutes.

I'll keep a good lookout.


That is just...

Looks good on you.

- That's a good ring.

This is what we wanted.

Just be two people walking
down the street on a Tuesday.


Did Erin's petition work?

Yes. Cam just called.

Thank you. Thank Cam.

I... please, let her know...

OFFICER: Docket ending ,

Nicholas Brady, charged with
m*rder in the second degree,

- and conspiracy to commit m*rder.
- Hold on.

We were told that Mr.
Brady was being charged

with criminal facilitation.

The D.A. changed her mind. Maybe if Mr.
Brady had cooperated...

ALBERT: Mr. Brady had nothing to do

with the m*rder of Johnny Lozito.

He didn't see the fight in the yard,

and he wasn't present when Mr.
Lozito died, he simply...

Acted in concert with other inmates

to cause the death of Mr. Lozito,

who suffocated in the prison infirmary.

- Come on.
- Your Honor,

given the defendant's
substantial criminal history

and seriousness of the charges,

the People are asking for remand.

They want to hold me without bail?

This is absurd.

The D.A. is angry

about our office
publicly calling her out

on her abuse of power.

I agree. Holding the defendant
without bail is overreaching,

but I also agree that Mr.
Brady's history

makes him a flight risk.

I'm gonna revoke his passport

and set bail at the
amount of $ million.

ISAIAH: Nick Brady is innocent

of these charges and I
will stake my name,

my reputation and my firm on his
integrity and his exoneration.

You're gonna gamble
your firm on this man?


If you post his bail, you
can't represent him.

I'm representing Mr. Brady.

You're a member of the firm
that's posting his bond.

It's not allowed.

No, I'm not.

As of right now, I resign
from Isaiah Roth & Associates

and hereby sever all ties.

Okay. Bail is set at $ million,

to be secured by a deed

to the assets of Isaiah
Roth & Associates.

Mr. Brady, you're free to go.

I'd say I'd pay you back,
but it's $ million.

Don't look at me, I just
started my own firm.

- I don't have any money.
- Well, neither do I,

so I guess we better win this.

Nick should just testify
in the grand jury.

That's a terrible idea.

No, it's not. He'd make a great witness,

and if it's him against
a current inmate,

maybe they'll decide there's not
enough to indict, and the whole thing

- could be over in a week.
- They'll indict

a ham sandwich and you know that.

So, we just sit around and do nothing

while a huge cloud hangs
over Nick and the firm?

You... can't imagine how much I love

seeing the two of you argue.

Well, good. You're gonna
be seeing a lot of it.

Maybe I'll just text Albert.

See if he can force them to do
a preliminary hearing instead.

Don't text him, tell him at the party.

I'm not going to the party.
My mom is home.

I'm gonna sit here and stare at her.

- No, you're not.
- Yes, I am.

And he's not the only
one I can argue with.

You bought a dress. I
want to see you in it.

Seriously, Mom, it's not a big deal.

It is to me.

I-I-I didn't get to see
you go to the prom.

G-Give this to me now. Please.

Fine. I'll go for an hour, but
let me clean up dinner first.

No, no, I'll-I'll clean up.

You go shower.


(WHISPERING): You know,

she didn't go to the prom.

Sure she did.

She told me. She went with Andy Hart.

They-They had a great time.

She lied.

Did she boycott it?

Too antiquated? Too patriarchal?

No one asked her?

She's prickly.

(KNOCKS) Peter.


Thank you so much for helping with Erin.

When Trenegan didn't oppose
the motion, I just assumed...

You assumed that since we're all jerks,

the only way any of us
could do the decent thing

is if we were ordered to.

D.A.s aren't your enemy, Cam,

but we're also not your coconspirators.

- I'm sorry.
- You should be.

- It won't happen again.
- Good.

- Fine.
- Fine.


Do you understand how
inappropriate it was to ask me?

(QUIETLY): I do.

You can't come to me
with that sort of thing,

just like I can't come to you.

This is why you're gonna
make a great D.A.

You're so ethical, it's annoying.

(CHUCKLES) Yeah, well...

I didn't get it.

I just found out.

Who did?

I don't know.

Someone who doesn't have

a black, trans, defense
attorney girlfriend

who makes them unelectable.

It's insane.

People don't care about that.

People just want to live in a safe city.

They want a D.A. who can't be bought.

So run.

Fine, you didn't get interim D.A.

Run in the general election.

Show them who's electable.

It could be brutal.

Bring it on.

You serious?

I think it would be a
conflict of interest

for you to accompany me

to the Billy Brennan victory party.

How about we go home, I
put on my fancy dress

and you take it off.

Now, that is a party I want to go to.

We want to thank you for
all your love and support.

Your e-mails and calls
these last few months

have been lifesaving.

And I'd also like to thank everybody

at Isaiah Roth & Associates.

If any of you ever needs a lawyer,

and I hope to God you don't...


...Sadie Ellis and Albert Cobb

are two of the finest
people I've ever known.

And I'd like to thank my
dear friend, Isaiah Roth,

who couldn't be here tonight
because he has a date

that has been on the books,
literally for decades.

(MOUTHS): Thank you.

So, now, eat, drink,

and for God's sakes, enjoy yourselves.

- WOMAN: Cheers.
- Cheers.


Ah, thank you.

I'm gonna steal these.

Here's to you, Mr. Sole Practitioner.


You'll be back.

Doubt it.

You're gonna miss me too much.

Billy's not the only one who feels free.

I do not like you.

You love me.

I was gonna yell and make
you stay, but I didn't,

and I decided to be a grown-up

and let you be a grown-up.

I'm proud of you.

I think it was a mistake.

We're gonna be fine.

Okay, this room is full of the richest,

most successful women in New York.

Let's go get you a girlfriend.

Bring your bourbon.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Just need to get my laptop.

Until this is settled,

Albert and I think it's
best if I don't do any law.

It puts the clients at risk.


Good news is, I finally get
to watch Stranger Things.

♪ So maybe you could
walk me to my car... ♪

Aren't you supposed to be at the party?

I didn't really feel like going.

Me neither.

♪ Oh, oh... ♪

Want to go get hammered?

(CHUCKLES) More than you
can possibly imagine.


But I'm the defendant in a m*rder case.

You should probably distance yourself.

That is the last thing I'm gonna do.

♪ And it breaks my heart
just to see us there ♪

♪ Hand in hand, standing on
the corner in a hologram ♪

♪ And I reach, but we disappear... ♪

Get your laptop.

Let's go.

♪ All my loneliness is the
only thing to find here... ♪

CAROLYN: For the first time in forever,

I just want time to stop.

"I don't want to cross
this day off with an “X”"

like I did all the other ones before it.


Me, too.

♪ Always stay the same. ♪


- You having fun?
- Yes.

- Are you lying?
- Yes.

- Do you want to leave?
- Oh, yes.


Oh, I got to say hi to
one more family member.

I will make it quick and I'll
sneak out the front door.

- I'll meet you in ten.
- Okay.

- Excuse me.

I think someone has a
crush on my cousin.

No, um, he and I... I'm his... we...

Oh, God, is it that obvious?

I thought I was doing a better
job of acting professional.

I hate to be the one to break it to you,

but you're a terrible actress.


Max Brennan, Billy's favorite cousin.

- Sadie Ellis.
- I know who you are.

You're a superstar.

And the reason I came over from London.


He's a good guy.

He is.

Well, it was nice to meet you, Max.

You, too, Sadie. Take care of him.

Keep him away from bananas.


We're allergic.

I'm the donor.

- Of what?
- You're his lawyer,

you know everything about him,
but he failed to tell you

about his bout with
leukemia ten years ago?

See, that's the difference
between him and me.

If I'd almost died,

I'd-I'd use it as a pick-up line,

try to gain sympathy, but
not my cousin, Billy.

No, he's too prideful.

He almost died?

He needed a bone marrow transplant.

Luckily, I was a good match.

So, he came to London, moved in with me,

took my blood,

introduced me to my wife.

He what?

We were at a bar.

Occasionally, I'm shy, so
Billy, he walked up...

No, I'm sorry. What do you
mean, he took your blood?

My marrow in Billy's
body produces my blood.

That's why he's allergic to bananas now

when he wasn't before 'cause I am.

I don't understand.

Well, he doesn't have
his own blood anymore.

He has mine.

Don't get me wrong, it's great blood,

first rate, but...

BILLY: I'd like to submit my blood.

I'm trying to prove my innocence.

SADIE: You don't have to.

With you offering them
your blood and spit

on a silver platter,

who the hell knows what
they're gonna find?

If someone else's blood
were on the scepter,

wouldn't that be powerful evidence

of Billy Brennan's innocence?

SADIE: Volunteering the blood?

Let's be real

if we're gonna be real, that was him.

MAX: Bananas are a more
recent development.

I'm sorry. Please excuse me.

Sadie. Sadie.

- Sadie.

What's going on?

He had a bone marrow transplant.

He doesn't have the same blood
as he did back in .

He volunteered his blood because
he knew it wouldn't match.

Oh, I believed him.

Oh, my God, what have I done?

What are you talking about?

He did it, Albert.

Billy k*lled Amy, and we
helped him get away with it.
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